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WWE Survivor Series 2003 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews! This is a big one as I will be tackling WWE’s Survivor Series 2003. Why is this a big one besides the fact that it is one of the big four? Simple: this is one of the times where a Survivor Series match truly meant something, a Survivor Series match that peaked everyone’s interest. Austin vs Bischoff, the culmination of months of build with Austin always undermining Bischoff and Bischoff being left to cede with rage in the background. No longer, the two have their teams and the loser will be fired. Another big matches include Shane Mcmahon vs Kane, Vince Mcmahon vs Undertaker and Goldberg vs Triple H. The pay per view is well remembered in our memories but will looking back be so kind? Let’s rock!

Opening Promo

It is all about surviving, big matches with high stakes. Will Austin be fired? Will Undertaker overcome Vince Mcmahon? Can Shane survive Kane? I like the imagery and the storylines were intriguing going into the shoe. I am not going to get too excited though, 2003 has not been an up and down year in terms of pay per view.

(Survivor Series Match) Team Angle (John Cena/Chris Benoit/Kurt Angle/Bradshaw/Hardcore Holly) vs Team Lesnar (Matt Morgan/Big Show/Brock Lesnar/Matt Morgan/Nathan Jones)

The very best of Smackdown battling it out for bragging rights. What you need to know is that Cena has turned babyface after good reactions from the fans in his feuds with Undertaker and Kurt Angle. Hardcore Holly has returned from his injury at the hands of Brock Lesnar with a lot of fire, this would be the beginning of the end for APA Bradshaw as Bradshaw would soon become JBL after Wrestlemania XX. This is also the first pay per view appearance of Nathan Jones since Wrestlemania XIX while we see the pay per view debut of one Matt Morgan. As you can see, there is a lot of interesting elements to the match which I will expand on later during this review.

Match begins with Holly going right after Lesnar, Holly pummels Lesnar and shoves down a referee. Angle & Lesnar try to come down Holly but it is too late as the referee has disqualified Holly for being violent conduct. Seconds later, Bradshaw knocks out A-Train with a Clothesline From Hell by Bradshaw. I do not get a moment’s rest as Big Show runs into the ring and with an assist from Morgan Chokeslams Bradshaw and gets the pin. We have not been 2 minutes into the match and three eliminations have occurred. Not the best start as I was looking forward to seeing what way the match plays out overtime but it looks like they said screw it and all the bit part players are being eliminated.

Hardcore Holly/Bradshaw/A-Train have been eliminated!

Cena jumps in on Big Show, Cena cannot life Show for The FU. Tag to Lesnar, Lesnar stomps on Cena. Shoulder thrusts by Lesnar, Cena elbows Lesnar. Two shoulder blocks and a spear by Cena, right hands by Cena. Roll-up by Cena for two, second roll-up with same result before Lesnar clotheslines Cena. Tag to Morgan, knees by Morgan. Headbutt by Morgan, Morgan misses a leg drop with Cena firing up but Morgan nails a sidewalk slam. Tag to Jones, knees and clubbing blows by Jones. Scoop slam, tag to Lesnar. Cena drops Lesnar with the throwback, tag to Benoit. Benoit stomps and chops Lesnar, hard Irish whip followed by right hands.

Lesnar lures Benoit in for a stungun, clothesline by Lesnar. Tag to Show, gorilla press slam by Show. Benoit blocks The Chokeslam for a Crossface, Lesnar saves Show. Abdominal stretch by Show, Show uses Jones for leverage. Show places his leg across Benoit’s chest and drops all his weight on Benoit. Show has Angle & Cena distracted, Lesnar and Jones put the boots to Benoit. Cena & Angle save Benoit, tag to Morgan. Benoit avoids a big boot, dropkick to the knee and face. Tag to Angle, German suplexes for Morgan. Dropkick to Jones, Lesnar comes in and Angle suplexes Lesnar. Jones boots Morgan by mistake, Jones is knocked to the floor, Angle Slam to Morgan. Morgan is eliminated, Show decks Jones by mistake. Ankle Lock by Angle and Jones is forced to submit. Lesnar sprints into the ring and catches Angle with a devastating F5 for the elimination.

Nathan Jones/Matt Morgan/Kurt Angle have been eliminated!

Benoit chops Lesnar, Lesnar hits the ringpost hard after a missed spear. Benoit weakens the arm of Lesnar, hard Irish whip by The Rabid Wolverine. Benoit runs into an elbow, F5 is countered for a Crippler Crossface. Cena takes down Show, Lesnar is in the ropes. Benoit has The Crippler Crossface again, Lesnar taps out to The Crippler Crossface.

Brock Lesnar has been eliminated!

Benoit nails a shoulder block on Show, Benoit tried for The Crossface but Show is too strong. Benoit is shoved into Cena, Cena is the legal man. Show Chokeslams Benoit but Cena has the chain and FUs Show after a chain shot to the head, Team Angle win the match with Benoit and Cena being the surviving members.

That match went at a blistering pace and I am not sure if it worked to the match’s advantages. The first eliminations were so quick, you could not build drama to them and you also had Lesnar and Angle eliminated with minutes of one another. Without time to settle down, it was hard to get emotionally invested in this match but what a moment for Benoit tapping out Lesnar. I remember watching in utter disbelief, Benoit had been booked not as strongly as Angle or Undertaker and here he was tapping out the champion. I knew big things were coming for Benoit, Cena enjoyed a great moment too with his heel shtick transferring over to his face persona and the crowd went nuts for The FU. A fun match that seems to have tried to fit everything into a short amount of time, not the best but a fun watch.

Winners: Team Angle over Team Lesnar via FU!

Vince Promo

Vince talks to his son Shane, Shane feels sorry for Vince as Undertake is going to destroy Vince. Vince walks out and runs into Austin, they enjoy a laugh. They share a stare as if to say this might be both our last nights in this company. A little thing but quite interesting to fans who watch religiously like this loser right here!

(WWE Women’s Championship Match) Lita vs Molly Holly ©

Lita returned on a Raw before Unforgiven with a victory under her belt over the champion in a tag match at Unforgiven. Lita looks to capture the gold tonight, they lock-up with Lita taking the back of Molly. Lita judo throws Molly for two, monkey flip by Lita. Lita slides to the floor and drags out Molly, two count for Lita in the ring. Lita knees and clubs Molly, snap suplex and kip-up by the challenger. Molly blocks a corner headscissors by dumping Lita to the floor. Molly rams Lita into the barricade, two for Molly. Neckbreaker by Molly for two, reverse chinlock by Molly.

Lita fires up, dragon sleeper by Molly. Lita knees Molly to escape the hold, Molly stays in control with a few kicks to the neck. Molly nails a handspring elbow in the corner, more stomps in the corner and a foot choke from the champion. Lita kicks back Molly and climbs to the top rope, crossbody for two. Corner clothesline by Lita, ten punches in the corner by Lita. Schoolgirl for two by Lita, sidewalk slam by Molly for two. Molly looks for ten punches but Lita powerbombs Molly for two. Right hands by Lita, Russian legsweep and Lita motions for a Moonsault. Molly dodges The Litasault and delivers The Molly-Go-Round for two, Molly sells in absolute shock. Molly exposes a turnbuckle, Lita is hurled into the turnbuckle and Molly steals the win.

It was a fine match, little miffed by the story they were telling. With Lita kicking out of The Molly-Go -Round, I expected a Lita win to finish off her return storyline. However, the exact opposite went down as Molly managed to steal the win. Begs the question for me: Why did Lita kick out of Molly’s finish if she was not going to win the match?

Winner: Molly Holly over Lita via Shenanigans!

Shane Mcmahon vs Kane (Ambulance Match)

The final encounter between these two, Kane Tombstoned Linda and this brought back Shane, the feud got silly with attempted murder and electrocuted testicles while also halting the momentum of the now unmasked Kane as The Big Red Machine had to make Shane Mcmahon look credible. Anyways, they battled at Unforgiven which was entertaining at the very least, it is the one guarantee of a Shane Mcmahon match. Shane clotheslines himself and Kane to the floor to kick us off, Kane is right up and pounding Shane around the ring.

Shane is sent crashing into the steel steps, Kane grabs the steel steps but Shane grabs a chair and wallops the steps into Kane’s face. Shane whacks Kane with a monitor from the announce table, Shane motions for his signature top rope elbow. Shane crashes through the table, delivering a devastating elbow to Kane. Kane sits up moments after the huge spot, Shane wants Kane to follow him through the crowd, Kane obliges. Shane leads Kane to the parking lot, Shane attacks Kane with a kendo stick multiple times. Shane enters a car and attempts to reverse over Kane, Shane succeeds in sending Kane crashing to the ground and through a glass window.

Shane has a stretcher to place Kane on, Shane drags Kane onto the stretcher after much struggling. Kane sits up and tosses Shane against the walls of the arena. Kane throws Shane on top of the ambulance, Kane attempts a lawn dart but Shane slides out and rams Kane into the ambulance. Shane opens one of the doors on Kane’s head, Kane shakes off the damage and boots Shane. Shane is put in the ambulance but Shane blocks Kane closing the doors. Shane DDTs Kane on the concrete, Shane places a trash can on Kane’s chest. Kane is propped against the guard rail as Shane climbs the ambulance. Shane runs off the ambulance to nail a Coast to Coast on Kane using the trash can.

Shane looks for victory, Kane blocks the doors shutting and proceeds to drag Shane into the ambulance. Shane is tossed into the ambulance hard, lawn dart into the side of the ambulance. Kane Tombstones Shane on the concrete before closing the ambulance doors on Shane Mcmahon, the hero has fallen while the monster Kane reigns supreme.

Like I said above, Shane’s matches never disappoint in terms of entertainment. Sure, the moves might be laughable and you might have to suspend your disbeliefs a lot they are damn fun matches to want. A lot of weapon shots, some hardcore brawling along with a few high spots. Kane looks like a monster but you have the counterproductive image of Kane nearly being defeated by a non-wrestler so it is a funny one when you think about it but that match was fun, probably on par with the Unforgiven match.

Winner: Kane over Shane Mcmahon via Tombstone!

Lesnar Promo/Coach is Here

Lesnar tells everyone he did not lose the match tonight, he did not tap and that he is still the champion. Goldberg crosses paths with Lesnar as WWE tests the waters for Wrestlemania. Coach tells everyone that he will be ok after his 3D, Coach spots some owner of a Basketball Club. It’s Mark Cuban owner of The Dallas Mavericks, Coach belittles Cuban. Bischoff comes to ringside, Bischoff asks Cuban to get into the ring. Cuban obliges, Bischoff talks about kicking Cuban’s ass. Cuban shoves down Bischoff, Randy Orton RKOS Cuban.

(WWE Tag Team Championship Match) The Basham Brothers © W/ Shaniqua vs Los Guerreros

It seems that The Basham Brothers appeared about of obscurity. With a gimmick that makes me uncomfortable to this day, the two are now tag team champions because I have no idea, I guess Haas & Benjamin were injured? Anyways, Eddie Guerrero is going through a bad spell, Eddie lost The United States Championship to The Big Show before losing the tag titles to these freaks. Guerreros run to the ring and control the ring after dropkicking out both Bashams. Eddie & Chavo corner Shaniqua before The Bashams save their manager.

Back elbow by Chavo, tag to Eddie. Stomps by Eddie, Eddie fires up the crowd and drops Danny with The Three Amigos suplexes. Doug saves Danny, tag to Chavo. Low dropkick for two, scoop slam and tag to Eddie who nails a slingshot hilo. Eddie wipes out The Bashams with a headscissors/hurricanrana combination but seconds later, The Bashams flapjack Eddie. Shaniqua clotheslines and scoop slams Eddie, two for Doug. Tag to Danny, double slingshot suplex for two. Camel Clutch by Danny, Eddie wriggles free for a hurricanrana. Hot tag to Chavo, clotheslines to both Bashams.

Tilt-a-whirl slam to Doug for two, Bashams drop Chavo with a double flapjack. Doug and Chavo are on the top rope, Eddie saves Chavo and delivers a top rope hurricanrana, Chavo sentons onto Doug for two. Eddie is elevated to the floor, Chavo dropkicks Danny and we have a double clothesline with everybody down. Shaniqua is on the apron, Danny switches with Doug. Chavo clotheslines Shaniqua, Frog Splash by Eddie to Shaniqua. Chavo spanks Shaniqua but in comes Doug, Chavo nails a step-up tornado DDT but hits Eddie in the head. Danny switches places with Doug and grabs the tights for the roll-up win.

It was ok, not a lot to the match. The match was more about the troubles between Chavo and Eddie, it continues the storyline of frustrations for Latino Heat. Weird how Chavo and Eddie brutalized Shaniqua, I am all up for managers getting their comeuppance especially female managers but was not that a bit much for a throwaway tag match? The woman has been Clotheslined from Bradshaw and Frog Splashed by Eddie, they are not exactly saving that for a big pop if it happens every pay per view. Anyways, this match was a come down between all the big matches.

Winners: The Basham Brothers over Los Guerreros via Roll-Up!

Team Austin (Shawn Michaels/Rob Van Dam/Booker T/ The Dudley Boyz) vs Team Bischoff (Randy Orton/Mark Henry/Scott Steiner/Christian/Chris Jericho) Survivor Series Match

Oh Hell Yeah, five on five Survivor Series Match with Austin’s career on the line. Austin’s faith is in the hands of his five chosen wrestlers while Bischoff has assembled his own team to take down Austin. The build-up feels huge, the storyline was great with Austin being a constant thorn in the side of Austin. It was all or nothing for Austin, the match is stacked with upper mid-card talent on Raw, I am surprised this match went on in the middle of the show. I was almost certain it was last considering it would be Austin’s career on the line.

D-Von and Christian begin, lock-up with Christian taking the arm. D-Von grabs a side headlock, shoulder block by D-Von. Slap by Christian, D-Von rams the head off Christian into the mat. Clothesline by D-Von for two, tag to RVD. Spinning heel kick by RVD for two, Christian clubs down RVD and tags Jericho. Jericho chops RVD, enzuigiri by RVD. Shoulder thrusts and a northern lights suplex for two, enzuigiri by Jericho for two. Tag to Steiner, Steiner stomps all over RVD. Hard Irish whip, posing by Steiner. Knees by Steiner, RVD springboard crossbodies Steiner for two. Step-through kick by RVD, Steiner catches RVD for a belly to belly suplex followed by push-ups.

Another belly to belly suplex for two, RVD elbows Steiner but Steiner crotches RVD on the top rope. Top rope belly to belly suplex for two, RVD tags Booker T. Booker unloads on Steiner, clothesline and elbow drop by Steiner for two. Chop by Steiner, flying forearm by Booker. Scissors Kick by Booker T, Spinaroonie. Christian and Jericho take right hands, spinebuster by Booker on Steiner and the match breaks down big time. Steiner low blows Booker behind the referee’s back. Steiner has The Steiner Recliner on Booker, Stacy is on the apron. Steiner is not happy, Steiner eats a reverse 3D. Book-End and Steiner is eliminated. Henry enters the ring and eliminates Booker with a World’s Strongest Slam (Damn WWE, give Booker a chance will you?).

Scott Steiner/Booker T have been eliminated!

RVD attacks Henry with kicks, Henry clotheslines RVD. Bubba blind tags in, right hands by Bubba. Avalanche splash by Henry, Bubba is knocked down. Chokehold by Henry, hard Irish whip. Bubba clotheslines Henry but Henry does not fall, tag to D-Von but Henry mauls both Dudleys.  D-Von avoids the corner splash, 3D to Henry. RVD lands a Five Star Frog Splash on Henry and all three men pin Henry for the elimination.

Mark Henry has been eliminated!

Jericho jumps in with RVD, Jericho uses an eye rake to tag Orton. Clothesline by Orton for two, Orton stomps RVD. RVD kicks Orton in the head, springboard thrust kick and a Rolling Thunder leave Orton down. RVD motions for The Frog Splash, Christian distracts the referee while Jericho shoves RVD into the top rope, Orton lands The RKO and The Intercontinental Champion has been eliminated.

RVD has been eliminated!

D-Von battles against Orton, nailing a huge diving headbutt before Jericho blind tags into the match. Missile dropkick by Jericho, flying shoulder block by D-Von but Christian distracts the referee, Jericho catches D-Von with the Flashback neckbreaker.

D-Von Dudley has been eliminated!

Bubba is in the match, sidewalk slam by Bubba. Tag to Michaels, Michaels boots Jericho and chops Y2J. Ten punches in the corner, Christian eats an axe handle but Jericho clotheslines Michaels. Tag to Orton, double shoulder block for two. Orton clubs Michaels repeatedly, Orton misses an awkward dropkick. Bubba and Christian are legal, Bubba hits everything. Stungun to Christian, back body drop to Christian but Orton makes the save. Samoan Drop to Orton, jabs to Jericho. Jericho hits Christian by mistake, Jericho low blows Bubba and Christian drops Bubba with The Unprettier.

Bubba Ray Dudley has been eliminated!

Michaels comes flying in, inverted atomic drop and flying forearm. Jericho lowbridges Michaels, Jericho and Orton put the boots to Michaels. Orton is the legal man, Orton stomps Michaels. Knee to the face by Orton, tag to Christian. Christian slaps Michaels, Michaels chops back into the match. Right hands, Jericho drags out Michaels. Eye poke by Christian, Christian catapults Michaels into the ringpost. Michaels is bleeding everywhere, Michaels bleeds like only Michaels can. Christian suplexes Michaels into the ring for two, Christian pummels the cut on Michaels and mocks HBK. Christian tries for The Unprettier, Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere and Christian has been eliminated.

Christian has been eliminated!

Jericho pounds away on Michaels, Michaels chops away at Jericho. Michaels flips out of the corner, clothesline by Jericho for two. Tag to Orton, Orton chokes Michaels. Michaels has Orton in a sleeper, Orton counters for a back suplex. Jericho tags into the match, right hands by Jericho. Jericho jumps off the middle rope into a DDT, Michaels drapes an arm but Orton makes the save. Michaels sidesteps Orton, modified bulldog by Jericho, Michaels blocks The Lionsault with his knees. Jericho dodges The Superkick, Jericho looks for The Walls of Jericho but Michaels small packages Jericho for the elimination.

Chris Jericho has been eliminated!

Jericho wallops Michaels with a steel chair before leaving, Orton crawls for the easy win but Michaels kicks out at two and a half. Orton climbs to the top rope, Orton crossbodies the referee. Michaels pulls himself up for a Sweet Chin Music, Bischoff kicks Michaels which leads to Austin murdering Bischoof with stomps. Stone Cold Stunner to Orton, Austin goes after Bischoff. However, here comes Batista and Batista drops Michaels with a Batista Bomb, Orton drapes an arm over Michaels. 1…2…3, the career of Stone Cold Steve Austin has come to an end.

A few thoughts about this match: One of Michaels best performances and one of the bravest babyface performances you will ever see in wrestling. I would put it up there with the likes of Kenta Kobashi during the early 90s as that fiery underdog that would not quit. The drama is off the charts, things start off with both sides being even until its three on one thanks to cheating from the heels. Michaels is a bloody mess before the three on one assault has even begun, Michaels pulls himself up time after time, doing the impossible and brings it down to a one on one match.

You see Austin seething, waiting for his chance to get into the ring and Stunner somebody. By the time it happens, you were begging for it and you believe we are going to get that ultimate feel good moment. And like a nightmare, it is snatched away from you moments later as Batista comes out and drills Michaels after Michaels had given everything to defeat Team Bischoff. It was dramatic, you were cheering for Michaels at every turn, it had you on the edge of your seat and you could not ask for a better send off for Stone Cold Steve Austin. My only complaint is it did not close the show, based on Michaels’ performance alone, never mind that it is arguably the biggest star the business has ever seen retirement, this match should have closed the show, it was great.

Winners: Team Bischoff over Team Austin via Batista Bomb!

The Undertaker vs Vince Mcmahon (Buried Alive Match)

Throughout the Summer, Vince had tormented the likes of Stephanie and Zach Gowan on Smackdown, Vince would get rid of Stephanie and have an affair with Sable so things were good for The Chairman of The WWE. Vince made a critical mistake though at No Mercy, Vince took out Undertaker at No Mercy. Undertaker is out for revenge, nothing in the promo shows me why Vince is battling Undertaker in this type of match, I would like to imagine Vince bluffed his way into this match. Only way to win this match is bury your opponent in the grave by the stage.

Vince prays in the corner to his higher power, Vince talks trash to Taker too. Right hand by Taker, Vince is bleeding. Wow, that might be a record. Taker pummels Vince, knees to the head. Taker pulls Vince groin first into the ringpost, Vince’s leg is cracked off the ringpost. Taker repeats the spot on the opposite ringpost. Taker chokes Vince with a camera cable, monitor to the head. Taker continues dishing out the pain to Vince who is tossed around like a ragdoll. Taker grabs a shovel and cracks Vince in the face, Vince is on the steel steps. Taker motions to break the ankle of Vince like in 1998, Taker brings the steel steps onto the ankle of Vince.

Vince throws dirt into the eyes of Taker, huge low blow by Vince. Vince grabs a shovel, Taker is knocked into the grave with a shovel to the head. Taker stands up in the grave and drags in Vince. Taker climbs into the bulldozer at the side of the stage but a huge fireball-like explosion goes off. Emerging from the shadows comes Kane, Kane buries Undertaker and Vince is able to bury The Undertaker under the mountain of dirt.

Not much of a match at all, Taker punished Vince for all of Vince’s torment to the Smackdown roster but Vince still escapes with the victory. Undertaker would not gain revenge on Vince but at least we have a setup for Undertaker vs Kane at Wrestlemania. I was a little surprised how quiet the crowd was for Taker assaulting Vince, it seemed that the Austin match had ended any interest in the rest of the show. Anyways, this felt like a piss-break match that should have been bigger but I could not give a damn about the match.

Winner: Vince Mcmahon over The Undertaker thanks to Kane!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Goldberg © vs Triple H

Goldberg defeated Triple H at Unforgiven, a month too late in many fans’ eyes to win the championship. Nonetheless, Triple H is pursuing his rematch despite his groin injury that has hampered The Game since Summerslam of that year. A weak build-up for this pay per view with Triple H being unable to work which led to Goldberg and the 100,000 Dollar Bounty on the head of Goldberg. Batista would claim the bounty by breaking the ankle of Goldberg. As if Goldberg matches weren’t tough enough to get through, Goldberg, the unstoppable monster has to sell a broken ankle.

Match starts out with Goldberg Spearing Triple H, Flair works in some bumps to save Triple H’s skin. Flair is clotheslined and back dropped before falling to the floor. Triple H does his flip to the floor, Triple H is bounced off the steps. Triple H begs for mercy and eats a powerslam, Goldberg tries for a gorilla press slam but the ankle gives out on Goldberg. Chop block by Triple H, Goldberg is tossed to the floor. Triple H smashes Goldberg’s ankle with a steel chair while Flair distracts the referee. Triple H distracts the referee and Flair whacks Goldberg’s leg into the ringpost.

Another chop block, more ankle lock from The Cerebral Assassin. Goldberg is choked using the ropes, Goldberg fights out of the corner but Triple H shoots for the leg, tonnes of stomps to the ankle. Flair drops his knee on the ankle while The Game holds onto the referee. Single leg Boston crab by Triple H, Goldberg pulls Triple H into the ringpost using his legs. More ankle work by Triple H, Triple H shoves the referee and The Game decks Goldberg with brass knuckles. 1…2.. Goldberg kicks out!

Triple H elbows the referee, Triple H has the sledgehammer. Boot to the face by Goldberg, Flair is on the top rope. Goldberg tosses Flair off the top, clothesline to Flair and Triple H. Goldberg has the sledgehammer, Flair is waffled with the sledgehammer and so is Orton & Batista. Triple H shoots for The Pedigree, Goldberg reverses and grabs the sledgehammer. Goldberg decides he does not need the hammer, Spear and Jackhammer. 1….2…3!

You know why this match does not work? Well, first of all Triple H is injured and Goldberg was not known for great long matches. The second reason is that we just saw Taker doing all the leg work from this match in the previous match. You end up with a carbon copy match that is less entertaining and with a finish that comes off as flat despite the monster that is Goldberg laying out Evolution. Triple H should not have been working the main event while injured, put your ego aside mate and let us see something different.

Winner: Goldberg over Triple H via Jackhammer!

That was WWE’s Survivor Series of 2003, a two-match show for me. The Smackdown Survivors Series match was fast-paced with some great stuff and shocking stuff like Angle and Lesnar not being the final two men, you had Benoit tapping out Lesnar and of course, a new babyface in John Cena FUing The Big Show. All around fun from Smackdown while in The Raw Survivor Series Match, you had a great performance from Shawn Michaels and the drama of Austin vs Bischoff. It played on your emotions, you were willing Michaels to pull off the win and you wanted to see Batista murdered when he interfered, perfect wrestling in many ways. Apart from that, you get some character development and storylines for Mania but nothing too memorable. Watch this for The Survivor Series Matches and remember: There’s always another night!

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