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TNA No Surrender 2006 Review

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Hello and welocme to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet with a fanbase as passionate as The TNA Diehards! TNA's No Surrender 2006 with an Ultimate X match for the tag team championships, it is LAX vs Styles & Daniels, that match will deliver I am sure and in the main event, we have Samoa Joe vs Jeff Jarrett in a fan's revenge match because who would not love to beat the piss out of Jarrett. Let's get it on!

Eric Young vs A1

Eric Young has brown hair, this is bizarre. A1 is in a side headlock, shoulder block by A1. Hiptoss by Young, Young slides away from A1. Young waffles A1, crossbody for two. Powerslam by A1 for two, right hands by A1. Corner splash, Young dodges the splash. Young is tossed to the floor, A1 has Young in a stretch. Mule kick by Young, Lou Thesz press with punches. Corner clothesline, Young hotshots A1. Young nails his elbow drop for two, eye rake by A1. Cover with ropes but the referee catches A1, Young counters a tombstone for his Wheelbarrow Neckbreaker.

Passable, I am baffled by Young's popluarity. I imagine Young must have a great connection with the fans but I just do not buy it, it is working though. The match was passable as I mentioned, A1 will not be around for too much longer.

Winner: Eric Young over A1 via Neckbreaker!

Jay Lethal vs Petey Williams

Beautiful theatrics to begin, spring board dropkick by Lethal for two. Williams slides under Lethal, Lethal is launched into the guard rail. Knees to the back, Lethal fires back. Williams trips Lethal, neckbreaker. Two for Williams, scoop slam and leg drop for two. Enzuigiri by Williams, middle dropkick. Williams brought a bottle of water with him, and something appears to be wrong.

Snap suplex and submission by Williams, Lethla elbows Williams. Sunset flip, Williams might have shit himself? O Connor roll for two, neckbreaker by Williams for two. Williams cannot do his moves, Lethal punches Williams in the gut. Atomic drop, clothesline and senton. Lethal wants to make Williams shit himself, gutbuster for two. Slingshot codebreaker, cradle DDT. Two, Lethal rolls-up Williams.

Somebody shitting themselves because they were watching Jackass? Was this even co-promotion? I am not even sure but that was crap no pun intended.

Winner: Jay Lethal over Petey Williams via Roll-Up!

Abyss vs Raven vs Brother Runt

Raven is just another body again that sucks. Runt was manipulated by Raven all three men have issues, let's fight. Runt whips Abyss with a kendo stick, Raven and Runt send Abyss into a trash can. Discuss lariat by Raven on Runt, Runt sidesteps Raven. Abyss presses Runt onto Raven, the action continues in the ring. Raven clocks Runt with a trash can, Raven hits Abyss. Runt low blows Raven, trash can lids to both. Abyss has a bell smashed into his nuts, headbutts by Runt.

Raven headbutts Runt with a gladiator helmet, Raven smashes Runt's private parts. Abyss meets the helmet, Runt is dropped down the entrance ramp. Abyss has a table, Raven is bleeding. Abyss has a ladder, Raven is on the table. Raven fights off, Abyss is on the table. Runt double stomps off the stage onto Abyss through the table. Raven smashes Runt with a ladder, Raven has a dog collar on Runt's neck. Two tables are by a scaffold, Raven hangs Runt. Low blow by Runt, Raven pummels Runt. Runt falls through the tables, Mitchell saves Runt from being pinned. Raven tries a bulldog on Runt but is pushed into A Black Hole Slam. Decent garbage brawl.

Winner: Abyss via Black Hole Slam!

The Naturals vs AMW vs The Paparazzi vs The Diamonds In The Rough vs Shark Boy & Norman Smiley vs Maverick Matt & Kazarian vs Ron Killings & Lance Hoyt vs The James Gang

Winner gets a shot at the tag team titles, first half is over the top followed by a normal match between two teams. It goes on and on until we eventually, get down to The Naturals and through cheating, their opponents are AMW. Stevens is in real pain while Douglas is being pummelled by Storm. Tag to Harris, double elbow by AMW. Delayed vertical suplex, Stevens is struggling big time. Douglas is brutalized at ringside too, Douglas holds the ropes to survive. Storm nails a big fist, two for Storm.

Eye of The Storm on Douglas, calling for The Death Sentence. The James Gang who had been screwed earlier distract Harris, Storm has Stevens. Eye of The Storm is countered and Stevens manages to roll-up Storm for the win.

Ok, first off the battle royal part was pointless in terms of in-ring action. Nothing ahppened it dragged and wasted so much time. Secondly, you talk about The Naturals beating the odds and proving themselves..... They did fuck all it was The James Gang who won them the match. Douglas got beat for 7 minutes while Stevens never hit a move beyond the roll-up. Proved themselves? How? Took a cheap win? Fuck off TNA.

Winners: The Naturals Via Roll-Up!

(TNA X Division Championship Match) Senshi (C) vs Chris Sabin

The new X Division is not very new is it? Just being harsh, Senshi is the face of the division but Sabin fresh off the Nash feud is here to stand up to the bully that is Senshi. They start off slow applying ssubmission and wear-down holds. Drop toehold by Sabin, dropkick and kicks are dodged before a stand-off.

Senshi with one kick, sends Sabin to the floor. Sabin shoots for a takedown, headscissors. Cover for two, roll-ups for two. Senshi kicks away Sabin, chops by Senshi. Sabin trips Senshi, tope atomico. Senshi counters a suplex with a knee, rolling kappu kick. Muta flashing elbow for two, Knees by Senshi. Chop fest, spinning sole butt and hook kick by Senshi for two. Bodyscissors and cover for two, chopfest. Sabin kicks Senshi to the floor, Senshi blocks the suicide dive with a massive head kick.

Sabin fires back with forearms before an enzuigiri from Senshi. Warrior's Way as Sabin is draped across the middle rope. Two for Senshi, stiff chops from Senshi. Another chopfest, forearms by Sabin. Kick and forearm by Senshi, more chops. Sabin dragon screws Senshi, forearms. Kick by Senshi, alley oop by Sabin. High boot in the corner, tree of owe for Senshi. Senshi kicks his way out, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and springboard dropkick by Sabin for two.

Sabin has Senshi, knee by Senshi. Front slam, kicks by Senshi. Sabin is floored, springboard kick by Senshi misses. Sabin nails an enzuigiri, Sabin climbs the top rope. Cartwheel into a kick, Senshi is in the tree of woe. Hesitation dropkick by Sabin for two, Senshi elbows his way out of a powerbomb, double stomp by Senshi. Dutt and Lethal are here, Lethal has a blow-up doll. Senshi dives on the doll, clothesline by Sabin. Senshi kicks the doll into Sabin for the win.

Garbage, what the fuck was that? Sabin went from fighting for the X Division to using a blow up doll to cheat? A blow-up doll in TNA's golden period? A BLOW UP DOLL FOR GOD'S SAKE! DUD!

Winner: Senshi over Chris Sabin Via John Wu Dropkick!

Rhino vs Christian Cage

TNA turned Christian for no real reason, makes no sense for such a hot babyface to be turned heel. Rhino and Christian were former best friends, they were as close as Christian was to Edge. Christian is heeling it up and Rhino is showing fire that I have not seen in him since his ECW days. This should be a blood brawl, they start with a test of strength.....

Rhino unloads, clotheslines and right hands. Irish whip into a military press, Christian escapes. Unprettier is countered for a back drop, Gore is avoided as Christian runs away. Atomic drop by Rhino, clothesline and corner spear. Christian boots Rhino, Rhino is on the apron. Shoulder blocks and Christian is back dropped by Rhino to the floor. Into the crowd we go, Rhino military presses Christian ringside. Eye poke by Christian, Christian DDTs Rhino hard.

Rhino is bleeding after the DDT on the ramp, Christian stomps and punches the eyes of Rhino and the cut. Boot by Christian for two, reverse chinlock by Christian. Rhino fights back before Christian yanks him down by the hair. Missile dropkick for two for Christian, neckbreaker by Christian. Frog Splash for two, chops by Christian. Christian misses a corner splash, Rhino nails a shoulder block. Corner spear, belly to belly suplex for two. Christian leapfrogs Rhino, spinebuster by Rhino.

Rhino lines up for The Gore, Christian boots Rhino in the eye. Powerslam by Rhino as Christian bounces off the ropes, Christian rakes the eyes. Unprettier, 1......2..... Rhino kicks out of The Unprettier. Christian tries the gore, TKO by Rhino for two. Rhino clotheslines the referee, Edge O Matic by Christian. Christian has chairs for the conchairto, Rhino dodges the chair. Gore by Rhino, no referee. Rhino wants a conchairto, referee takes the chair. Low blow and Unprettier on the chair for the win.

It was alright, my main problem comes with the story they are trying to tell, the commentators are talking like Rhino should not compete on doctors' orders, that is no problem. But Rhino's blood tries up fairly early, I would have been more sold if Rhino was gushing blood throughout the match, not a lot of brawling either. The intensity fades and it is not the blood bath it needs to be.

Winner: Christian over Rhino via Unprettier!

(NWA/TNA Tag Team Championship Match) LAX (C) vs AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels (Ultimate X Match)

LAX captured the gold in a border brawl match so Styles & Daniels invoked the rematch clause which leads us to this Ultimate X Match. Styles and Daniels being my favourite tag team in TNA at the time taking on LAX, Homicide's shoulder is all taped up in this match, take note of that.

 Hernandez eats calf kicks and dropkicks, Homicide nails an elbow on Styles. Styles is catapulted into a belly to belly suplex, Homicide begins climbing towards the cables. Homicide is brought down, Daniels nails a single arm DDT on Homicide, Homicide is clutching the arm in the corner. Elbows and sentons for Hernandez, Daniels protects Styles as Styles climbs. Homicide brings down Styles, Homicide has a chair.

Homicide dives onto Daniels tope style. Fosbury Flop by Styles onto Homicide, Daniels stops Hernandez diving. Complete shot into a Koji Clutch by Daniels, Homicide saves Hernandez. Hernandez catches Styles, powerbomb by Hernandez. Hernandez gets a ladder, Homicide begins climbing. Styles shoves the ladder into Homicide, Hernandez is crotched onto one of the legs of the ladder. Daniels is throat tossed off the top turnbuckle, corner splash by Hernandez on Styles.

Running powerslam on Styles, Hernandez is knocked off the cables by Styles. Homicide whacks down Styles with a chair, Homicide begins climbing. Styles chases Homicide, Cutter by Homicide onto Styles. Daniels is climbing, Hernandez has Daniels doomsday style. Steiner bulldog by LAX, Hernandez climbs the cables. Styles pulls Hernandez down onto Homicide, Styles clotheslines and Pele kicks everything in sight.

Eye poke by Homicide, springboard reverse DDT by Styles, Styles & Daniels suplex on Hernandez. Homicide boots down Daniels, slam to Styles. Frog Splash misses, High & Low by the challengers. Hernandez clotheslines the challengers, Konnan pulls out a table. Derailer on Daniels by Hernandez, Daniels stops the border toss. Uranage on Hernandez, Frog Splash and BME combination. Spinal Tap by Styles, Homicide is on the apron. Styles joins Homicide, Styles Clash through the table at ringside.

Hernandez and Daniels are left in the ring, Konnan has his slapjack. Daniels is climbing the cables, Daniels climbs the outer structure to escape LAX. Daniels dives onto the championships in the middle of the structure and brings down the championships.

That was great, this was not a series of dives with no reasons or rhyme, this has some fine psychology inside of that ring. Homicide could not climb due to his shoulder, they use ladders to help Homicide. They send up big man Hernandez so Homicide does not have to climb, Homicide climbs up as a last resort. Daniels fights off LAX to let Styles clmb, they use Spinal taps and Koji Clutches to wear down Hernandez, so much good stuff about this match. It is a great Ultimate X Match.

Winners: Styles & Daniels over LAX Via Retrieval Of The Championships!

Samoa Joe vs Jeff Jarrett

It is a fan's revenge match, fans have straps to whip whoever spills to the floor. Jarrett is wearing a shirt, I feel this is an actual shoot but that would be ridiculous right? Joe high kicks Jarrett hard, lefts by Joe. Corner forearm and enzuigiri, they tease Jarrett falling to the floor a lot. Saving the pay-off, uranage slam by Joe. Jarrett gets whipped like a dog, nobody whips Joe.

Jarrett stole a strap, Joe is whipped by Jarrett. Jarrett nails a crossbody for two, crossbody for two again. Joe walks away, huge boot by Joe. Senton, chops by Joe. Jarrett is whipped by everyone, Joe whips Jarrett. Dropkick out of desperation by Double J, Joe powerslams Jarrett for two. Roll-up by Jarrett for two, Jarrett chokes Joe with a shirt. Jarrett is whipped by fans, referees enter the ring. Jarrett has his guitar, Coquina Clutch. Low blow by Jarrett, STroke on the guitar for two. Joe misses high knee, Jarrett tries super stroke. But no, Muscle Buster and it is over.

While ti was fine, you could have easily done this match on Impact, I see no reason for this to headline a pay per view. Also, how can Joe not be champion by this stage? That's two pay per views where Joe has pinned the champion with ease, Jarrett is right up after the muscle buster too. Not a fan of that at all, that's bullshit but this card has mostly been poor. So, your pay per view main event was an average Impact main event.

Winner: Samoa Joe over Jeff Jarrett via Muscle Buster!

That was TNA's No Surrender 2006, a one match show. I felt insulted by waht the X Division brought to this show, people playing pranks and shitting themselves? A blow-up doll? The fans chanted stupid, it was stupid and I hope they correct themselves in time for the next pay per view because it was garbage. Rhino and Christian lacked the heat it needed for the feud and Joe killing Jarrett means nothing because they are not putting that championship on Joe. Watch the Ultimate X Match, skip the rest! Thanks for reading and remember: There's always another night!

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