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WWF Summerslam 1994 Review


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series that always throws up that dreaded “X” sign! It’s WWF Summerslam 1994 with Randy Savage as your host, headlined by The Undertaker vs The Undertaker. Yes, we will have the return of The Deadman as Taker is back after being crushed by Yokozuna and his band of merry heels. We also have Razor Ramon vs Diesel which should be a good match as well as Tatanka vs Lex Luger and the brothers do battle as Bret Hart battles his brother Owen Hart for the WWF Championship. As always, the WWF Stacks The Summerslam card as it’s still the number two behind Wrestlemania, let’s see how things work for the WWF as we continue to dive into the year of 1994.


The Headshrinkers W/ Afa & Captain Lou Albano vs Bam Bam Bigelow & IRS W/ Ted Dibiase

Headshrinkers continue they babyface run, they are no longer tag champions as Diesel and Shawn Michaels now hold the championships. Dibiase is a welcome addition as a manager, certainly gives credibility to his stable. IRS is still IRS though, Bigelow might be able to reignite his WWF career in this new stable. Bigelow and Fatu are to start, Bigelow shoulder blocks Fatu. Make it two, right hand in the corner. Fatu dodges a corner splash, superkick from Fatu. Two as Bigelow kicks out, scoop slam goes wrong as Bigelow lands on Fatu. Beautiful enzuigiri from Bigelow, Bigelow climbs high. Diving Headbutt misses, Fatu lands a massive clothesline. Tag to Samu, double whip to the buckle and double superkick for a close two.



Bigelow is whipped to the buckle but answers with a back elbow. IRS is tagged in, big reaction to IRS. I am shocked, Samu reverses IRS. Hip-tosses and slam for two, Samu misses a flying crossbody as IRS ducks but IRS misses a crossbody of his own. IRS is on the floor and Fatu sends IRS into the steel steps, headbutt from Samu for two. Tag to Fatu, double chop from the former champions. IRS sends Fatu to the ropes, Bigelow lowers the ropes and Fatu lands hard on the floor. Fatu is rammed off the briefcase of Dibiase, elbow drops for two. Tag to Bigelow, both men bang heads off an Irish whip. Samu receives the hot-tag, back body-drop for IRS. One for Bigelow too, headbutts for IRS and Bigelow. Scoop slam on IRS, Samu on the middle rope. Diving Headbutt, Bigelow saves the match for his team. Bigelow is sent to the floor, double headbutt on IRS. Double Face-buster on IRS, Fatu lands his Diving Splash. Dibiase distracts the referee, Bigelow attacks Fatu and decks Captain Lou Albano. Afa tees off on Bigelow, I guess we have a DQ.



Well, that’s not my idea of ideal opening match but I guess that’s it, Bigelow does get good heat for hitting Albano but we don’t really even get to take it in as the match is over seconds later. They continue brawling their way to the back and I am not sure what was the goal in mind for this match, perhaps they chose this finish as there were no tag team championships involved in this match.


Winners: The Million Dollar Corporation over The Headshrinkers via DQ!


(WWF Women’s Championship Match) Alundra Blayze © vs Bull Nakano W/ Luna Vachon

Oh yeah, this will be all sorts of badass ladies and gentlemen. Vachon is in the corner of Nakano, this should be good. We have flowers to kick us off, nice touch. Luna throws the flowers at Blayze, only could have been better if Luna ate the flowers. Nakano boots Blayze, whip to the buckle and clothesline. Nakano wants a powerbomb before Blayze lands a dropkick, Nakano dodges the second dropkick. Blayze throws Blayze around by the hair, Nakano does it twice. Mat-slam from Nakano, boot to the head from Nakano. Blayze battles back from her knees, Nakano kicks her down. Standing lariat and leg drop from Nakano for two, Nakano clamps on a reverse chin-lock.



Blayze breaks free, Nakano chokes Blayze on the ropes. Blayze is slammed into the mat, covering Blayze with one foot for a one count. Whip, Blayze counters the powerbomb for a hurricanrana, spin-kick from Blayze. Blayze tries it again but Nakano lands a two-handed choke toss. Nakano chokes Blayze with her shin before applying a Boston Crab with one hand while claiming victory. Nakano club down Blayze, Nakano applies her submission hold that Paige would later adopt in tribute and pulls on the hair of Blayze. Luna attacks Blayze behind the referee’s back, Blayze tries a desperation roll-up for two. Nakano applies a cross-arm breaker before Blayze counters for a roll-up. Two for the champion, Nakano is still in control.



Blayze catches Nakano with two neck-breakers, make it three. Close two for Blayze, Blayze wants a piledriver on Nakano. Blayze is back-dropped by Nakano, scoop slam for two. Blayze bridges out, Nakano catches Blayze with a clothesline. Blayze is whipped to the buckle, Blayze leaps over Nakano with a backslide for two. Nakano counters a hurricanrana for a powerbomb, Nakano wants the diving leg drop. Blayze dodges, kick to Luna on the apron and a German Suplex for the win.



What a match, you think that the WWF did not have good women’s matches until the likes of Lita and Trish? Bullshit because we had The Jumping Bomb Angels, Sensational Sherri and now, there is Alundra Blayze. These two are fantastic, these two are legends so these two delivering at Summerslam is no surprise in the slightest. This should have been the opening match because they set the pace for the night, crowd is all in on Blayze and after one or two lariats from Nakano, the crowd comes alive for her attacks. Great reaction off the finish, would love to see them do it again in the WWF.


Winner: Alundra Blayze over Bull Nakano via German Suplex!


(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Diesel © W/ Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon W/ Walter Payton

Razor looks to bounce back after his loss in The King of The Ring Finals to Owen Hart by recapturing the championship he lost due to the nefarious actions of one HBK. Ramon starts out with right hands, Diesel is quickly on the floor. Michaels talks to Diesel to calm down the champion, Payton and Michaels shall be factors in this one for sure. Big knee and elbows from Diesel, forearms to the spine of the challenger. Ramon is thrown to the ropes and battles back before Diesel lands a short-arm clothesline. Diesel misses a boot as Ramon lands two clotheslines, whip to the opposite buckle but Diesel catches Ramon with a back elbow. Diesel chokes Ramon in the corner with a boot, Michaels pulls the hair of Ramon behind the referee’s back.



Ramon fires back though before Diesel sends Ramon into the mat, sleeper from Diesel. Ramon does not go down though, belly to back suplex flattens Diesel. Diesel side-steps Ramon who is clutching his knee, yeah have seen that one quite a few times now. Michaels exposes the buckle behind the back of the referee, Michaels talks trash to the face of Payton. Payton scares off Michaels, Payton continues to advance towards Michaels. The referee is with Payton as Michaels jumps onto the steel steps and flattens Ramon with a clothesline. Payton tries waking Ramon, Ramon makes it into the ring at nine. Ramon is elbowed and kneed in the corner, the champion is dominating. The referee blocks the exposed buckle but Michaels distracts the referee so Diesel whips Ramon into the exposed buckle anyways.



Sidewalk slam for a close two, snake eyes from Diesel. Diesel chokes Ramon with his boot on the middle rope, Michaels holds Ramon in place so Diesel can smash Ramon with his knee. Reverse chin-lock, Ramon begins waking up. Ramon ducks a clothesline before eating a big boot. Ramon lands his foot on the ropes, abdominal stretch from the champion. Diesel continues to use the ropes for leverage, the referee cannot catch Diesel cheating. Whip from Diesel, Ramon catches Diesel in an abdominal stretch but Diesel counters quickly. Snake eyes into the buckle is countered as Ramon shoves Diesel into the exposed buckle, schoolboy for two. Diesel reverses an Irish whip but lowers his head, Ramon lands a massive kick and a series of right hands.



Whip to the buckle, Ramon slides out and sends Diesel into the ring-post by his groin. Middle rope bulldog by Ramon for a close two, scoop slam from Ramon for two. Michaels is on the apron, Ramon decks HBK. Diesel misses a right hand, Ramon places Diesel on the top turnbuckle. Diesel elbows his way out, Jacknife time for Ramon. Ramon backdrops Diesel, Ramon calls for the finish. Michaels is on the apron again, Diesel clotheslines Ramon. Flying shoulder tackle from Diesel, Michaels has a championship. Payton is in a tug of war with Michaels, the referee is with Payton. Michaels is in the ring but Michaels Superkicks Diesel by mistake as Ramon dodges the kick. Payton wants a piece of HBK, Michaels continues running. Ramon crawls into the cover, 1…2…3!



Crowd reaction is fantastic in this one, they showed they could be loud in the women’s championship match but they were great here. Payton was a great addition because the crowd loved him, Ramon and Diesel work hard but there’s nothing out of the ordinary here. Ramon gets all his stuff in, same with Diesel but the fans just scream their heads off for this match. Finish is great story-telling, love the exposed buckle being involved in the match too as a call-back to how Diesel won the championship. Michaels was a pest at ringside, a crucial part to the match just like the match between Diesel and Bret Hart at King of The Ring. Not a classic but a Summerslam match that should get some more love when they talk about this pay per view.


Winner: Razor Ramon over Diesel via Superkick!


Lex Luger vs Tatanka

Did Lex Luger sell out? Was the money too tempting from The Million Dollar Man? These two friends are going to battle it out with the fans divided on just what to think of Luger and his actions as of late. Still disappointed we did not get Perfect vs Luger, I thought that could have been a lot of fun. Tatanka starts the match by accusing Luger of selling out, asking where Dibiase is. They lock-up, clean break from both. Side headlock from Luger, shoulder block as Tatanka shoves him off. Arm-wringer from Tatanka, shots to the arm. Standard Tatanka offense, Luger pushes off Tatanka. Tatanka lands a flying crossbody for two, small package from Luger for two. Both trade blows, Luger wins that war.



Whip to the buckle, Tatanka is hip-tossed out of the corner. Suplex from Luger for two, elbow drop does not connect for Luger. Chop from Tatanka, right hands and an Irish whip. Powerslam from Tatanka, two for Tatanka. Tatanka is on the warpath, massive tomahawk chops. Tatanka lands a scoop slam, Luger dodges the diving crossbody. Luger lands two clotheslines, here comes Dibiase. Luger’s powerslam connects, Luger spots Dibiase at ringside. Tatanka rolls-up Luger for the win, Luger is irate. Dibiase enters the ring and guess who has joined the corporation? It’s none other than Tatanka!



Well look who just got an edge to their character when it was badly needed. We will see how the WWF books Tatanka going forward but Tatanka and Bam Bam Bigelow on the same side going after people has me interested. This match was all angle anyways, anything that happened before the roll-up meant nothing. This is all about the big twist, Tatanka has sold his soul to Dibiase and betrayed his friend Lex Luger.


Winner: Tatanka over Lex Luger via Roll-Up!


Jeff Jarrett vs Mabel

I’m guessing this must be a battle of musical tastes as Country Star Double J takes on Mabel who loves his hip-hop and rap. So, Mabel was beaten at King of The Ring in probably the most embarrassing way I had seen in quite some time but we are continuing with this ladies and gentlemen. Jarrett dodges an attack from Mabel, strutting away from the big man. Arm-wringer, Mabel hurls Jarrett across the ring. Irish whip, Jarrett ducks the attacks three times before strutting. Jarrett walks into a choke from Mabel, leap-frog and drop-down from Jarrett which leads to Mabel elbow dropping Double J.



Clothesline to the floor, Oscar is shoved into the steel steps by Double J. Jarrett trips up Mabel, middle rope fist drop from Jarrett. Middle rope axe handle from Jarrett, make it two. Jarrett is caught on the third attempt but rakes the eyes to escape, right hands from Jarrett have no effect. Jarrett ducks a clothesline and applies a sleeper, Mabel backs Jarrett into the corner. Jarrett does not give up though, Mabel crushes Jarrett in the corner. Spinning Heel Kick from Mabel for a close two, Abe Schwartz is here in the crowd. Ok…. Mabel lands a sidewalk slam for two, Jarrett rakes the eyes again. Mabel saves Oscar, Oscar gets to slap Jarrett. Mabel squishes Jarrett against the ring-post, Mabel misses a middle rope splash. Jarrett covers for a close two, Mabel presses off Jarrett. Mabel whips Jarrett, sunset flip from Jarrett does not work but Mabel tries a hip splash and misses, Jarrett pins Mabel after the big man broke his ass.



Once again, Mabel gets defeated like a moron. How can this gimmick be so popular with the fans when Mabel is treated like a joke every time Mabel enters the ring. King of The Ring and Summerslam have shown me Mabel is prone to losing due to his own incompetence, what would I ever want to watch this man wrestle again? It’s bizarre because at Mania, Mabel has a decent tag match that hid his weaknesses, I think Mabel needs a little more time in that setting before we do this singles match stuff again.


Winner: Jeff Jarrett over Mabel via Quick Pin!


(WWF Championship Steel Cage Match) Bret Hart © vs Owen Hart

Here we go, months in the making. Owen Hart was always in the shadow of brother Bret, Bret is a grand slam champion who has done it all while Owen had to scratch his way up the card to gain any sort of recognition. They nearly came to blows at Survivor Series 93 but things exploded at Royal Rumble 1994 where Owen attacked his brother Bret’s injured leg. Owen would defeat Bret though at Mania but the night ended with Bret as champion. It tore Owen up even more, Owen went on to win King of The Ring so this showdown was inevitable.



The cage door closes and Owen jumps Bret, right hands and Bret is bounced off the mat. In the corner, Owen lands right after right. European uppercut from Owen, stomps all over from The Rocket. Chops from Owen, headbutt too. Inverted atomic drop from Bret, massive clothesline from Bret. Eye rake from Owen, Owen stomps on the fingers of Bret. Headbutt from Bret but Owen holds onto the singlet of Bret. Bret battles back, landing a huge DDT. Bret lands a huge punch on Owen, leg drop from The Hitman. Bret attempts to escape, Owen drags down Bret. Multiple headbutts and an enzuigiri, Owen begins his attempt to escape.



Bret drags down Owen, belly to back suplex from the champion. Bret tries crawling out the door, Owen kicks the legs of Bret. Hard Irish whip to the buckle, Bret kicks Owen low and lands a running bulldog. Bret crawls for the door once more, Owen drags Bret and tries to leap over him. Bret stops Owen, both men attempt diving their way to victory. Owen has the steel steps for grip support, Owen bites the fingers of Bret. Bret drags Owen into the middle of the ring, Bret tries escaping but Owen grabs the ankle of The Hitman.



Gorilla press slam from Owen, Bret is hurled off the top rope to the mat. Owen tries escaping, Bret grabs his brother by the hair. Owen is back in the ring, on the top rope with his brother. They slug it out, Bret looks to be winning the war before Owen knocks down Bret. Beautiful missile dropkick from Owen, kip-up and Owen lunges towards the cage. Owen is over the cage, so close to dropping down. Owen tries to climb over his brother, they two are grappling on top of the cage. Bret manages to knock down Owen but there is no escape for Bret as Owen pummels his brother, piledriver does not work for Owen. Owen and Bret bang heads off a shoulder block, you can hear the Hat Family providing their support at ringside.



Owen is close to escaping again, Bret drags his brother back into the ring. Massive clubbing blow floors Owen, elbow from Bret. Bret is on top of the cage, Owen grabs a foot. Owen is kicked in the face over and over, Bret kicks away Owen before Owen yanks Bret onto the ropes and the champion lands groin first. Owen crawls towards the door, Bret has the foot of Owen once more. Bret lands a headbutt on Owen, Bret tries a middle rope elbow with Owen moving out of the way. Owen begins climbing his way out of the cage, Bret has the leg of Owen once more. Owen is so close to dropping down off the cage, Bret drags his brother back in by the hair.



Bret yanks Owen down to the mat, Bret begins climbing the cage. Owen tries to drag Bret in, Owen is successful in his attempt to drag down Bret with a massive Samoan drop. Owen almost escapes but Bret stops him again, Bret sends Owen into the cage head-first. Bret is nearly there, Owen pulls at his brother’s hair. Owen is desperate, Bret cannot escape and Owen nails a massive belly to back superplex off the top rope.



Owen picks up Bret, beautiful piledriver which spikes Bret into the mat. Owen stirs slowly, Bret is still down. Owen is climbing his way up the cage, Bret has the foot of his brother. Owen clubs away at Bret, Bret falls to the mat but Owen crotches himself on the top rope. Bret is closer to the door, Owen dives at the foot of Bret. Bret kicks and kicks at Owen but Owen will no let go of the legs. Bret is on top and Bret hammers Owen with right hands, Owen drags Bret back into the ring. Bret drags Owen to the middle of the ring, catapult into the cage wall. Bret crawls towards the open cage door, Owen dives and yanks Bret back into the ring.



Hard whip to the buckle by Owen, Bret winces in pain. Owen escapes a scoop slam, Owen wants to shove Bret into the cage wall but Bret ducks and Owen rams face-first into the cage wall. However, Bret’s tactic sacrificed his knee and The Hitman is hobbling. Owen manages to drag Bret back into the ring after right hands and a headbutt, Irish whip and massive spinning heel kick from Owen. Owen slowly climbs the cage wall, Bret has the foot of Owen once more. Owen is over the cage but not out, Bret drags Owen back into the ring. They brawl on the top rope, Bret manages to kick off Owen by kicking his hands.



Irish whip reversed by Bret but Owen ducks the lariat and lands a clothesline of his own. Owen has almost escaped again, Bret catches Owen and decides it’s time for a big spot, superplex from Bret to Owen. Massive pop from everyone, both men lay beside one another, exhausted from their battle. Bret crawls towards the open cage door, Owen grabs a foot. Owen digs down deep, applying The Sharpshooter to Bret. Bret counters the hold though, applying it Owen. Owen seems to be signalling for something/someone in the hold? Not sure, Bret continues scaling the cage. Owen manages to catch Bret again, both men land rights on one another and tumble to the mat below.



Owen climbs the cage, both men are on the side of the cage. Either man could drop down and win the match, they decide to battle with one another. Bret rams Owen’s head into the cage, this leaves Owen dangling upside-down as Bret drops to the floor and wins the match. In comes Neidhart who clotheslines Bulldog and his wife over the guard-rail. Owen and Neidhart close the door as they batter the champion. Davey Boy tries climbing the cage as does the other Hart brothers but Owen and Neidhart swap away everyone. Neidhart and Owen take turns battering back The Harts and Davey Boy but The Bulldog will not be denied. Bulldog is in the cage and Owen scrambles away, Neidhart manages to escape too.



So this one is a really difficult one for me to form an opinion on because of the crowd-reaction. For me, the whole match was structured like an Ultimate X Match from TNA where it just consists of spots and trying to reach the X. In this match in a heated feud where the cage match is usually treated as a match where the two wrestlers batter and bloody one another, this was Owen and Bret trying to escape every single second. The crowd-reaction makes this difficult because the fans were with it, the repetitive attempts at trying to escape were not lost on the fans as they bought into a lot of scenarios that Bret and Owen created. The superplex looked great too, massive reaction when that went down. However, my favourite part of the match came with Owen jumping Bret at the start because that resembled how heated the feud is and captured the feelings of hatred between the two men. The finish is creative but I think it would have been far more effective had Bret tied up Owen while trying to get to the same side as Owen. The way it played out, both men could have easily jumped to the ground, they were not high up at all. It looked a little silly on both men’s parts for not dropping down to the floor, so I did like elements of this match and the crowd reacting to everything makes it hard to call this a bad match but I would prefer a brawling heated cage match as opposed to a match around people trying to constantly escape regardless of babyface or heel status.


Winner: Bret Hart over Owen Hart via Escape!


The Fake Undertaker W/ Ted Dibiase vs The Undertaker W/ Paul Bearer

Dibiase claimed that The Undertaker was back but everyone knew that this was not The Undertaker, it was an impostor, a fake pretending to be The Deadman. This was a neat little move because not only did Taker need time off to heal from injury but Dibiase did introduce The Undertaker at Survivor Series 1990 so this works so well from an angle point of view. Druids carry a casket to the ring, Paul Bearer leads the druids to the ring. From the casket comes an urn and now, we have the return of The Undertaker. To distinguish the two, we have grey-gloved Fake Taker and purple-gloved Taker.



The two stare one another down, Taker tells Fake Taker you are dead. Taker nails a throat thrust, both men stand tall off a shoulder block. Irish whip and boot from Taker, Fake Taker is down on the floor off a throat thrust. Fake Taker stares down Bearer, Taker grabs Fake Taker by the hair. Massive headbutt and choke from Taker, Taker plants Fake Taker with a suplex from the apron. Taker chokes Fake Taker, Fake Taker is thrown to the floor. Fake Taker is smacked off the ring apron, Fake Taker manages to hot-shot Taker with the top rope. Fake Taker unloads with right hands, Fake Taker wants Old School. Taker stops that madness and yanks Fake Taker to the mat.



Fake Taker sits up, Taker wants Old School. Old School connects, Fake Taker reverses an Irish whip and lands a massive stun-gun. Clothesline from Fake Taker, Fake Taker knocks down Taker. Fake Taker misses a leg drop, Taker lands a clothesline. Right hands by Taker, Fake Taker ducks as Taker falls to the floor. Taker is rammed into the ring-post, Taker is bounced around the outside by Fake Taker. Fake Taker smacks Taker over and over with Taker not going down but Fake Taker lands a massive Chokeslam. Taker sits up, Fake Taker lands a Tombstone Piledriver. Taker sits up again, Taker counters and plants Fake Taker with a Tombstone Piledriver. Another Tombstone Piledriver from Taker, one more Tombstone Piledriver and Fake Taker has been beaten.



The wrong match went on last for sure, call it confusion or exhaustion but the fans were just not with this. Everything seemed so promising with the opening to the match, the drama to it. Glorious Undertaker cheesiness but the cage match stole all the momentum from these two. Fake Taker and Undertaker didn’t seem to gel with one another, not a good spot or memorable moment in this one at all. Not one memorable moment, not one thing that I could point to and say “Oh that was good”. Nothing, just there a match that went along with two men doing the same shtick. I suppose that might be the major issue for me, to have a Fake Taker is almost akin to parody of The actual Undertaker so it came off as bad but let’s be honest, this match was horribly boring. A bad way to cap off the night!


Winner: The Undertaker over The Fake Undertaker via 3 Tombstone Piledrivers!


That was WWF’s Summerslam 1994, a very good showing from the WWF again in 1994. Sadly, this one has one major thing in common with King of The Ring 1994 and that is the wrong match went on in the main event. However, let’s start with the opening match. I think it would have meant more had there been tag team championships on the line, the sudden switch the night before robs this match of all importance and it ends on a whimper with nothing gained and nothing lost between the two teams. A terrible way to kick off a show in my eyes, no need for a DQ in a match like that. Blayze vs Nakano should have been the opening match because these two bring it, Blayze bumps all over for Nakano and Nakano is just vicious in her dismantling of Blayze. It builds with oohs and ahs before Blayze puts away Nakano with a massive German suplex after kicking Luna square in the face, great stuff from these two. Razor and Diesel was a lot of fun, not often does Ramon get to be such a believable underdog but it works here because Diesel is bigger. Nothing spectacular from Diesel but the simple moves of knees and elbows, especially forearms to the spine just work for me in this one. Michaels is fantastic at ringside once more, creating chaos and building for that finish. A lot of story-telling going on here and we have intrigue for an angle as Michaels superkicks Diesel which leads to speculation that these two might not be so friendly for much longer.


More angle than match is the best way to some up Luger vs Tatanka, nothing interesting goes on in the ring but the idea of Tatanka being freshened up and potentially feuding with the top babyfaces does make me want to see more. Double J vs Mabel is all Double J for me, Jarrett as prick is excellent to me when he’s not at the top of the card. Mabel looks like a twat after being beaten like a fool on two pay per views in a row, I don’t know how the gimmick of MOM continues to gain strong reactions when Mabel is made to look so dump.


Bret vs Owen is considered a classic, two men who come in there and show you through selling how you can build drama and tension with ease. These two are non-stop with escape attempts that capture the crowd’s attention because everytime they buy into the idea that one of these men will escape from the other and win this cage match. The match is fantastic from that point of view, it’s not my idea of a cage match where I believe the two should batter one another with escape not being an option but rather pin-fall or submission. However, that’s only my idea and taking that out of the equation, you have an amazing match between two great athletes who know one another so well and have the crowd eating out of their hands for 30 minutes. And the pay per view could have stopped there but we had Fake Taker vs Real Taker and it was poor, the casket being wheeled to the ring by the druids may have been the most well-done aspect of the match. So, 1994 continues to deliver mostly good shows with only Survivor Series left to cover for this year, it’s interesting to think that 1995 is considered the absolute worst year of the WWF and we are only months away, will they quality begin to drop off in late 1994? We will see next time, thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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