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TNA Destination X 2007 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is more confusing than the Lashley/Rusev/Lana/Liv angle! So, TNA Destination X 2007 because I do not hate myself enough apparently. I tore into the last pay per view quite hard as I usually do with TNA whenever I revisit the company after an extended absence. Well, I am here once more with a pay per view that promises a new gimmick match. Oh boy and who is in that match? Styles and Rhino, fuck my life. Also, Samoa Joe challenges Christian for the world championship so now Joe has to lose to Christian, don’t you just love bad booking? Abyss and Sting again, rematches galore!

(Ghetto Brawl Match) LAX vs Team 3D

Did I say rematches? Another non-title match? Why are they feuding without the titles? Also, they dropped that drunk Brother Runt thing fast right? Anyways this is a street fight just like the last match so is there any point of even reviewing this? Oh, there is a difference you can win by pin-fall or going through a table……. So, it is a half-hearted table match? What’s wrong with this company????? Team 3D take it to LAX inside and outside of the ring, Homicide drills Devon with a tornado ddt, neck-breaker on Ray. Hernandez comes in and they nail their stun-gun facebuster move on Ray. Devon is thrown to the floor, suicide dive by Hernandez. Ray cracks Homicide with a trash can, Ray nails Homicide with head but Homicide answers with a tray. Ray asks for more, Homicide obliges.

Crowd-brawling which is embarrassing as fans are throwing punches, Homicide chokes Ray in the crowd. Devon and Hernandez are in another section of the crowd, Ray back drops Homicide I think? Camera misses it! Devon waffles Hernandez with a water bottle, they eventually all meet up by the bleachers. Hernandez hits a wall hard as Ray waffles Homicide with a chair. Devon tosses Homicide ringside, LAX regain control at ringside with weapons shots to the head. Homicide is bleeding, trash can to the back of Devon. Devon counters with a powerslam for two. Hernandez tosses Devon with two hands over his head for a two count!

Hernandez chokes Devon with his boot, Hernandez grabs a trash can but Devon counters, Ray goes for a superplex on Hernandez. It connects big time, Homicide is on the top rope, diving hurricanrana and a trash can shot to the head for two. Team 3D nail Homicide with a Wassup Headbutt, they cool off for a beer before grabbing a table. Devon brings the table into the ring, here comes The Latino Nation. Here comes Johnny Rodz, the trainer of Devon. Clotheslines and superkicks from Rodz, Homicide clocks Rodz with a trash can lid. The Latino Nation batter Rodz, here comes Devon’s brothers from Brooklyn.

Devon clearly has a lot of brothers, they take out The Latino Nation. Homicide is clocked with The Doomsday Device as the brothers and the Latino Nation are brawling to the back. Hernandez tries for a Border Toss on Devon, Devon is saved by Ray. 3D by Team 3D, two count as Machete a LAX member pulls out the referee. Brother Ray is on the top rope and dives out onto members of The Latino Nation and the brothers. Alex Shelley comes to ringside, Devon is low blowed and nailed with a camera, Shelley frog splashes Devon through the table. LAX steal the win thanks to Shelley.

What was this gigantic mess? Entertaining? I think that would be too kind, they had a brawl at the last pay per view so I had seen this match before and to top it off, we even have more interference. The Brothers? Like what? Bizarre, no interest in seeing these two brawl in any sort of gimmick match anytime soon.

Winners: LAX over Team 3D via Frog Splash!

(Mixed Tag Team Bullrope Match) Petey Williams & Gail Kim vs James Storm & Jackie Moore

Jackie jumps Gail, Petey and Gail fight backs with chops and choking their opponents. They pair off in opposite corners, Storm and Gail bang heads, Gail slaps Storm. Storm and Jackie bail to the floor, Gail pulls Jackie into the ring-post. Jackie is thrown onto the ramp, Petey punches Storm into a chair, Petey clotheslines Storm off the chair. Jackie is tied up to the ring-post, Gail chops Jackie over and over. Jackie manages to escape by booting Gail down, Storm ties up the referee and cheap shots Petey.

Elbow by Storm, Jackie and Gail fight by the ring-post some more. Storm ties up Petey, Storm stomps Petey and throws Petey to the floor. Jackie whips Gail with the rope, Eye of The Storm. Two for Storm, Storm tries the destroyer but Petey counters with a back-drop. Petey whips Storm like a dog, tilt-a-whirl Russian legsweep. DDT by Petey on Storm for a close two, Gail and Jackie are free of the ring-post. Clotheslines by Gail on Jackie, big back suplex. Gail and Jackie bang heads, Storm misses his superkick. Canadian Destroyer time but Jackie low blows Petey, Superkick by Storm for the win.

Not a great stipulation match, Petey bumps around great for the bigger Storm which is nice at least. Gail and Jackie were wrapped around the ring-post for 90% of the match while the men worked, total bullshit like why even have them in the match if they were stuck around the ring-post forever only to free themselves to bang heads when all was said and done. Two bad matches in a row, this is not going good!

Winners: James Storm & Jackie Moore over Petey Williams & Gail Kim via Superkick!

(Crossface Chicken-Wing Submission Match) Austin Starr vs Senshi

Starr gains control quickly, elbows and forearms to the face. Senshi chops back before Starr goes low with a knee. Shoulder block by Starr, leapfrogs from Senshi before two massive dropkicks. Two crossface attempts but Starr backs into the corner, hip-toss by Senshi. Drop toehold and a crossface attempt, Starr scrambles to the ropes. Chops from Senshi, Starr escapes another submission attempt. Chops to Starr, snap-mare and flashing elbow. Starr eats more chops before rolling to the apron, big suplex from Senshi. Elbows in the corner, whip to the buckle but Starr avoids the splash.

Starr lands a massive back rake, elbows by Starr. The shoulder is the target, northern lights suplex into an arm-bar, looking for the chicken-wing. Chop by Starr, Senshi chops back harder. Starr grabs the head and rakes the eyes, Senshi is catapulted into the bottom rope. Starr wants the chicken-wing, Senshi elbows his way out. Gut-buster and slam by Starr, pendulum elbow finds the mark from Starr. Starr climbs to the top rope and here comes Bob Backlund. Senshi nails Starr with a rolling kappu kick. More chops, Starr shoves away Senshi before falling to the mat.

Starr ducks one clothesline but eats the next clothesline, kneeling kicks from Senshi. Back body-drop, springboard enzuigiri. Chicken-wing but Starr shrugs off Senshi, more kicks. Eye rake by Starr, beautiful kick from Senshi. Starr manages to stop Senshi with a shin-breaker and back suplelx combination, corner dropkick from Starr. Senshi stops the chicken-wing by backing into the buckle, John Wu dropkick from Senshi. Warrior’s Way is stopped as Starr shoves the referee into the rope, Heat Seeking Missile from Starr. In the ring, Starr lands a slingshot corkscrew splash. Brainbuster is countered with a knee by Senshi, Chicken-Wing by Senshi.

Starr counters for his own, both men trade strikes. Whip to the buckle, Senshi hits the ring-post hard with his shoulder. Crossface Chicken-Wing by Starr, legs used for leverage but Senshi survives by placing a foot on the ropes. Starr has words with Backlund, the referee is telling Backlund to leave. Senshi takes control, O Connor roll into the crossface chicken-wing and Starr taps immediately.

When I heard the match stipulation, I thought it would be Backlund vs Starr. Instead we have another rematch from the last month, I like both of these as workers but I could not care for this feud. It all seems a bit flat, a big change from the interesting Kevin Nash and X-Division wrestlers angle. This is all just a bit meh for me, I’d prefer Senshi to be kicking heads off. Anyways, hopefully this angle is coming to an end.

Winner: Senshi over Austin Starr via Crossface Chicken-Wing!

The Voodoo Kin Mafia vs The Heart-Breakers W/ Christy Hemme

Stellar tag team here, these guys were in the WWE for a cup of coffee they get the reaction of a team that nobody knows appropriately. BG and Antonio begin, arm-wringers are traded between the two. Antonio uses his speed before an elbow stops that fun, jabs from BG. Right sends Antonio to the ropes, BG boots down Antonio for two. Arm-wringer and tag to Kip, Antonio backs up and tags Romeo. Romeo ducks the lock-up, elbow to the back of the head. Kip sends Romeo into the buckle, Romeo nails a headscissors out of the corner on Kip. Leapfrogs and switches, drop toehold and hip-toss by Kip. Massive dropkick from Kip, Romeo is in trouble.

Boots by Romeo, side headlock. Shoulder block by Kip, Heeme grabs Kip’s leg. Romeo chokes Kip with the middle rope, whip reversal from Kip. Hip-toss into a neckbreaker on Romeo, BG and Antonio brawl on the floor. Antonio sends BG into the ring apron, Romeo misses a tope con hilo and crushes his partner. Christy tries to low blow Kip, she hurts her arm. Kip was wearing a cup and proceeds to shove it in her face. Embarrassed, she is carried out by Lance Hoyt. Double complete shot from Heart-Breakers on Kip, Kip is whipped hard into the buckle twice. Romeo is not the legal man, Romeo rakes the eyes.

Antonio chokes Kip behind the referee’s back, two for Romeo. Neck crank from Romeo, whip to the buckle. Kip nails a boot, Kip tosses Romeo to the floor but Romeo trips BG while out on the floor. No Tag, tag to Antonio who misses a senton while Kip cutters Romeo. Romeo grabs Kip’s ankle but Kip dives to tag BG. Right hands to Heart-Breakers, back drop to Romeo. Whip to the buckle for Antonio, BG tosses Antonio onto Romeo. Kip knocks Romeo to the floor. BG nails Antonio with The Pump Handle Slam for the win.

Angle is garbage, has been since it ever started. Hard to think that Christy is the heel in this scenario but that is where we are, this nobody tag team come into the ring and get no reaction from the fans, they do not give a damn about the two of them. It was a house show level tag team match, you are missing nothing fast forwarding through this match.

Winners: VKM over Heart-Breakers via Pump Handle Slam!

(TNA X-Division Championship Two Out Of Three Falls Match) Jerry Lynn vs Chris Sabin ©

This has been going on for months now and they did not do this angle justice at the last pay per view as Lynn was beaten fairly soundly by the champion, I saw little reason for a rematch although Sabin did cheat to win so we go with these two one more time. Shoulder block and a stare-down, Lynn shoves down Sabin with ease. Boot by Sabin into the side headlock, shoulder block and same result. Stand-off before a slap by Lynn and two big dropkicks, Sabin is on the floor. Lynn chases Sabin, Sabin stomps Lynn as Lyn re-enters the ring. Hurricanrana from Lynn, tilt-a-whirl back-breaker from Lynn for two.

Arm-bar to ground Sabin, fans are fighting in the crowd so Lynn sits in the arm-bar like a true professional until security stops that incident. Shoulder block by Lynn before a knee to the ribs from Sabin, Sabin dropkicks Lynn to the arena floor. Sabin nails Lynn with an apron knee to the face. Lynn is whipped hard into the guard-rail, security is now going after the two people fighting. Sabin misses a baseball slide as Lynn flapjacks Sabin onto the guard-rail. Sabin shows heart as Sabin backs Lynn into the ring apron, slingshot elbow drop for two. Lynn battles back before Sabin pulls down Lynn by the hair, Sabin gets cocky as Lynn kicks away Sabin, diving tornado DDT and Lynn takes the first fall!

Lynn dances around the ring, showing the most personality I have seen in years. Sabin throws Lynn to the floor, Lynn throws Sabin into the crowd. Springboard crossbody into the crowd by Lynn, Sabin is thrown back into the ring. Sabin crotches Lynn who is too slow on the top rope, top rope hurricanrana by Sabin but Lynn rolls through for two. Sabin nails a massive flatliner type manoeuvre for a close two, reverse chin-lock from Sabin to wear down the challenger. Lynn escapes for a flying crossbody, Sabin dropkicks the knees of Lynn. Whip to the buckle, Sabin looks for a crossbody but Lynn counters with a sunset flip powerbomb. Two for Lynn, Lynn comes charging at Sabin who counters with a powerbomb, Sabin uses the ropes for leverage and levels the match at one fall a piece.

Lynn is in rough shape now, Sabin is in firm control. Jabs by Sabin, back-breaker. Sabin misses fist drops and a corner clothesline, Lynn nails shoulder blocks and a flying clothesline. Lynn almost cradles Sabin for two, German suplex for two. Sabin nails a massive Yakuza kick in the corner, Cradle Shock in the middle of the ring and Lynn kicks out! Sabin wants a cradle piledriver, Lynn counters for a beautiful schwein! Cradle Piledriver but no, there is a fan on the apron. Sabin hits The Cradle Shock for the win.

No, you did not just try and pull that shit did you? The masked man runs by the ring, but there is no way that distracted Lynn in the slightest. The masked man was not even in Lynn’s sight of vision but you are telling me this allowed Sabin to catch Lynn for The Cradle Shock? Piss off TNA you actually had a decent match going due to Lynn wrestling this match like how their first match should have been wrestled. Lynn busts out all his spots from his series with RVD and gives you the idea of a man who is fighting for what feels like his last chance in the spotlight and you piss it away with that finish. This pay per view has been awful so far and I do not think this is changing.

Winner: Chris Sabin over Jerry Lynn via Cradle Shock!

(Elevation X Match) AJ Styles vs Rhino

Fuck my life, this are talking about this match as the next big TNA match. Held in the same regard as Ultimate X and King Of The Mountain Match. Yeah, that is not going to happen. Anyways, this feud has been awful too. Styles has beaten and/or outsmarted Rhino at every turn. Rhino looks like the biggest dipshit every time he faces Styles. Rhino has been rolled up, left laying after knocking himself through a table and been pinned after sending himself through a table. There is no reason to continue this but this will be the climax of this feud.

Rhino wants to tear Styles apart, Rhino is all tough standing on the structure during promos but now Rhino is petrified? I can understand being scared if Rhino had not already been on top of the structure with no issues, this is just silly. A modern day scaffold match done badly. Regardless, Rhino and Style start on the floor, lots of punches and whips into guard-rails and ring aprons. Styles decides lets just climb and work the stipulation, Rhino looks scared and stands at the bottom while Styles is walking around challenging Rhino to come up onto the structure. Rhino slowly climbs up, almost falling like three times.

We have lovely plants in the crowd who are terrified. The X is so thin, I do not imagine how they can do anything. Styles keeps shaking the X, Rhino is not a happy Man-Beast. Styles spits in Rhino’s face, Rhino says fuck the height and the two are going to fight. Right hands by Rhino, Styles ducks a bunch. Rhino almost falls, Styles stomps Rhino who is down. Dropkick from Styles, Rhino is not moving. Rhino and Styles are trading punches while hanging off the structure. Styles is almost knocked off, Rhino is on the X structure while Styles is using his inner Spiderman. Styles kicks Rhino away, Styles hides inside the structure.

Rhino is clueless, Rhino asks for help from the fans. Styles slips away into another part of the structure. Rhino finds Styles, Rhino grabs Styles by the throat. Eye rake by Styles, they are in the middle of the X. Styles rams Rhino into the structure, Styles is trying to shove off Rhino. Rhino trips Styles, they are trading punches in the middle of the structure. Styles rams Rhino into the X again, Styles is standing. Styles wants a Styles Clash, Rhino trips Styles and lands big punches. Styles low blows Rhino, Styles has powder. Rhino blinds Styles, Rhino Gores Styles on the X. Styles is hanging on by his fingers, Rhino looks down and steps on the fingers of Styles. Styles drops to the mat and this match is over.

Whatever length of time this match was, it needed to be chopped by about 10 minutes. This was way too God damn long and it was just bad. Felt like an eternity of just punches and slow-motion fighting. Went on and on and on, terrible match. I cannot even articulate how much I hated that match properly, what were they thinking when they laid this out? Who thought this was the right amount of time for this match? Nobody questioned this abomination? Fuck off TNA!

Rhino over AJ Styles via Massive Drop!

Scott Steiner vs Kurt Angle

This company plays the hype package for this match but Styles is not even out of the ring on the stretcher yet, time management is an easy skill guys come on for God’s sake. This match has a good story to it to be honest, Steiner wanted a big fat contract for TNA, TNA decided to spend that money and that contract on Kurt Angle. Steiner came back to TNA due to jealousy at Angle’s contract that Big Poppa Pump believes is his! Steiner costs Angle the championship last month and now these two will go at it, imagine a match between the two in their primes? Would have been a classic but in 2007? Let’s see!

Steiner seems to be avoiding Angle to begin, lock-up. Steiner backs Angle to the corner, shoulder block from Steiner from the clean break. Steiner poses, challenging Angle. Side headlock from Steiner, shoulder block again from Steiner. Angle powders, Steiner poses some more before a massive headbutt. Uppercuts and right hands from Angle, stomps to a downed Big Poppa Pump. Steiner recovers and chops Angle, Irish whip but Angle ducks the clothesline and nails a flying shoulder tackle.

Belly to belly suplex, Angle clotheslines Steiner to the floor. Steiner nails a clothesline after a failed baseball slide from Angle. Angle bounces off the steel steps, clothesline in the ring from Steiner. Elbow drop for one, another Irish whip. Angle boots down Steiner, mounted punches from The Olympic Hero. Uppercuts, Angle lowers his head off an Irish whip. Kick by Steiner and a clothesline, sleeper time from Steiner. Angle elbows Steiner and delivers a back suplex, the two trade shots. German suplex from Angle, make it two. Three massive German suplexes, Olympic Slam is countered. Belly to belly suplex from Steiner for two, Steiner is frustrated.

Angle whips Steiner to the buckle, Steiner boots Angle away but misses a clothesline. Angle nails The Olympic Slam for two, Ankle Lock but Steiner rolls Angle into the buckle. Schoolboy from Steiner for two, Angle whips Steiner to the buckle. Steiner dodges the spear, Angle hits the ring-post hard. Steiner Recliner, Angle trips Steiner for two. Uppercuts by Angle, whip to the ropes. Steiner holds on, Steiner back drops Angle to the floor. Steiner whips Angle to the guard-rail, Steiner is looking for the count-out victory. Angle rolls backs in, Olympic Slam from Steiner.

Steiner says “That’s it!” Steiner Recliner but Angle counters for an Olympic Slam, the straps are down and Angle clamps on The Ankle Lock. Steiner reaches the ropes but Angle drags back Steiner. Steiner kicks off Angle, big clothesline from Big Poppa Pump. Steiner places Angle on the top rope, belly to belly suplex from the top rope is the idea. Angle counters and sunset flip pins Steiner from the top rope to the mat.

This match had no flow whatsoever or I am going mad! It seemed like a couple of moves that were all over the place, never felt like Steiner got the heat he needed or Angle got the comeback the babyface needed. No struggle, no drama and a finish where Steiner took one of the safest bumps you could ever take but the fans are not happy and it is understandable, I thought that was just awful.

Winner: Kurt Angle over Scott Steiner via Sunset Flip Powerbomb!

(Last Rites Match)

The feud where Sting tries to save Abyss from James Mitchell continue. Metaphorically, Sting wants to kill the old Abyss and set him free but this match is literally Sting trying to bury and kill Abyss to set him free. The ring looks like what Gangrel’s house would be like if he lived as an actual vampire. Roman candles, a coffin and a red glow around the ring. Can Sting save Abyss?

We start on the floor, Sting sends Abyss into the guard-rail and the steel steps. Classic Sting misses the stinger splash on the floor, Abyss wants to take control. Chair shots to the ribs and back of Sting, Sting blocks an oncoming Abyss in the ring. Kicks and right hands before Abyss catches Sting but Sting nails The Scorpion Death Drop. Stinger Splash to Abyss, make it two. Abyss blocks the third by cracking Sting in the face with the candle. Sting blades for the candle, deep cut from that shot. Quite nasty a great visual. Abyss calls for the deathbed, tremendous as smoke and the lights change in the arena.

Fire Russo chants fill the arena, Abyss grabs Sting and places him in the deathbed. Sting blocks the deathbed being closed, Sting batters his way out of the deathbed. Sting runs right into a big boot, Abyss picks up a tombstone. Abyss looks to crack Sting with the tombstone, Sting reverses the Irish whip and applies The Scorpion Death Lock. Abyss taps out and is cracked with a chair shot to the head. The tombstone is on Abyss’ head, Sting picks up his bat and waffles Abyss in the head. Abyss is in the deathbed, Sting tries crushing Abyss by lying on top of the coffin. Abyss fights out with a choke grip on Sting, Sting is chokeslammed onto the deathbed.

Abyss picks up another tombstone, Sting is motionless. Abyss sets up a chair, make it two. Tombstone laid across the two chairs, a makeshift table. Abyss is looking for a superplex through the tombstone, Sting begins to fight back against Abyss. Rights and lefts, Sting cracks Abyss with the candle and Abyss falls through the tombstone. Sting places in Abyss and Sting wins this match.

Oh wow, Abyss falling through tombstones and being defeated due to his own stupidity once more. You know I don’t know how to feel about TNA anymore, this pay per view has been one bad match after another. Then, you look at Sting an absolute icon who bladed for this stupid match. Stupid tombstones, stupid concept, too many gimmick matches on these cards, I feel like every single match has to have a stipulation and that stipulation stifles creativity and hinders these performers. This match was a load of shite, I cannot wait for this to end.

Winner: Sting over Abyss via Deathbed!

(NWA/TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match) Christian Cage © vs Samoa Joe

Joe’s first championship match, two years waiting for this moment. A special entrance is here for Samoa Joe, this looks to be Samoa Joe’s moment. Nothing can save Christian right? Right? They would not waste something that had been building for two years right? Right? The bell rings, Christian’s confidence is slipping as the seconds tick by while Joe is as calm as ever. Kick from Joe, Christian feels it right away. Three kicks leave Christian on the apron, rethinking his approach to this match. They lock-up, Christian takes the back. Joe breaks free into a hammerlock, side headlock leaves Christian down.

Christian shoves off Joe, leapfrogs and dropdowns before a shoulder block from Joe leaves Christian reeling. Big kicks floor Christian, whip to the buckle. Christian elbows Joe, Christian misses a splash as Joe walks away. Kick, chop and knee drop combination for two, Joe boots Christian to the floor. Christian manages to send Joe into the ring-post, Christian grabs a chair but can lose the championship by DQ? That rule is still active? Why would Christian grab the chair then? Moron, Joe slams Christian down with a sickening thud, we go into the crowd. Joe chops Christian and drags the champion through the crowd.

Back ringside, both men are on the apron. Christian suckers in Joe for an apron DDT, middle rope diving reverse elbow from Christian. Joe is up, jabs but Christian nails forearms and an elbow before Joe sweeps the legs. Joe loses control with a missed senton, elbow drop from Christian. Two for Christian, eye rake from Christian. Kick to the chest, Joe is shaking it off. Joe takes up Christian for the buster but Christian counters with a falling reverse ddt for a close two. Christian chokes Joe with the top and middle rope, Christian steps all over Joe’s back. Christian paint-brushes Joe, not smart as Joe nails Christian with an enzuigiri as Christian jumped off the middle rope, looked brutal.

Joe nails a running high knee, ten punches in 2007? Christian wants a powerbomb but Joe counters for a facewash. Brutal boot to the face for two, Christian whips Joe to the corner. Joe elbows the champion away, diving high knee from Joe for two. Muscle Buster setup, Christian kicks away Joe. Joe leapfrogs Joe but runs into the powerslam for a close two. Powerbomb pin from Joe for two, high angle Boston crab which is transitioned into an STF. Another transition into a crossface, another transition into a rear-naked choke. Christian reaches the ropes, Christian is on the apron. Into the ring, Unprettier for two.

Reverse chin-lock from Christian, Joe drops all his weight down on Christian. Joe spears Christian to the guard-rail, both men are down on the floor. Christian walks away from the ring but here comes the X Division to toss Christian back in the ring. Island Driver from Joe, 1…2…. Christian kicks out! Inverted atomic drop and Christian pulls the referee in front of him. Joe kicks the referee, Christian is on the floor with a chair. Joe is smashed with the chair, Christian has the chair. Joe ducks the chair, massive slaps and Muscle Buster by Joe. Christian kicks out of the buster, Coquina Clutch but Christian low blows Joe. Christian is on the top rope, enzuigiri by Joe. Coquina Clutch but Christian rolls through with his feet on the ropes and steals the win.

So, after two years we have Joe winning the championship. Oh…wait…. Oh no…. They did not… Yeah, they did exactly what they should not have. Samoa Joe screamed star when he walked into TNA and everything during his X-Division run was perfect. Joe as a heavyweight has been a joke, Joe should have beaten Angle on his way to winning the championship. However, Joe’s streak seems like a distant memory and Joe has lost to Christian and Angle, two former WWE stars which makes Joe and the rest of TNA’s stars look second rate. The usual TNA song and dance for the main event, referee bumps and kicking out of multiple finishers. Cannot believe Christian kicked out of The Muscle Buster but there you have it, the match was the best of the night but it is not saying much when the night was atrocious and I feel they made the wrong choice with Joe again.

Winner: Christian Cage over Samoa Joe via Roll-Up!

That was TNA’s Destination X 2007, easily one of the worst pay per views I have had to sit through for reviewing purposes. They were so many awful matches on this card, it is insane. So many finishes that left me thinking why and how does this benefit anyone? LAX and Team 3D have another brawl, I have seen it at the last pay per view and I did not need Johnny Rodz or 16 guys fighting randomly at ringside to improve my experience, a brawl is a brawl. Some are good and a lot are bad, this was the latter. The mixed bullrope match where the women wrestlers stayed wrapped around the ring-post while the men worked until the finish, laughable presentation of women’s wrestling and made Jackie and Gail look like pointless additions to the match. Christy Hemme vs Kip James the feud is awful, neither are likeable despite Hemme’s ultimately positive message yet Kip James is the hero the crowd wants. Sabin and Lynn is decent but collapses at the finish, there is no way Daniels distracted Lynn and Lynn pushing Sabin to his limits was the story to tell and I feel we still did not get that. Daniels attacks both men so where do we go from here?

Styles and Rhino went far too long, you could have chopped a lot of this and I think I got one replay of Styles falling so great job on selling me how awful the bump must have been. They also cut away while Styles was getting stretchered out to play Angle vs Steiner promo so sorry TNA, I am buying what you are selling! Sting vs Abyss was every Abyss match ever, I have seen it, I know it and nothing’s new. Angle vs Steiner was a mess, did not flow and had an anti-climatic finish while Joe was screwed over again and I am left wondering where do we go from here? Skip this show, it is not worth seeing! Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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  1. The Heartbreakers being Christy's chosen champions to battle the former New Age Outlaws is Savio Vega circa No Way Out 1998 levels of disappointing.