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TNA Slammiversary 2006 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that continues to lose and lose like Finn Balor! Sorry Finn! TNA's Slammiversary 2006 where we have some huge matches on this card; The rematch for the tag team championships, Styles and Daniels get another crack at the gold against AMW, the standard-bearers of the tag team division. We also have The King Of The Mountain Match where the championship is on the line, Christian, Abyss, Ron Killings, Sting and Jarrett. Who will be the king of the mountain? Let's get it on!

Team 3D vs The James Gang (The Bingo Hall Brawl)

The rivalry continues, The James Gang had avenged a loss from six years prior but now this friendly rivalry has taken a nasty turn. Team 3D jump The James Gang to begin the match, Kip waffles Brother Ray with the chair for two. Devon has a kendo stick, The James Gang are down. Right hands by BG, kendo stick to the head. Reverse 3D on Kip, two for Devon. They brawl at ringside, LAX own the spanish booth I presume as they beat the piss out of both teams. Brother Ray has a guard rail on two chairs, Kip is hiptossed onto the guard rail.

BG dives into the crowd onto Devon, BG is rammed into chairs by Team 3D. Kip uses a trash can lid on Team 3D, Brother Ray brings a trash can into the ring full of weapons. A bra? Kip is choked with the bra. Cheesegrater, Kip low blows Brother Ray. Stinger splash is blocked with the cheesegrater, Kip is bleeding. Kip is raked in the head, BG and Devon knock one another down with trash can lids. Diving headbutt is blocked with a trash can lid, Brother Ray slams the lid down on Bg's privates. Famouser on Brother Ray for two, ten punches with a tray. Kendo stick to the back, Doomsday Device connects.

Two for Devon, they have the tables. Devon pulls it out, kendo sticks to the back of Kip and BG. Bg smacks Brother Ray with the tray, Devon sends  BG to the floor. Low blow on Kip, 3D through the table and Team 3D win the match.

Entertaining brawl from two very over teams in their day, the fans loved the match as the two teams brawled around the arena, not great for us the pay per viewers as we cannot see half of the action. However, what we did see was a fun brawl between these veterans who know how to put on a great show.

Winners: Team 3D over The James Gang via 3D!

Handicap Match Team Canada vs Rhino

Scott D'Amore and Bobby Roode battle the man they screwed last month, Rhino takes on both. Roode eats a back drop and powders, D'Amore is terrified. Roode is in against Rhino, side headlock by Roode. Shoulder block by Rhino, clotheslines by Rhino. D'Amore tags in by accient slapping Roode on the back, Roode clotheslines Rhino after The War Machine was lured in by D'Amore. Two for Canada, Roode nails a stunner on Rhino as D'Amore covers for two. Roode is legal, choke by Roode.

D'Amore is in, right hands and jawbreaker by D'Amore. Roode saves D'Amore when D'Amore is in trouble. Knee drop for two, Roode is legal once more. Choke and elbows by Roode, right hands drop Rhino. Leg drop by D'Amore for two, fist to the head. Tag to Roode, side headlock but Rhino escapes. Belly to belly suplex, boot by Roode. Neckbreaker by Roode, two for Roode. Mounted punches by Roode, tag to D'Amore.

D'Amore directs traffic, Roode stomps Rhino. D'Amore whips off his shirt, some posing by D'Amore. D'Amore looks for a moonsault, Rhino dodges and finally, Rhino has D'Amore as Roode is caught. Diving clothesline, corner spear. Hockey stick to the back, D'Amore has Rhino. Spinebuster for D'Amore, Roode is tossed to the floor. Gore on D'Amore and it's over.

Man, that felt so long. I am not even sure the pay-off was worth it by the end of the match. It just felt like it took an age just to get to that Gore. Long matches are not Rhino's style, when will they learn?

Winner: Rhino over Team Canada via Gore!

X-Division Multi-Man Match (Senshi/Petey Williams/Shark Boy/Jay Lethal/Alex Shelley/Sonjay Dutt)

This is a rankings match, the championship seems secondary to beb honest with Joe facing heavyweight superstars leaving these to be competing for no real meaning and I cannot see any of them beating Joe so this is not good, Shark Boy and Williams look to start the match.

Shoulder block by Shark Boy, slap by Williams. Dropkick by Shark Boy, arm-drag. Back drop and ten punches by Shark Boy, inverted atomic drop by Williams. Shark Boy is in the tree of woe, Shark Boy bites Williams. Senshi and Lethal are in, stiff kicks by Lethal. Dropkick by Lethal for two, flapjack on Senshi. Shelley comes in, straight-jacket on Lethal. Lethal is flattened by Shelley, jawbreaker by Lethal. Kick by Shelley, hiptoss and cartwheel into a dropkick.

Dutt is in, running hurricanrana. Arm-drag before Shelley takes control, kicks and chokes. Springboard moonsault by Shelley for two, tag to Shark Boy. Triple suplex by the babyfaces, Shark Boy and Dutt are left. Shark Boy misses an elbow drop, standing shooting star press and Shark Boy is the first man eliminated.

Dutt and Shelley are in the ring, enzuigiri by Shelley. Neckbreaker by Dutt for two, Lethal is legal. Shelley complet shots Lethal into the corner, low dropkick to the back. Brainbuster but the top rope senton is blocked, Dragon Suplex for the elimination.

Everyone starts throwing bombs, suicide dives. Lethal misses a rpingboard, big kick by Lethal on Williams. Diving headbutt misses, Canadian Destroyer connects on Lethal and it is over for Lethal.

Dutt is sent to the floor, Senshi sends him back into the ring. Senshi tags in off Dutt, Williams is down. Slam to Dutt, Williams and Senshi are on the turnbuckle. Dutt nails Williams with The Sonjay Cutter, Warrior's Way on Williams and Williams is eliminated.

Top rope hurricanrana, low dropkick and two for Dutt. Senshi is in control, high angle fisherman is blocked. Knee drop and neckbreaker by Dutt, 450 Splash is blocked. Running dropkick into the corner, Dutt is in the tree of woe. Warrior's Way on Dutt, we have a new number one contender.

It was good stuff, everyone got to show what they can do. Senshi is a breathe of fresh air as everyone else feels so stale as they have not progressed for what feels like years now. At least with Senshi it is someone new

Winner: Senshi via Warrior's Way!

Kevin Nash vs Chris Sabin

Nash shits all over X Division people, Sabin has had enough. Can Sabin shut Nash's mouth? Knee by Nash, elbows to the neck. Sabin pummels Nash but Nash shrugs it off, right hand by Nash. Eye poke by Nash, Sabin nails a dropkick. Nash powders, Shelley comes out for the match. Shelley distracts Sabin, Nash clotheslines Sabin down. Foot choke by Nash, Shelley exposes a turnbuckle but Sabin sends Nash into the turnbuckle. Missile dropkick, Nash clotheslines Sabin down. Big boot by Nash, rib breaker and Nash stretches Sabin.

Knees in the corner by Nash, elbows too. Big boot by Nash, Jacknife is fought out of, right hands by Sabin. Cradle Shock but Shelley saves Nash, dropkick to the knee by Sabin. Suicide dive to Shelley, clotheslines by Sabin. Springboard clothesline floors Nash for two, top rope leg drop for two. Shelley crotches Sabin, Nash pulls down the straps. Jacknife Powerbomb and Sabin has been put away.

It is a fun angle but I wonder will Nash do anything to put over X Division guys? Nash does not have a bright record when it comes to that sort of thing. To be fair, Nash takes many bumps for Sabin and Shelley is super annoying which is a perfect sidekick for Big Man Nash.

Winner: Kevin Nash over Chris Sabin via Jacknife Powerbomb!

(NWA/TNA Tag Team Championship Match) AMW (C) W/ Gail Kim vs Christopher Daniels & AJ Styles

The two best of the X Division against the best tag team in TNA. Last month, these four stole the show. Gail Kim is a big factor in every match between the two, this is the challengers' last chance.

Styles and Storm start, clean break. Side headlock by Storm, shoulder block. Styles is thrown to the apron, Styles leapovers and nails a dropkick. Tag to Daniels, axe handle to the arm. Tag to Styles, kick to the arm. Tag to Daniels, Storm pushes Daniels to the corner. Harris tags in, Daniels takes the arm. Right hand by Harris, wristlock from Daniels. Eye poke by Harris, wristlock by Harris. Leg trip and head stomp by Daniels, leaping leg lariat. Storm is dropped into Harris, Storm  is thrown to the floor with Harris.

Tope con hilo by Styles, scoop slam and slingshot elbow by Daniels for two. Daniels kicks Storm into Styles, backstabber for two. Scoop slam and knee drop for two, Styles takes out Harris and Storm. Styles runs off the ropes as Harris lowbridges Styles, AMW put the boots to Styles. Daniels makes the save, Gail Kim attacks Daniels. Harris drops Daniels on the guard rail, everyone is brawling on the floor. Styles and Harris are back in the ring, clothesline by Harris for two. Leapfrog backsplash by AMW, Storm is legal now. Storm decimates Styles with kicks and a cheap shot to Daniels.

Harris is in, stalling vertical suplex. Choke by Harris, tag to Storm. AMW stomp Styles, eye of the storm is countered. Storm spears Styles into the corner, Styles knees and a Pele kick on Storm. Tag to Daniels, clotheslines and high knees, enzuigiris. Scoop slam on Storm, split-legged moonsault. Blue Thunder Bomb on Harris, Gail Kim distracts the referee. Gail Kim is chokeslammed by an amazon of a woman, Gail is dragged backstage. Storm is shoved off the top rope, Harris is all alone. Back drop to Daniels, Styles is down. Daniels goes for an O Connor roll, Storm cracks Daniels with a chair, two for AMW.

Tag to Styles, springboard forearm to Harris. Springboard reverse DDT on Storm, ribbreaker on Harris. Spinal Tap is dodged, Harris has handcuffs. Storm distracts the referee, wham to the head. Daniels pulls out the referee, Storm waffles Daniels. Death Sentence is blocked, Daniels saves. Harris eats a death valley driver for two, Storm clotheslines Daniels hard. Superkick is blocked, low blow. Angel's Wings, Harris elbows the referee.

Styles whips Harris, stinger splash misses. Storm has a bottle, Harris is waffled by mistake with the bottle. Uranage by Daniels, Frog Splash by Styles and BME for the win, AMW are no longer tag team champions.

Not as good as their first match I thought, I thought there was a lot going on with Gail being taken out, chair shots, handcuffs and referee bumps. It was all a bit much for me, the action was good though. Styles and Daniels have a wonderful chemistry while AMW are completely unlikiable and through good booking and cheap finishes, the crowd was so hot for the title change. Good match but not as great as the first match last month, they celebrate in the crowd and they do not cut away I am shocked.

Winners: Styles & Daniels over AMW via BME!

Scott Steiner vs Samoa Joe

This match has an aura around it and it is shocking, no doubt these are two of the toughest bastards to ever be in the ring together but Steiner had not shown anything special in years due to injuries and his physique. Could Steiner reel back the years?

Lock-up, firemen's carry by Steiner. Takedown by Steiner, Steiner slaps the head of Joe. Chops by Steiner, big hiptoss with more bitch slaps. Joe spits on Steiner and goes wild, chops and kicks. Knee drop, reverse tiger suplex by Steiner, big boot. Chops by Steiner, Joe boots Steiner down. Face wash by Joe, Steiner rolls out not wanting the boot. Suicide dive by Joe, clothesline and elbow by Steiner. Joe chops back, eye poke by Steiner. Belly to belly suplex by Steiner, Steiner powerbombs Joe but Joe goes for a triangle choke. Big rights in the corner, Steiner drops to the floor. Uranage by Steiner out of the corner, that's Joe's move.

Joe is on the floor, Steiner has a chair. Joe stops the chair, Joe punches the chair into Steiner's face. Steiner ducks a clothesline, Joe is waffled in the face with the chair. Joe is down, Steiner waffles Joe with the chair. Joe gets in the ring at nine, Joe just survives. Joe is going crazy, inverted atomic drop, high knee and a senton. Uranage by Joe, Blue Thunder Bomb on Steiner for two. Clothesline by Joe, neither man are down. Coquina Clutch by Joe, Steiner got caught! Steiner is escaping, Steiner low blows Joe. Half-nelson suplex, Steiner Recliner. Joe escapes, Steiner eats a powerslam and Joe wins!

Damn, that was a good match, did not expect that from Steiner. Steiner was intimidating and brought the pain, no real sloppy parts. The chair shot was brutal, Joe was such an awesome character at the end of the day, so badass. They bet the crap out of one another and I loved this match, all I can really say about it.

Winner: Samoa Joe over Scott Steiner via Powerslam!

(NWA/TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match) Sting vs Jeff Jarrett vs Ron Killings vs Abyss vs Christian Cage (C) (King Of The Mountain Match)

While the reverse ladder match concept is dumb, it's significance on TNA is certainly anything but, it is a stable of the company. Never has a champion retained, it is Jarrett's nickname, it gets you pumped. So how does it work? You need to either pin or submit your opponent to be eligible to hang the championship and win, if you are pinned or submitted, you must wait in the penalty box. Jarrett and Killings begin in the ring, leg lariat from Killings. Lie Detector by Killings, Christian chops Jarrett. Double hiptoss on Jarrett, Sting and Abyss brawl. Superkick by Killings for two.

Jarrett and Christian square off, Christian dives onto Jarrett. Sting and Killings pummel Abyss. Scissors Kick on Abyss, Killings dives onto Abyss and Jarrett. Sting climbs the penalty box and dives onto everyone, Sting has Jarrett. Stinger Splash, missile dropkick by Killings on Jarrett and Killings pins Jarrett. Killings is now eligible to win, Jarrett is in the box. Christian see-saws a ladder into Killings' face, Abyss stops Christian pinnning Killings. Foot choke by Abyss, Abyss tries a press slam but Christian rolls-up Abyss. Christian and Killings can win, Abyss is in the penalty box.

Jarrett steps all over Christian who is in a ladder, Abyss is out of the box. Abyss and Sting brawl, Jarrett and Killings too. Complete shot by Killings on Jarrett, Killings eats a Stroke onto the guard rail. Jarrett pins Killings on the floor, Killings is in the penalty box. Everyone is crowd brawling, Killings almost hangs the championship, Abyss tips the ladder. Abyss and Jarrett use the ladder to batter the babyfaces. Sting and Christian dropkick the ladder, Christian squeezes a ladder on Jarrett's ribs. Christian and Abyss tumble to the floor, Killings is alone climbing for the championship.

Abyss is coming, Killings spills to the floor. Hebnar is down, Abyss stops Jarrett at first. Black Hole Slam on Jarrett, Abyss can win the match. Larry Zbyzsko is here, Abyss is tipped off the ladder by Sting through four tables. Sting and Christian trade blows, Scorpion Deathlock by Sting. Jarrett is out with the championship, Christian steals the guitar. Larry Zbyzsko low blows Christian, the fuck? Scorpion Death Drop on Jarrett, no referee. Sting climbs for the championship, Sting and Christian battle for the championship. Earl Hebnar tips the ladder, Jarrett climbs and wins the match.

Poor Jarrett had been doing well in my eyes, staying out of my main events with drama but Jarrett comes roaring back into for this match. I understand that Jarrett vs Sting is the big match they want to make but do they need to do it like this? Surely, Zbyzsko should be gone with Cornette be in charge? I thought they could have done two big matches in Joe vs Christian for the championship and Jarrett vs Sting. Put over your homegrown talent as opposed to Sting and Jarrett being back in the main event scene. I understand why but I think ti was the wrong choice, the match itself was hit and miss. Felt slow and dull in parts, Abyss and Killings took the big bumps. It was alright with and ending that just is wrong.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett via Being King Of The Mountain!

That was TNA's Slammiversary 2006, I do not know if that was the best card for a four-year anniversary when all was said and done. There is some good in here, AMW vs Styles and Daniels was some good stuff if not over-produced while Steiner pulled out a performance that I did not think he had left in him. The lower card matches were from average to solid, the bingo brawl was fun and the X Division multi-man match was fun but tha handicap match was far too long and Nash and Sabin did not work well for me, never looked like Sabin had a chance. The main event was ok, the finish is tough to swallow but the company thought they were going the right way. Thanks for reading and remmeber: There's always another night!

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