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TNA Victory Road 2007 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is more over than Drew McIntyre! So, it’s TNA Victory Road 2007! Kurt Angle is delusional and a TNA World Heavyweight Champion & IWGP Heavyweight Champion. Samoa Joe teams with Kurt Angle against The Dudley Boys for all the gold, what an odd concept but I did state my concerns about where Team 3D would go next after an awful match with Rick Steiner and Animal. We have an Ultimate X match which is always a fun way to kick us off, let’s get it on!

(Ultimate X Number One Contender’s Match) Christopher Daniels vs Black Machismo Jay Lethal vs Puma vs Homicide vs Sonday Dutt vs Petey Williams vs Shark Boy vs Eliz Skipper vs Kaz vs Senshi

Welcome back to nothingness Daniels and wait a minute, Lethal won the championship at Slammiversary what is this bullshit? Daniels jumps Lethal, right hands and a back drop, this is a gauntlet match and it is a battle royal too. This is ridiculous, Lethal batters Daniels with elbows before Daniels regains control. Number 3 is Puma, I remember they talked about Puma one time about how talented he was, I think that was a year ago. Puma comes and dropkicks Lethal, Lethal blocks the suplex but Puma nails a roundhouse kick. Lethal almost tosses out Puma but Puma hangs on for a spinning heel kick. Number four is Homicide, back-drop and dropkick for Lethal.

Gringo Cutter for Lethal, Puma and Homicide batter Lethal. Things are coming quick and fast, Dutt and Petey enter the match. Petey teases the Canadian destroyer three times before spiking Puma with it. That is all we ever wanted, Puma is tossed out by Petey but Homicide throws out Petey. In comes Shark Boy, missile dropkick and facebusters/neck-breakers for everyone. Shark Boy bites Daniels’ ass. We have a few elimination attempts before here comes Eliz Skipper who has not appeared in forever. Skipper botches immediately, that’s my boy but Skipper back-drops Shark Boy to the floor. Skipper eliminates Dutt too, I am shocked to be honest.

Here comes Kaz, no more serotonin. Dropkicks for everyone, legsweep for Daniels. Springboard leg drop, Kaz awaits the final entrant. It is Senshi, now you can try to climb to win. Senshi is after Kaz who is climbing the structure, Senshi kicks Kaz over and over. Senshi applies a dragon sleeper on the structure, Senshi is climbing towards the X. Skipper is in pursuit, Homicide drags down Senshi. Lethal drags down Skipper, Kappu Kick from Senshi to Homicide. Daniels is attempting to win, Kaz grabs the leg of Daniels. Down comes Daniels, Kaz is climbing the structure. 4 men climb towards the X, Skipper and Homicide are the only two on the ground. Skipper and Homicide bring down the 4 men.

Everyone takes turns nailing their spots, kicks left right and centre before Daniels is standing tall after an STO on Lethal. Daniels is on his way to the X, Lethal is right behind Daniels. Knees to the back, Lethal falls to the mat. Daniels is left dangling by his feet, Kaz nails a jumping cutter which is pure beauty. Senshi misses a cartwheel kick on Homicide, everyone goes to the buckle. Tower of Doom spot, obligatory in this type of match at this stage. Kaz and Skipper are on top of the structure, Skipper and Kaz look at one another and trade blows. Both men are dangling beside the X, both men fall anti-climatically to the floor. Daniels and Lethal are on their feet, Lethal Combination on Daniels.

Skipper nails Sudden Death on Lethal, Kaz nails Skipper with The Wave of The Future. Flux Capacitor on Homicide from Kaz, Kaz coming off as a huge star in this match. Daniels tosses Kaz into the structure, Lethal throws Daniels off the buckle. Lethal edges towards the X, Daniels is on his way. Skipper and Senshi take out Lethal with a springboard enzuigiri, Daniels has all the time in the world to unhook the X. Triple X are back!

Yeah, so I shut my mind off for this match and really enjoyed it! Lots of big spots and ridiculous bumps, Kaz looked like a big star in this match. Three big spots for Kaz, hopefully Kaz will be chasing the championship going forward. Daniels winning feels like a step back for obvious reasons, the man was primed for a feud with Sting and was utterly decimated in 6 minutes so Daniels back down here with an old faction reuniting, does nothing for me to be honest. A fun match to open the show, fans are all warmed up!

Winner: Christopher Daniels via Retrieval of The X!

Damaja & Basham W/ Lance Hoyt & Christy Hemme vs VKM W/ Roxxi

And now the life will be sucked out of the building, this feud will not die. I almost admire their stubbornness to keep going with this trash. Lance Hoyt was a VKM boy but turned on VKM to align with Christy. Hemme is continuing to use Basham & Damaja despite their previous losses to VKM. Roxxi The Voodoo Queen is here. Their answer to Christy Hemme, Damaja and BG to start the match. Side headlock by BG, Damaja counters with a boot to the face. Right hands and forearms by Damaja, BG ducks a right hand. Jabs by BG and running splash to the back, shot to Basham. Boot for Damaja and BG clocks Hoyt with a right hand.

Kip and Basham tag into the match, Basham smashes Kip in the lower back before Kip sends Basham into the buckle. Reverse off an Irish whip, inverted atomic drop by Basham but Kip answers with a dropkick. Basham misses a dropkick, hip-toss by Kip. Side headlock by Kip, Hoyt grabs Kip’s leg off an Irish whip. Kip goes after Hoyt, Hemme slaps Kip. Roxxi is in the ring, the referee holds back Roxxi. Basham throws BG to the floor, BG is now the legal man somehow as Hoyt sends BG into the guard-rail. Basham knee drops BG and a tag to Damaja. Damaja chokes the life out of BG with a boot in the corner, back to the corner. Tag to Basham, massive knee drop to the back of the head.

Basham misses a diving headbutt, drop toehold into the buckle for Basham. Damaja misses a boot and Kip gets the hot-tag. Right hands, elbow to the face. Basham is sent to the floor, jack-hammer on Damaja for two. Splash in the corner, Basham catches Kip with a leg lariat. Two for Damaja, BG and Basham are trading blows on the floor. Hoyt is in the ring, Hoyt boots the chair into the face of Kip. Damaja crawls for the cover and Kip kicks out at two, Hoyt is on the apron. BG clocks Damaja with the chair, Kip rolls into the cover for the win.

Not really sure how Roxxi counteracted Hemme, Hemme was not in the match at all. Hoyt was interfering constantly, made no sense but I suppose Roxxi has a job and a spot on TV. Good for her, we have Roxxi slamming Hemme after the match. Well at least they used her eventually but yeah, I never liked this feud and to stretch it out for almost 5 months now, I respect their commitment to this angle but please let it die.

Winners: VKM over Damaja & Basham via Chair Shot!

James Storm W/ Jackie Moore vs Rhino

Storm likes beer, Rhino is a recovering alcoholic. Storm spat beer all over Rhino which pissed off Rhino to no end, Rhino wants to murder Storm. The dumbest babyface on the planet goes after Storm on the floor as Jackie Moore is sent to the back. Storm meets the guard-rail and the ramp as Rhino hip-tosses The Cowboy. Lots of crowd brawling, Rhino has a chair. The bell finally rings, Storm looks very lost. Whip to the buckle from Storm but Rhino explodes out with a clothesline. Rhino elbows Storm away from him and climbs the buckle, Storm shoves Rhino to the floor with Rhino taking an ugly bump on the ground. Storm is in control now, Storm mocks the fans for cheering Rhino. Knee to the spine from The Cowboy, reverse chin-lock from Storm.

Rhino breaks free but Storm side-steps The War Machine, Storm tees off on Rhino at ringside. In the ring, Storm gets two. Another reverse chin-lock from Storm, flying clothesline from Rhino. Corner shoulder block from Rhino, Storm cuts off Rhino with a boot and a neck-breaker for two. Storm has a beer bottle, Storm listens to the referee. Slaps from Storm, whip to the buckle. Rhino elevates Storm to the apron, enzuigiri from Storm. Rhino crotches Storm on the top rope, superplex from Rhino. Short-arm clothesline takes out the referee by mistake, Storm sees it is time to take control.

Storm measures for a superkick, Rhino counters for a belly to belly suplex. Storm picks up the beer bottle, Rhino wants the gore. Storm clocks Rhino in the face with the beer bottle, the bottle shatters on impact. Storm covers and the referee recovers to count the pin-fall. Rhino is a bloody mess as Storm is declared as the winner. Storm has some sort of rope, Rhino does a great job selling disorientation. Jackie Moore comes down with a keg of beer and forces Rhino to drink the beer.

While the match was nothing special, Storm continues to be the biggest dickhead walking the planet. I have fallen head over heels for James Storm and this angle has a lot of potential, this is a very real problem for so many people and Storm is handling all this with the grace of the biggest SOB walking the planet. I think the angle goes a little too long, Storm cracks Rhino with the chair again but once Rhino is back on his feet, this could be some great shit. Storm is growing leaps and bounds, awesome stuff.

Winner: James Storm over Rhino via Beer Bottle!

Jerry Lynn & Bob Backlund vs The Motorcity Machine Guns W/ Kevin Nash

Shelley and Sabin started teaming around Lockdown before officially uniting under the tutelage of one Kevin Nash. Backlund was feuding with Austin Starr, it was dropped abruptly but somehow we got to Backlund beating Shelley and the duo beating up Backlund until Lynn came to the aid of Backlund. The match starts with a lot of stalling, arm-drag from Backlund eventually. Full-nelson from Sabin, Backlund manages to break free and apply the hold to Sabin. Sabin tries to roll out but Backlund re-applies the full-nelson. Sabin runs to the ropes, Sabin tags in Shelley. Backlund tags in Lynn, some wrestling now.

Chop by Shelley, Lynn reverses an Irish whip. Shelley flips out of the corner but misses a drop toehold. Lynn counters with arm-drags into an arm-bar. Eye poke by Shelley, tag to Sabin. Sabin walks into an arm-bar, Sabin escapes to tag in Shelley. Arm-drags and dropkicks by Lynn, Shelley runs over to Sabin. Another tag to Sabin, Sabin has Lynn as Shelley slaps Lynn. Shelley enzuigiris Sabin by mistake, flying elbow on Shelley. DDT on Sabin, Shelley manages to gain control on Lynn. Chops from Shelley, Lynn is tossed to the floor. Nash distracts the referee, Sabin cheap shots Lynn. Lynn manages to leg drop Shelley, slingshot sunset flip for two.

Sabin breaks up the pin, abdominal stretch from Sabin. Lynn escapes, tag to Backlund. The referee misses the tag because of a belt, Shelley and Sabin nail big boots and Lynn is crotched in the tree of woe. Hesitation dropkicks, Backlund cleans house anyways. Snap-mares and elbows to Shelley & Sabin, Shelley eats an atomic drop. Nash is in the ring, Backlund suplexes Sabin onto Lynn’s leg. Nash boots Lynn behind the referee’s back, Shelley & Sabin nail superkicks and an enzuigiri for the win.

Weak finish for sure, match was passable. Like The VKM feud, I commend their commitment to the angle but I really want no more Backlund on my screen. Things that should be left behind as the company goes forward, a load of shite for almost nine minutes.

Winners: MotorCity Machine Guns over Bob Backlund & Jerry Lynn via Enzuigiri!

Robert Roode & Ms. Brooks vs Eric Young & Gail Kim

This feud ended perfectly with Young winning his freedom but here we are, having another match between the two. I must be an idiot because we obviously need this match to continue the feud. Young and Roode to start, Roode shouts at Young saying hit me you chicken. Young spears Roode, right hands from Young. Roode whips Young to the buckle, Flair flip and a shoulder block from Young. Sliding through the ropes, Young nails a belly to belly suplex. Gail and Brooks are throwing down, Young kisses Brooks. Gail dropkicks Brooks into Roode, synchronised roll-ups for two. Roode nails a tope suicida, Gail nails a plancha and we will reset with the women in the ring.

Brooks knees Gail, Roode is in the ring. Roode tries scaring Gail, Gail elbows Roode. Tag to Young, back-drop from Young for two. Young is whipped to the ropes, Brooks trips Young. Young is sent crotch first into the ring-post, Roode stomps away at Young. Back suplex from Roode for two, tag to Brooks who kicks Young and tags in Roode. Reverse chin-lock from Roode, Young escapes before running into a uranage slam for two. Tag to Brooks, stomps from Brooks. Back rake and slaps from Brooks, Young grabs Brooks but Roode makes the save.

Roode is back in, scoop slam. Middle rope knee drop time, it connects. Two for Roode, tag to Brooks. Brooks nails Young with a splash, Brooks tries another splash but Young knocks her down. Gail clotheslines Brooks down, hurricanrana for Roode. Sidewalk slam for two, Roode grabs Gail. Slap from Gail, enzuigiri on Brooks. Gail tries a driving hurricanrana but Roode applies a boston crab, Young saves Roode with a DDT. Brooks knees Young to the floor, Gail is on the top rope. Brooks looks for a superplex, Gail fights off Brooks. Brooks is shoved off, missile dropkick on Brooks. Roode is in the ring, drop toehold onto Brooks. Roode elbows Brooks by mistake, jaw-breaker by Gail on Roode. Double dropkick as Roode spills to the floor, Gail pins Brooks after to win the match.

Yeah it was fine, Young is very popular with the fans and they react well to Gail inside of the ring. Brooks and Roode have great chemistry, I do think Roode needs a new feud to show a serious side as while the feud has helped Young tremendously I do not know if I can say the same for Roode. Also, did they not say men cannot attack women in The VKM match but Young clobbering Brooks or Roode hitting Gail is no problem? Double standards all over the place!

Winners: Eric Young & Gail Kim over Robert Roode & Ms. Brooks via Elbow Drop!

Christian Cage vs Chris Harris

Harris speared Christian off the ladder in The King Of The Mountain match, costing Christian the championship. Based off that you would think Christian is the babyface but no, Harris is the man trying to break into the main event scene while Christian is a sore loser. They lock-up, side headlock from Harris. Christian looks to break free, top wrist-lock. Harris counters for a hammerlock, Harris counters for his own back into the headlock. Shoulder block for two, make it another block for two. Christian spits on Harris, Harris slaps Christian back. Chops from Harris, whip to the buckle. Delayed vertical suplex from Harris, two for The Wildcat. Christian exits the ring off an Irish whip, Harris does not let Christian breathe.

On the ramp, Harris back-drops Christian. In the ring, Harris wants a powerslam but Christian lands on the apron. Harris is sent crotch first into the ring-post, Christian is on the middle rope. Flying reverse elbow for two, abdominal stretch from The Instant Classic. Harris breaks free but a knee from Christian sends Harris to his knees, Christian tosses Harris to the floor. Christian wants to use a chair on Harris, referee saves Harris. Harris sends Christian into the steel steps, Christian recovers as Harris misses a leaping clothesline in the ring. Slaps from Christian, Harris gets pissed off and bulldogs Christian into the mat.

 Right hands from Harris, whip to the buckle is reversed. Christian misses a splash, leaping lariat from Harris. Christian sends Harris to the apron, Harris is on the top rope. Christian is shoved away, diving crossbody from Harris for two. Christian lures in Harris, roll-up with the ropes for two. Eye poke by Christian, Harris blocks the swinging reverse DDT. Harris wants a superplex, Christian counters for a sit-out suplex from the middle rope. Harris escapes the unprettier, Christian escapes the catatonic. Harris catches Christian for an Unprettier, 1…2… Christian kicks out!

Christian rolls to the apron, dazed and confused. Harris runs into a massive knee. Christian runs into a spear for two, Catatonic is blocked again. Harris tries another spear, Christian leapfrogs Harris who runs into the ring-post. Unprettier for two, Christian is mad at the referee. Exposed turnbuckle is the plan for Captain Charisma, Harris catapults Christian into the buckle. Full-nelson slam for two, Christian rolls to the floor. Grabbing a chair, Christian clocks Harris for a close two. Dustin Rhodes is here, roll-up from Harris for two. Christian calls for back-up, Dustin nails Harris from behind as Christian small packages Harris for the win.

Great TNA, you missed the bloody finish. Handcuff shot to the back of the head helped Christian win, we needed a replay to see that moment. In the make it or break it match, Harris has been screwed. We now have Dustin Rhodes back in TNA, a scary time for sure as Black Reign must be on the way. Yeah, Christian did some things here to make Harris look good, the kicking out of The Unprettier and Frog Splash for sure. We will se where things go from here but I am not overly impressed at this time.

Winner: Christian Cage over Chris Harris via Small Package!

Sting & Abyss vs AJ Styles & Tomko

Abyss was destroyed by The Christian Coalition, Abyss came back and defeated Tomko at Slammiversary. Sting also had problems with Styles & Tomko so Sting and Abyss finally are a team after months of Sting reaching out to Abyss. Styles ducks Abyss’ attacks and continues to kick the monster, Styles out-smarts Abyss once more with another swift kick to the head. Styles lands forearms and a crossbody but Abyss no-sells it all. Eventually, a sidewalk slam from Abyss. Styles is tossed over to Tomko, Tomko squares up to Abyss. The two trade blows before Sting tags in off Abyss.

Tomko laughs it up before Sting stuns the big man with two quick shots. Sting tees off, whip reversed by Tomko. Tomko misses a corner splash, Styles misses too. Sting nails Stinger Splashes, tag to Abyss. Corner clothesline for Tomko, running hip attack to Styles. Tomko blocks the chokeslam, boot by Abyss. Styles makes the save and cheap shots Sting, Abyss eats right hands from Styles. Hurricanrana does not work for Styles, Tomko boots the shit out of Abyss. Abyss and Tomko are on the floor, Tomko pummels Abyss in the ring before tagging in Styles. Styles kicks Abyss and mocks Sting before Tomko comes into the ring. Double knockdown, Styles knocks down Sting to prevent the tag.

Abyss back-drops Styles, Abyss tags Sting. Sting clobbers Styles & Tomko, DDT to Styles. Bulldog for Tomko, right hands for Styles. Sting clotheslines Tomko to the floor, Sting nails ten punches in the corner on Styles. Styles breaks free, Abyss is on the middle rope, Styles dropkicks Abyss to the floor who falls onto Tomko. Sting eats an elbow from Styles, Styles wants a springboard. Sting shoves Styles onto everyone on the floor, Sting climbs to the top rope and dives onto everyone. Sting wants the sharpshooter but Styles shoves off Sting, Tomko nails Sting with a right hand. Enzuigiri by Styles, two for Styles. Fallaway slam from Tomko for two, cheap shot to Abyss.

Tag to Styles, reverse chin-lock from Styles. Sting fights back from the submission but Styles suckers in Sting for his dropkick. Two for Styles, running powerslam from Tomko for two. Tomko tags in Styles, Styles rakes the eyes to prevent a Sting comeback. Styles has Sting on the top rope, Sting holds on to stop the super hurricanrana. Diving clothesline from Sting, Abyss gets the hot-tag. Clotheslines, double chokeslam is blocked but Abyss nails flapjacks and scoop slams. Chokeslam on Tomko connects, two for Abyss. Styles lands a Pele Kick on Abyss, Tomko gets two.

Tomko brings Sting to the floor, Abyss clubs Styles with a right hand. Shock Treatment from Abyss, Abyss wants a chokeslam. Tomko nails a two-handed throat toss on Abyss for two. Sting kicks out Tomko’s leg, Scorpion Death-Lock. Styles distracts the referee so Tomko taps but it is not seen by the official. Springboard flying forearm on Sting by Styles, Sting back-drops Styles to the floor after the forearm. Tomko misses a clothesline on Sting and runs into The Black Hole Slam for the win.

Breezed by, fun tag team match for sure. Styles as a cocky chicken-shit heel is underrated, Styles is so full of himself with every movement, you get sucked in and want to see The Phenomenal One punched squarely in the face. Tomko and Abyss have some good chemistry together, Abyss gets up there for Tomko’s moves and vice-versa. A little odd to have this tag match leading into the main event which is also a tag match but whatever, it was good as has most of this pay per view so far.

Winners: Sting & Abyss over Tomko & AJ Styles via Black Hole Slam!

(TNA World Heavyweight Championship/X-Division Championship Match/TNA Tag Team Championship Match) Kurt Angle © & Samoa Joe © vs Team 3D ©

Despite watching the video package, I have no idea why Cornette put this match together, I have no idea how Samoa Joe won the championship either. All I know is who ever wins this match, will win the corresponding championship. I said before that TNA had run out of plans for Team 3D when it seemed they only had The God Damn Steiners as competition for the champions so this is a curveball for sure. I still feel Joe and Angle have been mistreated over the last few months and any loss to Joe at this stage could be very damaging considering they are going towards Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle.

Devon and Joe start, lock-up. Arm-wringer from Joe, Devon counters with his own. Joe transitions into a side headlock, hammerlock. Devon counters and nails a forearm, Joe fires back with his own. They trade blows, kicks from Joe. Devon blocks and tees off on Joe, whip to the buckle. Elbow and enzuigiri from Joe, tag to Angle. Kick to the ribs, uppercut from Angle. Right hands from Devon, Angle fights back before an eye rake takes down Angle. Tag to Ray, arm-drags from Angle. Ray backs Angle into the corner, Angle eats a boot to the head before Ray is caught for a German suplex. Front chancery and in comes Joe, jabs from Joe.

Eye rake from Ray, tag to Devon. Inverted atomic drop and massive single leg dropkick followed by a senton for two. Joe tags in Angle, Angle brings the pain to Devon. Snap suplex for two, tag to Joe. Snap-mare into chop/kick/knee drop combination for two, Joe tags in Angle. Back suplex from Angle for two, tag to Joe. Double elbow and hip-toss as Ray is taken out aswell from Joe & Angle. Joe pummels Devon with jabs, tag to Angle who runs into a spinebuster.  Devon is shoved off Angle by Ray, Ray wants to be a champion. Ray tags in off Devon, kind of hard to cheer anyone but Joe in this match.

Joe kicks Ray before falling into a uranage slam, Devon stops Ray winning the match. Ray shoves down Devon, slaps from Ray. Ray decides to walk out on Devon, Joe rocks Devon. Ray comes back and low blows Joe, Devon takes down Angle. Angle is thrown to the floor as Team 3D has fooled everyone, elbow drop from Devon for two. Devon drags Joe to his corner, middle rope choke from Devon. Ray helps as the referee deals with Angle, Devon chokes Joe some more. Stun-gun from Ray off the apron, tag to Ray. Reverse chin-lock from Ray, Devon tags in and tees off on Joe. Joe fights back before an eye poke takes The Samoan Submission Machine down.

Whip to the buckle from Devon, boot block from Joe. Elbow from Joe, flying knee from Joe. Joe has a chance to tag, Ray knocks down Angle. Ray clocks Joe, Devon kicks Joe in the ribs. Reverse chin-lock from Devon, Joe escapes but Team 3D maintain control until Ray tags in, Ray and Devon are clobbered by Joe. Angle gets the tag, clotheslines and right hands. Back drop for Devon, back-drop for Ray. Belly to belly suplexes for Team 3D, straps are down. Devon stops The Angle Slam, Wassup Headbutt does not connect as Joe crotches Devon. Angle clotheslines Ray, super belly to belly suplex for Devon.

Joe powerslams Ray for two, Angle German suplexes Devon for two. Joe DVDs Ray for two, referee is counting every pin despite only Angle and Ray being legal. Angle slams Devon, moonsault for two as Ray makes the save. Team 3D call for tables but Angle & Joe apply Ankle Locks, will they tap? Ray shoves off Angle, Angle clotheslines Joe by mistake. 3D by Team 3D, Devon covers but Rick Steiner saves the match. Steiner and Devon brawl, Scott Steiner clocks Ray with a lead pipe. Joe covers Ray, Angle saves the match. Angle attacks Joe, Angle Slam but Joe chop blocks Angle. Joe steals the pin to win the match for his team.

So, Angle is such an egomaniac that he wants the two world heavyweight championships and the tag team titles? Angle broke up Joe’s pin because he wanted both belts, not that Angle would actually lose his world championship unless pinned by one of the members of Team 3D. Not too sure what Angle really had to gain from this match unless secretly, Angle wants to defend the tag titles against two men or has a secret partner but whatever, another twist in The Joe vs Angle feud. It was ok, Team 3D were heels before the last pay per view. They were heels insulting Steiner and Angle is a heel too so that makes for one awkward tag team match when Joe is not in that ring. As a main event, I thought it would be right at home on Impact. I do not think anybody bought the idea that one of Team 3D could be the next world champion so I do not see the logic of building to a match where that could be a reason to coax people into buying the pay per view. It was ok, nothing more and nothing less.

Winners: Samoa Joe & Kurt Angle over Team 3D via Angle Slam!

That was TNA’s Victory Road 2007, a middle of the road pay per view from TNA in my estimations. Let’s break this down: Ultimate X was fun, I could just watch people fly around and do crazy spots for all the fans. The battle royal concept was BS but I mean, it’s TNA so what do you expect? Daniels wins and reunites Triple X, I wish I could care but those men are going nowhere fast especially after what Sting did to Daniels but this was a fun match for sure. VKM vs Damaja & Basham which I have seen and didn’t care then and I do not care now. Admire their commitment to the angle but please let it die, same with Shelley vs Backlund. I do not need to see it I am over it and I was over it months ago. Storm vs Rhino was a great angle, Storm is the biggest douchebag in wrestling and pouring beer on a recovering alcoholic is quite the close to home angle but Storm played it masterfully.

The mixed tag team match was fine, the feud needs to end as do many of the feuds I have talked about previously above. It was solid but both men need something new to sink their teeth into, Cage vs Harris was alright. Cage did things to make Harris look good but there is not that fire or connection there with The Wildcat. It is not clicking and I am not filled with great hope as Harris will be feuding with Dustin Rhodes going forward. Sting and Abyss vs Tomko & Styles like the main event tag match was solid, it had some good things but nothing amazing or to write home about. Both could have easily been on Impact so my final thoughts are you are not missing anything skipping this show. Angles were advanced but nothing significant, a disappointment from the highs of the Slammiversary show. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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