Wednesday 30 September 2020

WWF In Your House 2: The Lumberjacks Review


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that offends more than a Jim Cornette Podcast Rant! It’s WWF in Your House 2, the WWF second crack at more pay per views than the usual five throughout the year. A smaller card once more but it’s absolutely stacked. From The Allied Powers against Owen Hart & Yokozuna, Shawn Michaels vs Jeff Jarrett for The Intercontinental Championship and a Lumberjack match for the WWF Championship as Diesel defends against Sycho Sid. King of The Ring 1995 was awful so anything will be better and I have a good feeling for sure with this smaller card. Oh God, do not let me be wrong as we are ready to kick things off!


The 1-2-3 Kid vs The Roadie

Kid jumps Roadie to kick us off, Roadie bears down on the neck with kicks. It’s stated that Roadie injured Kid’s neck, shoulder block from Roadie. Kid leapfrogs and rolls through, tripping up Roadie. Kid kicks Roadie in the corner, Roadie reverses the Irish whip. Kid lands the headscissors which leads Roadie to the floor, Roadie has no clue where he is as the referee begins counting. Slingshot kick from Kid, Roadie is tossed back in the ring. Jumping kick in the corner, hard whip to the buckle and a crossbody splash. Another whip, Roadie counters with a powerslam. Roadie lands an apron diving clothesline, Roadie sends Kid into the ring-post by the groin. Roadie whips Kid, flapjack from Roadie into a big leg drop. Make it two, Roadie bows for the fans.



Back body-drop from Roadie, Roadie begins dancing from the middle rope. Boot from Roadie, two for Roadie. Shoulder claw from Roadie, Roadie tries a top rope splash and ends up eating the canvas. Roadie misses two rights, Kid lands two rights before a spinning heel kick floors Roadie. Two for Kid, Roadie is sent to the buckle. Corner dropkick from Kid, Frog Splash from Kid for a close two. Kid misses a clothesline, attempting a hurricanrana but Roadie counters for a powerbomb. Two for Roadie, Roadie sends Kid to the buckle hard. Roadie tries a spear, Kid dodges and Roadie hits the ring-post hard. Kid is crotched on the top rope, Middle Rope Piledriver and this is over.



Well that’s a spectacular finish especially when someone’s neck is their weak point. Eat your heart out Rhino, I can’t believe Roadie absolutely smashed Kid like that. Kid bumping around like a maniac makes all of his opponents look good and makes for entertaining matches for sure. Good choice of opening match for sure, can’t help but feel Kid deserves more due to the quality of his work and how Kid makes everyone he works with, look fantastic.


Winner: The Roadie over The Kid via Top Rope Piledriver!


Men On A Mission vs Razor Ramon & Savio Vega

Ramon’s ribs are still taped up but The Bad Guy is here for revenge against King Mabel who attacked Ramon following his victory over Ramon’s friend Savio Vega. Mo slaps Ramon to kick us off, Sir Mo takes the arm before Ramon buries shoulders into Sir Mo. Fallaway slam and slap from Ramon, tag to Savio. Big right hand from Savio, Irish whip reversed by Sir Mo. Chops and right hands from Savio, clothesline from Savio. Sir Mo knees Savio and clubs down Savio, tag to King Mabel. Mo whips Mabel into the corner but Savio dodged, superkick to Mabel. Irish whip but Mabel reverses for a sidewalk slam, Mabel is fired up now. Savio is dumped to the floor, Ramon and Mabel are jaw-jacking with the referee breaking that action up as Mo attacks Savio.



Savio is whipped to the buckle hard, and an enzuigiri from Mabel. Cover for two, in comes Sir Mo. Clothesline for two, snap suplex from Mo for two. Mabel comes in, clubbing blows to Savio. Irish whip and elbow from Mabel, Savio is reaching out for Ramon. Scoop slam from Mabel, snap-mare into a shoulder claw. Savio chops back at Mabel before trying a scoop slam, Mabel falls on top of Savio. Two for Mabel, huge toss from Mabel. Tag to Sir Mo, double elbows from Men On A Mission. Mo knocks down Ramon who is irate, Mabel gives Savio a hot-shot using the top rope. Sir Mo chokes Savio before tagging Mabel, drop toehold and leg drop combination from Men on A Mission.



Mabel tags Mo, scoop slam. Sir Mo is on the middle rope, make that the top rope. Savio dodges the moonsault, Savio manages to tag Ramon. Right hands and a discuss punch to Sir Mo, Sir Mo begs off which leads to a super back suplex from The Bad Guy. Ramon calls for the finish, Mabel is cracked in the face. Sir Mo knees Ramon, eye rake from Sir Mo. Tag to Mabel, scoop slam on Ramon, Mabel is on the top rope. Ramon plays possum and pulls Mabel off the top rope for a close two. Ramon lands a clothesline, Sir Mo nails Ramon with a knee from the apron. DDT from Mabel, Ramon dodges the splash. Sir Mo attacks Ramon which leads to Savio clotheslining Mo to the floor. Ramon pummels Mabel with right hands, Ramon is sent to the buckle, splash from Mabel. Belly to belly suplex and Mabel pins Ramon.



Talk about sucking the life out of a building, cannot believe that Ramon was the one to eat the pin! I am guessing they will talk about how the injured ribs were a factor but another shocker as Mabel continues to beat some of the biggest names in the WWF. Solid tag match, Sir Mo does well as an antagonizing little shit who beats on Savio, Savio plays a decent face-in-peril who builds well to the hot-tag to The Bad Guy. Talk about putting someone over though, big win for Mabel!


Winners: Men on A Mission over Razor Ramon & Savio Vega via Belly To Belly Suplex!


Henry O Godwinn vs Bam Bam Bigelow

Since turning babyface, it seems Bigelow has been reinvigorated as Bigelow has new tights, new entrance gear and a new attitude. Godwinn wants to be part of The Million Dollar Corporation so these two will now battle it out in this match. Godwinn back suplexes Bigelow to no effect, Bigelow lands his own back suplexes and a DDT before Godwinn low-bridges Bigelow. Scoop slam on the floor, Bigelow is rammed into the steel steps. Bigelow sends Godwinn to the buckle, Godwinn dodges the splash. Clothesline from Godwinn for two, reverse chin-lock from Godwinn. Bigelow fights back but Godwinn is too strong, Bigelow is choked on the middle rope. Scoop slam from Godwinn, massive elbow for two.



Boot to the face, Bigelow is sent to the buckle hard but Bigelow explodes out with a clothesline. Headbutts by Bigelow, big boot from Bigelow. Godwinn dodges Bigelow’s diving headbutt, elbow drop from Godwinn. Godwinn goes to the middle rope, the knee drop misses and Bigelow pins Godwinn.



Little bit of an odd ending for me, was not expecting it to end off a missed knee drop. Happy for Bigelow to be picking up the wins he needed as the monster heel push never came, a nothing match for sure though.


Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow over Henry O Godwinn via Roll-Up!


(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Jeff Jarrett © W/ The Roadie vs Shawn Michaels

Moving on from the fiasco that was King of The Ring, Shawn Michaels is in a match worth watching and for a championship that Michaels had done so well to make important during his own reign. Jarrett has beaten the man that took it from Michaels and took it from his former friend Diesel, that being Razor Ramon. Jarrett and Ramon had great chemistry and I think that this will be no different. Jarrett and Michaels lock-up, right hand by Jarrett leads to right hand from HBK.



Arm-drag from Jarrett, Jarrett struts around the ring proud of his work. Arm-wringers from both men, Jarrett grabs the hair but misses the right hand. Michaels whips Jarrett to the corner, Jarrett leaps over Michaels and waffles HBK with a right hand. Michaels takes a breather on the floor, Jarrett poses on the corner just like Michaels did at the start of the match. Lock-up, side headlock from Double J. Shove off, Michaels blocks the hip-toss but Michaels lands the eye poke. Right hands from HBK, Michaels is sent to the buckle and leaps over Jarrett. Right hand and hip-toss, clothesline to the floor and Michaels skins the cat before strutting around the ring. Jarrett thinks about running away but Michaels won’t let that happen.



Michaels tries a diving axe handle, gut punch from Double J. Knee attack across the back from Double J, Michaels regains control though as Roadie is on the apron. Roadie misses a clothesline and Michaels eye pokes Roadie and tosses Jarrett into Roadie on the floor. Michaels climbs to the top rope and dives onto both with a crossbody. Michaels lands a baseball slide too, pulling Jarrett into the ring. Jarrett is faked out by Michaels who lands a middle rope sunset flip for two, Michaels charges at Jarrett who back-drops Michaels over the ring-post and to the floor. That looks like a brutal bump! Jarrett rams Michaels into the steel steps over and over, front suplex from Double J for two. Irish whip and abdominal stretch from Double J, Jarrett continues squeezing Roadie’s hand for added leverage.



Michaels lowers his head off an Irish whip, DDT from Double J. Jarrett chokes Michaels with his boot on the middle rope, Roadie chokes HBK behind the referee’s back. Roadie tries it again but Michaels drags Roadie into the ring, Jarrett attacks Roadie by mistake. O’Connor roll from Michaels for two, Jarrett whips Michaels to the floor by way of the corner buckle. Jarrett distracts the referee as Roadie lands another apron diving clothesline on Michaels. Michaels makes it into the ring at the count of nine, Jarrett goes to the top rope. Diving Crossbody but Michaels rolls through for a close two, Jarrett uses a crucifix to get a sunset flip but Michaels nails Jarrett with a right hand.



Both men trade pin-fall attempts before Jarrett nails a dropkick for two, sleeper from the champion. Michaels does not fade in the sleeper, belly to back suplex takes down Jarrett. Michaels covers for two before landing a massive flying forearm, kip-up from Michaels. Whip to the buckle and another flying forearm, stomp to the face. Diving top rope axe handle for two, scoop slam as HBK climbs to the top rope. Diving Elbow Drop connects for two, Michaels sends Jarrett to the buckle. Jarrett puts the feet up but Michaels slides under and Jarrett has his special parts pulled into the ring-post. Michaels climbs the top rope, Roadie shakes the rope and Michaels is crotched. Jarrett clubs Michaels, superplex connects in the middle of the ring.



Jarrett tries a Figure Four but Michaels counters for a small package, two for Michaels. Shin-breaker from Jarrett, Jarrett tries again but Michaels shoves off Jarrett into the referee. Roadie surveys the scene, Michaels is measuring Double J. As Michaels readies to kick off the head of Double J, Roadie smashes Michaels with a chop block. Michaels clutches his hamstring, diving crossbody from the champion for two. Irish whip, Roadie grabs the leg of Double J which allows Sweet Chin Music to take place, Roadie turned his back and grabbed the foot without looking. Roadie has cost Double J his championship!



Excellent match from these two, Jarrett is his usual self here with some solid heel work mixed in with spots and selling that makes his opponent look credible inside of that ring. Roadie is a constant annoyance at ringside, getting involved to rile up the fans at all the right times and Michaels is Michaels. Michaels takes an incredible bump to the floor, I would have liked to have seen a bit more in terms of back-breakers and such to sell the story of Michaels destroying his back off the bump but take nothing away from these two. This is a really entertaining and fun match from two great workers in the WWF. Michaels is starting to put it all together inside of the ring, the comeback needs a bit more work but we are close, looking forward to things developing as the year progresses.


Winner: Shawn Michaels over Jeff Jarrett via Sweet Chin Music!


(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) Owen Hart & Yokozuna © W/ Jim Cornette & Mr. Fuji vs The Allied Powers (British Bulldog & Lex Luger)

I found myself questioning whether WWF was even in the WWF anymore due to how Luger has been booked as 1994 turned into 1995. Also, I feel like British Bulldog vs Owen Hart really never happened despite it being teased so heavily during Bob Backlund vs Bret Hart. I mean, Davey Boy eliminated Owen from the Rumble, the issues were there so why have they not met for months since?



Luger and Yokozuna to kick us off, they lock-up with Yokozuna landing a headbutt and throat thrusts to thwart Luger’s attempts to get started. Luger dodges an elbow drop after a scoop slam, Luger grabs an arm-wringer. Yokozuna pushes Luger to the buckle, Luger sends Yokozuna into the buckle over and over. Right hands from Luger, Yokozuna is staggering and falls into the buckle with Yokozuna falling on the boot of Owen. Owen shoves Yokozuna, Yokozuna shoves back at Owen. Owen and Luger reset the match, shoulder block and hip-toss from Luger, arm-drag and tag to Bulldog. Diving axe handle from Bulldog, Owen flips out of the arm-wringer. Owen pulls down Bulldog by the hair, Bulldog kips-up and twists out of the hold, they continue to counter one another. Flapjack by Bulldog, catapult to the buckle. Luger lands a few shots too, clothesline by Bulldog for two. Bulldog lands a shoulder block before Yokozuna clubs down Bulldog from the apron.



Owen lands a kick to the groin and a wishbone-split, Yokozuna is legal now. Falling headbutt from Yokozuna, shoulder claw from Yokozuna. Owen comes in, landing a spinning heel kick on Bulldog. Two for Owen, Owen wants a back drop but Bulldog lands a sunset flip for two. Enzuigiri from Owen for two, Owen whips Bulldog to the buckle and Bulldog dodges the attack of Owen. Bulldog tags in Luger while Owen tags in Yokozuna, Luger pummels everything in sight. Owen is yanked off the top rope, corner shots to Yokozuna. Luger throws Owen on top of Yokozuna, double clothesline to Owen and then Yokozuna. Luger covers for two, Owen makes the save. Owen and Bulldog begin brawling, forearms to the face. Yokozuna tries a corner splash, Bulldog dodges. Double belly to back suplex on Yokozuna, Luger has the cover but Owen comes off the top rope with a diving elbow to the back of Luger’s head. Yokozuna covers after a leg drop and the champions retain their championships!



Well I suppose we could do a rematch at Summerslam because I cannot see the purpose of either team apart from a big championship change to get Bulldog & Luger back on track. Yokozuna was fine in the tag setting, Yokozuna needs to lighten the load quite a bit as the former WWF Champions is blown up far too easy now. Owen and Bulldog were fantastic when allowed to do their thing in a one vs one setting, I would much rather see those two wrestle and settle their Family Feud than this tag team match. It’s hard to see how this Tag Team Championship angle with Owen and Yokozuna will end, only time will tell I guess?


Winners: Owen Hart & Yokozuna over The Allied Powers via Leg Drop!


(WWF Championship Lumberjack Match) Diesel © vs Sycho Sid W/ Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase!

Sid jumps Diesel but Diesel fires back, no elbow trouble for Big Daddy Cool. Forearms send Sid to the floor, the babyface lumberjacks throw Sid back into the ring. Sid crawls out into the sea of his heel lumberjacks and there is no problem, Sid sends Diesel to the floor and the heels stomp the life out of Diesel. Michaels and Razor Ramon begin brawling with the heels to save Diesel, Sid covers for two. Sid kicks at Diesel, big clothesline floors the champion. Diesel is battered by Sid, some heel lumberjacks gets some shots in as Diesel’s head was a little too close to the outside of the ring. Diesel begins fighting back though, blocking the rights of Sid. Clothesline from Diesel, elbow drop from Diesel.



Make it two, Diesel dives onto the heels and starts battering everyone who is dumb enough to swing at the champion. Diesel drives his knee into Sid’s back, snake eyes for Sid. Diesel was about to run the ropes before Mabel squishes Diesel against the ring-post, scoop slam on the floor. Babyfaces and heels are brawling as Mabel lays out the WWF Champion. Sid covers Diesel for a close two, Sid applies a reverse chin-lock. Sid looks for The Powerbomb, Sid drops Diesel and begins high-fiving everyone at ringside. 1…2… Diesel manages to kick out of the powerbomb, Sid wants to try it again but Diesel back-drops Sid. Sid instigates a brawl on the floor, Shawn Michaels dives onto Sid with a diving axe handle. IRS is in the ring, Godwinn and Tatanka are down. Sid eats a big boot and it’s over!



What? A boot after all that? One of the softest boots I have ever seen? Why would you do that? If you are going to put Diesel over Sid, why no Jacknife Powerbomb? Very anti-climatic end to the pay per view, I will say that I did enjoy the lumberjack stuff though. They made it feel important with Sid securing control because of the lumberjacks assaulting the champion. We also had a nice build to Mabel vs Diesel due to their altercation during the match so that’s all good but what a flat end to this feud and pay per view, I wish things were better going into Summerslam!


Winner: Diesel over Sycho Sid via Big Boot!


That was WWF’s In Your House 2, another solid showing from the WWF in 1995. In Your House continues to blow away the regular PPVs due to the smaller number of matches and the shorter run-time. We kick things off with Roadie vs The 1-2-3 Kid, a match that blows away anything they would do 4 years later at Summerslam. Kid bumps around and we have a sick finish with a piledriver delivered to someone with a bad neck, vicious and fitting which is far more than I could have hoped for from these two. Things continue with Men on A Mission vs Razor Ramon & Savio Vega, a good match considering who was involved. Ramon brings a lot of fire, Mabel is strong while Savio sells as a babyface-in-peril, it’s all good stuff. Bam Bam Bigelow vs Henry O Godwinn is fine, could have been worse and that’s for the best.


Michaels vs Jarrett is incredible, they have a great match with a fast pace that kicks so much ass. Love a lot of the elements of the match and the finish has the fans going ballistic, it’s hard to ignore what the fans are saying when it comes to HBK. This match is a lot of fun, it’s worth searching out and arguably Jeff Jarrett’s best match in the WWF. Allied Powers vs Owen Hart & Yokozuna is another fun tag match, there is nothing wrong with this match I am just as always really interested to see where things end up between Owen Hart & Yokozuna The main event is disappointing for sure, a flat end to a big feud that I was definitely interested in, things went wrong with King of The Ring and this climax to Sid vs Diesel is just the worst. I do not want to see these two anywhere near one another, I am interested in Sid vs Michaels though, it has to be coming considering what Sid did to HBK. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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