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TNA Sacrifice 2007 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that hates non-joshi wrestlers more than Dave Meltzer! TNA Sacrifice 2007, I took a break from TNA momentarily. I needed to collect my thoughts about this company. I have had a few head scratching moments as I had to watch Abyss and Sting have pointless championship reigns, Kurt Angle’s arrival following his feud with Samoa Joe go down a dark path and have the company in a weird position as the year continues. We have Sting challenging for the world championship due to Sting winning Lethal Lockdown with a little help from Jeff Jarrett. However, it is a triple threat match as Kurt Angle is added to the mix. Why? No clue they do not explain anywhere at the start Not much build up for the rest of the card based on the opening promo, let’s just see where we are going from here.

(TNA X-Division Championship Match) Chris Sabin vs Black Machismo Jay Lethal vs Sonjay Dutt

Dutt has always been overlooked wherever he has wrestled, Lethal has found a personality and Sabin is finding his feet as a massive douchebag but it simply does not cut the mustard for me just yet. Lethal and Dutt are tag partners, Sabin tries to get the duo to fight but it leads to hip-tosses from the tag team and arm-drags too. Dutt and Lethal have words as they get in one another’s way trying to wipe out Sabin. Sabin is tossed to the floor as Lethal and Dutt get down to the business. Dodges and leapfrogs ensue, counter after counter as these two know one another so well. O Connor roll into a camel clutch from Dutt, basement dropkick from Sabin to the face of Lethal.

Dutt out-smarts Sabin and nails a massive dropkick to the champion’s face. Roll-up headscissors from Dutt on Sabin, Lethal spears Dutt by mistake. Sabin tornado DDTs Lethal using Dutt as a base. Dutt eats an enzuigiri as he lands on the floor, Sabin stomps Lethal in the corner. Snap-mare and eye rake from Sabin, dropkick to the back of the head for two. Sabin keeps Dutt out of the ring with kicks, Irish whip to the corner. Lethal elbows and headscissors Sabin, jabs from Lethal before Sabin trips up Lethal. Sabin is on the apron, Dutt sweeps the legs. Lethal is on the top rope and nails a massive double axe handle to the floor Savage Style. Dutt is on the apron and nails a massive Asai Moonsault!

 Sabin crotches Dutt on the top rope, super hurricanrana does not work as Dutt hangs on, Dutt nails Lethal with a massive missile dropkick. Eye poke by Sabin, Sabin tosses Lethal to the floor. Sabin lands a suplex for two, Stomper The TNA Mascot is here. Sabin does his Garvin stomp, Sabin spits in his hand and rubs it in the face of Dutt. Whip to the buckle, Dutt kicks away Sabin. Middle rope hurricanrana by Dutt, Lethal nails Dutt with a facebuster. Sabin forearms Lethal down before nailing Dutt with a massive lariat. Dutt takes out Sabin with a slingshot leg drop before a springboard senton on Lethal for two and a half. Leaping leg lariat in the corner by Dutt on Lethal, Sabin follows in with a flying elbow.

Sabin places Dutt in the tree of woe on Lethal, Yakuza Kick and hesitation dropkick by the champion on both. Sabin has Lethal, elbows have Lethal down to his knees. Whip off the ropes and an elbow to the chin for two. Sabin taunts Lethal, slaps from the champion. Lethal shakes it off with an enzuigiri and a superkick, Dutt comes back to life but his bulldog turns into a massive Dragon Suplex. Lethal is on the top rope, Flying Elbow Drop on Sabin for two as Dutt makes the save. Lethal sends Dutt to the apron, elbow leaves Dutt rocked. Lethal Combination on Sabin, Dutt lands a 450 Splash to break up Lethal winning the match, Dutt pins Sabin and Lethal separately getting two each time. Dutt and Lethal shove one another, Sabin shoves Dutt into Lethal and rolls up Dutt for the win.

Your solid TNA opening match with balls to the wall action between the three wrestlers, all three men look great throughout the match with some nice work throughout the match. I am still not sold on Sabin, it just does not click for me but the action makes up for it ten-fold. Exciting near-falls, the crowd is losing their mind by the end of the match and we have an angle! Dutt turns on Lethal, unhappy with Lethal denying Dutt wining that championship for the first time. What will happen between these two? I am not sure but more of Sonjay Dutt is definitely a good thing!

Winner: Chris Sabin over Sonjay Dutt & Jay Lethal via Roll-Up!

Jeff Jarrett vs Robert Roode W/ Ms. Brooks

Double J came back which worried me because I simply did not want to see Double J in the main event after how he tortured me for years but Jarrett is back as a babyface in a reduced role. Jarrett is Eric Young’s secret friend and Jarrett saved Young from Roode’s attack. We have a match now, Roode out-smarts Jarrett to start, using the pyro and Jarrett’s jacket to attack Jarrett. Roode loses control as Jarrett counters a piledriver. Back in the ring, drop toehold and right hand from Double J. Ms. Brooks distracts Jarrett which leads to a massive lariat from Roode, Roode chokes Jarrett with his boot. Roode whips Jarrett into the steel steps hard, Jarrett is choked using the middle rope as Ms. Brooks helps Roode too.

Chops in the corner but Jarrett fights back, backslide from Jarrett for two. Roode nails a massive clothesline for two, Roode chokes the life out of Jarrett. Scoop slam by Roode, Roode climbs to the middle rope. Jarrett blocks with his boot, Irish whip by Jarrett and a powerslam connects. Two for Double J, sleeper from Roode off an Irish whip reversal. Jarrett escapes and applies his own sleeper, Roode grabs the leg and applies the figure four. Ms. Brooks squeezes Roode’s hands behind the referee’s back. Jarrett wriggles and writhes, making it to the ropes eventually. Roode sends Jarrett knee first into the mat, Roode begins strutting.

Another figure four attempt, Jarrett counters with a small package for two. Both men nails right hands as Jarrett escapes, double clothesline spot. Jarrett is up first, right hands by Jarrett. Back body-drop, low blow by Jarrett. Eye poke by Roode, Roode is on the top rope. Jarrett yanks down Roode, Figure Four by Jarrett. Ms. Brooks is on the apron, Roode taps but the referee is with Brooks. Stun-gun by Roode, top turnbuckle is exposed. Jarrett blocks meeting the buckle, right hands by Double J. Roode avoids hitting the buckle, Jarrett is knocked down. Roode pulls Jarrett into the ring-post groin first.

Roode hurls a chair into the ring, Roode and the referee battle over the chair. Roode smacks himself in the face with the chair, Stroke by Double J but Ms. Brooks saves Roode by pulling out the referee. Roode has handcuffs, Jarrett is clocked with the handcuffs, 1….2… Jarrett kicks out at two and a half! Roode has the guitar, referee saves the guitar. Referee shoves Roode into Jarrett, Stroke is countered as is The Pay-Off, they struggle as Jarrett trips Roode, Roode pushes Jarrett into the turnbuckle. Pay-Off and this match is done, Roode has won.

Wow, did not see that one coming. Jarrett doing the job to someone like Roode, I cannot believe it. Was a decent match, you had a lot of shenanigans  but I am use to that with Jarrett. Love the way Jarrett using his right hand, one of the best punches in the business and we have a good finish too. Damn though, Jarrett lost I wonder how Young will get one over on Roode if Jarrett could not do it.

Winner: Robert Roode over Jeff Jarrett via Pay-Off!

Christopher Daniels vs Rhino

The dumbest babyface in the planet Rhino is here, this time it is against The Fallen Angel. New attitude but can Daniels be considered a legitimate threat? Daniels is angling for a confrontation with Sting so this should be straight-forward for Daniels right? Rhino applies a side headlock, Daniels eats a shoulder block. Big clothesline from Rhino, another side headlock from The Man Beast. Daniels pulls down Rhino by the hair, Rhino is back on his feet. Clotheslines and back body-drops from Rhino, Daniels places a knee to stop Rhino before Rhino elevates Daniels to the apron. Daniels tries a top rope dive but Rhino lands a belly to belly suplex.

Daniels rolls out to avoid a Gore, Daniels misses a baseball slide and eats a clothesline. Rhino misses a plancha, Rhino gets up and scores with a hip-toss. Rhino wants a clothesline but Daniels side-steps Rhino and Rhino meets the ring-post with his shoulder. Baseball slide from Daniels and Rhino hits the shoulder hard on the guard-rail. Daniels continues kicking the arm in the ring, Daniels uses the rope to extend the arm, more kicks to the arm and a beautiful single arm DDT. Lots of stomps to the arm, two for Daniels. Arm-wringer, transition into an arm-bar. Rhino fights out and lands a flying shoulder tackle, Rhino is using chops due to the lost of his good arm. Powerslam for two, Rhino is struggling big time in this match.

 Whip with Daniels reversing and nailing an enzuigiri and STO combination, two for Daniels. Forearm and whip to the buckle, Rhino side-steps Daniels. Massive spinebuster for two, Daniels applies his Koji Clutch before transitioning to a cross-arm-breaker. Rhino escapes but eats a leaping leg lariat, BME but Daniels lands on his feet, TKO from Rhino for two. Enzuigiri from Daniels, right hands and forearms stagger Rhino before a Gore out of nowhere from Rhino. Daniels lands besides the ropes and reaches the rope on two. Daniels rolls to the floor, Rhino pushes the referee out of the way as Daniels reaches for his bat. Wham and Daniels lays out Rhino for the win.

I enjoyed the arm work from Daniels, that single arm DDT was gorgeous and Daniels never stopped working the arm once it was established that it was a weakness for Rhino. If Daniels clocked Rhino in the shoulder and followed it up with a BME, I might have enjoyed it more because it feels that the arm work meant nothing due to the finish. Regardless, I do not care about Rhino as a babyface due to AJ Styles making Rhino look like a moron and Daniels is growing on me with his new character. Things get weird as Rhino says fuck you Daniels and busts him open after the match, where did this come from? Rhino Driver from the middle rope onto chairs, security save Daniels from the spot. What does this all mean? Is Daniels not going after Sting?

Winner: Christopher Daniels over Rhino via Baseball Shot!

Kip James vs Damaja & Basham W/ Christy Hemme

BG James was taken out in the parking lot before the show, Kip goes after Basham with all his signature offense before Basham avoids a Famouser. Damaja nails Kip with a clothesline, the two trade control before a blind tag to Basham. Double clothesline on Kip, knee drop from Basham. Tag to Damaja, double flapjack. Damaja nails punches on Kip, tag to Basham. Basham chokes Kip on the bottom rope, slap from Hemme. Tag to Damaja, reverse chin-lock from Damaja.

Kip begins fighting back, blind tag from Basham. Kip ducks as Damaja and Basham clash heads, back suplex from Kip on Damaja. Boot for Basham, right hands for both men. Elbow to Basham, clothesline to Damaja. Back body-drop on Basham, more right hands. Damaja nails Brain Damage, Basham climbs to the top rope and nails a Diving Headbutt for the win.

Crowd was dead, they chanted boring and it was only a few minutes long, such an awkward feud with two unlikeable people in Kip and Hemme. Also, Damaja what kind of name is that? Doug is still in great shape though, Basham Brothers in TNA. Yeah, this was garbage but at least it was over quickly.

Winners: Basham Brothers over Kip James via Diving Headbutt!

(Texas Death Match) Chris Harris vs James Storm

This fucking feud, they had the audacity to make me sit through one of the worst matches in TNA history, a comedy blindfold match that stunk up the entire pay per view. Now, they will give me a bloody Texas Death Match, never should have had the blindfold match. Storm blinded Harris, the most successful team in TNA history and Harris wants to beat the piss out of Storm. The promo is not great but I want to see the brawl.

We start on the floor, Harris pummels Storm and chokes Storm with handcuffs. Hip-toss on the ramp, Harris clotheslines Storm into the crowd. Crowd brawling from the two, they punch one another and push one another into some fencing. Storm blinds Harris with a drink to the yes but Harris sends Storm into the wall, Harris is back ringside. Harris decides it is an appropriate time to have a drink, Harris climbs to the top rope and dives onto security and Storm. Not expecting that, pretty neat spot from Harris. Harris pins Storm and what is this? Storm must answer the call? Oh, it is one of those matches. Storm makes it to his feet at 8, this match will continue.

Harris is on the top rope, Storm has a chair and knocks down Harris who is caught in the tree of woe. Storm smacks the chair into Harris’ face and there is blood everywhere thanks to the chair shot. Storm pulls out a table, sets it up in the middle of the ring. Storm places Harris on the top rope, Storm tries a hurricanrana through the table. Harris holds onto the ropes, Storm and Harris trade counters before Harris stomps on the groin of Storm. Harris catapults Storm into the bottom of the table, Storm is gushing blood everywhere.

Storm goes low on Harris to avoid a suplex through the table, Eye of The Storm through the table. Storm gets a three count, Harris makes it to his feet at 9! Storm pulls out another table, right hands from Storm. Storm wants to powerbomb Harris to the floor, Harris breaks free. Storm elevates Harris to the apron, Harris tries a shoulder block but Storm nails a knee and a DDT. Storm brings in trash cans and a kendo stick. Storm is on the apron, Harris spears Storm off the apron and through the table. Jackie saves Storm from being pinned, we are back in the ring.

Harris has a chair, Storm ducks the chair shot and nails a superkick with the chair going back into the face of Harris. Two count for Storm, Storm cracks Harris with the trash can lids, Harris answers with trash can lid shots of his own. Cata-tonic from Harris, Storm kicks out of The Cata-tonic. Jackie comes in and sends Harris to the floor, here comes Gail Kim. Gail cuffs Jackie, Storm has the beer bottle as does Harris. Harris clocks Storm with bottle, Storm is unable to answer the count and Harris wins this war.

Now, would this have not have been better with Harris clocking Storm with the symbolic beer bottle and scoring the pin for the win? No ten count involved? Also, they have cut away seconds after the biggest win of Harris’ career? For a promo that does not have the audio right? Are you joking me? Regardless, this match kicks ass, they waste no time beating the piss out of one another. It is violent, there is blood and there is drama and excitement. I would have left out the pin-falls and the ten count just for regular pin-fall ends the match but you have some great stuff from the two. And as I said, symbolic finish of the beer bottle ending their feud just like how the beer bottle began their feud. Awesome match, possibly best of their careers. For sure it was Harris’ best match, Storm would continue to go on a roll though!

Winner: Chris Harris over James Storm via Beer Bottle!

(Fatal 4 Way Match) Alex Shelley vs Tiger Mask IV vs Senshi vs Jerry Lynn

So, Jerry Lynn is just here as is Senshi and Shelley while Tiger Mask is also in the match? Such a random match, Senshi and Lynn start. Lots of history here, will they bring that up? Take-down from Senshi, front chancery with a neck crank. Lynn counters with a fireman’s carry, Senshi counters with a headscissors. Whip off the ropes, Lynn looks for a cradle but Senshi avoids it. Lynn avoids a double stomp, inverted submission from Lynn before transitioning into an arm-bar. Senshi backs into the corner with a cross-arm-breaker using the ropes, Shelley tags into the match.

 Shelley works the arm before Lynn counters with an arm-drag and arm-bar. Whip by Shelley, Lynn ducks the clothesline and Lynn nails a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Transition to arm-bar from Lynn, tag to Tiger Mask. Shelley escapes the hold, talking trash to Tiger Mask. Shelley tags in Senshi, Senshi vs Tiger Mask should be good. Senshi takes the arm, counter from Tiger Mask. Kick from Senshi, top wrist-lock from Senshi. Tiger Mask flips into an arm-drag, flip out of a hip-toss with a dropkick and legsweep. Lynn wants a piece of Tiger Mask, lock-up and side headlock from Lynn. Shoulder block, Tiger Mask answers with a monkey flip.

Tiger Mask is shoved off his side headlock, middle rope crossbody goes wrong for Tiger Mask as Lynn ducks. Lynn and Tiger Mask brawl to the corner, Shelley tags in off Tiger Mask. Sleeper on Lynn, Lynn elbows his way out but Shelly uses the hair to maintain the hold. Lynn escapes and tags in Tiger Mask, Shelley nails Tiger Mask with a stunner before Tiger Mask counters with a Pele kick and standing moonsault. Tiger Mask climbs to the top rope, Shelley open hand smacks Tiger Mask, top rope jawbreaker from Shelley. Tiger Mask blocks a shiranui and nails a top rope underhook suplex on Shelley for two as Senshi breaks up the fall.

Senshi nails Tiger Mask with a springboard enzuigiri, Shelley eats a massive kick from Senshi. Lynn tags in and slingshot leg drops Senshi, Tiger Mask kicks down Lynn before we have Lynn uses the apron for a slingshot sunset flip which leads to Tiger Mask German suplexing Senshi for a close two. Lynn nails Tiger Mask with a TKO for two, Shelley is in the ring. Lynn is on the top rope, Lynn’s tornado DDT is blocked. Shelley misses a spinning wheel kick, Lynn is back on the top rope. Senshi kicks Lynn right in the head, Lynn counters a Ki Crusher looking for a piledriver. Tiger Mask kicks Senshi to the floor, Shelley shoves Tiger Mask to the floor which leaves Shelley and Lynn on the top rope. Superplex does not come off for Shelley as Lynn nails a top rope sunset flip for the win.

What was the point of bringing in Tiger Mask for this match? Was Tiger Mask any different from a Sonjay Dutt or Jay Lethal or Matt Bentley? Completely replaceable in this match, also pretty strange to see Lynn walking away the winner of this match. I think Shelley or Senshi need the win in this one to elevate them in the eyes of the fans, especially with the popularity of Shelley due to Paparazzi Productions. The action was fine and the finish was nice but again I question the booking but sure who cares, it was just an X-Division match on pay per view.

Winner: Jerry Lynn over Everyone Else via Top Rope Sunset Flip!

(NWA/TNA X-Division Championship Match) Team 3D © vs LAX W/ Konnan vs Tomko & Scott Steiner

Team 3D are your champions after one of the worst matches in TNA history, LAX have their rematch but Tomko and Steiner have been added to the mix. Odd for Tomko & Steiner to be teaming considering they have never ever got a long. Steiner and Homicide to begin the match, two heels. Steiner poses, mocking Homicide. Lock-up, knee by Steiner. Scoop slam, clubbing blow by Steiner. Tilt-a-whirl slam from Steiner, chop from Steiner. Brother Ray blind tags in, Homicide and Steiner are taken out as Steiner clotheslines Homicide and Brother Ray nails a high German suplex. Steiner answers with an exploder suplex and the match breaks down to three men in the ring at once.

Let it be known: I hate this dumb concept. Homicide and Steiner batter Brother Ray, Brother Ray rallies off a flurry of punches before eye rakes slow down Brother Ray. Brother Ray blocks an Irish whip and boots Homicide, elbow to Steiner and in comes Devon. Nice double back drop before Homicide decides we are back down to 2 in the ring. Tomko gets a tag and Devon trades powerslams with Tomko before a blind tag to Hernandez. Slingshot shoulder block takes down Tomko, Hernandez eats a Lou Thesz Press from Devon before Steiner and Tomko trip Devon and send Devon into the ring-post. LAX nails Devon with a clothesline/senton combination.

Steiner is the legal man somehow, clothesline and theatrical elbow from Steiner. Double elbow from Team Steiner, Steiner clotheslines Brother Ray off the apron. Steiner brings Devon to the LAX corner, Hernandez chokes Devon. Homicide and Ray brawl on the apron, Devon reverses an Irish whip on Hernandez. Corner clothesline from Devon, Hernandez kicks away Devon. Top rope splash with Tomko breaking up the pin-fall. Tomko tags himself in, Devon is on the top rope. Devon kicks away Tomko, tornado DDT from Devon. LAX stop the tag to Ray before Devon ducks a clothesline and rolls to tag Ray. LAX are sent to the floor, Homicide eats a hip-toss.

DDT on Tomko, Homicide nails a diving clothesline on Ray. Saving Grace on Homicide, belly to belly suplex by Steiner. Hernandez nails a drop down argentine back-breaker on Steiner. Tomko boots Hernandez, Ray boots down Tomko. Wassup Headbutt on Homicide, Devon searches for a table but Hernandez dives over the top rope wiping out Devon. Steiner & Tomko are with Homicide, Steiner Bulldog fails as Homicide rolls through for a victory roll for two. Steiner tosses Homicide to the floor, Ray sneaks in for a roll-up on Tomko for two. Tomko boots down Ray, Tomko wants to finish it with a boot. Steiner holds Ray but Ray ducks as Tomko boots Steiner. 3D and this match is over, the champions retain.

You know that was fun! I am not a fan of three people in the ring at once during tag matches but they cut that shit out pretty quickly. I feel nobody was over exposed in the ring during the match, everyone got a few minutes to shine and look good. Homicide and Hernandez did feel like an afterthought with will Tomko and Steiner get along or fight angle eating up the match but it breezed by for me and Team 3D rightfully retain but who is there left to work with for Team 3D? Are they going to find themselves in another scenario where the tag team division is barren?

Winners: Team 3D over Everyone Else via 3D!

Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles

This match gets a great hype package but I have no idea why they are fighting, we begin with Joe catching Styles with his speed, hip-toss and back drop before a sweep leaves Styles down. Headbutt from Styles, shoulder thrusts in the corner before Joe whips Styles to the corner. Elbow and enzuigiri, snap-mare and a chop. Styles knows the kick is coming, dragon screw from Styles. Styles leaps over the back before Joe kicks Styles to the floor. Elbow Suicida from Joe, Styles is in the crowd. Styles looks for a springboard but Joe sweeps the legs, Styles is on the apron. Joe wants a suplex into the ring, Styles hangs on but a huge jab rocks Styles. Styles lands on the floor, complaining his elbow is hurt.

Joe does not buy into Styles’ injury, eye poke by Styles. Suplex but Styles rolls out to the floor, Joe sends Styles into the guard rail. Joe has a chair, chop by Joe. Joe has Styles on the chair, Styles comes out off the chair with a huge clothesline. In the ring, Joe tries running at Styles but walks into a leapfrog followed by a beautiful dropkick. Joe battles back with an inverted atomic drop but Styles answers with a spinning heel kick, chin-lock from Styles. Right jabs by Joe, Styles kicks low. Forearm and springboard clothesline is blocked as Joe side-steps and nails a German suplex. Forearms by Joe, Styles rakes the eyes. Inverted atomic drop from Joe, Styles ducks the kick but Joe ducks the clothesline. Belly to belly suplex from Joe, senton for two.

Styles is down in the corner, Joe is lured in and smashed off the middle buckle. Styles is in the opposite corner, Styles comes in running but Joe nails a powerslam for two. Styles escapes a powerbomb for a Pele kick, Styles rolls to the apron. Springboard flying forearm for two, Styles tries for his springboard reverse DDT but Joe counters with a snap-mare. Styles stun-guns Joe from the apron, springboard reverse DDT for two. Styles wants Styles Clash, Samoa Joe back drops Styles but Styles rolls through for another attempt. Joe counters into a Death Valley Driver for two, Styles side-steps Joe.

Joe winces on pain on the floor, Joe makes it in at nine. Styles mocks Joe who is injured, Joe kicks Styles with his good leg. Styles is in the corner, Joe tries to run across but collapses in pain. Styles attempts a spinal tap, Joe dodges. Styles misses an enzuigiri, Coquina Clutch into a Sleeper suplex for the win.

A Sleeper Suplex for the win? That’s different. I liked the counters each men used throughout the match, they built on their history of knowing one another inside and out. It led to some interesting counters and transitions into their signature manoeuvres. Joe paying back Styles for faking injuries was also a nice touch I just thought it was not as exciting or intense as it should have been for two stop stars in the company. Served its purpose though, time for the main event!

Winner: Samoa Joe over AJ Styles via Sleeper Suplex?

(NWA/TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match) Christian Cage © vs Kurt Angle vs Sting

Again, your biggest star Kurt Angle is completely unlikable mere months into his run in TNA. I feel the loss hurt Angle big time, the match with Steiner did not help either. Sting was in that feud with Abyss with Sting dominating Abyss at every turn, I do not think it did anything for Sting either. The Lockdown match gave a chance for a fresh start and we saw Sting earn his opportunity thanks to Jeff Jarrett. However, they had to fight for the number one contender’s spot on Impact because reasons, both Angle and Sting won the match which leads us to here. Christian came in as a big babyface and was turned into a dickhead not that long into his run either. Surrounded by his faction, Christian is doing relatively well having beaten Joe and Angle on pay per view before this match.

Sting and Angle hate one another due to Christian’s manipulation, Christian is cracked by both challengers, inverted atomic drop and Christian is tossed to the floor. Angle and Sting talk more trash before Christian is thrown to the floor again, Angle takes the first shot. Elbow by Angle off an Irish whip, uppercut rocks Sting. Whip to the ropes, bulldog by Sting. Sting leaves the ring and decks Christian on the floor, Christian sends Sting into the guard-rail. In the ring, Angle belly to belly suplexes Christian. Whip to the ropes, dodges by Angle before a big shoulder block. Angle sends Christian to the buckle, Angle shoulder blocks the ring-post hard and spills to the floor.

Christian wants an alliance with Sting, Sting spits in Christian’s face. Military press slam and elbow from Sting, Stinger Splash from Sting. Angle stops the second splash, Angle Slam on the ramp. Christian jumps Angle in the ring, Christian steps all over the back of Angle. Chop down from Christian, snap-mare into a reverse chin-lock. Angle breaks free but runs into a powerslam, two for Christian. Christian rolls to the floor and pummels Sting, Christian slaps the head of Angle. Bad idea, German suplexes from Angle. 8 German suplexes for a close two as Sting breaks up the pin-fall. Sting throws Angle to the floor, Sting covers Christian for a close two.

Sting has Christian on the top rope, Angle runs up the top rope. Tower of Doom spot for two on both men, Angle is shocked. Uppercuts for the champion, toss from Angle. The straps are down, Angle Slam is blocked as Unprettier is almost unleashed. Sting and Angle brawl, Christian is on the top rope. Angle crotches Christian, Sting sends Angle into Christian twice. Stinger Splash, Scorpion Death Drop on Angle. 1…2.. Christian pulls out the referee, splashing him in the process.

Angle is straight up, Sting trips Angle but Angle blocks the scorpion death lock. Angle applies The Ankle Lock, Angle sees Christian coming into the ring. Double Ankle Lock on Christian and Sting, both uses their leg strength to hurl Angle to the floor. Sting nails a huge slam on Christian, low blow by Christian. Sting counters with a roll-up, Angle has The Ankle Lock and Sting secures the pin-fall on Christian at the same time that Angle taps out Sting but Angle is declared the winner. The fans are confused, the commentators talk about the possibility of a photo finish and we go right off the air with no conclusion.

So why did they do this finish? To set up Sting having a reason to chase Angle for the championship. Nothing wrong with that but here me out on this one: Again, we have a new champion with a meaningless title reign coming beforehand so the change means nothing. We had Sting topple Jarrett to lose to Abyss, Abyss to lose the championship in an elimination match where he was not one of the two last members to Christian toppling Angle and Joe, two massive wins only to lose it like this. It truly is a shame that the influx of new talent was coming all at the one time because they really had no clue how to accommodate them all, I believe that 100% This match was solid, had your typical triple threat formula of one man being taken out for large periods of time. I thought they set that up well, an Angle Slam on the ramp with no padding looks and sounds nasty so that is all good. I do not feel we got a whole load of meaningful action in there, I thought Christian did the most out of the 3, antagonizing both men and trying to start alliances while also pulling out the referee to hold onto his championship. It is just so hard to care for this championship change though, the reigns have been less than stellar and it feels like we are just throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks, fair enough for newer or experimental acts/gimmicks in the lower card but playing hot potato with your world championship? Doesn’t make sense to me boys!

Winner: Kurt Angle over Everyone Else via Ankle Lock!

That was TNA’s Sacrifice 2007, a mostly solid pay per view with one great standout match. Kicking things off we had the X-Division Championship match, Sabin is getting there as a heel with his antics and body language, I just cannot buy completely into him like something is missing and I do not know what it is but you have an angle coming out of this with Sonjay Dutt having a legitimate angle in TNA for what feels like the first time against Jay Lethal, this is good for both men as the division needs fresh blood in a way for that division because it’s beginning to look very stale. Roode vs Jarrett was solid, crowd loved Double J and it was a huge win for Roode, the impact of that win will be explored in the coming months but it is a sign of things to come for Roode. A good feather in his cap if you will, Daniels and Rhino was again solid. Like the arm work, baseball bat to the head was a good finish, I think Rhino is unsalvageable after his Styles’ feud but you never know, could pull something out again if motivated.

The Bashams vs Kip was bleh, the feud was bleh. Just take it away from me already, I do not want to see anymore. Harris and Storm kicked all sorts of ass, I was not a fan of the ten count after the pin-fall especially when they tried to make near-falls dramatic even though the drama should have been whether they could stand after 10 or not but anyways, it has blood, intensity and a symbolic finish which made this my match of the night without a shadow of a doubt. The 4-Corner match was your standard show the other X-Division guys match, no idea why they flew in Tiger Mask IV for that. Team 3D defend their titles in a solid three-way match we have The Steiner Brothers reunited at the end of the match, I mean sure why not? Let’s turn dickhead Steiner back into a babyface. Samoa Joe and AJ Styles served their purpose as a buffer to the main event, the main event was solid, the crowd popped for the tower of doom spot but the finish confused many fans in the building with nothing being resolved as we went off the air. Watch this pay per view for Chris Harris vs James Storm and nothing else! Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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