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TNA Bound For Glory 2005 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews! It’s a big one ladies and gents, it’s Bound For Glory 2005. TNA’s Wrestlemania graces our screens with the likes of AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Jeff Jarrett, Rhino and many, many more. Been awhile since I have covered TNA, it’s good to come back to something that could amaze me and frustrate me at the same time. The main story going into this show is Raven had been screwed out of his destiny, his championship. So, my favourite (Please kill me) Jeff Jarrett is champion and a number one contender will be decided by a massive battle royal. Will this be a hit show or will I be cringing throughout? Let’s find out!

Opening Promo

The show opens with freshly heeled AMW along with Gail Kim fresh off her WWE run, Jarrett had aligned himself with the tag team following Jarrett’s championship win, robbing Raven in the process. Also, Kevin Nash was meant to face Jeff Jarrett but Jarrett could not be cleared to compete at the pay per view according to Mike Tenay. The hype package begins with a black man speaking about Victory Road 2004, TNA’s first three hour live pay per view. More highlights from TNA pay per views, the best part of this promo is seeing the face of the man who narrates all TNA promo packages.

Samoa Joe vs Jushin Thunder Liger

Samoa Joe is TNA’s undefeated superstar. Since entering TNA, Joe has been a house of fire while battling the best of The X-Division. Joe’s opponent tonight is Jushin Liger, if you do not know who Liger is, I feel for you. Liger is junior heavyweight/cruiserweight wrestling, the man who put it on the map. A god in New Japan, it does not get much better than Jushin Liger. Liger has a name in the states thanks to his stint in WCW, this should be a good match.

Joe shoves back Liger after two lock-ups, side headlock by Liger. Shoulder block by Liger, Joe does not budge. Drop toehold and low dropkick by Liger, back elbow by Joe. Liger sidesteps Joe, Liger baseball slides Joe. Flying crossbody by Liger, Liger tries again for a crossbody but Joe slams Liger with a Samoan drop. High knee in the corner by Joe, snapmare into kicks, chops and a knee across the throat for two. Reverse chinlock by Joe, Liger fights out to eat a powerslam for two. Another reverse chinlock by Joe, Joe misses a high knee. Rolling kappu kick by Liger, Liger looks for a suplex and Liger scores with a fisherman buster.

Two count for Liger, frog splash for two. Liger misses a shotei, enzuigiri by Joe. Joe has Liger on the top rope, Liger slides out for a Liger Bomb, two count for Liger. Two huge shoteis from Liger, third shotei decks Joe for a two count. Liger is on the top rope, Joe catches Liger with a kick, Muscle Buster into The Coquina Clutch. Liger fades and Joe is declared the winner.

It was a good match, crowd is absolutely rampant in the Impact Zone. Joe comes out and the crowd is screaming their heads off and out comes Liger with an even bigger reaction. We have a nice duelling chants section and then, the bombs start coming. Make no mistake about it, it was good but I felt they could have done much more with Liger vs Joe. They kept it on the short side and got a lot in during that time but think of how much more impactful that finish could have been in they built up a struggle with Liger throwing everything at Joe instead of Liger passing out immediately.

Winner: Samoa Joe over Jushin Liger via Coquina Clutch!

Fan Footage

TNA’s version of fan axxess, it goes well. Fans seem happy and it looks like a lot of fun, Tenay thanks everyone for coming.

Diamonds in The Rough vs Shark Boy/Sonny Siaki/Apolo

Simon Diamond leads David Young and Elix Skipper into battle against Shark Boy and the tag team of Siaki & Apolo. The angle here is Diamond is helping You and Skipper because they have tonnes of potential but can never pull off the big win. Shark Boy and Diamond start, shoulder block by Diamond. Right hands by Shark Boy, knee to the face but Diamond counters with a clothesline for two. Corner clothesline by Diamond for two, Diamond hurls Shark Boy halfway across the ring. Shark Boy avoids a leg drop and bites Diamond.

In comes Skipper, Skipper has the arm. Dropkick by Shark Boy, in comes Apolo. Cutter by Apolo for two, chops by Apolo. Half nelson slam by Apolo for two, Young comes in for an elbow to the face of Apolo. Tag to Young, wishbone split by Young & Skipper. Tag to Skipper, Skipper chop blocks Apolo’s leg for a massive bump and two. Samoan Cutter by Apolo drops Skipper, tag to Young. Siaki gets the hot tag, right hands and slams all around. Siaki chops the shit out of Skipper, Young kicks Siaki. Hard Irish whip, TKO by Apolo on Young.

Skipper botches as always trying to run up Apolo to hurricanrana Siaki, it does not work. Shark Boy dives onto Skipper, Young nails a corkscrew moonsault onto everyone on the floor. Apolo and Diamond remain, superkick by Apolo to Diamond and a tope con hilo by the big man. Young spinebusters Siaki after a distraction from Skipper.

That was alright, happy to see Skipper continue the proud tradition of messing up at least once in every match that I review. It was kept short, it is a good move, these are lower card wrestlers who have not got a lot of steam. Match breaks down quickly and there is a nice dive sequence but you missed nothing if you were watching an episode of Impact.

Winners: Diamonds in The Rough over Team Shark Boy via Spinebuster!

Raven & Zbyszko/ Jeff Jarrett & Gail Kim

Zbyszko screwed Raven out of the championship, Raven cannot get a title shot because Zbyszko never liked Raven as champion. Rhino egged on Raven which led to Raven being escorted out of the arena. There’s a Jeff Jarrett, it is not much apart from diss Kevin Nash and whoever his challenger is tonight. Monty Brown interrupts and is a babyface once more or at least I think he is, Brown gets up in Jarrett’s face and Jarrett walks off.

Lance Hoyt vs Monty Brown

I presume I am wrong then, Brown is taking on TNA’s favourite big man in Lance Hoyt who is baffling over somehow with these fans. Lock-up and Brown takes down Hoyt twice, huge right and Brown poses which leads to rights and lefts from Hoyt. Flying shoulder block and a clothesline by Hoyt, scary-looking back body drop by Hoyt. Brown powders, knee on the floor by Brown. Hoyt meets the steel steps, Brown tells fans to move before throwing Hoyt in the ring, I like it. Hoyt dives onto Brown, Hoyt is taken down in the ring by Brown.

Hoyt chops Brown and ten punches Brown, Flair flop from Brown. Hoyt is on the top rope, Brown springs up and Hoyt is thrown to the floor. Snap suplex on the floor, Hoyt battles back but Brown clubs the back. Fallaway slam by Brown, Hoyt blocks The Pounce with a big boot. Hoyt drags Brown for a Moonsault, it connects and Brown kicks out at two. Brown catches Hoyt off the middle rope for an Alpha Bomb. Cover and a two, chokeslam by Hoyt for two. Hoyt pummels Brown against the ropes, uppercut by Hoyt. Brown reverses an Irish whip for a Pounce, game, set and match.

Another good showing for TNA, Brown and Hoyt have an intensity and a connection with the fans that lead to their matches being entertaining regardless of match quality. SO, the crowd is loud and the wrestlers do not embarrass themselves, leading to a good day from both men.

Winner: Monty Brown over Lance Hoyt via Pounce!

3-Live Kru vs Team Canada

Same old shit boys, this is the same match that we have seen so many times by this point. I know I sound like I am beating a dead horse but please TNA, something new in the tag team division. Young and Konnan start, side headlock by Konnan, shoulder block by Konnan. Corner Alabama slam, Roode blind tags into the match, Konnan wipes out everyone, rolling clothesline and a shoe to the head of Young. James and Konnan combine as Killings leg drops from the top rope onto Roode’s nutsack. Headscissors by Killings, Kip James is watching from the ramp.

 James and Killings stomp and pummel Roode, leaping leg lariat by Killings. Killings eat a huge full-nelson slam for two, Roode tags A-1. A-1 decimates Killings, choke hold by A-1. Running powerslam by A-1 for two, tag to Roode. Roode gets taken down by a corkscrew lariat by Killings, tag to James. James drops everyone with right hands, jabs to Young and a big boot followed by a knee drop for two. Match breaks down with everyone brawling, Eric Young and BG James remain in the ring. James sets up for the pumphandle slam but Roode cracks James with a hockey stick and Young covers for the win. Kip James saves his buddies and Konnan.

It was alright, trouble is I have seen so many times and it is hard to get into any of this match because of that. You have the faces doing their regular spots, Team Canada heel it up a little before we have the hot tag and seconds later, it is all over. No impact on me whatsoever, seen it way too much at this point.

Winner: Team Canada over 3-Live Kru via Hockey Stick!

(Ultimate X Match) Petey Williams vs Matt Bentley vs Chris Sabin

A giant red X hangs in the middle of the ring, the goal is to bring down that X and the only way to do so is climb the cables, edge your way towards the X and bring it down. Williams is bounced around between Bentley & Sabin. Sabin dropkicks Williams to the floor, Sabin hurricanranas Bentley. Williams suplexes Sabin, Bentley kicks down Williams hard. Wheelbarrow suplex by Bentley to Williams, Sabin and Bentley are on the cables, inverted atomic drop from the cables. Traci Brook teases Williams, Williams is dragged into Traci’s boobs while Bentley tries winning, like that spot a lot.

Sabin drags down Bentley who elbows Williams on the way down. Flying forearm by Sabin on Bentley. Sabin lawn darts Williams into Bentley, enzuigiri and tornado DDT combination by Sabin. Sabin’s dominance does not last long as Williams leg drops Sabin and Williams slingshot hurricanranas Bentley. Bentley gest in the ring and cutters both Sabin & Williams. Bentley is climbing the cables, Sabin is in pursuit. Sabin powerbombs Bentley off the cables, Sabin and Williams are battling on a support beam to the cables. Sabin is caught in the tree of woe, Williams decides to sing Oh Canada while stepping on Sabin’s dick.

Bentley shoves Williams to the floor, Sabin wriggles free and Bentley is knocked to the floor. Sabin moonsaults onto Williams & Bentley, Sabin climbs towards the X and Bentley spears Williams off the cables. The X falls and the referee declares the X has to be hung up once more. Williams deals with it professionally acting like a heel and freaking out that he is not declared the winner. The three brawl on the floor while the X is placed back up on the cables. Seconds later, Bentley and Sabin race up the cables and kick one another off, the X falls into Williams’ hands.

Unfortunate for everyone involved, their big moment has been ruined on TNA’s Wrestlemania. Bentley and Sabin storm off while Williams stands with a look on his face that goes “Oh well… fuck”. So, yeah it is a spotty match with very little selling, it is expected for this type of trainwreck but what kills the match is the finish which was clearly an accident. The X fell before and Williams could not be declared the winner but the same thing happens moments later and Williams is declared the winner. Unfortunate for those three men but this match was not good.

Winner: Petey Williams over Chris Sabin & Matt Bentley via Retrieval of The X!

(NWA/TNA Tag Team Championship Match) AMW © W/ Gail Kim vs The Naturals

One of my criticisms of TNA at the time was they had a red-hot babyface tag team in AMW and after Triple X’s split, the team did not have anyone to work with besides Team Canada. AMW have a new lease on life as they completed their heel turn by aligning with Jarrett and taking out Team 3D. So, we do have a cool heel faction with a great manager in Gail Kim who left WWE and you have babyfaces in The Naturals for them to work with which you can build for the eventual money match of Team 3D vs AMW.

Naturals sprint to ringside, it is a brawl from the beginning. AMW are being battered against guard rails and ramps, Storm has Stevens in the ring. Right hands by Storm, Stevens powerbombs Storm into the guard rail. Douglas and Harris are in the ring where Harris begs for mercy. Douglas stomps all over Harris, Harris powders up the ramp but Douglas & Stevens give chase. AMW come back into the match, Douglas is bleeding after being rammed into the announce table. Storm floors Douglas with a right hand, Storm chokes Douglas over and over.

Eye of The Storm, two count for Storm. Stevens is knocked off the apron, Harris and Storm pummel the cut on Douglas’ head. Tag to Stevens, that was quick. Stevens cleans house, Harris decks Storm by mistake. TKO into a knee by Stevens, neckbreaker by Douglas for two. Superkick is blocked twice, superkick by Stevens. Gail Kim tosses Harris powder, Stevens kicks the powder into Harris’ face. Harris decks Storm with a Catatonic, The Naturals nail AMW’s Death Sentence and Harris kicks out.

Gail Kim distracts the referee, Douglas goes after Gail Kim. Harris handcuffs Douglas to the guard rail, Stevens is brawling with Storm. Harris is suplexed into the ring by Stevens, enzuigiri by Stevens. Storm has a beer bottle, Storm wipes out Stevens. Death Sentence by AMW and the champions retain their titles.

It was good, it could have been better as I felt there was a few things wrong with the match. I do like how strong that AMW are being portrayed with going after the cuts and pummelling both Naturals after the match. The beginning of the match was great with The Naturals taking it to AMW, enjoyed that part a lot. Things got a little strange as they started the traditional tag formula with Douglas’ cut being opened up so, I naturally thought here comes the big heat segment this should be great sympathy but seconds later, Douglas tags Stevens. Such a waste in my eyes and The Naturals hit The Death Sentence which would be a great finish and of course, Harris kicks out at two.

Douglas came off as a moron too, they had Storm beat and up in The Natural Disaster only for Douglas to chase Gail Kim and get himself handcuffed to the guard rail. Execution was weird as well, Douglas was going to floor Gail Kim with a right hand? Really TNA? That is not what a babyface does, Douglas allows Harris to cuff him to the guard rail with no struggle? That’s right, Harris does not attack Douglas, he grabs his arm and handcuffs him like it is not a big deal. So, it was good but more disappointing than anything else.

Winners: AMW over The Naturals via Death Sentence!

(Monster’s Ball Match) Abyss vs Jeff Hardy vs Rhino vs Sabu

This is a hardcore match with falls count anywhere rules. Rhino & Abyss attack Hardy, Sabu saves Hardy and dives onto Rhino. Hardy lands poetry in motion on Abyss, Rhino & Sabu are battling into the crowd. Sabu is bleeding, Hardy & Abyss are in the crowd too. Sabu dives onto Rhino at ringside, Abyss pummels Hardy in the ring. Whisper in The Wind by Hardy, Abyss blocks Twist of Fate for Shock Treatment. Sabu tries pinning Hardy but Abyss has none of it, Rhino attacks Abyss and Sabu with a chair. Rhino moves onto a kendo stick and everyone takes a whipping.

Abyss blocks a Gore with a chokeslam on a chair, two count as Rhino powers out. Sabu has a table, Hardy has a ladder. Abyss & Hardy are making their way towards the entrance way, Sabu and Rhino are battling at ringside. Hardy smacks Abyss with a chair onto two tables by the ramp, Sabu leg drops Rhino through a table which is propped against the guard rail. Hardy climbs the stage using a ladder and Swanton Bombs through Abyss and through the tables, insane spot. Triple jump moonsault by Sabu on Rhino for two, middle rope Arabian Facebuster by Sabu onto Rhino for two.

Abyss is up before Hardy? Abyss has a table, Sabu hurls a chair at Abyss’ head. Abyss catches Sabu and dumps Sabu through a table on the floor, Mitchell gives Abyss the tacks but Rhino Gores Abyss through the table. Hardy and Rhino duke it out, Rhino backs into the corner and lures Hardy in for The Rhino Driver off the middle rope, Rhino is your winner.

Mindless violence at its finest, hard to hate a match that was not bring in the slightest. The thing that stood out to me the most was Abyss did not use the tacks, this is ground-breaking as Abyss busts them out at least once a pay per view. Fun stuff that kept the fans interested and me.

Winner: Rhino over Everyone Else via Rhino Driver!

Larry Zbyszko Interview

Jarrett’s number one contender will be decided by a ten-man battle royal over the rope rules, Jarrett is not happy but there’s little he can do about this match.

(TNA X-Division Championship Match) Christopher Daniels vs AJ Styles © (Iron Man Match)

Following the excellent Unbreakable triple threat, Styles walked away the champion with Daniels eager for his rematch. These two have faced one another before in an iron man match, Styles barely outlasted Daniels. Will history repeat itself? Will Styles retain or will Daniels regain his championship? Daniels jumps Styles right away, leaping calf kick by Daniels. Forearms and chops by Daniels, knees to the head by Daniels. Right hand by Styles, arm drag and backbreaker by Styles. Reverse elbow by Styles, Daniels powders and blocks the tope, left jabs from Daniels. Dropkick from Styles and Daniels powders once more.

Daniels is sent into the crowd, Styles springboards from the steps into the crowd with a forearm which decks Daniels. Side headlock by Styles, shoulder block for two. Back into the side headlock, Daniels rolls out for a hold of Styles’ arm. Styles counters the hold, side headlock by Styles. Knee drop for two by Styles, Styles rams Daniels into the turnbuckles over and over. Styles kicks Daniels in the back before headbutting Daniels. Kick to the ribs by Styles, Muta Lock by Styles. Daniels bites his way out, both men are on the apron and Styles clotheslines Daniels into the ring.

Styles eats the canvas after a top rope forearm is countered for an exploder suplex. Clothesline by Daniels, snapmare and neck twist from Daniels. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Daniels, another neckhold from Daniels. Styles battles back, victory roll by Styles for two, Styles applies a schoolboy and Daniels counters for a Koji Clutch. Styles makes it to the ropes, scoop slam and split-legged moonsault for two. Daniels punches Styles over and over, elbows to the back of the head. Styles battles back for a springboard falling reverse DDT, clotheslines by Styles. Spinning heel kick and Daniels flops to the mat.

Wrist-clutch back suplex for two, pump handle gutbuster by Styles for two. Daniels recovers to land a death valley driver for two, Daniels has Styles on the top rope. Huge slam for two, Styles blocks a swinging neckbreaker for his own neckbreaker. Blue Thunder Bomb by Daniels for two, BME connects and Styles kicks out at two and a half again. Styles blocks the German suplex, elbows to the head of Daniels. Styles racks Daniels and transitions into a powerbomb for two. Styles whips Daniels into the corner, Styles misses a splash. Huge knee by Daniels and Styles is on the floor, suicide dive by Daniels. Styles cracks Daniels with the Pele kick, tope con hilo from Styles.

Daniels and Styles brawl on the apron before Daniels back suplexes Styles onto the floor. Down to the last 5 minutes, chops by both men. Forearms by Styles, small package by Daniels for two. Daniels clubs Styles, scoop slam is countered into a small package for two. Daniels dodges a Pele kick for a roll-up, two for Daniels. Daniels German suplexes Styles, Styles uses fighting spirit to spring up and clothesline Daniels. Eye poke by Daniels, Daniels misses a corner clothesline. Crossbody by Styles, Daniels rolls through with a handful of tights for two. Both men forearm one another hard, Daniels blocks a suplex.

Enzuigiri by Styles for two, jawbreaker by Daniels and an enzuigiri. Angel’s Wings is blocked for a pin, two for Styles. Jacknife cover by Styles, Styles rolls back for a Styles clash, Styles pins Daniels after The Styles Clash with two seconds remaining, Styles retains his championship.

Not as good as the original Iron Man match, I did not feel this one as much as their first encounter. The first ten minutes were a bit boring with Styles in control, it picked up with Daniels busting out a lot of his arsenal in search of victory. Nice dramatic finishing sequence with the roll-ups and reversals, do not get me wrong, this match was good but not great.

Winner: AJ Styles over Christopher Daniels via Styles Clash!

Genesis Promo

They hype the next pay per view with lots of clips of TNA talent.

Ten-Man Battle Royal (Winner to face Jeff Jarrett in the main event)

Samoa Joe and Ron Killings begin the match for two minutes, a new participant enters every sixty seconds after the initial two minutes. Killings dances around Joe, Joe does not move. Joe wallops Killings, high knee and boots in the corner, facewash from Joe. Killings drops Joe with a complete shot. Number three is Sabu with a chair, chair to the face of Killings and Joe. Number four is Lance Hoyt, Joe and Hoyt duke it out. Big boot by Hoyt levels Joe, number five is Abyss.

Abyss and Joe faceoff, slugfest between the two. Number six is Jeff Hardy, Sabu is bleeding as the ring begins to fill. Number seven is Monty Brown, Pounce for Sabu. Hardy eliminates Brown and himself, Brown is not a happy man.

Monty Brown/Jeff Hardy have been eliminated!

Rhino is in at number eight, Hoyt has been dumped out after a clothesline from Rhino.

Lance Hoyt has been eliminated!

Number nine is Kip James, Sabu has been bumped off the apron by Joe and Rhino.

Sabu has been eliminated!

The announcers miss Sabu’s elimination which is funny, the announcers speculate Raven at number ten but here comes AJ Styles. Styles is selling his injuries, Abyss hard Irish whips Styles. Match slows down with people pairing off in corners, Abyss dumps out James but James pushes in Killings before being thrown out, continuing the story that James is a good guy. Joe dumps out Killing moments later so that was helpful.

Ron Killings/Kip James have been eliminated!

Joe has Styles in The Coquina Clutch, Abyss dumps out Styles and Joe. Rhino Gores Abyss hard and Abyss is dumped over the top rope. Rhino wins the match and will face Jeff Jarrett.

AJ Styles/Samoa Joe/Abyss have been eliminated!

Winner: Rhino over Everyone Else via Survival!

(NWA/TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match) Jeff Jarrett © W/ Gail Kim vs Rhino (Tito Ortiz is Special Guest Enforcer)

Jarrett attacks Rhino from the beginning, dropkick by Jarrett. Jarrett clobbers Rhino, Rhino meets the guard rail. Jarrett rams Rhino into the casket he brought with him to the arena. Slaps from Jarrett, Jarrett is on the top rope, flying clothesline. Jarrett goes up top again, flying clothesline by Jarrett. Third time goes wrong, inverted atomic drop. Gore is blocked as Jarrett sidesteps, Gail Kim is distracting Ortiz, Kim is caught by Ortiz. Ortiz is dumped to the floor, Jarrett has his guitar. Rhino dodges the first time but of course, Jarrett still waffles Rhino.

Ortiz is with Gail Kim, Jarrett has the pin and Rhino kicks out after the guitar shot. AMW are here, Jarrett has another guitar. Ortiz decks AMW, Gore by Rhino and Rhino becomes the new world champion. Jarrett completely no-sells The Gore, AMW & Jarrett mug Rhino after the match. Where is Ortiz? Ortiz does not give a fuck? Here comes 3-Live Kru, here comes Team Canada. There is a casket in the ring, Jarrett cracks the guitar over Rhino’s head. Rhino is buried in the casket, Jarrett celebrates and here comes Team 3D. Brother Ray and Devon pummel everyone, Rhino awakens and the pay per view comes to an end.

Jeff Jarrett graced my screen for little over 10 minutes and still managed to piss me off an incredible amount. Ok, the setup was good with Rhino running the gauntlet and Jarrett smugly coming down with victory assured in his mind. Rhino defeats Jarrett and all I could think of is why? Why Rhino? Had Rhino been building steam? He had been beaten by Raven last month, he was a heel and recently turned but he was not super over like a Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, Abyss or Samoa Joe. Does that mean Raven has been pushed to the back fo everything?

Not only that but Rhino wins and Jarrett no-sells his finish, Jarrett pops right back up and Rhino’s crowning moment at TNA’s Wrestlemania is cut short so Team 3D can get a huge pop? Why have Rhino win in the first place if you are going to treat him like a chump? The main event came off like an ending to Impact, they put the belt on someone I do not see them protecting or building around in the future and of course, Jarrett was the centre of everything with his go-away heat.

Winner: Rhino over Jeff Jarrett via Gore! Gore! Gore!

That was TNA’s Bound for Glory 2005, a show that I was not blown away with it by any stretch of the imagination. There were fun moments like The Monster’s Ball match and The Iron Man Match, AMW seem to be reborn under their new heel personas and there is a good array of talent making their names and way to TNA. The show had a lot of disappointing moments too though, Liger vs Joe was fine but could have been oh so much more, The Ultimate X match flopped due to the X not staying in position and an unplanned finish which made hardly any sense when compared to when the X fell the first time. The main event was just meh like anything with Jarrett involved it seems at this point. In a lot of ways, it is your typical TNA show but that’s not good enough for me as the bad outweighs the good. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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