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WCW Bash at The Beach 1997 Review

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Welcome one and all to Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews! WCW and celebrities, ah yes, in the midst of their war with WCW, The NWO decided they would bring in Dennis Rodman because screw you they can, they are The NWO got it? Ok, this is WCW’s Bash at The Beach 1997 and the main event sees super friends Lex Luger and The Giant battle Hulk Hogan and Dennis Rodman. We have not seen Hogan for two months and this is what you give me WCW? Fuck but in good news, there is the emergence of Curt Hennig in WCW. It could be a mixed bag, it could be garbage or it could be amazing. This is WCW’s Bash at The Beach 1997!

Opening Promo

Luger and Giant challenge Rodman and Hogan, we see highlights of The NWO embarrassing our two heroes and that’s the promo ladies and gentlemen. Got to say, that was poor compared to other pay per views when they have ran down the entire card.

Wrath & Mortis vs Glacier and Ernest “The Cat” Miller

Why do you hate me WCW? Why do you start this pay per view with this match? Anyways, Glacier has continued to make Wrath and Mortis like dweebs, regularly beating the Mortal Kombat wannabes but the dynamic duo would beat up Glacier until Ernest Miller saved Glacier at a previous pay per view. Trying to see The Cat as serious is like trying to see Roman Reigns as a top babyface: It is just not working! (Ha I am so funny, I know you laughed! Do not dare lie!).

Wrath and Mortis jump Miller and Glacier, Miller fights back on Mortis. Glacier tosses Wrath to the floor, Mortis slaps Glacier and Glacier takes down Mortis and lays in right hands. Elbows by Glacier, Mortis is crotched on the top rope and eats a huge kick. Wrath comes in and Miller springboard kicks Wrath out of the ring. More kicks by Glacier and a cheap shot from Miller. Spinning heel kick by Miller, Mortis tags in Wrath. Lock-up, Wrath squishes Miller and elbows the shit out of the boy. Huge chops from Wrath, straight sidekick from Miller, shots to the ribs by Miller, pump kick by Miller.

Wrath takes over with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, Wrath misses a middle rope elbow. Miller wrenches the arm and tags Glacier, double arm-wringer but Wrath shoves off Miller and Glacier, Glacier and Miller deliver a double dropkick. Side headlock by Glacier, Glacier stops Mortis from scoring with a cheap shot but Wrath scores with a pump kick and a senton from the apron. Mortis is with the referee and Wrath has a chair, Mortis superkicks a chair into Glacier’s face as Glacier leans onto the ringpost. Mortis roughs up Glacier in the corner with kicks and punches.

Glacier fights back and nails a sidekick, Wrath enters illegally and clotheslines Glacier. Tag to Wrath, kick by Mortis and Wrath delivers a huge powerbomb. Miller makes the save before Glacier is pinned, back elbow from Wrath. Billy Goat’s Curse by Wrath, Mortis delivers a second rope leg drop on Glacier’s neck. Scoop slam by Mortis and Mortis climbs to the top and misses a moonsault. Wrath cheap shots Miller, Miller is in the ring. Miller kicks down Mortis and Wrath with some fabulous looking kicks. Miller is in the corner with Wrath, Glacier pairs off with Mortis. Glacier ten punches Mortis.

Wrath and Miller are on the floor, Glacier DDTs Mortis in the ring. Vandenberg wraps a chain around Mortis’ boot. Vandenberg distracts Glacier, Chronic Kick on Vandenberg but Mortis nails Glacier with a Chronic Kick with the chain on his boot. 1..2..3!

That was not the crap I expected from this match. Hopefully, they can move on from this feud as it has been the down point of the last number of pay per views. Miller was fine when he was in there, Mortis took some fun bumps and Wrath did get to throw around his opponents briefly so I was happy with this match.

Winners: Mortis & Wrath over Glacier & Miller via Chronic Chain Kick!

(WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match) Chris Jericho © vs Ultimo Dragon

After months of not seeing championship matches due to Syxx not defending the title on pay per view, we have a babyface vs babyface match between two men who have wrestled a lot in WAR in Japan. Jericho and Dragon trade holds to begin the match. Jericho takes the back, elbows by Dragon. More spectacular counters with handstands and cartwheels, both men have a stand-off. Lock-up and Jericho pushes back Dragon, Dragon nails his headstand dropkick from the corner, kick rush from Dragon and Jericho is down.

Stiff kicks by Dragon, reverse chinlock by Dragon. Chops by Dragon, Jericho counters a frankensteiner for a double powerbomb. Senton splash for two by Jericho, Jericho holds onto Dragon. Vertical suplex by Jericho, cover and another two. Backbreaker into a submission hold by Jericho, forearm shot by Jericho. Dragon fires back on Jericho with a back suplex, moonsault by Jericho. Tiger bomb by Jericho for a two count, Jericho props Dragon on the top rope and Jericho motions for a superplex. Jericho tries to dropkick Dragon but Jericho misses the dropkick. Schiavone covers for Jericho well and Jericho nails a springboard plancha.

Scoop slam by Jericho, Dragon blocks a middle rope elbow with a boot to the face. Dragon has Jericho on the top turnbuckle, Jericho blocks two frankensteiner attempts, Jericho was looking for a crossbody on the floor but Dragon nails a dropkick. Jericho snap suplexes Dragon on the floor, stungun by Jericho. Jericho attempts a springboard plancha, Dragon dodges and Dragon wipes out Jericho with an Asai Moonsault. Dragon rolls into the ring and almost wins by count-out which would be stupid on his part. Hurricanrana by Dragon for two, handspring elbow is caught. Jericho looks for The La Magistral cradle but Dragon slips out and covers Jericho for two.

Series of pin counters which are very nice and both men tumble out to the floor. Dragon enzuigiris Jericho on the floor and we nearly have another count-out. Dragon attempts a suplex, Jericho lands on his feet, nails an elbow and The Lionsault for two. Scoop slam by Jericho, Jericho tries The Lionsault and Dragon nips-up and dropkicks Jericho in mid-air. Dragon has Jericho in The Dragon Sleeper, Jericho blocks with a knee to the head so Dragon nails a clothesline. Moonsault by Dragon, Jericho reverses a tiger suplex, Dragon blocks a tiger bomb for a hurricanrana but Jericho rolls through and pins Dragon.

I have seen better from Dragon and Jericho, there was a lot of cool spots in the match but it seemed rushed in parts with little in the way of selling. These men do have a lot of chemistry together due to their matches in the likes of WAR but this was not their finest hour. That being said, an off-night for these two is still good!

Winner: Jericho over Dragon via hurricanrana roll through!

Mean Gene Okerlund

Mean Gene interviews Raven who had made the jump from ECW while Steven Richards sits down beside Raven. Okerlund gets an interview from Raven who quotes poetry and cuts a promo which is deeper than anything you would see today. Okerlund wants to know if Raven is DDP’s mystery partner but Raven dances around the question. Raven bitch slaps Steven Richards and pushes his lackey to the ground. Huge Raven mark so I love most things involving the man.

(NWO Japan) Great Muta & Masahiro Chono vs The Steiner Brothers

Two of the three musketeers of New Japan, Chono and Muta team up to take on the most popular tag-team in WCW. Chono and Muta would be a part of NWO Japan where the group was far more successful in terms of paying off the storyline. Chono would defect to form Team Chono 2000 while Muta would head NWO Japan. Anyways, I am getting off track.

Muta and Chono rough up The Steiners before The Steiners clear the ring of the heels and do their pose. Muta and Scott to start, Chono is jaw-jacking with the fans. Lock-up and side headlock by Scott, clubbing blows by Scott. Muta knocks down Scott with a huge boot, kicks to the ribs by Muta. Muta chokes Scott, spinning sole butt by Muta. Scott catches and drops Muta with a tiger bomb, gorilla press slam and a cheap shot to Chono. Muta powders and regroups for round two. In comes Rick Steiner and in comes Masahiro Chono.

Lock-up, side headlock by Rick. Shoulder block by Rick, eye rake by Chono and a side headlock of his own. Shoulder block and Rick does not go down. Eye rake by Chono and a Yakuza Kick by Chono. Test of strength, Rick is in control and Chono goes low with a boot to the ribs. Rick catches Chono with a back body drop, Chono powders to the floor. More jaw-jacking by Chono, tag to Scott. Scott takes on Muta and Chono, Scott props Muta on the top rope. Chono comes from behind and nails an electric chair drop, handspring back elbow and bulldog by Muta. Snapmare and rolling space elbow from Muta, Chono is legal and Chono cheap shots Rick.

Chono poses for too long on the top rope, belly to belly suplex by Scott, Scott tags Rick. Rick clotheslines Muta and Chono, belly to belly on Chono and Muta. Rick nails a bulldog on Muta, Chono makes the save. Yakuza Kick to Rick, Rick suplexes Chono. Scott belly to belly suplexes Muta, Chono clubs Scott on the top rope. Top rope frankensteiner by Muta on Scott, Rick is in with Muta. Dragon screw legwhip by Muta, Muta misses his handspring elbow as Rick nails a German suplex. Chono makes a save, Scott drops Muta with a frankensteiner. Chono pulls out the referee to save Muta, Chono argues with the referee. Assisted DDT by Rick and Scott to Muta and The Steiners win the match.

Well, that was a solid tag match. A lot of powdering, stalling and jaw-jacking from Chono but I cannot say I hated the match. It was phoning it in though from both teams and Chono just watched as Muta was pinned but I’ll let it slide due to the awesome tag matches they had years earlier in New Japan.

Winners: The Steiners over NWO Japan via DDT!

Juventud Guerrera/Lizmark Jr./Hector Garza vs La Parka/Psychosis/Villano IV W/ Sonny Onoo

Lucha libre motherfuckers, prepare for flips, dips and dives. Lizmark and Psychosis to start, lock-up and Psychosis grabs a side headlock. Lizmark and Psychosis trade mat-holds, Psychosis shoves Lizmark. Shoulder block by Psychosis and in comes Hector Garza with a flying armdrag. In comes Villano IV and corner clothesline on Hector Garza. Chops by Villano IV, Garza is down after a boot to the face. Garza nails a springboard dropkick and a baseball slide before nailing a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on the floor. Juventud and La Parka are in the ring, headscissors takedown by Juventud, make it two.

Juventud elevates Parka to the floor, another headscissors by Juventud. Onoo nails Juventud with two kicks before accidently nailing La Parka. Onoo bribes La Parka with money (Fantastic). Lizmark and Psychosis are in the match, the heels are out-smarted by Lizmark. Juventud splashes all three heels before we have a simultaneous dive by the babyfaces, tope con hilos all around. Juventud tries a springboard crossbody but Psychosis drops Juventud with a dropkick. Sunset flip powerbomb by Psychosis for two, La Parka nails a cheap shot. We have moonsaults all around as the babyfaces are destroying the heels.

Psychosis and Villano IV bang heads, we have the star manoeuvre as La Parka ends the move by scoring with a backbreaker on Juventud. Garza kicks Psychosis into his partners, series of missed top rope moves. Villano IV and Juventud remain, Juventud and Garza come to the corner and we have Lizmark dropkick La Parka and Psychosis, four men tumble to the floor. Lizmark dives onto Villano IV, La Parka dives onto Lizmark. Juventud dives onto La Parka, Psychosis is elevated onto his teammates and finally, Garza dives onto the other five men.

Villano V comes into the ring illegally and swaps with Villano IV. Villano V wipes out Psychosis, Garza nails a springboard dropkick and a standing moonsault for the win in this lucha libre match. Ridiculously fun match from the luchadors, no selling and a lot of complicated spots that seem silly when logic is used but man, that was so much fun. A nice change of pace from a pay per view that has been alright for now.

Winners: Team Technicos over Team Rudos via Standing Moonsault!

(Career vs Career Match) Kevin Sullivan W/Jimmy Hart/Jacqueline vs Chris Benoit W/ Woman

The war will finally come to an end between The Dungeon of Doom and The Four Horseman. The Horseman had been fighting with one another as Jarrett and Mongo waged war on one another so Benoit was left to battle the likes of Meng, Barbarian and whoever Sullivan threw at The Canadian Crippler. Benoit had survived it all and now, the feud ends with both men’s careers on the line!

Benoit and Sullivan brawl, Sullivan suplexes Benoit to the floor, Benoit is rammed into the guard rail, Jacqueline cheap shots and chops Benoit. Benoit walks into a right hand from Sullivan, Jacqueline helps Sullivan before Benoit throws Jacqueline at Sullivan. Jacqueline is right back up, Sullivan throws Jacqueline at Benoit. Benoit and Sullivan are by the stage, throwing surfboards at one another. Sullivan is walloping Benoit over and over while Jacqueline pounces on Benoit. Jimmy Hart is on a lifeguard post, Benoit pushes the post over and Jimmy Hart is down. Jacqueline throws a lounge chair at Benoit, Benoit rallies and pummels Sullivan. Sullivan goes low to regain control.

Sullivan double stomps on Benoit’s ribs, Sullivan nails Benoit with a tray but Benoit kicks Sullivan and we are back in the ring, stomps in the ring from Benoit. Clothesline by Benoit, Sullivan pulls Benoit to the floor as Jimmy Hart chokes and kicks Benoit. Sullivan lifts Benoit groin first into the ringpost, Sullivan chops the chest of Benoit. Benoit is crotched on the guard rail in front of Raven, lariat knocks Benoit off the apron and a low blow from The Taskmaster. Benoit fires up again, Sullivan is whipped into the ring. Benoit crotches Sullivan on the top rope, more stomps from Benoit. Sullivan bites the ribs of Benoit to survive, Benoit bites the ear of Sullivan.

Chops by Benoit, Benoit takes the arm and has The Crippler Crossface on Sullivan. Sullivan almost passes out to The Crossface but Sullivan makes it to the ropes. Benoit drags Sullivan to the middle of the ring and reapplies The Crossface. Sullivan makes it to the rope again and Benoit responds by stomping all over Sullivan. Benoit chops Sullivan but Sullivan shows fighting spirit to knock down Benoit, Benoit misses a corner clothesline and Benoit is now in the tree of woe, Running Knee by Sullivan. Make it three times as Jacqueline pulls out a chair, Jimmy Hart is with the referee. Jacqueline wants to hit Benoit, Sullivan wants to nail Benoit. Jacqueline does not take the news well.

Jacqueline clocks Sullivan with the chair, the chair explodes while Jacqueline walks out of the arena. Benoit takes advantage with a Diving Headbutt and the career of Kevin Sullivan is over as Benoit wins the match with his Diving Headbutt! Jimmy Hart is in Sullivan’s face and Sullivan scares off Jimmy Hart as Sullivan gets to leave on his own terms and retire in his hometown.

Hard-hitting match, very intense with a lot of good stuff from both men. I enjoyed the brawling and the unfair odds stacked against Benoit. I was looking forward to Benoit overcoming the odds in an epic manner, I was a little disappointed to see Benoit win this match thanks to Jacqueline and a chair shot. So, it was good stuff, the pay per view is picking up momentum but I wish we had a more satisfying ending of Benoit triumphing over Kevin Sullivan and moving onto the next chapter of his life and career in wrestling.

Winner: Chris Benoit over Kevin Sullivan via chair shot!

(WCW United States Championship Match) Mongo W/ Debra McMichael vs Jeff Jarrett ©

My main man Mongo to take on Jarrett, the on and off again rivalry between two men who were Horseman but Ric Flair would kick out Jarrett who always seemed to be causing problems. The match begins with Mongo stealing Jarrett’s championship and posing (Best match opening in existence). Lock-up and Jarrett outwrestles Mongo, strut from Jarrett and a little pose on the top rope. Mongo takes the back, Jarrett elbows his way out and Mongo spikes Jarrett with a slam, Mongo takes out the leg of Jarrett with a three-point stance. Jarrett powders while Mongo poses for the crowd. Test of strength with Mongo in control until Jarrett goes low.

Mongo is back in control, knee to Jarrett and Jarrett is clotheslined to the floor. Jarrett lures Mongo to the floor, Mongo is knocked into the steel steps, Mongo retaliates with an Irish whip into the guard rail. Elbow to the throat by Mongo, Jarrett is in the ring. Jarrett gains control for a moment, military press slam by Mongo. Series of clothesline and a powerslam by Mongo. Two count for Mongo, Mongo misses a high knee in the corner. Jarrett mocks Mongo with a three point stance, Jarrett targets Mongo’s knee with two chopblocks. Figure Four, Debra is on the apron, Jarrett is given the briefcase by Debra and Jarrett nails Mongo to retain his championship.

Crap as per usual with Mongo, can we just let this feud die? This has been going on for months like Benoit vs The Dungeon of Doom, it was clear for months that Debra was with Jarrett but I guess we are supposed to be shocked at her betrayal? I love you Mongo but this was garbage.

Winner: Jarrett over Mongo via Briefcase Shot!

Mean Gene Okerlund & Road Wild Promo

Wacky commercial runs for Road Wild and we have a Hollywood Hulk Hogan & Dennis Rodman promo, Hogan saying brah and trying to be hip is so unintentionally funny. Dennis Rodman has a very soft voice, missed out on being a singer in my books. Highlights include Hogan calling Lex a Hogan wannabe, that’s about it. I like the idea that Hogan is so delusional he thinks Rodman is a great tag team partner.

Scott Hall & Randy Savage W/ Miss Elizabeth vs DDP & ? W/ Kimberley Page

Scott Hall would interfere in the match between Savage and DDP at last month’s pay per view which led to Savage winning the match over DDP. DDP has a mystery partner and the announcers take guesses as to who the mystery man is, could it be Raven? It is none other than Curt Hennig, the crowd does not pop nor do the announcers. A little strange but no worries, this match has a lot of elements that could make this match a show stealer.

DDP and Savage begin, clothesline from DDP, elbows in the corner and forearm shots from DDP. Savage powders and takes a walk. Savage spits at DDP, DDP spits on Savage. Savage tags Hall, Hall wants Hennig. Hall throws the toothpick and Hennig spits the gum at Hall, lock-up with Hennig pushing back Hall. Hall shoves Hennig, Hennig shoves Hall back. Slap from Hennig, right hands from Hennig. Knee lift from Hennig, Hall misses a right hand. Atomic drop, inverted atomic drop and a clothesline from Hennig. Tag to DDP, elbows by DDP and Hall is floored. DDP nails his Styles Clash like manoeuvre and Savage eats a cheap shot.

Hall reverses a corner Irish whip and clotheslines DDP, Savage clotheslines DDP and is tagged into the match. Double axe handle from Savage, DDP is rammed into the turnbuckle and choked by Savage. Hall is in and chokes DDP across the rope, Savage gets in another cheap shot. Hall works the ribs of DDP, DDP nails a right to rock Hall but Hall throws DDP to the floor. Savage is all over DDP, into the steel steps go DDP. Discuss right hand from Hall, tag to Savage. DDP fights back against Savage, Hennig gets the tag. DDP accidently lowbridges Hennig, Hennig botches falling over the top rope, Hennig clubs DDP in the spine. Hall drops DDP with The Outsider’s Edge as Hennig walks out on DDP. Savage drops The Elbow on DDP while spitting at Kimberley, Savage pins DDP with his foot across his throat.

That was not the hot match I was hoping for, Hennig did not get the hot tag to run wild so we did not get to see a lot of Hennig in the ring. DDP sold well and the finish does build interest for what’s next of Curt Hennig but damn, I wanted more from this match, I was so engrossed in DDP vs Savage, this could have been a nice continuation of the feud until we have a third match between the two but this was more of a match you would put on before the main event to calm down the crowd. DDP sold well, Savage was entertaining as never wanting to face DDP one on one so Savage tried to cheap shot DDP on every occasion. Apart from that, it was disappointing.

Winners: Hall & Savage over DDP & Hennig via Elbow Drop!

Ric Flair vs Roddy Piper

Flair disappeared after Syxx in his world tag team championship match at the last pay per view, leaving Piper all alone and at the mercy of The Outsiders, Piper was not too happy and we have the two icons going at one another as opposed to battling The NWO. Piper unloads on Flair and Flair powders after being massacred with punches from Piper. Piper chops Flair in the corner, slaps from Piper and ten punches in the corner from Piper. Irish whip, Flair flip and clothesline from Piper, Flair is on the floor. Piper backdrops Flair on the floor (That must have hurt). More chops from Piper, Flair is being whooped.

Flair begs for mercy on his knees, Piper is on his knees and eye pokes Flair. Piper and the referee have an argument, Flair nails a chop block. Flair chops and punches The Hot Rod, right hands reign down on the skull of Piper. Shot to the leg by Flair, Piper crumbles on the floor. Knee to the thigh by Flair, more chops by Flair. Figure Four by Flair in the middle of the ring, Piper shows a lot of heart and reverses the figure four, Flair breaks the hold in frustration. Eye poke from Flair, Irish whip and Piper drops Flair with a neckbreaker, Piper chokes Flair but Flair low blows Piper.

Right hand from Flair, chops but Piper is shaking off Flair’s shots. Left hands from Piper, rights and left from Piper and Piper knees Flair on the groin. Irish whip in the corner and back body drop, Piper clotheslines Flair to the floor. Chops against the guard rail, Flair climbs into the ring, Irish whip and Piper has the Sleeper until Flair reverses with a jawbreaker, Flair cannot get the pin with his feet on the ropes. Flair goes to the top rope, Piper yanks Flair off the top rope. Figure four from Piper, Flair is almost pinned from the figure four but manages to reach the ropes.

Flair pulls brass knuckles out of his knee pad, Piper blocks and nails Flair. Here comes Mongo and Benoit, Benoit nails Flair by accident with a Diving Headbutt but Mongo nails Piper with a Tombstone Piledriver, Flair drapes the arm over Piper and Piper kicks out (Imagine Mongo could have led Flair to victory). Piper and Flair battle it out, Sleeper from Piper. Piper makes Flair pass out to The Sleeper and Sleeper gets revenge for Flair abandoning him last month.

The most entertaining match of the night, two legends showing they still have it, Flair is such a snake as a heel, the brass knuckles from the knee pad, the work on Piper’s knee. Piper’s comeback and fire was great, the crowd was at its loudest for this match. Little strange with Mongo and Benoit being faces in their matches and heels for Flair’s match. Also, to see Flair as a heel so soon after coming back in that great six-man tag match, I am a little disappointed but Flair showed why he was so good in this match. I did love it and both men’s antics. Good stuff from two of the very best!

Winner: Piper over Flair via Sleeper!

Lex Luger & The Giant vs Dennis Rodman & Hollywood Hulk Hogan

Hogan’s return to pay per view and it is in a tag match with Dennis Rodman. I have nothing else to say about this, Luger vs Hogan to begin the match. Savage is ringside for the match, Hogan works the arm before Luger takes control. Hogan runs to the ropes and takes a breather, Hogan poses and we have a lock-up, Luger poses back at Hogan. Side headlock from Hogan, shoulder block and more posing. Lock-up, side headlock from Luger. Shoulder block and posing from Luger. Test of strength, Hogan goes low and clubs Luger, eye rake from Hogan.

Foot choke from Hogan, scoop slam. Luger dodges the elbow, scoop slam by Luger. Hogan and Rodman talk strategy and Rodman is in the ring. Rodman continues to dodge Luger, so much stalling going on in this match. Lock-up and an armdrag by Rodman, the building erupts for an armdrag. Luger armdrags Rodman and Hogan, that’s better treatment for your main babyface in Sting’s absence. More powdering, lock-up by Luger. Shoulder block from Rodman, Luger is down again. Lock-up and a clothesline from Luger to Rodman, Rodman tags Hogan.

Giant is in, right hands from Hogan to Giant. Clothesline and chokehold by Hogan, chops by Hogan. Giant is being pummelled by Hogan, Hogan powders once Giant no-sells all his offense. Hogan pummels Giant some more until Giant nails a massive atomic drop, tag to Rodman.  Lock-up, knee by Rodman, Giant catches Rodman in mid-air and nails an inverted atomic drop while spanking Rodman. Hogan saves Rodman by kicking out Giant’s legs, Hogan rams Giant into Rodman’s boot. Double clothesline by Rodman & Hogan on Giant, double axe handle by Hogan to Giant. Hogan bites The Giant, big boot and right hands by Hogan. Hogan tries a hiptoss, Rodman is in the ring. Double hiptoss by Rodman and Hogan, double cover and Giant powers out and tags Luger.

Luger clotheslines Rodman, Savage and Hogan. Rodman cheap shots Luger and Hogan scores with a clothesline. Back suplex and a two count for Hogan. Hogan chokes Luger on the rope, Savage cheap shots Luger. Leg Drop by Hogan, cover and Luger kicks out at two. Tag to Rodman, elbow by Rodman. Foot choke by Rodman, Rodman dodges a splash from Luger but does not see The Giant. Giant runs wild with kicks and headbutts to Rodman and Hogan, noggin knocker by Giant. Sting appears on the rampway, the referee is down. Sting nails The Giant with a bat, this guy is massive how could anyone believe it’s Sting. Luger submits Hogan to the Rack and puts Rodman in The Rack too.

What a crock of shit that match was, I will say Rodman was entertaining, he mostly leap-frogged Luger and Giant but Rodman was entertaining. I have no idea why Rodman worked so much of that match, I would probably kill the person who said that Rodman should shoulder block, hiptoss and rough up the top babyface Lex Luger. I can understand double teaming but Rodman was running over Luger and I am thinking “Why would anyone cheer Luger after that?”. It was all very bizarre, then you have “Sting” come out when the guy has to be as tall as The Giant, Giant gets nailed with the bat and that’s not even the finish! Luger hulks up and murders everyone, trash, trash and more trash.

Winners: Giant & Luger over Rodman & Hogan via Torture Rack!

The one-year anniversary of The NWO was a pay per view to forget for WCW. The highlights of this pay per view are Piper vs Flair and Benoit vs Sullivan, two good matches that delivered for the fans even if one had a questionable ending. The lucha-libre six-man tag was fun and fast-paced, a lot of spots which had the fans saying wow, some good stuff. Everything else seemed to fit the scale of mostly disappointing. Hennig’s debut was nothing to look back on with fond memories, Jericho vs Dragon had better matches and the main event was ridiculous for the way Hogan worked over The Giant, the over-booked finish and Luger bumping around for Dennis Rodman. That’s all from me and remember: There’s always another night!

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