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WCW Souled Out 1999 Review

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Hello and welcome to all of you passionate wrestling fans on the internet to Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews! Let’s party like it’s 1999… Oh god… it’s a WCW review isn’t it? Fuck…. Ok welcome to WCW’s Souled Out 1999, one month after the ending of Goldberg’s streak ending, a month after Hogan defeated Kevin Nash for The World Championship on Nitro with The Infamous Fingerpoke of Doom. The main event pits Goldberg against Scott Hall in a ladder stun gun match, what a load of fun that is going to be. Also, Ric Flair is WCW President beating Eric Bischoff for control of WCW. Starrcade 1998 was not a great show but can they kick off 1999 in style? Let’s find out!

Opening Promo

There is not one, we have lots of talking from Schiavone, Tenay and Heenan before they cut to Goldberg down on a locker room floor, seems there will be an injury angle in place for Goldberg.

Chris Benoit vs Mike Enos

Who? Who is Mike Enos? Well, he comes out to a knockoff of Queen’s We Will Rock You on The WWE Network, that’s a plus in my book. Enos looks like a poor man’s Mike Barton, no idea why these two are wrestling. Lock-up, Benoit chops Enos hard. Enos stomps and clubs Benoit, Enos spits on Benoit for that extra heel heat. Benoit snots on Enos, headbutt and stomp war before Enos grabs a side headlock, shoulder block by Enos. Another lock-up, knee to the ribs by Enos. Clubbing blows by Enos, Benoit slides out of a scoop slam for chops. Dragon screw legwhip by Benoit, more chops which Enos sells to perfection.

Enos counters a Crossface attempt for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker before posing like a boss, Enos gets a two. Powerslam for two, bearhug by Enos. Benoit tries a comeback but Enos cuts off the wolverine. Inverted atomic drop by Enos, neck crank by Enos. Enos misses a leg drop, another bearhug. Benoit eats a big knee to the ribs, more posing from Enos. Suplex for two, Enos slaps Benoit so Benoit slaps back. Back suplex goes wrong for Enos as Benoit counters and applies German suplexes. Diving Headbutt by Benoit, elbow to the face by Enos. Weak looking clothesline, Enos tries for a suplex but Benoit reverses for a Crippler Crossface.

That was ok, Benoit did his best to get a reaction out of the crowd for Enos. Benoit was very popular with the fans, they reacted well for all of his moves. Sadly, they could not give a damn about Enos and a botched finish does not help poor Enos. So, it was not awful but it was not great either.

Winner: Chris Benoit over Mike Enos via Crippler Crossface!

Norman Smiley vs Chavo Guerrero

Smiley had destroyed Pepe, the wooden horse of Chavo. Smiley as a heel and a  serious wrestler will always make me laugh, Chavo gives chase which leads to Smiley kicking Chavo. Chavo fights back with uppercuts, clothesline and Smiley is on the floor. Plancha by Chavo, chops by Chavo. Springboard bulldog by Chavo, Smiley begs for mercy before suckering in Chavo. Springboard crossbody and drop toehold by Chavo, Chavo stomps Smiley in the corner. Smiley gains control with a clothesline, Smiley teases The Wiggle. Scoop slam and wiggle by Smiley for two, triangle headscissors by Smiley.

Chavo escapes for a rolling prawn hold for two, Chavo misses a splash as Smiley dodges with his knees. Smiley hangs up Chavo on the top rope, double stomp by Smiley for two. Surfboard stretch by Smiley, bodyscissors by Smiley. Clothesline by Chavo, right hands before Smiley nails a neckbreaker for two. More submission holds, roll-up by Chavo for two and Smiley nails a big elbow. More stretch holds from Smiley, chest slap by Smiley. Smiley is looking for a superplex, Smiley connects with the superplex. Wiggle and flapjack by Smiley, back elbow for two.

Submission again, sleeper by Smiley. Chavo fights back with his own sleeper, Smiley counters for a back suplex. Chavo is tossed to the floor, Chavo gains control in the ring until Smiley dodges a corner splash. Back body drop by Smiley for two, Gory Special by Smiley. Chavo counters for a roll-up but Smiley says no and spanks Chavo before Chavo rolls through for a pin. Victory roll by Chavo for two, Smiley pokes the eyes, Chavo chops, kicks and punches Smiley. Flying forearm and springboard bulldog is blocked, standing switch by Smiley but Chavo blocks the chickenwing. Smiley blocks the Tornado DDT, Smiley throws the sawdust into Chavo’s face and Smiley wins with The Crossface Chickenwing.

Sweet fuck that was way too long, thank god for hardcore moron Smiley because serious Smiley is boring as all hell. Two pops in the match, The Wiggle and Smiley spanking Chavo, this was a god awful boring affair with little going on to keep your attention.

Winner: Norman Smiley over Chavo Guerrero via Crossface Chickenwing!

Fit Finlay vs Van Hammer

Oh my god, what is this company? How did they fall this far in a couple of months? Mike Enos and now Van Hammer in singles action? Lock-up, Hammer shoves back Finlay, Finlay talks trash with fans. Another lock-up, side headlock by Finlay, shoulder block does not knock Hammer. Clothesline by Hammer, Finlay is dragged to the middle of the ring. Finlay rakes the eyes, elbow to the nose. Snapmare and elbow by Finlay for two, clothesline by Finlay. Jawbreaker and boot to the head by Finlay, scoop slam by Finlay. Kick to the spine by Finlay, uppercut by Finlay.

Hammer battles back, back body drop. Finlay dodges an elbow, choke and eye rake by Finlay. Hammer sweeps the leg before Finlay pulls on Hammer’s nose. Hammer dropkicks Finlay out of the ring, Hammer poses for the fans. Hammer is on the apron, Finlay dropkicks Hammer and Hammer hits his face off the apron. Finlay pushes Hammer into the ropes, Finlay misses a corner spear, Finlay is corner clotheslined by Hammer. Boot by Hammer, powerslam for two. Rolling firemen’s carry and a Tombstone by Finlay for the win.

Not one person cared in the crowd, I cannot blame then as Hammer was never anything in his career. Finlay tries but that heavy psychology style of work clicks with the likes of Benoit and Booker T, babyfaces who can sell and work. Hammer is not like those who I mentioned and it leads to another boring affair. That is three matches in a row which could have been left on Nitro.

Winner: Fit Finlay over Van Hammer via Tombstone!

Wrath vs Bam Bam Bigelow

What happened to Bigelow vs Goldberg? That was the match they were teasing before and after Starrcade, why is Bigelow facing Wrath? Wrath was in the midst of a push, Nash ended the streak of Wrath in the run-up to Nash’s match against Goldberg. Here we have two men the company wants to push and not have lose yet, one of them has to lose. Lock-up, clean break by Wrath. Another lock-up, cheap shots by Bigelow. Wrath throws haymakers, eye rake by Bigelow. Bicycle kick by Wrath, Bigelow powders. Side headlock by Bigelow, shoulder block by Bigelow. Both men miss elbows, facebuster by Wrath.

Chops and knees by Wrath, middle rope clothesline for two. Stungun by Bigelow, reverse chinlock by Bigelow. Wrath fires up but Bigelow puts down Wrath fast. Knees by Wrath in the corner before Bigelow switches gears with a  scoop slam and a headbutt. Reverse chinlock by Bigelow, elbow by Bigelow to cut off Wrath. Wrath mounts a comeback with a dropkick and clothesline, powerslam by Bigelow for two. DDT by Bigelow, Wrath reaches the ropes with his boot. Huge knockdown after a double clothesline, corner clothesline by Wrath. Bigelow dodges the clothesline, Wrath smashes his head off the ringpost and Bigelow plants Wrath with Greetings From Asbury Park.

Oh boy, this night of matches with little life to them continues, crowd is either sleeping or just do not care about WCW. Wrath and Bigelow do their best but it was not coming together on the night, it is hard too when you have Wrath doing the job in this match yet Wrath has to come off like a monster. So, you have silly moments like Bigelow defeating Wrath to look like a monster but Wrath shoots up and is on his feet by the time Bigelow raises his arms. Nobody got over in this match, it was pointless.

Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow over Wrath via Greetings From Asbury Park!

Konnan vs Lex Luger

Konnan was kicked out of The Wolfpac as part of their 1999 reboot. Luger has been in the upper mid-card for what seems like forever since his peak in mid-1997. Perhaps this heel turn will breathe life into Luger, I doubt it though. Luger cuts a promo and Konnan beats the piss out of Luger with the worst right hands you ever did see, inverted atomic drop and clothesline by Konnan. Back elbow by Konnan, Luger powders and gets knocked off the apron. Konnan hammers Luger in the aisle way before kicking Luger in the ring. Luger reaches the ropes for a break, Konnan misses a dropkick as Luger hangs on to the ropes.

Luger stomps Konnan, Luger works the back and neck of Konnan. Forearms to the back, Konnan fires up with right hands before Luger clubs Konnan to oblivion. Konnan spills to the floor, bearhug by Luger. Clothesline by Luger, Konnan powders. Scoop slam by Luger, Konnan spills to the floor once more. Konnan crossbodies Luger, roll through clothesline by Konnan. Low dropkick, here comes Elizabeth. K-Factor, Tequila Sunrise by Konnan. Elizabeth blinds Konnan with spray paint, Torture Rack and Luger escapes with the win.

This show continues to disappoint, Luger was never much in the ring and with a worker like Konnan, it shows through even more with whatever this match was, I mean really it was the bare minimum in terms of a match. Konnan powders awkwardly towards the end like it is a legitimate injury, it just goes on and on. This show needs a miracle at this point to bring it up to average.

Winner: Lex Luger over Konnan via Torture Rack!

Saturn vs Chris Jericho (Loser has to Wear a Dress)

Saturn and Jericho had been both over in 1998 but towards the end of the year, all momentum for both men waned with Jericho stalling over a new contract and Saturn being jobbed out to the likes of Kanyon and Ernest Miller, yeah WCW had a glass ceiling that was screwing over the likes of DDP, Jericho, Benoit, Raven and Saturn. Apparently, there is an evil referee situation going on with Scott Dickinson who has had problems with Saturn. Slap by Saturn and Jericho powders, Top wristlock by Jericho, more stalling and pandering. Side headlock by Jericho, Saturn shakes off Jericho. Back elbow by Saturn and a huge kick to the head, Jericho falls to the mat.

Reverse chinlock by Saturn, jawbreaker and spinning heel kick by Jericho, foot choke by Jericho. Saturn powers his way back in, lariat by Saturn. Huge spinning kick by Saturn, springboard leg drop for two. Jericho takes over with a springboard dropkick and a plancha. More posing for Jericho, suplex with cocky pin for two before Saturn trips and hammers Jericho. Jericho rakes the eyes and delivers a big boot with a senton for two. Leg drop for two, Saturn battles back but Jericho nails a clothesline. Saturn blocks The Lionsault with his knees, t-bone suplex by Saturn. Jericho tries for a headscissors out of the corner but Saturn nails a facebuster.

Jericho gains control with a backbreaker, forearm shots by Jericho. Dropkick goes wrong and Saturn catapults Jericho to the floor. Baseball slide by Saturn, splash by Saturn for two. Jericho counters a Dragon suplex for a victory roll, two for Jericho. German suplex by Jericho for two, Saturn crotches Jericho on the top rope. Back superplex is blocked by Jericho, Death Valley Driver and Liontamer are countered. Saturn small packages Jericho but the referee pushes over Saturn and Jericho pins Saturn, Saturn must wear a dress.

That sucked, both of these wrestlers can pull out great matches. They did so over the last year in WCW but in 1999 with Jericho’s contract running out, this was never going to be a good match. It came off as half-assed and the crowd does not help much, they have been dead all night.

Winner: Chris Jericho over Saturn via Shenanigans!

(WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match) Kidman © vs Rey Mysterio vs Psychosis vs Juventud Guerrera

Four corners match for the championship, we have a bit of a story with Kidman battling against The LWO and Mysterio being a reluctant member of the faction. The cruiserweights mostly deliver so I am hoping for big things from this match. The LWO were disbanded by Ric Flair, Mysterio and Kidman have to start the match. Shoulder block by Kidman, headscissors by Mysterio after some nice theatrics. Kidman nails a slingshot headscissors, double crossbody by Kidman & Mysterio. Juventud & Psychosis stomp the legal men, Mysterio tags in Psychosis. Psychosis is not happy about this change, Kidman tags Juventud.

 Chops by Psychosis, Juventud chops back. Some botched spots by Psychosis and Juventud, they shake hands and hug with Mysterio & Kidman not letting the two heels tag out of the match. Mysterio & Kidman double team the heels, Kidman & Psychosis end up the legal men. Juventud decks Kidman which allows Psychosis to nail a front suplex, Psychosis clotheslines Kidman to the floor. Mysterio is back dropped onto Kidman, Psychosis & Juventud argue about who will dive onto the babyfaces. Both end up being powerbombed by Mysterio & Kidman. Mysterio forearms Juventud, Psychosis and Mysterio fight on the apron. Mysterio monkey flips Psychosis to the floor, Kidman pulls Juventud’s hair.

Kidman dives onto Psychosis, Juventud drops Mysterio with a dropkick. Juventud dives onto Kidman & Psychosis, Mysterio dives onto Kidman with the heels powdering. Juventud clotheslines Psychosis by mistake, Mysterio and Juventud remain in the ring. Juvi Driver, Psychosis dropkicks Juventud to save the match. Victory roll powerbomb like move by Psychosis off the top rope, Kidman blocks a powerbomb with a facebuster. Bulldog by Mysterio on Kidman, Juventud saves the match.

Psychosis clotheslines Juventud & Kidman to the floor, Mysterio is hurled to the floor by Psychosis. Juventud leg drops Kidman and Mysterio, tope con hilo by Psychosis on Kidman & Mysterio. Juventud drags Kidman to the ring, dropkick to the back of the head and Psychosis saves the match. Psychosis misses a dive on Mysterio, Kidman slides out of a Juvi Driver for a reverse DDT. Mysterio takes out Psychosis with a springboard hurricanrana while Kidman takes out Juventud with a Shooting Star Press for the win.

That was alright, some nice spots but it was nothing special. Not the match that was on the level of the Starrcade match. Sloppy in parts and little in terms of selling, I thought we got a bit of story-telling towards the end with Mysterio looking torn between winning and letting Kidman win the match but no, commentators did not pick up on it and Mysterio scrambled to break up the pin at the end so I guess Mysterio is just a moron? Yeah like I said, it was not the match that I had hoped for which is sad as this pay per view needed it to be enjoyable.

Winner: Kidman over Everyone Else via Shooting Star Press!

Ric Flair & David Flair W/ Arn Anderson vs Barry Windham & Curt Hennig

Flair lost a match to Bischoff due to Hennig because the people were screaming out for that feud to be continued. Yawn, Hennig aligned himself with Barry Windham dressed in all denim. The difference in talent on this pay per view is crazy, David starts with Windham. David shows some wrestling skill with the crowd reacting for one of the only times in the night. David hiptosses Windham, lock-up and Windham hits David hard with a scoop slam. David dodges an elbow and tags Ric.

Lock-up, chops by Flair. Back drop by Flair, Flair rakes the gums of Windham. Windham rakes the eyes, tag to Hennig for chops. Eye poke by Flair, huge chop and elbows by Flair. Chops by Hennig snap-over neckbreaker and chop to David, David crashes to the floor. Flair flip to the floor, Windham puts the boots to Flair. Flair is yanked off the top rope, tag to Widnham. Superplex by Windham for two, ten punches by Windham. Flair counters for a massive atomic drop, tag to Hennig. Spinning toehold by Hennig, Hennig drops his weight on the leg. Figure four by Hennig with extra leverage from Windham.

Windham is rolled-up by Flair, kick-out by Windham. Choke by Windham, foot choke by Windham. Windham & Hennig double team Flair, Anderson pummels Hennig. Flair has Windham in The Figure Four, Hennig takes out Anderson. Hennig stops the figure four, shoulder block by Flair on Hennig. David low blows Hennig, Flair and Windham battle in the ring. Hennig pounds away on David, Anderson smashes David with a tire wire, David falls on Hennig and The Flairs win the match. Afterwards, The NWO comes down to wallop The Horseman.

They kept David out of the ring, that was a good call. Unfortunately, they would not keep him out of the ring for long. Match was all Ric Flair, Flair’s offense has never been tremendous by any stretch of the imagination, Windham and Hennig seem to have come out of the wilderness for the match, Windham does not look great while Hennig has been a former shell of himself for years by this point. The angle afterwards is good, very emotional and builds well for a Flair vs Hogan match but I am not sure if I want to see it.

Winners: David & Ric Flair over Barry Windham & Curt Hennig via Tire Wire!

Goldberg vs Scott Hall (Stun Gun Ladder Match)

Time to describe utter lunacy, Goldberg’s streak was ended by Kevin Nash at Starrcade 1998 due to Scott Hall’s stun gun. Hall tasered Goldberg which led to Nash winning, the next night on Nitro Hogan would defeat Nash for the championship rendering the huge moment of Goldberg’s streak ending pointless with Nash being a transitional champion and Hogan holding onto the championship once more like his life depended on the damn thing. Fast forward to this pay per view one month later and we see Goldberg looking for revenge on Hall.

Goldberg’s leg is taped up due to an earlier assault from The NWO, Goldberg shoves Hall. Side headlock by Hall Goldberg shoulder blocks Hall. Eye poke and slaps by Hall, shoulder thrusts by Hall but Goldberg knocks Hall for a second time. Scoop slam by Goldberg but Goldberg is hurting, there is pain on the face of WCW’s hero. Hall goes for the leg, powerslam by Goldberg. Hall goes back to the leg with stomps, elbow to the leg by Hall. Hall smashes Goldberg’s knee into the ringpost and ring apron.

Hall makes his way to the ladder, Goldberg tries to mount some offense but Hall is too strong. Baseball slide by Hall, Goldberg is knocked back with the ladder. Goldberg is bleeding, Hall is climbing to the top of the ladder. Hall kicks off Goldberg and Hall delivers an elbow drop to Goldberg from the ladder. Goldberg prevents Hall from reaching the taser but Hall drops the ladder across Goldberg. Goldberg recovers to tip over Hall, Hall is in control seconds later with the ladder placed in the corner. Hall is whipped into the ladder, Goldberg hurls the ladder at Hall.

Goldberg attempts grabbing the taser but Hall dropkicks the leg, ladder to the head of Goldberg. Hall is almost there, Goldberg tips Hall into the top rope. Disco Inferno tips over Goldberg from the ladder, Hall brings down the taser. Goldberg avoids the taser and superkicks Hall. Goldberg has the taser, Disco tastes the taser. Hall begs for mercy, they stand around for what seems like forever, Goldberg Spears Hall and Jackhammers Hall. The camera turns to the entrance ramp as if they knew Bigelow was coming, Bigelow sprints to ringside and attacks Goldberg, Hall recovers to zap both Bigelow and Goldberg with Hall standing tall to end the pay per view.

Hall tried to make something out of this match. The stipulation of a ladder match did not help the two men working in the ring, Hall was a bit older since his Wrestlemania X ladder match with Shawn Michaels and was dealing with alcohol issues while I do not think anyone expected Goldberg to be flying around on the ladder. So, it was a bit slow and boring but Hall has to get some credit, he took some nasty bumps off that ladder. Truth be told, I could not wait for it to end and then, the ending came which looked so sloppy. They filmed the entrance way before Bigelow was through the curtain, he came down to stop Goldberg and it goes off the air with Hall recovering instantly from the taser to zap Bigelow & Goldberg. Just bad stuff all around, I have no interest in seeing these three feud when Hogan is not even defending his championship.

Winner: Goldberg over Scott Hall via stun gun to the chest!

That was WCW’s Souled Out of 1999, and man, was that a bad show. The lack of depth in talent on this show is startling. Van Hammer, Mike Enos, Norman Smiley all in singles matches makes me feel like I am watching a bad Thunder show or Saturday Night. There was no Hogan, Nash, Booker T, Bret Hart or Scott Steiner just to name a few, they only performed a run-in on the Flair match. The quality of the wrestlers on display was shocking when you think of how stacked that roster had been in 1997 and 1998. The matches were understandably long and on the boring side, the cruiserweight match was fun for the most part but I can’t think of anything else I liked about this show apart from Flair’s antics. It was horrible, the company had been screwing up left, right and centre since 1997, Sting and The NWO carried them that year, Goldberg carried them the next but it looked like 1999 would be a difficult year for the company.

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