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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event January 27th, 1990 Edition Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that books more successful weddings than the WWE! It’s Saturday Night’s Main Event time, the smoke has cleared from The Royal Rumble and Mr. Perfect is not a happy man. Having been thrown over the top rope by Hulk Hogan, Perfect teams up with The Genius to take on Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior. And that’s the build for the show, no other promos or announcements which is disappointing but I assume we are getting Duggan vs Savage and Rhodes vs Rude which should make for some show quality-wise!

Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Macho King Randy Savage W/ Queen Sherri

Savage is sporting long tights regularly now, Duggan tips over Savage’s stand as this match begins on the floor. To the buckle, whip but Duggan misses the corner splash. Savage clotheslines Duggan down, foot choke from Savage. Elbow across the throat from Savage, whip with Duggan reversing. Massive clothesline and a clothesline out of the corner for two. Atomic drop, Sherri is on the apron. Duggan almost catches Sherri, Savage clotheslines Duggan to the floor. Diving axe handle to the floor, Savage throws Duggan in the ring.

Diving double axe handle for two, Savage hot-shots Duggan with the top rope. Duggan begins to rally, eye rake from Savage. Duggan back drops Savage to the floor, Sherri is on the apron once more. Duggan clotheslines Savage on the floor, Duggan has a pin-fall on Savage in the ring but Sherri has the referee’s attention. Sherri places Savage’s foot on the ropes, Duggan clotheslines Savage down, Sherri attacks Duggan. Duggan gives chase and grabs Sherri, Savage saves Sherri. Savage climbs to the top rope, axe handle but Duggan smacks Savage at the same time. Both men down, Sherri slides Savage the purse with the loaded object. Savage clocks Duggan as Sherri distracts the referee. Savage covers Duggan, 1….2… Duggan kicks out! Small package from Duggan for two, Duggan is fighting back.

Duggan nails an atomic drop, massive clotheslines and Duggan calls for The Three-Point Stance Tackle. Savage is knocked to the floor, Savage is on the apron. Duggan wants a suplex, Sherri trips up Duggan and holds his feet while Savage uses the ropes for leverage too.

That was a whole lot of fun, Savage and Duggan work so well with one another in this match, crowd is pumped for this match and it is non-stop action from bell to bell. Sherri is a heat magnet, stepping up her game to epic levels. Everything she does infuriates the fans and while I may not be a fan of the booking of Duggan, I do love when Duggan runs wild on his opponents. Great opening match, could have opened a pay per view.

Winner: Randy Savage over Hacksaw Jim Duggan via Leverage Pin!

The Ultimate Warrior & Hulk Hogan vs Mr. Perfect & The Genius

Hogan continues his feud with Perfect by teaming up with The Ultimate Warrior, the dream team of every little WWF fan. Perfect and Hogan begin the match, Hogan shoves off Perfect. Genius runs into the ring but Hogan scoop slams both. Hogan tags in Warrior, Warrior comes out to Perfect and Genius. The two collide heads, Warrior is thrust into the ring, Warrior bounces Perfect and Genius out of the ring. Warrior tags in Hogan, Perfect steps in with Hogan. They lock-up, Perfect uses the hair for control. Rights and lefts whip to the opposite buckle is reversed by Hogan. Hogan elbows Perfect out of the corner and to the floor, Perfect meets the buckle hard.

Axe Bomber by Hogan, Perfect is bounced hard off the buckle. Right hands and scoop slam, multiple elbows and mounted right hands to the face. Perfect is booted to the floor, Perfect is handed the notebook from Genius. Hogan is cracked with the notebook, Hogan is dazed and Perfect is in control. Perfect smashes Hogan with a knee, Warrior wants in on this match. Neck-snap from Perfect, tag to Genius. Stomps from Genius, front chancery and tag to Perfect. Middle rope axe handle from Perfect, face stomp from Perfect. Perfect-Plex, Perfect stops the referee’s count and Genius comes into the ring. Moonsault attempt but Hogan puts up the knees, Perfect tries a splash but Hogan blocks with the boot.

Warrior receives the hottest of hot-tags, clubbing blows to Genius. To the buckle, Warrior nails Genius and Perfect. Clothesline to Genius, Gorilla Press Slam and Warrior was tagged by Hogan as he ran the ropes, Warrior shoulder blocks Perfect to the floor as Hogan nails an Atomic Leg Drop on Genius for the win.

My main takeaway from this match was the garbage hot-tag executed by Warrior, that was some of the worst offense I have ever seen in my life, no co-ordination when it came to the spots, it was madness. Sad to see Perfect is not getting that opportunity at the WWF Championship, I think they were leaving money on the table with that match. However, Warrior and Hogan look as if they are going to collide, what a match!

Winners: Hogan & Warrior over Perfect & Genius via Atomic Leg Drop!

Jake The Snake Roberts vs Greg The Hammer Valentine W/ Jimmy Hart

Arm-drag from Valentine, make it two. Valentine high-fives Jimmy Hart. Arm-wringer into an arm-drag from Roberts, DDT attempt is thwarted as Valentine slides out to the floor. Lock-up, clean break from Valentine but Hart grabs the legs. Chops from Valentine in the corner, whip to the buckle. Make it two, big elbow drop for two. Jabs by Valentine, Roberts is dazed. Two for Valentine, Roberts uses rights and lefts to stagger Valentine. Whip to the buckle is reversed by Valentine, Roberts dodges the splash. Clothesline by Roberts, short-arm clothesline by Roberts. Roberts calls for the DDT, Valentine back drops Roberts. Valentine misses his elbow drop, Valentine dodges Roberts and his knee-lift.

Valentine calls for the figure four, Hart hugs his client. Valentine is shoved off into Jimmy Hart, Hart takes a bump from the apron and tumbles to the floor. DDT by Roberts on Valentine, here comes Dibiase and Virgil. They assault Roberts but Roberts fights back, knee-lifts for Virgil and Dibiase.

Not much of a match but Roberts sells his desperation to hit the DDT well and the damage to his back from the attacks of Valentine. Also adds fuel to the fire for the feud between Ted Dibiase and Jake Roberts.

Winner: Jake Roberts over Greg Valentine via DQ!

Ravishing Rick Rude W/ Bobby Heenan vs Dusty Rhodes W/ Sapphire

Rude jumps Rhodes to start the match, elbow to the head from Rude. Dusty reverses the whip to the buckle, elbows to the back and spine. Rude is thrown to the floor, Dusty sends Rude into the ring apron. In the ring, Rude tries a scoop slam, Rude cannot lift Dusty. Dusty nails a series of elbows, Rude begs off in the corner. Shoulder thrusts from Dusty, snap-mare but Rude avoids Dusty’s elbow drop. Snap-mare and reverse chin-lock from The Ravishing One, Dusty begins to rally as Heenan threatens Sapphire. Dusty back-drops Rude, Dusty floors Rude and Dusty comes to the rescue. Rude attacks Dusty from behind as Dusty was dealing with Heenan.

The referee sends Heenan out of the arena, Rude’s manager has been ejected from the arena. Rude jumps Dusty from behind with a knee, Dusty hits the ring-post hard with his shoulder. Rude cannot swivel his hips as his back aches, Rude goes after the arm. Knees to that arm, arm-bar from Rude. Dusty is trying to fight back, Sapphire is at ringside in the crowd. A headbutt from Dusty rocks Rude for a second, Rude is distracted by Sapphire. Dusty fires up but Rude grabs that arm, Dusty back Rude into the ropes. Both men bang heads off an Irish whip, Rude climbs to the top rope. Shot to the ribs as Rude comes off the top rope, Dusty takes down Rude.

Dusty knees Rude in the hamstring, figure four is blocked with an eye rake by Rude. Snap-mare and stomps by Rude, Dusty begins to shake it off. Elbow by Dusty, whip and Dusty lowers his head. Boot by Rude, Sapphire swivels her hips. Rude comes out and attacks Sapphire, Dusty makes the save as the two brawl on the aisleway. Rude is sent into the guard-rail, we have a double count-out.

Fun little match, say what you want about Dusty’s WWF run but I have enjoyed every moment of it so far, not a bad thing to say about Dusty. The Common Man is battling an egotistical Rick Rude who looks down on Dusty and Sapphire, hope to see the two do battle on more occasions.

Double Count-out!

Dino Bravo W/ Jimmy Hart & Earthquake vs Rugged Ronnie Garvin

Lock-up, knees from Bravo. Chops and right hands too, whip off the ropes. Garvin ducks and chops Bravo over and over. Side headlock, Bravo sends Garvin to the floor. Earthquake squishes Garvin into the ring apron. Scoop slam and elbow drop by Bravo for two, stomps and gut-wrench suplex from Bravo for two. Right hand floors Garvin, Garvin escapes a scoop slam but an O Connor Roll does not work. Bravo misses multiple elbow drops, chops and rights from Garvin. Back body-drop, Garvin slams Jimmy Hart onto Earthquake, Garvin Stomp on Bravo and Earthquake’s fingers.

Bravo sends Garvin to the floor, Bravo cheers like a mad man. Garvin climbs to the top rope and lands a beautiful crossbody but Bravo rolls through for the win. Inverted atomic drop from Bravo and Earthquake nails his Earthquake Twice on Garvin. Garvin is left in a heap on the mat, stretchered out of the arena. Was an ok match, more of an angle for Earthquake to appear as the next big monster.

Winner: Dino Bravo over Ronnie Garvin via Roll-Through!

A decent Saturday Night’s Main Event with Savage vs Duggan and Dusty vs Rude having great little moments and the big tag team match delivering the angle of Hogan vs Warrior. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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