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WCW The Great American Bash 1997 Review

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Hello wrestling enthusiasts to another hard-hitting edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews.! I feel patriotic, I feel the colours of the red, white and blue flowing through my veins so it is time for The Great American Bash of 1997. WCW was a role, the company was winning the rating wars, The NWO had not turned sour and a new star was emerging in DDP along with a number of mid-carders who were sharing the limelight. This pay per view is full of rematches from the last pay per view. We have DDP vs Savage, Nash & Hall vs Flair & Piper, Hokuto vs Madusa etc. It may be a night of rematches but can the matches be better than their predecessors? Let’s find out!

Psychosis W/ Sonny Onoo vs Ultimo Dragon

Onoo had turned on Dragon at last month’s Slamboree, costing Dragon his match against Steve Regal for the TV Championship. Psychosis is now managed by Sonny Onoo and this is in fact a rematch from an earlier pay per view I have covered, I am happier this time around as we have a clear babyface in Dragon.

Lock-up and Dragon armdrags Psychosis, drop toehold by Psychosis. Arm wringer by Psychosis, Dragon wriggles free. Psychosis powders and ask for advice from Dragon, Dragon seems to very popular with the crowd. Shoulder block by Psychosis, Psychosis jacks Dragon in the face and poses. Dragon drops an elbow on Psychosis, chops in the corner by Dragon. Handstand dropkick by Dragon, kick rush by Ultimo Dragon. Psychosis jaw-jacks with fans, Psychosis re-enters the ring to take an Argentine backbreaker. Dragon goes for a back body drop, Psychosis kicks Dragon and nails a running lariat. Dragon recovers to hotshot Psychosis. Dragon misses the slingshot plancha, Psychosis has the referee in the ring while Onoo knocks Dragon down with a roundhouse kick.

Baseball slide by Psychosis, Psychosis delivers a leg drop to Dragon who is caught up in the ropes, elbows in the corner by Psychosis. Drop toehold into a La Magistral for a two count. Backbreaker by Psychosis, Psychosis puts his feet on the ropes during the pin, referee catches Psychosis. Dragon powders and grabs Onoo for a suplex, Psychosis saves his manager. Dragon in the ring, catches Psychosis in the face with a spinning sole butt, handspring elbow by Dragon. Asai Moonsault by Ultimo Dragon, brainbuster by Dragon. Dragon lifts up Psychosis for the tombstone, two count as Psychosis kicks out. Dragon elevates Psychosis onto the apron, Psychosis shoulders Dragon and nails a spinning heel kick from the top rope.

Tope suicida by Psychosis wipes out Dragon, Dragon catches Psychosis with a hurricanrana, Psychosis rolls through for a two count. Psychosis misses a top rope moonsault as Dragon dropkicks Psychosis in mid-air. Dragon has Psychosis on the top rope, hurricanrana. Dragon hooks Psychosis for the tiger suplex, Dragon is distracted by Onoo. Psychosis takes control with a missile dropkick, two count for Psychosis. Onoo is on the apron, Dragon sends Psychosis into Onoo who nails Psychosis by mistake. Dragon Sleeper by Ultimo Dragon and Dragon is your winner. Onoo runs away before Dragon gets his hands on Psychosis.

Much better match than their previous counter, I liked Psychosis using more power moves and posing more, showing off his charisma and the methodical approach is usually a better way to go for a heel. Dragon showed a lot of fire and was very over with the fans. Finish was fine, good action throughout, good stuff.

Winner: Ultimo Dragon over Psychosis via Dragon Sleeper!

(Number One Contender’s Match) Harlem Heat W/ Sensational Sherri vs The Steiner Brothers

The Steiners were number one contenders before Scott’s car accident angle. Two top teams who want to challenge and take the belts from The Outsiders. Scott and Stevie Ray start, Scott takes down Stevie Ray. Stevie Ray comes back with a hiptoss, side headlock from Scott. Shoulder block does not knock Stevie Ray, elbow from Stevie Ray and Scott is down. Big boot from Stevie Ray, Stevie misses the second boot, exploder suplex from Scott and Booker T is knocked down as The Steiners do their signature pose.

Stevie Ray and Booker regroup, Scott tags in Rick. Stevie Ray clubs Rick before Rick nails a powerslam, Scott takes down Booker. Booker is legal, Booker wants Scott. Lock-up, Scott knees Booker, right hand by Scott. Booker asks for a test of strength, Scott is winning the war. Booker kicks Scott and applies a full-nelson. Scott breaks the grip before Booker nails a shot to the ribs, forearm shot from Booker. Scott fights back with a tigerbomb, cover and a two count for Scott. Tag to Rick, thumb to the eye by Booker. Rick blocks a suplex and drops Booker, right hand shots from Rick. Tag to Scott, military press slam by Scott. Scott misses an ugly second rope elbow, spinaroonie from Booker.

Booker nails a Harlem sidekick, clothesline by Booker and both men spill out to the floor. Scott smashes Booker into the guard rail, tag to Rick. Rick clotheslines the illegal Stevie Ray but Booker clubs Rick to the floor. Suplex on the floor by Stevie Ray, running lariat by Stevie Ray. Cover by Booker for a two count, Ray tags in and lays right hands into Rick. Jumping high knee by Stevie Ray, Booker hotshots Rick. Cover by Stevie Ray for two, Stevie Ray nails Scott. Harlem Sidekick by Booker, cover and a two count. Booker attempts another sidekick but Rick catches Booker and slams Booker to the canvas.

Tag to Scott, clotheslines and scoop slams galore. Belly to belly suplex by Scott on Booker, Rick and Stevie Ray are brawling on the floor. Scott has Booker on the top rope, Frankensteiner by Scott. Here’s Vincent and Vincent elbow drops Booker T so, Harlem Heat win the match by disqualification. The Steiners catch Vincent and Vincent is swiftly destroyed.

Fine tag match, I have argued in the past that the tag team division is a bit of a mess with turns taking place commonly. Based off last month and this month’s match, Harlem Heat are once again heel. The heat segment was quite short but the match was fine overall. It make sense for The NWO to not want to face The Steiners as The Steiners had taken the titles from The Outsiders before but I am not looking forward to another heel vs heel match.

Winners: Harlem Heat over The Steiner Brothers via DQ!

Hugh Morrus vs Konnan

Speaking of heel vs heel, Hugh Morrus is taking on his former Dungeon of Doom stablemate Konnan who left the group by taking out Morrus after losing a tag match. Morrus dropkicks Konnan in the early goings before Konnan throws Morrus to the outside. Konnan hurls Morrus into the steel steps, stomps to the back of the head by Konnan. Dropkick by Konnan and his rolling clothesline. Cover and a two count for Konnan. Reverse chinlock by Konnan.

Low dropkicks by Konnan to the face and back of the head of Morrus, Konna stretches Morrus. Morrus slips out to unload on Konnan, Konnan powders. Konnan tastes the steel steps and Morrus stomps on Konnan’s bald head. Spinning heel kick from Morrus, cover and a two count. Morrus returns the favour and stretches Konnan. Morrus transitions into a Fujiwara armbar, gutwrench suplex by Morrus. Another Fujiwara armbar, Konnan kicks Morrus who lowers his head and Konnan applies a stump puller before switching to a headscissors hold. Cross armbreaker by Konnan, Konnan boots Morrus in the head over and over.

Slugfest, Morrus wins the war. Konnan escapes a scoop slam, Morrus goes back for a Fujiwara armbar. Konnan kicks off Morrus, O’Connor roll by Konnan for two. Powerslam by Morrus, Morrus goes for No Laughing Matter. Konnan trips Morrus, German suplex and mercifully, Konnan applies The Tequila Sunrise.

Garbage, a lot of rest holds from wrestlers who could not keep the match interesting doing just rest holds. No reaction as both our heels and the finish is laughable as Morrus perches on the top rope for The NO Laughing Matter and it looks like Konnan is going to move out of the way but Morrus waits… and waits… and waits…. Until Konnan decides that he has to trip Morrus which looks so bad for both men, just awful stuff.

Winner: Konnan over Hugh Morrus via Tequila Sunrise!

Public Enemy & Mean Gene

They bring a table with them, Public Enemy are not on the card. Public Enemy are not happy about their position in the company, they want to be number one contenders and they want a piece of Harlem Heat. Rather pointless.

Wrath W/ Mortis & James Vandenberg vs Glacier

Shao Kahn wannabe Wrath takes on Sub-Zero wannabe Glacier with Mortis handcuffed to the ringpost. Shang Tsung wannabe Vandenberg is also ringside for the match, the Mortal Kombat thing just did not work in WCW at the time due to the popularity of The NWO. This feud has been garbage but I do enjoy the costumes and the entrances. Glacier wants his sacred helmet back for the devilish Wrath and his associates.

Lock-up, Wrath cheap shots Glacier over and over. More kicks and elbows from Wrath, Glacier dodges Wrath and nails a martial arts like rush. Spinkick and a thrust chop, Glacier asks Wrath to bring it, shuffle sidekick from Glacier and a nice dropkick. Wrath is on the floor, plancha by Glacier. Palm strikes to the face of Wrath, Vandenberg taunts Glacier, sidekick to the face of Wrath. Wrath crumbles on the floor. Wrath suckers in Glacier and Glacier eats the guard rail. Glacier recovers to send Wrath into the steel steps. Glacier nails a diving chop from the apron. Glacier kicks Wrath in the corner, Irish whip and Glacier misses a splash.

Wrath hotshots Glacier throat first onto the top rope, stomps in the corner by Wrath. Sleeper hold by Wrath, Glacier eventually fights out of the hold. Wrath Irish whips Glacier, Glacier misses a crossbody and Glacier falls to the floor. Wrath nails an apron rolling senton, Wrath is on the top rope. Flying clothesline, arrogant cover from Wrath. Wrath slaps Glacier over and over, Glacier blocks and grabs a choke hold on Wrath. Wrath fights out with a knee, backbreaker by Wrath. Wrath misses an elbow from the middle rope, Glacier sweeps the legs of Wrath, back body drop.

Reverse spinning elbow, two count for Glacier. Wrath stops Glacier and nails a sidewalk slam. Glacier crotches Wrath, superplex by Glacier. Mortis is on the apron, Glacier smashes Mortis. Glacier walks into a back suplex from Wrath, Vandenberg is on the apron. Mortis tries throwing Wrath the chain, Glacier grabs the chain, Chronic Kick by Glacier and Glacier defeats Wrath. In the chaos, Vandenberg steals the key to the handcuffs from Nick Patrick. Mortis attacks Glacier with the handcuffs.

Another garbage match, they tried but this was never going to be anything resembling good. Glacier was green and it shows in his offence while Wrath should never be throwing kicks. Finish was sloppy with the chain, the best variation I have seen of the chain throw finish is Shamrock vs Rock in The Survivor Series tournament match, Bossman made it look like a genuine accident when Rock caught the nightstick over Shamrock but this was just dumb. Mortis hurls the chain miles over Wrath who is standing next to him, bad stuff all around.

Winner: Glacier over Wrath via Chain shot!

(WCW Women’s Championship Match) Madusa vs Akira Hokuto © W/ Sonny Onoo

It could be Madusa’s final match if she loses this match. Madusa had been chasing Hokuto for some time with little interruptions from the likes of Luna. The women’s championship is quite the nice belt, I do like the design.

Hokuto spits on and slaps Madusa, hair-pull by Hokuto. Another hair-pull, Hokuto steps on Madusa’s head. Hokuto chokes Madusa in the corner and nails a two-handed throat toss. Hokuto is running through all her offence from their previous match. Hokuto chokes Madusa using the ropes and pulling on the challenger’s hair. Piledriver and Hokuto steps on the face of Madusa. Irish whip by Hokuto, Madusa counters with a hairslam and a series of missile dropkicks. Madusa gets a two count her efforts, right hands in the corner by Madusa.

Hokuto grabs Madusa by the throat, foot choke in the corner by Hokuto. Scoop slam by Hokuto, knee across the throat. Hokuto looks for a leg lock, Hokuto bites the foot of Madusa. Madusa reverses an Irish whip for a roundhouse kick, series of kicks and a snapmare from Madusa. Hokuto catches Madusa for a  small package, two count for the champion. Madusa comes back with a massive double axe handle but Madusa is clutching her left knee. Shin breaker by Hokuto on the damaged knee. Romero Special from Hokuto, Hokuto breaks the hold and scores with a northern lights suplex, two count for Hokuto.

Handstand headscissors by Madusa, powerbomb and a two count for Madusa. Hokuto will not let go of Madusa, Hokuto places Madusa on the top rope. Hokuto nails a top rope superplex, Hokuto gets a two count. Madusa finds herself in a leg lock, Madusa fights and screams but makes it to the ropes. Hokuto misses a top rope dropkick, German Suplex by Madusa. Onoo pulls on Madusa’s injured leg to break the pin. Hokuto steps all over the injured leg. Scoop slam from Hokuto, Madusa blocks a splash with her knees.

Clothesline by Madusa, Madusa tries for a back suplex but Madusa’s knee buckles and Hokuto wins with a brainbuster to retain the championship. Hokuto bites and rips at the knee of Madusa, per stipulation of the match, Madusa must retire as her career comes to an end.

A good little match, Hokuto is a whole other level of heel. I liked the story of tweaking her knee and leading into the finish but they used it in a strange way. A better way to go about it which was what I thought would have been clever was Onoo attacking and pulling the leg of Madusa during the German Suplex. However, they had the match continue and Madusa collapse in a way that was not clear and basically, Hokuto beats her clean. No reaction for the retirement and Mean Gene is awkwardly shoved into our face trying to ask Madusa about the end of her career. Just very lazy and in poor taste written angle.

Winner: Hokuto over Madusa via Brainbuster!

(Deathmatch) Chris Benoit vs Meng

A rematch from the last pay per view, Benoit starts hot with a suicide dive into Meng, Diving Headbutt by Benoit. Crippler Crossface but Meng powers up to his feet and places Meng on the top rope. Meng tosses Benoit across the ring, Benoit recovers for a low dropkick, Benoit tries for a figure four, Meng reaches for The Tonga Death Grip so Benoit catches the arm and applies a Crossface. Meng reaches the rope even though there should be no break (WCW does not follow its own rules). Meng kicks Benoit’s head off, Benoit trips Meng off an Irish whip. Benoit attempts and nails a suplex which drops Meng across the top rope.

Meng ties Benoit in the tree of woe and kicks the crap out of Benoit. Chops by both men, Meng wins the war. Spinebuster by Meng, boot to the jaw by Meng. Dragon sleeper by Meng, chops by Benoit but Meng is too strong. Scoop slam and splash by Meng, Meng covers Benoit like a twat (Hate when wrestlers pin their opponent when a match has no pin-falls). Benoit survives the splash but eats a nasty superkick from Meng. Benoit sends Meng into the guard rail and in the ring, Benoit nails a German suplex. Meng gets up at nine, another German suplex by Benoit. Benoit stomps Meng to the floor, Meng rolls into the ring and scores with an inverted atomic drop.

Tonga Death Grip, Benoit is hanged by Meng and escapes barely. Benoit fires up on the floor, Meng puts down Benoit with a headbutt. Reverse chinlock by Meng, snapmare and a reverse chinlock by Meng. Foot stomp to the head by Meng, forearm shots and a back suplex. Meng misses a middle rope splash, Benoit drives down Meng for a Crippler Crossface. Meng reaches the ropes, Benoit has The Crippler Crossface again! Meng clubs down Benoit, dragon screw legwhip by Benoit. Crippler Crossface by Benoit, Meng sits in the hold for an eternity. All of a sudden, Nick Patrick calls for the bell as Meng has passed out to The Crippler Crossface.

Not as good as their first encounter, there was a lot more drama and excitement attached to the first match. I did not feel the desperation of the match for Benoit, the ending came out of nowhere for me as Meng sat in the hold for what seemed like an eternity. It was a good physical contest from both men that suffered from a lack of drama and emotion.

Winner: Benoit over Meng via Crippler Crossface!

Kevin Greene vs Mongo W/ Debra McMichael

Two former footballers going at it, Mongo has been in WCW for a number of months as a member of The Four Horseman while Greene came in for a six man tag match at last month’s Slamboree where Greene was allowed to be protected. This is a singles match and this could be a catastrophe.

Greene sprints to the ring, nails a forearm and a dropkick. Clothesline on Mongo, forearm shots and Mongo powders to the floor. Mongo jaw-jacks with fans to stall for time, Mongo lures Greene to the floor, Mongo works the leg and rubs Greene’s face into the mat. Apparently, we have Kevin Greene’s mother at ringside, Momma Greene slaps Mongo with a purse, Greene tosses Mongo into the steel steps. Greene checks on his mother and turns to Mongo, Mongo stomps all over Greene and the leg. Punt to the ribs by Mongo and more posing.

Neckbreaker by Mongo, cover and a two count for Mongo. Irish whip, Greene nails a Lou Thesz Press, right hands to Mongo’s head. Mongo nails a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, chops by Mongo. Big shots in the corner by Mongo, ten punches in the corner from Greene but Mongo counters with an inverted atomic drop and a dropkick. Two count for Mongo, hard Irish whip by Mongo. Mongo chokes Greene in the corner, Greene kicks away Mongo. Greene nails a flying shoulder tackle, cover and Mongo puts his feet on the bottom rope. Greene clotheslines Mongo to the floor.

Greene stomps on Mongo, scoop slam on the floor. Debra tries to distract Greene but it does not work, Greene Irish whips Mongo into the corner. Greene calls for the end, Mongo sidesteps Greene’s splash. Chops on the back and a choke hold by Mongo. Debra is on the apron, Jeff Jarrett comes down and clocks Mongo with the briefcase by mistake. Greene covers Mongo for the win.

Not an abomination, I love Mongo way too much to be that harsh. Mongo was able to get through this without Greene looking like a fool. The finish continues the dissension between The Four Horseman. Not a huge fan of that story, Benoit and Flair are the most interesting members and they are doing their own thing. So, we have Jarrett and Mongo at one another’s throats and I’d love to see it all end now.

Winner: Kevin Greene over Mongo via Briefcase Shot!

(WCW Tag Team Championship Match) The Outsiders © W/ Syxx vs Ric Flair & Scott Hall

Nash & Hall are accompanied by their buddy Syxx, The Outsiders had their hottest match since their debut match at Bash at The Beach, it was their six-man tag at Slamboree. Tonight, they face Piper and Flair which has the potential to be just as special.

Flair and Hall to start, toothpick spot from Hall. Kick and right hand from Hall, right hands from Hall. Chops from Flair, right hands and Hall is down. Hall powders and talks strategy. Lock-up, Flair flip and Nash nails a big boot. Cover by Hall for a two count, Flair blocks a right hand and chops back at Hall. Syxx grabs Flair’s foot and Hall nails a clothesline for two. Tag to Kevin Nash, knees in the corner by Nash. Elbows to Flair, right hand knocks down Flair. Irish whip and a huge sidewalk slam. Cover and two count for Nash. Snake eyes by Nash and a cheap shot from Hall.

Flair low blows Nash as the referee is with Hall. Flair tags Piper, Piper decks Hall and eye pokes Nash. Sleeper on Hall, Hall counters by dropping Piper on the top rope, both men are down. Flair wants back into the match, Syxx nails Piper with a spinning heel kick as Flair is with the referee. Flair attacks Syxx in the rampway and Piper is all alone against The Outsiders. Cover by Hall and Piper kicks out at two. Knee by Nash and Nash begins pummelling Piper. Hall and Nash put the boots to Piper, Piper continues to take punishment from the hands of Hall.

Piper stands bravely and asks Nash to bring it, Piper eats knees in the corners from Nash. Piper battles back Hall and Nash, Irish whip by Piper. Nash reverses, Hall clubs Piper and Nash delivers a big boot. Outsider’s Edge and Piper does not kick out as Hall and Nash emerge victorious.

Going into the match, I was interested to see how Piper and Flair would do against Hall and Nash and if Hall & Nash were to win, how would it happen? Well, Flair was in the match for only a short while and the finish puts over Hall and Nash strong which is nice to see these guys being treated as top level threats considering they did a job as the last pay per view. Will this lead to Piper vs Flair? There is a strong chance and I can tell you I am not looking forward to a match between those two. Also, we could have another Harlem Heat turn as they will face The Outsiders in a match that I have seen and its variations multiple times now. Something new please!

Winners: Hall & Nash over Flair & Piper via Outsider’s Edge!

Macho Man Randy Savage W/ Miss Elizabeth vs DDP W/ Kimberley Page

DDP and Savage have been at one another’s throats for months. DDP was climbing the ranks of WCW and Savage would not give The Master Of The Diamond Cutter the time of day. It got personal as Savage would out DDP’s wife Kimberley for posing for Playboy and The NWO would spray paint Kimberley while Savage would attack DDP. They main evented Spring Stampede in a great match that was overshadowed by dissension in The NWO. DDP scored a huge win over Savage and I felt it was lost among The NWO crap like Nick Patrick leaving the group and Bischoff being smacked around by Savage. Also, I thought Savage should have went over in the first match to build anticipation for DDP’s victory but I am not the booker so let’s get this match underway.

DDP comes through the crowd and mauls Savage. DDP has taped up ribs due to attacks from Savage and The NWO. Savage slips out of The Diamond Cutter, DDP nails a plancha on Savage and immediately, clutches his ribs. Savage is now on offence, DDP recovers to bounce Savage off the guard rail. Savage hides behind Elizabeth, DDP gives chase and nails a clothesline. DDP is climbing to the top rope, diving clothesline. DDP hurls Savage to the floor, Savage rakes the eyes and Savage clotheslines DDP into the crowd. Savage works the ribs, dropping DDP onto the guard rail. DDP is introduced to chairs, DDP returns the favour by slamming Savage into a wall and some doors. DDP has a crutch waiting for Savage, crutch to the ribs and across the back.

DDP and Savage throw bombs as they make their way from the crowd back to the ringside area. Savage drops DDP on his ribs, DDP is sent into the steel steps. Savage has a powder from Elizabeth, DDP is blinded by the powder and hit with an object in the head. Savage rips at the ribs and goes to work. Savage decks the referee and nails a piledriver? Why?

Savage continues decking DDP, DDP gets to his feet and nails a headbutt. Savage stomps DDP in the corner, left straight shots from Savage. Savage chokes DDP and Savage throws out another referee. DDP has a second-wind, rights by DDP but Savage blocks with an elbow and nails two clotheslines. DDP is knocked to the floor, Savage threatens Kimberley. Third referee is protecting Kimberley, Savage and DDP battle to the ramp and the side of the stage. DDP bundles Savage into what is called a VIP area.

Flowers to the head by DDP, scoop slam through a table by DDP. DDP chokes Savage with his shirt as they make their way towards the ramp. DDP trips Savage and drags Savage groin first into the ringpost. Styles Clash by DDP, Savage nails a jawbreaker and DDP powders to the floor. DDP tastes the steps for a second time, Savage is ripping up the safety mats. Savage was thinking piledriver but Nick Patrick saves DDP. Savage kills Patrick and a cameraman, DDP wallops Savage with a chair shot. DDP hurls Savage into the ring.

Savage scores with a low blow, Savage attempts a suplex but DDP slides out and nails a Diamond Cutter. DDP is prevented from winning as Scott Hall stomps on the head of Nick Patrick. Savage drills DDP with Hall’s tag team championship and Hall nails The Outsider’s Edge. Savage nails his Elbow Drop, Hall forces Nick Patrick to count the pin-fall.

Not as intense as The Spring Stampede match but a decent match nonetheless. Savage worked the ribs of DDP, DDP showed a lot of fire, you had the brawling through the crowd, it was a bit much as they fought in the VIP area, it looked cartoony almost the way that area was set up. Savage’s insane character is entertaining but hinges on silly, I like aspects like wanting to take out DDP with a piledriver on the unprotected concrete floor but the attacking of the multiple referees is something that I see as unnecessary. The finish was what should have took place the first time these two squared off with Savage going over to build up DDP’s eventual win. With this, we are tied one a piece.

Winner: Savage over DDP via Elbow Drop!

WCW’s Great American Bash of 1997 featured a lot of matches that were rematches from the last two month’s pay per views and suffered as many of the rematches were simply not as good as the first encounters. The two main events of DDP vs Savage and The Outsiders vs Hall & Nash did not have a hot crowd and an intensity to them like the matches at Spring Stampede and Slamboree, respectively. Benoit vs Meng was not as dramatic as the first deathmatch, Madusa’s retirement match did not achieve the desired reaction. The tag team scene is not floundering, I am sure it consists of the champions, Harlem Heat, The Steiners and nobody else.

Konnan and Hugh Morrus was horrific and the bright spark on the card is Dragon vs Psychosis who had a good match (No real surprise there). My verdict is The Great American Bash is not a good pay per view, watch it only for the continuation of DDP vs Savage. Everything else you can give a miss. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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