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TNA Unbreakable 2005 Review

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Welcome one and all to another hard-hitting edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews! It is another TNA review and this is a big one, it’s Unbreakable 2005! On this pay per view, the only five-star match in TNA’s history takes place as Christopher Daniels defends his championship against AJ Styles and Samoa Joe. Also, TNA/NWA world champion Raven battles the man who pinned him at the last pay per view in a tag match, Rhino. Sabu faces Abyss, Jeff Hardy is in action and there’s many more so grab a beer, sit back and relax as we watch TNA’s Unbreakable 2005!

3-Live Kru vs Diamonds In The Rough

David Young and Elix Skipper team up with their mentor Simon Diamond to battle BG James, Konnan and Ron Killings. Diamond is coaching Skipper and Young who have the potential to be stars but seem to always mess up at crucial moments while 3-Live Kru are stronger than ever as they are united after BG James chose Konnan and Killings over former New Age Outlaw partner Kip James. James does his Road Dogg shtick while warming up the crowd with Konnan.

Skipper and James start, Skipper takes the leg of James, stiff kick to the spine by Skipper. Irish whip by Skipper, James dodges a clothesline and nails Young and Skipper with right hands, knee drop on Skipper but Diamond makes the save. Young tags in, James tags in Killings. Shoulder block and double stomps from Killings and James. Tag to BG, right hand to Young and a big boot to Diamond. Diamond slaps the bejesus out of Skipper, Skipper nails a springboard spinning heel kick. Skipper stomps James while the referee is busy with Killings & Konnan. In comes Diamond, back elbow on James for a two count.

Young headbutts James, tag to Diamond who tees off on James. James grabs a side headlock and both men bang heads, Konnan gets the hot tag. Reverse DDT on Skipper, hiptoss on Diamond. Rolling Lariat on Young, Konnan hits Young with his show and nails The K-Factor for the win on Young.

Decent opening match albeit a little on the short side. Strong showing for the recently reunited 3-Live Kru. Not a lot more to say about this match as it was so on the short side.

Winners: 3-Live Kru over Diamonds in The Rough via K-Factor!

Recap of pre-show!

Monty Brown interrupts a match to challenge the winner of tonight’s world championship match to a match at Bound for Glory. Jarrett comes out and states his claim for a championship match at Bound for Glory, Jeff Hardy beats the piss out of Jarrett while Kip James drags away Monty Brown.

Austin Aries vs Roderick Strong

A showcase match from two ROH superstars, Aries had a fantastic match with Daniels for the X-Division Championship at the last pay per view. The two begin the match with some mat wrestling with the crowd chanting for ROH and both superstars. Aries grabs a side headlock, shoulder block by Aries. Strong takes down Aries but Aries kicks off Strong and we reset after a stand-off. Strong whips Aries into the corner, Aries counters Strong and nails an elbow. Aries runs in for a dropkick but Strong catches Aries for a backbreaker and a double underhook suplex. Strong stomps on Aries, backbreaker by Strong.

Hard Irish whip by Strong who is working the back, bodyscissors into a rolling cradle from Strong for a two count. Reverse chinlock by Strong, Aries battles back to his feet but Strong cuts off Aries with a huge dropkick. Two count for Strong, hard chop in the corner from Strong. Aries throws some forearms and chops of his own, Strong has been rocked. Huge lariat by Aries, make it two and a nice pendulum elbow from Aries for a two count. Irish whip, Strong takes the back but Aries elbows out of the hold. Aries nails a hotshot Macho Man Style and a slingshot twisting splash for a two count. Aries calls for The Brainbuster, Strong blocks for another variation of a backbreaker, two count for Strong.

Gutbuster by Strong and a Sick Kick for two, great false-finish there. Small package by Aries, two count and Strong fires back with a clothesline. Strong is looking for a Boston Crab, Aries has the foot to block the hold. Catapult by Strong into the corner, Aries counters Strong running in and rolls to the middle of the ring. Dropkick in the corner and a Brainbuster by Aries. 450 Splash from Aries and this match is over.

Another good showing from Austin Aries, both of these men are now in WWE and I am glad for both having watched them throughout the years in ROH. Strong lost but showed a lot to the fans in this match with his arsenal of backbreakers and his chain wrestling while Aries continues to look like a massive deal in wresting thanks to the fact that is he is so smooth in that ring and the 450 Splash is always going to draw a reaction from any crowd.

Winner: Austin Aries over Roderick Strong via 450 Splash!

The Franchise & Monty Brown

Brown and James have an argument backstage before their tag team match against Apolo & Lance Hoyt. Looks like a break up is written in the cards for these two.

Kip James & Monty Brown vs Apolo & Lance Hoyt W/ Sonny Siaki

Lance Hoyt is filling in for Siaki who was injured at the hands of James & Brown. Hoyt & James to start, James takes the back, standing switch from Hoyt. Side headlock from James, shoulder block and a shoulder block from Hoyt. Hiptoss and scoop slam from Hoyt, James powders to the floor. Brown is in James’ face, more trouble in the camp of James & Brown. James scores with a gut kick, right hand from James and a tag to Brown. Hoyt clotheslines Brown and James, right hands on Brown and a huge sidewalk slam. Two count for Hoyt, tag to Apolo. Apolo wrenches the arm before Brown rakes the eyes and stomps all over Apolo.

Apolo chops Brown, huge boot and a clothesline for a two count. Tag to Hoyt, double back elbow and a two count for Hoyt. James blind tags into the match, Hoyt nails James with right hands before James reverses an Irish whip and Brown clubs Hoyt from the apron. Neckbreaker by James who drops knees on the face of Hoyt. Tag to Brown, Irish whip out of the corner and a huge hip splash from Brown. Shots to the ribs of Hoyt, Hoyt avoids a corner clothesline and nails ten punches in the corner. Brown answers back with two back suplexes, Hoyt avoids the third but Brown nails a huge spinning slam. Cover and a two count for Brown. Tag to James, they put the boots to Hoyt.

Right hands by James, choking in the corner from James. Hoyt blocks a clothesline in the corner with a boot and we have a double knockdown. Tag to Apolo, clotheslines to James and Brown. DDT by Apolo on Brown, powerslam on James. Irish whip, Sky High by Apolo but James makes the save. FameAsser on Apolo, Hoyt nails a boot on James and delivers a moonsault. Brown and Hoyt brawl to the floor. Brown whips Hoyt into the ringpost, James tries nailing Apolo but James nails Brown. Superkick by Apolo, two count as James does not stay down. Brown saves James, right hands by Apolo but Brown reverses an Irish whip for a Pounce! Game over as Brown gets the win.

Decent tag match, a lot of the match was based around the problems between James & Brown, miscommunications throughout which further the tension between the two, Apolo was never high on the importance list for TNA so no surprise he’s taking the fall in this match.

Winners: James & Brown over Apolo & Hoyt via POUNCE!

Chris Sabin vs Petey Williams

Sabin and Williams have a lot of history one another, many battles for the X-Division Championship. Tenay explains it was meant to be Shocker vs Sabin but AAA changed Shocker’s booking schedule and Shocker was unable to make the pay per view which explains a lot as these two were nowhere near one another prior to this pay per view. Lock-up, Williams takes the arm but Sabin wrestles his way into control. Side headlock by Sabin, snapmare by Sabin and an arm drag. Williams escapes by tossing Sabin to the floor, Williams tries for a plancha, Sabin slides into the ring and catches Williams with headscissors. Springboard elbow by Sabin, Sabin was looking for a sunset flip powerbomb but Williams hangs on and flings Sabin into the guard rail.

Two count in the ring, Williams elbows Sabin in the corner. Tree of woe as we are treated to the Canadian National Anthem while Williams stamps on Sabin’s private parts. More forearms from Williams, nice backbreaker for a two count. Sabin fights back, clothesline and a back elbow from Sabin. Thrustkick from Sabin and Sabin looks for a powerbomb but Williams counters for a DDT. Two count for Williams, straight-jacket like chinlock by Williams. Sabin fights back before Williams nails a short-arm clothesline. Williams chokes Sabin with a knee and taunts his long-time rival. Williams whips Sabin into the corner, Sabin dodges and drops Williams with a beautiful dropkick to the back of the head.

Forearm shots by Sabin, chops by Williams. Chops by Sabin, huge enzuigiri and a fisherman buster by Sabin. Cover and another two count, Sabin eats a boot and Williams looks for the Canadian Destoryer, Sabin counters but Williams rolls-up Sabin into a sharpshooter. Sabin makes it to the ropes, leaping tornado DDT from Sabin. Two for Sabin, tilt-a-whirl into a Russian leg sweep by Williams. Williams calls for his finish, Sabin dodges and whips Williams to the ropes. Williams elevates Sabin to the apron, Williams swats away a springboard dropkick for another sharpshooter.

Sabin escapes, Williams Irish whips Sabin into a corner. Williams misses and Sabin lawn darts Williams into a turnbuckle. Cradle Shock attempt is blocked, Williams rakes the eyes. Sabin is blinded and Sabin lifts the referee. Williams looks for The Canadian Destroyer but Sabin drops out for The Cradle Shock and win the match. Matt Bentley comes out of nowhere and Superkicks Sabin.

Very good match, Sabin and Williams get the fans all-in on the match as the match continues, a lot of hard-hitting action, some good false-finishes. The ending was a little silly in my eyes, was there a need for Sabin to pick up the referee and inject comedy into this serious match? These two have had many matches with one another, the chemistry was there and I would not mind these two battling it out again. Williams was a great replacement for Shocker.

Winner: Sabin over Williams via Cradle Shock!

Abyss W/ James Mitchell vs Sabu (No Disqualification Match)

Abyss interfered in the Sacrifice main event, destroying Sabu and attacking Raven. Jeff Hardy would clear the ring of Abyss but we have Sabu vs Abyss while Jeff Hardy is off fighting Bobby Roode. Hype package for Abyss and a bitchin promo from James Mitchell kick us off before Sabu appears in the ring. Sabu nails Abyss with right hands, no effect and Abyss smashes Sabu with a right hand. More right hands from the monster Abyss, Sabu ducks a clothesline and hammers away on Abyss.

Abyss cuts off Sabu with a big boot, chest chop by Abyss. Irish whip into the corner, Sabu puts up a boot but Abyss belly to belly suplexes Sabu. Sabu powders and asks for a chair, Abyss cuts off Sabu and grabs the chair. Abyss takes the feet of Abyss, chops the monster down and drops an Arabian facebuster for two. Springboard using the chair clothesline leaves both men on the floor. Sabu pulls out a table and sets it up at ringside, Abyss battles back and hurls Sabu into the guard rail. Abyss brings out a new table as Sabu’s table had a broken leg. Abyss throws Sabu into the ring but Sabu comes back out with a tope con hilo onto Abyss.

Abyss tries entering the ring but Sabu kicks the leg of the big man, springboard into a DDT by Sabu. Cover and Abyss powers out, Abyss is in the ropes taking right hands. Sabu sets up for a springboard but Abyss catches Sabu for a belly to belly suplex. Cover and a two for Abyss, Abyss leaves the ring for another table. Sabu cracks Abyss with three chair shots, cover and Abyss kicks out again. Sabu is on the top rope with the chair, Arabian Facebuster through the table by Sabu. Cover and Mitchell puts Abyss’ foot on the ropes. Sabu grabs Mitchell but Abyss stops Sabu and nails Shock Treatment. Abyss has his bag of thumbtacks, the thumbtacks are spread across the ring.

Abyss looks for the chokeslam, Sabu blocks and starts throwing haymakers. Abyss cuts him off for a powerbomb but Sabu fights out of the move. Sabu has a chair and tries for a springboard but Abyss catches Sabu for a Black Hole Slam on the thumbtacks. Cover and Abyss wins this match.

Good hardcore match, some people love them and some people hate them. I fall in between, I do not mind them and I can appreciate a good hardcore match. Bumps were nasty but looked great, all the tables bumps looked fantastic and the finish looked spectacular. One thing to take away from this match is Abyss uses the thumbtacks a lot on pay per view, perhaps the thumbtacks would have more emphasis and be more memorable if they were not used so often by the monster.

Winner: Abyss over Sabu via Black Hole Slam on thumbtacks!

Bobby Roode vs Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy’s pay per view return match, Hardy had no showed a pay per view months back and disappeared from TNA after no showing at Hard Justice which led to a suspension. Roode attacks Hardy who is posing on the top rope, Roode hammers the bejesus out of Hardy before getting distracted by the crowd, flying forearm by Hardy. Dropkick to the back of the head and Roode is down on the floor, baseball slide by The Charismatic Enigma. Plancha takes down Roode, Roode meets the steel steps. Irish whip by Roode, Hardy looks for Whisper in The Wind and Roode trips up Hardy. Roode puts the boots to Hardy in the corner and chokes Hardy.

Corner clothesline, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Cover and a two count for Roode, Roode rakes the eyes and uses the ropes to choke Hardy. Surfboard from Roode, chops and right hands by Roode. Irish whip, sunset flip by Hardy, Roode rolls out with a dropkick to the mush. Knees to the mid-section and a backbreaker by Roode, two count for Roode. Hardy blocks a suplex, Roode blocks a Twist of Fate, jumping back kick from Hardy. Right hands by Hardy, forearm and a clothesline. Whisper in The Wind, cover and a two. Roode looks for a powerbomb, Hardy counters for a leg drop to the groin.

Elbow from Roode, Hardy nails a complete shot. Hardy heads to the top, Williams runs to ringside and trips Hardy. Roode and Hardy are on the top rope, Roode is shoved off but Roode runs back up the turnbuckle for a belly to belly from the top for two. Williams is distracting the referee, Roode has the hockey stick. Hardy drops Williams and nails Roode with a Twist of Fate. Roode rolls to the floor, Williams is reviving Roode so Hardy dives onto both members of Team Canada. Jeff Jarrett comes through the crowd and nails Hardy with a hockey stick twice, Roode was distracting the referee and pins Hardy in the ring.

Another decent match, Hardy looked fine after his four-month absence. Roode was good, the finish was fine as Hardy had attacked Jarrett earlier in the night and they seem to be building to a match between the two at Bound for Glory.

Winner: Roode over Hardy via Shenanigans!

(NWA/TNA Tag Team Championship Match) The Naturals © W/ Jimmy Hart vs AMW VS Team Canada vs Alex Shelley & Sean Waltman

Shelley & Waltman won The Chris Candido Memorial Tag Team Tournament while the other three teams had been feuding for months. Waltman is a no-show at the beginning of the match, elimination rules are in play for this match. Naturals and AMW begin the match brawling in the ring and on the floor. Stevens and Storm begin, Storm kicks Stevens in the head hard twice. Shelley tags himself in, dropkick to the back of the head. Back suplex by Shelley for two, forearm shots and A-1 cheap shots Shelley off an Irish whip. Shelley is in the ring with Young, Young tags in his partner A-1. Young and A-1 work over Shelley, shoulder thrusts by Young. A-1 is legal, A-1 chokes the life out of Shelley.

Tag to Young, A-1 misses a clothesline and Shelley takes both members of Team Canada down. Johnny Candido jumps the rail and is in the match? Ok, Johnny Candido clotheslines everyone before Young pins Candido with a small cradle.

Johnny Candido/Alex Shelley have been eliminated!

Storm nails diamond dust on Young, powerslam on A-1. Eye of The Storm on Young, cover and a two count. Off an Irish whip, A-1 cheap shots Storm. Snap suplex by Young for two, tag to A-1. A-1 chokes the life out of Storm before tagging Young. Snapmare and a reverse chinlock from Young on Storm, A-1 stomps and chokes Storm before tagging Young once again. Storm drops Young with a massive Superkick, hot tag to Harris. Shot to A-1, shots to The Naturals. A-1 tries an Irish whip, shoulder block by A-1 but Harris nails a Thesz press and right hands. Bulldog on A-1, A-1 fights off the catatonic and Harris nails a beautiful stalling suplex for two.Storm nails The Naturals, referee is distracted and we have Young eliminated AMW after A-1 nails Harris with a hockey stick.

AMW have been eliminated!

The Naturals are all over Young before A-1 nails Douglas with a cheap shot, right hands by Young. Douglas tries for a crucifix but Young nails a Samoan drop. Douglas is tossed to the floor and A-1 shoves over Jimmy Hart. Forearm shots by Young, high knee by Douglas and Stevens gets the hot tag. Right hands to A-1, Young eats an Alabama slam but A-1 makes the save. A-1 nails Stevens with a powerbomb, Douglas attacks A-1. A-1 places Douglas on the top turnbuckle, Douglas shoves off A-1 but here comes Young. Middle rope superplex by Young, Young pins Stevens for a two count, A-1 lifts Stevens up for an electric chair drop, Young is on the top rope and Jimmy Hart shoves Young off the top rope and A-1 eats The Natural Disaster for the win.

Good tag team match, still not a big fan of The Naturals. They just are not clicking with me as the top team of the division, AMW are acting heelish and they are saving the big match between The Naturals & AMW. Waltman is buried on air too during the match, I thought it was an angle until Waltman never appeared and Shelley got a new partner. Anyways, the action was good, nothing sloppy or way off, solid amount of time between eliminations and finish was fun.

Winners: The Naturals over Team Canada via Natural Disaster!

(NWA/TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match) Rhino vs Raven © (Raven’s Rules Match)

Rhino debuted attacking Raven and siding with Jarrett after Raven’s match with Abyss, Rhino pinned Raven at Sacrifice and was awarded a championship match. Two former ECW stars, two former hardcore champions and now they meet for the richest prize in TNA. Raven comes to the ring with a trolley full of weapons and I am getting flashbacks to Backlash 2001! Rhino has a kendo stick while Raven holds a chain in his hand. Rhino is hesitant to step in the ring with the champion, both men have kendo sticks before Raven charges at Rhino. Raven uses a crutch to rake the face of the challenger, Rhino shoves off Raven and grabs nunchucks while stomping and elbowing Raven.

Raven uses a pizza cutter on Rhino, Raven picks up two baking trays while Rhino is bleeding, baking trays to the head one after the over. Raven pulls out a ladder from under the ring, Rhino battles back with right hands on Raven. Rhino hits Raven with a beer keg, Raven avoids the third keg shot. Kendo stick by Raven, shots to the back by Raven. Two count for Raven, Raven applies an ankle lock. Rhino makes it to the ropes, Raven rolls to the floor. Rhino nails Raven with the trash can. Raven is bleeding now, Rhino kicks a trash can into Raven’s face. Rhino face washes Raven but Raven blocks the running boot for an ankle lock. Rhino swats away Raven with a trash can, Rhino has a staple gun.

Raven gets two put into his skull before Rhino grabs a chair. Rhino climbs to the top rope and attempts a splash, Raven moves at the last second. Raven jabs and nails a discuss clothesline, rebound clothesline from Raven. Knee lift, corner clothesline and a bulldog. Two count for the champion, Rhino cuts off Raven by slamming Raven’s head into a steel chair. Here comes Cassidy Riley, Raven’s lackey, Even Flow DDT by Raven but Riley distracts the referee by accident allowing Rhino to kick out at two. Rhino nails Raven with a ladder, ten punches in the corner by Rhino. Raven slips out and powerbombs Rhino on the ladder.

The ladder snaps but Rhino kicks out at two, Rhino powders and see-saws the ladder into Raven’s face. Cover and a two for Rhino, Rhino lifts the trolley into the ring. Raven rams the trolley into Rhino, Rhino low blows Raven and attempts The Gore but Raven Gores the trolley. Jarrett comes down to the ring and tries to whack Raven with the belt. Jeff Hardy grabs the belt from Jarrett, Even Flow DDT by Raven on Jarrett and an Even Flow DDT on Rhino. Raven retains his championship.

Another hardcore match on the card, I do not mind hardcore matches so I found the match entertaining at the very least. Must have been tough to have a hardcore style match when Abyss and Sabu used tables and thumbtacks. Lots of blood in this one, A Jarrett run-in (Yawn) and another win for Raven. It was good but I would like to see something different from Raven and Rhino who I have seen do this type of match throughout their whole career.

Winner: Raven over Rhino via Even Flow DDT!

(X-Division Championship Match) Christopher Daniels ©vs Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles

Here is what you came to see, the golden boy of TNA Styles, the most dominate wrestler in the X-Division Joe and the champion Daniels battling it out in the main event. The only five star rated match in TNA’s history, three of the very best. Joe won his opportunity at Daniels by beating Styles, Styles was added to the match due to the bad blood between Daniels and Styles. Kind of a copout but I will allow it for this match. They must have known this was going to be incredible as they got the main event spot over Raven & Rhino.

Daniels’ mouth gets him in trouble as Joe and Styles chop and punch Daniels. Stiff kicks to the spine by both men in a contest by Joe and Styles. Daniels gets up and screams “Stop kicking me!” before being kicked once more by the two challengers. Styles tries for multiple pines on Joe, Joe kicks out and goes for a Rings of Saturn. Daniels saves his championship, leaping calf kick by Daniels on Styles. Here comes Joe, chops and an enzuigiri to Daniels, Daniels falls to the floor. Forearms and kicks by Joe to Styles, Daniels trips Joe who was running the ropes. Daniels takes on both challengers, bulldog/enzugiri combination by Daniels. Joe is up, chops to the chest of Daniels.

Joe whips Styles into the corner, Daniels eats a huge uranage from Joe. Styles nails a headscissors takedown on Styles, Styles kicks Joe in the chest. Styles nails a clothesline on Daniels before Joe belly to belly suplexes Styles. Joe face washes Styles, Daniels pounces Joe out of the ring, split-legged moonsault by Daniels on Joe to the floor. Styles nails a springboard shooting star press onto Joe and Daniels, unbelievable move from Styles. Styles covers Joe in the ring, two for Styles. Joe eats a dropkick from Styles, another two for Styles. Styles nails Joe with forearms, in comes Daniels with chops to Styles. Daniels monkey flips Styles into Joe and Styles catches Joe with a hurricanrana.

O’Connor roll by Styles on Daniels for two, Daniels elevates Styles to the floor. High knee to Joe, Daniels slaps Joe. Joe fires back with a stiff rush, knees to the head. Daniels goes for an O’Connor roll, Joe counters with a coquina clutch. Styles breaks up the submission with a Spinal tap. Styles covers both men on after the other for a two count. Daniels tosses Styles to the floor, Daniels drops Joe with a complete shot. Daniels sets up for The BME, Styles crotches Daniels and places Daniels in the tree of woe. Joe takes out Styles with a knee, Joe murders Daniels with a brutal kick to the face. Inverted atomic drop on Styles and a kick to the face with a senton by Joe for a two count.

Daniels takes knees to the face before countering a third knee for a death valley driver. Styles interrupts the pin, chops on Daniels. Styles is knocked to the floor, Styles avoids the plancha. They have a slugfest before Joe nails a twisting suicide dive over the top rope. Joe has Daniels for The Muscle Buster, Daniels rakes the eyes of Joe to survive. Styles is on the top rope with Daniels, Joe joins the two men and hurls Styles and Daniels to the mat with a back body drop. All three men are down, right hands by Joe. Huge forearms thrown by the two, Styles fires up on Joe. Joe answers back with a huge German suplex, Styles is in the corner. Muscle Buster by Joe on Styles, Daniels has the championship belt. Joe nails a powerslam on Daniels as Daniels begs for mercy.

The referee tries taking the belt away before Daniels enzuigiris the belt into Joe’s face. Slugfest between Daniels and Styles, blue thunder bomb by Daniels for a two count. Uranage slam by Daniels, BME connects on Styles but Joe makes the save. Vicious kicks to Daniels, Daniels snapmares Joe and nails crossrhodes. Joe is out on the floor, Daniels whips Styles but Styles avoids the clothesline for the springboard reverse DDT. Two count for Styles, Styles is on the top rope. Daniels smacks Styles and climbs to the top rope, superplex by Daniels. Joe crawls onto Daniels and gets a two count, two count on Styles too. Joe powerbombs Daniels before transitioning into an STF. Daniels makes it to the ropes.

Headbutt by Joe on Daniels, a hard chop floors Daniels. Joe uppercuts Styles before Styles nails a Pele kick and picks up Joe for a torture rack into a slam, two count for Styles. Daniels slams Styles onto Joe, Styles slides out of a suplex for a sunset flip into The Styles Clash. Joe makes the save at two and a half, Styles is thrown to the floor by Joe. Daniels lowbridges Joe who hits the floor hard. Styles and Daniels exchange blows in the ring, Styles gains control. Eye poke by Daniels, Styles blocks The Angel’s Wings by backdropping Daniels and pinning Daniels’ shoulders to the mat, Styles wins the championship.

A fantastic match, they threw everything they had into this match. So many memorable moments in this match, the shooting star press, Joe’s twisting dive, Styles’ Spinal Tap and the finish. Everyone was on their A Game, Styles was flying around like a madman, Joe was killing people left, right and centre, Daniels was crafty and taking advantage when the other two were weak. It was nonstop action from the very beginning, never a dull moment and you wanted to see more every time these three touched in the ring. TNA made the right call putting this as the main event, it is one of the most memorable matches in TNA history and kudos to all three men involved in the match.

Winner: AJ Styles over Daniels & Joe via pin-fall!

TNA’S Unbreakable of 2005 was an ok show by TNA standards, a lot of the matches seemed to be just there, Aries vs Strong was a good showcase for those two. The hardcore matches were interesting but I felt I have seen the same Abyss match and Raven match for that matter far too many times now. Sabin and Williams was solid, the referee spot bothers me as it was far too stupid for that match. The rest of the undercard was nothing special, the tag matches were ok and the tag team championship match was the same thing I have seen for months on end now, they are in desperate need of fresh blood. The main event was pure gold, action from beginning to end with no dull moments in between. Check out this pay per view only for that match and remember: There’s always another night!

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