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WWF Royal Rumble 1994 Review

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Hello and welcome to another blistering edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series that makes The Iron Sheik humble you jabroni! It’s WWF Royal Rumble 1994, the last pay per view I watched I considered the worst of The New Generation Era but it’s a new year and will it be a new low? We have The Royal Rumble Match itself, a staple of the WWF at this point. We also have The Hart Brothers taking on The Quebecers for The WWF Tag Team Championships, Razor Ramon vs IRS for the WWF Intercontinental Championship and The Undertaker challenges for The WWF Championship against Yokozuna. Let’s see how the WWF Starts 1994!


Tatanka vs Bam Bam Bigelow W/ Luna Vachon

The feud that never ends, these two have been going for one another since King of The Ring 93! Luna Vachon accompanies the big man, Bigelow is as close to clean-shaven as I have ever seen him and it’s a horrible look. Bigelow misses a splash to kick us off, Tatanka fires away before Bigelow lands a dropkick. Another whip to the buckle, Tatanka comes out with a clothesline. Flying shoulder block and a dropkick, crossbody for two. Arm-drag from Tatanka, Bigelow rakes the eyes but Bigelow lowers his head off an Irish whip. DDT from Tatanka, Bigelow dodges the diving crossbody. Bigelow whips Tatanka to the buckle, corner splash from Bigelow.



 Whip to the opposite buckle, Tatanka boots Bigelow away. Diving sunset flip from Tatanka but Bigelow does not go down, dropping his frame onto the chest of Tatanka. Headbutt from Bigelow, multiple stomps from Bam Bam. Tatanka fires back at Bigelow but a big dropkick from Bigelow thwarts Tatanka. Bearhug from Bigelow, Bigelow squeezes in the bearhug from what seems like forever. Not a big fan of the move, especially when the victim is standing and not using his fists to hammer the heel. Tatanka comes back to life, here comes the clubbing blows. Shoulder block by Bigelow, make it two. Bigelow wants three but runs into a powerslam, close two for Tatanka. Both men duck one another, both try crossbodies and meet in the middle.



Bigelow is up first, Tatanka is rammed into the buckle. Tatanka is shaking it all off, Tatanka is on the warpath before Bigelow puts down Tatanka with a massive enzuigiri. Bigelow attempts and misses the moonsault,  Tatanka is on the top rope. Diving Crossbody and Tatanka bigs up the win in this Rumble opening match.



A fine opening match that breezed by, it was roughly a year ago that Bigelow returned to the WWF, taking out Bossman and the booking has been rough for the big man. Bigelow is super talented inside of that ring and a credible monster inside of that ring, his agility makes things look effortless inside the squared circle. From the enzuigiri and moonsault miss, I thought Bigelow brought it in this match, carrying Tatanka who has come off as rather bland to me since entering the WWF. Compared to everything I had to sit through on the previous show, this was a brilliant match.


Winner: Tatanka over Bam Bam Bigelow via Diving Crossbody!


(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) The Hart Brothers vs The Quebecers © W/ Johnny Polo

This is all about Owen and Bret, Owen is tired of living in the shadow of his brother Bret and things got heated at Survivor Series as Owen felt Bret had a hand in his elimination. Bret has stated though, there is no way the duo will do battle. The two patched things up, challenging for the tag team championships on this occasion.



Pierre and Bret to start, Pierre has the power advantage. Bret ducks the slam, O’Connor roll attempt but Pierre holds onto the ropes. Scoop slam scores for Pierre but Bret answers back with a knee to the gut. Tag to Owen, Owen escapes an arm-bar with ease before a shoulder block from Pierre. Leapfrogs from Owen before a hip-toss for two, Owen grabs a hold of the arm. Pierre pulls down Owen by the hair, tag to Jacques. Jacques talks massive amounts of shit to Owen, Owen ain’t buying it. Eye rake from Jacques, Owen avoids the back body-drop and lands the snap suplex. Dropkick from The Rocket, Jacques runs over to Pierre.



Jacques grabs the foot of Owen but Owen lands an enzuigiri, tag to Bret. Back-breaker and Bret’s Rope Elbow Drop for two. Small package from Bret for two, Jacques reverses the Irish whip, sunset flip from Bret for two. O’Connor roll for two, Pierre steamrolls Bret and Owen. Bret and Owen avoid running into one another and almost catch Jacques with a roll-up. Inverted atomic drop and right hands from Bret, gut punch wounds Jacques. Jacques tags Pierre, Bret brings Pierre in via the top rope. Tag to Owen, Pierre meets Owen’s boot. Flying clothesline from Owen for two, gut-wrench suplex for two. Owen tags in Bret, Bret whips Pierre but Pierre reverses and lands the powerslam for two.



Bret is in trouble, Pierre tags in Jacques. Pierre chokes Bret with the tag rope, the referee is with Owen. Jacques boots down Bret with ease, tag to Pierre. Double elbow to The Hitman, Pierre clubs down Bret. Middle rope choke, Pierre drives his knees into the spine of Bret. Jacques enters and gets a two, whip off the ropes. Elbow from Jacques, tag to Pierre. Pierre dives into the foot of Bret, Bret manages to tag Owen. Dropkicks all around, whip off the ropes. Back body-drop for Jacques, belly to belly suplex for Pierre. Spinning heel kick on Jacques, Owen has The Sharpshooter on Jacques. The referee is with Bret though, bulldog by Pierre.



Owen is rammed into the buckle, tag to Jacques. Double flapjack onto the top rope, stun-gun style. Two for Jacques, Pierre tags in and they go for it again but Owen ducks and lands a massive dropkick to the champions. Tag to Bret, right hands and dropkicks for the champions. Gut punch for Bret, Russian leg-sweep on Jacques. Back-breaker on Pierre, noggin-knocker for the champions. Pierre takes an atomic drop to the floor, Bret readies to charge at Jacques but Polo pulls down the ropes and Bret is clutching his leg. Pierre and Jacques drop their weight onto the ankle of Bret. Bret’s leg is stomped to death as Owen argues with the referee.



Owen stands guard over his fallen brother Bret, Owen and Pierre are getting into it as Jacques nails Bret with the cane of Johnny Polo. The damage has been done, Bret is in a bad way. Jacques and Pierre torment the knee of Bret, Jacques clamps on a single leg Boston crab. Pierre nails a middle rope leg drop to the neck of Bret. Tag to Jacques, more stomps to the leg. Tag to Pierre, they look for their finish on Bret’s leg but Bret dodges last second. Bret decides to go for The Sharpshooter instead of tagging Owen. Bret cannot lock it in though, Bret’s leg gave out and the bell rings, Bret is unable to continue.



Beautiful story-telling in this one, Bret’s selfish decision to try and use The Sharpshooter instead of tagging his brother has cost him, this was Owen’s moment. Owen’s moment to step up, Owen was ready for the hot-tag, Owen was ready to be the man. However, Owen’s eagerness had been the reason why Bret’s leg had taken such a beaten during the match. Owen and Bret are so impressive inside of that ring, Pierre was good as the powerhouse with some nasty looking manoeuvres during the course of this match. The beatdown of Bret’s leg was great stuff, it looked nasty as well as the bump that Bret took to setup the injury in the match. “All he had to do was tag me, why didn’t he just tag me? Because you are too damn selfish!”, a statement that sums up Owen’s beliefs which he has justified in his head, the reason for his attack.


Winners: The Quebecers over The Hart Brothers via Referee Stoppage!


(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Razor Ramon © vs IRS

While IRS draws heat from the crowd, I could not give a damn about Mike Rotundo. IRS regularly has me wandering why I review these shows, Ramon is defending his championship due to IRS being a constant thorn in his side. Good bit of backstory to this one with Ramon retiring IRS’ partner Dibiase and IRS wiping out Ramon in their encounter at Survivor Series 1993. IRS and Ramon waste no time, slaps and toothpicks go flying as IRS powders to the outside.



Let this be short, IRS stalls on the apron. Lock-up, knees from IRS. Right hands in the corner, Ramon reverses the Irish whip and drills IRS with a right hand. IRS powders once more, sweating like a mad man. Shoulder block by Ramon, atomic drop and clothesline for two. Side headlock, IRS drops down and side-steps Ramon who lands on the floor. IRS sends Ramon into the steel steps, Ramon is clotheslined down for good measure. IRS lands an elbow drop for two, reverse chin-lock from IRS. Ramon fights out but IRS lands a big knee to the gut, leg drop to the groin from IRS. Leg drop for two after a snap-mare, another chin-lock from the challenger.



IRS uses his feet for leverage, Ramon escapes the hold. Massive rights floor IRS, fallaway slam from the champion. Two for Ramon, the referee is wiped out in the madness as IRS whips Ramon into him. Ramon sees IRS coming with his briefcase, Ramon waffles the challenger with the briefcase. IRS tries a roundhouse, Ramon plants IRS on the top rope. Super back suplex from Ramon, Ramon calls for The Razor’s Edge. Shawn Michaels comes running to the ring, Ramon is clocked with the championship in the back of the head. Everyone is down, what’s going to happen next?



IRS begins to stir, Ramon is unconscious after the championship to the back of the head. IRS crawls over to the champion, the referee is now nearly ready to count. IRS covers, 1…2…3! IRS is your new Intercontinental Champion! However, Earl Hebnar comes down to ringside, telling the original referee Joey Marella that the match should continue. IRS is celebrating and Ramon plants him with The Razor’s Edge for the win.



Well it was passable. IRS did rely on a lot of rest holds, holds that I felt I did not need in this match but then again, IRS is as interesting as food poisoning. Ramon and Michaels will be something special, regardless of hindsight considering how both men work inside of the ring. I have lost since given up on IRS, the faster the man is away from important angles and matches, the better.


Winner: Razor Ramon over IRS via Razor’s Edge!


(WWF Championship Casket Match) The Undertaker W/ Paul Bearer vs Yokozuna © W/ Mr. Fuji & Jim Cornette

Yokozuna had rolled through the most of the WWF, no fear in the eyes of the WWF Champion. However, something happened at Survivor Series 1993. Yokozuna came face to face with The Phenom, The Undertaker fears no man and took Yokozuna’s best shots. Ever since, Yokozuna has been terrified of Undertaker. Rightfully so, Yokozuna is spooked by the one man who is not fearful of his size or strength.



Yokozuna looks as if he needs reassurance from Fuji & Cornette, Yokozuna challenges Taker who meets him nose to nose. Yokozuna charges in but Taker is too quick, clothesline staggers Yokozuna already. Make it two, leaping clothesline floors Yokozuna. Yokozuna is on the floor, running into the ring-post. Taker and Yokozuna are on the floor, the steel steps do not phase Taker. Yokozuna is rammed off the steel steps, Taker wants Old School. Old School connects but Taker misses a clothesline, both are on the floor. Taker blocks a chairshot and cracks Yokozuna twice with the steel chair, one across the back and the next time across the head. Yokozuna throws salt in the eyes of Taker to blind the challenger.



Yokozuna has the chair, Taker is sent into the steps and cracked with the chair in the back. One shot to the head leaves The Deadman down, they are now back in the ring. Clothesline from Yokozuna, Taker is placed in the coffin but the lid cannot be closed. Up comes Taker, massive throat thrust. Yokozuna and Taker brawl, Taker is winning that war. Yokozuna lands a belly to belly suplex, Taker sits-up. Chokeslam from Taker, whip from Taker. Yokozuna reverses and tries a back-drop, Taker lands a massive DDT. The coffin is open, Yokozuna is rolled towards the casket. Taker just has to close the lid and this match is over, here comes Crush.



It’s no DQ, Crush is taking it to Taker. Taker clotheslines down Crush, Crush is knocked to the floor. Here comes The Great Kabuki, Tenryu too. Taker clotheslines both down, here comes Bam Bam Bigelow. Five men are attacking Taker, this is insane. Taker rises as Paul Bearer has reclaimed the urn, Taker shakes off the heels in his way. Here comes Adam Bomb, Jeff Jarrett too. How many superstars are going to try and stop The Deadman. Yokzuna is back on his feet, The Headshrinkers are here too. 9 men are decimating The Undertaker, Taker sits-up though. Taker goes back to work, destroying everyone. Diesel is here too, Taker is beaten down and shoved into the casket. No, Taker begins beating the shit out of everyone once more. Yokozuna has had enough, Paul Bearer is down and Taker is cracked with the urn. The urn begins smoking green, what does this mean?



Crush drills Taker with a suplex, fist drop from Jarrett. Diesel lands an elbow drop, Bigelow lands a top rope Diving Headbutt. Samu lands a splash onto the ribs of Taker, Fatu delivers another splash. Taker is rolled into the casket, Yokozuna retains his championship but Undertaker will rise again! His spirit proclaims it before the entire arena, Undertaker will return!



This was quite enjoyable, Yokozuna is terrified of Undertaker. Yokozuna builds up the spirit to brawl with Taker and oh, it goes oh so badly for the champion. Taker batters Yokozuna, forcing the champion to reveal the ace up his sleeve. That being Yokozuna had hired every possible heel in the locker room to beat up The Phenom, it worked but quite the impressive visual as it puts over just how awesome The Undertaker is as he battles through waves of superstars. Each superstar throwing everything they have at The Deadman, you cannot help but root for The Deadman to overcome the odds. It was short, sweet and you have one hell of a hook with the possibility of Undertaker returning even more powerful than before to wipe out Yokozuna. Undertaker is the character that keeps on delivering, the one constant in the WWF during the time. Even when Michaels or Bret are held down by who they work with, Taker brings it even when its Kamala or Giant Gonzalez. The Deadman’s return is one I eagerly await!


Winner: Yokozuna over The Undertaker via Closing The Casket!


The Royal Rumble Match

Thirty men, you can only be eliminated by being tossed over that top rope with both feet touching the floor. The winner will go onto to challenge the champion at Wrestlemania X. As always, I will split up the entrants into blocks so it is easy to follow, hopefully you can keep up with me as I do this! Every man for himself, the likes of Bret Hart, Lex Luger, Diesel and Shawn Michaels are some of the big guns to watch out for in this one. What is truly interesting for me is to see the depth of the WWF roster in 1994 considering we were still seeing Bushwhackers and Martel in late 1993.


Entrants 1 to 5


Scott Steiner is number one while Samu is number two, this should be fun. Two wrestlers who hit hard, they trade blows with Scott winning that war. Samu nails a corner clothesline off a corner Irish whip, clubbing blows from Samu. Whip to the opposite buckle, Scott explodes out with a clothesline. Tiger-bomb from Scott, Samu holds on to not be eliminated. Samu survives the onslaught as number three arrives, number three is Rick Steiner. Not good for Samu, Rick Steiner takes his time walking to the ring. Which is odd, Rick makes the save as predicted. Steiners take apart Samu, belly to belly suplex from Rick. Suplex from Scott, clothesline by Rick on Samu. Samu ducks a clothesline and dives into the middle rope choking himself. Scott releases Samu who flops to the floor.


Samu has been Eliminated by Scott Steiner!


Number four is Kwang, Kwang spits mist in the eyes of Rick. Kwang tries to beat-up Scott who continues to kick down Kwang and check on his brother. Belly to belly suplex for Kwang, number five is Owen Hart. This is interesting for sure, Owen jumps the blind Rick. Kwang kicks Scott in the corner, Owen tries dumping out Rick but Rick is holding on by the skin of his teeth. Owen manages to throw over Rick.


Rick Steiner has been Eliminated by Owen Hart!


Entrants 6 to 10


Here comes number six: Bart Gunn. Bart goes after Owen, Scott lands an inverted atomic drop on Kwang. Number seven is Diesel, things have just gotten very interesting. Kwang catches Bart with a superkick, Owen and Scott brawl before Diesel takes on everyone. Right hands to everyone dumb enough to get in his way, Diesel knees Owen in the corner. Diesel shoves out Bart Gunn before tossing out Scott too. Owen dumped out too by Diesel before Kwang misses a spinning kick and is clotheslined out too.


Bart Gunn/Scott Steiner/Owen Hart/Kwang have been eliminated by Diesel!


Number eight is Bob Backlund, the crowd fell in love with Backlund last year but it’s not happening this year as Diesel survives a takedown attempt and dumps out Backlund without breaking a sweat.


Bob Backlund has been Eliminated by Diesel!


Number nine is Billy Gunn, right hands to the head of Diesel. Corner attack is blocked by Diesel with a boot and Billy Gunn is sent sailing over the top rope, Diesel is dominating this match. Backstage, we have Tenryu and Kabuki as hired guns taking out Lex Luger.


Billy Gunn has been Eliminated by Diesel!


Number ten is Virgil, wow Virgil there in 1994 is a surprise. Well this is only going to go one way, Diesel misses a corner splash. Jabs by Virgil but Diesel forearms the shit out of Virgil and dumps his sorry ass out of this match.


Virgil has been Eliminated by Diesel!


Entrants 11 to 15


Number eleven is Randy Savage, the man who took out Diesel in The Survivor Series 1993. Savage jumps in and smashes Diesel with right hands and a choke in the corner. Off the buckle goes Diesel, elbows and right hands. Corner clothesline by Savage, Savage attempts to throw out the lager Diesel but Diesel is resilient. Number twelve is Jeff Jarrett, Jarrett comes in and pummels Savage. Savage is sent into the buckle, scoop slam. Massive middle rope fist drop, dropkick floors Savage. Jarrett struts around the ring, looking every bit a Country Music Star. Jarrett says it’s time for Savage to go, Savage holds onto the rope, Savage knees Jarrett into Diesel and Savage hurls Jarrett to the floor.


Double J has been Eliminated by Randy Savage!


Number thirteen is Crush, Savage and Crush get right into it. Diving axe handle from Savage, scoop slam from Macho Man. Another diving axe handle, Savage focuses on Diesel. This leads to Crush attacking Savage from behind, tilt-a-whirl back-breaker from Crush. Number fourteen is Doink with Dink, Crush dumps out Savage with ease.


Randy Savage has been Eliminated by Crush!


Crush and Diesel brawl, they spot Doink though. Doink sprays both with water and eye-pokes the two monsters. Crush and Diesel double team Doink, clothesline wipes out Doink. Number fifteen is Bam Bam Bigelow, Bigelow goes after Doink due to their past battles. Bigelow presses Doink over the top rope, Crush & Diesel go after Bigelow.


Doink has been Eliminated by Bam Bam Bigelow!


Entrants 16 to 20


Number sixteen is Mabel, Diesel wants a piece of Mabel. They lock-up, Diesel backs Mabel to the corner. Mabel whips Diesel to the buckle, two corner splashes. Mabel splashes everyone in the ring, Diesel rakes the eyes though. Number seventeen is Sparky Plugg Bob Holly, Sparky is immediately superkicked by Crush. Diesel chokes Sparky in the corner, all five men are trying to throw one another over. Number eighteen is Shawn Michaels, the sel-proclaimed Intercontinental Champion. Michaels and Diesel look as if they are going to come to blows before shaking hands. Diesel is battered by everyone in the ring, Michaels watches on as Diesel is thrown to the floor.


Diesel has been Eliminated by Everyone!


Fans cheering Diesel for wrecking everyone in the early part of the match, that would be important later. Number nineteen is Mo, Mo goes after Shawn Michaels but Michaels hangs onto the ropes. Sparky almost dumps out Michaels, Michaels skins the cat. Number twenty is Greg Valentine, you are joking me? What a time 1994 was for the WWF, Bigelow hammers Valentine and Mo. For a tag team, Men on a Mission don’t seem to be teaming up at all.


Entrants 21 to 25


Tatanka is number twenty-one, Tatanka chops everything in sight. Michaels is in the corner, Mabel grabs Tatanka before Michaels clocks the monster by mistake. Everyone is in corners, chopping and trying to throw one another out. Michaels adds drama once more with a flip on the apron to avoid elimination, number twenty-two is The Great Kabuki. Kabuki and others go after Mabel, Mo has his hands on his hips watching before Sweet Chin Music drops Mo.


Mabel has been Eliminated by Everyone!


Michaels is almost tossed out again, Valentine is doing everything to get Michaels out of the ring. Number twenty-three is Luger, Luger hammers Kabuki for the earlier sneak attack. Kabuki is dumped to the floor!


The Great Kabuki has been Eliminated by Lex Luger!


Luger continues to batter everyone in sight, clothesline for Bigelow. Number twenty-four is Tenryu, Mr. Puroresu. Tenryu goes right after Luger, Luger and Tenryu trade blows with Luger winning the war before an eye rake from Tenryu. Number twenty-five is? That’s unfortunate? Oh right it’s meant to be Bret Hart. Thanks for filling in the fans, Michaels pummels Luger in the corner.


Entrants 26 to 30


Number twenty-six is Rick Martel, everyone is paring off once more with not much going on in there. A highlight if you can call it that is Tenryu stiffing the shit out of Sparky with chops. Luger and Tatanka were brawling briefly, number twenty-seven is Bret Hart on one leg. So what happened to number twenty-five? Crush goes right after the leg, beautiful from the big man. Crush throws massive rights to Bret’s leg, number twenty-eight is Fatu. Luger is going after Crush, Bigelow makes the save though. Sparky is going after Bret’s leg, Michaels is hammering Tatanka along with help from Martel. Crush is tossed out after a lot of help from Lex Luger.


Crush has been Eliminated by Lex Luger!


Number twenty-nine is Marty Jannetty, Jannetty and Michaels murder one another and I love it. Superkick from Jannetty, Michaels avoids elimination with a suplex. Number thirty is Adam Bomb, the final entrant is here. Sparky tries throwing out Michaels but Bret dumps out Sparky.


Sparky Plugg has been Eliminated by Bret Hart!


The man who did not enter was Bastion Booger who was eating instead of wrestling we can presume. Sickness is the reason given, not missing out on much there. Lots of corner brawling going on, does not feel like we are in the homestretch but we are, this is all a bit strange. Michaels is sent into the ring-post by Bret, Martel struggles but eventually dumps out Valentine.


Greg Valentine has been Eliminated by Rick Martel!


Rick Martel has been Eliminated by Tatanka!


Adam Bomb has been Eliminated by Lex Luger!


Mo has been Eliminated!


Tatanka has been Eliminated by Bam Bam Bigelow!


Bam Bam Bigelow has been Eliminated by Lex Luger!


Marty Jannetty has been Eliminated by Shawn Michaels!


As you can see, a lot of eliminations come thick and fast. After many minutes of nothing, we have this explosion of people being dumped over, didn’t even see how Mo was dumped out. So we are down to five: Tenryu, Luger, Bret, Fatu & Michaels. Bret and Luger are going after Tenryu, they double team out Tenryu!


Tenryu has been Eliminated by Lex Luger & Bret Hart!


Michaels and Bret are locking up, Bret almost tosses out Michaels. Michaels elbows free, Luger eats a superkick from Fatu. Inverted atomic drop from Michaels to Bret, Fatu is on the middle rope. Diving middle rope headbutt, Michaels and Fatu have Luger on the apron. Luger battles his way back into the ring. Clothesline to Fatu, Fatu and Michaels have been whipped towards one another, Fatu ducks and Michaels leapfrogs but both are sent tumbling to the floor! Bret and Luger lock-up and both men fall to the floor at the same time!


Shawn Michaels has been Eliminated by Lex Luger!


Fatu has been Eliminated by Bret Hart!


Both men have their feet touch the floor at the same time, both men are declared winners. However, many believe this to be Vince gauging the audience for who they saw as the top star of the WWF.



So this Royal Rumble started quite well, we have Diesel dominating and I am all for it because too much of this early rumbles have bland corner action that has little to no purpose before someone just falls out and you are left scratching your head. Diesel comes off as dominant and a fresh of breathe air throwing out many of the people who have no right to be in the rumble. However, I do think some things could have been booked better. For example, dumping out Owen Hart so early? After that great angle earlier in the show, you are telling me that Owen is tossed by Diesel like nothing? I would have had Owen in a role similar to Shawn, teasing being eliminated before Bret comes down and dumps out his egotistical little brother. Another change I would have had is having Kabuki and Tenryu throw out some of the lesser talents like Valentine or Virgil and one big name like Tatanka to build up some heat for Luger to come in and wipe them out when the time was right. Poor Bob Holly debuts in a Rumble and leaves with no eliminations, a sign of things to come in this era. Michaels was excellent, constantly teasing being thrown out, his brawl with Jannetty and the satisfaction of his eventual elimination. This may be the most political finish of all-time with Vince allowing the fans to choose who main events Wrestlemania. That being said, it’s great drama to end a rather dull ending to a Royal Rumble.


Winners: Lex Luger & Bret Hart!


That was WWF’s Royal Rumble 1994, a very good pay per view from the WWF. The good thing about Royal Rumble pay per views is it’s a smaller card to accommodate The Rumble and that means all the matches have a purpose on the card. We kick things off with Tatanka vs Bam Bam Bigelow, it wastes no time getting down to business with Tatanka and Bigelow busting out the big moves with a satisfying finish that sees Tatanka get won over on Bigelow. The tag team championship match is all angle and the angle is great, Owen eager to impress and be the man of the hour while Bret is happy to be tagging with his brother. Things go wrong as Bret’s leg is taken out and we have Owen snapping, being sent over the edge. A simple kick to the injured leg of Bret, leaving the officials to tend to Bret. Minimalistic yet effective, not a soul in the arena could cheer Owen Hart on that night. IRS vs Razor Ramon was passable as I mentioned before, not a big fan of IRS but Ramon is over with the fans and we are definitely going to get to see Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon which is exciting as Michaels is finding his stride now. The casket match is a lot of fun, Taker is Yokozuna’ worst nightmare and it takes almost every heel in the locker room to wipe Taker. Yokozuna may still be champion but his days are numbered after messing with The Deadman. The Rumble had its moments, the finishing stretch could have been tighter and certain entrants (Owen Hart) could have been handled better when all was said and done but the twist ending could mean a triple threat at Wrestlemania, what will happen next? Very enjoyable from the WWF, this is lightyears ahead of Survivor Series 1993, check this out if you can! Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!



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