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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event May 2nd, 1987 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the wrestling review series for people who love wrestling more than Luke Gallows loves Nia Jax! It is time for another Saturday Night’s Main Event with a Lumberjack Match, An Intercontinental Championship Match and Jim Duggan threatening to beat the crap out of Nikolai Volkoff! These shows are always fun so expect a great show as we stick ourselves into The Golden Generation!

Jake The Snake Roberts vs Kamala W/ Kim Chee & Mr. Fuji

The Snake looks to get back on track with a match against The Ugandan Giant Kamala. Roberts starts by throwing the snake at Kamala, Kamala is terrified of the snake. Kamala starts with a sneak attack, kick to the ribs but Roberts battles back. Throat chop by Kamala, bearhug by Kamala. Roberts escapes by setting on the toes of Kamala, Kim Chee is scared off by Roberts. Roberts wants Kamala, Kamala is begging off. Wrist-lock by Roberts, stamp to the feet. Massive chop by Kamala, choke from Kamala. Foot choke by Kamala, Roberts fights back with big uppercuts. Headbutt by Kamala, chop by Kamala. Headbutts down Roberts, Roberts make Kamala chase him. Knee lift, diving knee lift and it is DDT time. Kim Chee waffles Roberts with his cane, Splash by Kamala for the win.

Good stuff from a nothing match, it is all about how you make something out of nothing during these Golden Years, it was all about the characters back in these days, not saying that these two could not work because they could but Roberts has the crowd eating out of his hand for this match, they explode for the DDT and then, when Honky Tonk Man reveals himself as Kim Chee and nails Shake Rattle and Roll, it is fantastic.

Winner: Kamala over Jake Roberts via Splash!

Randy Macho Man Savage vs George The Animal Steele (Lumberjack Match)

Savage may be the most hated man in the WWF at this time, this feud continues to be stretched out. Steele and Savage nail one another, Steele is throwing around Savage. Savage rolls over to the heels, Savage escapes a beating until The British Bulldogs come in, Steele sends Savage into the corner. Savage is thrown back into the ring, Steele bites Savage. Savage rakes the eyes, Steele rakes the eyes back. Savage is thrown into the ring again, Savage sends Steele into the turnbuckle. Savage knees Steele, Axe Handle off the top rope. Steele is attacked by the heels, Duggan comes in and scares off everyone.

Steele is in the ring, two-handed throat toss on Savage. Steele rips at the turnbuckle, foam into the eyes of Savage. Savage has been blinded, Savage rakes the eyes and chokes Steele. Snap suplex by Savage, knee drop by Savage. Savage is tossed to the floor, Steamboat throws in Savage. Steele and Savage are nearly thrown to the floor, Savage has an armbar. Steele nails right hands, biting from Steele. Savage is tossed to the floor again, Savage nails Steamboat. Everyone batters one another, Danny Davis cracks Steele with a ringbell. Savage on the top rope, Diving Elbow Drop and Savage wins the match.

That was so much fun! Steele and Savage have so much chemistry due to the history with Elizabeth, it makes for such an entertaining match that sucks you in, the lumberjacks played their parts well and everybody pops for the brawls between everyone, Jake Roberts comes out with his snake just to scare off the heels before getting Kim Chee, it is brilliant as Roberts gets his heat back for earlier, great stuff thank you very much.

Winner: Randy Savage over George The Animal Steele via Diving Elbow Drop!

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) The Hart Foundation © vs The British Bulldogs (Two Out Of Three Falls Match)

Bret and Davey Boy begin, Santana is in The Bulldogs’ corner while Danny Davis is with The Hart Foundation. Armbar by Davey Boy, side headlock by Bret. Davey Boy and Bret continue to pull off some beautiful transitions before Bret nails a huge knee to the ribs. Tag to Neidhart, right hands by Neidhart. Bret chokes Davey Boy behind the referee’s back, Neidhart pummels Davey Boy. Backbreaker, two for Bret. Davey Boy tags in Dynamite, snap suplex and headbutt by Dynamite. Neidhart interferes, the match breaks down with the bell ringing, who has won the fall? The British Bulldogs take the fall due to a DQ, The Hart Foundations have shot themselves in the foot.

Second fall begins, Dynamite is taking one hell of an ass-whipping. Bret covers Dynamite for two, Bret complains to the referee. Dynamite battles back from his knees, Bret grabs onto the leg of Dynamite. Neidhart jumps in, front chancery from Neidhart. Bret knocks Davey Boy down, we have a chase around ringside, Bret escapes from Davey Boy as Neidhart chokes Dynamite. Neidhart bites the nose, Bret smacks Dynamite from the apron. Tag to Bret, shot to the ribs.

Bret ties Dynamite in the ropes, Bret misses as Dynamite dodges, Davey Boy gets the tag and goes wild, elbow and dropkick by Davey Boy. Clothesline by Davey Boy for two, suplex on Neidhart. Two for Davey Boy, kick to the ribs by Neidhart. Bret and Neidhart batter Davey Boy, Neidhart misses a clothesline and nails Bret. Right hand by Davey Boy, Santana nails Danny Davis. Davey Boy presses Dynamite onto Neidhart, we have new tag team champions!

Great tag team match, lovely start with Matilda scaring off Jimmy Hart, it was simply fantastic. The match is great with Bret carrying the load from his team against Davey Boy and Dynamite, Dynamite sells his ass off for The Hart Foundation. The match was great the crowd was hot throughout, this may be one of the best Saturday Night’s Main Event of all time.

Winners: The British Bulldogs over The Hart Foundation via Military Press!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Ricky Steamboat © vs Hercules W/ Bobby The Brain Heenan

Fresh off dispatching Billy Jack Haynes, Hercules looks to capture Intercontinental Championship gold, Hercules uses knees to batter Steamboat. Steamboat slides between the legs of Hercules, dropkicks and chops. Atomic drop by Steamboat, Hercules stomps all over Steamboat in the ring. Clothesline and pose by Hercules, two for Hercules. Boot by Steamboat, snapmare and chop, low shot by Hercules. Kick to the head by Steamboat and Hercules meets the turnbuckle, neckbreaker by Steamboat.

Eye rake by Hercules, Full-Nelson attempt by Hercules. Hercules clasps it on, Savage is going mental on commentary. Savage wants to beat Steamboat, Savage grabs onto Hercules, Hercules and Savage have words. Hercules misses a splash as Steamboat blocks with his knees. Slam by Hercules, elbow drop misses for Hercules. Chops by Steamboat, Irish whip to the corner. Massive chop, Hercules is lost. Ten punches by Steamboat, inverted atomic drop by Hercules. Heenan hands Steamboat the chain, Hercules chokes Steamboat, we have a DQ.

Savage was hysterical during this match, I thought we were going to get the face turn of The Macho Man Randy Savage, it would have been massive as the people were ready for it. Anyways, Savage was awesome in this, Steamboat had the crowd eating out of his hand just like Roberts, good fun.

Winner: Ricky Steamboat over Hercules Via DQ!

The Can-Am Connection vs Nikolai Volkoff & Iron Sheik

Jim Duggan is making quite the name for himself in the WWF as Duggan goes after Volkoff, Martel and Zenk are a hot new team on the rise while we will not have too many more times when we will cover Volkoff and Sheik. Zenk and Sheik get down to it, boot by Sheik. Zenk meets the turnbuckle, gutwrench suplex for two. Suplex by Sheik for two, Volkoff batters Zenk. Boot to the ribs, jumping stomps by Volkoff. Sheik is back in, Slick is spouting crap at ringside. Belly to belly suplex and abdominal stretch by Sheik. Hiptoss counter by Zenk, clothesline by Sheik. Duggan and Volkoff have words, Martel rolls up Sheik with an O Connor roll for the win.

Very average match, more of a showcase for Jim Duggan. The great thing is the crowd are eating up everything that Duggan does inside of the ring, it looks like this Jim Duggan may turn out to be a big star in the WWF.

Winners: The Can-Am Connection over Sheik & Volkoff via O Connor Roll!

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