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WCW Halloween Havoc 1990 Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that works itself into a shoot every time brother! It’s Halloween Havoc 1990, the year of 1990 is coming close to an end in WCW and they look to put on a banger of a show with Halloween Havoc. So what do we have to offer this time tonight? Sting is defending his champion against Sid Vicious, where is The Black Scorpion? No idea but we also have Stan Hansen challenging for The United States Championship held by Lex Luger which should be hard-hitting for sure, we also have The Nasty Boys vs The Steiners for the US Tag Team Championships and Doom vs The Horsemen for the World Tag Team Championships? Certainly a lot of matches that I did not see coming on this card but then again, this company shocked the hell out of me at the last show.


The Midnight Express W/ Jim Cornette vs Ricky Morton & Tommy Rich

Morton has a very different hairstyle going on here that makes him seem much older, Robert Gibson is not here so we have Tommy Rich with Morton which is a bizarre one. Big change here though as we have Paul E. Dangerously on commentary and we also have a red ring canvas which makes for quite the few too, looks quite cheap to me for some reason. Morton and Eaton to start, this should be solid. Lock-up and to the corner, clean break from Eaton. Lock-up and in the corner again, Eaton tosses Morton across the ring. Eaton is talking smack in this one, another lock-up. Morton is tossed again, Eaton is in firm control in this one. To the corner and a right hand from Eaton, whip to the buckle and Morton runs into an elbow.


Eaton climbs high but Morton sees it coming and lands a right, shoulder blocks to Eaton. Leapfrogs and criss-cross before a slide-through and a back body-drop. Hurricanrana from Morton and elbow from Rich, Eaton powders to recover. Morton gets drilled by Stan Lane with a powerslam off a blind tag, hot-shot by Lane and a clothesline. Drop toehold into an elbow drop from The Midnight, two for Eaton. Morton sends Eaton to the buckle but Morton meets the buckle with his shoulder. Morton is on the floor, Eaton comes down with an axe handle. Cornette smacks Morton in the throat with the racket, Cornette struts around the ringside area. Clothesline on the floor and choking from Eaton, Lane is the legal man now. Massive kick to the ribs, Eaton breaks up a sunset flip by Morton. Morton’s face is raked across that top rope, Lane pulls Morton to the floor. Lane slams Morton hard on the floor before a Rocket Launcher onto the ramp!


Midnight are in firm control, Morton is tossed into the ring as Lane dances around the ring. Jacknife cover from Lane for two, Morton has an O’Connor roll but Lane tagged Eaton. Neck-breaker and slingshot back-breaker for two, Eaton was so close to winning this match. Lane lands big kicks before Cornette lands another racket shot to the throat. Lane slams the head of Morton into the mat, Rich is still outraged. Lane tosses Morton over the top rope, Eaton misses a clothesline and Morton lands a hurricanrana on Eaton. Cornette lands a kick to slow down Morton, Lane is caught in a small package for two. Dog headbutt from Lane, tag to Eaton. Scoop slam by Eaton, Eaton wants that Alabama Jam. Morton survives being TKO-ed, Lane lands shots to the ribs of Morton.


Kicks in the corner from Lane, Morton is all roughed up. Morton sends Lane to the buckle before Lane turns the tide, Morton starts to fire up with rights and lefts but Lane catches the foot.. Scoop slam and Rocket Launcher does not connect as Morton blocks with his knees. Rich gets the hot-tag, right hands all around. Scoop slam and Thesz Press on Lane for two, Morton and Eaton are brawling. Rich is climbing high and Cornette waffles Rich with the racket. The Wide-Eyed Southern Boys are here in drag. Cornette is down, Rich waffled Lane with the racket for the win.


The final time I will see The Midnight Express on PPV in WCW, they have been a joy to watch. Whether it was the Fantastics, The Horsemen, The Rock “N” Roll Express or The Wide-Eyed Southern Boys, The Midnight Express always delivered and have been part of some of the best tag team matches that I have ever seen, they have been a joy to watch inside of that ring and I am sure they will be sorely missed as I continue to watch tag team wrestling in WCW. This performance is no different from any of the others, Lane and Eaton are fantastic here while Morton sells as he always does. Rich was out of the match for 90% of it but the fans loved this and I will miss by boys for sure.


Winners: Tommy Rich & Ricky Morton over The Midnight Express via Racket To The Head!


The Renegade Warriors vs The Fabulous Freebirds W/ Richard Marley

Richard Marley? Where is Buddy Roberts? Hayes and Garvin look as flamboyant as possible, hoping that this match is shorter than their entrance. The Renegade Warriors seem like another tag like Maximum Overdrive that should not be on my screen but looks like I do not have a choice. Mark and Hayes to start, back body-drops and chops before Chris lands a double clothesline. Hip-toss by Mark, Mark chops everything in sight. Chris and Garvin now, hip-toss and side headlock by Chris. Garvin rakes the eyes, O’Connor roll by Chris which leads to a lethal left from Hayes and a belly to back suplex from Garvin. Chris is tossed to the floor, Garvin antagonizes Mark. Hayes chops Chris on the floor, Little Richard attacks Chris.


Snap-mare into a reverse chin-lock, Hayes comes in and lands a scoop slam and a fist drop. Reverse chin-lock from Hayes, Garvin and Hayes continue tagging and cheating to wear down Chris. Scoop slam by Garvin, loud DDT chants from the fans. Garvin stomps all over Chris, in comes Hayes. They brawl but Hayes sends Chris to the buckle, snap-mare into a reverse chin-lock. Chris escapes but Hayes almost lands a DDT, Chris back-drops Hayes and Hayes tags in Garvin. Garvin rams Chris into the buckle and to the floor, Hayes lands a stinging left to Chris again. Elbow drop and reverse chin-lock from Hayes, Chris escapes and lands a crossbody for two before Hayes clamps on another chin-lock.


Garvin uses his knee to hurt Chris, Hayes calls for the DDT. Chris gets up to his feet and rocks Hayes who is on the top rope, Mark gets the hot-tag and starts back-dropping both Freebirds. Tomahawk chops, noggin knocker and double clothesline by Chris. Stereo right hands, Lil’ Richard is in the ring. A scuffle is going down as we have an O’Connor roll but Hayes slips into the ring and lands a DDT while Garvin covers for the win.


Nothing like babyfaces being shat all over by the audience, never heard of The Youngbloods so I imagine they never went anywhere and I know for sure that I won’t be missing them anyways. Crowd ate them alive and all we heard throughout the match was DDT. Freebirds are kings of stalling so not fun stuff at all as we get into the mother of all chin-locks and it just ends after that.


Winners: Fabulous Freebirds over The Renegade Warriors via DDT!


(NWA United States Tag Team Championship Match) The Steiner Brothers © vs The Nasty Boys

The hot new team in WCW takes on the premier team in the division, we start with a brawl. Ring-posts and guardrails are used, Scott meets the guardrail hard courtesy of Saggs. We have a chair-shot to the head from Saggs while Knobbs and Rick are brawling ringside. Saggs wants a superplex, Scott escapes and belly to belly suplexes Saggs. Crowd is going mental for Scott, Knobbs interrupts the count and Saggs starts beating down Scott. Scott is roughed up on the ropes, Scott catches Saggs though and lands a massive Tiger-Bomb. Rick knocks Knobbs to the floor, Steiner Bulldog from Rick that wipes out Saggs. This crowd is going bananas before Knobbs cracks Scott with a steel chair, Knobbs and Saggs trade places, 1…2.. Scott kicks out! Sidewalk slam from Knobbs, powerslam by Knobbs. Two for Knobbs, Saggs lands a knee-drop to the head.


Saggs lands a pump-handle slam and a headbutt to the spine, Scott is in serious trouble. Gut-wrench suplex from Saggs, Rick makes the save. Knobbs trades places and roughs up Scott. Abdominal stretch from Knobbs, Rick breaks up the submission but Saggs trades places with Knobbs. The challengers are staying fresh and roughing up Scott, bearhug from Saggs. Scott escapes the bearhug and suplexes Saggs. Scott is crippled over in pain, Knobbs attacks Scott so Rick hits the mother of all Steinerlines before missing a crossbody and falling to the floor. Spike piledriver on Scott, Knobbs has to leave the ring as Rick drills Saggs with a chair. Belly to back suplex from Scott, Knobbs stops the hot-tag. Knobbs applies the bearhug, Knobbs lands shoulder thrusts and forearms before Scott boots down Knobbs. Knobbs tags Saggs who comes in and pisses off Rick.


Saggs is bloody from the chair-shot, Saggs applies the Boston crab in the middle of the ring. Saggs tags in Knobbs who applies a camel clutch, Scott stands up and drops Knobbs but Saggs is tagged in and works Scott again with knees to the head. Scott begins to fight back, inverted atomic drop from Scott. Tag to Knobbs, Knobbs misses a corner splash and Scott lands a Steinerline on Saggs. Tag to Rick, right hands to both Nasty Boys. Steinerlines, noggin-knockers. Belly to belly suplex on Knobbs, Saggs makes the save. They pair-off in corners before Saggs sends Scott to the floor, Rick is dumped to the floor too. The Nasty Boys celebrates, Rick lands a diving clothesline on both Nasty Boys. Scott is down again, Scott is slammed on the floor. Rick continues to fight both Nasty Boys.


Scott drips up both Nasty Boys and takes Saggs to the floor, Rick lands a massive Steinerline and the crowd is going nuts because we see a beautiful FRANKENSTEINER FOR THE WIN!


The Steiner Brothers continue to be so much fun to watch inside of that ring, Rick and Scott are so physical and so tough and when they hit those suplexes, the crowd eats that shit up. I do too because it is tremendous and The Nasty Boys do a decent job here against The Steiners, Scott’s shine is ridiculously fun especially The Steiner Bulldog. These two are tremendous together and The Frankensteiner is incredible with the crowd giving them all the love that they deserve.


Winners: The Steiner Brothers over The Nasty Boys via Frankensteiner!


(NWA World Tag Team Championship Match) Doom © W/ Teddy Long vs The Four Horsemen

Definitely was wondering what would be next for Ric Flair and The Horsemen, having Sid challenge for the championship and these two go after the tag team championships was not what I thought of at all. Sid is green still and to put Sid in there with the new babyface world champion in Sting who is not all that experienced himself is a shock for sure. Here we also have heels vs heels which is never a good idea, we shall see how this works out.


Simmons and Anderson to start, Simmons shoves down Anderson twice. Anderson brings Simmons to the ropes, cheap-shots from Anderson but Simmons reverses and suplexes Anderson into the ring. Headbutts from Simmons, Flair wants to get involved but Reed does not let that happen. We reset, lock-up. Side headlock by Simmons, Flair lands a knee while Anderson lands a suplex but Simmons is right back up and Simmons decks Anderson. Powerslam from Simmons, Reed is with the referee as Flair and Anderson go to work on Simmons but Simmons survives and clotheslines both Horsemen. Teddy Long slaps Flair, we have babyfaces in Doom by default.


Reed and Flair to start, Flair winds up Reed to begin this exchange. Flair lands a kick and a right hand to Reed, Reed shakes off the chops and Reed lands massive lefts before a stinging right. Military press slam by Reed, Simmons does the same to Anderson. Ten punches by Reed in the corner, massive toss to the other side of the ring and a clothesline from Reed. Flair begs for mercy, eye-rake from Flair. Chop does not work, Reed chops back at Flair. Flair is decked by two jabs, rights and lefts from Reed as Flair flops down. Whip to the buckle, Flair flip and Simmons takes down Flair on the apron. Flair is terrified of Simmons, Simmons decks Flair. Eye-rake from Flair, Simmons sends Flair to the ring while Reed hammered Anderson. Reed lands a high-knee on Anderson, double clothesline takes down Anderson for two. Simmons continues to batter Anderson, Simmons ducks his head off an Irish whip and Anderson lands an elbow to the neck.


Boston crab and knee-drop combination from the challengers, spinebuster from Anderson for two. Simmons powers out, tag to Flair. Reed is not happy as Flair goes after the knee of Simmons, shin-breaker from Flair and a tag to Anderson. Anderson drops his weight on that leg, Simmons is in big trouble. Stomps to that left knee, Simmons is being worked pretty hard. Belly to back suplex from Flair, Flair wants that Figure Four and uses Anderson for leverage. Simmons reverses the hold but Anderson is right back into the ring, rights and lefts from Anderson. Simmons reverses an Irish whip and tries a dropkick, not a good idea as Anderson holds onto the ropes and Simmons crashes into the mat. Anderson tries to force the pin on Simmons but Simmons blocks Anderson with his knees. Flair is tagged in though, more stomping to the knee of Simmons.


Flair tries a shoulder block, not a good idea. Simmons cannot make the tag though, Anderson is in the ring and Simmons is tossed to the floor. Simmons sends Flair into the guardrail, eye-rake from Flair as Simmons had a sunset flip on Anderson. Simmons lands a massive clothesline to break the Horsemen’s dominance. Anderson whips Simmons who lands a massive face-buster, Reed gets the hot-tag. Match breaks down, Flair meets the guardrail again. Reed is on the top rope, massive Diving Shoulder Block from Reed. Simmons and Flair are on the floor, Anderson lands a DDT on Reed for two. Four men brawl in the ring, Reed and Flair are in the ring. Reed clotheslines Flair, Anderson sends Simmons to the guardrail. They all brawl before the double count-out!


Really fun tag team wrestling match, hard to get into at first with Doom being heels just like The Horsemen but Flair and Anderson work their magic and the crowd comes alive for Reed & Simmons as the match progresses, Simmons and Reed do a good job but Flair and Anderson put this over the top making the duo look fantastic as it goes on. The heat segment on Simmons is really good stuff too, all around quality leading to that hot-tag and the shoulder block followed by the DDT during the finishing stretch was great stuff, the count-out is disappointing for sure but I guess we are going to Starrcade to pay this off.


Double Count-Out!


(NWA United States Heavyweight Championship Match) Lex Luger © vs Stan Hansen

Bringing in Hansen from AJPW to add credibility to WCW’s upper mid-card scene is a great move. Hansen roughed up Luger at the previous Clash, Luger elbows Hansen to start. Hansen powders before Hansen comes back and out-powers Luger. Snap-mare into an elbow drop, Hansen sends Luger to the floor. Hansen sends Luger into the buckle, Luger fights back and scoop slams Hansen. Kick and knee to the head from Hansen, knees and clubbing blows from Hansen. Side headlock takedown from Hansen, Luger escapes the hold and starts pummelling Hansen. Right hands stagger Hansen, stomps to the ribs. Hip-toss and elbow from Luger, Hansen lands a snap suplex and elbow drop on Luger for two. Scoop slam and knee-drop for two, Luger begins to fire back at Hansen.


Headbutt from Hansen, running bulldog for two. Luger fights back with ten punches in the corner but Hansen slams down Luger. Scoop slam and Hansen goes to the middle rope, Luger dodges the diving elbow drop. Luger drills Hansen and lands a dropkick, elbow drops by Luger. Suplex by Luger for two,  Hansen sends Luger to the corner and lands a clothesline. Clubbing blows by Hansen, the referee is down. Hansen calls for the lariat, Luger lands a massive clothesline. Danny Spivey is here, no longer a Skyscraper but a partner of Hansen. Hansen has the cowbell, Luger ducks and back-drops Hansen. Bulldog and now Luger calls for the rack, Luger runs off the ropes and runs into The Lariat for the win! New Champion!


Pretty poor, thought Hansen would have the skills to help Luger brawl with him and have a fun and competitive match, the match was worse than I was expecting but maybe this is just to set up Luger winning back the championship at Starrcade? Not sure what was the point of Spivey interfering if it was not going to be the finish, why not even use the cowbell? Why not protect your babyface in Luger? A clean finish was not what I was thinking but hey it’s WCW I am sure they have some sort of plan here right?


Winner: Stan Hansen over Lex Luger via Western Lariat!


(NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match) Sting © vs Sid Vicious

Black Scorpion and Sid, Sting has not been a lucky boy when it comes to booking. Sid lands a back-breaker but Sting no-sells it, rights and lefts by Sting. Sting chops at the legs of Sid, Sid powders. Sid re-enters the ring and clubs Sting before Sid misses a clothesline and lands on the floor. Sting meets the guardrail but Sid meets the ring-post. Sting works the arm, Sid is angry at this development. Sid shakes off Sting but Sid misses a corner shoulder block, the arm is the target now. Sid escapes and applies a side headlock before Sting uses a head-scissors to briefly ground Sid who kips-up and clotheslines Sting. Staggering blows from Sid, Sting is choked on the top rope. Sid whips Sting, sunset flip does not work as Sid punches Sting in the head. Sting tries again and succeeds, two for the champion. Clothesline by Sid, two for Sid.


Shoulder claw from Sid, Sting clubs his way out of the hold but Sid lands a powerslam. Sid covers for two, choke and clubbing blows from Sid. Sid clubs Sting, Stinger Splash misses in the corner and Sid dumps Sting to the apron. Sid lands a clubbing blow, Sting is stretched across the top rope. Sid poses while Sting climbs high, diving crossbody for one. Sid clubs down Sting, Sid lands a clothesline to Sting who was on the apron. Two for Sid, a reverse chin-lock from the challenger. Sid misses an elbow, Sting misses an elbow. Choking but Sting fires up and lands a face-buster, Sid manages to boot Sting. They are now on the ramp, Sid clotheslines Sting. More choking, they fight up the ramp. Sid slams Sting hard on the ramp, Sid celebrates in the ring so Sting runs the length of the ramp and lands a splash. Plancha from Sting, The Horsemen are ringside. Sting tries slamming Sid, Sid falls on top and Sid wins the championship! However, this is not right as we have 2 Stings? Maybe? Stinger Splash in the corner after a championship to the head, Sting small packages Sid for the win.


Confusing as hell because we do not see the two Stings on the screen at the same time? JR and Dangerously talk about how there was another Sting but we have no clue, we only see a camera shot after the finish. They met on the ramp, camera did not even go to the shot? Absolutely ridiculous from WCW, not a good idea for these two to battle in a PPV main event but even worse they thought that would be an acceptable and not at all confusing finish.


Winner: Sting over Sid Vicious via Small Package!


That was WCW’s Halloween Havoc 1990, a mixed bag from WCW. Kicking it off with a solid tag team performance from The Midnight Express, a team that deserved so much better considering how good they were inside of that ring, this would be it for a team that thoroughly deserved to be mixing it up with the likes of Doom & The Steiner Brothers, they showcase their best work here during this match. The Freebirds match is a bore to chug through, the babyfaces are not established and the fans just want the DDT which makes the match a tough-sell, does not do the job for me. The Steiners vs Nasty Boys is quite good, The Steiners are exploding in popularity and are killing it each and every night, two very young superstars is what WCW has on their hands in Rick & Scott Steiner. Tag team action continues to be the standout on the card as The Horsemen make Doom look like beasts and babyfaces in a fast-paced tag team match with great psychology and those twenty minutes fly by, a lot of fun to watch. Luger vs Hansen is utterly disappointing, a finish that does not help Luger and interference from Spivey which goes nowhere makes this a disappointing match while Sting vs Sid is so barebones and with one of the most confusing finishes of all time, it is quite the disaster run for Sting and the world championship but Starrcade is on the horizon so let’s see if WCW can pull it together. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!



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