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WCW Spring Stampede 1999 Review

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Hello and welcome to another hard-hitting edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is losing money faster than WhatCulture Pro Wrestling! WCW and 1999 were going together like shit on a sandwich. Basically, it was horrible, tough to swallow and not very satisfying. Glimmers of hope here and there but a mind-boggling heel turn for Ric Flair, David Flair in The NWO and Goldberg being nowhere near the centrepiece left most fans angered, confused and wanting change. The powers that be had no intention of changing and things were going to get even more confusing as we cover WCW’s Spring Stampede 1999, let’s rock!

Opening Promo

Four Corners Match for the championship, Sting is back, DDP is in the main event, Ric Flair and Hogan battle it out again. Goldberg vs Nash, Goldberg’s revenge for the bullshit of Starrcade. I actually liked this promo which is more than I can say for many of the packages that were put together by this company.

Blitzkreig vs Juventud Guerrera

Babyface Juventud is back after months of inactivity on pay per view. Lock-up, hammerlock by Blitzkreig, Juventud reverses the hold. Drop toehold by Juventud, roll-up for two. Blitzkreig grabs the leg, Juventud counters for a roll-up. Two count, side headlock by Blitzkreig. Nice theatrics until Blitzkreig mauls Juventud with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, two for Blitzkreig. Chops by Juventud, headscissors takedown. Handspring elbow in the corner by Blitzkreig, stomps by Blitzkreig. Ten punches by Blitzkreig, Juventud is elevated to the apron.

Juventud rams Blitzkreig’s head into the turnbuckle, springboard dropkick by Juvi. Bliztkreig eats a tope suicida from Juvi, brainbuster from Juvi. Two for Juvi, Romero special from Juventud. Blitzkreig escapes out of a suplex, kick to the head. Dropkick by Blitzkreig, Juvi spills to the floor. Bliztkreig eats a dropkick as Juvi blocks the crossbody, both men lay down on the floor. Chop by Juvi, arm drag by Blitzkreig. Springboard moonsault by Blitzkreig, Juvi blocks a powerbomb, Blitzkreig escapes The Juvi Driver. Juvi wriggles free from a reverse suplex for a final cut, two for Juvi. Bad botch in the corner, a reverse suplex goes to hell, Blitzkreig misses a Phoenix Splash. Juvi’s Driver is reversed into a small package for two.

Reverse sunset flip powerbomb move from the top rope by Blitzkreig for two. Juvi is placed on the top rope, Top Rope Juvi Driver, Blitzkreig has been spiked on his head and Juventud Guerrera walks away with the win in this match.

A good opening match, both men tried hard. Little selling but a lot of high-impact moves that draw oohs and awws from those in attendance. Blitzkreig had a lot of nice manoeuvres in his arsenal, Juvi looks to have regained some steam. That finisher was so dangerous though, Juventud is not considered the safest worker in the business, think of what he done to Jerry Lynn in TNA. So, for Blitzkreig to trust him for a Juvi Driver off the top rope, just wow. Great finish to an entertaining contest, we are off to a good start.

Winner: Juventud Guerrera over Blitzkreig via Super Juvi Driver!

Hak W/ Chastity vs Bam Bam Bigelow

Who is Mr. Hardcore? Hak and Bigelow are going to duke it out in you weapon match for this evening. Hopefully, it tops the piss poor match we had featuring these two and Raven at the last pay per view. The match starts at the ramp, Hak beats down Bigelow and swantons through a table onto Bigelow. Bigelow is up first (Of course), Bigelow rams Hak into the cart full of weapons. Crutch across the back by Bigelow, Hak sets up a table between the guard rail and the ring apron after a DDT on Bigelow. Hak re-enters the ring and Bigelow waffles Hak with cooking trays. Broom to the ribs by Bigelow, Hak blocks a suplex but botches his suplex. Hak clutches his knee before pulling out a ladder.

Bigelow stomps Hak, Hak dropkicks the ladder onto Bigelow. Bigelow is under the ladder, swanton onto Bigelow and the ladder. Bulldog on the ladder, another table and a guard rail from under the ring. Trash can to the head by Hak, Chastity has the table set up on the guard rail. Hak climbs the ladder and Bigelow tips Hak through the table (It looked so horribly planned and fake). Hak is Irish whipped into the ladder, Hak drills Bigelow with the crutch. Bigelow is placed on the safety rail, Hak looks for a leg drop.

Bigelow dodges and Hak crotches himself, Bigelow has the guard rail. Chastity has the fire extinguisher, Bigelow sprays the bejesus out of Chastity. Hak wallops Bigelow with the kendo stick twice, Russian legsweep with the cane. Hak has Bigelow on the top rope, Bigelow counters for a Greetings From Asbury Park from the top rope through the table and the win.

So, these two went from ECW to WCW to do the same kind of match? Well, at least they were making decent money in WCW. To be fair, it was entertaining at parts, a lot of it was weapon shot after weapon shot while moving to the next spot. The finish was another scary bump from the top rope, I hope it is not the theme for the night. Anyways, this was entertaining for what it was.

Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow over Hak via Greetings From Asbury Park!

Mikey Whipwreck vs Scotty Riggs

Well, I guess every WCW pay per view from now on is going to feature a lower card wrestler on them. We have had Jerry Flynn, Mike Enos and now Scotty Riggs is here. Riggs is a cocky stripper so an updated version of his American Males character. Whipwreck is in from ECW, Riggs plays cocky before Whipwreck starts clotheslining and kicking Riggs. Dropkick by Whipwreck, Riggs tumbles to the floor. Whipwreck leg drops Riggs on the apron, Riggs is all over the place. Baseball slide by Whipwreck, slingshot hurricanrana by Whipwreck. Whipwreck gets caught as Riggs bumps Whipwreck off the ring apron and to the floor.

Double axe handle by Riggs, more gyrating by sexy man Riggs. One finger pin for two, dropkick by Riggs. Reverse chinlock by Riggs, high knee in the corner by Riggs. Boot by Whipwreck, missile dropkick by Whipwreck for two. Russian legsweep for two, both men duck clotheslines. Flying forerarm by Riggs and the match is over.

What was that finish? A flying forearm? Out of nothing? Get out of here with that poorly established crap. DUD

Winner: Scotty Riggs over Mikey Whipwreck via Flying Forearm!

Konnan vs Disco Inferno

Konnan continues to feud with NWO Wolfpac members, Disco is next on Konnan’s list due to Disco mocking Konnan’s music success. Disco jumps and stomps Konnan, rolling clothesline by Disco. Disco climbs to the top, Konnan tells Disco to suck it. Bulldog by Konnan, ten punches by Konnan. Elbow by Disco, Disco clubs Konnan. Konnan nails an armdrag on Disco but Disco takes control with an elbow. Snapmare and reverse chinlock by Disco, swinging neckbreaker by Disco. Another chinlock by Disco, clothesline to cut off Konnan’s comeback.

Middle rope elbow for two, another chinlock by Disco. Armdrag by Konnan, Disco sends Konnan to the floor. Snapmare and fist drop for two, another CHINLOCK by Disco. Scoop slam by Disco, Konnan dodges the elbow drop. Rolling clothesline by Konnan, cradle DDT by Konnan. Disco kicks out, Konnan delivers an SOS but Disco kicks out again. Neckbreaker by Disco for two, Disco blocks The K-Factor. Konnan puts down Disco with The Last Dance.

Konnan is a bad version of Road Dogg. While Road Dogg could pop the crowd, he could also sell a beating and had Billy Gunn at his side to get the fans into the match. Konnan pops the crowd and that’s about it. There is no attempt at selling, there is no energy or passion. Konnan looks like a man who is collecting his money, phoning in regardless of who shares the ring with him. This leads to a very boring match with endless chinlocks and Disco doing his all to make the match watchable. I could not wait for this to end, I need to go back and watch Konnan in Mexico to see what the hype was all about because I do not see a big star in WCW.

Winner: Konnan over Disco Inferno via Last Dance!

(WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match) Rey Mysterio © vs Kidman

They took the titles off Benoit and Malenko already???? Are you joking me??? Fuck this company, these two are tag team champions who are battling for the cruiserweight championship. Some nice theatrics before both men begin slapping one another, lots of flip and headscissors by Mysterio. Kidman is elevated to the apron, slingshot hurricanrana by Kidman. Stomps by Kidman, Mysterio is elevated to the floor. Plancha by Kidman, Mysterio whips Kidman into the guard rail but Kidman wheelbarrows Mysterio into the guard rail. Slingshot leg drop by Kidman, reverse chinlock by Kidman.

Headscissors by Mysterio, Kidman is on the floor. Moonsault off the apron, Kidman catches Mysterio but Mysterio sends Kidman into the guard rail. Springboard senton by Mysterio, springboard moonsault for two. Kidman counters a hurricanrana for a powerbomb, two for Kidman. Backbreaker into a slam by Kidman for two, Mysterio ends up on the floor. Shooting Star Press from the apron by Kidman, forearm shots by Kidman. Slam and Kidman begins climbing, Mysterio blocks Kidman’s crossbody with a dropkick. Two for Mysterio, top rope bulldog by Mysterio for two. Spinning heel kick by Mysterio. Kidman back drops his way out of a powerbomb.

Powerslam by Kidman for two, reverse chinlock by Kidman. Mysterio fires up and clotheslines Kidman to the floor. Springboard senton by Mysterio, Mysterio tries a splash but Kidman counters with a clothesline for two. Reverse chinlock by Kidman, Mysterio escapes for a headscissors takedown. Reverse chinlock by Mysterio, Mysterio misses a corner spear. Kidman misses a clothesline but nails a sit-out facebuster. Mysterio plays possum to meet Kidman on the top rope, sunset flip powerbomb by Kidman for two. Kidman misses a clothesline, top rope bulldog by Mysterio and Kidman kicks out at two. Springboard bulldog by Kidman for two,

Mysterio lowbridges Kidman, Kidman pulls himself up but walks into a leg drop by Mysterio. Mysterio rolls over Kidman for a standing moonsault, two for Mysterio. Mysterio looks for a powerbomb, facebuster by Kidman. Kidman looks for The Shooting Star Press, Mysterio plays possum and crotches Kidman. Top rope hurricanrana by Mysterio and Mysterio retains his championship.

Have to admit, I was not a big fan of this match. It just did not click with me for whatever reason, I thought there was a lot of things that did not come together. First, you have the crowd, the crowd seem to have given up on this pay per view, there were quiet for Konnan vs Disco and they were almost silent for this match, two babyfaces going at it is usually a bad idea too. Neither man was really known for playing a heel or taking control of matches so you have a few dull moments sprinkled throughout. The other thing that bothered me was the no-selling of the big moves of the match, Kidman and Mysterio were popping up and “playing possum” after top rope bulldogs and powerbombs. I mean how can I invest in the match when Mysterio takes the equivalent of The Pearl Harbor Bombing only to stand on his feet with no damage mere seconds later?

Winner: Rey Mysterio over Kidman via Top Rope Hurricanrana!

Raven & Saturn vs Dean Malenko & Chris Benoit

Saturn came to Raven’s aid when Malenko & Benoit were beating on Raven. Raven and Saturn would cost Benoit and Malenko the tag team championships, it looks like all The Horseman are heels? I am lost to be honest, Saturn was a babyface in his feud with Jericho, Raven turned babyface after his sister Chastity turned on the former leader of The Flock. Benoit and Malenko were babyfaces battling it out with Barry Windham & Curt Hennig but it looks like Benoit and Malenko are now heels or walking a fine line as tweeners.

Benoit and Saturn begin, standing switches and Saturn is sidestepped to the floor. Malenko tries attacking Saturn but Saturn blocks with a Manhattan drop, Benoit is shoved into Malenko and Saturn tags Raven. Clothesline by Raven for two, tag to Saturn. Saturn splashes Benoit for two, tag to Raven with an elbow to the back of Benoit. Malenko distracts Raven, Benoit dropkicks Raven. Malenko puts the boots to Raven on the floor, tag to Malenko. Double spinebuster and wishbone split, suplex for two by Malenko. Leaping calf kick by Malenko, small package by Raven as Benoit tags into the match. Benoit back suplexes Raven for two, short-arm clothesline by Benoit for two.

Benoit and Malenko double team Raven, referee Charles Robinson pushes back Saturn, playing up the whole Lil Naitch thing. Raven boots and clotheslines Malenko, Saturn decks everyone. Exploder suplex for Malenko, ten punches for Benoit. Malenko decks Saturn with a right, Malenko props Saturn on the top rope. Raven saves Saturn, variation of the doomsday device. Benoit saves Malenko from The Death Valley Driver. Raven and Benoit spill to the floor, Tigerbomb by Malenko into The Texas Cloverleaf. Saturn reaches the ropes, Saturn nails a Death Valley Driver on Malenko. Benoit scores with a Diving Headbutt on Saturn for a close two, Malenko could not secure the win.

Malenko tags Benoit, backbreaker by Benoit. Benoit goes to the leg of Saturn, tag to Malenko. Drop toehold/dropkick combination by Malenko & Benoit for two, sleeper by Malenko. Raven saves Saturn, Benoit knocks Raven to the floor. Northern lights suplex by Benoit for two, Benoit stomps Saturn to the floor. Malenko boots Saturn, tag to Malenko. Saturn sunset flips Benoit but Malenko makes the save, reverse chinlock by Malenko. Back suplex by Saturn, Raven gets the hot-tag. Right hands to Benoit & Malenko, clothesline to Malenko. There is a chair in the ring, Raven drop toeholds Benoit into the chair. Malenko is on a table by ringside, Saturn misses a splash through the table as Anderson pulls Malenko off the table.

Malenko pushes the chair into Raven’s face, Even Flow DDT by Raven. Raven covers Malenko but Anderson is in the ring with a chair. Anderson places the chair on Raven’s head, Benoit climbs to the top rope and delivers a Diving Headbutt to Raven. Malenko manages to cover Raven with one arm and Raven cannot kick out, The Horseman win.

Now, that was a match. Excellent tag team wrestling from all involved, Raven and Saturn showed all the potential that they had, they deserved big things in 1998 and this match shows just how good they are while Benoit and Malenko put on a clinic as the heels, dominating and controlling the match. No surprise this match was good and the finish was great stuff. Anderson discreetly placing the chair on Raven’s head and Benoit landing The Diving Headbutt, it was excellent and refreshing, I hope there is more between these two teams.

Winners: Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko over Saturn & Raven via Diving Headbutt!

(WCW United States Championship Match) Scott Steiner vs Booker T

Both these men had been feuding over the WCW television championship, Scott Hall had been missing on Nitro so Ric Flair declared the championship vacant and a tournament was held with these two becoming the finalists. The match begins with Steiner talking trash with fans, this is possibly the best part of the night. Lock-up, Booker takes down Steiner. Clubbing blows by Steiner, dropkick by Booker and an armdrag. They lock-up, Steiner cheap shots Booker over and over, Booker fires back with thrust kicks. Steiner is thrown to the floor, apron axe handle by Booker. Booker hits the guard rail hard, Steiner begs for mercy. Booker boots Steiner in the face, mounted punches by Booker.

Corner clothesline by Booker, make it two. Ten punches by Booker, Steiner crotches Booker on the top rope. A forearm shot leaves Booker on the floor, Booker hits the guard rail hard. Chair to the back by Steiner, clothesline and elbow drop by Steiner. Push ups by Steiner, more huge right and a foot choke by Steiner. Backbreaker by Steiner for two, belly to belly suplex by Steiner for two. Low blow by Steiner (No DQ?), Steiner poses on the corner. Bearhug by Steiner, Booker fires up but Steiner belly to belly suplexes Booker. Booker slides out of a suplex for a DDT.

Steiner rakes the eyes but eats a spinning heel kick, clotheslines by Booker. Steiner pulls the referee in the way and gets clobbered, Scissors Kick by Booker. Flapjack by Booker, spinaroonie and Harlem Sidekick. The referee is knocked down again as Booker tries lifting him up. Spinebuster by Booker, Booker climbs to the top but Steiner nails The Frankensteiner. 1…2….. Booker kicks out! Steiner pulls out something, Booker tries for a suplex but Steiner decks Booker with the object. Steiner becomes the United States Champion.

That was decent, Steiner spent half the match on the floor talking shit with fans but in the ring, it was fine. The Big Poppa Pump character was a great gimmick for Steiner and the gimmick was starting to really pay off for Steiner, Booker was a good babyface and his comebacks were enjoyed by the fans. I would have enjoyed less stalling but the match we got might have been the best match possible due to Steiner’s injuries and condition.

Winner: Scott Steiner over Booker T via Shenanigans!

Kevin Nash W/ Lex Luger & Miss Elizabeth vs Goldberg

Goldberg’s chance at revenge for Starrcade, Goldberg has been out of the title picture for god knows what reason because I cannot find it. Goldberg is the most over man in the company, it is not Hogan or Nash and it is not Flair. The man the people want is Goldberg and it looks like after the Bigelow feud, Goldberg is nearing the championship once more.

Match begins with knees by Nash, foot choke by Nash. Right hands and elbows by Nash, Elizabeth distracts the referee while Nash low blows Goldberg. Clothesline by Nash for two, hard Irish whips and a sidewalk slam. Two for Nash, leg across the back by Nash. Nash misses a big boot, shoulder block by Goldberg. Double underhook slam by Goldberg, right hands and a superkick by Goldberg. Goldberg Spears the referee as Nash leapfrogs The Spear, Luger wallops Goldberg with a chair to the back of the neck. Nash calls for The Jacknife, low blow by Goldberg. Luger is slammed, Spear to Nash. Jackhammer to Nash and it is all over.

It was short and sweet, the right man went over and Goldberg continues to build momentum on his quest for the championship. I cannot say a bad thing about a match that succeeded in every possible way, it was not bad. The fans were into it and Goldberg looks like a monster putting down everyone in his path.

Winner: Goldberg over Kevin Nash via Jackhammer!

(WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match) DDP vs Sting vs Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair © (Four Corner’s Match/Savage is Referee)

The hype package is garbage, they hardly had a segment together on the show. We have three returns though, Savage is back after his knee injury, last time I saw him on these reviews was against Bret Hart and Roddy Piper in the early days of The Wolfpac. DDP is back after Scott Steiner laid him out at Superbrawl and we have Sting who went on hiatus after Halloween Havoc. We also have the double turn of Flair and Hogan from last month to deal with, such garbage that I still can’t believe it happened.

All four men brawl, switching partner’s every couple of seconds. Hogan and Flair are on the floor, Sting has DDP in The Scorpion Deathlock but DDP reaches the ropes. Side headlock by DDP, neckbreaker for two. Sting clotheslines DDP, diving clothesline by Sting. Stinger Splash, Flair saves DDP. Sting yanks Flair off the top rope, Hogan clotheslines DDP. DDP and Sting are on the floor, Hogan stomps Flair. Eye poke by Flair, chops by Flair. Back body drop by Hogan, clothesline to Flair. Hogan no-sells the chop, Scorpion Deathlock by Sting. Hogan Leg Drop on Flair, Sting has to break his hold. Flair chop blocks Hogan’s leg, Figure Four by Flair. Hogan reverses the hold on Flair, DDP breaks up the hold.

DDP clotheslines Flair to the floor, DDP locks Hogan in a ringpost figure four. Sting saves Hogan, a trainer runs down for Hogan. Hogan seems to have something wrong with his leg, we are down to three. Sting tosses Flair and dropkicks the champion. Clothesline by Sting, chop by Flair. Flair flip and a clothesline by Sting, DDP clothesline Sting for two. Scoop slam and elbow by DDP, DDP clotheslines Flair for two. DDP elbows Sting in the corner, Stinger Splash by Sting. Sting bulldogs DDP after a Diamond Cutter is blocked, Flair is thrown to the floor by DDP. DDP reverses a tombstone on Sting, Flair saves his championship. Flair throws DDP to the floor, Sting lifts Flair to the top rope, superplex by Sting.

Flair kicks out at two, Flair back suplexes Sting. Sleeper by Flair, DDP applies a sleeper to Flair. Sting jawbreakers both men, Flair and DDP beat up Sting. Sting no-sells it all, double clothesline by Sting. Right hands to Flair & DDP, bulldog to DDP. Stinger Splash to Flair, Scorpion Death Lock on Flair. DDP breaks the hold, DDP looks for a suplex but Sting slides out for a Scorpion Death Drop. Flair breaks the pin and low blows Sting, Figure Four by Flair on Sting. Sting reaches the ropes, Flair does not break so Savage Elbow Drops Flair. DDP stomps Flair’s injured leg, Diamond Cutter by DDP on Flair and DDP is your new champion.

That was fun, quite organized for a match featuring four people. You had everyone have moments in the ring when they would do their singles match stuff, no big teases like Sting vs Hogan or Hogan vs DDP, that could have added a bit of interest to the match. Very weird to see Hogan sell an injury and not come back to hog all the glory, I was fully expecting Hogan to remerge to capture the championship. Also, putting the championship on DDP? I would not say that DDP did not deserve it but there is a skill to striking when the iron is hot and the iron was lukewarm at best during this point. Halloween Havoc could have been DDP’s moment but by this point, I do not know how far DDP can go with the championship.

Winner: DDP over Everyone Else via Diamond Cutter!

That was WCW’s Spring Stampede of 1999, WCW’s best show of the year in many ways. Well, so far it is the best pay per view of the year I have reviewed. Sting, Savage and DDP were welcome returns to pay per view, fresh feuds like Raven and Saturn vs The Horseman and Steiner vs Booker T were welcome additions while a meaningful feud for Goldberg was great, there is no reason for your top star to be fighting Bigelow when the company has no plans for Bigelow. The hardcore match and opener were fun, the only lowpoints were the cruiserweight championship match and the lower card wrestlers (i.e. Riggs) having pay per view matches. You have a main event with Hulk Hogan that did not have all the spotlight on Hulk Hogan, this pay per view did so much right and that’s why I believe it to be the one of the only watchable pay per views from 1999.

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