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WWF King Of The Ring 1995 Review


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that has a better Twitter game than a Retribution member! It’s WWF King of The Ring 1995, we continue to roll through the year of 1995 with one of the bigger PPVs of the year. Headlined by Tatanka & Sycho Sid vs Diesel & Bam Bam Bigelow, I am a little shocked that this will be the main event but it’s a nice way to build upon the end of WWF In Your House #1! We also have The King Of The Ring tournament itself with the likes of Mabel, Savio Vega, The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. All sorts of excitement and unpredictability right there and we cannot forget the Kiss My Foot Match between The Hitman Bret Hart and Jerry The King Lawler! Card looks light when looking at the tournament and the only PPV which did well in my eyes was In Your House so let’s see if something good comes out at King Of The Ring 1995!


(KOTR Qualifying Match) IRS W/ Ted Dibiase vs Savio Vega W/ Razor Ramon

God damn not more IRS, IRS tries to scoop slam but Savio gets a small package for two. Sunset flip for two, IRS takes control with right hands. Hard Irish whip, Savio dodges the splash and schoolboys IRS for two, side headlock takedown from Savio. IRS tries to roll over but Savio is not letting go, shoulder block from Savio. IRS eats a hip-toss and a dropkick for two, Savio grabs the headlock once more. Off camera, IRS sends Savio to the floor. IRS stomps on the head of Savio on the floor, scoop slam from IRS. IRS goes up to the top rope and dives into the boot of Savio, right hands from Savio. Irish whip, elbow from Savio. Snap suplex for two, IRS powders off an Irish whip. Savio chases IRS, IRS is thrown into the ring but IRS stomps on Savio. Savio reverses an Irish whip and lands his Spinning Heel Kick for the win.



Not much of a match, happy to see an IRS match end early though. With Ramon at his side, Savio could have a very good year in the WWF.


Winner: Savio Vega over IRS via Spinning Heel Kick!


(KOTR Quarter-Final Match) Yokozuna vs Savio Vega

Savio with Razor Ramon is here, Yokozuna is here with Cornette & Fuji. No tag team championship match shows that this team of Owen Hart & Yokozuna is a waste of both men’s talents. Side headlock from Savio, shoulder block from Yokozuna. Savio tries again, Yokozuna rakes the face and chops Savio. Savio ducks a clothesline but Yokozuna lands a big elbow. Savio dodges the elbow drop, arm-wringer and right hands from Savio. Yokozuna backs Savio to the corner but Savio rams Yokozuna’s head into the buckle ten times. Savio tries his spinning heel kick but Yokozuna manages to dodge. Yokozuna pummels Savio in the corner, Savio is down. Yokozuna is thinking Banzai, Savio rolls out of the way.



Headbutts from Yokozuna, Razor cheers on Savio while Yokozuna chokes Savio with the top rope. Snap-mare into a shoulder claw from Yokozuna, Savio fights out of the hold but Savio is side-stepped and is sent tumbling over the top rope. Ramon helps Savio into the ring, Yokozuna slaps Savio but Savio begins teeing off on Yokozuna. Throat thrust from Yokozuna, corner choke from Yokozuna. Scoop slam from Yokozuna, Savio dodges the leg drop. Right hands and a clothesline from Savio, three clotheslines do not topple Yokozuna. Spinning Heel Kick on Yokozuna, Cornette is decked by Savio. Owen Hart attacks Razor’s injured ribs, Savio is not happy. Savio and Yokozuna brawl on the floor, Yokozuna runs into the ring-post and loses by count-out.



The crowd react big to Savio winning the match, shame it was a very different look on my face. Yokozuna at this stage is just not watchable, some might say Yokozuna was never that good but this looks sloppy and plodding. Does little for Savio and I mean if you are going to push Savio, let him have a big win instead of a count-out over Yokozuna. Quite boring opening match, I think this might be a rough night for me.


Winner: Savio Vega over Yokozuna via Count-Out!


(KOTR Quarter-Final Match) The Roadie vs Bob Sparky Plugg Holly

What universe am I living in? These two are competing, not Double J. Bob Holly is a bizarre babyface not to mention a mullet that does not work for the man. Jim Cornette managed Mantaur? Holly slams Roadie for two, scoop slams and shoulder blocks for two. Roadie is lost, sunset flip for two. Small package for two, Roadie is on the floor with Double J. Roadie slaps Holly, cheap shot as the referee was protecting Holly. Irish whip reversal from Holly, Roadie eats another shoulder block. Roadie is arm-dragged for good measure, hip-toss from Holly. Scoop slam for two, Roadie leapfrogs Holly and lands a powerbomb. Roadie dances, big kick to the head from Roadie. Forearm from Roadie, hard Irish whip from Roadie.



Roadie bites the head of Holly, Double J is talking massive trash at ringside. Another Irish whip which sends Holly down, Roadie struts and dances all over the ring. Elbow drops from Roadie, snap-mare and a reverse chin-lock. Holly escapes and schoolboys Roadie for two, clothesline from Roadie. Snap-mare into another rest-hold, not feeling two of these back to back. Holly escapes, eats a boot and Roadie is back-dropped by Holly. Irish whip by Roadie, headscissors takedown from Holly. Holly ducks a clothesline and lands a massive dropkick, Holly fires up big time. 3 Hard right hands from Holly for two, powerslam from Holly for two. Roadie begs off, knee to the ribs. Roadie wants a superplex, Holly knocks down Roadie. Holly tries something and Roadie boots Holly in the face and this match is over, fucked-up referee count and all.



Very average, it’s incredible to see Roadie work like that considering the man has nearly bored me to tears when working without Bad Ass Billy Gunn. Holly is a babyface, some babyface for sure. These two try and I appreciate it for sure but this was not that entertaining, best part was Roadie’s dance moves.


Winner: Roadie over Bob Holly via Boot!


(KOTR Quarter-Final Match) Kama Mustafa W/ Ted Dibiase vs Shawn Michaels

The Supreme-Fighting Machine is here, Kama looks like he’s straight out of Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter. You want to talk about favourites, you have to talk about Shawn Michaels. While the WWF is in turmoil, Michaels is a pillar of consistency along with the likes of Ramon and The Hitman. These two lock-up, hammerlock from Michaels. Kama counters, Michaels jabs Kama who missed two punches of his own. Lock-up, Kama out-powers Michaels. Kama is too slow though, Michaels continues to sting Kama with right hands. Lock-up, side headlock from Michaels. Kama tries to push Michaels off, Kama succeeds. Michaels is sent over the top rope but Michaels skins the cat and back-drops Kama to the floor.



Dibiase talks strategy with Kama, arm-wringer from Michaels. Shots to the arm, arm-bar from HBK. Kama lands a huge kick to the gut, clotheslining Michaels to the floor. Dibiase gets some kicks in, Kama slams Michaels into the ring-post. Kama kicks and clubs Michaels in the ring, Kama works the back with massive kicks. Hard Irish whip to the buckle, Kama waffles Michaels in the jaw. Kama stomps on the head of Michaels, vicious kicks to the head and neck. Single leg Boston crab, shots to the ribs while using the hold. Michaels tries fighting back but Kama cuts that crap right out. Michaels is placed on the top turnbuckle, massive gut shot from Kama. One more kick leaves Michaels down on the canvas, Kama smiles admiring his handy work.



Argentine Back-breaker from Kama, Micheals is kicking to escape. Michaels kicks off the buckle and reverses the hold for two with a back-drop. Kama is back in control, Kama flips Michaels to the floor. Dibiase kicks at Michaels behind the referee’s back, Kama talks shit to Michaels who is not moving on the floor. Michaels has to beat the count, Michaels makes it into the ring at nine. Kama lands a rib-breaker, make it two. Three from Kama, Kama stretches Michaels across the ring. Michaels clubs Kama with right hands to escape the hold, Kama whips Michaels to the buckle. Kama misses a corner splash, Michaels lands a middle rope forearm. Michaels dodges Kama’s fists, lefts and rights from HBK.



Michaels dodges the scoop slam attempt from Kama and lands a huge forearm. Michaels kips-up, stomp to the face and right hands from HBK. Michaels is almost DQ-ed for his attacks, diving axe handle for two. Michaels lands ten punches in the corner, Irish whip is reversed to the opposite buckle. Kama rolls through the crossbody from Michaels for two, Kama lands big knees to the ribs. Small package from HBK for two, Irish whip and sunset flip from Michaels but Kama does not go down before the time limit expires!



Well you took arguably your most popular wrestler and had him eliminated from this tournament. Why would you do this? Why would you have Michaels go 15 minutes with someone who is a lamb to the slaughter aka Undertaker’s next play thing? Will this elevate Kama? Obviously not so what does this accomplish? The action was fine though, Michaels helps with his selling for sure and Kama does an alright job I suppose, it did not feel like 15 minutes which is the nicest thing I can say about this match.


Both Men Have Been Eliminated!


(KOTR Quarter-Final Match) Mabel W/ Mo vs The Undertaker W/ Paul Bearer

The bell rings, Taker pummels Mabel with ease. Throat thrusts rock Mabel, big Irish whip to the buckle. Clothesline from Taker, make it two. Mabel is on his feet before a third clothesline floors Mabel, Old School from Taker. Mabel is choked in the corner, Irish whip but Mabel reverses and lands a terrible slam. Taker sits-up, clothesline to the floor. Taker is on the apron, stun-gun from The Deadman. Mabel clubs Taker who was entering the ring, Taker is caught in the rope. Paul Bearer tries helping The Deadman but Taker cannot be freed as Mabel stomps on Taker over and over. In the ring, Taker chokes Mabel but Mo distracts The Deadman. Belly to belly suplex from Mabel, camel clutch from Mabel.



Taker fights back but Mabel sends The Phenom to the floor, Taker is hurled into the steel steps. Mo stomps on Taker, Mabel stands on Taker as Taker crawls into the ring. Hard Irish whip to the buckle, big suplex from Mabel for two. Right hands from Mabel, headbutt too. Scoop slam and cover for two, Mabel misses a corner splash as Taker boots Mabel. Clothesline knocks down Mabel, Taker ducks his head off an Irish whip. Piledriver from Mabel for two, both men bang heads. Mabel misses an elbow drop, throat thrusts from Taker. Corner splash from Taker, boots and chokes from Taker. Mabel whips Taker into the referee, Taker whips Mabel but Mabel reverses. Taker ducks the clothesline and lands his flying clothesline. Chokeslam from Taker, Mo is decked too. Kama sprints down massive head kick from Kama, Running Leg Drop from Mabel and Mabel pins The Deadman.



So you have Michaels and Taker in The King of The Ring Tournament and both men are eliminated and not near the final? That’s ballsy but also incredibly disappointing because they were infinitely more interesting scenarios than what we are going to be left with, Roadie vs Savio and the winner faces Mabel. Mabel and Taker were just dull here, they didn’t do much at all. Just throat thrusts from Taker while Mabel slowly clubs away at The Deadman. Although, beating The Undertaker is a big endorsement for Mabel, can Mabel live up to the hype?


Winner: Mabel over The Undertaker via Leg Drop!


(KOTR Semi-Final Match) Savio Vega W/ Razor Ramon vs The Roadie W/ Jeff Jarrett

Two Road Dogg singles matches in one night sounds like torture, these two lock-up. Roadie is bashed by Savio, whip to the buckle and a hip-toss. Clothesline to the floor, arm-wringer in the ring from Savio. Clubbing blows from Savio, arm-bar. Roadie lands a knee and a neck-breaker for two, Roadie chokes Savio in the corner. Middle rope choke from Roadie, Double J thought about a cheap-shot but Ramon protects his buddy. Boot to the face from Roadie, big right hands in the corner. Snap-mare and middle rope headbutt for two, Roadie stomps on the back of Savio. Savio starts shaking off the attacks of Roadie, chops from Savio. Hard Irish whip from Roadie, Roadie steps on the throat of Savio.



Savio dodges the middle rope headbutt, crowd seems distracted by something. Right hands by Savio, back elbow from Savio. Scoop slam, two for Savio. Irish whip, massive big boot for two. Another whip, Roadie reverses the Irish whip and Double J grabs the boot of Savio. Savio whips Roadie into Jarrett on the apron, Roadie puts on the breaks in front of Jarrett. Dropkick from Savio and a roll-up which leads to Savio in the final!



Mercifully short, I didn’t want to see a long match between these two because Roadie is never going to carry a match while Savio is not over at the level WWF want to establish him at for this to work. The man’s comeback was a right hand and a scoop slam, hard to get invested in all of that. Things are more difficult for Savio as the fans are pissed they were robbed of Michaels and Taker, fans also would rather see Razor tearing it up in the ring so Savio just cannot win on this night.


Winner: Savio Vega over Roadie via Schoolboy!


(Kiss My Foot Match) Bret Hart vs Jerry The King Lawler

From 1993 to 1995, we will finish this feud once and for all. Lawler was suspended before the feud could end in 1993 but here we are in 1995 to end the feud. Lawler had insulted the family of Bret and used Hakushi to cost Bret big matches, Bret batters Lawler with right hands. Lawler meets the guardrail and the buckle, Lawler is on the floor. Headbutt to the spine from Bret before Lawler sends Bret into the steel steps. Bret holds his elbow in extreme pain, Burger King chants ring throughout the arena. Lawler sends Bret into the guardrail, Lawler is very happy with his work. Bret meets the buckle hard, Lawler is smiling in the ring. Lawler wants the piledriver, Bret is planted with a devastating piledriver. Lawler wastes time though, no pin-fall attempt from Lawler. A second Piledriver plants The Hitman, Lawler jaw-jacks with the regular ECW fans. Third piledriver connects on The Hitman, Lawler is smiling like a mad man.



1…2… Bret manages to kick out of the third piledriver, Bret is rammed off the buckle. More Burger King chants, Bret goes low and starts firing back with right hands. Lawler rakes the eyes and throws Bret to the floor, Lawler undoes his boot and we can see his smelly sock. Lawler cracks Bret with his boot, how did Earl not see that right in front of his face? 1…2.. Bret manages to kick out again. Lawler chokes Bret with his boot, Lawler takes off his boot. Bret blocks the smelly boot, leg-trip and headbutt to the groin from Bret.



Lawler is in intense pain, let’s go Bret rings out in the arena. Lawler is trying to crawl away, Bret elbows Lawler in the nose three times before Lawler decks Bret with the boot. Lawler lands a middle rope Fist Drop for two, Lawler is getting upset now. Lawler pulls Bret’s leg toward the ring-post, Bret uses his legs to pull Lawler into the ring-post. Gut shots on the floor, here comes Hakushi to distract Bret. Hakushi nails Lawler with a throat thrust by mistake, Bret ducked the blow. Irish whip, gut punch and Russian leg-sweep from Bret, back-breaker and Bret’s Rope Elbow Drop. Sharpshooter from Bret as the arena comes alive, Lawler gives up. Hakushi comes down and fails to save Lawler again as Lawler has no choice but to kiss the foot of The Hitman.



Well that was fine, considering what I have seen on this show it was amazing. Lawler cheated as much as possible, had Hakushi and all the bells and whistles but Bret comes off on top, good way to cap off the feud that was 2 years in the making. Lawler is so good at comedy, shame we had to sit through Piper and Doink matches to get to an interesting Lawler match against Bret. Anyways, best match on the card so far but it’s not saying much.


Winner: Bret Hart over Jerry Lawler via Sharpshooter!


(KOTR Final Match) Mabel W/ Mo vs Savio Vega W/ Razor Ramon

Nobody would have predicted these two in the final but that’s what we have, Mabel shoves away Savio. Mabel misses a corner splash, Savio unloads with right hands on Mabel. Chops rock Mabel, ten punches in the corner. Irish whip but Mabel reverses, Savio ducks the clothesline. Knees and rights before Mabel rakes the eyes. Scoop slam, Mabel misses the leg drop. Savio clotheslines Mabel to the floor, Savio is grabbed by Mabel. Savio sends Mabel into the steel steps, Mabel manages to send Savio into the steel steps. Mabel chokes Savio with the top rope, hard Irish whip from Mabel. Bearhug from Mabel, I hate this move so much especially when the smaller wrestler is not lifted into the air. Looks silly, why doesn’t Savio just use his hands and fight out of the hold?



Eventually, Savio escapes before an Irish whip and another bearhug. Jesus Christ two of these back to back? Big ear clap from Savio, Mabel clubs Savio down. Sidewalk slam from Mabel for two, reverse chin-lock. Mabel misses a corner splash and Savio gets a close two off a schoolboy. Spinning Heel Kick from Savio, Savio gives an exhausted cover and Mabel survives with a close two. Mabel reverses Savio, falling slam from Mabel for two. Splash from Mabel and we have a King of The Ring! Mabel gets more heat by destroying Razor Ramon as well as The 1-2-3 Kid.


2 Bearhugs of enormous length back to back, the rest-hold master Mabel. This was a shit-show, huge ECW chants in the middle of the match tells you all you need to know. This was rough, Mabel vs Diesel is going to be some match for sure, how lucky we all are to witness that take place. Anyways, this match is boring, I feel for Savio for sure but there is no excuse for Mabel’s lack of work in this match. Rest-holds galore and just slow, terrible match and terrible tournament.


Winner: Mabel over Savio Vega via Splash!


Sycho Sid & Tatanka W/ Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase vs Diesel & Bam Bam Bigelow

Sid is a monster who took out Shawn Michaels and sold his soul to the devil himself, that devil being Ted Dibiase. Bam Bam Bigelow was kicked out of The Million Dollar Corporation which leads us to this tag match. Sid just looks out at the fans and I am all in on Sid, what an awesome force. We start off hot with Diesel and Bigelow cleaning house, Sid and Tatanka powder.



Diesel wants Sid, Sid allows Tatanka to start. Arm-wringer from Diesel, Tatanka reverses but Diesel lands a short-arm clothesline. Sid kicks the injured elbow of Diesel, Sid stretches the elbow and throws it into the ring-post. Tatanka is on the warpath, tomahawk chops from The Native-American. Boot to the head from Tatanka, Diesel is down to one knee. Arm-wringer from Tatanka, Sid hammers the elbow from the apron. Sid rakes the eyes, knee to the injured elbow. Sid uses the ropes to rake at the arm of Diesel, repeated blows again and again. Scoop slam from Sid and more blows to the arm, Sid misses the leg drop. Diesel tags in Bigelow, clotheslines all around. Tatanka eats an elbow, Tatanka elbow drops Sid by mistake. Tatanka is dropkicked to the floor, Bigelow plants Sid with a DDT.



Bigelow is on the top rope, Diving Headbutt from Bigelow. Dibiase is distracting the referee, Bigelow has his eyes on Dibiase now. Bigelow covers Sid but Sid is well recovered, Sid hammers Bigelow who was watching Dibiase again. Sid chokes Bigelow on the buckle, chokeslam from Sid. Sid is loving this, Tatanka comes in and gets a two on Bigelow. Right hand from Tatanka, kicks to the ribs from Tatanka. Belly to back suplex from Tatanka, boots to the head of Bigelow. Tag to Sid, big running boot to the ribs. Boot to the head from Sid, stomps from Sid. Bigelow starts firing back with right hands before a boot sends Bigelow to the floor, Bigelow trips up Sid. Bigelow wants a sling-shot splash but Tatanka sends Bigelow to the floor.



Running boot from Sid on the floor, reverse chin-lock from Sid. Bigelow manages to tag Diesel, forearms and running clothesline. Scoop slam and elbow from Diesel, Bigelow is back in against Tatanka. Tomahaawk chops and crossbody from Tatanka for two, reverse chin-lock from Tatanka once more. Bigelow escapes but eats a massive DDT for two, Bigelow battles back and both men collide with a massive clothesline. Bigelow covers for two, another fucking rest-hold? Bigelow manages to splash Tatanka after Tatanka drops down to avoid a potential crossbody.



Sid is trying to shut up the fans, Tatanka is waffled with the enzuigiri. Diesel lands massive forearms, sidewalk slam on Tatanka. Tatanka tries an O’Connor roll but Diesel hangs on, big boot from Diesel. Diesel calls for the finish, Jacknife Powerbomb and Diesel says no this is not it. Diesel wants Sid, Sid tells Diesel he wants none of this. Sid decides to walk away, Diesel drops an elbow off camera and pins Tatanka.



God damn that was trash too! This PPV is unbelievably bad, how could anyone sit through this? It starts off in the right direction but there is so much bad here. Diesel coming in off the hot-tag and hurting himself so immediately tagging out afterwards? Tatanka battling Mabel for master of rest-holds? Diesel coming in at the end for hot-tag part 2 and Sid just not getting involved? Fair enough if they want to save the match but Sid could have at least bumped for Diesel before The Powerbomb. Tatanka defeated by an elbow drop off camera? What was In Your House 1 for? I wanted to see this match and this is what you deliver? Could have done anything better than this!


Winners: Diesel & Bam Bam Bigelow over Million Dollar Corporation via Elbow Drop!


That was WWF’s King of The Ring 1995, the worst pay per view I have covered in quite some time. This is the one they point to when they talk about how bad The New Generation was, no doubt in my mind. It’s incredible to think how lacklustre the King of The Ring Tournament is with the likes of Bob Holly, Roadie, Savio Vega and Mabel. You could have had Owen Hart, British Bulldog, Double J, 1-2-3 Kid, Hakushi and the list goes on and on. You had Undertaker and Michaels in there but both of them fell victim to the God that is Kama who not only went 15 minutes with HBK but also cost Undertaker his match against Mabel. The people at ringside for tournament matches like Double J and Razor Ramon were infinitely more entertaining than the likes of Savio and Mabel. The main event was a horrible tag match with too many rest-holds and not enough flow, it’s just there and the finish takes away everything that I thought was fun about The WWF In Your House 1 PPV. Do not watch this, it’s a gigantic waste of time that is not worth it. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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