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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event February 23rd, 1990 Edition Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that does not spoil Wrestle Kingdom results through GIFs on Twitter! It’s Saturday Night’s Maine Event but it is a big one for sure! The WWF Championship is on the line as Hulk Hogan defends his championship against Randy Savage with Buster Douglas as the special guest referee. We also have Ultimate Warrior defending his WWF Intercontinental Championship against Dino Bravo. Let’s get it on!

(WWF World Heavyweight Championship Match) Hulk Hogan © vs Macho King Randy Savage W/ Queen Sherri

No messing about, Wrestlemania V rematch time. Hogan shoulder blocks Savage out of the ring, Douglas is patrolling the outside. Knee from Savage, right hand to the face and hot-shot from Savage. Savage knees Hogan to the floor, Savage is climbing to the top with Douglas stopping Savage from jumping. Sherri is on the apron, Hogan grabs Sherri and Savage knees Sherri to the floor by mistake. Clothesline from Hogan, right hands and chops from the champion. Whip to the buckle and corner elbow from Hogan, ten punches in the corner from The Hulkster. Axe Bomber from Hogan, scoop slam and elbow drops before mounted punches.

Sherri trips up Hogan, Hogan grabs Sherri by the hair and Savage saves his Queen. Whip to the buckle hard, Hogan collapses to the mat. Irish whip and clothesline by Savage for two, knee drop across the throat for two. Choke-hold from the challenger, foot choke from Savage. Sherri chokes Hogan and Douglas kicks Sherri out of the arena. Savage has Hogan in the sleeper, Hogan is fading but Hogan is fighting back. Elbows to the ribs, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Hogan. Both men duck clotheslines before Savage nails a massive clothesline for two.

Hogan is tossed to the floor, Savage climbs to the top rope and nails a diving double axe handle. In the ring, diving double axe handle for two. Savage chokes Hogan using the top rope, cover for two. Knee drop from Savage, Hogan is on the floor. Douglas stops Savage from diving, Savage elbows Hogan on the apron. Scoop slam, Diving Elbow Drop from Savage for two. Hogan is Hulking Up! Right hands from Savage have no effect, Hogan shakes it off. Right hands, big boot but Savage rolls to the floor. The two are trading blows, eye rake from Savage which makes Hogan angry. Hogan nails Savage with a right hand, the referee goes flying. Hogan nails The Atomic Leg Drop, Douglas counts the pin-fall and Hogan retains but there is controversy for sure!

That was a great match between Savage and Hogan, these two worked one of the best Hogan matches in the WWF at Wrestlemania V and this crowd might be even hotter with Savage controlling long portions of the match in epic fashion. Douglas dismissing Sherri was a nice little touch, Savage is like a maniac following the finish and Douglas knocks out Savage with a right hand, the early version of Tyson and Michaels. Wonder why this does not get brought up often? It’s a pretty epic moment for me. Anyways, this match has the big fight feel and Hogan and Savage bring the goods for this crowd!

Winner: Hulk Hogan over Randy Savage via Atomic Leg Drop!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) The Ultimate Warrior © vs Dino Bravo W/ Jimmy Hart & The Canadian Earthquake

Warrior sprints to the ring for a powerslam, diving axe handle by Warrior. Warrior climbs high again, Earthquake grabs Warrior. Warrior backs down Earthquake, cheap shot from Bravo. No effect, Bravo runs and eats a hip-toss and shoulder block. Earthquake grabs Warrior, Bravo clotheslines Warrior to the floor. Warrior rolls under the ring and grabs Jimmy Hart, Jimmy Hart is stripped of his clothes. Jimmy Hart runs backstage as Earthquake attacks Warrior from behind, massive scoop slam. In the ring, Bravo clubs Warrior and applies a bear-hug.

Warrior breaks free, bear-hug of his own. Bravo eye rakes Warrior, Sidewalk Slam from Bravo for two. Warrior rallies, right hands and clotheslines. Shoulder block and Ultimate Splash, Bravo is beaten with ease. In comes Earthquake, Warrior fights back and clotheslines Earthquake staggering The Natural Disaster. Bravo is thrown to the floor, Earthquake knocks down Warrior. Massive elbow drop, Warrior is down. Make it two, Earthquake wants a middle rope elbow drop but here comes Hogan, making the save. Warrior did not want Hogan’s help, referees are going flying as the two collide.

Straight-forward match, nothing special. Bravo played his role well, Earthquake continues to beat a dominant force in the WWF, excellent heel building there from Vince and Co. More building to Hogan vs Warrior, these two are going to clash soon enough and what a match it will be, the best of Warrior’s career.

Winner: The Ultimate Warrior over Dino Bravo via Ultimate Splash!

And that’s it! A Main Event that builds up to Wrestlemania, what more could you want? Hogan vs Savage delivered ten-fold, Hulkamania is running wild brother and Savage and Sherri are one of my favourite combinations in wrestling ever, they play off one another so well. Buster Douglas was awesome love that right hand! Great build-up for Warrior vs Hogan, I am all set for Wrestlemania VI! Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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