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TNA Sacrifice 2005 Review

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Looks like it is time for another edition of Seanomanic Wrestling Reviews, no fancy intro folks. Sorry, the reason? Well it’s TNA and Jeff Jarrett is in the main event so you know shit is going to be overbooked. I have a love/hate relationship with TNA, some days I adore you and other times you drive me nuts. It’s Sacrifice 2005 and the main event centres around Raven, Jeff Jarrett and Rhino. Jarrett brought in Rhino at the last pay per view, Raven continues to be champion and has listed the help of Sabu to battle Jarrett and Rhino. Other big matches on tonight’s card include Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels vs Austin Aries and 3-Live Kru battling against Kip James & Monty Brown.

Opening Promo

I am more impressed with the promo packages for the big matches on tonight’s card, each individual promo hypes up the matches perfectly. Jerry Lynn vs Sean Waltman could be a show-stealer. Anyways, the opening promo for the pay per view focuses on Raven while two narrators talk over clouds and images of TNA superstars.

Simon Diamond/David Young/Elix Skipper vs Sonjay Dutt/Shark Boy/Chris Sabin

David Young and Skipper are under the tutelage of Simon Diamond while our babyfaces are united by the fact that they like to do cool flippy things. Young and Shark Boy start, side headlock by Shark Boy. Young and Shark Boy have a stand-off, shoving contest and slaps by both men. Shark Boy chops Young in the corner, elbow by Young but Shark Boy nails a neckbreaker for a two count. Ten punches by Shark Boy but Young clotheslines Shark Boy out of his boots, Young misses a leg drop. Shark Boy bites Young’s ass before Young drills Shark Boy with a right hand.

Front chancery by Shark Boy, Skipper enters illegally and nails a clothesline. Diamond is legal, rope hung suplex by Diamond. Tag to Skipper, choke by Skipper. Knee to the face by Shark Boy, tag to Dutt. Springboard back elbow and crossbody by Dutt for two, headscissors is countered into a backbreaker by Skipper. Gutwrench suplexes by Skipper, stiff kick to the spine. Cheap shots to Sabin by Skipper, Young puts the boots to Dutt. Dutt fires back until Young nails a facebuster. Dutt nails a slingshot hurricanrana on Young. In comes Sabin and Diamond, hurricanrana by Sabin for a two count.

Spinning sole butt by Sabin, Diamond elevates Sabin to the apron, springboard dropkick by Sabin, team heel make the save. Sabin tags Dutt and team heel catch Dutt but Shark Boy nails a dropkick on Dutt which sends team heel crashing. Skipper hits an ugly hurricanrana on Dutt, spinebuster by Young on Dutt but Shark Boy makes the save. Shark Boy sends Young to the floor, plancha onto Young. Sabin and Skipper in the ring, Skipper dodges The Cradle Shock, a botched sunset flip from Skipper and Sabin leads to a flat finish.

Typical high-flying TNA pay per view opening match, Skipper continues to be the biggest botching wrestler in the world, forget about Sabu or Sin Cara, Skipper is a big contender for that position. It was fine but nothing of note, just something to put a lot of the guys on the card.

Winners: Shark Boy/Sabin/Dutt over Diamonds in The Rough via terrible sunset flip!

TNA on Spike Announcement

Jarrett interrupts to complain about a championship match, Zbyzko announces Jarrett gets his title match if he pins Raven in the tag match tonight but if Raven beats Jarrett, Jeff Jarrett cannot have a championship match for a year. Bit of intrigue to the tag match, I do not mind the stipulation.

The Naturals Promo

These guys suck but they are the champions. Jarrett tries to talk to The Naturals, Jarrett ends up offending The Naturals and Jarrett is told to hit the bricks.

Alex Shelley vs Shocker

The rubber match between TNA’s Shelley and Mexico’s Shocker, Shocker was treated as a big deal upon arrival but after losing to Christopher Daniels, it has been all downhill for The Mexican Star. Lock-up, Shocker and Shelley mat wrestle with Shocker looking the better of the two. Second lock-up, Shelley works the leg to the frustration of Shocker. Shocker sweeps the leg and wrenches the leg of Shelley, transition into a single leg crab. Lock-up and Shocker takes down Shelley, judo like throw. Shelley kicks off Shocker and we reset, elbow to the knee by Shelley.

In the corner, Shelley dropkicks the knee of Shocker, Shelley tries for a splash but Shocker dodges. Shocker tries a suicide dive, enzuigiri by Shelley. Shocker is right back up though, snake eyes on the apron and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Shocker. Shelley hotshots Shocker on the apron, Shelley comes running in but Shocker nails the legs of Shelley who tumbles to the floor, springboard plancha to the floor by Shocker. Chops by Shocker, forearms by Shelley. Chops and a rush from Shocker, Irish whip and a corner clothesline into a bulldog. Big boot and a variation of an Indian deathlock. Shelley reaches the ropes to survive, Shocker is in control with headbutts and chops.

Shelley reverses Shocker’s Irish whip with knees in the corner and a tornado DDT. Shocker blocks a clotheslines for a beautiful submission, Shocker goes back to the legs with another variation of The Inidan deathlock. German suplex by Shocker, Shelley blocks the second and nails a dragon screw leg whip, Shelley sets up for a figure four and Shocker cradles for a two count. Slingshot elbow by Shocker, sunset flip but both men roll out for dropkicks in one another’s faces. Shocker tries for a La Magistral and Shelley holds onto the ropes for leverage and Shelley beats Shocker.

Nice change of pace from the high-flying action of the first match, lots of submissions and leg work from both men, thought it would play it to the finish but that did not happen, would be a better match if the leg work was paid off but there you have it, Shocker is a big star and TNA had the opportunity to put one of their stars over and they did it so cannot complain about that move on TNA’s part. They immediately cut away to the back so we do not get to put over how big a victory it is for Shelley but it’s TNA, they did it half right and that’s a miracle.

Winner: Shelley over Shocker via Shenanigans!

Abyss W/ James Mitchell vs Lance Hoyt

Two big men going at it, Hoyt is over with the TNA crowd and Abyss is yet to be ruined by TNA so this good be a good match between these two, Mitchell is great, the promos are entertaining and hard-hitting at the same time. Match was set up as Abyss wanting to destroy people and Hoyt in way (Poor son of a bitch).

Hoyt charges in at Abyss, right hands and ten punches in the corner by Hoyt. Shoulder block by Abyss, Hoyt kips up, mocks Abyss and clotheslines Abyss to the floor. Plancha by Hoyt, Hoyt shoves Abyss into the guard rail and steel steps. Right hands by Hoyt but Abyss sends Hoyt into the guard rail. Abyss nails a corner splash, giant chest slaps by Abyss. Hoyt fires back and chops Abyss, Abyss misses a clothesline. Hoyt misses a big boot, Abyss signals for a chokeslam. Hoyt elbows his way out but Abyss nails a giant clothesline, middle rope splash by Abyss. Hoyt is rammed into the ringpost and make it double.

Hoyt blocks the third ringpost attempt and Hoyt nails a leaping clothesline, shoulder block, Abyss nails a knee to the ribs but Hoyt chokeslams Abyss. Hoyt climbs to the top, moonsault by Hoyt. Abyss kicks out at two, Hoyt calls for a big move but Abyss catches Hoyt for The Black Hole Slam, Hoyt kicks out of The Black Hole Slam! Did not see that one coming, Abyss has a chair but Hoyt boots the chair into Abyss’ face. Abyss kicks out at two after the boot, Hoyt hammers Abyss in the corner and Hoyt has the chair. Hoyt places the chair on Abyss’ face, Hoyt is thinking Coast to Coast. Van Terminator by Hoyt and Abyss kicks out of Hoyt’s Van Terminator! Hoyt kicks Abyss but walks into a Black Hole Slam and Abyss picks up the win.

Hoyt did look impressive, I will give the guy that. When you think of wrestlers who make their opponents shine, Abyss is not a name that comes to mind. Abyss did not make Hoyt look amazing, it was a lot of athleticism from Hoyt that made himself in this match. I was not expecting Hoyt to survive a Black Hole Slam. Let’s see where things go with Hoyt, ok match with Hoyt looking good despite not a lot of help from Abyss.

Winner: Abyss over Hoyt via Black Hole Slam!

3-Live Kru vs Kip James & Monty Brown (BG James is The Special Referee

Months and months of build to this match, BG James was shocked to see his New Age Outlaw partner Kip James in TNA. Kip wanted to align with BG but there was a problem, Kip attacked BG’s stablemates Konnan and Ron Killings. Kip James aligned himself with Monty Brown and BG James is the referee in this match and must decide is he with The Kru or is he with Kip James? It’s decision time!

It starts on the floor, Brown and James jump Killings & Konnan. Corner clothesline on Konnan, James misses a splash on Killings, James is knocked to the floor, Killings nails Brown with a leaping leg lariat. Konnan and Killings combine for a leg drop onto the groin of James from the top rope, Brown & James try leaving but The 3-Live Kru hammer Brown & James. Killings is dropped by a tilt-a-whirl side slam by James. Brown nails a scoop slam on Killings, Shake, Rattle & Roll knee drop by Brown. Tag to James, snapmare and kick to the spine by James. Two count for James, big boot and posing by James. Tag to Brown and Brown nails a floatover suplex, two count for The Alpha Male.

Chinlock by Brown, Killings battles back to eat a knee from Brown. Killings dodges two clotheslines and Brown collides head first with Killings. Tag to Konnan, clotheslines to James. Rolling clothesline to James, Konnan drops Brown with a K-Factor. Konnan hurls his shoe at James and hits BG by mistake, James misses a Fameasser, Brown and Killings brawl to the floor. Konnan has a chair and James attacks Konnan. James shoves BG so BG nails James and Konnan nails James with a chair shot for the win. 3-Live Kru are still a unit, BG has given everyone an answer.

Boring tag match but at least we have a pay-off to the storyline that had been going on for months, Killings sold until the hot tag, Konnan was in there briefly and before you knew it, the match was over. No cut to a reaction from Kip James, no face-off with BG James so I guess that is the end of that because they showed us nothing more.

Winners: 3-Live Kru over Brown & James via Chair Shot!

(TNA X-Division Championship Match) Christopher Daniels © vs Austin Aries

Daniels had run through most of the X Division so it is a nice change of pace to see Austin Aries in the ring with Daniels, they must be before the Rob Feinstein scandal where Feinstein was caught trying to solicit sex from a teenage boy (Guess there is such a thing as bad publicity). Anyways, Aries comes in for this match and Daniels smacks Aries to begin the match, Aries outwrestles Daniels on the mat. Daniels shoves back Aries but Aries rolls around the ring like the smoothest man alive and nails a back elbow to the face of Daniels, front chancery by Austin Aries. Daniels rolls himself out of the hold, Aries dropkicks out of Daniels’ hold and nails his heatseeker tope. Chops on the floor by Aries, Aries is thrown into the ring and Aries nails a slingshot corkscrew splash for two.

Irish whip is reversed by Daniels, shoulder breaker by Daniels. Scoop slams by Daniels, two count for Daniels. Forearms in the corner and a hard Irish whip by Daniels. Daniels steps all over Aries, snapmare and a knee to the spine. Reverse chinlock by Daniels, Aries slaps his way to his feet. Sunset flip by Aries for a two, Daniels kicks out and nails a tilt-a-whirl side slam. Flurry of fists to the face by Daniels, another scoop slam and a split legged moonsault for a two count. Daniels calls for the Angel’s Wings, Aries rolls out of the hold, Daniels slaps Aries over and over. Aries slides out of a suplex, slap to Daniels and a drop toehold. Slugfest with elbows by Aries, huge lariat and elbows by Aries. Swinging pendulum elbow by Aries, running corner dropkick for a two count.

Daniels is on queer street, sidewalk slam by Aries gets a two count. Daniels begs for mercy to lure Aries in, jawbreaker and complete shot by Daniels. Daniels shoots for The BME, Aries dodges and kicks Daniels in the face and Aries nails a 450 Splash, Daniels reaches the ropes for two. Elbow by Daniels, STO and Daniels put his feet on the ropes, the referee stops counting. Aries rolls-up Daniels for two, backslide for another near-fall. Daniels reverses The Brainbuster for an Angel’s Wings. Daniels walks away with the win.

I liked this match a lot, Aries looked great in this match. Daniels fired up Aries with the slaps, totally underestimating his opponent. Of course, Aries shows Daniels that Double A is a big deal. Aries sells, throw bombs and goes within inches of beating Daniels. Great stuff from both men in this little match, that transition from the brainbuster to the angel’s wings was so smooth and fluid, I loved it. Great little match with a good story and finish.

Winner: Christopher Daniels over Austin Aries via Angel’s Wings!

Jerry Lynn vs Sean Waltman

One with a lot of backstory, Waltman and Lynn lived together, they had matches together in the early parts of both of their careers. Lynn used to feed Waltman and Lynn was left behind as Waltman was snapped up by the WWF. Lynn never heard from Waltman as Waltman big leagued Lynn. This feud was ignited as Lynn would not allow Waltman to cheat in his match with AJ Styles. Big reception for X-Division pioneer Jerry Lynn and rightfully so, the man might be the most underrated wrestler of the past number of years. Never a bad match but always the bridesmaid as opposed to the bride.

Lynn asks for a handshake, Waltman does shake hands with his friend. Lock-up, Waltman takes the back, standing switch by Lynn, same by Waltman. Waltman slaps Lynn but Lynn returns the favour, Lynn points at Waltman and says “I know you”. Nice little touch there, it’s the small things that add to matches. Waltman wrenches the arm of Lynn, Lynn pops up and gets the better of Waltman once again. Test of strength but Lynn tells Waltman to suck it, Lynn saw the kick coming from Waltman. Another test of strength, Waltman sweeps Lynn and tells Lynn to suck it. Another test of strength, Waltman eats a springboard arm drag but Waltman nails a spinning heel kick to cut off Jerry Lynn.

Chops by Waltman, Irish whip, leap-over by Waltman but Lynn nails a headscissors out of the turnbuckle and Waltman is on the floor, crossbody by Jerry Lynn. Chops by Lynn on the floor, Lynn breaks the count and goes back to chopping Waltman before Waltman catches Lynn for a lawn dart into the ringpost, targeting the repaired shoulder of Jerry Lynn. Baseball slide to the injured shoulder by Waltman, Waltman attacks the arm as Lynn re-enters the ring. Waltman wrenches at the arm, chops by Waltman. Lynn fires back on Waltman, leg roll-up by Waltman. Shark Boy appears on the stage, no real reason storyline wise for Shark Boy to be there. Reverse chinlock by Waltman and Lynn battles back to a vertical base. Lynn fires up with elbows until Waltman nails a shoulder breaker.

Spinning heel kick by Waltman and Waltman misses the bronco buster, more X-Division wrestler appear on the stage in support of Jerry Lynn’s return to the ring. Headscissors takedown by Lynn, Waltman powders and Lynn is side stepped by Waltman. Tope con hilo by Waltman, Lynn suplexes Waltman from the apron to the floor. Missile dropkick by Lynn, elbows by Lynn and a back body drop. Clothesline by Lynn, Lou Thesz Press by Lynn. Waltman is up, hurricanrana is countered for a powerbomb by Lynn for a two count. Lynn drives for a Cradle Piledriver, Lynn cannot lift Waltman with the bad shoulder, low blow and X-Factor by Waltman, Waltman covers but Lynn has his foot on the ropes.

Waltman climbs to the top, crossbody but Lynn rolls through for a two count. Leaping tornado DDT for another near-fall, Lynn has Waltman for a tombstone but Waltman reverses and spikes Lynn for a near-fall. Waltman is pissed, Lynn counters what appears to be an electric chair drop for a victory roll. The X-Division wrestlers applaud as Lynn’s arm is raised in victory. Waltman walks over to Lynn, bows in respect and shakes Lynn’s hand. Waltman raises the arm of Jerry Lynn and they hug before Waltman drops Lynn with a single arm DDT on Lynn. Waltman throws Lynn into the crowd and smashes the arm of Jerry Lynn with a steel chair. The X-Division wrestlers come to Lynn’s aid but the damage was done.

Tremendous story-telling in this match, Lynn had been seen as second best as Waltman was in the WWF and WCW while Jerry Lynn could not get to the WWF, was fired from WCW and remained in ECW. For years, Waltman was seen as the star and nobody remembered the days when these two were starting off together and Lynn took care of Waltman. The match begins and Waltman is frustrated time and time again by a resilient Lynn who out wrestles and performs Waltman.

Angered by this, Waltman targets the injured arm but Lynn is coming back for more and more, Waltman low blows Lynn and nails The X-Factor, covering his friend nonchalantly like victory’s assured but no, Lynn puts his foot on the ropes and Waltman is left wondering what is it going to take to put away Lynn. Waltman loses concentration and in that second, Lynn strikes and steals the match away from Waltman.

Lynn proves that he is on Waltman’s level and Waltman shakes Lynn’s hand, tells him that he loves him and stabs in the back like the dastardly dickhead that he is, wipes out Lynn and tries to end Jerry Lynn’s career. I loved this match, I loved everything about it. Great stuff from two veterans and I want to know where we go to next with this feud.

Winner: Jerry Lynn over Waltman via Victory Roll!

Shane Douglas & Team Canada

Eric Young tries to rally the troops for the match against The Naturals & AMW, Petey Williams takes over with Bobby Roode, Team Canada is coming back to the top of the tag team division.

The Naturals & AMW W/ Jimmy Hart vs Team Canada

So the story of this match is rivals AMW & The Naturals are teaming together to take down the common problem of Team Canada. Not a fan of The Naturals, love AMW and Team Canada but neither team have anyone else to work with, seems like they are just going through the motions until a new team comes around.

Young & Douglas start, forearms by Douglas. A-1 misses a cheap shot, Young clobbers A-1 and Douglas wringers the arm of Young. Tag to Stevens, bulldog into Stevens’ knee. Jawbreaker by Young, tag to Williams. Williams dives from the top and Stevens catches Williams with a right hand, tag to Storm. Storm drills Williams with The Eye of The Storm, Roode chop blocks Storm and tags into the match. Roode goes after the leg of Storm, knees to the leg. Tag to A-1, A-1 poses before nailing a shin breaker. Tag to Williams, low dropkick to the knee but Storm fires back with a huge clothesline. Storm pulls himself up to tag Harris, Harris nails all of Team Canada with right hands and leaping clotheslines, stalling vertical suplex on Young.

Two count for Harris, tag to Stevens who levels Young. Young low blows Stevens as Roode distracts the referee, tag to Roode and Team Canada put the boots to Stevens. Roode stomps and chokes Stevens in the corner. Reverse chinlock by Roode, Stevens fires up but Roode clotheslines Stevens. Tag to Williams and Williams chops Stevens. Tag to Young, Stevens battles back on Young, right hands by Stevens. Young is elevated to the apron and climbs to the top rope, Stevens is up there with Young. Stevens enzuigiris Young to the floor (That bump looked like it sucked massively). Douglas runs wild, backbreaker on Williams, high knee on A-1. Natural Disaster on Young, Roode nails a lariat on Douglas, tornado DDT by Williams on Stevens.

In comes AMW, Catatonic on Williams and a Superkick by Storm on Roode for a two count. We have lost control of this match, everyone is brawling on the floor until Harris dives onto a pile of bodies. Roode and Stevens are in the ring, Roode crotches Stevens on the top rope, Stevens is caught but here comes Harris for a tower of doom spot with Harris powerbombing Roode and Roode suplexing Stevens. Williams misses a hockey stick shot, Storm is on the apron and throws Williams to the floor but Stevens hits Storm off the apron and Roode rolls-up Stevens with a handful of tights.

That was fine, I really need new life in this tag team division. Naturals have not been delivering while I am sick of Team Canada vs AMW. Nothing sloppy about the match, just a lot going on and it’s hard for anyone to be noticed among so many wrestlers.

Winners: Team Canada over AMW/The Naturals via roll-up!

(Super X Cup Final Match) AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe came in from Ring of Honour and beat everyone put in front of him, AJ Styles was the face of the division and advanced to the finals, these two meet and the winner faces Christopher Daniels for his X-Division Championship at the next pay per view. Do I have to say it? Ok, this match is going to be all kinds of badassery! Jeremy Borash does his best Michael Buffer impression as he introduces our two finalists.

Styles shoots for the leg and Joe is too quick for Styles, we reset with Styles hesitant to start a war with Joe. Joe kicks Styles’ leg twice with Styles tripping Joe on the third attempt, shoulder thrusts by Styles and a scoop slam into a knee drop by Styles, snapmare into a stiff kick. Forearms by Styles, Joe blocks the discuss lariat with a huge fist and a boot that knocks Styles to the floor. Suicide dive by Joe, Daniels is on commentary and Daniels says it all with his face, what in god’s name is Joe? Joe picks up Styles, Styles is whipped towards the guard rail, Styles leaps the rail and nails a springboard elbow into the face of Joe.

Styles attempts a suplex and Styles scores, two count for The Phenomenal One. Muta Lock by Styles, elbows and a side headlock by Styles, Joe nails a shoulder block but Styles nails the kip-up headscissors. Styles and Joe counter one another, Styles tries clothesline Joe over the top rope, Styles charges for a final clothesline but Joe nails a massive spinebuster. Knee in the corner and facewash from Joe with trademark running knee. Joe sweeps the legs of Styles, snapmare, kick, chop and senton by Joe. Cover and a two for Samoa Joe, reverse chinlock by The Samoan Submission Machine. Joe shoulder blocks Styles after Styles fires back, powerbomb for two by Joe. Joe transitions into a high angle Boston crab, Styles begins moving so Joe transitions into the STF.

Styles reaches the ropes to stay alive, Styles catches Joe with his beautiful dropkick springboard reverse DDT by Styles for a two count. Styles in on the top rope, Joe comes up there with Styles. Styles shoves off Joe, springboard senton by Styles, another two count for The Phenomenal One. Pele kick by Styles, jacknife cover by Styles for two, Styles rolls back for the clash, Joe kicks out with a boot. Sunset flip into a rolling cradle by Joe for two, lariat by Joe. Two count for Joe, Joe kicks Styles in the head, toying with Styles. Slugfest in the middle of the ring, Styles tees off on Joe, Joe tees off on Styles. Joe misses a slap and Styles nails an enzuigiri. The Impact Zone is rocking!

Joe shoves Styles for The Muscle Buster, Styles slides out the back, dropkick into the turnbuckle, torture rack by Styles but the referee gets club from a hanging leg. Daniels is off commentary and in the ring. STO to Styles by Daniels, Joe and Daniels lock eyes. Styles clotheslines Daniels to the floor but Joe slaps Styles in the face and nails The Muscle Buster and into The Coquina Clutch. Goodnight Sweet Prince….

A damn good match between these two stars of TNA, Styles works a ground based match to keep Joe on his toes and not allow Joe to dominate, one mistake from Styles and his plans are in tatters, Joe dominates Styles with submissions and sheer brutality. Styles battles and battles much to Joe’s frustration and the big beast is rocked for the first time in his TNA run as Styles has Joe’s number. Through luck, Joe knocks out the referee, Daniels gets involved and Styles take his eyes off the ball which leads to Joe taking control and putting away the valiant hero. A lot of good stuff in this match, Joe has a very believable style with a demeanour and body language that just screams huge star while Styles brings so much fire and excitement to his matches. Daniels interference sets up the triple threat angle perfectly.

Winner: Samoa Joe over AJ Styles via Coquina Clutch!

Raven Promo

Raven cuts a promo on a staircase with candles and Sabu sitting in the background, Raven kills it as always, nothing more to say than that.

Raven & Sabu vs Jeff Jarrett & Rhino

If Raven wins this match, Jarrett will not have a title shot for a year and if Jarrett pins Raven, Jarrett will have his title shot. Rhino debuted in TNA at last month’s pay per view, Rhino was fired from the WWE after an unprofessional incident where Rhino and his soon to be ex-wife had a public confrontation at a pay per view. Raven was outnumbered by Rhino and Jarrett until Sabu turned up in TNA and Sabu is Raven’s partner for this high stakes match.

Raven and Jarrett to start, slap by Jarrett and Raven pummels Jarrett. Jarrett powders off an Irish whip, in comes Rhino and Rhino eats a Russian legsweep into the guard rail. Tag to Sabu, right hands to Rhino, slugfest between the two. Low dropkick and leg drop to the back of the head by Sabu, Rhino clubs Sabu. Shoulder block by Rhino, Sabu fires back with a spinning heel kick, Sabu goes for the camel clutch, Jarrett saves Rhino and Raven throws Jarrett over the announce table. Raven has a pizza cutter and Raven slices at Jarrett’s head. Sabu suplexes Rhino on the ramp, trash can to the head of Jarrett by Raven. Jarrett is bleeding everywhere. Sabu nails Rhino with a chair to the head, chair assisted hurricanrana by Sabu.

 Top rope frankensteiner by Sabu, Rhino kicks out at two. Sabu was looking for the triple jump moonsault but Rhino tripped Sabu. Jarrett nails Sabu with a  chair as does Rhino, two count after the chair shots. Jarrett is legal and clubs all over Sabu, top rope superplex by Jarrett. Rhino tags in, headbutts by Rhino. Sabu and Rhino are on the top rope, Sabu knocks off Rhino. Somersault cannon ball attack by Sabu, enzuigiri by Sabu. Tag to Raven, jabs to Jarrett and Rhino, discuss clotheslines to both men. Knee lift to both Rhino and Jarrett, clothesline and bulldog on Jarrett, Rhino makes the save.  Raven nails Rhino with The Even Flow, Jarrett pulls out the referee. Sabu attacks Jarrett, low blow in front of the referee.

Jarrett has his guitar, Cassidy Riley steals the guitar but Raven nails The Stroke. Raven kicks out at two, tag to Rhino. Rhino clubs and puts the boots to Raven. Rhino bites the head of Raven over and over, right hands to the head of Raven. Bloody Raven is here! Tag to Jarrett, Figure Four by Jarrett. Raven turns the pressure onto Jarrett, Jarrett grabs a steel chair but Raven avoids the drop toehold into the chair and nails Jarrett with the chair. Tag to Sabu, chair to the face of Jarrett and Rhino. Splash takes out Jarrett and Rhino, springboard leg drop by Sabu. Cover and Rhino kicks out at two and a half.

Sabu dives onto Rhino on the floor, Jarrett and Raven are in the ring. Jarrett drop toeholds Raven onto the chair, two count. Seconds later, Raven nails The Even Flow DDT, Rhino makes the save. Gore by Rhino on Raven and Sabu makes the save, Rhino Gores the referee and misses Sabu. Chair to the face by Sabu and an Arabian facebuster by Sabu from the top rope. No referee, Sabu kicks Rhino onto a table, Abyss is here. Abyss stops Sabu and military presses Sabu through the table but here comes Jeff Hardy. Twist of Fate on Jarrett, Swanton Bomb on Jarrett. Raven pins Jarrett, Rhino makes the save for like the third time. Rhino now has a table, places it in the corner. Low blow by Raven, Jarrett is going for The Stroke, Raven counters for an Even Flow but Rhino Gores Raven through the table and wins the match.

That match tried to fit a whole lot in and I am not sure how to react to it. It had a lot of weapon shots filling the time which is the norm for Raven at this point in his career, Sabu did all his tricks and flips while Jarrett and Rhino used weapons to their advantages too. Not sure on a few things like why Jarrett needed to get colour? I could see it making sense if Sabu was bleeding and left for dead which would leave Raven alone against two men until Sabu comes back and the hot tag is made for Sabu to run wild but that did not happen.

The match descended into finisher after finisher with saves coming out of everywhere, there was a referee bump for god only knows why, Abyss and Jeff Hardy came out but they could have done so anyways as there was weapons legal and low blows sprinkled throughout the match. I really have no idea on how to view this match, it was not great but I do not know if it was bad. I’ll leave it in the middle, it was ok with some crazy stuff going on in between.

Winners: Rhino & Jarrett over Raven & Sabu via Gore, Gore, Gore!

That was TNA’s Sacrifice of 2005, a show that was mostly solid and featured a few standout matches. The opener was the typical TNA opener and I was not blown away by Shocker vs Shelley or Abyss vs Lance Hoyt but once Jerry Lynn vs Sean Waltman began, the show picked up greatly and only slowed down after the over-booked Jarrett main event which I loathe so much. Aries vs Daniels, Lynn vs Waltman, Styles vs Joe were all great stand-alone matches that told a good story but also showcased the talent on the roster and there were some big performances on this night. Overall, one of the better shows I have watched from TNA. That’s all folks so remember: There’s always another night!

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