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WWF Wrestlemania X Review


Hello and welcome to another fierce-edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet with more hatred for Dave Meltzer than Rusev! It’s WWF Wrestlemania X, the biggest show of the year for the WWF from Madison Square Garden. Bret Hart vs Owen Hart, Lex Luger vs Yokozuna and The Ladder Match between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon. This feels huge, it’s in WWF’s most famous arena. Our two Royal Rumble winners could have their chance at defeating Yokozuna on this night but Bret must overcome his brother Owen first. Owen who has been gunning for Bret since The Royal Rumble, a simple angle that has captured the attention of all in the WWF. Nobody doubts The Rocket’s talents but could Owen topple Bret? Having overcome Money Inc, Razor Ramon comes face to face with the phony Intercontinental Champion in one HBK Shawn Michaels. The two will meet in a ladder match to settle just who is the true Intercontinental Champion! Crush and Randy Savage are going to do battle too, after months Savage will have a fair crack at his former-friend Crush. A lot to work forward to on this card, I am ready for this! Royal Rumble 1994 was a hit for the WWF, can Wrestlemania continue that momentum?


Bret Hart vs Owen Hart

What a way to kick off Wrestlemania, Owen looks to emerge from his brother’s shadow. This has been simmering for years, Bret was older so was afforded more opportunities while Owen had to fight to gain any sort of respect or notoriety. Owen snapped at Survivor Series after Bret was knocked into him, causing Owen to be eliminated from the match. Things seemingly were patched up but Owen would attack his brother following their loss at The Royal Rumble. Thunderous ovation for Bret to kick us off, fans are with this one.



After losing Bobby Heenan, Lawler is a welcome addition to commentary. The two lock-up, Owen takes down Bret but Bret counters with a head-scissors but Owen kips up out of the hold. Lock-up, Bret takes down Owen with Owen scrambling to escape. The Rocket reaches the ropes, screaming for the referee to get Bret off. Owen takes the back of Bret, Bret runs and sends Owen to the floor. Slap from Owen, Owen backs up away from The Hitman. Hammerlock from Owen, Bret counters before Owen drop toeholds Bret before Bret takes the hammerlock and drives his knees into the arm of The Rocket. Owen flips out of the arm-bar and yanks Bret down with his hair.



Bret kips up and takes the arm, Bret leapfrogs his brother off an Irish whip, O’Connor roll for two. Arm-drag from The Hitman, transition to the hammerlock. Owen elbows his way out, shoulder block. Leapfrog from Bret and monkey flip for Owen, Owen is clotheslined to the floor with Owen looking to leave the arena. Bret throws Owen back into the ring, Bret says bring it on. Slap from Bret, schoolboy for two. Bret slaps on a key-lock, Owen grabs the hair shoving off The Hitman. Bret counters a clothesline for a crucifix, two for Bret. Bret applies the arm-drag, Owen shoves off Bret. Drop down and beautiful spinning heel kick from The Rocket, Owen stomps all over Bret.



Owen sends Bret into the ring-post, Owen screams at his brother who is down on the floor. Owen whips Bret to the buckle hard, back-breaker from The Rocket. Camel clutch from Owen, Owen has to switch to a sleeper as Bret comes up. Bret fights out of the hold before taking a massive belly to belly suplex, two for Owen. Whip is reversed to the buckle, springboard crossbody from Owen but Bret rolls through for a two. Owen is back up quick, knees to the back of Bret. Reverse chin-lock from Owen, Bret wriggles free for a quick cover. Bret is on the floor, Owen declares victory. Owen grabs Bret by the hair, suplex to the inside is reversed by Bret. However, Owen counters the O’Connor roll for a German Suplex. 1…2. Bret kicks out at two and a half. Owen headbutts Bret, suplex attempt is countered for a small package. Bret gets two, hard forearms from Owen.



Owen avoids a sidewalk slam from Bret for a beautiful tombstone piledriver. Owen says “That’s it!”, Owen climbs to the top rope. Diving Headbutt does not connect, Bret lands an inverted atomic drop. Clothesline for two, whip off the ropes. Gut punch, Russian leg-sweep for two. Back-breaker, Bret’s Rope Elbow Drop finds the mark. Two for Bret, Bret is frustrated with the referee’s count. Owen lands a desperation enzuigiri, Sharpshooter from Owen is countered with a massive right. Bret’s Sharpshooter is countered too, Owen tries a rolling prawn hold for two. Bret kicks out with Owen landing on the floor, plancha from Bret.



Owen staggers to the corner, Bret hobbles to the corner. Owen lures in Bret, massive kicks and wrench attacks to the leg. Owen snaps the leg off the mat, Bret’s leg is smacked off the ring-post again and again. Owen drops his weight on Bret’s leg before applying a death-lock. Dragon-screw from Owen, figure-four in the middle of the ring. Bret reverses the hold briefly as both men reach for the ropes. Owen is relentless, kicks to the leg over and over. Bret manages to land an enzuigiri, Bret lands headbutts and right hands. Owen is whipped sternum-first into the buckle, leg drop from Bret for two. Bret lands a beautiful bulldog for two, Bret lands a vicious piledriver.



1…2.. Owen manages to kick out! Bret hobbles over for what seems like a suplex but no, Bret wants a superplex. Massive superplex, 1…2… Owen kicks out again! Forearms from Bret, Bret clamps on a sleeper but Owen crawls to the ropes and low blows Bret. Referee misses it, Sharpshooter from Owen on The Hitman! Bret reverses the hold but Owen is in the ropes before Bret can do any damage, Bret is whipped to the buckle. Owen eats a boot to the face, Bret wants the victory-roll but Owen counters the roll and pins his brother clean as a sheet in the middle of the ring.



Owen’s coming out party and it’s freaking tremendous. I love the pace of the match and it’s incredible from both of these two. Owen not only matches Bret but out-wrestles his brother on multiple occasions, Owen as a heel is flourishing, such a natural fit. The slaps, the german suplexes. The attacks to Bret’s leg, the counters and big spots like the tombstone and Bret’s piledriver. Fantastic opening match, fantastic wrestling match, held my attention and the fans in the world’s most famous arena.


Winner: Owen Hart over Bret Hart via Roll-Up!


Bam Bam Bigelow & Luna vs Doink & Dink

Come on really? I thought Bigelow was moving forward but we are back to a feud from late 1993 with Bigelow looking to squash Doink. Doink had out-smarted Bigelow on numerous occasions culminating in a Survivor Series match where Doink did not even compete and Bigelow still lost. Bigelow did throw Doink out of The Rumble but come on really?



Anyways, Bigelow lands a massive dropkick in the ring. Doink avoids a senton, big right hands from Doink. Hard whip to the buckle, arm-bar from Doink. Doink’s whip is reversed, elbow by Bigelow. Bigelow misses his own elbow drop, Doink tags Dink. Luna and Dink are in the ring, Luna cannot catch Dink. Dink slaps Luna’s ass, Luna chokes Dink. Luna chokes the life out of Dink, Luna misses a second attempt at choking, elbow drop from Dink. Luna kicks Dink in the ribs, Dink dodges the elbow drop of Luna. Dink on the top rope, Luna dodges the axe handle. Back rake from Luna, choke-hold from Luna. Scoop slam from Luna, Luna climbing to the top rope. Luna misses a top rope dive, Dink tags Doink.



Doink drop toeholds Bigelow, Bigelow regains his footing and clotheslines Doink to the floor. Dink avoids Bigelow & Luna, Doink is in the ring. Sunset flip attempt, Bigelow drops all his weight on Doink. Whip to the buckle, Doink blocks with the foot. Massive DDT from Doink, Doink is on the top rope. Whoopie Cushion misses, Bigelow makes a comeback with clotheslines. Dink is knocked off the apron, Doink tries a belly to back suplex but Bigelow collapses on him with his weight. Diving Headbutt finds the mark and it’s over!



Mercifully short on the comedy, Survivor Series Team Doink I will never forget thee! Bigelow deserved this win, big fan of Bam Bam who has continuously been a monster and put on credible matches. Bigelow deserves to be somewhere near the top of the card.


Winners: Team Bigelow over Team Doink via Diving Headbutt!


Falls Count Anywhere Match Randy Savage vs Crush

Still one of the most popular wrestlers in the WWF, Macho Man Randy Savage has been at war with Japanese Sympathiser Crush who turned his back on his friend Macho Man and these two have been at war with one another ever since. Savage and Crush start off hot on the ramp, Crush lands his tilt-a-whirl back-breaker on Savage instantly. Gorilla press slam onto the guardrail, Savage lands throat-first and Crush scores the pin-fall. You see this is not your typical falls count anywhere match, you must score a pin-fall and then you have sixty seconds to get back into the ring. Savage sells the affects of the guardrail to perfection, Savage makes it back with at least twenty seconds to go before Fuji nails Savage with his Japanese Flag.



Savage makes it in with two seconds left, Crush grabs Savage by the throat. Savage is placed in the tree of woe, kicks and strikes from Crush. Crush has some salt, the referee is with Savage in the corner. Crush backs up into Savage, Savage sees it coming. Crush is blinded by Savage, Savage jabs at Crush. Running elbow, Savage is on the top rope. Top rope diving axe handle, scoop slam from Savage. Diving Elbow Drop from Savage, Crush is rolled to the floor. Savage scores the pin-fall, Crush has sixty seconds to get back into the ring.



Fuji pours water on Crush, Crush is back up with two seconds to go. Savage is back-dropped to the floor by Crush, Savage sends Crush into the ring-post. Crush and Savage move into the crowd, superkick from Crush on the floor. Crush wants a powerbomb, Savage back-drops Crush to the concrete. Savage bounces Crush off the wall and through doors, Savage has some sort of plan. Savage pins Crush off the ram into the door, Savage decides to tie up Crush in some cables. Crush has no way to escape and make it back to the ring, the visual does not come off great as Crush is not hanging upside-down for long but we have a winner, it’s Randy Macho Man Savage.



Rather disappointing to be honest after all this build-up, I was into the angle for sure. They have put a long time into Crush being a traitor and costing Savage when it came to the likes of Survivor Series and the two brawled at The Rumble too. It starts off the right way with Savage and Crush brawling before the even touch the ring but it just loses me as the match continues. The 60-second stipulation is what does it for me, a ten-count would have been enough for me. Maybe Savage’s least interesting Wrestlemania match?


Winner: Randy Savage over Crush via Count-Out!


(WWF Women’s Championship Match) Alundra Blayze vs Leilani Kai

Well I do love when the WWF go all out on someone and it’s clearly that way for Alundra Blayze aka Madusa. No kneepads? Madness from Blayze, fireworks galore though! Blayze sweeps Kai early, whip from Kai. Massive forearm from Kai, another whip to the corner. Blayze sunset flips out of the corner, Blayze lands another big sunset flip for two. Kai picks up and throws Blayze down to the mat, headbutt from Kai. Scoop slam from Kai for two, Blayze counters a whip with a hurricanrana for two.



Kai snap-mares Blayze all around the ring and dumps her to the floor, Blayze is tossed by the hair. Double underhook suplex for two, Blayze ducks a clothesline and lands one of her own. Massive spin kick from Blayze, snap suplex for two. Snap-mares for two, Kai misses a clothesline and Blayze picks up the win with a massive German Suplex with a bridge.



Was fine, if you are not familiar with Madusa’s work in Japan, search it up as she was fantastic. It’s the WWF attempt at re-introducing a Women’s Division, will it work? Not sure but as long as I see Blayze kick some serious ass it’s all good!


Winner: Alundra Blayze over Leilani Kai via German Suplex!


(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) Men on a Mission vs The Quebecers W/ Johnny Polo ©

From Headshrinkers and Steiners to this, Mabel is assaulted to start off. Mabel takes down the champions with a clothesline, Mo goes after Pierre. Mo ducks a clothesline, flying crossbody for two. Mo tags in Mabel, drop toehold and leg drop combination. Mabel dances for the fans, tag to Mo. Double elbow, Jacques attacks Mo as the referee is with Mabel. Stomps all over Mabel, Pierre chokes Mo behind the referee’s back. Pierre and Jacques combine for a back-drop/senton combination, Pierre squashes Mo with a tope con hilo. Two for Pierre, tag to Jacques. Double flapjack for two, Mo dodges a right hand and somersaults into Pierre.



Mo does not tag Mabel, Jacques slaps Mabel. Jacques tags in Pierre, top rope leg drop misses as Mo moves out of the way. Mo tags in Mabel, clotheslines to both Quebecers. Back-body drop, massive sidewalk slam to Jacques. Pierre is whipped to the buckle, Pierre dodges the splash. Pierre wants the double suplex, it fails the first time. The second time it connects, The Quebecers nail their finish but Mabel manages to power out at two and a half! Pierre and Mabel trade bombs, Mabel smacks down Pierre. Jacques is on the back of Mabel, Pierre nails Jacques by mistake. Spinning heel kick by Mabel on Pierre, clothesline. Tag to Mo, double splash as Johnny Polo is on the apron. Oscar and Polo fight, Mabel battles with Pierre. Double splash on the floor, Men on a Mission win by count-out!



I have to give it to them, they went all out for Wrestlemania. An assisted tope con hilo to the floor? Tag Team Finishers multiple times? Pierre is an athletic freak for sure while Mabel is quietly showing that power that will manifest into something down the line very soon! Decent chemistry from the two teams on show here, didn’t take the wind out of the arena. Serviceable and nothing against these four teams despite MOM’s part in that Doink match.


Winners: Men On A Mission over The Quebecers via Count-Out!


(WWF Championship Match) Yokozuna © W/ Mr. Fuji & James E Cornette vs Lex Luger

Mr. Perfect is your special guest referee, what a game-changer! The rematch from Summerslam 1993, Luger was able to best Yokozuna but Luger did not pin the champion, it was a count-out victory. Could Luger do what he could not? Perfect has the most amazing referee attire on, and by amazing, I mean the most offensive thing to my eyes I have ever seen. Yokozuna misses a right, Luger throws bombs at the champion. Yokozuna reverses, Luger lands a big clothesline before Yokozuna takes down Luger. Luger dodges the elbow drop, massive right and Yokozuna is down on the floor. Luger lands an apron axe handle, Yokozuna’s head is bounced off the steel-steps twice. Luger climbs to the top, diving crossbody for two.



Luger lands an elbow drop for two, Yokozuna lands a beautiful throat thrust. Yokozuna chokes the life out of Luger using the middle rope, Luger tries a slam but Yokozuna collapses on the challenger for two. Headbutt from Yokozuna, Luger is rammed into the buckle. Yokozuna is exposing a buckle, Cornette distracts Perfect. Luger fights back, right hands before a throat thrust from Yokozuna. Throat chop from Yokozuna, Yokozuna clamps down on the shoulders of the challenger. Luger tries to headbutt his way out, Yokozuna transitions to another hold. Luger escapes, ducking two clotheslines before Yokozuna lands a massive clothesline. Yokozuna lands multiple strikes before clamping a nerve hold on the shoulder of the challenger.



Luger is tossed to the floor, Luger makes it back into the ring to eat more stomps from the champion. Yokozuna stomps on Luger and we have an arm-bar from the champion. Another comeback from Luger is squashed by the big chop of Yokozuna, the shoulder-claw hold is applied for the 4th time in the match and the people start turning on the match and I cannot really blame them. Luger survives the hold and comes up to a knee, elbows to the ribs. Luger ducks clotheslines before running into a belly to belly suplex, Luger sends Yokozuna into the exposed buckle though, what a chance for Luger! Luger boots Yokozuna, clothesline from Luger. Another clothesline, make it three and Yokozuna takes a huge bump. Scoop slam from Luger, Luger calls for the forearm. Right to the head of Yokozuna, Cornette is yanked into the ring. Shots for Cornette and Fuji. Luger pins Yokozuna but Perfect is not counting, Perfect calls for the DQ as Luger put his hands on Perfect.



Well it would have been a decent match if you shaved off all of the rest-holds, they went on and on, never ending which led to fans chanting bullshit. I cannot blame them at all, these holds took away from what was the powerful moves of Yokozuna and the brief last 40 seconds of the match which were brilliant. Luger destroying everyone and slamming Yokozuna, the intrigue builds with Perfect possibly being bought by Fuji/Cornette? This could be all sorts of interesting and you do get to save face with Luger having the visual pin-fall over Yokozuna, we can revisit it and give Luger the championship if necessary.


Winner: Yokozuna over Lex Luger via DQ!


Adam Bomb W/ Harvey Wippleman vs Earthquake

Earthquake saves The Fink from Adam Bomb, big scoop slam from Earthquake. Earthquake calls for the end, Earthquake Splash and Adam Bomb is defeated. Ok Earthquake is back. DUD!


Winner: Earthquake over Adam Bomb via Splash!


(WWF Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match) Shawn Michaels © vs Razor Ramon ©

Shawn Michaels claims to be the Intercontinental Champion but Michaels was suspended from the WWF which led to a tournament for the championship which was won by none other than Razor Ramon. Ramon continued his war with IRS before Michaels would make his intentions known by wiping out Ramon with the championship to the back of The Bad Guy’s head. As Michaels continued to claim that he was the true champion, Ramon said enough is enough and now, the two do battle in the first-ever Ladder Match on WWF Pay Per View.



Lock-up, Michaels takes the back. Ramon counters with a hammerlock before Michaels trips Ramon. Hip-toss attempt from HBK but Ramon counters with a choke-slam. Right hand by Ramon, Michaels lands a massive neck-breaker. Ramon bounces Michaels off the buckle, Michaels side-steps Ramon who crashes to the floor. Diesel clotheslines Ramon down, Earl Hebnar ejects Diesel from ringside. Michaels is livid, his plan is falling apart. Ramon waffles Michaels with a right hand, whip to the buckle with Michaels doing his sell from the corner. Ramon sends Michaels to the floor, massive right hand from Ramon. Ramon rips at the safety-mat, Michaels eye pokes Ramon.



Ramon reverses an Irish whip, right hand to Michaels. Ramon wants The Razor’s Edge but Michaels back-drops Ramon to the exposed concrete. Michaels has the ladder, Ramon fires off with a right hand to HBK. Ramon has the ladder, Michaels baseball slides the ladder into the knees of Ramon. Ramon is bounced off the steel steps, Michaels jams the ladder into the ribs of Ramon. Ramon is stabbed in the ribs with the ladder, across the back too for good measure. Michaels is torturing Ramon, Michaels begins to climb the ladder with Ramon down. Ramon is stirring, the foot of Michaels is the target. Michaels kicks away Ramon, flying elbow drop lands right on the chest of Ramon. Scoop slam from HBK, the ladder is in the corner. Michaels begins climbing, splash off the ladder!



Michaels climbs the ladder once more, Ramon tips over the ladder with Michaels falling onto the top rope and to the canvas below. Ramon grabs a side headlock with both men colliding into the middle of the ring. Michaels has the ladder in the corner, Michaels’ Irish whip is reversed and Michaels is sent flying into the ladder in the corner. Ramon decides against climbing the ladder and batters Michaels around the ringside area. The ladder stands straight against the ropes before Ramon catapults Michaels into the ladder with the ladder crushing Michaels as HBK falls to the floor. Michaels is smashed in the face and falls to the floor, Ramon has a chance to win the championship. Ramon is on the ladder, Michaels is on the buckle and Michaels lands an axe handle that knocks down Ramon.



Both men battered and bruised, begin climbing the ladder. Michaels and Ramon trade right hands, Ramon manages to superplex/scoop slam Michaels off the ladder. Ramon climbs up high, Michaels dropkicks the ladder which tips over Ramon. Michaels whips Ramon, Ramon ducks but runs right into Sweet Chin Music. Michaels lands a massive piledriver on The Bad Guy, Michaels props the ladder in front of him as he climbs to the top rope. Michaels rides the ladder onto the ribs of Ramon, Ramon lies under the ladder as Michaels climbs. Michaels is so close, Ramon begins shaking the ladder. Ramon lands a shoulder block on the ladder which leaves Michaels to fall onto the top rope and Michaels gets caught in the ropes. Ramon climbs, Michaels manages to escape but his hand is hooked too. Ramon brings down the belts, one champion and his name is Razor Ramon!


Tremendous and iconic for all the right reasons, they absolutely stole the show here. Incredible from Michaels and Ramon, they were so creative when they came to this match. I loved the brutality here, these were two people that hated each other and it’s clear from the get-go as Michaels batters the ribs of Ramon, it’s constant throughout the match. Every attack with the ladder from the baseball slide to the splashes, they all focus on the ribs while Ramon wants to kill Michaels so we have Razor exposing the concrete and giving up a legitimate crack at winning to pulverize HBK with the ladder. The creativity and spots here may not hold up through 2020 lenses but at the time, stunning and amazing. Michaels steals it here, everything is phenomenal and getting caught up in the ropes is such a clever way of keeping someone down in this kind of match, it worked perfectly and this is as good as everyone tells you it is so check it out!


Winner: Razor Ramon over Shawn Michaels via Retrieval of Both Belts!


(WWF Championship Match) Bret Hart vs Yokozuna © W/ Mr. Fuji & James E. Cornette

Special Guest Referee for this match is none other than The Hot Rod, unbelievable as Roddy Piper gets a huge ovation from the fans. Deservedly so as we have one of the key pieces of Wrestlemania I returning for Wrestlemania X. A match a year in the making, Yokozuna attacks Bret before Bret is even in the ring. Headbutt from Yokozuna, Bret begins battling back with right hands but Yokozuna is too strong with kicks and a headbutt. Massive chop from Yokozuna, scoop slam from Yokozuna. Bret fires back with right hands, dropkick from Bret. Yokozuna dodges the second dropkick, throat thrust and Yokozuna chokes the challenger using the middle rope.



Headbutt floors the challenger, Bret avoids the splash of Yokozuna. Hard right hands from Bret, headbutt from Bret. It takes more out of Bret initially before the champion goes down, Yokozuna kicks back at Bret. Bret slams Yokozuna’s head into the mat, eye poke from Yokozuna. Bret wanders over to the corner, Bret kicks away Yokozuna. Yokozuna whips Bret, Bret ducks and lands massive rights, axe handles and a gut punch. Cornette pulls Piper out of the ring, Piper decks Cornette. Yokozuna chokes Bret in the ring over and over, Yokozuna and Piper have words. Leg drop from Yokozuna, Bret is tossed to the floor. Bret makes it in at nine, palm strike from Yokozuna.



Yokozuna bites the head of The Hitman, stomps from Yokozuna. Chop in the corner, whip to the opposite buckle. Hip attack misses, middle rope bulldog from Bret. 1..2…Yokozuna kicks out! Bret’s Rope Elbow Drop for two and a half, rights from Bret. Running neck-breaker from Bret for two, Bret tries a middle rope Thesz press but Yokozuna counters with a belly to belly suplex. Yokozuna calls for his Banzai Drop, Yokozuna slips down to the attacks he suffered and Bret manages to pin the champion.



The happy ending that everyone watching wanted, The Hitman is back where he belongs, on top of the WWF. It was short but the story told here was entertaining for sure, Yokozuna is damn near unstoppable and Bret has to throw everything at Yokozuna just to stay in the match. Right hands and headbutts, Bret is looking for one chance. A massive bulldog, neck-breaker and clothesline are all not enough to keep down Yokozuna. All hope seems lost as Yokozuna flattens The Hitman with a belly to belly suplex. However, the damage done by Bret takes it toll and Yokozuna falls allowing Bret to win the championship. The babyfaces clear out the locker room and the celebrities all celebrate with the newly anointed Ace of The WWF, it’s Bret Hart’s night but don’t you dare forget who defeated Bret on this night, Owen stands on the ramp telling Bret this is not over.


Winner: Bret Hart over Yokozuna via Pin-fall!


That was WWF’s Wrestlemania X, another home-run for the WWF in 1994. It’s hard to think of a Wrestlemania not delivering but it happens, it happened a lot in those early years with the cards only starting to round themselves out as we got closer to this tenth edition but what an edition it was, huge difference from Wrestlemania IX. We kick off with Owen and Bret, these two kick so much ass and tell such a great story that I cannot wait for the two to go at it again, Owen upsets Bret which has huge implications but even bigger implications once the night comes to an end, Owen is now a worthy contender to Bret’s throne. The Mixed tag match was not too offensive like The Survivor Series 1993 match, Bigelow squashing Doink was the right call as I feel there is so much you can do with Bigelow, seeing him jobbed out pay per view after pay per view was bizarre to me, the guy can go and you desperately need stars.


Savage and Crush was disappointing but not a bad match, the sixty second concept is what hurt the match in my eyes, I think ten seconds or even twenty would have worked so much better. Crush pins Savage instantly which is fine but for Savage to have to sell for sixty seconds that early into the match did not work neither did the elbow killing Crush for such a prolonged period of time. Finish was interesting but again, the execution was not flawless as Crush hanging upside-down could have been a great visual as Crush tried helplessly to escape the trap Savage had set for his opponent. The women’s match was fine, Blayze is fantastic in the ring and will do well with the right opponent.


I did enjoy the tag team title match as I felt both teams did work hard as nobody cared about the match going in, I liked some of the spots which looked very impressive. Oscar and Polo got involved which also had fans into the match and the finish hurts it but I wouldn’t mind seeing the two go at it again despite my concerns before the bell rang. Yokozuna vs Luger was awful due to rest holds, sucked me out of the match entirely. Found myself bored during this match which was very rare in this pay per view, last minute to minute and a half were interesting and the idea of Perfect vs Luger after the previous Mania match is interesting. Could Perfect have waited a year for revenge?


Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon stole the show, especially Shawn Michaels. This is where Mr. Wrestlemania comes from, HBK kills it in this match. Anything and everything he did was great, loved the spots to the selling to the finish. Incredible and this match deserves the praise it has all these years later. The main event had me invested despite its sluggish pace, I loved seeing Bret battle and overcome Yokozuna, it’s what we all wanted and the shot of Owen standing in the ramp with Bret being held high by the WWF superstars is just perfection. We know what is coming, it’s a question of when and not if. This has been another great pay per view for the WWF, 1994 is looking to be promising. The gimmicks are zany and the star-power is not there but they are moving forward, it will be hard to ignore the likes of Michaels, Ramon and Owen Hart. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!


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