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WWE No Mercy 2002 Review

Welcome critics and nay-sayers to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews! With elimination chamber around the corner, why don’t I take you back to another pay per view from WWE. It’s No Mercy 2002, featuring Katie Vick and Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell. Also, we have Dawn Marie vs Torrie Wilson and one hell of a tag team match as Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit vs Edge & Rey Mysterio to crown the first-ever Smackdown Tag Team Champions. So, let’s get it on!

(WWE World Tag Team Championship Match) Chris Jericho & Christian © vs Booker T & Goldust

Not sure of how The Un-Americans came to an end but it’s down to Jericho and Christian teaming together as the champions and they are battling rising star Booker T and his odd couple partner Goldust. Wikipedia notes that in-fighting over losses led to the breakup of the group, no promo package or announcer explaining anything, a disappointing end to the group which seemed to have big things in its future.

Booker T is in the ring and Jericho wants no part of Booker T. Christian runs into the ring and eats a clothesline, Christian jumps Booker after Booker is distracted by Jericho, Booker recovers to nail Christian. Goldust is legal, running clothesline and kick by Goldust, two count for Goldust. Christian eye pokes Goldust and tags Jericho, pair of butt bumps from Goldust and Jericho is catapulted onto Christian. Booker hurls Jericho into the ring, Goldust goes for ten punches in the corner but Christian hotshots Goldust and Jericho takes control with a missile dropkick. Jericho chokes Goldust with the rope and tags Christian. Russian legsweep by Christian for a two count illegal choke by Christian.

Jericho and Christian put the boots to Goldust, right hands by Y2J. Goldust fires back with a clothesline, Christian knocks Booker off the apron to prevent the tag. Christian steps on Goldust’s throat, Goldust creates space with a powerslam. Jericho tags in and stops Goldust from tagging until Goldust nails a neckbreaker. Harlem sidekick from Booker who is legal, flying forearm to Y2J. Harlem sidekick to Christian, Jericho blocks the Scissors Kick but does not block the spinebuster. Booker nails a sunset flip out of the corner, two count for Booker. Booker misses a kick as Christian pulls Jericho out of the way, double clothesline by Booker and double bulldog by Goldust who blind tagged into the match.

Goldust nails Christian with Shattered Dreams and Jericho is dropped into Christian’s groin. Jericho blocks The Curtain Call, slips out for The Walls of Jericho. Booker nails a sidekick to Jericho and scores with The Scissors Kick. Cover and Christian pulls out Goldust, baseball slide by Booker on Christian. Booker nails a missile dropkick on Jericho, Booker is feeling it and goes for The Spinaroonie. Christian has a championship but Booker sidesteps Christian, Jericho was looking for a springboard dropkick, the middle rope snaps. Goldust nails a bulldog but Jericho is saved by Christian. Jericho bulldogs Goldust on the championship belt and moonsaults off the top rope (Nice improvisation). Jericho scores the win with The modified Lionsault.

Good fast-paced tag team match, Booker was so over and really picking up momentum, second time Booker and Goldust have lost a championship match, the next time they challenge for the titles, the two must win the match. Goldust played a good face in peril, Booker came in and cleaned house well, more heel work from Jericho and Christian would have been nice but everyone did a fine job. Good opening match.

Winners: Jericho & Christian over Booker T & Goldust via Moonsault!

Funaki & Al Wilson

Funaki questions Al Wilson about his encounters with Dawn Marie, Dawn Marie had been in the shower with Al, something was going on between the two and it was driving Al’s daughter Torrie insane, she could not believe her father would be involved with Dawn Marie. Naturally, their war will be settled in the ring.

Torrie Wilson vs Dawn Marie

Torrie begins the match by dropkicking Dawn off the apron, in the ring Dawn nails Torrie with a boot, Torrie comes back with a sunset flip for a two count. Dawn dodges an Irish whip by hopping onto the apron and a slingshot to Torrie. Torrie is rammed into the ring apron by Dawn, Dawn kicks Torrie in the back over and over. Hard Irish whip and Dawn clubs the back of Torrie. Variation of the camel clutch and surfboard by Dawn, scoop slam by Dawn. Low headbutt by Dawn, cover and a two count for Dawn.

Torries ducks a clothesline, we have a roll-around with the referee in the middle of the action. Referee celebrates and Dawn looks disgusted at the referee, Dawn nails a shot to the ribs, Irish whip into the corner and Dawn catches Torrie with a clothesline. Kick to the head by Torrie, snap suplex by Torrie. Two count for Torrie, low dropkick by Torrie. Dawn grabs the ropes before the three count, hair-pull by Torrie. Torrie catapults Dawn into the top turnbuckle and a schoolgirl for a two count. Torrie slingshots Dawn into the top rope and Torrie wins with a neckbreaker. Torrie picks up the win.

I thought it would be a lot worse and it was not, the match did not overstay its welcome, it told a decent little story with Dawn working the back of Torrie, Torrie rallied and defeated the tramp that was trying it on with her father. Honestly, was not that bad, kudos to both women for not embarrassing themselves.

Winner: Torrie Wilson over Dawn Marie via swinging neckbreaker!

RVD/Tracy Promo

RVD mocks Flair and claims that he will defeat Flair while Coach tries to interview Tracy who is an ex of Undertaker and not a happy woman so she cannot wait for Brock Lesnar to rip apart Undertaker.

Ric Flair vs Rob Van Dam

Triple H insulted Flair before The Game’s championship match with RVD, Flair came out and grabbed a sledgehammer, it looked like Flair would destroy Triple H but Flair caved in RVD’s ribs and Triple H escaped with the victory. RVD looks for revenge tonight in this match. Match starts hot with RVD pummelling Flair with kicks and punches on the floor, thrust kick in the ring and a handspring moonsault for a two count. Low dropkick from RVD, Flair chops but RVD Irish whips Flair for a Flair flip. Spinning heel kick from RVD, Flair eats a springboard thrust kick from RVD. Flair begs for mercy, low blow behind the referee’s back.

Chop block by Flair, Flair stomps all over RVD’s leg. Flair punches and chokes RVD, chop by Flair and a few right hands. Flair backs off and RVD fights back on one leg, forearms to the face before Flair eye pokes RVD. Another chop-block from Flair. Flair stomps RVD, more chops and right hands. Back suplex and Flair signals for The Figure Four, Flair locks it in the middle of ring. RVD reverses the pressure and Flair breaks the hold, Flair stomps all over RVD. RVD scores with a sunset flip from the apron, two count for RVD.

Flair dodges a dropkick by holding onto the ropes, Flair struts and goes for the Figure Four, RVD counters for a small package, two count for RVD. RVD comes back briefly before eating an elbow, Flair is on the top rope and Flair is slammed from the top rope, Rolling Thunder by RVD. Two count for RVD, spinkick from RVD and a Five Star Frog Splash. RVD picks up the win with The Five Star Frog Splash.

Average match, it is the standard Flair match with the same bumps, same chops and nothing different from any other Flair match you have seen. Leg work meant nothing in the long-run as RVD would jump, run and climb to the top rope with no trouble. Let’s move on!

Winner: RVD over Flair via Five Star Frog Splash!


Show complains that he is not on pay per view and doing nothing on Raw, Bischoff gets in Show’s face and Show lets Bischoff know that Show does not give a shit about Bischoff by intimidating his boss. I did forget Show was on Raw and wondering how he would be challenging Brock at Survivor Series, I guess I have my answer.

(WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match) Jamie Noble © W/ Nidia vs Tajiri

Noble and Nidia had a match on Smackdown to settle some issues they had, Tajiri was the referee and the two attacked Tajiri after the match. Your guess is as good as mine, it makes little sense to me. Match begins with Tajiri baseball sliding Noble, asai moonsault by Tajiri. Noble is in control in the ring briefly before Tajiri nails a stiff kick to the spine and a knee drop. Sunset flip by Noble, Tajiri powders to the floor and kicks Noble in the face. Two count for Tajiri, Irish whip into the corner, Tajiri tries to jump over Noble but Noble catches Tajiri for an electric chair drop, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Noble for two.

Tajiri was looking for a crucifix, Samoan drop by Noble for a two count. Noble continues working the back of Tajiri, knees and elbows to the kidney area of Tajiri. Tajiri tries fighting back but Noble is in control, shoulder thrusts to the back of Tajiri, Noble props Tajiri on the top rope. Tajiri knocks down Noble, Moonsault by Tajiri, Noble dodges but Tajiri lands on his feet. Tornado DDT by Tajiri, Buzzsaw Rush from Tajiri. Noble eats a handspring elbow, huge kick to the face from Tajiri. Two count for the challenger. Tajiri nails a German suplex for a two count. Chops from Tajiri, Tajiri is whipped into the corner but counters Noble with The Tarantula.

Noble dodges The Buzzsaw Kick, Noble shoots for The Tiger Bomb, Tajiri counters with a catapult, Crescent Kick by Tajiri. Nidia kisses the referee for the distraction, Noble nails a Tiger Bomb, two count for Noble. Noble looks for another Tiger Bomb, standing switch, Tajiri looks for a victory-roll and Nidia helps balance Noble and Noble pins Tajiri. After the match, Tajiri kisses Nidia and Nidia thinks to like it, Noble is not happy and Noble kisses Nidia so Tajiri kicks the two lovers.

A quick match with some nice work from both men, Noble used a fait bit of psychology in this match with the work on Tajiri’s lower back but the finish negates all back work as it has nothing to do with Tajiri’s bad back. Cruiserweight division has not been much since its inception on Smackdown, that’s their first match since Vengeance. Disappointing stuff.

Winner: Noble over Tajiri via Roll-up!

(Champion vs Champion) World Heavyweight Champion Triple H © vs Intercontinental Champion Kane ©

Katie Vick, that’s all I really need to say about this match. Kane denies murdering Katie, Triple H says Kane killed her and had sex with her dead corpse, Triple H would act this out in a skit on Raw. It’s absent from the promo package and for good reason. Anyways, that distasteful trash has led to a match between Kane and Triple H. Also, if that story is meant to be true about Kane having a girlfriend, friends and a car, it dismantles the established narrative of Kane being burnt and kept in mental wards because of the damaged suffered from Undertaker setting their parents’ house on fire.

Kane and Triple H stare one another down, lock-up and Kane overpowers Triple H. Triple H nails a right hand and Kane knocks down Triple H. Triple H goes low and punches Kane, Irish whip from Kane. Kane tees off on Triple H, back body drop by Kane. Kane uses his legs to shove Triple H into the barricade, more right hands from Kane. Clothesline from Kane, two count for Kane. Corner clothesline and more right hands by Kane, Triple H dodges a clothesline and nails a neckbreaker. Kane sits right up and Triple H slides out of a powerslam only to eat a powerslam. Two count for Kane.

Facebuster by Triple H, clothesline to the floor. Eye poke by Triple H and Kane is sent into the ringpost. Neckbreaker from Triple H, two count and another neckbreaker. Third neckbreaker for a two count, back elbow from Kane but Triple H scores with a spinebuster. Rope guillotine by Triple H, Kane battles back on his knees. Triple H grabs a sleeper but Kane counters with a back suplex. Kane misses an elbow but scores with a big boot. Into the corner, right hands by Kane, corner clothesline and a sidewalk slam. Kane goes to the top rope, diving clothesline from Kane. Here’s Ric Flair, Kane is stunned by Flair, Triple H attacks Kane but eats another big boot.

Kane nails Flair but Triple H smashes Kane with a championship belt. 1…2.. Kane kicks out and Hurricane beats up Flair. Triple H Pedigrees Hurricane on the floor, Kane sits up and fires back at The Game. More shots, powerslam by Kane for a two count. Triple H is on the middle rope, Kane catches Triple H and places Triple H on the top rope. Triple H blocs the superplex, Kane catches Triple H with a big boot. Triple H dodges a Chokeslam, Kane boots the referee by accident. Kane catches Triple H and Chokeslams The Game through the announce table. Flair unloads on Kane to no effect, Kane wipes out Flair.

Flair has a sledgehammer, Kane blocks the sledgehammer and looks at Triple H. Triple H begs for mercy, low blow by The Game. Triple H smashes Kane in the ribs with the sledgehammer, Kane dodges a shot to the head and Chokeslams Triple H. Kane has the cover and there is no referee. Here comes a new referee and Flair nails the new referee, Flair is on the top rope. Kane catches Flair and Chokeslams Flair. Triple H targets Kane’s ribs and nails a Pedigree, cover and Triple H beats Kane with a Pedigree.

Overbooked nonsense from Raw’s main event for the pay per view, you had two referee bumps and multiple interference from Flair and even sledgehammer shots, it was ridiculous by the end of the match. Story-wise after Kane was belittled for weeks on end about being a murderer and Triple H steals a win. Match was slow and methodical as is Triple H’s style. Not a lot of action going in this match, it started strong with Kane decimating Triple H but once Triple H’s heat segment began, it went all downhill.

Winner: Triple H over Kane via Pedigree!

Stephanie & Tracy

Tracy says to Stephanie “confidentially” that she made everything up with Paul Heyman even though this is on television in front of everyone on live pay per view (Women are so stupid dur dur dur).

(WWE Tag Team Championship Match) Edge & Rey Mysterio vs Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle

The rivals Benoit and Angle are the unlikely tag team partners in the tournament for the new tag team titles which are exclusive to The Smackdown Brand. Big story coming into the match was Chavo & Eddie Guerrero outsmarted Benoit and Benoit doubts Angle more than ever. Benoit grabbed a chair and the world thought Benoit would knock out Angle but Benoit did the right thing and clocked Eddie and Chavo, the two men who hate one another’s guts are in with a chance of winning the titles.

Angle and Mysterio start, lock-up and Angle arm drags Mysterio. Another lock-up, Angle takes the back and slaps the head of Mysterio. Angle picks up Mysterio and hurls Mysterio at Edge, Angle is at his cocky best in this match. Mysterio wants Angle, Angle scoffs at Mysterio. Lock-up, Mysterio stomps on Angle’s foot and dropkicks Angle in the face. Boot to the face and headscissors from Mysterio, drop toehold and Mysterio slaps the head of Angle.

Edge and Angle, lock-up and Edge takes down Angle. Angle takes control with a side headlock, shoulder block by Angle. Hiptoss by Edge, arm drag and a dropkick by Edge, Angle tags Benoit. Benoit and Edge mat wrestle, top wristlock into an arm drag by Benoit but Edge reverses with his own hold. Benoit back Edge into the corner, side headlock by Benoit. Shoulder block by Benoit but Edge comes back with a knee to the ribs. Gutbuster by Edge, knees to the ribs by Edge. Backbreaker for a two count, shoulder thrusts by Edge. Benoit is coming back with chops, flapjack by Edge. La Magistral for a two count, Edge eats a cheap shot from Angle off an Irish whip.

Edge Spears Angle off the apron, O’Connor roll by Edge, two count and Angle stunguns Edge. Neckbreaker by Benoit and tag to Angle. Angle stomps all over Edge and chokes the Canadian. Edge blocks a right and Angle nails a knee to the ribs, cover and a two count for Angle. Bodyscissors with a sleeper by Angle, Edge fights out and Irish whips Angle, Angle counters for a belly to belly suplex. Tag to Benoit, chops and right hands by Benoit. Hard Irish whip by Benoit, Benoit talks trash with Mysterio. Knees to the ribs by Benoit, German suplex by Benoit. Three German suplexes by Benoit and a cheap shot to Mysterio. Benoit calls for the end and Edge crotches Benoit on the top rope.

Top rope superplex by Edge, Mysterio gets the tag. Shot to Angle, headscissors to Benoit. Drop toehold to Benoit, dropkick to the face of Benoit. Dropkick to Angle, Mysterio nails a springboard leg drop on Benoit, Angle saves the match. Edge clotheslines himself and Angle to the floor, Mysterio was looking for a wheelbarrow bulldog but Benoit slams Mysterio hard, Crippler Crossface but Edge makes the save. Edge and Angle are on the floor, Benoit eats a dropkick, Benoit counters The 619, Edge dropkicks Benoit with Mysterio pinning Benoit for two. Angle runs up the top turnbuckle and belly to belly suplexes Mysterio for a two count.

Mysterio is whipped into the corner, Angle has taken out Edge. Benoit tags Angle, backbreaker by Angle for a two count. Front chancery by Angle, Mysterio counters for a northern lights suplex but Angle recovers for a belly to belly suplex. Benoit is legal, Benoit puts the boots to Mysterio. Back body drop by Benoit, two count for Benoit. Back suplex by Benoit, chops by Benoit. Mysterio puts the boots up off an Irish whip, headscissors into the ringpost and Mysterio has a chance to tag Edge. Edge gets the hot tag, clotheslines all around. Facebuster to Benoit and Edge O Matic to Angle, Benoit makes the save.

Spear by Edge in the corner on Benoit, bronco buster by Mysterio. Edge spears Angle and Angle is on the top rope, Edge elevates Mysterio up to Angle for a hurricanrana. Edge covers but Benoit comes off the top rope with a Diving Headbutt, Benoit hits Angle by mistake, cover and Angle kicks out at two. Angle catches Edge with a German suplex, Edge launches Mysterio into Angle. Edge measures for The Spear, Benoit trips Edge for a Crossface, Edge makes it to the ropes and Mysterio nails a 619 to Benoit. Angle Slam on Mysterio, Ankle Lock on Edge, Edge kicks off Angle for a small cradle, Angle kicks out at two.

Spear on Angle, Benoit makes the save and Mysterio nails a moonsault on Benoit. Edge goes for an Edgecution but Angle drips Edge for The Ankle Lock, Edge rolls through for The Ankle Lock. However, Angle counters and makes Edge tap to The Ankle Lock, we have champions and their names are Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle.

Talk about stealing the show, Angle, Benoit, Edge and Mysterio brought their A-Game for this match. Mysterio was a great face in peril, Edge was good but I think Mysterio was really great in the role. The false-finishes and that finishing stretch was so good. Benoit was nasty, snug and crisp with every attack and every bump, Mysterio ran wild and was a human highlight when in the ring. It was a fantastic match with a lot of action, drama and excitement. Maybe the best tag team match they ever had in the WWE, a must see in many ways for how creative and exciting the match was, top quality from two thirds of The Smackdown Six.

Winners: Angle & Benoit over Edge & Mysterio via Ankle Lock!

(WWE Women’s Championship Match) Trish Stratus © vs Victoria

Not much of a backstory for this match other than Victoria wanting the championship. Perhaps the psycho part of her character has been fleshed out just yet, Victoria grabs a side headlock and slaps Trish. Big shoulder block and stomps by Victoria, kicks in the mid-section by Victoria. Clothesline by Trish, Chick Kicks by Trish that floor Victoria, Victoria powders to the floor. Trish sends Victoria into the ringpost before Victoria returns the favour. Victoria drops Trish on the barricade, kick to the ribs by Victoria. Slingshot leg drop for a two count.

Shoulder thrusts by Victoria, monkey flip and Trish does not really flip. Trish blocks the second monkey flip, headscissors for a two count. Knee to the ribs by Victoria, Victoria goes for a backbreaker, Trish counters before Victoria slaps Trish. Scoop slam by Victoria, sidewalk slam by Victoria. Victoria climbs to the top rope, Trish electric chair drops Victoria. Cover and a two, right hands by Victoria, forearm shots by Trish. Chick Kick floors Victoria and it’s a two count, neckbreakers by Trish. Stratusfaction is countered, O’Connor roll and Trish wins the match. Victoria boots Trish after the match.

Average match, not much on display from either woman, too short to really critique it on a fair level, it was the breather between the tag match and the big main event. They did fine but I would like to see more from these two women. Also, where is Jazz?

Winner: Trish over Victoria via O’Connor Roll!

(WWE Undisputed Championship Match) The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar © W/ Paul Heyman

Lesnar and Taker battled at Unforgiven to a no-finish, the feud was already personal as Lesnar had put his hands on Taker’s pregnant wife. The feud gets good for me as Undertaker’s hand was broken by Brock Lesnar and a propane tank. To even the odds, the match was made for No Mercy and it’s Hell in a Cell. Tracy was brought in, an ex who talks shit about The Undertaker, the mind games had started from Lesnar and Heyman. Taker is armed with a cast so Taker’s injury is now a weapon. Promo package is pretty good, nothing memorable but it sets up the feud nicely.

Lesnar is in Taker’s domain and it looks like Lesnar has been intimidated for the first time. Taker goes right for Lesnar, Lesnar is dodging the challenger. Lesnar takes the back of Taker, Taker is back on his feet. Elbows from Taker, Irish whip and a powerslam from Lesnar, two count for the champion. Shoulder thrusts by Lesnar, Taker dodges the clothesline. Huge cast shot from Taker, both sell the pain of the cast. Lesnar powders off an Irish whip, Lesnar tries to leave the cage. Taker gives chase to Lesnar, Lesnar is realizing that he cannot run far from Taker. Lesnar stomps Taker in the ring and boots the hand over and over, Lesnar uses the ropes to put pressure on the arm of Undertaker.

Lesnar armbars the hand of Taker, Lesnar eats a shot from the cast. Another huge shot to the head, Taker is feeling the effects of the cast. Lesnar is a bloody mess, Taker measures Lesnar and elbows The Next Big Thing. Undertaker scrapes Lesnar’s face off the cage and slams Lesnar head first into the steel. Cover and a two count for Undertaker. Taker is manhandling Lesnar and hurls the champion into the ring. Cast to the head by Undertaker and an apron leg drop for good measure. Taker climbs to the top rope and drops a knee to Lesnar’s throat (It looks like trash, I thought Lesnar would dodge but Taker kind of fell on Lesnar awkwardly). Taker makes Heyman watch as Lesnar is pummelled in the face.

Taker boots Heyman and pulls Heyman into the cage by his tie, Heyman is bleeding. Taker gets cocky and Lesnar flapjacks Taker into the cage, series of spinebusters by Lesnar into the cage. Heyman hands Lesnar the belt for Heyman’s pants. Lesnar wraps the belt around Taker’s cast. Lesnar has a chair, Lesnar wallops the cast of Taker over and over. Lesnar rips at the cast while Heyman cheers on like a mad man. Taker battles back and the cast hangs on by a thread. Lesnar clubs Taker and takes Taker’s cast and smacks it against the cage. Taker refuses to lose his cast, clubbing blows from Lesnar. Lesnar stomps the hand.

The cast is off Taker’s hand, Lesnar stomps on the broken hand. Taker is placed on the top rope and Lesnar is hanging on the cage and kicking The Deadman. Taker low blows Lesnar and shoves off the champion. Taker drops an elbow from the top rope, cover and a two count. Lesnar hotshots Taker but Taker boots Lesnar from the apron into the cage wall. Heyman pleads with Lesnar to get on his feet. Suicide Dive by Taker, Lesnar sends Taker into the cage and clotheslines Big Evil. Lesnar has the steel steps and Lesnar cracks Taker in the face. Taker is bleeding profusely, another steel step shot by Lesnar. Lesnar clubs Taker and chokes Taker against the cage wall.

Taker fights back but Lesnar spinebusters Taker for a two count. Lesnar continues knocking around Taker, Taker is heavily damaged but Taker will not stay down. Right hand by Taker, broken hand to the face of Lesnar. Taker stomps on the fingers of Lesnar, Old School but Lesnar hurls Taker off the top rope. Taker slips out of The F-5, Chokeslam by Taker and Lesnar kicks out at two. Another right hand, corner clothesline, Lesnar blocks the second clothesline. Lesnar is looking for The Last Ride, back drop counter by Taker. Running DDT from Taker, cover and a two count.

Lesnar blocks a Last Ride with shoulder thrusts in the corner, ten punches by Lesnar but Taker counters for Last Ride. Cover and Lesnar grabs the ropes, Taker signals that’s it. Taker tries for a Tombstone but Lesnar reverses the hold, lifts up Taker for The F-5 and that’s all she wrote, Lesnar is still your champion. Lesnar climbs to the top of the cell and holds his title prudly above his head.

Everything that their first match was not, it was heated, chocked full of drama and one bloody war. I loved the story-telling elements of this match, Lesnar was worried for the first time, it was Taker’s yard. Lesnar was like an animal, trapped inside a cage while Taker was at home. Even with an injured hand, Taker was empowered by the demonic playground. Taker showed tremendous heart and courage to fight against the insurmountable odds, the sympathy was there with the cast being ripped off and Lesnar being relentless in his pursuit of destroying the hand. Lesnar was tremendous, sold his ass off to look Taker look like a badass, appeared vulnerable for the first time which was important for his character because you can only go on as so long as the invincible beast and Lesnar was getting over so strong that soon Lesnar would be babyface.

Everyone did a great job in this match, I loved every aspect of it. Minor nitpick would be a rope break in a no DQ style match, they needed to protect Lesnar and get out of The Last Ride spot but it’s a little cheap. Strong main event from Smackdown.

Winner: Brock Lesnar over Undertaker via F-5!

WWE’s No Mercy of 2002 was an average pay per view for the WWE. A lot of the matches were solid yet nothing special. I thought the Raw side of things was a lot weaker than the Smackdown side of the pay per view. That being said, that is based purely on the tag team championship match and Lesnar vs Taker in the cell. Those two matches were fantastic and carried the show for me. You had matches like the two women matches and RVD vs Flair were on the short side and were very standard like Raw level matches. The show opened strong with Booker & Goldust but that world heavyweight championship match dragged on and on with stupid overbooking. Overall, Smackdown had a good night with two good matches and two solid matches while Raw had a terrible main event that drags down their side of things. Another review done and remember: There’s always another night!

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