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WWF Royal Rumble 1995 Review


Hello and welcome to another edition Of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that drags you down worse than an IRS match! It’s time for WWF Royal Rumble 1995, here we go the beginning of the dreaded worst year in the WWF. The card is filled with matches like Double J vs Razor Ramon for the WWF Intercontinental Championship, The Undertaker vs IRS, Bret Hart vs the new WWF Champion Diesel and The Royal Rumble match itself. Will this be as bad as everyone says it was? Will 1995 start off strong with the rumble? Let’s find out!


(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Razor Ramon © vs Jeff Jarrett W/ The Roadie

Two big rights floor Jarrett, Jarrett leaps over and slaps Ramon. Crossbody fails as Ramon lands a fallaway slam. Chokeslam from Ramon, Jarrett powders to the floor. Arm-drag and strut from Double J, Jarrett takes the back. Ramon reverses before Jarrett leg-trips Ramon. Arm-wringer from Jarrett, Ramon counters for a hammerlock. Jarrett takes down Ramon with a drop toehold and slaps the head of Ramon, Ramon cannot believe the nerve of Jeff Jarrett. Side headlock from Jarrett leads to a right hand from Ramon, clothesline to the floor. Jarrett recovers on the floor, taking a drink of water.



Lock-up, Ramon takes the arm nailing shoulder thrust after shoulder thrust. Arm-bar from Ramon, Ramon paintbrushes Jarrett. Jarrett lands three dropkicks, knee across the back from the challenger. Big clothesline from Jarrett for two, hard whip to the buckle twice. Enzuigiri misses but Ramon misses an elbow drop, reverse chin-lock from Jarrett. Ramon escapes for a backslide, two for Ramon. Jarrett fires back with a clothesline, sunset flip attempt from Jarrett for two. Massive dropkick floors Ramon for two, big right hand from the challenger. Sleeper from Double J, Ramon shoves off Jarrett. Jarrett slides through the legs and lands a neck-breaker, Jarrett uses the ropes for leverage but the referee catches Double J in the act.



A right hand rocks Ramon, make it two. Irish whip reversed, Jarrett is caught by the feet and pulled groin-first into the ring-post. Middle rope bulldog from Ramon for two, Jarrett side-steps Ramon who clutches his knee. Roadie clips the knee with a massive chop-block, the knee comes into play for once on Ramon. Ramon does not make it back into the ring, Jeff Jarrett wins the match. Jarrett is on the microphone, Jarrett does not want to see the match end this way. Jarrett calls Ramon a coward over and over, Ramon says bring it on Country Music Star. The match will restart, Jarrett is like “I have you now boy”. Ramon cannot catch Jarrett, schoolboy from Ramon for two.



Jarrett stomps the knee over and over, Ramon is crying out in pain. Scoop slam is countered for a small package from Ramon for two. Shin-breaker from Jarrett, Ramon’s knee is driven into the ground. “You ain’t so bad now” screams The Roadie as Jarrett drops all his weight on the leg of Ramon. Jarrett tries it one too many times though, Ramon kicks Jarrett to the floor. Jarrett smashes Ramon’s leg off the apron, Figure Four Leg-Lock from Jarrett. Centre of the ring, nowhere to go. Ramon wriggles and wriggles but the hold is not broken, Ramon slaps the taste out of Jarrett’s mouth. Right hands from Ramon, Ramon places Jarrett on the top rope. Super back suplex but Jarrett rolls through but Ramon rolls through for two, clothesline from Ramon who is down to a knee after nailing the manoeuvre.



Ramon surveys the scene, Ramon says finish it. Razor’s Edge does not connect as the leg gives out on the champion. Ramon collapses to the mat holding his damaged leg. Jarrett takes advantage and manages to roll up Ramon and wins the championship!



Interesting for sure, Ramon runs through his entire offence but the leg comes into play! It finally happens as Ramon takes the side-step bump and clutches his leg, one nasty looking chop block and the story is in play. Jarrett tortures the leg of Ramon, nothing spectacular but solid attacks to the knee. Ramon battles through, the crowd is tremendously invested in Ramon during this fight. The fans are all in, when Ramon calls for The Razor’s Edge you are thinking it does not get much better than this. However, the knee collapses and Jarrett steals a win, enjoyable opening match for sure. If only we could have tidied up the finish a little bit, Ramon tried to fight through it but it cost him. Maybe a hold working the leg or something better than just a roll-up to protect The Bad Guy as Ramon could easily be WWF Champion during this time.


Winner: Jeff Jarrett over Razor Ramon via Small Package!


IRS W/ Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase vs The Undertaker W/ Paul Bearer

IRS attacks Taker after much stalling, the attack does not have the desired effect. Much more stalling, we eventually have some action as Taker boots IRS down. IRS is thrown by his tie across the ring, Old School connects. Dibiase is on the apron, IRS punches Dibiase by mistake. IRS is clotheslined to the floor, IRS and Dibiase are having words. The Druids are brought out, IRS eats an elbow. Arm-wringer and Taker wants Old School again, IRS yanks Taker down with help from the druids. Throat thrust, IRS manages to clothesline Taker to the floor. Taker chokes the druids before IRS makes the save with an axe handle. Taker is rammed into the steel steps, the druids attack Taker behind the referee’s back.



Abdominal stretch, IRS uses the ropes for leverage. Again and again, IRS cheats before a hip-toss from Taker. Scoop slam, IRS dodges a big elbow drop. Taker sits-up, back elbow from IRS and a clothesline connects. Elbow drops from IRS, leg drop too. IRS misses a splash, both men bang heads. A druid pulls IRS on top of Taker, 1…2.. Taker sits up. Druid is choked on the apron, IRS is sent into the druid. Tombstone Piledriver is stopped as Taker kicks the druids, Write-Off from IRS.



Paul Bearer cannot believe, the power of the urn as Taker sits up one more time. IRS boots Taker, Taker ducks the Irish whip. Chokeslam from Taker, it’s enough.



Talk about a flat ending, they looked like they had a conversation about whether they should stop there or not. This match was as painful as I thought an IRS match with Taker would be, wise to stall for so long. Nobody wanted to see IRS try to outwrestle Undertaker, thank God it’s over. Bundy comes out and we are set for Wrestlemania as IRS steals the urn from Paul Bearer.


Winner: The Undertaker over IRS via Chokeslam!


(WWF Championship Match) Diesel © vs Bret Hart

Transitional Champion Bob Backlund is well and truly out of the picture as we enter a new era focusing on Diesel, Diesel faces his toughest test yet as he battles The Hitman. Finally, Diesel has a decent theme. Is Diesel ready for this though? These two told quite the story at King of The Ring 1994, can Diesel and Bret Hart do it again?



Diesel throws Bret to the buckle with ease, Bret takes the back. Diesel looks to shake The Hitman, Bret wants the leg. Diesel is in the ropes, Diesel and Bret begin slugging it out. Bret wants to make Diesel mad, Diesel clubs down Bret. Bret runs into a scoop slam, Diesel misses an elbow drop though. Bret lands a clothesline, elbow counter from Diesel who clotheslines Bret to the floor. Bret and Diesel brawl, Diesel is knocked to the floor with a right hand. Bret trips up Diesel, Diesel’s leg is sent into the ring-post over and over. Knees to the inside of the leg, Bret clamps on a rest-hold to wear down Big Daddy Cool. Leg trip from Bret, Bret wrenches the leg again and again.



Figure four from Bret, Diesel reaches the ropes but Bret drags out Diesel and applies the figure four once more. Bret does not break the hold when the referee asks The Hitman, a little bit of a more aggressive attitude on display from The Hitman. Suicide dive from Bret who lands big rights to the face of Diesel, Diesel meets the ring-post. Things change though as Diesel sends Bret into the steel steps, Diesel whips Bret hard into the buckle. Elbows and knees from Diesel, monstrous sidewalk slam. Two for Diesel, Diesel chokes Bret with a knee across the back. Diesel drops all his weight across the back of Bret, back-breaker from Diesel. Diesel whips Bret into the buckle, Argentine back-breaker from Diesel.



Bret fights though to break loose, sleeper from Bret but Diesel snap-mares his way out of that hold. Diesel waffles Bret with a big boot, Diesel lands a big elbow drop for two. Diesel sends Bret to the corner, Bret kicks away Diesel and lands a massive clothesline. Bret goes high again, Diesel tries a gorilla press slam but Bret falls on Diesel. Two for Bret, Bret trips up Diesel and ties his feet together using his wrist-tape. Diesel is a sitting duck, Bret beats the piss out of Diesel before the referee saves the champion. Running bulldog for two, gut punch into the Russian leg-sweep for two. Back-breaker from Bret, Bret’s Rope Elbow Drop for two. Bret wants a sharpshooter but the referee asks Diesel to break the hold as Diesel is in the ropes.



Diesel is clotheslined to the floor, landing on his feet. Bret tries a plancha but Diesel catches The Hitman. Bret is sent into the ring-post, Diesel calls for The Jacknife Powerbomb. Diesel plants Bret with the powerbomb, Shawn Michaels is here and Michaels destroys the knee of Diesel. The match is continuing after blatant interference, Bret goes after the leg of Diesel who is down once again. Figure four for the third time, Diesel screams out in pain. Diesel uses his amazing height to land a gut punch on The Hitman, breaking the hold. Bret has Diesel in the corner, wrenching on the leg using the ropes.



Diesel dodges a corner splash, Diesel lands massive punches. Knees to the ribs, knees to the spine. Diesel gets a two, Diesel chokes Bret in the corner with his boot. Diesel misses a corner big boot, Bret rolls to the floor again. Bret has a chair, Diesel is waffled in the leg with a chair. No DQ? How? Sharpshooter from Bret, Owen Hart interferes and smashes Bret. How is this not a DQ? Bret is sent into the exposed turnbuckle, Owen calls Bret a loser and leaves the arena. The match continues though, ridiculous though. Diesel crawls over for the pin, 1….2… Bret manages to kick out! Diesel is sent into the exposed buckle, right hands from Bret.



Diesel is staggering like he did during their King of The Ring match, Diesel tees off with forearms to the face of Bret. Bret is hanging by his foot in the ropes, Diesel hobbles around the ring to grab a chair. Bret manages to escape, Bret holds his leg. Diesel is rolled up for two, right hands and headbutts from Bret. Diesel reverses the Irish whip, O’Connor roll wipes out the referee. Michaels attacks Diesel, Owen Hart and Bob Backlund attack Bret.



So we had two incidents that could have ended in a DQ only for this match to end in a DQ anyways? Who thought this was a good idea? Who thought this was clever booking? Why not have Diesel go over someone in his first championship defence? The match itself was good, Bret trying to get under Diesel’s skin and the attempts to destroy the leg was all very good, the interference put me off the match for sure, it’s not hitting the same spot as The King of The Ring match but then again, Neidhart ruined that one so we still do not have a decisive winner between these two which is shocking. So, the officiating makes little sense to me, both men have rivals coming into the match so will they squash those feuds at Mania or would we be able to do four corners between Michaels, Owen, Diesel and Bret? Of course, it does not happen but an interesting thought to consider.


Match is Thrown Out Due To Inability To Maintain Control!


(Vacant WWF Tag Team Championship Match) 1-2-3 Kid & Sparky Plugg vs Bam Bam Bigelow & Tatanka W/ Ted Dibiase

So Plugg made his debut at this event a year ago and I don’t think has made it onto the card since while Kid continues to make other wrestlers impressive with his bumping and selling. Let’s see if Tatanka and Bigelow can get back on track, Plugg and Tatanka start the match with Tatanka shoving Plugg all around the ring. Plugg is chopped, Irish whip with Plugg ducking a clothesline before eating a sidewalk slam. Headscissors takedown counter from Plugg, two dropkicks from Plugg. Bigelow comes in, eating a drop toehold. Double back elbow does not work as Bigelow walks through Plugg & Kid with a clothesline.



Kid is tossed the full length of the ring, headbutt from Bigelow. Kid counters a powerbomb for an amazing hurricanrana, Kid misses a spinning heel kick though and Bigelow lands an enzuigiri. Tag to Tatanka, chop to the corner. Clubbing blows to Kid, Irish whip to the opposite buckle and Kid is down. Tatanka does it twice, tag to Bigelow. Kid is punched in the ribs, Kid fires back with rights and lefts. A dropkick shoves back Bigelow before Bigelow sends Kid into the mat. Suplex from Bigelow, shoulder block from Bigelow. Kid back-drops Bigelow to the floor, Tatanka enters illegally. Tatanka is dropkicked into Bigelow, tag to Plugg. Double crossbodies do not work, Bigelow & Tatanka are shoved into one another. Plugg gets a schoolboy for two, beautiful dropkick for two.



Clotheslines from Plugg, Tatanka ducks the third clothesline and Bigelow pulls down the ropes. Plugg crashes to the floor, Kid is distracted by Tatanka as the referee restrains Kid. Bigelow sends Plugg into the ring-post, scoop slam and elbow drop from Tatanka for two. Massive clothesline from Tatanka, Tatanka poses in front of all the fans. Plugg crawls towards Kid but Kid cannot reach Plugg. Scoop slams from Tatanka, Tatanka lands a cheap-shot on Kid. Powerslam by Tatanka for two, Bigelow switches with Tatanka. Plugg avoids the diving tomahawk chop, Tatanka has flattened Bigelow. Bigelow is clutching his eye. Kid and Tatanka are having words as Plugg is squashed by Bigelow in the corner, Plugg is stomped on and sent to the floor by Bigelow.



Bigelow motions that the championships will be around the waist of The Million Dollar Team, Plugg tries an apron sunset flip but Bigelow sits down on Plugg. Massive enzuigiri from Bigelow for two, Tatanka receives the tag and hammers Plugg. The Million Dollar Team batter Plugg, gut-wrench suplex from Tatanka. Clothesline from Tatanka, Plugg fights out from the corner. Tatanka lands an eye rake, down goes Plugg. Both men try a crossbody, both men are down after colliding in the middle of the ring, Kid flies in with a spinning heel kick. Missile dropkick from Kid, Tatanka is kicked off the apron. Tope con hilo from Kid to the floor, Diving crossbody on Bigelow for two. Tatanka makes the save, Plugg dropkicks Tatanka to the floor. Dibiase is on the apron, Kid is pressed to the floor.



Scoop slam from Bigelow, Tatanka runs the ropes which knocks Bigelow off the top rope. Bigelow cracks his head off the canvas, Plugg wants Kid to wake up. Kid crawls and crawls, Bigelow is out-cold. Plugg and Kid win the championships, I don’t believe it!



Yeah that was garbage, Bob Holly as a babyface in peril is torture, that heat segment was so dull and lifeless, I cannot believe I had to sit through such shite. I got really scared when The Kid was pressed to the floor, I thought oh my God, we are going to reset with Kid in peril but no, the match ended seconds later. However, Tatanka trying to attack Kid while Bigelow was clearly on the top rope, are you joking me? How could anybody not see Bigelow on the top rope? I am not buying that for a second, Kid’s crawl made it worse as Bigelow was comically knocked out and lay there for quite some time.


Winners: Sparky Plugg & 123 Kid over The Million Dollar Team!


The Royal Rumble

30 men, one winner and that winner will go to Wrestlemania to challenge the WWF Champion. Both feet have to touch the floor for elimination to occur, you must throw your opponent over the top rope. Always a fun one to watch, a staple of The WWF by this time.


Entrants 1 to 5

I break them into blocks of five, makes it easier to follow. Number 1 is Shawn Michaels and number 2 is The British Bulldog. We kick off fast, back body-drop and gorilla press slam from Bulldog. Michaels is spun inside-out by a clothesline, Michaels flips out of the corner. Number three is Eli Blu (Who?) One of The Harris Brothers before shaved heads, Blu sends Michaels to the buckle. Bulldog tries throwing out Eli but Eli hangs on as we have number four. Number four is Duke Droese, wow we are showcasing the cream of the crop right now aren’t we? Duke slams Michaels down, bearhug from Duke. Eli stomps Bulldog, number five is Jimmy Del Ray.


Numbers 6 to 10

Del Ray and Duke battle it out, Michaels helps Del Ray tee off on Duke. Del Ray pummels Michaels, Michaels look to be the excitement of this match once more. Number six is Seone aka The Barbarian, Seone headbutts Michaels. Seone almost dumps out Michaels but Michaels holds on while Bulldog grabs Del Ray and tosses Del Ray over the top rope.


Jimmy Del Ray has been Eliminated by The British Bulldog!


Number seven is Dr. Tom Prichard, Seone almost presses Michaels to the floor. Eli attacks Prichard in the corner, multiple shoulder thrusts from Eli. Number eight is Doink, Doink attacks Seone but that does not go well for The Clown. Bulldog and Prichard are going at it as everyone pairs off to do generic corner stuff, Duke is choking Michaels with the ropes. Number nine is Kwang, the martial arts expert. Kwang strikes at everyone who moves, number ten is Rick Martel (Martel is still in the WWF in 1995???)


Entrants 11 to 15

The ring is filling up big time, we need someone to come in and clear things out. Who will it be though? When will it happen? Number eleven is Owen Hart, things have become a lot more interesting, Bret’s here and Bret is destroying Owen before Owen can reach the ring. Surely, these two will battle at Wrestlemania again? Number twelve is Timothy Well, the crowd erupts but it’s because Owen Hart is dumped out immediately. Duke Droese, Rick Martel and Dr. Tom Prichard are dumped out before Kwang kicks out Doink. Eli and Seone dump one another out while number thirteen is Buswhacker Luke who is dumped out by Michaels. Number fourteen is Jacob Blu who is tossed out by Shawn Michaels! Number fifteen is King Kong Bundy!


Owen Hart has been Eliminated by British Bulldog!


Duke Droese has been Eliminated by Shawn Michaels!


Rick Martel has been Eliminated by Seone!


Doink has been Eliminated by Kwang!


Kwang/Eli/Seone have all been Eliminated!


Bushwhacker Luke/Jacob Blu have been Eliminated by Shawn Michaels!


Number 16 to 20

Number sixteen is Mo from Men on a Mission, Bundy throws out Mo instantly!


Mo has been Eliminated by King Kong Bundy!


Number seventeen is Mabel, Oscar appears for the second time. Mabel and Bundy square up, Bundy hammers Mabel. Mabel hammers Bundy back, Mabel almost tosses out Bundy. Number eighteen is Bushwhacker Butch, Bushwhackers and Martel in 1995? After a titanic struggle, Mabel tosses out Bundy! Michaels tosses out Bushwhacker Butch with ease! Number nineteen is Lex Luger who tosses out Mabel immediately, number twenty is Mantaur.


King Kong Bundy has been Eliminated by Mabel!


Bushwhacker Butch has been Eliminated by Shawn Michaels!


Mabel has been Eliminated by Lex Luger!


Entrants 21 to 25

Mantaur for God sake, Mantaur hip-tosses Bulldog. Number twenty-one is Aldo Montoya, my boy. Aldo and Michaels battle it out, Michaels jabs away at Montoya. Mantaur is hugging Luger in the corner, Michaels continues to dominate Montoya. Number twenty-two is Henry Godwinn, Mantaur chops Montoya in the corner. Number twenty-three is Billy Gunn, Billy goes after Mantaur. Mantaur clubs down Billy, number twenty-four is Bart Gunn. That’s the second time two tag team members have entered back to back in this Rumble. Number twenty-five is Bob Backlund, good old Bob.


Entrants 26 to 30

Bret attacks Backlund, this raises the question: Why did Diesel not batter Michaels? Number twenty-six is Steven Dunn (This Well-Dun tag team sounds awful) Backlund enters the ring only for Luger to dump out the former WWF Champion.


Bob Backlund has been Eliminated by Lex Luger!


Number twenty-seven is Dick Murdoch (You are kidding me) Had no clue Murdoch was in the WWF, ring is filling up with a lot of talent right now. Number twenty-eight is Adam Bomb, lots of chops and punches in the corner. Number twenty-nine is Fatu, Fatu and Billy slug it out. Luger dumps out Mantaur.


Mantaur has been Eliminated by Lex Luger!


Number thirty is Crush, Billy and Bart start fighting so Crush dumps them out! Montoya dumps out Steven Dunn.


The Smoking Gunns have been Eliminated by Crush!


Steven Dunn has been Eliminated by Aldo Montoya!


Adam Bomb and Crush are brawling in one corner, Bulldog helps Adam Bomb with Crush but Crush hangs on, Fatu and Crush are brawling before Godwinn decides to get involved. Murdoch tries eliminating Michaels, Michaels survives thanks to Luger. Fatu headbutts Murdoch who is down hurt, Michaels is being rocked around the ring. Crush ducks a clothesline and sends Adam Bomb over the top rope.


Adam Bomb has been Eliminated by Crush!


Fatu hammers Crush, superkick rocks Crush while Michaels grabs Montoya who is dumped to the floor. Crush clotheslines the life out of Fatu and dumps The Headshrinker! Dick Murdoch tries an airplane spin, Murdoch dizzies himself out and sails over the top rope.


Aldo Montoya has been Eliminated by Shawn Michaels[SOC1] !


Fatu has been Eliminated by Crush!


Dick Murdoch has Eliminated Himself!


Henry Godwinn measures Lex Luger, Luger manages to duck the clothesline and send Godwinn to the floor. We are down to the final four with Luger, Bulldog, Crush and Michaels.


Henry Godwinn has been Eliminated by Lex Luger!


Luger fights off Michaels and Crush, Luger wants Crush. Whatever happened to their feud, Luger has Crush in the corner but Michaels pushes Luger over the top rope.


Lex Luger has been Eliminated by Shawn Michaels!


Crush and Michaels combine to attack Bulldog, double clothesline on Bulldog. Crush says screw the team, Michaels is about to be thrown out but Michaels rakes the eyes, Bulldog clotheslines out Crush when he was aiming for Michaels.


Crush has been Eliminated by British Bulldog!


Bulldog pummels Michaels who is being kicked around the ring, military press onto the top rope. Michaels is in trouble, Michaels is clotheslined over the top rope but Michaels’ feet do not touch the floor. Michaels re-enters the ring and sends out Bulldog with an axe handle to the floor. Only one of Shawn Michaels’ feet touched the floor, Shawn Michaels wins The Royal Rumble!



Brave move to not have the likes of Jarrett, Razor Ramon, Undertaker and the likes of Bigelow & Tatanka not compete in this match, they would not be the first wrestlers to compete on the card and compete later in the night so it’s interesting for sure especially when you made me sit through the likes of The Bushwhackers, Rick Martel, Blu Brothers and Well-Dunn. It does not pay off for the WWF as I find myself mostly bored during this Rumble, the lack of star-power really hurts this match. Another waste of Owen Hart in the Rumble, I cannot believe The Rocket was dumped out in that manner similar to how Diesel just destroyed him last year. I had Owen in my final four, I was way off. Although, it does continue the feud with his brother Bret but Bret isn’t going to be at Wrestlemania is he? Finish is great drama, not been done before so it works really well especially amid all the confusion from the referees. Did Luger and Crush really go at it? Was there any memorable moments that stick out apart from the finish? Did Owen deserve the role he was served during the match? The answer to all three was no, this was as weak as the early rumbles where there was no real thought process, let’s just throw guys out there. Not a great addition for sure!


Winner: Shawn Michaels!


That was WWF’s Royal Rumble 1995, a disappointing show all in all. Things start off well with Jarrett and Ramon, they work a fun match with Ramon tweaking his knee, they restart the match which is not an issue but usually works better when the cowardly heel is caught in a trap rather than a babyface deciding I’m risking everything. It pays off better too because poor old Razor Ramon succumbs to the damage done to his leg and loses his championship. I enjoy Jarrett’s antics and the injury was well done with the chop block looking particularly nasty but the finish leaves much to be desired, I think someone the calibre of Razor Ramon has to be protected better than being rolled up clean because of his bad leg. Anyways, things become real slow when Undertaker takes on IRS, it was the right style of match because IRS looking credible against Taker was out of the question but the stalling wore me down and the finish was an odd one for this too, what happened after The Chokeslam? Diesel and Bret try to have a great match on this show but the fact the match is restarted twice especially after seeing the same thing in the first match I mean really? Why doesn’t that happen every WWF Championship if the championship is so prestigious? It complicates things and doing it twice is overkill. That being said, Bret’s working of the leg coupled with Diesel’s raw power makes for an interesting match if you take out the double restart. Things nosedive once more with the tag team title match, Bob Holly was at home in The Hardcore Division, Holly is not an interesting character nor an interesting babyface-in-peril. The best parts of this match are Bigelow vs Kid, that one hurricanrana is incredible but other than that, The Million Dollar Team which would be the top heel stable/faction in the company continue to look dumb and have failed to reignite the careers of Bam Bam Bigelow or Tatanka. Finally, The Rumble might be one of the worse due to lack of credible stars. You have a lot of people in here who should not be in the rumble, it’s boring and you do not have those little moments to keep you going. Luger never runs wild, King Kong Bundy and Mabel is so slow, I thought Bundy survived but no, slowly dumped out. Biggest reaction is Owen being tossed and the cameramen miss it the first time around. Shawn Michaels steals the show easily as he is he only one to try and make something out of all this. 1995 has started badly for me, I am fearing the worst. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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