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TNA Sacrifice 2006 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that splits up more than John Cena and Nikki Bella! Here we are, another TNA pay per view review, it's TNA Sacrifice 2006! Let me address something here: The past two reviews I have been very critical when it comes to TNA and thier matches being carbob copies from one match to the next, I feel I may have been unfair and will do my best in upcoming reviews to be less harsh on TNA. With that out of the way, let us move onto this card. Christian Cage vs Abyss in a rematch while we also have Sting and Samoa Joe teaming together? Let's do this!

Jushin Thunder Liger vs Petey Williams

Liger is the man, while he may fade in New Japan, the master of junior heavyweight wrestling will always be awesome when wrestling in the USA. Williams takes down Liger with a drop toehold, Liger counters for his own headscissors. Stand-off, side headlock by Liger. Shoulder block and elbow drop, trip by Williams. Headscissors by Williams, Liger lowbridges Williams. Crossbody from Liger, New Japan CTU members rough up Williams. Senton by Liger for two, Romero Special by Liger.

Williams escapes the hold and blocks a frog splash, spinning heel kick by Williams. Williams does some kung fu, Shotei misses. Enzugiri and dropkick by Williams, swinging DDT. Two for Williams, chops from Liger. Forearm by Williams, tilt-a-whirl into a Russian legsweep. Canadian Detsroyer is blocked, disgusting Shotei! Ligerbomb for two, Williams stops the brainbuster with a knee. Minoru distracts Williams, low blow by Goto and a slam by Liger for the win.

Always nice to see Liger show what he can do, Liger and Williams have a highly competitive match which is something more than the usual XDivision affair. The finish would be typical of The CTU but never have I seen Liger do such a move, did not seem impactful. I guess they were out of time but a good way to kick off the show with Jushin Liger beating Petey Williams.

Winner: Jushin Liger over Petey Williams via Slam!

(NWA/TNA Tag Team Championship Match) AMW (C) vs Christopher Daniels & AJ Styles

Daniels and Styles have come together and with great chemistry to boot, they start off attacking the champions, dropkick by Styles. Daniels and Harris settle things down, knees by the bigger Harris. Shoulder block by Harris, leaping leg lariat by Daniels. Daniels slams Storm onto Harris, back drop and forearm by Styles & Daniels. Muta Lock by Styles, Storm saves Harris. Daniels comes in, STO to Harris. Tag to Styles, double stomps to Harris. Storm is knocked off the apron, high knees and forearms by the challengers.

Eye rake by Harris, Daniels is trapped in the AMW corner. Clothesline by Storm who is legla, two for Storm. Inverted atomic drop and Russian legsweep by AMW for two, stalling suplex by Harris. Two, Harris chokes Daniels while Styles is held back by the referee. Daniels begins to fight back, Daniels is cut off by AMW. Sleeper by Harris, high elbow by Harris for two. Storm is legal, big right hand for two. Daniels dodges Harris and Storm, tag to Styles. Clotheslines and spinnin heel kicks, discuss lariat for two.

Tower of Doom spot with Storm taking the worst of it, crossbody by Daniels on Harris for two. Harris is in the crowd, Styles decides for a springboard forearm into the crowd, unreal. AMW regain control off camera, that sucks. Hart attack is stopped, death valley driver with a Pele for two. Styles misses a plancha, uranage by Daniels. Storm helps Harris dodge the bme, spear by Harris for two. Styles nails a double springboard clothesline, Storm boots Styles. Styles knees Storm, Harris is back up. Double team by AMW, swinging reverse DDT by Storm for two.

AMW bang heads, uranage on Storm. BME & Splash for two, Harris and Daniels brawl on the floor. Jawbreaker by Storm, roll-up by Storm for two. Storm low blows Styles, Superkick by Daniels saves Styles. Angel's Wings on Storm but Harris saves the match. Daniels and Harris take out the referee, a nightstick falls from the ceiling. Daniels misses a moonsault, Styles nails The Styles Clash on Storm but Harris uses the nightstick and places Storm on top for the win.

What a great match, the tag team work of Styles and Daniels is simply awesome. Theri moves and sequences gel so well together, they are just so good when they work together. Not to say AMW are not great because they are, they have blossomed into great heels and with The James Gang and The Naturals far away from the tag team title scene, we have AMW back to their best against awesome tag teams leading to awesome tag team matches. The finish was a unique twist on the barred from ringside stipulation, I saw the referee go down which was expected but dropping something from the rafters was a really nice twist good stuff from TNA.

Winners: AMW over Styles & Daniels via Nightstick!

Raven vs A1 W/ Larry Zbyzsko

Arguably, the feud I have been waiting for. So, Raven was screwed out of the championship by Jarrett, Zbyzsko allowed it to happen and Raven swore revenge bringing up ghosts from Raven's past as Raven swore to take down Zbyzsko. Raven was reinstated and now Zbyzsko is in serious trouble, A1 beats up Raven for a majority of the opening. Kicks, stomps, into the guardrails. Shoulder thrusts by A1, corner splash. Right hands and stomps by A1, A1 rips off the turnbuckle. Raven is splashed into the exposed turnbuckle for two, Raven fires up with clotheslines. Knee lift, kicks to the ribs. Backstabber, Zbyzsko is distracting the referee. Low blow by A1, A1 misses a splash. Even Flow DDT for the win.

The match was just there, the angle is what I am here for, Raven vs Zbyzsko was so good and now after months of getting away with it, Raven is coming to get Zbyzsko. Zbyzsko challenges Raven after the match, security breaks up the madness.

Winner: Raven over A1 via Even Flow DDT!

Bobby Roode W/ Scott D'Amore vs Rhino

Coming in hot, Rhino has been significantly cooled off while Roode has done the same thing over and over tag teaming with Eric Young. This is a nice change, one of these men will get back on track. They lock-up, clean break from Rhino. Side headlock and shoulder block by Rhino, Roode powders. The two talk trash, slap by Roode. Here comes Rhino, back drop and clotheslines. Right hands in the corner, choke from Rhino. Roode is tossed to the floor, knee by Roode. They brawl at ringside, Rhino elbows Roode in the ring. Rhino goes high, D'Amore distracts Rhino and Roode shoves Rhino to the floor, D'Amore puts the boots to Rhino.

Roode pummels Rhino, choke on the middle rope. Cheap shot by D'Amore, neckbreaker for two. Neck crank and back suplex, Roode nails a middle rope knee drop for two. Sleeper by Roode, Rhino escapes before Roode yanks down the hair of Rhino. Two for Roode, Rhino fires up. Hard Irish whip by Roode, reverse chinlock from Roode. Rhino survives, high clothesline by Rhino. Corner Gore, spinebuster by Rhino for two. Superplex by Rhino, two for Rhino.

Roode has the flag, Rhino stops Roode. Boot by Roode, Rhino is down. Roode calls for the lariat, Rhino dodges. Big belly to belly suplex, D'Amore waffles Rhino with the hockey stick. Northern Lariat by Roode as Rhino checks on D'Amore, the match is over.

It was ok, Rhino and Roode worked hard in there. They have plans for Roode as a singles star, it is clear from the opportunities that Roode receives. Rhino is getting pushed down the card hard, poor guy.

Winner: Bobby Roode over Rhino via Northern Lariat!

Team 3D vs The James Gang

Two of the best tag teams in the WWF's history, they bring up their history with plenty of insults that are below the belt. They are settling this old feud once and for all, Brother Ray seems to be in awful shape. Lock-up, Kip and Devon. Shoulder block by Kip, hiptoss by Devon. Arm-drags, diving clothesline for two. Boot by Kip, swinging neckbreaker for two. Dropkick by Kip, stand-off.

BG and Brother Ray are in the match, arm-drag by Brother Ray. Arm-drag by BG, side headlock by Brother Ray. Shoulder block, hiptoss and dropkick by BG. Side headlock by BG, shoulder block by Brother Ray.Dropkick by Brother Ray, right hands by Brothe Ray. Elbow misses, both men miss their big moves. Stand-off, double knockdown with right hands. Right hands by BG, Devon trips BG and sends BG groin first into the ringpost. Devon pummels BG, knee to the throat.

Neckbreaker by Brother Ray for two, chinlock by Brother Ray. Brother Ray misses a splash, clothesline to Devon. BG has an opening, can BG make the tag. Hot-tag to Kip, back elbows. Back drop, Stinger splashes by Kip. Devon stops the fameasser, The James Gang ten punch Team 3D. Brother Ray sends Kip to the floor, Doomsday Device on BG for two. Flapjack on Kip, reverse 3D on BG. Kip saves the match,  Devon sends Kip to the floor. BG has a lead pipe, Devon is cracked in the face and The James Gang win.

The match was average, I liked some of the interactions and how they played out, it started out friendly and got more competitive. It seemed sluggish toward the end but that finish is some major throwback with the commentators talking about The No Way Out Match from 2000 and then, WHAM they use the lead pipe finish from the match, it made me laugh.

Winners: The James Gang over Team 3D via Lead Pipe!

World X Cup Gauntlet Match

Everyone in the World X Cup battle in this gauntlet match, Minoru and Puma start the match. Minoru extends the hand, Minoru spits on Puma. Dropkick by Minoru, Puma is almost thrown out. Dropkick by Puma, headscissors by Puma. Headkick by Minoru, high angle fisherman buster. Third entrant is Petey Williams, they stomp Puma. Williams clotheslines Minoru, DDT on Puma. Number four is Chris Sabin, chops for everyone. Springboard moonsault by Sabin, Goto is in for Team Japan. Spinning heel kick by Goto, Incognito comes in. Amazing agility by Incognito, suicide dive onto Williams.

Johnny Devine is in for Team Canada, uppercuts and elbows. Double knees to incognito, Team USA's Sonjay Dutt comes into the match. Hurricanranas, dropkicks everywhere. Poisonrana, Black Tiger of Team Japan is in the match. High knee on Dutt, Williams is caught in an ankle lock. Magno is in for Team Mexico, Magno screws up two spots within seconds. Eric Young is in for Team Canada, Eric Young is getting super over with the crowd.

Dutt has done something to his ankle, he's eliminated too. Nice camera work missing that, Shelley is in for Team USA. Jushin Thunder Liger is in for Team Japan, Shocker is in for Team Mexico. Another elimination is missed by the camera team. Tyson Dukes is in for Team Canada, he is dancing a lot. Jay Lethal is in for Team USA, crowd goes bananas for lethal. It ends up being Puma vs Petey Williams.

Brainbuster by Puma, Puma misses his top rope love, Williams rapes Puma with The Canadian Destroyer. Puma lays broken in the middle of the ring, Team Canada celebrates before Kevin Nasha appears after a year absence I shall guess. Nash Jacknife Powerbombs Puma, what could this be about?

Could not give a damn about this match, nothing of substance going on in this match. Your basic rumble/battle royal match with nothing going on, Nash's promo afterwards is far better.

Winner: Petey Williams via Canadian Destroyer!

Sting & Samoa Joe vs Scott Steiner & Jeff Jarrett

Can Sting trust Samoa Joe? Steiner & Jarrett have been angering Sting for months, Sting wants to kill Jarrett and Steiner angered Joe which is not a wise move. Sting shoves down Jarrett with ease, slap by Jarrett. Sting destroys Jarrett, Jarrett is smacked off the mat. Jarrett powders, in comes Steiner. Rights and lefts by Steiner, Sting battles back and clotheslines Jarrett & Steiner. Sting calls for Joe, Joe tags into the match. Joe piefaces Steiner, Steiner sends Joe to the corner. Big chops, clubbing blows but Joe turns the tide. Big rights, suplex by Steiner.

Joe forearms Steiner, clothesline and theatric elbow by Steiner with push-ups. Joe shrugs off Steiner's kicks, forearm shots. Jarrett attacks Joe from the apron, belly to belly suplex by Steiner. Joe is tossed to the floor, Jarrett gets his kicks in while the referee has Sting. Joe catches Jarrett for a uranage, Sting is the legal man. Powerbomb for Jarrett, Steiner saves. Jarrett is caught for the scorpion, Steiner saves Jarrett. Jarrett boots Sting down, big DDT on Sting. Belly to belly suplex by Steiner for two, tag to Jarrett.

Front chancery by Jarrett, Steiner distracts the referee to avoid Joe's tag. Sting and Steiner bang heads, Sting falls onto Steiner's private parts. Joe is legal, Jarrett back peddals. High knee to Jarrett, eye poke by Jarrett. Powerslam by Joe, Steiner eats an inverted atomic drop. Senton on Steiner, Jarrett clubs Joe. Double clothesline by Joe, high knee on Steiner. Stinger Splash on Jarrett, Sting planchas onto Steiner. Joe powerslams Jarrett with Gail Kim saving Jarrett.

Jarrett low blows Joe, Stroke connects on Joe. Jarrett wastes time, Joe kicks out at ease. Sting sends Steiner to the barricade, Jarrett has Joe on the turnbuckle. Super Stroke is blocked, enzuigiri by Joe and Muscle Buster on Jarrett for the win.

That was a good tagt team match, the rivalry is Jarrett vs Sting but the focus was on the right man in Samoa Joe. I said in the last review, they need to pull the trigger and I thought I would not get to see Joe vs Jarrett but from what we saw here, God I want more. Joe murdered Jarrett, it was brutal and Jarrett was beaten clean by The Muscle Buster. Joe should be the man next, nobody else is hotter than Joe.

Winners: Samoa Joe & Sting over Scott Steiner & Jeff Jarrett via Muscle Buster!

(NWA/TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match) Christian Cage (C) vs Abyss (Full Metal Mayhem Match)

TNA's answer to the TLC, Christian had beaten Abyss in a cage match at Lockdown but Abyss stole the championship from Christian which leads us to this match. Abyss and Christian begin brawling, knees by the monster. Corner splash, Abyss has a ladder. Christian baseball slides the ladder into Abyss' face. Elbows from Abyss, Christian is being battered down. Christian fires up, Abyss eats a boot. Christian is on the apron, Christian see-saws a ladder into Abyss' face. Clothesline to the floor, both men are in a heap.

Crowd brawling, Christian is smacked off a ladder in the corner. Abyss misses a corner clothesline, Christian continues chopping. Low blow on Abyss, Abyss has his head rammed into a chair. Christian climbs the laddr, Abyss drops Christian with a boot. Abyss blocks a German suplex on a ladder, Christian blocks the same move. Abyss suplexes Christian into the ladder, Christian avoids a table powerbomb. Abyss is on the ladder in the middle of the ring, Abyss dodges the frog splash.

Abyss has his chain, Christian avoids being murdered. Abyss is smacked off the ring apron, Christian chokes Abyss with the chain. Revenge there, nice nod to their last match. However, Christian is yanked off the top rope through a table at ringside, Abyss is going for the championship. Chair shot by Christian, Abyss and Christian brawl on the ladder. Both men tip over, Christian is down. Abyss has his tacks, what a surprise. Christian Unprettiers Abyss on the ladder, James Mitchell is slammed into the tacks. Conchairto by Christian, Abyss is on the table. Christian splashes Abyss through the table, Christian brings down the championship.

I thought this was much better than their last match, they build some fun spots around the ladder and we have throwbacks to their last match interwined with the stroy. I did groan when I saw the tacks but to see Mitchell go through for the trouble he put Christian through was so satisfying and Christian defiantly putting the feud to the end by demolsihing both Abyss and Micthell was the icing on the cake. I feel Abyss has lost much of his magic, I hope they have things planned to get the monster back on top!

Winner: Christian over Abyss via Retrieval Of The Championship!

That was TNA's Sacrifice 2006, a good pay per view from Total Nonstop Action, there was a lot more in terms of interesting matches on this show from the ones I have covered previously. Starting with an X Division match with meaning, Liger and Williams would turn the tide of the cup there was a story not just meaningless wrestling. The team of Styles and Daniels, love it. Insane chemistry, great sequences and the crowd loves everything, I am eating it up too. The Raven angle is picking up again which I am a huge fan of Zbysko vs Raven, I know it will be worth it while Samoa Joe was the main focus on the semi main and rightly so, Joe is so over and with Styles content in the tag scene, they have to put the gold on Joe. Christian and Abyss put on a solid ladder match too with Christian ridding himself of the nusiance of Abyss; Overall, it was quite good, Joe's performance and the tag team title match stealing the show, no Team Canada all over the show and cheap finishes were a minimum, an improvement from TNA! Thanks for reading and remember: There's always another night!

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