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WWE Unforgiven 2002 Review

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Welcome one and all to you avid-readers of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews! We are officially on the road to Wrestlemania, the news of Seth Rollins’ injury has hit the wrestling world hard. It seems with every up, there is down, with every step forward, there are two steps back. The WWE is moving forward and so are we. That brings me to today’s review which is WWE’s Unforgiven 2002! The Summer of Brock had begun, The Rock had been vanquished and in his place, stood The Next Big Thing. However, all was not rosy in Brock’s Kingdom as The American Badass wants the Undisputed Championship which is now exclusive to Smackdown. Meanwhile on Raw, The Big Gold WCW Championship has been reactivated, two warriors in RVD and Triple H will battle out for the championship. The undercard is filled with possibly a lot of solid matches and there’s no better time than now so let’s do this!

Opening Promo

They resurrect the female voiceover who narrates the big, scary pay per views. They do a good job hyping up the history and value of the world heavyweight championship while also hyping up RVD vs Triple H and Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar. Good stuff, a bit on the cheesy side as Adrenaline by former Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale blares through my headset. Stage is of a simple design but it differs from Raw and Smackdown so it has that over today’s stage designs.

The Un-Americans vs Bubba Ray/Booker T/Goldust/Kane

The Un-Americans are one of Vince’s pet projects so they receive tv time a plenty and have been present in high profile matches for the past three pay per views. Regal joined two weeks prior to this match and we also saw the return of Kane who kicked the crap out of The Un-Americans (Kane might have the best returns of any superstar ever). Anyways, this is an eight-man tag pitting our American heroes against the dastardly Canadians and their English friend.

Goldust and Christian to start, butt bump from Goldust. Cover and a two, Christian clubs Goldust and in comes Storm. Double clothesline by Goldust, tag to Bubba and both men do a tribute to Dusty Rhodes with big bionic elbows. Jawbreaker by Storm, Storm puts the boots to Bubba before Bubba places Storm in the tree of woe and chops Storm. Regal smashes Bubba but Bubba recovers to flapjack Storm. Two count for Bubba, tag to Goldust. Christian grabs Goldust’s leg off an Irish whip. Goldust is roughed up on the floor before Test takes it to Goldust in the ring. Huge elbows and stomps from Test.

Goldust catches Test with a clothesline, Booker tees off on Test. Flying forearm to Test and a thrust kick to Regal. Regal and Booker are legal as Test rolls out, Storm has the referee and we see a What’s Up headbutt on Regal from Booker. Bubba tells Booker to get the tables, Storm and Christian baseball slide the table into Booker’s face. Test has Booker, Booker eats elbows in the corner and right hands. Tag to Regal, left hands and an uppercut by Regal for two. Exploder suplex by Regal for a two count, tag to Christian. Christian applies a reverse chinlock, Booker fights back before eating a knee into the ribs. Goldust makes the save.

Booker nails a sunset flip out of the corner, two count and Booker creates some space with a spinebuster. Kane is in, right hands to Storm. Back body drop, clothesline to Regal and a right to Test. Sidewalk slam to Test, tilt-a-whirl slam on Storm. Big brawl with only Regal and Kane left in the ring, Test misses a Big Boot, Kane misses a slam and Test nails a Pumphandle Slam. Booker T drops Test with a Scissors Kick. Spinaroonie but Christian drops Booker with a falling reverse DDT. Storm and Christian low blow Kane and Storm nails a Superkick for two.

Booker and Christian are brawling, Christian knocks down Booker. Bubba is in the ring, Bubba Bomb on Christian. Regal and Bubba spill to the floor, Goldust nails Shattered Dreams on Christian. Test Big Boots Goldust, flying clothesline by Kane on Test. Kane catches Storm for a Chokeslam and drops Regals with a punch. Team USA win the match thanks to a Chokeslam by Kane.

Perfect opener for the crowd, a lot of action towards the end, everyone was nailing their finishers and rolling out of the ring. It flowed well and nobody was out of place. Kane wins his return match, they saved him for the end and it did pay off, the fans exploded when Kane started kicking Un-American ass. Good stuff!

Winners: Team USA over The Un-Americans via Chokeslam!

Stephanie pep talk for Billy & Chuck!

Tonight, Stephanie’s team of Billy & Chuck will battle Bischoff’s team of Rosie and Jamal. Not for supremacy but rather if Bischoff wins, Stephanie will have to kiss another woman because lesbians are awesome while if Stephanie wins, Bischoff has to kiss Stephanie’s ass (Yep, this was 2002 ladies and gentlemen , a weird strange place where things like were the norm). Anyways, Billy & Chuck promise to win.

(WWE Intercontinental Championship Match) Chris Jericho © vs Ric Flair

Was not blown away with their first match but it is going to continue. Jericho won the championship under dubious circumstances as it seems RVD loves to play tag with that championship. Flair looks to be already ageing rapidly under the WWE schedule. I think only Michaels aged worse in the WWE as the years went passed by.

They lock-up, Flair slaps Jericho, shoulder block from Jericho. Flair sidesteps Jericho but Jericho lands on the apron, Jericho looks for a double axe handle but Flair has it scouted, right to the sternum by Flair. Flair looks for a Figure Four, Jericho shoves off Flair and nails his triangle dropkick. Jericho chops Flair on the floor and rolls The Nature Boy into the ring. Missile dropkick by Jericho, cover and a two count. Jericho talks trash and slaps Flair. Leg across the back by Jericho, abdominal stretch by Jericho. Flair reverses the hold, chops by Flair.

Flair flip in the corner, right hand by Flair catches Jericho, Jericho is hurled head first into the ringpost. Flair hurls Jericho into the steel steps, more chops by Flair. Knee drop by Flair, snapmare and a knee drop from the second rope. Cover and a two count for Flair, more chops and right hands. Flair plants Jericho with a shin breaker, Figure Four is blocked with an inside cradle, two count for the champion. Flair eats a back elbow, Jericho goes for The Lionsault. Flair dodges and Jericho lands on his feet but clutches his knee.

Jericho may have hurt himself, the referee asks for Flair to back off and not attack Jericho. The referee calls for a trainer, Flair falls for the oldest trick in the book as Jericho makes Flair tap to The Walls of Jericho! Jericho celebrates as Flair looks on in disappear.

It was more of the same from the Summerslam match. A lot of chops from Flair but not a lot of heat for the match and definitely not Jericho’s best work. Interesting finish with Jericho out-foxing Flair with a dirty trick but I was not big into this angle or this match.

Winner: Chris Jericho over Flair via Walls of Jericho!

Edge vs Eddie Guerrero

Initially, this feud began with Eddie being annoyed by Edge’s good looks and popularity. Going into this pay per view, Cole makes reference to the feud being about Guerrero wanting respect and being annoyed he took two stinkfaces recently. Edge was smashed with a chair by Guerrero on last week’s Smackdown so Edge comes storming to the ring.

Guerrero avoids Edge until Guerrero has a clear advantage. Stomps and rights by Guerrero until Edge drops Guerrero with a back body drop, chops and right hands by Edge. Guerrero fights back with some mean rights, powerslam by Edge off an Irish whip reversal. Edge nails a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. Irish whip by Edge into the corner, Guerrero counters with a back elbow and a massive tornado DDT. Guerrero stomps all over Edge’s head, suplex and a two for Guerrero. Guerrero contorts the neck of Edge, working on the concussion that Edge suffered on Smackdown. Edge battles back with knees to the head.

Back suplex by Guerrero, cover and a two for Latino Heat. Front chancery by Guerrero who transitions to a cravat like crossface hold. Edge fights back before Guerrero cuts off Edge with a back elbow. Stomps by Guerrero and a right-hand floors Edge. Guerrero taunts Edge and continues dishing out the right hands. Edge catches Guerrero with a straight right and both men are down. Edge misses a corner splash, more right hands from Latino Heat, Guerrero chokes Edge with his boot and the bottom rope. Edge school-boys Guerrero for two, small package for two. Edge creates space with a neckbreaker, both men are down. They throw bombs on their knees.

Right hand by Edge who explodes with an inverted atomic drop, faecbuster by Edge and a two count for Edge. Edge slips out the back of a suplex for an Edge O Matic, two count for Edge. Jawbreaker by Guerrero, right hands for Guerrero. Guerrero was looking for a hurricanrana but Edge counters for a powerbomb, two count for Edge. Edge was looking for a flapjack, Edge shoves Guerrero into the top turnbuckle and measures for a Spear. Guerrero dodges and Edge puts on the breaks, Edgecution by Edge! Guerrero puts his foot on the ropes at the last second. Edge climbs to the top rope and waits for Guerrero, Guerrero dodges the missile dropkick. Guerrero exposes a top turnbuckle, Guerrero tries to Irish whip Edge.

Edge reverses the Irish whip and Spears Guerrero in the corner. Guerrero is placed on the top rope, Edge is looking for a superplex but Guerrero rams Edge’s head into the exposed turnbuckle and delivers a sick sunset flip powerbomb. Guerrero holds onto the tights too because Guerrero is a great heel and this match is over.

Loved the psychology of this match, Guerrero half exposed that turnbuckle in the early portion of the match and Tazz picked up and made sure to mention it so you knew Guerrero was planning to use it at some stage in the match. Guerrero controlled the majority of the match and was just great, from mannerisms to timing, Guerrero was phenomenal. The finish was great too with Guerrero using the turnbuckle to smash Edge’s head because Edge had a concussion, good stuff from these two stars of Smackdown.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero over Edge via sunset flip powerbomb!

Triple H & RVD

Triple H verbally puts down RVD and Ric Flair. Flair stands up ready to kill Triple H but RVD says no worries Flair, I got this. RVD puts over Flair as the man and Triple H as a piece of shit.

(Interpromotional Match) Billy & Chuck vs Three Minute Warning

In a memorable segment on Smackdown, Billy & Chuck were meant to be married. Bischoff impersonated a priest and assaulted Billy & Chuck with Jamal & Rosey. Bischoff also had Stephanie attacked by Jamal & Rosey, Billy & Chuck beat the crap out of Bischoff and Three Minute Warning on Raw so how we got to lesbians and ass kissing, I have no idea.

Billy & Chuck rush into the ring to meet the two giants, Billy and Jamal tumble to the floor. Chuck eats a kick from former manager Rico, back suplex by Rosey. Rosey clubs the chest of Chuck, Jamal is legal. Huge knee lift from Jamal, cover and a two count. Rosey and Jamal beat up Chuck, scoop slam by Rosey for a two count. Reverse chinlock by Rosey, series of headbutts by Rosey. Jamal is in the match, clubbing blows by Jamal. Billy is distracted by the referee and Three Minute Warning put more boots to Chuck. Another cheap shot by Rosey, Rosey misses a middle rope moonsault as Chuck rolls out of the way.

Tag to Billy, right hands by Billy. Dropkicks and huge clothesline by Billy. Noggin knocker, no effect and Billy is knocked down hard. Chuck is on the floor, Jamal is on the top rope but Chuck hurls Jamal off the top rope. Rosey plants Billy with a facebuster, Chuck puts down Rosey with a Superkick. Jamal superkicks Chuck out of the match. Jamal measures for a Samoan drop but Billy counters in mid-air for a Fameasser. Billy has the match won but here comes Rico, Billy knocks down Rico with a right hand. Rosey hurls Billy into Jamal’s Samoan drop and this match is over. We have hot lesbian action on the way.Not much of a tag match, Jamal and Rosey come off looking like beasts which is good for them as they squash Billy & Chuck.

Winners: Three Minute Warning over Billy & Chuck via Samoan Drop!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) RVD vs Triple H ©

Triple H had been awarded the championship as Triple H was the number one contender for the Undisputed Championship but Stephanie signed Brock Lesnar exclusively to Smackdown. Bischoff countered this move by reactivating the World Heavyweight Championship. RVD won the right to face Triple H by winning a fatal four way on Raw.

Lock-up, RVD takes down The Game with a side headlock. Another lock-up, same result with RVD out wrestling the champion. Triple H looks taken back by the wrestling skill of RVD. Third lock-up, Triple H pulls the hair of RVD in the lock-up. Triple H has a hammerlock, side headlock by RVD. Triple H shoves RVD and RVD slaps the taste out of the champion. Kick and right hand from The Game, shoulder block by Triple H but RVD comes back with a side headlock. Triple H crawls to the ropes and RVD breaks the hold, The Game powders to the floor to change his game plan. RVD grabs a bottle of water and impersonates Triple H, Triple H is seething with rage.

More side headlocks, Lou Thesz be damned! Knee in the corner by Triple H, right hands by The Game. RVD blocks an Irish whip in the corner, sunset flip by RVD for a two count. RVD trips up Triple H and grabs another side headlock. Spinning sole butt by RVD, Triple H is on the floor, Triple H dodges a tope con hilo and RVD splats on the floor. Triple H mocks the challenger, Triple H stomps all over RVD. Triple H slams RVD into the ring apron and Triple H delivers elbows to RVD’s ribs. Hard Irish whip by Triple H into the steel steps and RVD is thrown back into the ring. Cover and a two count for the champion.

Right hands by The Game, rope guillotine by Triple H. RVD slides out of a suplex for an O’Connor roll, two count for RVD and Triple H is back on top with a neckbreaker. Triple H has RVD by the announce tables, RVD sends Triple H into the table, high knee by The Game for a two count. Triple H is on the top rope, RVD kicks Triple H and Triple H is thrown off the top rope. Triple H slaps on a sleeper, RVD shakes off The Game and nails a spinning heel kick. Slugfest with RVD emerging the victor, step-over spinning heel kick and another by RVD. Handspring moonsault by RVD, roll through monkey flip by RVD. Shoulder thrusts by RVD, diving thrust kick and a rolling thunder. Two count for RVD as Triple H rolls out of the ring.

Plancha by RVD, RVD is on the top rope and nails a thrust kick. Cover and Triple H kicks out at two. Facebuster by Triple H and Triple H rams into referee Earl Hebnar. Spinning heel kick by RVD but there is no referee. Pedigree is blocked as RVD catapults Triple H into the top turnbuckle, Five Star Frog Splash by RVD. Triple H low blows RVD and looks for his sledgehammer. RVD scores with a spinning heel kick, here comes Ric Flair and Flair picks up the sledgehammer. Flair corners Triple H and wallops RVD, Pedigree by Triple H. Flair rolls in the referee and Triple H escapes with the championship.

I thought it started out well with RVD proving that he could hold his own with The Game and The Game getting more agitated with each sequence with the challenger. It starts to go downhill afterwards with Triple H’s control segments playing out as slow. The finish was interesting with RVD getting two visual pinfalls over The Game yet RVD would never have another one on one match with Triple H. Politics aside, I think it was a shame that RVD would not hold the championship during this year but this was a good showing from RVD. RVD was clearly the most popular guy on Raw but this match was not the best for either men.

Winner: Triple H over RVD via Pedigree!

(WWE Women’s Championship Match) Trish Stratus vs Molly Holly ©

Remember Raw had a women’s division? I had high hopes when I was looking over this time period but the women disappeared from pay per view, last appearing at King of The Ring. Anyways, the feud which began over the champion having a fat ass continues as the hero Trish tries to regain her women’s championship.

Lock-up, Trish takes the back before Molly counters and slams Trish down by the hair. Molly works the arm, Trish kips-up and wrenches the arm of Molly. Firemen’s carry by Molly for a two, Trish rolls-up Molly for a two and we restart with a lock-up. Japanese arm drags and a dropkick by Trish, neckbreaker for a two count. Molly counters Trish with a huge right, Irish whip into the corner, Trish misses an elbow and Molly goes to work with stomps and a snap suplex. Hair-slam by Molly, Trish is hurled to the floor.

Trish is rammed into the steel steps and the barricade, Trish fights back but Molly hurls Trish to the floor. Straight-jacket choke by Molly ala Jinsei Shinzaki. Trish shakes off Molly but Molly fires back with a dropkick. Small package by Trish for two, another roll-up for two by the challenger. Molly trips Trish into the bottom rope, Molly was looking for a sidewalk slam and Trish counters for a bulldog. Two count for Trish, Trish nails a massive Chick Kick for a two.

Molly kicks down Trish, Molly is on the top rope and Trish crotches Molly and looks for a handstand headscissors, Molly catches the leg of Trish and ties Trish in the tree of woe, handspring elbow for a two count. Trish catches Molly with a beautiful bulldog counter and Trish wins the championship.

Good stuff from these two women, they had not hit their stride just yet but it was nice to see a good flow to a women’s match. Finish comes out of nowhere but the finish looks great. Hope to see more from the Raw women and not for them to disappear from pay per view.

Winner: Trish Stratus over Molly Holly via Stratusfaction!

Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle

Benoit and Kurt Angle were teammates in a six-man tag, another feud that centres about a Stinkface as both men suffered a stinkface from Rikishi (A lot of ass on this show). I love watching these two wrestle because I know I am going to get great stuff either way, Angle had been stealing the show all year while Benoit returned to form with a great showing against RVD at Summerslam.

Lock-up, they roll to the floor and get in one another’s faces. Takedown by Angle and Benoit wriggles free and they trade control with Benoit going for The Crossface, Angle makes it to the ropes. Angle takes down Benoit, Benoit trying to free himself from Angle who has control on the mat, Benoit reaches the rope after an Ankle Lock attempt. Third lock-up, Angle has a hammerlock and holds on after Benoit’s snapmare. Benoit rolls through but Angle has a side headlock, shoulder block by Angle. Angle picks up Benoit for a driver, Benoit slides out and we have multiple pin attempts. Benoit almost has The Crossface, Angle rolls out and the fans applaud the wrestling from both men.

Angle and Benoit trade holds, Angle shoves Benoit to the floor. Angle drops Benoit throat first on the barricade, stomps to the ribs by Angle. Backbreaker for two and Angle kicks the head of Benoit. Bodyscissors by Angle, Benoit has the most epic facial while trying to break the hold, Benoit breaks the hold and Irish whips Angle before Angle nails a big knee to the ribs. Benoit is rammed into the turnbuckle, shoulder thrusts by Angle. Angle misses a shoulder thrust, Angle hits the ringpost hard with his shoulder. Benoit rams Angle into the post, back suplex by Benoit and a two count. Benoit clubs the injured shoulder and lands a short-arm clothesline.

 Benoit blocks a German suplex but cannot block the belly to belly suplex. German suplex by Benoit, make it two. Angle blocks the third and nails a German suplex of his own, make it two by Angle. Benoit blocks the third and nails a huge German suplex, Angle nails his own German suplex. Two in a row by Angle and a third by Angle. Straps are down, Angle looks for The Angle Slam, Benoit sneaks out for a huge German suplex which makes Angle to a moonsault. Benoit was looking for the diving headbutt but Angle sucked up the pain to run up and deliver his belly to belly from the top rope. Two count for Angle, Benoit trips Angle and tries a jacknife pin, Angle slips out and applies The Ankle Lock.

Benoit kicks off Angle, Benoit was going for a slam until both men counter one another until Benoit delivers a shoulder breaker, Diving Headbutt by Benoit. Cover and Angle kicks out at two so Benoit applies The Crippler Crossface. Angle looks to tap but Angle reverses the hold into an Ankle Lock, Benoit rolls through for a Crossface, Angle bridges out and Angle has The Ankle Lock. Benoit makes it to the ropes, Angle drags back Benoit for a Crossface but Benoit makes it to the ropes, Benoit wriggles free to cover Angle in a cradle and Benoit uses his feet on the ropes to secure the win.

Awesome match from these two, a perfect blend of counters, bumping and psychology. I could watch these roll around and wrestle for hours, they were that good at wrestling. Angle and Benoit were in a league of their own when it came to doing technical wrestling and putting on highly competitive matches. The match of the night and the reason you should watch this pay per view, end of story.

Winner: Chris Benoit over Kurt Angle via cradle!

HLA: Bischoff and Stephanie

Bischoff won so Stephanie has to make out with lesbians, two beautiful young women come out to the ring and Bischoff is the happiest man on the planet as Stephanie squirms on the spot. Bischoff has an ace up his sleeve as a huge lesbian comes out and Stephanie must kiss her. It turns out to be Rikishi, Rikishi stinkfaces Bischoff and Stephanie has the last laugh. A fine segment when you throw logic at the window.

I mean Steph must have known she would lose and asked Rikishi to dress up, Steph knew that Bischoff would just accept Rikishi? You see what I mean? Anyways, Steph one ups Bischoff, I’d like more focus on the wrestlers please!!!

(WWE Undisputed Championship Match) The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar © W/ Paul Heyman

The main event promo begins with footage of The Undertaker and Lesnar’s rise to prominence. Hogan is destroyed, Rock is beaten, there is no one who can stop Lesnar. Heyman and Lesnar would target Undertaker’s wife Sarah who is pregnant at the time. Lesnar would put his hands on Sarah’s baby bump so Taker called out Lesnar and these two big motherfuckers started killing one another.

Undertaker shoves Lesnar, Taker corners Lesnar and Lesnar is not happy. Lock-up and Lesnar shoves back Taker. Taker shoves Lesnar out of the ring, Lesnar is irate and livid. Lock-up and side headlock by Lesnar, shoulder block by Lesnar and Taker counters with a hiptoss and Taker sends Lesnar to the floor. Knee by Lesnar and clubbing blows to Taker, Taker armdrags Lesnar and works the shoulder. Lesnar fights back with a knee, shoulder thrusts by Lesnar. Big boot by Taker and a leaping clothesline for a two count. Taker nails Old School, Irish whip into the corner and Paul Heyman is on the apron, Taker boots Heyman.

Lesnar takes control with a spear, vertical suplex by Lesnar for two. Lesnar works the ribs of Taker with stomps and right hands. Lesnar exits the ring and pulls Taker into the ringpost. Cover and a two for the champion, Taker tees off with a flurry of rights. Powerslam off an Irish whip reversal for two by Lesnar, bearhug by Lesnar. Taker tries shaking off Lesnar but Lesnar continues the pressure and Taker begins to fade. Taker fights his way out of the hold, Lesnar nails a nasty knee and a go behind throw by The Next Big Thing. Lesnar continues to control Taker, Taker escapes by swinging Lesnar to the floor.

Taker nails some body blows and Lesnar is out on the floor. Taker tosses Lesnar into the timekeeper’s area, Lesnar wallops Taker with the championship belt while Heyman distracts the referee. Taker is bleeding profusely, cover by Lesnar and it is a two count. Right hands to the wounds of Taker by Lesnar, boot to the head. Taker fires up, corner clothesline by Taker. A second clothesline and Taker signals for a Chokeslam. Lesnar elbows his way out but Lesnar cannot avoid the big boot. Two count for Taker, snake eyes and a big boot by Taker. Right hands by the challenger, Lesnar’s head meets the turnbuckle. Irish whip and Lesnar crushes the referee, Chokeslam by Undertaker but there is no referee.

Here comes Matt Hardy, Last Ride to Matt Hardy. Lesnar drops Taker with a spinebuster, two count as Taker kicks out of the spinebuster. DDT by Taker and Lesnar kicks out at two. Lesnar slides out of The Tombstone and Lesnar shoves Taker into the referee. Heyman tosses in a steel chair and Lesnar grabs the chair, Taker blocks the chair with a boot. Taker has the chair, right to the cranium and Lesnar is not down. Second chair shot knocks Lesnar to the floor. Heyman is knocked into the crowd by The Undertaker, Lesnar has been opened up by the chair shot. Big boot and a leg drop by Taker, two count for the challenger.

Taker motions for The Last Ride, Lesnar counters with a back drop. Lesnar attempts The F-5, Taker counters and they unload in the corner. Lesnar puts his hands on the referee and the referee calls for the bell as the match has been thrown out, the two men keep brawling and the night ends with Taker hurling Lesnar through the stage.

Three referee bumps, a run-in and a no-finish all in one match. Probably not the best way to end your pay per view. Regardless, I did not get a lot of enjoyment out of this match, it seems like they were saving everything for the next month. I was glad Lesnar hit no F-5 during the match so the move is still protected and I liked Lesnar trying to weaken Taker by breaking down Taker’s ribs but aside from that, there was not much intensity to a bout that had the narrative of a dickhead champion putting his hands on the challenger’s wife’s unborn baby.

That was Unforgiven 2002, an up and down show like much of WWE that year unfortunately. The positives were the hot opening match and two excellent matches in Edge vs Eddie Guerrero and Benoit vs Angle. The World Heavyweight Championship Match was decent and I was not a big fan of a lot the other matches on this card. Final verdict on WWE Unforgiven 2002: there is some good but there is also some bad stuff on here that might make you want to hurl your laptop through a wall! That’s all from me and remember: There’s always another night!

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