Sunday 27 September 2020

WWF In Your House 1 Review


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that takes more shots at the competition than an ex-WWE Wrestler. It’s WWF In Your House #1, shorter pay per views that promise you the action of the big pay per views. What’s on this card? We have Diesel defending his WWF Championship against the number one contender Sycho Sid, I can hardly believe it but these two behemoths are going to lock up already! We also have Bret Hart competing twice in one night to take on Hakushi aka Jinzei Shinzaki and later in the night, Jerry The King Lawler. Razor Ramon takes on Jeff Jarrett & The Roadie in a handicap match while Mabel wants to defeat Adam Bomb in a King of The Ring Qualifier. Some big matches, some interesting matches for sure. The first In Your House, will it be a homerun?


Bret Hart vs Hakushi

Bret was being honoured by the Japanese Media before Hakushi attacked, angered that his media would honour a Gaijin like Bret Hart. Hakushi aka Jinsei Shinzaki is a fantastic wrestler who would primarily compete in Michinoku Pro but during the 90s would also venture to FMW to team with Hayabusa and battles the likes of Masato Tanaka and Mr. Gannosuke. Shinzaki would also compete in AJPW with Hayabusa and perhaps most well-known to American wrestling fans, Shinzaki would team with Hayabusa to take on RVD & Sabu at ECW’s Heatwave 1998.



Side headlock from Hakushi, Bret shoves off Hakushi and Hakushi flips over Bret. Bret admires the athletics of Hakushi, Hakushi yanks Bret down by the hair. Hakushi wrenches the arm, Bret whips Hakushi. Hakushi lands a flying headbutt for two, Hakushi latches on an arm-bar. USA chants for Canadian Bret Hart, Hakushi tries a scoop slam but Bret slips out the back for an O’Connor roll for two. Bret slaps on an arm-bar, shoulder block from The Hitman. Mis-communication and Bret elbows Hakushi hard, hip-toss and arm-drags from The Hitman. Hakushi tries to sneak up on Bret but Bret is too wise to the tactics of Hakushi, throat thrusts from Hakushi. Bret blocks being rammed into the buckle, Hakushi is sent into the buckle.



Hakushi regains control by sending Bret into the buckle sternum-first, middle rope splash from Hakushi for a close two. Camel clutch from Hakushi, Bret escapes but Hakushi chokes Bret in the corner. Stomps in the corner from Hakushi, bronco buster from Hakushi wipes out Bret. Hakushi poses in front of the fans on the middle rope, Bret has time to recover. Scoop slam is countered again by Bret but Hakushi sends Bret to the floor while Hakushi’s manager stomps on Bret’s chest and throat. Bret re-enters the ring as Hakushi stomps The Hitman, hard Irish whip to the buckle. Hakushi chokes Bret in the corner behind the referee’s back, Hakushi chokes Bret on the middle rope. Hakushi’s manager chokes Bret too behind the referee’s back, Hakushi talks The Hitman.



Big whip to the buckle, handspring elbow from Hakushi. Hakushi charges in but Bret blocks Hakushi, eye rake from Hakushi to stop Bret. Irish whip reversal from Bret but Hakushi lands a tilt-a-whirl side-slam for two. Diving Headbutt from Hakushi, Bret manages to kick out at two. Hakushi is on the apron, Bret rolls out of the way of the springboard splash. Bret is on his feet, right hands from The Hitman. Gut punch into the Russian leg-sweep, two for The Hitman. Running bulldog for two, back-breaker from Bret. Bret’s Rope Elbow Drop, Bret wants to finish this match here and now, Hakushi’s manager distracts Bret. Bret lands an inverted atomic drop and clothesline on Hakushi, headbutt rocks Hakushi.



Bret lands right hands against Hakushi who is stuck in the ropes, Hakushi’s manager grabs the leg of Bret and this leads to Bret landing a suicide dive on the manager. Repeated right hands from Bret to the manager, Bret re-enters the ring. Dropkick for two for Hakushi, Bret blocks two suplexes and suplexes Hakushi to the floor. Both men land hard, both men attempt to re-enter the ring and while Bret threatens the manager, Hakushi lands a sick Asai Moonsault. Could Hakushi win this match by count-out? Bret is on the apron, Hakushi wants the suplex but Bret takes the back. Both men trade counters before Bret counters the German suplex for a victory-roll, Bret squeaks out the win.



Solid match to kick us off, you cannot go wrong with Bret Hart to kick off a pay per view. Solid work from Hakushi, lots of interesting offence and a breathe of fresh air compared to some of the other athletes who will compete on this show. Good story-telling too with Bret twisting his ankle leaving the ring, how will this factor into Jerry Lawler vs Bret Hart? The Asai Moonsault and the Diving Headbutt looked fantastic, really hoping we can see these two fight again. The kind of opening match you want to have on this type of show, a brief look at what the WWF can do with the right people inside of the ring.


Winner: Bret Hart over Hakushi via Victory-Roll!


Jeff Jarrett  & The Roadie vs Razor Ramon

After stealing the Intercontinental Championship at The Rumble and getting disqualified at Wrestlemania, Jeff Jarrett has nowhere to run against Razor Ramon in this match. However, The Roadie is competing in this match so it is in the favour of Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett & Roadie are already trying to bend the rules but the referee establishes order and we kick off with Ramon vs Jarrett. Roadie distracts Ramon, Jarrett starts hammering Ramon with big right hands. Ramon reverses an Irish whip and pummels Jarrett with right hands. Discuss right hand sends Jarrett to the floor, Roadie is irate. Jarrett kicks Ramon in the ribs, hard right hands and Ramon is bounced off the buckle. Two times, whip from Double J. Ramon holds onto the ropes and clotheslines Jarrett to the floor with ease, Double J is holding his face once more.



Jarrett suckers in Ramon but Ramon bounces Jarrett’s face off the ring apron, Jarrett runs from Ramon which leads to Roadie thumping Ramon with a massive axe handle to the back of the head. Ramon is whipped to the buckle twice, enzuigiri from Jarrett. Ramon tries a clothesline, missing but Jarrett dives into a crossbody. Ramon lands his fallaway slam for two as Roadie makes the save, Double J tags in Roadie. Roadie lands a flying clothesline, elbow drops and dances too. Ramon and Jarrett trade pin-fall attempts as Jarrett enters the ring, back elbow from Jarrett to keep down Ramon.



Small package from Ramon for two, Double J lands a big clothesline. Tag to Roadie, Roadie stomps on the head of The Bad Guy. Big right hands from Roadie, Ramon rocks Roadie with a right hand. Jarrett enters illegally to whack Ramon from behind, Jarrett is in officially. Middle rope axe handle fails for Double J, atomic drop from Ramon. Ramon wants The Razor’s Edge, Jarrett back-drops Ramon to the floor. Roadie climbs to the middle rope, diving clothesline wipes out Ramon on the floor. Jarrett tries a diving crossbody with Ramon rolling through for two, dropkick from Double J keeps down Ramon. Ramon reverses an Irish whip but lowers the head, swinging neck-breaker from Double J. Jarrett chokes Ramon with his knee, Ramon moves out of the way and Jarrett lands groin-first.



Jarrett and Ramon drop-down and avoid one another before banging heads I the middle of the ring, Jarrett tries a sleeper but Ramon lands a huge belly to back suplex. Jarrett tags Roadie, Roadie is on the middle rope. Massive knee drop for two, Roadie cannot believe the official’s call. Ramon breaks free from the reverse chin-lock and sends Roadie right into the mat, Roadie tags Jarrett though. Ramon fires back with massive right hands, Jarrett is whipped into Roadie. Ramon lands a back superplex on Roadie, Ramon calls to finish it. Ramon blocks the figure four by kicking Jarrett into Roadie, Ramon lands The Razor’s Edge and Ramon wins the handicap match.



Entertaining match as always from these two, a satisfying pay-off for their previous encounters. Ramon and Jarrett work the crowd into a frenzy with their regular spots, Roadie adding another dynamic by cheap-shotting Ramon at any chance that presents itself. Ramon is so popular with the fans, everything just works and it’s crazy every single time that Ramon calls for that finish. Loved this feud between these two, enjoyable among all the terrible action taking place in the WWF. Great addition to the feud at the end as Jarrett and Roadie attack Razor Ramon which leads to the debut of Ramon’s friend Savio Vega!


Winner: Razor Ramon over Double J & The Roadie via Razor’s Edge!


Mabel W/ Mo vs Adam Bomb (KOTR Qualifier)

Mabel is here with a new attitude, months of being a punching bag and being defeated in ridiculous fashion, Mabel is here to destroy everything in sight. Can’t tell you much about Adam Bomb, seems Bomb has been in freefall ever since turning babyface and splitting from his manager. Mo distracts Bomb which allows Mabel to land a blow, clubbing blows and corner splash from Mabel. Whip to the opposite buckle, Bomb dodges and lands big right hands. Mabel is staggering, shoulder block and Mabel is down to the floor. Plancha from Bomb, slingshot clothesline from Bomb for not even a one. Bomb climbs to the top rope, diving clothesline for two. Mabel reverses Bomb and lands a spinning heel kick. Bomb ducks a right hand but is slammed to the mat for the pin-fall.



Not much of a match, not sure if it’s even that impressive of a win. However, Mabel is large and in charge, big things are in-store for Mabel!


Winner: Mabel over Adam Bomb via Falling Powerslam!


(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) Owen Hart & Yokozuna © vs The Smoking Gunns

Rematch from Wrestlemania, the unstoppable Yokozuna with the charismatic Owen Hart vs the former champions, The Smoking Gunns. Billy and Yokozuna start, side headlock from Billy. Shoulder block from Yokozuna, Billy slides through the legs and lands two dropkicks. Arm-wringer from Billy, tag to Bart. Diving axe handle but Yokozuna headbutts Bart after an arm-wringer. In comes Owen, Bart is whipped to the buckle hard. Bart returns the favour for Owen and plants Owen with a military press slam. Beautiful dropkick and a dropkick/suplex combination with Billy for two, Billy is distracted by Fuji. Enzuigiri from Owen, tag to Yokozuna. Double clothesline, Yokozuna chops at Billy.



Snap-mare and shoulder claw from Yokozuna, tag to Owen after Billy meets the boot. Neck-breaker from Owen for two, Owen ducks the head off an Irish whip, sunset flip from Billy for two. Spinning heel kick from Owen, Billy rolls to the floor. Yokozuna misses a splash on Billy, Owen misses a corner splash. Bart comes in, big scoop slams. Owen hits the buckle sternum-first, belly to back suplex. Belly to back suplex/neck-breaker combination for two, Bart misses a crossbody wiping out on the floor. Yokozuna lands a leg drop on Bart while Billy nails Cornette off the apron, Owen covers and the champions retain.



Brief but fun, Owen is cocky and antagonizes both Gunns while Yokozuna tortures both with his awesome power. Thought Bart would have run more wild on the hot tag but they weren’t here to go all out, I liked the finish as it plays to the strengths of the tag team with Yokozuna landing a massive leg drop and squishing Bart, I am sure with the right team there can be some fun tag team matches with Yokozuna and Owen, still waiting for that main event level match from the two as a team.


Winners: Owen Hart & Yokozuna over The Smoking Gunns via Leg Drop!


Jerry Lawler vs Bret Hart

It looks like we are continuing off from 1993, Bret shows no sign of injury and batters Lawler with right hands. On the floor, Bret rams Lawler into the guardrail. Off the steel steps too, Lawler is hiding behind the referee. Snap-mare and leg drop from Bret, Irish whip and back body-drop from The Hitman. Bret chokes Lawler with the middle rope, another Irish whip and Bret lowers his head. Lawler lands The Piledriver but Bret pops up, right hands from The Hitman. Running bulldog from Bret, Bret drives Lawler into the ground with a piledriver. Lawler lands an eye rake, scoop slam from Lawler. Lawler goes to the top rope, Bret is on his feet. Lawler’s axe handle misses, back elbow from Bret. Headbutt to the groin from Bret, Bret pummels Lawler with right hands. Bret sends Lawler into the referee, gut punch and Russian leg-sweep. Bret’s Rope Elbow Drop, Hakushi is here and lands his Diving Headbutt to the back of the head of Bret. Hakushi lands another one to the chest, make it three.



More of an angle than a match, Lawler gets the win over Bret to setup their feud once more. Lawler has now beaten Bret on two occasions, once was a DQ but now The King has the pin-fall over The Hitman. Hakushi aids Lawler which could lead to more matches between the two down the line, I am open to that. Hakushi also gets his heat back from earlier, this could be a fun program. Anything is an improvement over Lawler vs Piper or Lawler vs Doink!


Winner: Jerry Lawler over Bret Hart via Three Hakushi Diving Headbutts!


(WWF Championship Match) Diesel © vs Sycho Sid W/ Ted Dibiase

I don’t know how this match is going to play out, I have an idea for sure and it’s not a positive one. Regardless, Sycho Sid is one of my favourite wrestlers due to his persona inside of that ring and his work inside of it too. Sid walks to the ring and it’s on, Sid looks down on every person inside of that arena and looks as if Sid would kill everyone without a second thought. These two stare one another down, neither man faced by the other.



Sid is shoved down by Diesel, forearm shots by Diesel. Corner clothesline by Big Daddy Cool, make it two. Elbows in the corner, Sid collapses to the mat and rolls to the floor. Dibiase is having a fit on the apron, Diesel is behind Sid. Axe handle off the apron, forearm shots from Diesel. Short-arm clotheslines from Diesel, Sid eats a flying clothesline from Diesel for two. Sid rolls out of the ring, Dibiase cheers on his superstar. Diesel continues to rock Sid with forearms, Sid is begging off from Diesel. Dibiase distracts Diesel, massive running knee from Sid knocks Diesel to the floor. Sid drops Diesel onto the apron, Sid breaks the count and kicks Diesel in the ribs over and over.



The champion is picked up and sent spine-first into the ring-post, Diesel is wounded now. Sid takes a run-up and punts Diesel right in the skull, Sid poses in the ring as Diesel looks to find his feet. In the ring, Sid clubs at Diesel. Again and again, Diesel is down to a knee. Big axe handle from Sid, Diesel elbows back at Sid. Whip to the buckle, Sid blocks with an elbow and lands a clothesline. Sid poses for the fans once more, more clubbing blows. Diesel is clubbed down time after time, boot to the spine and Sid clamps on a camel clutch. Sid rakes at the face of Diesel too while in the hold, nice little touch from Sid. Diesel attempts to fight back, surviving passing out but Sid drops his weight on the spine of Diesel. There’s no fighting back for Diesel today, leg drop for two.



Sid stands over the prone Diesel, Sid clamps on the hold once more. Nothing that Diesel can do, the camel clutch is in deep. Dibiase is applauding the handy work of Sid, Sid’s facial expressions are tremendous here. Diesel fights back with elbows, Sid says no way it’s chokeslam time. Sid gives Diesel the sign of the cross, this could be all over! Powerbomb from Sid, Side celebrates without pinning Diesel. Sid crawls into the cover, 1….2… Diesel manages to kick out! Sid is in shock, Sid goes for the kill. Sid bounces Diesel’s head off the buckle but it’s only making the champion angry. Sid misses a corner splash, snake eyes from Diesel. Irish whip into a big boot, Diesel delivers The Jacknife Powerbomb and Tatanka has interfered and along with Dibiase, they stomp the life out of Diesel. Sid is about to destroy Diesel before Bam Bam Bigelow makes the save, the man who was kicked from The Million Dollar Corporation after his loss at Wrestlemania.



Well that was a good TV level of championship match from these two, anytime I get to watch Sid is a joy as the man is just awesome. Say what you want about his work but Sid brings a charisma that very few wrestlers will ever reach, the expressions and body language are fantastic throughout this match. Sid selling Diesel surviving the powerbomb was priceless. I am glad they did not beat Sid here, too much money in the man to have him pinned right away on PPV. A lot of elements to add to this match now with Sid destroying Michaels and Bam Bam Bigelow on a quest to take out The Million Dollar Corporation. Interesting to see what this leads to at King of The Ring but a solid end to the show.


Winner: Diesel over Sycho Sid via DQ!


That was WWF’s In Your House 1, a successful pay per view for me. While you can see empty seats in the arena, I thought the action on this show was hard-hitting and little filler. We kick off with Hakushi and Bret Hart, these two can work and put on an entertaining match. Bret makes Hakushi look devastating and a real threat which adds so much into the way Bret defeats Hakushi with the victory-roll. I am not saying Bret survived Hakushi but Bret certainly had to use all his wits to get the better of The Michinoku Pro star. That finish becomes even better when Hakushi costs Bret against his sworn enemy Jerry Lawler later in the night. Lawler’s mic work is still spectacular, blowing away everyone else in the company at the time and Lawler gets mauled by Bret only to sneak out the win, building heat for their eventual final match. The handicap match is also very entertaining, Ramon and Jarrett have good chemistry with one another and the matches are solid. The antics of Roadie add another dynamic to the match and Ramon gets one over on his rival Jarrett to send the fans home happy. Mabel gets a big win over Adam Bomb, more of an angle than a match, watch where this man goes as the year continues.


The tag team championship match was fine, solid finish but it is much more interesting for me to see where this alliance between Owen Hart & Yokozuna goes as the year continues. Surely, they cannot keep these two in the tag division for long? The main event is fun too, Sid and Diesel batter one another around the ring and we get some great fire from Diesel as the match develops, the finish leaves you wanting more and I am eager to see where things go from here. Overall, WWF’s In Your House is a fun and easy to sit through hour and forty minutes of wrestling, possibly the best the WWF has looked in the year 1995 but you cannot overlook how less wrestlers and less time means it should be a more compact and easy to watch card. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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