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TNA Lockdown 2007 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that creates more controversy than Tessa Blanchard! TNA Lockdown 2007 where every match is inside of the Lethal Lockdown cage. Nice opening package that sets up how big this show is going to be but does not tell me about any matches on the card. The cage is a fitting match to settle a feud but a cage match for every match on the card? Will it stifle creativity? Will it hinder performers? Will it add drama and excitement? Let’s find out!

(X-Division Championship Match) Chris Sabin © vs Black Machismo Jay Lethal vs Alex Shelley vs Sonjay Dutt vs Shark Boy

The first pay per view appearance for Lethal’s Black Machismo gimmick. Well, my criticism was that many of these guys were bland, they have a personality now. Sabin and Dutt start, Dutt shoves down Sabin. Arm-wringer, Sabin flips out and pokes Dutt in the eye. Ducks and leapfrogs before Dutt nails a flying headscissors, deep arm-drags and an arm-bar from Dutt. Sabin backs Dutt to the corner, whip to the buckle but Dutt dodges. Rolling Yoshi tonic by Dutt for two, massive roll-up tornado DDT by Dutt for two. Whip to the buckle, Sabin places Dutt on the top rope. Massive slap by Sabin, Shark Boy tags in and we have a Tower of Doom spot as Shark Boy nails a massive powerbomb.

Knees to the face from Shark Boy, Sabin tags in Shelley. Shelley kicks away Shark Boy, neck-breaker from Shark Boy for two. Shark Boy chops away at Shelley, Shelley reverses an Irish whip and sends Shark Boy to the buckle. Shark Boy boots off Shelley, Diving hurricanrana and a missile dropkick for a close two. Shelley begs for mercy, Sabin comes to the rescue of Shelley. Shark Boy out-smarts the duo, Shelley and Sabin are sent flying into one another. Shark Boy takes it to both, back-breaker on Shelley. Shark Boy looks for his finish but Shelley counters with a falling reverse DDT, Sabin and Shelley nail Shark Boy with a Tidal Wave, Shark Boy has been eliminated.

Lethal comes off with a diving double axe handle Savage style, massive pop for Lethal. Shelley rakes the eyes, Lethal nails a reverse elbow. Hip-toss into a low dropkick for two. Whip reversed by Shelley, Shelley misses a corner clothesline. Sabin grabs the leg of Lethal who is on the top rope, top rope jaw-breaker from Shelley. Sabin uses Lethal to dropkick Dutt, it is almost a tag match at this point. Shelley tags Sabin, Sabin chokes and stomps Lethal. Tag to Shelley, multiple leg drops as we have some early Motor City Machine Guns offense.

Sabin nails Shelley by mistake and in comes Dutt, Dutt nails a double missile dropkick but Sabin and Shelley nail a double hip-toss and elbow drop combination. Shelley has Dutt, Dutt fires back against both Shelley and Sabin. Lethal comes and hip-tosses Dutt to get the tag he needs, right hands from Lethal. Sabin whips Lethal to the buckle, headscissors by Lethal. Shelley and Sabin use their double team skills to nail neck-breakers and dropkicks to Lethal’s face. Lethal tags Dutt, dropkick to Sabin. Sabin and Shelley eat a springboard clothesline. Headscissors on Sabin, kneeling enzugiri and springboard moonsault on Shelley for two.

Shelley has Dutt’s leg, Sabin nails a kick to the ribs. Code-breaker from Shelley, cross-face from Shelley. Sabin has an abdominal stretch on Lethal, Dutt reverses for a camel clutch, Lethal reverses the abdominal stretch. Sabin escapes and breaks up Shelley’s submission, Sabin and Shelley batter Lethal with superkicks and enzuigiris. Dutt takes out Shelley with an Asai DDT before Sabin nails The Cradle Shock on Dutt for the elimination.

Lethal is isolated, double clothesline by Lethal. Sabin is whipped into Shelley, Lethal Combination on Shelley and Sabin. Diving Elbow Drop by Lethal and Shelley has been eliminated, we are down to Lethal and Sabin. The rules change, the winner will be the man to escape the cage.

Lethal nails an enzuigiri and a superkick on Sabin, Lethal and Sabin are close to escaping the cage. They are so close to reaching the bottom, Sabin kicks Lethal’s leg into the cage and Sabin jumps down to the ground in very anti-climatic fashion.

Your typical X-Division match, fast and furious with lots of cool and creative spots. Big night for Shelley and Sabin, some real great chemistry shown together it would be only a matter of time before they would form one of the best teams in TNA’s history. Poor ending to the match though, both racing for the chance to become champion, the cage is that small that both men could have jumped from the top of the cage to the floor. They were so close to the floor, I just did not get the struggle between the two. Also, Sabin and Lethal fought for like thirty seconds, the gigantic tussle between the two never happened. So, while the action was fun, the match ending was flat.

Winner: Chris Sabin over Jay Lethal via Escape!

Petey Williams vs Robert Roode W/ Traci Brooks & Eric Young

Right hands and hurricanrana by Petey. Stomps in the corner, springboard lung-blower from Petey. Roode is in the tree of woe, Oh Canada spot from Petey. It’s been a while, Traci berates Young at ringside. Roode elevates Petey into the top turnbuckle by Roode. Roode goes to work, big stomps to the chest. Roode chokes Petey with the middle rope, Young looks miserable at ringside. Right hands and stomps by Roode, foot choke from Roode. Corner clothesline by Roode, whip to the buckle. Petey blocks with a boot twice before a massive lariat from Roode, Traci continues to insult Young at ringside.

Roode stomps on Petey over and over, scoop slam from Roode. Roode climbs to the middle rope, massive knee drop for two. Petey tries fighting back but Roode rakes the eyes, back suplex for two. Reverse chin-lock from Roode, Petey escapes with right hands. Crucifix into a sunset flip for two, Roode tries to slam Petey into the cage but Petey blocks it. Roode nails a massive urange slam for two, Traci tries to fit Roode a hockey stick but Young prevents Roode from cheating. Traci almost falls out of her dress multiple times as Petey nails a hurricanrana and some other attack, the camera misses the move.

Roode misses two right hands, Petey nails another move off camera for two. Roode has Petey on his shoulder, Petey slips out and misses a dropkick as Roode delivers a spinebuster for two. Roode wants the stick, Roode demands the stick from Young. Roll-up and tornado DDT from Petey for the close two count. Young gives the stick to Petey, Roode is begging for mercy. Roode tastes the stick twice, Roode is on his knees begging as the referee takes away with the stick. Petey looks for his Russian legsweep, Roode counters but gets caught in a roll-up, two for Petey. Canadian Destroyer is stopped with an Alabama Slam into the buckle, Pay-Off and Roode wins.

It was a decent match, both men have struggled to break out of the pact following Team Canada falling apart, Petey has come up short in two feuds against heavyweights now, not looking good for The Master of The Canadian Destroyer. Eric Young has been great in terms of fan reaction while Traci plays her role very well, I think Roode needs some actual heat though. Despite his heel antics, Roode is just not doing enough for me. Hopefully, things change as we move forward.

Winner: Robert Roode over Petey Williams via Pay-Off!

Jackie Moore vs Gail Kim

This is a big moment for TNA, a one on one women’s match on pay per view. I think maybe Trinity vs Traci had happened way back but this is a big deal for women on pay per view. The video package is very 2007, Jackie called Gail a slut which is what really started this rivalry despite their match at the previous pay per view. Gail and Jackie start on the ramp, brawling for a few seconds before Jackie throws Gail onto Tenay & West. Jackie pours water all over Gail, Gail fights back as Jackie hides behind So Cal Val. Chops and right hands before Gail has Jackie in the cage.

Jackie goes to work on Gail entering the cage, Gail nails a beautiful headscissors and dropkick on Jackie. Gail tries leaving through the door, Jackie prevents that happening. Gail steps on Jackie’s fingers, springboard arm-drag by Gail. Gail is suckered in by Jackie, stun-gun on the top rope. Release German suplex leaves Gail in a heap, Jackie wants to leave but Gail is persistent. Jackie is thrown to the mat, Jackie pulls Gail into the middle turnbuckle. Jackie chokes Gail with the top rope, massive snap-mare from Jackie. Jackie is trying to escape over the top, Gail drags down Jackie and begins climbing. Middle rope diving sunset flip from Gail for two, Jackie nails a clothesline.

Snap-mare and stiff kick to the spine, reverse chin-lock from Jackie. Gail wriggles free to ram both herself and Jackie into the middle turnbuckle. Right hands by Gail, forearms too. Whip and clothesline, make it two. Scoop slam by Gail, diving missile dropkick by Gail. Gail tries leaving through the door, Jackie grabs the hair of Gail. They are fighting by the door, Gail smashes Jackie in the face with the door. Gail could have won there and then but she closes the door, Gail dives off the top of the cage with a crossbody and wins the match.

Another decent match, I thought it started out the right way for a heated feud, Gail and Jackie brawl around the ringside area. However, Gail tried to leave through the door multiple times to win and when you compare that to her attitude and actions at the end of the match, you have a massive conflict. If Gail wanted to punish Jackie, why try leaving two minutes in? Good finish though, Gail wanted to take out Jackie and what a way to do it, one of the biggest spots of the night and she crushes Jackie, along with this feud possibly. Gail is emotional after the match and I am happy for her, knowing how hard she was pushing for this to happen.

Winner: Gail Kim over Jackie Moore via Diving Crossbody!

Austin Starr vs Senshi (Bob Backlund = Special Guest Referee)

Would this angle ever end? All people want from this feud is Backlund choking Starr. You have made me watch three months of this, two great athletes but this angle is not helping them. Why not just let Starr be Aries and drop people with brainbusters? Why not have Senshi kick lumps out of people? Why so much focus on Backlund?

Side headlock by Starr, clean break on the ropes. Starr cheap shots Senshi, forearm from Starr. Massive left knocks Senshi to a knee, massive chop by Senshi. Shoulder block from Senshi and a chop floors Starr. Scoop slam and Flashing Elbow for two, more chops from Senshi. Starr is rocked, knee by Starr. Starr misses a chop and eats machine gun style chops from Senshi. Backlund tries breaking up Senshi from Starr, Starr takes control with a boot. Massive back rake from Starr, back suplex for two. Starr chokes Senshi in the corner, Backlund is not happy.

Senshi fights from his knees, chops to Starr. Senshi runs into a gut-buster and STO combination. Pendulum elbow drop by Starr for two, Starr attempts a chicken-wing. Starr eats a spinning sole butt but stops the springboard with a powerbomb, two for Starr. Starr transitions into a half Boston crab but Senshi makes it to the ropes. Starr and Backlund continue to have words, Senshi chops away at Starr. Starr clubs back at Senshi, whip to the ropes. Senshi nails flying forearms, massive kick to the head. Springboard enzuigiri staggers Starr, Starr is back-dropped into the cage. Running kappu kick for two, Starr stops the kicks of Senshi with a shin-breaker. Brainbuster attempt, Senshi looks for an O Connor roll but Starr ducks and Senshi hits the buckle hard.

Corner dropkick by Starr, roll-up using the ropes for leverage for two. Backlund and Starr have words again, John Wu Dropkick by Senshi. Warrior’s Way is stopped as Starr pushes Backlund into Senshi. Starr drags Senshi down, 450 Splash by Starr for a close two. More words between Backlund and Starr, Senshi rolls up Starr the same way he did at another pay per view for the win.

What is the point of a special referee in a cage match? THIS IS THE PROBLEM WITH THIS PAY PER VIEW! A special referee enforcing rope breaks and stopping rule breaking in a cage match where there should be no rules. Another thing too: Why is nobody looking to escape the cage? Why is nobody involving the cage in their matches? What is the point of having all these matches in a cage when it hinders everything they do. Also, we do not pay off Starr vs Backlund, Backlund screws Starr again and it will continue, this match was ok but again, the rules are all over the place and neither men is getting a good reaction from the fans.

Winner: Senshi over Austin Starr via Roll-Up!

(Blindfold Match) Chris Harris vs James Storm

Harris cuts an awkward promo which sucks because this had the makings of a decent feud. Two tag partners turning on one another, Storm blinded Harris. Storm is taking massive leaps in terms of character and developing inside of that ring but could we get the same development from Harris when it matters? Question: How do you make a good feud stumble before it gets going? Answer: Give it a stipulation where both men comically stumble around in hoods. I have nothing against comedy matches but when one man tried to blind the other, you are asking me to be invested in a match where they stumble around like blind Frankenstein monsters.

Crowd is booing already, both men walk around the ring. Storm grabs the referee by mistake, the referee spins around Storm. They almost collide but they just miss one another, fans are rightly thinking why the fuck must we sit through this bullshit. Both men miss punches, we want wrestling chants from fans. Harris takes down Storm, Storm scurries away. Harris uses the fans to find Storm, flurry of punches and we have nothing again. Storm nails a knee, whip by Storm who swings as Harris holds onto the ropes. Harris knocks out Storm with a right hand, well basically does as Storm does not move for a bit. The hood is knocked off, Storm slams Harris. Storm misses an elbow drop, Storm eventually grabs Harris.

Storm’s hood flies off, Storm teases throwing it away. Storm nails a tornado reverse DDT for two. Storm goes for it again, Harris nails a cutter with both men down on the mat. Two for Harris, Storm thinks about escaping the cage. Harris waddles his way over, both men are on the top rope. Storm loses his hood, Harris spears Storm off the top rope to absolutely no reaction. I feel bad for these two as this stage, I am cringing on the inside. Harris loses his hood, nailing a full-nelson slam for two. Harris nails a sharpshooter on the referee by mistake, Storm takes off the hood and Superkicks Harris for the win.

Fucking brutal match, terrible idea and execution was piss-poor. Not one redeeming factor about this match, one of the worst things that has ever been committed to pay per view.

Winner: James Storm over Chris Harris via Superkick!

Jerry Lynn vs Christopher Daniels

With a new attitude, Daniels is back. Daniels attacked Lynn after his title match at the last pay per view, thought Lynn feuding with Sabin was one and done to elevate Sabin but now Lynn is facing Daniels. Lynn jumps Daniels as he enters the ring, Lynn wants revenge and I can respect that. Right hands to the head, Daniels knees Lynn and tries to send Lynn into the cage. Lynn reverses, both men trade counters before a tilt-a-whirl back-breaker from Lynn. Lou Thesz Press by Lynn, back drop by Lynn.

 Daniels is sent into the cage, Lynn dropkicks Daniels into the cage wall. Lynn looks to pick up Daniels, Daniels nails a jaw-breaker. Knee to the back which sends Lynn into the cage door, right hands by Daniels. Clothesline by Daniels, Daniels rakes the face of Lynn. Lynn breaks free, Daniels whips Lynn to the buckle. Lynn elbows away Daniels, victory-roll for two. Headscissors for two, Daniels comes back with a flying calf kick. Daniels sends Lynn into the cage door, Daniels chokes Lynn with a camera cord. Back suplex and BME for a close two, abdominal stretch from Daniels. Lynn escapes, Daniels places Lynn on the top rope. Daniels wants a Splash-Mountain Bomb but Lynn hangs on, Lynn slips through a hurricanrana attempt and delivers a sunset flip powerbomb.

Lynn nails big shoulder blocks, flying reverse elbow. Daniels is sent into the cage wall, Daniels tries escaping. Lynn shuts that down, right hands to the head of Daniels. Middle rope hurricanrana from Lynn for two, float-over DDT from Lynn for two. Whip to the ropes, Daniels holds onto the ropes. Daniel back drops Lynn into the cage, running STO for two. Lynn fights back from his knees, Daniels eats a boot. Cradle Piledriver is reversed for an uranage, BME misses for Daniels. TKO by Lynn for two, Lynn places Daniels on the top rope. Daniel slams Lynn into the cage three times before a massive flatliner for two.

Daniels grimaces in pain, picking Lynn up to his feet. Lynn nails a schwein for a close two count, Daniels has backed himself into the corner. Lynn eats a boot as Daniels tries escaping the cage, Lynn is up on the top rope with Daniels. Daniels wants a top rope angel’s wings, Lynn blocks and nails shoulder thrusts. Top rope piledriver is Lynn’s idea, Daniels crotches Lynn on the top rope. Last Rites for the win.

Yeah, I thought the action was good but went a little long for my tastes, if Daniels is about to be a force to be reckoned with, why take that long to put away Jerry Lynn? Crazy to think that there was no mention about 43 year old Jerry Lynn in this match right? They could not stop saying it before but it has been quietly dropped, thank goodness for that. Back to this match, it was alright but I thought it lacked heat, I think the every match is a cage match concept is wearing and grinding down the audience and myself.

Winner: Christopher Daniels over Jerry Lynn via Last Rites!

(TNA/NWA Tag Team Championship Electrified Steel Cage Match) LAX © vs Team 3D

Oh boy, if I thought the card was bad before. I do not know if I will be able to sit through this, LAX have dominated Team 3D in this feud. Every non-title match on pay per view has led to LAX making Team 3D look like chumps. Team 3D have been pushed to their limit, their legacy is on the line they say. They have to win the championship this time or that’s it for Team 3D. In a nice promo, Team 3D have all the championships they have won over the years talking about how much it would mean to win the NWA tag team titles and become 20-time tag team champions.

Now, let me explain: There have been electrified steel cage matches, most people think of FMW where the likes of Hayabusa and Onita would be rammed into that cage and you would see the sparks, no jokes and no messing around. We do not have that here, we have darkened arena lights that flash when the cage is touched. You can see how this is not a good illusion in the slightest and the crowd will react appropriately.

Team 3D dominate the early going, Brother Ray squishes both Hernandez and Homicide in the corner. Inverted atomic drop and boot combination on Homicide by Team 3D, 10,000 volts they say on commentary. Because of the electricity, I assume this will be tornado tag rules. Ray slams Homicide down, no headbutt as Hernandez tosses Devon off the top rope. Homicide is messing Ray’s fingers, Hernandez boots Devon hard. Ray bites Homicide to avoid the electricity, Homicide maintains control. Hernandez has a chain, I think Devon has been opened up by the champions.

Ray has the chain, why did Hernandez put the chain down? Hernandez and Devon are bleeding, Homicide boots down Ray. Devon eats a face-buster from Hernandez, Ray is down after a scoop slam. Hernandez and Homicide are on the top rope, both men are crotched. Team 3D nail superplexes on the champions, Devon clotheslines Homicide while Ray takes down Hernandez. Powerslam by Devon on Homicide for two, Konnan is here with a member of The Latino Nation. Hector Guerrero decks The Latino Nation member, Guerrero and Konnan have words.

Konnan backs away from Hector, Ray wants a table from Hector. We have tables, Hernandez has words with Hector. Hector slams the door on Hernandez for two, elevated neck-breaker from Team 3D for two. Ray nails a Bubba Bomb on Homicide for two, Hernandez slams Ray for a close two. Scoop slam on Devon by Hernandez, Diving Elbow Drop from Homicide for two. Homicide nails Hernandez by mistake with a dropkick, falling forward powerbomb by Ray for two. Hernandez clotheslines Ray, Hernandez Border Tosses Devon into the electrified steel cage which was just the lights flickering.

Ray knocks down Hernandez, middle rope elbow drop by Ray for two. Homicide and Ray do battle, Ray has Homicide on his shoulders. Doomsday Device for two, Hernandez spinebusters both members of Team 3D. Hernandez sets up the table, Devon is placed on the table. Hernandez has gloves, Hernandez uses gloves to avoid the current. Hernandez is on the top of the cage but Devon avoids the splash. Homicide is on the top rope, diving hurricanrana on Ray. Devon flapjacks  Homicide into the cage wall, botched 3D so we do it again and we have a 3D for the win.

You can see why the avoided using the cage, everyone involved knew it was bullshit. As well as that, Team 3D won this hugely important match, one of the biggest moments of their career and the cameras cut away about fifteen seconds after they win their tag team titles for the twentieth time. Nice one TNA, this was like the other matches the two teams had. The action was all over the place because of the gimmick, the gimmick was piss-poor. This and the blindfold match could ruin any pay per view but on the same card, that is a nightmare. Fire Russo chants, bullshit chants and they are all deserved. How they could not see this concept would bomb is beyond me, you do not need hindsight or 20/20 vision, it was brutal and I fucking hated this stupid match.

Winners: Team 3D over LAX via 3D!

(Lethal Lockdown Match) Team Christian (Christian/AJ Styles/Tomko/Scott Steiner/Abyss) vs Team Angle (Kurt Angle/Samoa Joe/Rhino/Sting/Jeff Jarrett)

Wargames style match, you have two teams with one team having the numbers advantage throughout the match until all men have entered. The surprise factor is one Jeff Jarrett, premier dickhead of TNA before losing his championship to Sting at Bound For Glory. Has Jarrett turned a leaf? Lucky TNA, I was worried what they would do with Angle and Joe moving forward with Christian beating both, we have this lockdown match to distract from the fact that TNA may have messed up their main event scene.

Angle and Styles begin, Angle arm-drags and headlocks Styles. Shoulder block sends Styles down, European uppercuts and stomps by Angle. Back-breaker by Angle, whip to the ropes. Styles flips over Angle, right hand staggers Angle. Angle picks up Styles, tossing him over his shoulder. Scoop slam by Angle, European Uppercuts by Angle. Whip to the buckle, Angle misses a corner spear and smashes his head hard. Styles goes to work, big right hands and chokes to Angle. Snap-mare into a reverse chin-lock, Angle breaks free before eating a knee to the gut.

Styles wastes too much time talking trash and Angle slams down Styles. We have our first entrant for Team Cage, it’s Abyss. Abyss was on the verge of turning babyface but James Mitchell is back with his mother/somebody who cared for the monster. Angle eats Shock Treatment immediately, Abyss batters Angle. Styles whips Angle to the buckle, choke from The Phenomenal One. Here comes Rhino for Team Angle, those two minutes flew by. Rhino wants Styles mostly, Rhino goes after Abyss though. Corner Gore for both, belly to belly suplex on Abyss. Abyss is in Rhino’s sights, Abyss wants a chokeslam but Rhino nails a flying clothesline.

Styles kicks away Rhino, Rhino fights back with an elbow. Catapult into the cage wall, Angle has Abyss down. Styles is bleeding following the cage shot, we have Tomko coming in for Team Cage. Boot to Rhino, Angle eats a clothesline. Tomko looks great, Rhino is squished against the cage. Running powerslam from Angle, Rhino is bleeding too. Team Cage are in firm control as Abyss chokes Angle and Tomko levels Rhino with a boot. Team Angle have another member coming, it is Samoa Joe. Joe kicks everything in sight, headbutts all around. Abyss eats an inverted atomic drop and single leg dropkick. Senton too, Tomko eats an elbow and a boot.

Diving knee attack from Joe, Styles nails a dropkick on Joe. Joe nails a uranage slam, Joe wants Muscle Buster. Wham in the middle of the ring, Tomko is german suplexed by Angle. Five German suplexes by Angle, here comes Scott Steiner for Team Cage, Steiner clotheslines everything in sight. Belly to belly suplex on Angle, one for Joe too. Frankensteiner from Steiner, belly to belly suplex on Angle. Joe tees off on Abyss but Team Cage are still in control but here comes Sting, we have 4:4!

Sting nails everyone in his way, Scorpion Death Drop on Abyss. Stinger Splashes on Steiner, Tomko, Styles and Abyss.  Of course, we have a tower of doom spot for no real reason. Scorpion Death Lock on Steiner by Sting, Tomko saves his partner. Team Cage’s final member Christian Cage is here. Christian attacks all members of Team Angle, Sting shakes off Christian’s attacks. Stinger Splash on Christian, make it two. Everyone is brawling and pairing off, thought the heels would be dominating but it is the opposite which is bizarre. Final Team Angle member is here, Jeff Jarrett comes right in and starts dropkicking everyone in sight.

All 10 men are in the ring, here comes the roof. You can win by pin-fall or submission now, the winner of this match will be able to challenge Christian for his championship. A lot of pairing off and reaching for weapons hanging from the roof, Christian gives the bat to Sting. Jarrett is handing weapons to his team, Team Cage are cracked with multiple weapons. Angle German suplexes Styles before Styles low blows Angle, Styles is climbing to escape the cage. Styles is out on the roof away from everyone, Angle is in pursuit. Mitchell hands Abyss tacks (WHAT A SHOCKER, NEVER SAW THAT COMING)

Harley Race is at ringside and decks Mitchell, hooray? Rhino Gores Tomko through the cage door, Angle and Styles are on top of the cage. Styles cracks Angle with a chair shot, Steiner is brawling with Rhino on the floor. Joe nails a suicide dive onto Tomko. Abyss pours out the tacks, Jarrett is caught by the throat as is Sting. They double low blow Abyss, Jarrett and Sting chokeslam Christian into the tacks. Black Hole Slam by Abyss on Double J, Styles and Angle continue to trade punches. Angle punches Styles off the cage onto Tomko, Joe, Rhino and Steiner. Abyss puts thumbtacks in the guitar, Sting punches Abyss. Jarrett cracks Abyss with the thumbtack guitar, Jarrett says Sting pin Abyss. Sting is confused but Sting pins Abyss.

That was a fun match at the end of the day, I thought they could have done a lot more with Jarrett’s big return, Jarrett did play into the finish for sure but I thought Jarrett could have run wild for a bit. I felt the match wasted no time and once the first man came in, it was balls to the wall. Constant action and things going on, couple of big spots mixed in with the action made it very enjoyable. Again, Abyss eats the pin-fall after being a big gobshite and trying to overcomplicate things, for a monster Abyss sure does get beaten an awful lot. So, it was a fitting main event for the show because it was a wreck at times but unlike the rest of the card, this was a wreck that I knew was coming my way and I enjoyed the ride.

Winners: Team Angle over Team Cage via Guitar Shot!

That was TNA’s Lockdown 2007, another terrible show in the books for TNA. No pay per view should ever be comprised of only one match type because pretty quickly, people are going to grow bored. You have this dodgy looking cage which has big holes between each panel for people to see that is flimsy and not factored into half of the matches on the card. The cage surfed no purpose in most of this show, a non-factor in at least three matches so it begs the question: Why the fuck is everything in the cage? Anyways, let’s try and break down my thoughts.

The elimination match is your typical X Division opening match, plenty of good spots and a lot of action. The wrestlers are held back through the lack of selling and that their characters do not develop over the course of these matches but rather pop the fans as many times as possible. The lack of development and regular angles is fine for the likes of Shark Boy but Sabin heads a rotating cast of characters that feel like there are going nowhere fast. However, they are two bright spots in this match: Jay Lethal as Randy Savage is working and Shelley & Sabin have the makings of a good tag team. Roode vs Williams could have been heated considering they are former stablemates and Roode believes that Petey is the special friend who made Eric Young waste so much of Roode’s time. You do not get that though, you get a match where Ms. Brooks vs Eric Young is far more interesting. They do not use the cage and Petey gets beaten by the bigger guy again, the pattern is there and Petey should be going back to the X Division where he can drop people with his finish.

Gail and Jackie go for the heated feud, they started the way I imagined Harris vs Storm should have went, no time wasted they are both out for blood. Few odd decisions from a psychology standpoint but ultimately, they put on a decent showing and Gail shows she wants the win bad with a great dive off the top of the cage. Senshi vs Starr is an awful feud, the matches have been fine and for whatever reason, they refuse to just have Backlund choke Starr out which has been teased for 3 months now. No interest in the feud now, you have killed it in my eyes TNA. Storm vs Harris was a disaster, crowd hated it. Took away all the heat of the feud and was probably the dumbest way you could have booked that feud but that is TNA for you. Daniels and Lynn went too long for me, Daniels should have been established as a force to be reckoned with and we did not go there. They had a long drawn out match that the crowd did not get behind enough, Lynn’s comeback seem to be falling flat in TNA and it just dragged for me personally by the end.

The electrified cage match was more brawling with bad lighting and a terrible gimmick, nobody in the right state of mind would believe they were being electrocuted, it was such a cheap attempt at fooling the fans. Fans shit on it and rightly so, they paid money to see Team 3D finally win the championships and that is what they got? Terrible stuff from TNA! The main event tries to make up for all the shit you sat through, it is a fun main event do not get me wrong but it cannot save this show. If you want to see something from this pay per view, watch the main event and avoid everything else. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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