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WWF Survivor Series 1994 Review


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is more lost in the shuffle than Mojo Rawley! Yee-haw, it’s WWF Survivor Series 1994. Survivor Series is main-evented by Yokozuna vs Undertaker in a Casket Match, Taker looks for revenge against the man who took him out for months in the WWF. We have multiple elimination style Survivor Series matches that dominate the card, I hope to God they are superior to last year’s pay per view which featured two of my least favourite matches I ever had to cover on this channel. We also have Bob Backlund vs Bret Hart for the WWF Championship which is the most out of left field match that might ever exist. Anyways, can WWF end 1994 on a high? Let’s find out!


The Teamster (Diesel/Shawn Michaels/Owen Hart/Jim Neidhart/Jeff Jarrett) vs The Bad Guys (Razor Ramon/123 Kid/British Bulldog/Headshrinkers)

Well this is fairly stacked, what a way to kick off this pay per view. Ramon continues his war with Diesel and Michaels while Bulldog looks to go after Neidhart & Owen. Kid and Jarrett continue their feud also, Samu is no longer a Headshrinker, we have Barbarian in there but I did not catch his new ring-name. Kid and Owen to start, that would be an awesome way to kick things off.



Owen backs away from Kid’s kick, Neidhart decides to step up to Kid. Side headlock by Neidhart, shoulder block for Kid. Drop-down and leapfrog, Kid lands a dropkick. Neidhart misses a clothesline before nailing a shoulder block. Tag to Double J, beautiful right hand from Jarrett. Jarrett leapfrogs Kid from the corner, massive right hand but Jarrett struts too early. Spinning heel kick from Kid, Jarrett is on the floor. Jarrett nails a shoulder block from the apron but the sunset flip misses, Kid tags Seone. Seone slams Jarrett before Jarrett lands two head punches before Seone knees the bejesus out of Jarrett. Whip to the buckle, Jarrett kicks away Seone. Diving clothesline for two, Seone almost chops Jarrett but Jarrett runs away and tags Owen.



Owen wants Bulldog, Bulldog means business. Arm-locks as they trade counters, Owen flips out but misses the dropkick. Owen is catapulted to the babyface team corner, gorilla press slam from Bulldog. Irish whip, Owen is caught in a sunset flip for two. Owen is up first though, enzuigiri and tag to Neidhart. Double clothesline, Neidhart tries to rip out the hair of Bulldog. Another double team attempt but Bulldog clotheslines the duo, Bulldog lands a stalling suplex on Neidhart. Tag to Fatu, Diving Headbutt from Fatu. Fatu is grappling with his boot, Jarrett comes into the ring. Powerslam from Fatu, tag to Ramon. Jarrett begs off, Michaels advises Double J.



Lock-up, arm-drag from Double J. Strut from Jarrett, Ramon is tripped by Jarrett who slaps the head of Ramon. Side headlock from Double J, Ramon shoves off Jarrett and lands a massive right. Clothesline to the floor on Jarrett and Diesel gets smashed in the face by Ramon. Jarrett slaps Ramon before trying a crossbody, fallaway slam from Ramon. In comes Kid, Kid is caught in an abdominal stretch. Michaels grabs the hand of Jarrett for extra leverage, Kid reverses the hold before Jarrett hip-tosses Kid to the floor. Kid counters a suplex into the ring, spinning heel kick catches Jarrett. Tag to Fatu, in comes Owen. Spinning heel kick from Owen, two for Owen. Fatu is rammed off the buckle, no effect. Fatu shoves off some of his Rikishi moves, headbutt to the groin.



 Owen blind tags in Diesel, Fatu superkicks Owen but a clothesline puts down Fatu. Jacknife Powerbomb and we have our first elimination with Fatu biting the dust. Kid comes in too, trying kicks and a sunset flip before Diesel spikes Kid with a Jacknife Powerbomb. Seone comes into the ring and guess what? Diesel spikes him with a Jacknife Powerbomb!


Fatu/Seone/123 Kid have been Eliminated by Diesel!


Bulldog looks to fight back for Team Ramon, Diesel throws Bulldog to the floor. Bulldog is assaulted by Neidhart and Owen, it turns out British Bulldog has been eliminated too. Surprising for sure, it happens so non-chalantly.


British Bulldog has been Counted-Out!


Ramon is all alone, Ramon lands a middle rope bulldog after a schoolboy but it gets a close two. Diesel takes down Ramon, forearm shots from Diesel. Snake Eyes connects, Ramon fights back but a clothesline brings down The Bad Guy. Snake eyes does not work this time, Diesel meets the buckle hard. Scoop slam by Ramon, Ramon calls for the finish. Diesel back-drops his way out of the hold, Ramon runs right into a big boot. Jacknife Powebomb on Ramon, Diesel tags in Michaels. Michaels wants Sweet Chin Music, Michaels nails Diesel by mistake like Summerslam 94. Diesel wants a piece of Michaels, Owen and Jarrett are tossed down. The Teamsters are all counted-out and Ramon wins.



How did all five be counted-out when only Michaels was the legal man? You are telling me the referee counted out each man individually? Anyways, did this match do anything except further Diesel vs Michaels? What a waste of Bulldog vs The other Harts, what a pointless match when all was said and done. Nobody came out of this one looking great except Diesel, more angle than match, Ramon was an afterthought as well as Owen. Just a waste really, very disappointing.


Razor Ramon is Your Sole Survivor!


The Royal Family (Jerry Lawler/Cheesy/Queasy/Sleazy vs Clowns R Us (Doink/Dink/Pink/Wink)

Lawler and Doink to start, whip from Doink. Lawler eats an enzuigiri as his little kings check on Lawler’s head, another lock-up. Lawler tries the enzuigiri but misses and smashes his face off the mat. Arm-bar from Doink as little people stomp all over Lawler who is caught in the hold. Lawler gives out to his team, Lawler wants to repeat the spot with the arm-bar. The little kings fall over one another trying the spot. Doink lands a scoop slam, make it two. Make it three, Doink has his little clowns try to pin Lawler. Lawler is irate, the comedy is wearing on me now. Lawler tries the spot, it doesn’t work. Doink arm-bars Lawler who has the burger king crown on his head after Dink places it there.



We have a chicken fight but Lawler lands right on his face, the comedy is beyond poor at this point. If you are still watching this match, I salute you for your commitment to this sport. Double dropkicks by Dink and Pink, Lawler is disgusted at his team. Lawler has something in his hand, shot with the foreign object to the face. Lawler sends Doink into the buckle hard, the little kings attack Doink. The Little Kings lift up their feet, Doink whips Lawler into the pairs of feet. All the little people are chasing one another, Doink nails a reverse elbow on Lawler. Lawler rolls through a crossbody from Doink, Lawler eliminates Doink.


Doink has been Eliminated by Jerry Lawler!


Queasy and Dink are wrestling, they bite one another. Lawler is in the ring, Lawler is bitten by Dink. Cheesy and Wink, Wink grabs the beard. Tag to Dink, diving axe handle from Dink. Monkey flip from Dink, tag to Wink. Whip to the buckle, Lawler stops the monkey flip and helps hold down Wink for the elimination.


Wink has been Eliminated by Cheesy!


Pink wants Sleazy, Lawler gives out to Sleazy. In comes Queasy, big scoop slam from Queasy. Tag to Queasy who twists the neck of Pink, Lawler drops Cheesy on Pink for the elimination.


Pink has been Eliminated by Cheesy!


Only Dink remains, in comes Sleazy. Sleazy is knocked down, massive scoop slam and elbow drop. In comes Queazy, Dink is taking down all the little people. Beautiful suplex and stomp from Dink, Diving Crossbody but Lawler interferes in the match. Queazy pulls Sleazy on top of Dink and this abomination is over.



So, Doink has had two of the worst matches I have ever had the displeasure of sitting through for my review series, I have never seen such trash in all my life. Lawler with one of the best mouths in the company at the time and this is the crap Lawler’s given. An awful main event with Piper at King of The Ring and some of the worst comedy I have seen in wrestling. At least Lawler gives it everything, his facials are great but no, never again allow Doink to have a Survivor Series match. Two years in a row Doink has made me miserable.


Winners: Team Lawler over Team Doink via Clean Sweep!


(WWF Championship Match) Bob Backlund W/ Owen Hart vs Bret Hart W/ British Bulldog

The Hart family is being torn apart by the war between the brothers Owen and Bret. While Backlund has snapped and given himself a new edge, Backlund is an afterthought in the continued feud between The Hitman and The Rocket. Adding in Neidhart and Bulldog adds so much to this feud as it truly feels that the Hart Family is imploding before our very eyes. What makes this more dramatic is the element of the towel, Backlund never forgave his manager for throwing in the towel when Backlund was champion. Now, a towel could hold the key to the championship for Bob Backlund. Did I mention this was a Submission match? Sharpshooter vs Crossface Chickenwing



Backlund runs into a scoop slam and hip-toss from Bret, arm-drag from The Hitman. Backlund is on the floor, headbutt from Bret. Backlund is wrestling like it’s still 1980, scoop slam and elbow from Bret. Backlund is trying to roll away, side headlock takedown from Bret. Belly to back suplex counter from Backlund, Bret continues to maintain control with elbows and a leg drop. Reverse chin-lock from the champion, shoulder block and side headlock takedown from Bret. Backlund counters with a drop toehold, looking for the chickenwing but Bret has it well scouted and counters for a side headlock takedown. Backlund looks for the single leg, Backlund is caught in an arm-bar before Bret transitions to another headlock.



Backlund counters, looking for the chicken-wing but Bret counters with a belly to belly suplex. Sharpshooter is countered as Backlund kicks off The Hitman, Bret clamps on a front chancery. Abdominal stretch from Bret, Backlund manages to hip-toss Bret off. Scoop slam goes wrong as Bret falls on Backlund, forearm from Bret. Headbutt from Bret, not a wise choice with Bret feeling the effects. Bret tries a middle rope elbow drop, Backlund manages to roll out of the way. Backlund pulls at the arm of Bret, softening it up with uppercuts. Massive elbow to the arm, Backlund kicks the rope into Bret’s arm. Hard Irish whip from Backlund, Bret’s arm is wrenched in the ropes over and over.



Fujiwara arm-bar from Backlund, Bret looks to escape the hold before Backlund lands a massive forearm. Bret suckers in Backlund on the floor, right hand from Bret. Headbutt from Backlund, arm-bar from Backlund. Bret tries a scoop slam but Backlund holds onto the hold, stepping on the head of The Hitman. Fujiwara arm-bar from Backlund again, Bret wriggles free landing a big neck-breaker. Knee to the head from Bret, Backlund kicks back from his back. Forearm rocks Bret hard, Backlund has the Fujiwara arm-bar once more. Inverted atomic drop from Bret, sharpshooter attempt from Bret but Backlund holds onto the ropes and kicks out of the hold. Bret switches plans to the figure four, Owen thinks about throwing in the towel. After an eternity, Backlund reverses the hold, Owen screams at Davey Boy to throw in the towel.



Backlund is caught in the hold once more as Bret turns over, Backlund makes it to the ropes. Bret wrenches the leg, elbows to the knee. Bret continues torturing Backlund with kicks to the knees, sharpshooter again is stopped as Backlund makes it to the ropes. Backlund manages to send Bret to the mat, piledriver from Backlund. Another chicken-wing attempt but Bret is in the ropes, Owen is in Bret’s face screaming for him to give up. Backlund headbutts Bret, neck-breaker from Backlund. Bret is sent into the buckle hard, make it double. Backlund misses the corner shoulder tackle though, meeting the ring-post hard. Backlund tries another piledriver but Bret back-drops the challenger. Bret misses a right hand, Backlund applies the sleeper.



Bret runs towards the buckle and Backlund smashes off the buckle, Bret and Backlund bang heads off a shoulder tackle spot. Elbow from Bret, massive piledriver. Running bulldog from Bret, Russian leg-sweep and a back-breaker from The Hitman. Bret’s Rope Elbow Drop, Sharpshooter time in the middle of the ring. Owen and Bulldog chase around the ring, this distracts the referee and allows Owen to bulldog Bret. Crowd hates that, Bulldog tries a clothesline but Owen ducks and Bulldog hits the steel steps hard. Bulldog is out-cold, Owen is concerned for Bulldog. Backlund applies The Crossface Chicken-Wing! Middle of the ring, Bret is struggling to break free as Backlund wrenches and tries to tie up The Hitman.



Owen looks on at the submission and sees the towel on the ground, Owen continues to watch as Bret struggles to break free. Finally, Bret is down in the middle of the ring, Bret continues to struggle but the focus is on Owen as it’s a double feature from us. Bret will not go down though, we cut to Stu and Helen who can barely watch their son struggle in the submission. Backlund pulls Bret to the middle of the ring, Owen cannot believe what he is seeing, a great act from The Rocket. Owen is begging his mother to throw in the towel, the submission is still going for God’s sake. Stu does not want Helen to throw in the towel, Owen begs and pleads for his mother Helen to throw in the towel. Helen throws in the towel, Backlund is your WWF Champion as Owen runs off celebrating the result.



9 minutes Backlund sat in that hold, why in the name of God did they sit in that hold for 9 minutes? 9 Minutes of a 30 minute match were in a Crossface Chicken-Wing. This match is all Owen to me, Bret and Backlund wrestle an old-school style wrestling match. During the right time and right era/place, that can be an exciting style of match. I don’t think that place or time was in 1994 in the WWF but the angle of Owen screwing over his brother Bret is tremendous. Owen puts on the act of a lifetime to convince his own mother to thrown in the towel to allow Bret to lose the championship. There has to be another match between the two, there has to be Owen vs Bret II. The angle is top-notch but this match is not for me.


Winner: Bob Backlund over Bret Hart via Throwing in The Towel!


Million Dollar Team (Tatanka/Bam Bam Bigelow/King Kong Bundy/The Heavenly Bodies) vs Guts & Glory (Lex Luger/Smoking Gunns/Mabel/Adam Bomb)

Mabel are you serious? King Kong Bundy are you serious? Happy to see Heavenly Bodies but where have Adam Bomb and Smoking Gunns be during most of the year? Anyways, this should have some fire to it with Luger and Tatanka doing battle due to Tatanka turning his back on Lex.



These two start it off, Luger is chopped down and kicked by Tatanka. Luger is bounced off the buckle, chops have no effect on Luger. Suplex from Tatanka, Luger no-sells it. Right hands from Luger, gut punch and a bulldog. Clotheslines and Tatanka is knocked to the floor, Heavenly Bodies are taken out by Luger. Bundy comes in, in comes Mabel. Luger tags Mabel, Prichard is in there with Mabel. Mabel shoves down Prichard, Prichard ducks clotheslines but the crossbody is countered for a scoop slam. Prichard knees Mabel in the face after Mabel misses an elbow drop. Mabel will not be whipped by Prichard, Mabel whips Prichard. Big back body-drop, Mabel is on the middle rope and lands a middle rope crossbody for the elimination.


Tom Prichard has been Eliminated by Mabel!


Del Ray comes in, attempting a dropkick and clothesline but Mabel counters for a sidewalk slam. Del Ray tags in Bundy, shoulder block with neither man going down. Mabel ducks a clothesline and knocks down Bundy, Bigelow says let me have a go. Mabel blocks the rights and hammers Bigelow, eye rake from Bigelow. Enzuigiri is avoided, Bigelow eats a spinning heel kick. Mabel is on the top rope, Bigelow throws Mabel off the top rope. Diving sunset flip from Bigelow does not work as Mabel sits on the chest of Bigelow. Mabel and Bigelow tumble to the floor off a clothesline. Bigelow makes it back into the ring, Mabel has been counted-out!


Mabel has been Eliminated via Count-Out!


Billy lands a dropkick, Del Ray lands a superkick. Adam Bomb and Bigelow are in the ring, drop toehold and right hands from Bomb. Bigelow rakes the eyes, O’Connor roll does not work for Bomb. Bomb lands on the floor from a crossbody attempt, slingshot clothesline from the apron. Clotheslines on Bigelow, scoop slam from Bomb. Bomb was looking for a big move but Bundy clotheslined Bomb from the apron. Bomb is squished as Bigelow lands a bulldog and follows it up with a Diving Moonsault.


Adam Bomb has been Eliminated by Bam Bam Bigelow!


Bigelow is almost rolled up as Luger comes in, Del Ray tags in with a big superkick. Left jabs from Del Ray, knee to the face. Forearms to the back of the head, eye rake from Del Ray. Irish whip, Luger reverses and lands a Flying Forearm for the elimination.


Jimmy Del Ray has been Eliminated by Lex Luger!


Tatanka and Bart are in, atomic drop from Bart. Tag to Billy, double Russian leg-sweep from Billy. Tag to Bart, kick to the ribs of Tatanka. Arm-wringer from Bart, tag to Billy. Scoop slam and knee drop from Billy, tag to Bart. Bart lands big knees and shoulder thrusts in the corner, tag to Billy. Massive dropkick from Billy, Bart tags in and lands a monkey flip for two. Tatanka fires back, tag to Billy and we have a sidewalk slam/leg drop combination for a close two. Tag to Bart, crucifix does not work though as Tatanka lands End of The Trail for the elimination.


Bart Gunn has been Eliminated by Tatanka!


Billy tags in Luger, Luger works the arm. Tag to Billy, massive right to the arm. Billy lands a hip-toss for two, tag to Luger. Scoop slam from Luger, elbow drop. Tag to Billy, snap-mare for two. Tatanka survives an Irish whip and powerslams Billy, tag to Bundy. Bundy comes in and misses an elbow drop, Billy tees off with right hands. Bundy reverses the Irish whip, Avalanche and elbow drop for the elimination.


Billy Gunn has been Eliminated by King Kong Bundy!


Luger is all alone, Tatanka grabs the attention of Luger but Bundy smashes Luger from behind. Luger is assaulted by Bigelow and Bundy, Bigelow misses a splash. Forearm to Bundy, clothesline on Tatanka for two. Sunset flip from Luger, Bigelow is tagged into the match. Luger eats a headbutt, suplex from Bigelow for two. Bundy elbows Luger in the face, big knee drop for two. Bundy rams Luger into the boot of Tatanka. Big chops from Tatanka, Bigelow comes in and lands a headbutt. Falling headbutt for two, elbow drop after an Irish whip on Luger. Bundy lands a huge right hand, Tatanka is now the legal man. Powerslam from Tatanka for two, elbow drop from Tatanka. Make it three, Luger is dragged up to his feet. Luger small packages Tatanka but it’s all in vain as Bundy squashes Luger seconds later for the win.



Odd one for sure, not one competitive Survivor Series Style match taking place on this card but this was the best they managed of the three I suppose. Odd that the heel Tatanka was beaten down for so long and that Bundy is the man to pin Luger. It’s like some kind of alternate universe but no, this was the WWF heading into 1995. From a booking standpoint, they do get a lot of heat on Tatanka for attacking Luger and laying the foundations for whatever grudge match they should have heading into 1995 and we also get to see that Bigelow and Bundy will be a threat going forward. The WWF might soon be under the control of The Million Dollar Corporation. Overall, a serviceable match with odd booking mixed in, what has happened to Luger? Luger nearly winning the championship seems like a lifetime ago!


Winners: King Kong Bundy & Bam Bam Bigelow over Lex Luger via Splash!


(Casket Match) The Undertaker W/ Paul Bearer vs Yokozuna W/ Mr. Fuji & Jim Cornette

Imagine defeating the greatest challenge to your WWF Championship reign only for that man to return 8 months later to finish what he started, The Undertaker never forgets ladies and gentlemen. Yokozuna and the heels of the WWF destroyed Undertaker at Royal Rumble 1994, allowing Yokozuna to retain his championship but The Deadman returned taking out his impostor before setting his sights on the man who tried to end his career.



Yokozuna tries running, Taker punches and kicks his way through Yokozuna. Yokozuna lands a corner splash, no effect on Taker. Yokozuna is afraid of the casket, Taker punches Yokozuna onto the casket. Yokozuna’s head is bounced off the steel steps, Old School connects from The Phenom. Yokozuna lands a Samoan drop to avoid a clothesline but Taker sits up, clothesline from Yokozuna. Taker sits up once more, headbutt from Yokozuna. Down goes Taker, Taker fights back from his knees. Taker is on the apron, Yokozuna is caught with a stun-gun. Yokozuna is down, Taker misses an elbow drop. Massive uranage from Yokozuna, Taker tries to rise before Yokozuna flattens Taker with a leg drop.



Yokozuna rolls Taker towards the casket, Taker survives being placed in the casket. Taker batters Yokozuna inside of the casket, Fuji pulls the hair of Taker. Taker wallops Cornette, scoop slam in the ring by Yokozuna. Taker sits up again, Taker is on the floor and is rammed into the steel steps. Yokozuna sends Taker to the buckle, Taker explodes out with a clothesline. Yokozuna tries an Irish whip but lowers the head, Taker slams Yokozuna’s head into the mat. Top rope Diving Clothesline from Taker, Taker has to slowly roll Yokozuna towards the casket.



Here comes King Kong Bundy, Chuck Norris is standing guard by the casket. Bundy is being stopped by referees, Bundy is not afraid of Chuck Norris. Norris stares down Bundy, here comes Bam Bam Bigelow. Could Chuck Norris take down two at once? Here’s IRS who low blows Taker and sends The Deadman into the buckles in the ring, IRS hammers Taker with right hands and a massive sleeper. Taker is choked into the casket, Yokozuna is coming to his senses. Yokozuna is about to close the lid before Taker’s hand shoots up from the casket. Double J is in the face of Chuck Norris, Norris kicks back Double J. Taker pummels Yokozuna, flying clothesline and DDT from The Deadman. Boot from Taker which leaves Yokozuna in the casket, the Japanese Flag broken and thrown into the casket and we are done.



I do love me some Undertaker but these two main events that Undertaker have had have been less than great. While the original interaction between Taker and Yokozuna at Survivor Series 1993 was great and The Rumble match was interesting for how strong Taker was put over in that match, this match did not deliver for me. It had dull points, Yokozuna and a slow-moving Taker do not gel well together for me. I enjoy their work at times but it just felt like we were constantly waiting for this match to finish and Taker go over. Interesting to see IRS attack Taker, I guess they will battle at Royal Rumble. I think if IRS has his briefcase you could have gotten a more believable reaction from the fans than a sleeper. Oh and I am not looking forward to IRS vs Taker if you are wondering, I am happy awaiting the retirement of IRS. Anyways, this was ok I guess, I was sucked into it like other Taker matches and it just was there like this pay per view. Glad to see Taker get revenge on Yokozuna, continuity is always nice but not sure what could have sent the fans home happier so I guess it did its job.


Winner: Undertaker over Yokozuna via Placing In The Casket!


That was WWF’s Survivor Series 1994, the worst of the pay per views of 1994. I do not know if I really enjoyed a single match on this show. If I was hard-pressed, I could say that I enjoyed Owen’s performance on the outside during The Bret match but apart from that, I am struggling. We kicked off with an angle, an angle to put over Diesel as the man in the WWF. Diesel destroys Ramon’s team and Michaels superkicks Diesel which leads to Diesel wanting to kill Michaels. It’s fine for matches to be just vehicles for angles sometimes, that I do not take issue with but when the card is so light on matches, especially considering what came next, it really takes away from the pay per view. So, Fatu doesn’t like shoes is another takeaway from this? Ok, cool but seriously what a waste of Owen, Neidhart and Bulldog and Ramon. Five men counted out at once? Come on, that’s garbage!


Things do not get better with Doink vs Lawler, terrible comedy and Doink is first to go. Match is painfully boring, painfully slow and is as bad as Piper vs Lawler from KOTR 1994 in the sense that this might have worked like 10 years before this but now it’s just sad. Bret vs Backlund was an old-school style match, it didn’t click for me. Backlund seems hokey and out of place while that style of wrestling is not really your WWF 1994 New Generation style at all. Also, nine minutes in a hold is ridiculous, Owen steals the show in this one. Team Tatanka vs Team Luger is the closest you get to a proper Survivor Series Style match and it’s alright, Team Luger never seemed to have a chance and Mabel once again, clotheslines himself to the floor and gets counted out proving to me that Mabel is the dumbest man in the WWF. Anyways, Bundy goes over which was a surprise and it seems that the feud for Luger vs Tatanka has to go somewhere because they are investing so much into it but I have to ask: Do I really care? Not really based off this match.


Finally, Taker vs Yokozuna in a Casket Match. I don’t think it was exciting, I don’t think there was a lot of drama to this match. Taker slowly took down Yokozuna, we have a setup for a feud with The Million Dollar Corporation. Taker can have fun chasing down the members of that group so we are sorted angle-wise but this match was just dull to me. Easily the weakest of 1994, I really hope people are exaggerating how bad 1995 is but then again, I don’t think they are so join me for WWF in 1995 next. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!



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  1. Here's what could've been done with the Bad Guys/Teamsters match:

    The main objectives were obviously to break up HBK and Diesel, turn Diesel face, and position Diesel as the next main event guy.

    So, instead of wasting everyone's time with a 20-minute match without a third act and a totally nonsensical ending, how about you have Diesel run through Razor's whole team (like he did), tag HBK in (like he did), hold Razor for the superkick (like he did), have HBK miss and hit Diesel (like he did), and then have Razor roll HBK up for the pin. Then, Diesel (now the legal man) realizes what happened and angrily chases HBK back to the dressing room, thus getting counted out and making it a 3-on-1 match.

    Razor gallantly battles Owen, Jarrett, and Anvil, eventually eliminating Anvil, before Owen and Jarrett's heel tactics become too much and Jarrett covers Razor for the win (thus setting Jarrett up as the #1 IC Title contender, which they were gonna do anyway). Would that have been so hard?

    Then you'd have an epic, dramatic elimination match that elevates Diesel and Jarrett, sets up the HBK/Diesel feud, and paints Razor as a courageous fighter who never gives up despite the long odds.

    But no, let's just throw out another potentially awesome Survivor Series match.