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TNA Slammiversary 2007 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that clutches at more straws than Enzo Amore! The TNA train keeps rolling, I just cannot look away from this company no matter what muck they throw my way at times. Sadly, I am looking back on these pay per views looking at the TNA glory days before things went really south and I am not sure they were ever going to challenge the WWE the way they do things. Regardless, It is TNA Slammiversary 2007. We are wrestling, we are TNA and this is the fifth anniversary of the company. What matches will be contested at this monumental event in TNA’s history, I am not sure just yet. A lot of women and strange acts are on my screen, Jarrett beating up midgets, women wearing very little clothing. Ken Shamrock, Raven and AJ Styles, Jasmine St Clair giving a lapdance. The phantom Hogan angle, we are now on the current era of TNA with the likes of Christian, Joe, Angle AND Sting. The Fuck is this? Wannabe Tiger Woods cracked with a guitar by Jeff Jarrett? What has that got to do? Some rednecks are playing music, country is strong on this night. Lo Cash Cowboys is their name, they seem to be hooked up quite poorly but the performance is brief.

LAX W/ Konnan vs Rhino & Senshi W/ Hector Guerrero

Ok… Well they are out of The Impact Zone which should help the energy in the building. No idea of this makeshift team, they are not filling me in on why they are teaming. Rhino is over, crazy. Side headlock and shoulder block by Rhino, Homicide slides through the legs before eating a military press slam. Whip to the corner, Homicide stops Rhino before Rhino alley oops Homicide to the floor. In the ring, Rhino nails a suplex. Two for Rhino, tag to Senshi. Snap-mare and Flashing Elbow for two, Homicide backs Senshi into the corner. Tag to Hernandez, Senshi gets in quick kicks which frustrates the big man. Shoulder block from Hernandez, Senshi is down.

Rhino is knocked off the apron, Senshi kicks the face off Hernandez. Clothesline from Rhino, two for Senshi. Senshi kicks at Hernandez before Hernandez throws Senshi across the ring. Make it double, Homicide is legal. Flying reverse elbow for two, Hernandez tags in. Belly to belly overhead suplex, tag to Homicide. Diving Elbow Drop from Homicide for two, tag to Hernandez. Clothesline and CrackerJack from Hernandez, border toss is blocked as Senshi brings down Hernandez with punches and a Warrior’s Way.

Tag to Rhino, clotheslines and powerslam for two. Corner Gore for Homicide, belly to belly suplex to Hernandez. Homicide brawls with Rhino until a spinebuster ends that flurry. Hernandez saves Homicide, Senshi low-bridges Hernandez and nails a springboard plancha to the floor. Gringo Cutter on Rhino, Konnan gives Homicide a Slapjack. Hector Guerrero stun-guns Homicide and Rhino nails The Gore!

Hot, hot, hot opening match. The crowd is on fire, never ever go back to The Impact Zone because these fans were amazing. Everyone in this match wasted no time, got down to business and the crowd popped on everything. I do not just mean the big moves, the dives, I am talking the body slams, the snap-mares and throws to the floor. It was chaotic, it was simple and I loved it. If they can maintain this energy throughout the night, this will be a great pay per view.

Winners: Rhino & Senshi over LAX via Gore!

(TNA X-Division Championship match) Chris Sabin © vs Jay Lethal

Lethal’s chance at the championship, could it be time to pull the trigger? Lethal and Dutt seemed to have settled their issues, Lethal starts this off hot with back drops and elbows. More right jabs Sabin pulls Lethal by the hair. Sabin cheap shots Lethal, whip to the ropes. Lethal holds on, elbow to Sabin. Headscissors using the ropes and a tope suicida finds the mark. Top rope diving axe handle for two, elbow from Lethal for two. Sabin is reeling, whip to the buckle. Sabin leapfrogs Lethal and spits in the challenger’s face, jaw-breaker from the champion for two.

Sabin chokes Lethal on the middle rope, Sabin steps on Lethal’s face. Garvin stomp and senton for two, butterfly lock from Sabin. Lethal fires up, Sabin knees Lethal in the gut. Lethal nails a clothesline and dropkick, whip to the ropes. Thesz Press is countered with an eye poke by the champion, Sabin slaps Lethal in the corner. Right jabs and palm strikes from Sabin, foot choke from Sabin. Corner elbow and slaps, Lethal comes back with arm-drags. Flying forearm from Lethal, middle rope moonsault from Lethal. Suplex for two, Sabin reverses a whip to the buckle. Yakuza Kick, Sabin places Lethal on the top rope. Lethal blocks the top rope hurricanrana, unique facebuster from Lethal for two.

Lethal dives off the top rope into three kicks, close two for Sabin. Cradle Shock is blocked, Dragon Suplex is blocked. La Magistral from Sabin for two, Lethal Injection is avoided. Cradle Shock is avoided, enzuigiri and superkick. Lethal Injection, Diving Elbow Drop and Lethal dethrones Sabin as champion.

Another solid match for this pay per view, I have been hard on Sabin and at times, I feel I have been justified. I thought that Sabin could have done more to get the fans hating on him more, more heat would have been terrific for this moment. The crowd was so behind Lethal and the new gimmick, they worked well together but the crowd carried this one I think. If it was The Impact Zone, I do not know if it would have been as special, big moment for Jay Lethal. The division has a new ace, let’s see where we go from here.

Winner: Jay Lethal over Chris Sabin via Diving Elbow Drop!

James Storm & Ron The Truth Killings W/ Jackie Moore vs Jerry Lynn & Frank Wycheck W/ Kyle Vanden Bosch

The Truth is here after an extended absence, Truth nails Lynn with ease and a beautiful corkscrew kick floors Lynn. Whip from Lynn, flying reverse elbow. Truth takes down Lynn, tag to Storm. Arm-wringer, Lynn tags Wycheck. Side headlock from Storm, big shoulder block. Storm has a helmet and mocks Wycheck fumbling, side headlock from Storm. Elbows from Wycheck, Storm nails another shoulder block. Wycheck nails two shoulder blocks and a dropkick, Truth misses a heel kick as both are on the floor. Wycheck throws Lynn onto Storm & Truth.

Atomic drop to Storm, Storm eats a dropkick from Lynn. Wycheck chases Truth, Storm nails a clothesline. Storm chokes Wycheck with the bottom rope, dropkick to the face. Storm has a chair, the referee takes the chair. Lynn nails a head-scissors, Lynn is on the apron. Truth sweeps the legs of Lynn, Eye of The Storm. Storm pours beer on Lynn, Storm spits on Kyle. Truth just slaps Lynn, Lynn and Truth collide with crossbodies in the middle of the ring. Here comes Wycheck, scoop slams all around. Dropkicks, noggin knocker. Back rake and eye poke, clothesline to Truth. Storm Superkicks Wycheck, Kyle pulls out Storm and throws down Jackie Moore. Truth has Wycheck, Storm has a bottle. Lynn saves Wycheck, Truth is down and Wycheck Piledrives Storm into oblivion for the win.

What a match, this match was far better than it ever deserved to be! What a piledriver, Wycheck takes a tonne of bumps in this match and was willing to do everything inside of that ring, massive respect right there. I do feel bad for James Storm to be involved with an angle like this off such a great feud, Storm is showing her versatility though and it should not go unnoticed as Storm is growing on me so fast.

Winners: Jerry Lynn & Paul Wycheck over James Storm & Ron Killings via Piledriver!

Bob Backlund vs Alex Shelley

Backlund wants a handshake, we have a handshake. Shelley wipes off the handshake, Backlund trips up Shelley before Shelley powders to the floor. Shelley and Backlund trade chops, eye rake and arm-bar from Shelley. Backlund tries to roll out, Shelley maintains control. Backlund lifts up Shelley to the buckle, slap from Backlund. Double underhook from Backlund, suplex connects. Atomic drop from Backlund, Chris Sabin is here at ringside. Shelley is with the referee, Shelley is dropped onto Sabin’s crotch. O Connor roll into a prawn hold from Backlund and we have a winner. Short, to the point.

Winner: Bob Backlund over Alex Shelley via Rolling Prawn Hold!

Damaja & Basham W/ Christy Hemme vs VKM

Damn this feud, BG wants revenge after being taken out at the last pay per view. VKM come down and back drop Damaja into Basham. Kip chases Hemme, VKM pummel Damaja & Basham some more. Bell rings, Basham whips BG. Hemme grabs the leg, leg lariat from Basham. Tag to Damaja, stomps to BG. Quick tags, left jabs from Damaja. BG fights back before an eye rake stops that, tag to Basham. Drop toehold and knee drop, Basham pisses off Kip. Tag to Damaja, Russian legsweep from Damaja. Tag to Basham, Basham misses a diving headbutt.

Kip gets the hot-tag, scoop slams all around. Tilt-a-whirl slam on Damaja, Basham breaks up the pin. BG is with the referee, Basham and Damaja want the double suplex but BG spears Basham down. Small package from Kip who wins this match for his team, Damaja is thrown to the floor as Lance Hoyt carries Hemme for VKM. Hoyt kicks off Kip’s head, Hoyt is with Christy Hemme all along.

Seems like the booking team is on fire on this night, the two worst matches of the night were over mercifully quick. No fucking around and we get a heel turn, I am not a big fan of a continuation of this feud but this was a quick match and that I can accept.

Winners: VKM over Basham & Damaja via Small Package!

Robert Roode W/ Ms. Brooks vs Eric Young (Freedom Match)

This has been ongoing for months, not even Young’s special friend could save Young from Roode. Roode has berated Young for months, we finally get to see Young beat up Roode. Young chokes Roode hard in the corner, Roode shoves down Young. Stomps, whip to the ropes. Young holds onto the ropes, Young elevates Roode to the floor. Diving Crossbody to the floor from Young, two for Young. Roode and Young are on the floor again somehow, camera missed it. Roode bashes Young off the guard-rail, two for Roode in the ring. Roode chokes Young with the middle rope, Ms. Brooks slaps Young with the contract. Two for Roode again, Young is on his knees and begins throwing big right hands.

Roode cuts off Young with a big elbow to the face. Choke from Roode, snap-mare and neckbreaker from Roode. Whip to the buckle, Young elbows and boots Roode away. Roode ducks a clothesline and scores with a neckbreaker for two. Chin-lock from Roode, Young lifts Roode onto his shoulders and nails an electric chair drop. Right hands from Young, whip to the ropes. Back body-drop, elbow to the face and massive clothesline for two. Roode whips Young to the buckle, Flair flip from Young. Young exposes Ms. Brooks’ ass to everyone before wiping out Roode.

Young climbs to the top rope, Roode is shoved off. Diving Elbow Drop but Roode kicks out at two, jaw-breaker from Roode. Short-arm clothesline from Roode, Roode climbs to the middle rope. Knee drop with the no knee-pad is blocked, Young boots Roode in the throat. Young has Roode on the top rope, Young has Ms. Brooks and Roode on his shoulders, massive death valley driver for two. Referee is with Ms. Brooks, Roode rolls to the floor and waffles Young with the chair for the win.

Eric Young loses? You are kidding me, that is the blow-off? Jim Cornette interrupts Roode’s celebration and says it is not going down that way. The match is not over, the match is restarted. Roode pummels Young with right hands, Gail Kim wipes out Ms. Brooks. Roode is distracted by the fighting, Roode slowly goes to pick up Young. Young is not moving, Roode falls into a small package as Young was playing possum, Eric Young is free!

Well, we waited and waited and there is it, Eric Young is free and they cut away seven seconds after that moment. Seven seconds after Eric Young wins his freedom, they cut away. Man, I hate this company sometimes. How can I lose myself in the moment and soak in what happened? The match was fine, I did not get soaked into the drama of the moment, I thought they could have done more on commentary to sell me on the idea that Eric Young could be fired. Felt like a joke that they were in on and Eric Young was always going to survive.

Winner: Eric Young over Robert Roode via Small Package!

(TNA World Tag Team Championship Match) Team 3D © vs Rick Steiner & Animal

So, Team 3D have turned heel. Suppose it is the best direction considering the tag team division is on life support at this point. Supposed to be Steiners vs Team 3D but Scott suffered a serious injury. This is an acceptable substitution with Animal, Steiner and Devon begin the match. Steiner has Devon in the corner, clean break from Steiner. Eye rake and right hands from Steiner, whip off the ropes. Devon ducks the clothesline and nails a flying reverse elbow, scoop slam and elbow drop for two. Tag to Ray, double clothesline for two.

Steiner knees Ray, tag to Animal. Side headlock from Animal, shoulder block from Animal. Ray nails his own shoulder block, piledriver from Ray. Animal no sells that weak ass shit, clothesline from both men. Front chancery from Ray, Ray drags Animal to his corner. Devon tries an Irish whip but lowers his head, boot from Animal. Tag to Steiner, Ray stun-guns Steiner off an Irish whip. Devon assumes control, right hands to Devon. Knee across the throat, tag to Ray. Neck-breaker for two, tag to Devon. Scoop slam from Devon, Devon misses a middle rope headbutt. Tag to Animal, boot to Devon. Powerslam to Ray, back drop for Team 3D.

Team 3D eat a double clothesline from Animal, double clotheslines from the challengers. Team 3D nail an elevated neckbreaker on Animal, Steiner nails a double clothesline on Team 3D. Steiner tries an Irish whip but Devon reverses, 3D from Team 3D for the win.

Seems the card has cooled off tremendously now, big pop for the surprise of Animal. Nice to see the legends run through their signature moves but I do not know how good the match could have been had we saw Steiners vs Team 3D. Perhaps this was the best they could do but if that is so, I would rather skip out on tag team matches in TNA for the next while. Nothing too bad about the match but it felt like it was just there, not a match fitting of a five year anniversary show.

Winners: Team 3D over Rick Steiner & Animal via 3D!

Sting vs Christopher Daniels

Sting repels from the rafters, Daniels is rattled before the bell rings. Daniels and Sting had a bizarre friendship with Sting trying to guide The Fallen Angel but Daniels could not interpret Sting’s instructions and attacked Sting. Daniels knees Sting to begin, Sting avoids Daniels’ attacks and nails elbows and a dropkick. Scorpion Death Lock is blocked as Daniels scrambles to the ropes, powdering to recover. Sting nails an apron clothesline, Daniels recovers to send Sting into the guard-rail. Daniels assumes control in the ring, two for Daniels. Gut-buster, running knee in the corner. Sting fires back with rights before Daniels answers with lefts and rights of his own. Snap-mare and elbow, Daniels steps on Sting.

To the buckle, shoulder thrusts from Daniels. Sting fights back once more, shots to the neck. Irish whip, Daniels rakes the eyes to stop a hip-toss. Abdominal stretch from Daniels, referee makes Daniels break the hold. Scoop slam and split-legged moonsault for a close two. Stinger Splash from Daniels, Sting shakes it off. Punches have no effect, right hands by Sting. Inverted atomic drop and clotheslines, massive bulldog. Two for Sting, Daniels avoids a stinger splash. Angel’s Wings, Sting blocks it. Back drop, Daniels blocks stinger splash again. Last Rites but Sting counters for Scorpion Death Drop for the win.

So, after all the build to this feud we have a match that clocks in at less than 7 minutes? Was Sting ever in danger? Was Daniels ever a threat? I do not think so, cannot believe they put so much time and effort into a match like that, disappointing really. I am guessing Daniels is done in the main event picture, probably back down into the X-Division. What a waste of a match!

Winner: Sting over Christopher Daniels via Scorpion Death Drop!

(No DQ Match) Abyss vs Tomko

Abyss has been wiped out due to costing Team Christian the Lethal Lockdown Match. Abyss returns as a babyface and these two monsters will brawl. The action quickly spills out to the floor, Abyss sends Tomko to the guard-rail. Tomko meets the steel steps, Tomko reverses an Irish whip and sends Abyss into the guard-rail before nailing a big boot. Tomko measures Abyss for right hands to the head, Abyss blocks the big boot. Chokeslam is blocked so Abyss nails a big boot of his own. Corner splash, Abyss scores with a running hip attack in the corner.

 Abyss Chokeslams Tomko for two, Abyss rolls to the floor looking for toys. Abyss has his bag, tacks for Abyss. Abyss wants a chokeslam, Tomko shoves away Abyss and slams Abyss into the tacks. Which I have seen a million times, Tomko gets a two from the slam. Tomko runs into The Black Hole Slam, Tomko kicks out of the slam! Actual shocker there, Abyss has another bag. Abyss has glass, Tomko clotheslines Abyss and cuts Abyss’ head with a shard of glass.

Abyss is 0:2 for weapons he brought into the match, Tomko curb-stomps Abyss’ head into the glass. That is a nasty spot, Tomko has the barbed wire bat. This bat destroyed Abyss on Impact, Tomko waffles Abyss over and over. Abyss is running from Tomko, Tomko is in pursuit. They have this the wrong way round, Tomko is standing atop the scaffold but Tomko swings and misses the bat, Abyss pulls Tomko to the floor a huge drop and Abyss splashes Tomko exposing all the soft cardboard boxes that they fell through. A shame but still a cool spot, the camera guys shoot the fans to hide the cardboard boxes. They eventually emerge from the wreckage, Tomko uses the guard-rail for support.

Tomko rolls onto the ramp, Abyss is in slow pursuit. Both men look to be in rough shape, referee says take it home quick very audibly on camera which is nice. Back in the ring, Black Hole Slam on the glass in the middle of the ring and we have a winner Abyss!

Decent match from these two, I’d say the match did much better than it deserved. Some nice spots like the scaffold spot despite the boxes and the shards of glass which covered the ring. A little of the violence is lost on me for obvious reasons, Abyss has been thrown through that stuff a thousand times. The finish was abrupt but it was fitting in a way, they flew off the top of a scaffold so the match should have ended so soon after. Tomko’s selling was a bit weird as he sat up and screamed in pain for the finish and fell slowly back down for Abyss’ pin-fall. However, the match was solid in my eyes.

Winner: Abyss over Tomko via Black Hole Slam!

(TNA World Heavyweight Championship King Of The Mountain Match) Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe vs Christian Cage vs Chris Harris vs AJ Styles

Five men for a championship that I believe is vacated due to the controversial ending of Sacrifice where both Sting and Kurt Angle appeared to become champion. Qualifying matches were held with the fifth spot being vacant due to Jeff Jarrett leaving the company due to his wife’s death. The fifth spot is filled with Chris Harris who is coming off a tremendous match with James Storm at Sacrifice. The concept is a little complicated, you must pin or submit your opponent, they will be locked inside of a timeout cage. Once you have scored a fall/gained a submission, you have to hang the belt up to take it down.

Bell rings, they all start pummelling one another. A little awkward with 5 men in there, not an even number. Styles & Christian double team Harris, Christian wants to pin Styles and Styles was willing to do so but Angle makes the save. Uppercuts and belly to belly suplexes all around, Samoa Joe and Angle are on the floor. Harris eats a massive dropkick from Harris, Styles asks Christian to lay down which he does not. Styles tries a sunset flip for two, Harris nails Christian with a flying clothesline. Enzugiri by Styles to Harris, Joe slams Styles into the ring apron. Styles has his head rammed into the guard-rail. Joe and Christian in the ring, inverted atomic drop, massive boot. Chop, kick and knee drop by Joe. Harris throws Joe onto Angle on the floor, Harris measures Christian. Cata-tonic is blocked by Christian, Harris blocks the unprettier and nails a full-nelson slam.

Styles and Harris now, Styles does not nail a tornado DDT and Harris wipes out Styles with Catatonic! Christian is hit by Styles’ feet and Harris is now eligible to win this match. Christian and Harris brawl on the floor, Joe picks up a ladder and tosses on the two. Angle and Joe in the ring, whip to the corner by Joe. Running high knee, facewash from Joe. Angle blocks the final boot, German suplex from Angle. Three by Angle, Christian stomps Angle. Christian is taken down by Angle, Ankle Lock. Joe has a Coquina Clutch on Christian, Styles is out of the penalty box and Harris breaks up the submission.

Everyone is on the floor, Christian has set a ladder across the guard-rail. Christian is on the apron, Harris pummels Christian who falls crotch first on the ladder. Styles is in the ring, elbow for Harris and beautiful springboard DDT for two. Styles nails Joe with a Pele, springboard flying forearm. Angle eats a boot, Styles Clash is reversed by Angle for an Ankle Lock. Styles kicks off Angle, kip-up hurricanrana sends Angle to the floor. Harris is on the ropes, Harris back drops Styles to Christian on the ladder. Harris looks to climb to victory, Angle pulls down Harris. Angle Slam off the ladder and Angle puts Harris in the penalty box.

Joe smacks down Angle, the ladder is tossed to the floor. Powerslam by Joe on Angle, Christian wanders in and gets chopped to death. Uranage for Christian, Styles runs into a schwein from Joe. Muscle Buster for Styles, Angle breaks up the pin. Joe avoids The Angle Slam, referee is knocked out from a clothesline. Coquina Clutch on Angle, Angle taps but there is no referee, Christian rams a ladder into the head of Joe. Christian manages to steal the pin on Angle, Angle is now in the penalty box. Christian begins climbing the ladder, Joe is there to grab Christian’s leg. Both men are battling for the championship, super cutter from the top of the ladder.

Harris looks to win the match, Joe climbs up to stop Harris. Harris knocks Joe off with the championship to the face. Harris sees Christian coming up next, hip-toss off the ladder. Styles lands a springboard dropkick to send Harris crashing to the floor, Styles is on the penalty box. Joe chases Styles, they are both on the penalty box. Styles wants a superplex to the floor, Joe fights off Styles. Coquina Clutch, low blow from Styles. Harris is up there too, Styles knocks Harris down but Joe throws Styles from the penalty box through the announce table.

Christian and Harris are on the penalty box, Harris front suplexes Christian into the ring. Harris nails a diving clothesline onto Angle, Harris places the ladder around his neck and wipes out Angle & Christian. Harris looks to become champion for the first time, Christian pushes Harris off the ladder. Harris hits the turnbuckle hard, Christian decks Harris with the ladder. Christian is looking to climb the ladder, Angle grabs Christian by the ankle. Ankle Lock on the ladder, Christian kicks off Angle with his free foot. Christian cracks Angle with the belt, Harris is on the top turnbuckle and spears Christian off the ladder. Nobody to stop Angle hanging the championship and Angle is officially your champion.

That was frantic and fast-paced, no messing around in the main event. The addition of Harris was cool, Harris took some big bumps in the match and I presume taking out Christian means they will be feuding next so I am happy for that to happen. Styles takes a tremendous bump off the penalty box, Styles continues to be a show-stealer no matter how the company books The Phenomenal One. Was there much story-telling to this match? Not really, Styles and Christian working together went out the window about a minute into the match. We never got that much of Joe vs Angle but I am ok with it considering how much of it we had to begin Angle’s TNA run and now, Angle is your TNA World Heavyweight Champion who has broken away from The NWA. I am wondering what direction is next for TNA considering Angle has faced most if not all the top heels and babyfaces in the company over the last few months due to his tweener status. Guess we shall see next time!

Winner: Kurt Angle over Everyone Else via Hanging The Championship!

That was TNA’s Slammiversary 2007, a very good celebration for TNA’s fifth year in business. Obviously, one of the major appeals of this show was out of The Impact Zone, you are taking 3x times the usual attendance size for a pay per view. The fans in The Impact Zone were spoiled, these fans loved so much of the action and wrestlers on this night regardless of what happened in the ring and that makes such a difference! Rhino & Senshi vs LAX wasted no time in giving the crowd what you want, it was spot after spot after spot. You like Hernandez throwing people around? Check! You like Senshi kicking people? Check! You want to scream Gore as Rhino murders Homicide? Check! Everything they wanted, they give you no complaints there. Lethal vs Sabin felt like a let down in some way, it was a big moment and a happy one for sure to see Lethal come out of the depths of that division to find a gimmick and shine like a star on this night but I thought it could have been better when all was over.

Wycheck & Lynn vs Storm & Killings was great, it should not have been but damn, Wycheck bumped and did everything the fans wanted. The reaction to the superkick by Storm was tremendous and the fans loved that match, Wycheck even hit the piledriver for the win, pure madness. The next two matches were mercifully brief and that is awesome. I did not want to see Backlund vs Shelley, I hate the Hemme vs VKM feud. Just bad stuff, thank God that TNA knew the fans would piss all over these matches. Young vs Roode just did not get into the drama of it, felt a little hokey which is understandable considering Young’s portrayal on-screen but I mean the man’s freedom was on the line. I should be all in on the match but I never got sucked into the brevity of the situation, felt like just another match. Team 3D vs Rick Steiner & Animal was bleh, Team 3D were not able to cover up the weaknesses of the makeshift duo, I will put it down to last minute planning too but yeah, nothing good about that match.

Sting vs Daniels: Why bother? Six minutes for a feud that had months of build with Daniels using Sting as a moral compass. Daniels was wiped out like noting, beaten clean. Feud over, ball burst. Abyss vs Tomko was quite good for two workers who I thought would let me down, big bump from Tomko and a nice satisfying piece of revenge for Abyss. King Of The Mountain Match was like the opening match, giving you everything you want from a ladder match. Ladder shots, finishing moves and people flying all over the ring. Overall, one of the better TNA pay per views that I have reviewed during all my reviews. When it is good and the crowd is into it, it’s really good! They quickly end matches that they know the fans will hate and they do wrap up a lot of angles with babyfaces standing tall (Young being free/Lethal winning the championship) so a very good pay per view from Team TNA. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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  1. Just like the Heartbreakers at Destination X, nobody believed the Basham Brothers were gonna defeat the VKM.