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WWF King Of The Ring 1994 Review


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that’s tougher to work with than Ivelisse! It’s WWF King Of The Ring 1994, where we will see a new King crowned in the WWF as the prestigious tournament returns for its second pay per view event. The likes of Tatanka, Razor Ramon, Bam Bam Bigelow, Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart will compete to earn the title of King of The Ring. We also have Champion vs Champion as Bret Hart defends his WWF Championship against Intercontinental Champion Diesel, this is an interesting one for sure because I don’t know if the WWF is sure about what they want to do with Diesel just yet but it looks like they are building towards something huge. Let’s get it on!


(Quarter-Final KOTR Match) Bam Bam Bigelow W/ Luna Vachon vs Razor Ramon

Randy Savage and Gorilla Monsoon on commentary with the infamous Art, the worst commentator in wrestling history. Anyways, two big guns to kick off this tournament on pay per view, Ramon opened up the show last year with an excellent match with Bret Hart. Coming off the ladder match, it’s hard to believe that the championship is no longer around Ramon’s waist. Ramon throws his toothpick at Luna, Bigelow jumps Ramon. Big shoulder block, make it double. Scoop slam and headbutt from Bigelow, leg drop from Bigelow. Bigelow is climbing high, Ramon dodges the headbutt. Right hands from Ramon, Bigelow reverses an Irish whip to the buckle. Ramon reverses the next whip, Ramon slides out of the ring and drags Bigelow groin-first into the ring-post.



Middle rope bulldog from Ramon for two, Ramon drops an elbow on the leg of Bigelow. Luna screams at ringside, Bigelow kicks away Ramon. Bigelow’s kick is blocked, the enzuigiri misses too. Clothesline from Ramon, make it two but Bigelow is still on his feet. Bigelow side-steps Ramon who lands hard on the ground, Luna is distracting the referee as Bigelow goes after Ramon on the floor. Headbutts from Bigelow, Bigelow kicks Ramon right in the head. Massive enzuigiri from Bigelow to the head for a close two. Headbutt from Bigelow, torture rack from Bigelow. They do the fading spot, Ramon survives though. Ramon dies after doing the hope spot, what is this? Luna is doing everything to keep this entertaining at ringside. Out of nowhere, Ramon lands a massive belly to back suplex on Bigelow.



Massive rights from Ramon, Bigelow misses a corner splash. Scoop slam from Ramon, Ramon wants the super back suplex or the Razor’s Edge but Bigelow lands a massive elbow to the head. Bigelow scoop slams Ramon, moonsault time but Bigelow is not quick enough, Ramon powerbombs Bigelow down with a roll-up for the victory!



Good stuff, the crowd is hot on this night. Shame about the commentary but nothing we can do about that, Ramon and Bigelow take it easy with three matches possibly in-store for one of these guys. Bigelow hits some big moves while Ramon shows a lot of fire in the end. Decent finish, believable with Bigelow landing right on the back of his head but again, Bigelow doing the JOB early on in the card does not make me happy. Ramon advances though, up next is IRS vs Mabel!


Winner: Razor Ramon over Bam Bam Bigelow via Powerbomb!


(Quarter-Final KOTR Match) Mabel W/ Oscar vs IRS

IRS cuts the worst promo I have seen in a while before this match tripping up over almost every second word. IRS tries to charge Mabel, Mabel smashes IRS into the buckle about 12 times before slamming IRS. Suplex from Mabel, Mabel works the arm with shots to the right arm and a fireman’s carry. Leg drop from Mabel, IRS dodges a splash in the corner. IRS lands a running knee to send Mabel to the floor, right hands from IRS. Write-Off from IRS, elbow drops from The Tax Man. Cover for two, Mabel powers his way out. IRS tries a slam, small package from Mabel for two. Sleeper hold from IRS, Mabel escapes by backing IRS into the corner. Mabel fires back with right clubbing blows, back body-drop from Mabel. Clothesline from Mabel, back elbow to the face.



Mabel calls for the finish, big Irish whip. Sidewalk Slam for two, IRS somehow found a way to lift his left shoulder, scoop slam from Mabel. Mabel taking a risk, Mabel looks to the fans. Mabel on the second rope, Mabel signals for the end but IRS shakes the ropes and Mabel falls on his back and IRS steals the win.



No really? IRS shook the ropes and Mabel fell on the mat in the most comical fashion? Wow, I have no problem with Mabel missing the splash and getting pinned but shaking the ropes and Mabel wobbling back and forth over and over before falling like a goof? Damn…


Winner: IRS over Mabel via Roll-Up!


(Quarter-Final KOTR Match) Tatanka vs Owen Hart

This is a big one, despite my opinion of Tatanka. Tatanka tags with Lex Luger and stays near the top of the card while Owen looks to make his mark on the WWF once again after beating his brother Bret at Wrestlemania. Tatanka jumps Owen to start, back body-drop and suplex for two. Eye poke by Owen, rake to the eyes. Side headlock from Owen, Tatanka eats a shoulder block before leap-frogging Owen and landing a hip-toss. Japanese arm-drag, Tatanka has the side headlock. Owen grabs the hair of Tatanka, shoving him off. Shoulder block from Tatanka, Owen side-steps Tatanka who lands on his feet. Tatanka drags out Owen, tomahawk chops on the floor. Owen brawls back, eye rake from The Rocket.



Tatanka is rammed into the ring-post, Tatanka is holding his shoulder which took the brunt of the attack. We cut backstage to Ramon and IRS brawling before their semi-final match. Owen stomps Tatanka as he re-enters the ring, Owen chokes Tatanka with the middle rope. Owen rakes the face of Tatanka across the top rope, gut-wrench suplex from Owen. Missile dropkick from Owen for two, reverse chin-lock from Owen. Owen rams Tatanka into the buckle, starting his war-dance. Chops to the chest, tomahawk chop takes down Owen. Two for Tatanka, Tatanka lands a massive DDT for two.



Scoop slam, Tatanka is going to the top rope. Owen walks right into a Tomahawk chop for two, Tatanka cannot believe it. Whip to the buckle, Owen wants to leap-over Owen but Tatanka lands a massive running powerslam for two. Tatanka is furious, Owen walks into more chops. Owen reverses the Irish whip, Tatanka tries a sunset flip but Owen sits down and hooks both legs so there is no escape for Tatanka.



What I find most interesting about this match is the fan support for Owen, you have fans who cheer heels but you can never hear it as clearly as you do now with this match. Maybe the last time it happened in the WWF it was Sid going up against Hogan but that’s 2 years ago now. Owen bumps all around for Tatanka, probably my favourite Tatanka match since his match with Michaels, tells you all you need to know about Tatanka really. With the right opponent, Tatanka can deliver.


Winner: Owen Hart over Tatanka via Roll-Up!


(Quarter-Final KOTR Match) Jeff Jarrett vs The 1-2-3 Kid

Jarrett’s first pay per view match, his Wrestlemania match was cancelled due to Michaels vs Razor going a little too long in their Ladder Match. This is a continuation of their feud with Jarrett considering Kid an absolute joke. Jarrett suckers in Kid, smashing Kid’s leg into the ring-mat. Jarrett sends Kid into the buckle hard, Kid leaps over Jarrett from the corner for an O’Connor roll for two. Jarrett is up first, massive kicks to the ribs. Back elbow from Jarrett, clothesline from Double J. Jarrett misses a dropkick as Kid hangs onto the ropes, victory roll for two. Jarrett regains control, slingshot suplex from Jarrett. Middle rope fist drop from Jarrett, Kid ducks a right hand for a roundhouse kick to the face. Scoop slam from Kid, Kid misses the somersault.



Jarrett chokes Kid on the middle rope, Jarrett misses as Kid dodges. Jarrett’s groin is butchered, Kid is on the top rope. Jarrett manages to crotch Kid, Jarrett wants the superplex but Kid shakes off Jarrett. Diving Crossbody from Kid for two, spinning heel kick from Kid. Jarrett sends Kid into the buckle, Kid clutches his hamstring in pain. Jarrett elbows the leg of Kid, Figure Four time. Kid counters the figure four for the small package and Kid wins the match. Kid piledrivers Kid after the match, make it three.



Well, Jarrett gets his heat back by piledriving Kid into oblivion with piledrivers, I do love the work of Double J when it’s not TNA and he’s not world champion. Cocky and over-confident, Jarrett oozes it inside of the ring, calling Kid an absolute joke inside of that ring. Makes it so satisfying when Kid wallops Jarrett with a spinning heel kick and the finish, it feels as old as time itself but the crowd explode off of that small package and my only gripe is Jarrett didn’t use a piledriver during the match because Kid sells it fantastically.


Winner: 1-2-3 Kid over Jeff Jarrett via Small Package!


(WWF World Championship Match) Bret Hart © W/ Jim Neidhart vs Diesel W/ Shawn Michaels

The state of this Diesel theme, it’s atrocious. Thanks to HBK, Diesel is holding the Intercontinental Championship while Bret was able to defeat Yokozuna for the WWF Championship at Wrestlemania. Diesel had Jacknife Powerbombed Bret before, Bret called it one of the most painful experiences of his life. Can Diesel nail it when it matters? Neidhart is in the corner of Bret, we have not seen Neidhart since The High Energy Days, it’s a nice reunion.



They lock-up, Diesel shoves away Bret with ease. Bret takes the back, Diesel sends Bret to the corner. Massive elbow to the face, Bret fires back. Diesel clubs down Bret easily, foot choke from the challenger. Massive boot to the throat, Diesel tries the boot once more and misses. Bret hammers away with right hands and yanks Diesel off the top rope. Headbutt to the groin, Diesel reverses the Irish whip but Bret counters the slam for an O Connor roll for two. Diesel lands a scoop slam and misses an elbow drop, Bret bounces Diesel off the top turnbuckle. Eye poke by Diesel, elbow to the back of the head. Diesel chokes Bret in the corner, Diesel whips Bret to the opposite corner. Bret dodges the knee, Bret takes down Diesel. Stretching the leg all over the place, Diesel’s quads and hamstrings are being stretched by The Hitman.



Repeated knees driven into Diesel’s leg, figure-four from Bret which has Diesel screaming and reaching for the ropes. Diesel manages to make the ropes, Bret breaks the hold. More stiff kicks to the leg of Diesel who is down on the floor again, Bret uses the ropes to boost him as he lands on the leg of Diesel. Spinning toe-hold from Bret before Diesel sends the champion to the floor, Bret makes Michaels think about attacking him. Diesel is lured in by The Hitman, Diesel’s leg is smashed into the ring-post. Michaels manages to clothesline Bret behind the referee’s back, Michaels is running away from Neidhart who cannot catch HBK. Neidhart argues with the referee as Michaels lands another kick on the champion.



Bret is on the top rope, Diesel counters the crossbody for the bearhug. Bret is smashed into the buckle, another bearhug from Diesel. Bret bites his way out, dropkick to the spine of Diesel. Bret tries a plancha but Diesel moves out of the way, outsmarting the champion. Diesel rams Bret into the ring-post, Diesel works the ribs with stiff rights to the spine. Stiff forearms that is, hard Irish whip to the buckle from Diesel. Michaels talks advice with Diesel, sidewalk slam from Diesel for two. Diesel stretches out the champion with a back-breaker, elbow drop from Diesel for another close two. Michaels slaps Bret which fires up the champion before Diesel whips Bret hard into the buckle for another two. Diesel is annoyed now, Bret takes advantage with a schoolboy. Diesel kicks out at two and clothesline Bret for two, Diesel wrenches at the face of The Hitman.



Neidhart watches on from ringside, Michaels cheers on his bodyguard. Diesel picks up Bret, back-breaker for two. Michaels is exposing the top turnbuckle while Diesel has an Argentine Back-breaker on Bret. Bret wriggles free, sleeper from Bret. Diesel backs into the corner, Bret smashes into the corner. Diesel whips Bret to the buckle, Bret blocks the corner clothesline with a boot. Another sleeper from Bret, Diesel breaks free again before Diesel throws Bret into the referee. Diesel exposes the buckle, Bret blocks and sends Diesel into the buckle. Bret hammers away, Diesel cannot hit Bret. Bret has Diesel in the corner, ten punches in the corner from The Hitman.



Diesel is being waffled around the ring, Diesel goes down as Michaels freaks out on the floor. Clothesline, make it two. Three clotheslines finally take down Diesel for a close two, gut punch which sets up for the Russian leg-sweep. Bret’s Rope Elbow Drop for two, bulldog from Bret. Sharpshooter attempt, Diesel is down. Bret smashes Michaels who is knocked into the guardrail, flying clothesline from Bret for two. Diesel wants a clothesline, Bret wants a backslide. Bret flips overs the buckle and applies a small package for two, Diesel is sent to the opposite buckle.



Bret headbutts Diesel, another right hand from Bret. Diesel sends Bret to the buckle, Bret tries to leap over but Diesel catches Bret. Snake eyes is countered as Bret shoves off Diesel but Diesel lands a massive big boot to put down Bret. Diesel stands over Bret, celebrating before Bret trips Diesel and applies The Sharpshooter. Diesel quickly reaches the ropes, Bret dropkicks Diesel to the floor. Diesel attacks Neidhart who was standing ringside while Michaels smashes Bret with the championship to the back of the head. Diesel elbow drops Bret for a close two, Bret is still alive. Diesel calls for a Jacknife, Neidhart murders Michaels with a right hand and Neidhart clotheslines Diesel down.



Such a shame that it has to end in a DQ because there was an awful lot that went down in this match that I liked an awful lot. For example, Michaels being smashed by Bret after slapping Bret multiple times during Diesel’s beatdown. The leg work from Bret made a lot of sense and it really slowed down the game-plan of the challenger. The backslide flip-over into the small package could have been a fantastic finish to save face especially when Diesel never used the powerbomb and Bret never properly applied The Sharpshooter. The championship to the back of the head, that finishing-stretch was extremely exciting and to see a DQ just brings it down. Not a first ideal defence for Bret but this lays the foundation for rematch city.


Winner: Diesel over Bret Hart via DQ!


(Semi-Final KOTR Match) IRS vs Razor Ramon

Tax-Fool-Cheat-Fool-Idiot = IRS’s elegant promo skills ladies and gentlemen. Ramon shuts up IRS with big rights on the floor, IRS lands a knee to the gut to slow down Ramon. Snap-mare and elbow drop from IRS, two for IRS. Back-breaker from IRS, IRS misses his Write-Off as Ramon ducks. IRS lures in Ramon but Ramon tees off with massive right hands, IRS rakes the eyes to survive the blows from Ramon. IRS targets the leg, Irish whip and back elbow. Reverse chin-lock with the ropes for leverage, Ramon survives before landing a massive elbow. Hard Irish whip, Ramon tosses IRS with his tie before IRS reverses the Irish whip and lands his Write-Off. Irish whip again from IRS, IRS lowers his head off the Irish whip. Boot by Ramon and Razor’s Edge, this match is over.



Mercifully, it ends quickly as these two had feuded for months before this with Ramon always coming out on top. Ramon dispatches IRS quickly, the right call and the only thing I wanted to see, thank God for that.


Winner: Razor Ramon over IRS via Razor’s Edge!


(Semi-Final KOTR Match) Owen Hart vs 1-2-3 Kid

Kid took an absolute beating from Jarrett in his match, we do not know if Kid will appear for this match. His music plays but maybe there is nobody coming down for this match. Kid makes his way to the ring, looking concussed. Owen takes advantage with a baseball slide and suicide dive that wipes out Kid. Headbutt from Owen, Kid is thrown into the ring. Diving splash from Owen for two, Kid is hanging on by a thread. Kid sends Owen to the buckle, Owen hits the buckle sternum-first. Diving Moonsault from Kid for two, la magistral for two. Arm-wringer from Kid, Owen flips his way out and drags down Kid by his hair.



Kid fires back with kicks of his own for two, Irish whip with Kid eating a massive enzuigiri from Owen. Northern lights suplex from Kid, Owen placed his foot on the ropes at the last minute. Tope con hilo from Kid, Irish whip. Owen counters the spinning heel kick for a German suplex, close two for Owen. Irish whip by Owen, beautiful belly to belly suplex for two. Kid counters the suplex, victory-roll for two. Owen reverses the victory-roll for two, Kid reverses the Irish whip. Hurricanrana is countered for a powerbomb, Owen says screw it, Sharpshooter time and Kid has nowhere to go.



Despite being brief, this was a great little match. Two great athletes, they bust it all out in this one, great counters and high-flying action. Would love to see these two mix it up more in the WWF. Owen advances, destiny beckons for The Rocket!


Winner: Owen Hart over 123 Kid via Sharpshooter!


(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) The Headshrinkers © W/ Afa & Lou Albano vs Yokozuna & Crush W/ Mr. Fuji & Jim Cornette

Well this is different for sure, big match for sure with 3 Samoans being inside of that ring. If nothing else, it will be hard-hitting. We start with a brawl, they pair-off in opposite corners, Headshrinkers are whipped into one another. They attack one another to fire up before headbutting Crush and Yokozuna, double headbutts send the challengers to the floor. Yokozuna and Samu reset, right hands by Samu. Slam does not work, Yokozuna clubs down Samu. Whip to the buckle, Samu superkicks and dropkicks Yokozuna before a clothesline takes down Yokozuna. Fatu and Crush face-off, Fatu is slammed into the mat but it does not hurt Fatu. Piledriver from Fatu, middle rope diving headbutt for two.



Fatu is smashed in the back by Fuji with the flag, Crush takes control with a clothesline. Piledriver from Crush for two, throat thrust from Crush. Tag to Yokozuna, drop toe-hold/leg drop combination for two. Samu saves his partner, Crush is the legal man once more. Throat thrusts and a slam before Yokozuna tags back into the match. Chop in the corner, whip to the opposite corner. Yokozuna misses a corner hip attack, Samu gets the hot-tag. Powerslam on Crush, Samu clotheslines Yokozuna down. Crush and Yokozuna bang heads, double superkick to Yokozuna. Samu slams Crush, Yokozuna is sent into the ring-post but it trips up Samu who was on the top rope.



Crush stirs, Crush walks towards Samu. Big move coming, superplex from Crush connects. Massive leg drop for two, Fatu is knocked off the apron. Yokozuna drops a massive leg drop on Fatu, the crowd is going nuts and we know why, it’s Lex Luger. Samu rolls-up Crush for a close two, Crush clotheslines Samu to the floor. Fatu lands a superkick for the win!



Better than I expected for sure, I did think The Samoans would get up there for one another, they definitely did for sure with Fatu and Yokozuna selling their asses off when it came down to it. The finish does not work though, the commentators do not really go over it and explain but I thought it was quite good. So, Fatu and Samu trade places as the referee is focused on Lex Luger in the rampway which allows Fatu to flatten Crush with the superkick. Unfortunately, I do not think anyone believed Crush would be put away with the superkick. The set-up for the finish is very similar to what has happened to Crush in his feud with Savage, wish they would change it up a bit when it comes down to this guy and the way he costs himself matches.


Winners: The Headshrinkers over Yokozuna & Crush via Superkick!


(KOTR Final Match) Razor Ramon vs Owen Hart

The finals with two huge superstars in the WWF, they waste no time in getting down to business. Owen eats a massive right from Ramon, Owen complains to the referee about the closed fist. Owen flips out of the arm-wringer, Ramon tries a back suplex before being slapped by Owen. Owen tries a crossbody before being slammed, elbow drop from Ramon for two. Owen is whipped off the ropes, Owen goes through the legs and slaps Ramon. Ramon counters the dropkick for the catapult into the buckle for two, side headlock take-down from Ramon. Owen bridges out of a pin-fall attempt, Ramon wants a backslide. 1..2. Owen manages to kick out! Side headlock takedown again from Ramon, Owen grabs the hair of Ramon. Shoulder block by Ramon before a spinning heel kick from Owen.



Kick to the groin, headbutt from Owen. Abdominal stretch with some leverage using the ropes from The Rocket, Ramon escapes and chokeslams Owen after Owen attempts to flip his way out. Two for Ramon, fallaway slam from Ramon for two. Owen counters a suplex for a Russian leg-sweep, Owen climbs to the top rope. Ramon crotches Owen on the top rope, super back suplex from The Bad Guy. Ramon calls for the finish, Owen back-drops Ramon to the floor with Ramon clutching his knee. Here comes Neidhart, Neidhart clotheslines Ramon and sends Ramon into the ring-post. Owen lands a flying elbow drop, Owen steals the win!



Wow, did not expect this to be as quick, thought it would be more back and forward between the two, we got a little taste of things with the chokeslam spot and the super back suplex but it felt like it was over before it began. Surprised with the treatment of Ramon, it’s looking like it could get to Bigelow levels if Ramon suffer more losses like this. Huge momentum for Owen now, a win over the WWF Champion and Owen is now King Of The Ring!


Winner: Owen Hart over Razor Ramon via Diving Elbow Drop!


Roddy Piper vs Jerry The King Lawler

Well, this is rather unexpected. Monsoon’s voice booms out that it’s time for The New Generation and your main event is Jerry Lawler and Roddy Piper. Truth be told, they gave a lot of time to the feud on Raw and Lawler was fantastic before his lawsuit saw the end of him in the WWF for the past few months. Piper returned at Wrestlemania for the main event, kept his involvement to a minimum and the WWF is starved of stars at this point so having The Hot Rod in the building is a tremendous boost for the WWF. Never seen Piper in such good shape, Piper throws his kilt on Lawler’s head and unloads with multiple right hands. Piper bites the head of Lawler, Lawler is tossed across the ring.



Ear clap from Piper, massive right floors Lawler. Lawler is on the floor, scrambling to the back. Piper gives chase, Lawler is back in the ring and getting picked apart from jabs and flurries of punches from Piper. Piper stomps on the head of Lawler, Lawler has not landed one shot on Hot Rod so far. Lock-up, Lawler attempts a stomp but Piper counters and kicks Lawler in the hamstring. Atomic drop and Lawler bumps to the floor, Lawler chases the kid which leads to Piper catching Lawler and chopping away at The King. Lawler manages to corner Piper but Piper blocks the right hand, Lawler is sent into the ring-post. Lawler grabs the kid again, Piper is like not happening. Lawler suckers in Piper, Lawler attacks the kid again.



Lawler floors Piper with a right hand, Piper uses his body to cover the kid. Lawler tees off on Piper, the kid is in trouble but Piper dives on top to cover the kid once more. Lawler stomps Piper, Lawler jabs away at Piper. Massive rights from Lawler, two for The King. Lawler whips Piper, sleeper from Lawler. Piper begins to stir, making it to the ropes. Piper is staggering after the attacks of Lawler, Lawler calls for his piledriver. Massive Piledriver, Lawler talks massive amounts of shit as he delivers it, clapping himself on the back before Piper manages to lift a shoulder up at two.



Jabs from Lawler, Piper is on shaky legs. Lawler admire his handyworks, Piper begs for more. Lawler has knocked down Piper, Piper spits at Lawler and asks for more. Right hand from Piper, Lawler is trading bombs with Piper and it’s not a good idea as Piper will win that fight every time. Eye poke by Piper, running bulldog from Piper. Piper tries it again, Piper connects again. Lawler sends Piper into the referee on the third attempt, Lawler pulls a chain out of his tights. Piper is knocked down, Lawler covers. 1…..2.. the kid shoves off Lawler who is irate. Back suplex from Piper and roll-up, Piper wins.



Subdued main event, a quiet affair for what should have been quite the heated fight between these two. Starts off right with Piper destroying Lawler for all the horrible things Lawler says but it never evolves after that, the heat segment on Piper feels dull despite the kid’s limited involvement. I don’t think anyone bought the piledriver as a finish in the WWF, Piper’s comeback was alright. And Lawler had it won if the kid did not interfere, Piper rolls up Lawler after a belly to back suplex, Piper does not gain the ultimate revenge by choking out Lawler with the Sleeper? I don’t think we are doing a rematch so what are you saving it for? Odd.


Winner: Roddy Piper over Jerry Lawler via Roll-Up!


That was WWF’s King of The Ring 1994, the weakest pay per view of 1994 so far but still a mostly solid show. The Tournament matches ranged from mercifully quick to quite good. Owen vs Kid was the highlight here, if they had a proper match, they would have easily stole the show. IRS’ matches were short, thank the lord for that and Ramon and Bigelow put on a credible match for the opening contest. Bret vs Diesel was very good, I liked a lot of the elements of the match. Michaels was obnoxious, Bret worked the leg of Diesel to perfection and Diesel shone too when breaking down The Hitman. Finish is disappointing considering how hot things were before the DQ but a very good championship match when all was over. Headshrinkers vs Crush & Yokozuna was solid too, the finish did not come off the way they wanted and Crush being distracted by man in ramp is almost a cliché now but it was a solid tag team match while the main event was bizarre. It felt like a joke and it didn’t match the story I was told through Savage and Monsoon, it was offensively bad but I just thought really? This is your main event? And this is how we are gong to go about it? Piper should have stayed at home, waste of his talents and waste of what Lawler can do too. Best part of the feud was Lawler’s mic work. 1994 is still looking good so far, not one pay per view from the year has dragged throughout like some of the 93 PPVs. This is worth searching out of Bret Hart vs Diesel and Owen’s continued push towards his confrontation with his brother for the WWF Championship. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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