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WWE No Way Out 2004 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that does not Hinder Jinder! WWE’s No Way Out 2004 sticks in the mind of many a WWE fan, Eddie Guerrero had the year of his life on Smackdown transitioning from lovable heel to beloved babyface. Eddie faces the biggest test of his career as he takes on Brock Lesnar for The WWE Championship. There is a tonne more to come from The Smackdown roster, can they kick off the year with a bang for Smackdown? The smart man’s money is yes but you never know what is coming your way in the WWE, So, let’s find out!

Sable & Torrie Wilson Open The Show

After Vince decided to leave our screens, Sable became less of a bitch. Torrie and Sable are now best friends who have appeared on the cover of Playboy. The two women look stunning, Michael Cole and Tazz welcome us to the action.

Opening Promo

Here we go, Lesnar narrates the promo. Beating everyone in sight, Lesnar came, Lesnar saw and Lesnar conquered. Eddie takes over about losing his family in Chavo, Eddie fights for himself and it is all or nothing for Latino Heat. You are not fighting the odds Eddie, you are fighting me. Just great stuff all around, I cannot wait for this match.

(WWE Tag Team Championship Match) The Basham Brothers & Shaniqua vs Rikishi & Scotty Too Hotty ©

Rikishi and Scotty captured the championships from the leather clad heels. Love Rikishi and Scotty so I remember being happy that the two were champions once more, Too Cool deserved more. Anyways, this is a handicap match, Shaniqua is allowed to be in there with Rikishi and Scotty. Scotty and Danny start, lock-up and side headlock by Scotty. Knees and elbows by Danny, Scotty skins the cat and chops Danny. Dangerous headscissors by Scotty, tag to Rikishi. Rikishi comes in with Doug, right hand by Rikishi. Doug avoids an ass drop from Rikishi but eats a right hand. Doug tries a hiptoss, it does not work. Rikishi drags in Shaniqua, Doug saves Shaniqua from the Stinkface.

Doug tries a headbutt, Rikishi no-sells. Tag to Scotty, side headlock by Doug. Shoulder block and both men bang heads, Scotty kips-up and goes for The Worm. Shaniqua clotheslines Scotty from the apron, Doug tags in Danny. Double slingshot suplex for two, tag to Shaniqua. Boots to the ribs of Scotty, scoop slam by Shaniqua. Scotty chokes Shaniqua but Shaniqua clubs down Scotty. Tag to Danny, scoop slam and a two for Danny. Doug enters illegally to prevent Scotty tagging Rikishi, tag to Doug. Sleeper by Doug, jawbreaker by Scotty. Tag to Shaniqua, Shaniqua takes a huge back drop.

Tag to Rikishi, Rikishi pummels Doug and Danny. DDT to Danny, superkick on Doug to the floor. Shaniqua is on the back of Rikishi, Rikishi yanks her down. Scotty wipes out Doug and Danny, The Bashams powerbomb Rikishi off the middle rope. Shaniqua covers for two, Scotty dives on the apron to take out Danny and Doug. Shaniqua’s clothesline is blocked, Samoan drop by Rikishi. Rikishi drags over Shaniqua, Banzai Drop by Rikishi and the champions retain.

That was a fun little match, not too long and not too short. Doug and Danny were doing a fine job as the top heels of the division, Shaniqua did add a lot to the group as the fans wanted to see her destroyed. Rikishi and Scotty were over despite their lack of push but it felt like it was 2000 all over again when this match was over. We are off to a good start from Smackdown!

Winners: Rikishi & Scotty Too Hotty over The Basham Brothers via Banzai Drop!

(Blindfold Match) Nidia vs Jamie Noble

Nidia was blinded by Tajiri’s Black Mist, Noble used Nidia as a human shield to win matches but Nidia had pulled the wool over Noble’s eyes. Nidia has regained her eye sight and challenged Noble to a match after destroying the clothes that Noble wanted back. Noble cannot see while Nidia does not have to wear the blindfold. Nidia slaps Noble to begin while Noble gets mad and has a temper tantrum. Nidia trips Noble, dropkick to the side of the head. Nidia kicks Noble in the ass, Noble corners Nidia by mistake. Funny spot with Noble almost grabbing Nidia’s boobs, Nidia pulls down Noble’s pants and nails a bulldog for two.

Baseball slide by Nidia, Nidia mocks Noble. Nidia is taking the piss out of Noble. Noble runs into the top rope and is tripped up, Noble grabs Nidia. Noble pulls out Nidia’s hair, drop toehold by Nidia. Kick to the head, Nidia climbs to the top rope, Noble pulls up the mask with the referee distracted. Noble yanks Nidia off the top rope and applies a guillotine hold for the win.

That was a fun match, a little comedy never hurt anybody. I actually laughed during most of it, Noble was a fun heel. I do think Nidia should have walked away with the win but maybe it could be part of bigger plans for Noble as a top heel in the cruiserweight division again.

Winner: Jamie Noble over Nidia via Guillotine Choke!

Kurt Angle Promo

Kurt Angle was attacked on Smackdown, Angle believed it was Big Show or John Cena who attacked him. Angle interrupted their match, laying both out with a chair. Angle tries talking about Wrestlemania, Cena interrupts and they have a brawl.

APA vs Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin

Two of Smackdown’s other tag teams go head to head, Benjamin had wrestled Bradshaw on Smackdown and messed up the arm of the big Texan. Bradshaw’s arm is taped up heading into the match. Faarooq and Benjamin start, Benjamin outwrestles Faarooq. Faarooq kicks Benjamin hard, back elbow for two. Tag to Bradshaw, double shoulder block. Hangman’s neckbreaker for two, Benjamin smacks the arm before tagging Haas. Back elbow by Bradshaw, hard Irish whip by Bradshaw. Tag to Faarooq, hard Irish whip, Faarooq misses a corner splash. Haas wraps up the arm in the ropes, hammerlock with knees by Haas. Slingshot stomp by the legal Benjamin, hammerlock by Benjamin.

Tag to Haas who applies an armbar, Fujiwara armbar by Benjamin. Single arm DDT into a hammerlock by Benjamin, Bradshaw saves Faarooq. Tag to Haas, Haas stomps all over Faarooq. Armbar by Haas, scoop slam by Haas. Haass runs into a spinebuster, tag to Bradshaw. Shoulder blocks and a big boot, back body drop to Haas. Powerslam to Benjamin, Haas is thrown to the floor. Powerbomb on Benjamin, Haas saves the match. Faarooq takes Haas to the floor, Bradshaw has Benjamin on the top rope. Last Call from the top rope, Haas is on Bradshaw. Clothesline From Hell by Bradshaw on Haas but Benjamin wipes out Bradshaw with a Superkick for the win.

Good tag team match, good psychology with the arm work on Faarooq and Bradshaw using the injured arm which ended up costing his team the match. I have missed Haas & Benjamin on pay per view, do not know why they were not used as much but they were a great team. Faarooq and Bradshaw were pretty much done as a team after this match and Wrestlemania, this would lead to Bradshaw’s rebirth as JBL. Interesting times ahead for Bradshaw, this was a fine match though.

Winners: World’s Greatest Tag Team over APA via Superkick!

Paul Heyman Promo

Goldberg has arrived at No Way Out, Paul Heyman is not happy to see Goldberg in attendance. Brock Lesnar is here too, things look like it could all kick off at any second. Lesnar calls Goldberg a bitch, Goldberg is in the ring. Lesnar shoulder thrusts Goldberg, F-5 is countered as Goldberg delivers a Jackhammer to Lesnar. Heyman calls for security, Goldberg is arrested by the police. Hardcore Holly wants a piece of Lesnar, Holly really wants revenge.

Hardcore Holly vs Rhyno

Not much to this match, it was thrown together on Heat. Holly has a side headlock on Rhyno, another side headlock takedown by Holly. Shoulder block by Holly, chops by Holly. Holly sidesteps Rhyno, Rhyno drags Holly to the floor. Holly is rammed into the ring apron twice. Knees to the ribs by Rhyno, two for Rhyno. Snapmare into a bodyscissors, Holly breaks free with right hands. Rhyno goes to the ribs, Rhyno suplexes Holly onto the top rope for two. Rhyno spits on Holly, right hand by Rhyno. Holly recovers to score with a back suplex.

Rhyno stomps Holly in the corner, hard Irish whip. Holly explodes off an Irish whip for a corner clothesline, slugfest with Holly winning the exchange. Clotheslines by Holly, dropkick by Holly for two. Holly climbs to the top rope, Rhyno meets Holly. Superplex by Rhyno for two, inverted DDT by Holly for two. Spinebuster by Rhyno, Rhyno measures for The Gore. Gore by Rhyno, Holly rolls to the floor. Holly breaks the count at nine, Rhyno hammers Holly with right hands. Out of nowhere, Holly plants Rhyno with The Alabama Slam.

That finish came out of left field, this match looked stiff and hard-hitting. Honestly, this match did not have anything to it, they just worked a normal match no different from a Smackdown match.

Winner: Hardcore Holly over Rhyno via Alabama Slam!

(WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match) Chavo Guerrero W/ Chavo Guerrero Sr. vs Rey Mysterio © W/ Jorge Paez

Chavo Guerrero had snapped and attacked uncle Eddie Guerrero, Mysterio took exception to Chavo’s antics, Chavo disliked Mysterio’s appeal and popularity with the fans. Quite a good story to this match, Mysterio standing up for his friend and Chavo being a bitter and jealous man. Chavo takes the back, wristlock by Mysterio. Arm drag by Mysterio, side headlock by Chavo. Shoulder block by Chavo, snapmare and Chavo rips at the mask. Mysterio boots Chavo to the floor. Chavo slaps Mysterio, headscissors by Mysterio. Victory roll for two, flapjack by Chavo.

Low dropkick by Chavo, scoop slam by Chavo. Two for Chavo, armbar by Chavo. Mysterio elbows Chavo and sunset flips Chavo, drop toehold and 619 by Mysterio. Mysterio sets up for The West Coast Pop but Chavo Sr. pulls at Mysterio’s leg, tripping Mysterio. Paez decks Chavo Sr. and is sent to the back. Chavo checks on his father, Mysterio wipes out Chavo with a huge plancha. Springboard leg drop by Mysterio for two, Chavo begs for mercy. Drop toehold into the middle turnbuckle, roll-up by Mysterio for two.

 Chavo puts Mysterio, Mysterio counters the tornado DDT. Mysterio was looking for a hurricanrana but Chavo reverses for a top rope backbreaker. Chavo pummels Mysterio’s ribs, Chavo chokes Mysterio. Small package for two, abdominal stretch by Chavo. Mysterio counters a back suplex for a crossbody, two for Mysterio. Chavo trips Mysterio and applies a high-angle single leg Boston crab. Mysterio kicks his way out, Chavo stomps on Mysterio. Sunset flip by Mysterio for two, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Chavo for two. Mysterio kicks off Chavo before scoring with a modified bulldog.

Knee to the ribs by Chavo, Chavo eats a spinning heel kick. Right hands by Mysterio, headscissors which sends Chavo into the ringpost. Facebuster by Mysterio for two, kick to the face by Mysterio. Mysterio and Chavo are on the apron, apron DDT by Mysterio. Two for the champion, Chavo ducks a crossbody, sit-out front suplex for two. Irish whip into the corner by Chavo, Chavo is knocked off the top rope. Moonsault by Mysterio for two, another slugfest on their knees. Chavo drops Mysterio with a Gory Bomb for two. Hurricanrana by Mysterio, 619 and West Coast Pop but Chavo rolls through for a high-angle Boston crab. Mysterio reaches the ropes, Mysterio is on the apron. Mysterio is on the top rope, Chavo Sr shoves Mysterio into the ropes and Chavo rolls-up Mysterio with a handful of tights.

Good stuff from Mysterio and Chavo, every burst of energy from Mysterio is met with delight from the crowd. Chavo and Mysterio work in good psychology, they know one another’s strengths and it leads to a very entertaining match. The match should have ended with the roll through Boston crab, it was a fantastic counter to Mysterio’s move. Anyways, match of the night so far, two pros tearing it up in the ring.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero over Rey Mysterio via Handful of Tights!

Kurt Angle vs John Cena vs The Big Show (Winner challenges for WWE Championship at Wrestlemania)

That poor United States Championship, a complete afterthought only months after being reactivated under the WWE banner. These three had been feuding before The Royal Rumble. With Chris Benoit going to Raw, Smackdown needed a challenger for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. Big Show wants Angle, lock-up with Angle being tossed across the ring. Scoop slam by Show, Angle says let’s see what you can do Cena. Show tosses around Cena, Angle pummels Cena. Cena fires back, belly to belly suplex by Angle. Show hurls Angle into Cena, chest slap by Show. Angle fires up on Show, sidewalk slam by Show.

Show clubs Cena down, scoop slam by Show. Leg drop by Show, make it two. Angle tries suplexing Show to the floor, Show takes out Cena but Angle low blows Show. Angle and Cena are in the ring, right hands and stomps by Angle. Back suplex by Cena, Cena dropkicks Show off the apron. Two for Cena, German suplexes by Angle. Show breaks up Angle’s pin, Angle is hurled shoulder first into the ringpost. Show chest slaps Cena and tosses Cena across the ring. Cena fires up but Show clubs down Cena, more chest slaps by Show. Two for Show, Cena dropkicks Show into the turnbuckle, dropkick to the knee. Cena is on the top rope, double axe handle by Cena. Angle missile dropkicks Show for two, Cena throws Angle to the floor.

FU by Cena on Show, Cena reverses an Angle Slam for a DDT. Cena covers Show and Show places his foot on the ropes. Cena is tossed to the floor, Angle Slam by Angle but Show kicks out at two and a half. Cena tries an FU on Angle, Angle counters for an Ankle Lock. Show is on his feet, Chokeslam to Angle. Cena tries a roll-up for two, Chokeslam by Show. Show looks for the cover but Angle slaps on The Ankle Lock. Show kicks off Angle, Cena spinebusters Angle. Five Knuckle Shuffle on Angle, FU on Angle is stopped by Show. Show slams Cena knee first into the turnbuckle. Angle Slam to the floor by Angle on Show, Angle chop blocks Cena and his bad knee, Ankle Lock and Cena has no choice but to tap.

It was good but not great, a lot of reliance on finisher spots and finisher reversals in the last five minutes to keep the match alive. They did a good job of teasing any man could win the match, Show was allowed to dominate and look like a wrecking machine. Cena put on a gutsy performance and was well protected with the finish showing that Cena might not have been put away if he was 100% plus Angle is a joy to watch in the ring, very hard to find a bad match in Angle’s catalogue.

 Winner: Kurt Angle over Big Show & John Cena via Ankle Lock!

(WWE Championship Match) Eddie Guerrero vs Brock Lesnar ©

A lot of references to Guerrero’s past and addictions, Lesnar screams that this is something that Eddie cannot come back from, very passionate and serious promos from Latino Heat, quite possibly the best of his career. Eddie Guerrero had seen and done it all in the WWE but Eddie had never been champion and standing in his way is one of the most dominant champions in company history. The impossible dream but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Lock-up, Lesnar shoves back Eddie. Lesnar stomps Eddie in the corner, foot choke by Lesnar. Hard Irish whip and back body drop by Lesnar, snap suplex by Lesnar. Lesnar clubs Eddie to another corner, Irish whip into the corner. Eddie elbows Lesnar, rights and lefts by Latino Heat but Lesnar is too strong. Eddie kicks Lesnar and tries a hurricanrana, Lesnar powers up and tosses Eddie across the ring. Belly to belly suplexes by Lesnar, knees by Lesnar. Running knee in the corner by Lesnar, Lesnar stands over and taunts Eddie. Eddie tries to fire up, knees by Lesnar. Belly to belly suplex by Lesnar, Eddie is on the floor. Eddie recovers on the floor before Lesnar stomps all over Eddie.

Every time Eddie tries entering, Lesnar kicks Eddie to the floor. Eventually, Eddie hotshots Lesnar and rams Lesnar’s leg into the ringpost. Lesnar uses his legs to pull Eddie into the ringpost. High-angle fisherman buster by Lesnar for two, bodyscissors with a rear-naked choke by the champion. Jawbreaker by Eddie to escape, dropkick to the knee by Eddie. Lesnar cuts off Eddie with a huge clothesline, Lesnar German suplexes Eddie. Lesnar shoulder thrusts the back of Eddie, Lesnar misses a high knee in the corner, tumbling to the floor. Plancha by Eddie, both men roll into the ring. Another dropkick to the knee by Eddie, back suplex by Eddie. Eddie runs off the ropes and eats a stungun, two for Lesnar.

Lesnar chokes Eddie, Eddie counters Lesnar for a kneebar. STF by Eddie, Lesnar wriggles free so Eddie stomps on the knee multiple times. Lesnar kicks off Eddie, Eddie dropkicks Lesnar in the face. Lesnar shoves off Eddie again, belly to belly suplex by Lesnar. Eddie slides out of a suplex for a headscissors takedown, dropkick to the injured knee. Figure four by Eddie, Lesnar reaches the ropes. Eddie goes after the knee, single leg Boston crab by Eddie which Eddie transitions into an STF. Lesnar wriggles free for a German suplex, spinebuster by Lesnar.

Two for Lesnar, bodyscissors by Lesnar. Eddie rams Lesnar’s head into the middle turnbuckle, Eddie misses a missile dropkick. Suplex by Lesnar, Lesnar squeezes the life out of Eddie, gutwrench suplex by Lesnar. Lesnar squeezes the life out of Eddie, Eddie stands and headbutts Lesnar. Dropkick to the knee and dropkick to the head, headscissors by Eddie. Lesnar misses a corner splash, Three Amigos by Eddie. Eddie screams and climbs to the top rope, Lesnar dodges The Frog Splash. F-5 by Lesnar, Eddie’s legs smacks the referee in the face. Lesnar covers with no referee in sight, Lesnar rolls to the floor to ask for his championship, Lesnar re-enters the ring. Goldberg comes out of nowhere and Spears the hell out of Lesnar.

Crowd is exploding with Eddie chants, Eddie covers the champion. 1..2.. Lesnar kicks out! Eddie looks down at the championship, Eddie hatches a plan to take out Lesnar. Lesnar kicks the championship out of Eddie’s hands, Lesnar lifts up Eddie for The F-5, Eddie counters The F-5 for a DDT on the championship. Frog Splash by Eddie, 1…2…3! Eddie Guerrero is your new WWE Champion, Eddie jumps into the fans and celebrates with his mother and family in one of the most emotional and memorable moments in company history. The pay per view ends with Cole claiming Eddie is not an addict but a WWE Champion.

What a beautiful moment, a carefully crafted storyline brought to life in a wrestling ring. Most feuds do well when you add a bit of realism, Eddie’s addictions were well known, they were the reason for his release in 2001. Eddie came back, stole the show and created a gimmick that won the hearts of every fan in that arena. A tremendous performance from both men, it did have its flaws, I thought it was repetitive at times with Lesnar rolling around with Eddie and Eddie dropkicking the knee a thousand times. However, this was still a very good match. Credit to Lesnar, there is one more match I have to cover with The Next Big Thing for a while and it is not his finest hour so I would like to say some words about his first run.

The words dominant and underrated spring to mind. Lesnar came in after Wrestlemania X8 with little hype and by King of The Ring, Lesnar was one of the biggest stars on the roster. Defeating The Rock at Summerslam, Lesnar began his championship run which featured a lot of bloody brawls and fun matches. Lesnar was a big, tough bastard in this match and played the part to perfection. A simple bully tossing around our hero, oozing confidence and sporting an ego the size of the sun. Like any good story, the bully went down and the hero won the day, it may have been Eddie Guerrero’s night but Lesnar had a great night too.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero over Brock Lesnar via Frog Splash!

That was WWE’s No Way Out 2004, an above average show from the Smackdown crew if only for the cruiserweight championship match and the main event. You have some solid matches mixed in like The APA match but you have matches that would not exactly light the world on fire, the blindfold match, the triple threat did not feel all that great and the opening match was ok for the most part. What brings the show up is the fire of the likes of Eddie and Mysterio and the cheating/dominance of Chavo and Lesnar. Chavo and Mysterio throw everything on display in their championship match with high-flying moves coming out of nowhere and big spots popping the crowd all the time. And when it comes to Eddie vs Lesnar, it is an emotional rollercoaster as you see one man’s dreams come true before our very eyes, a wrestler who continues to inspire in death and a the fulfilment of a career. Thank you Eddie Guerrero, we all miss you!

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