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TNA Hard Justice 2006 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews; the only wrestling review series on the internet that is more without direction than Mike Kanellis! TNA's Hard Justice 2006, Sting has his match with Jarrett, Jarrett is champion but Sting is here where can Jarrett run? LAX vs Styles & Daniels, Samoa Joe vs Rhino vs Monty Brown? What? How did Joe get there? Oh well, it is TNA!

Eric Young vs Johnny Devine

When Team Canada was forced to disband, Eric Young was blamed by Scott D'Amore Young wishes to not get fired and wrestle his heart out while Johnny Devine is punking out his former stablemate.

Slap by Devine, eye poke by Young. Big right by Devine, forearms by Devine. Knees in the corner for two, Young tries a crucifix for two. Devine regains control, snapmare and knee drops by Devine. Slaps by Devine, Young fires up. Slingshot reverse DDT for two, smoke fills the ring as there was a pyro disaster. Cant see the wrestlers, are you kidding me? Devine misses a springboard moonsault, small package by Young for two. Uppercut by Devine, Young nails a powerbomb. Discuss lariat, Devine eats a massive elbow drop for two. Young sunset flips from the apron, roll through. Wheelbarrow Neckbreaker and it's over.

What a shit-show, not the launching match for Young's babyface turn. Could not see have the action, the fans did not care while the smoke was in the arena. Young was popular though, I shall give them that the fans are buying into Eric Young.

Winner: Eric Young over Johnny Devine via Wheelbarrow Neckbreaker!

Chris Sabin vs Alex Shelley

Shelley grabs the ropes quick, avoiding Sabin's speed. They mat wrestle, series of pins. Arm-drags and hiptosses everywhere, Shelley asks for a break. Sabin arm-drags Shelley once more, springboard dropkick. Two for Sabin, Sabin mocks Nash and nails a dropkick. Shelley escapes a back drop, eye rake by Shelley. Bulldog by Shelley, springboard moonsault for two. Jawbreaker by Sabin, reverse elbow by Shelley. Sabin sends Shelley to the floor, suicide dive.

 Claw by Shelley, spinning sole butt and enzuigiri by Sabin. Dropkick to the knee and leg drop for two, running boot by Sabin. Shelley nails an inverted atomic drop, crossface from Shelley. Shelley gets stuck in the tree of woe, hesitation dropkick by Sabin. Yokasuka Cutter by Sabin, two for Sabin. Shelley bites Sabin, backstabber by Shelley. Shell-shock by Shelley, Sabin kicks out at two. Shelley has a chair, sliced bread is blocked. Dropkick with the chair by Sabin, Cradle Shock and it is over.

That was decent, I like that they are extending the feud between Nash and Sabin, Shelley is such an annoying sidekick, it works so well with Nash. Shelley may be one of the only actual heels in the division as well in a division where most guys are interested in flying as opposed to character work.

Winner: Chris Sabin over Alex Shelley via Cradle Shock!

Brother Runt vs Abyss

Runt comes out like Robert De Niro in Taxi, Runt spears Abyss in the chest twice. Crossbody does not work, Abyss tosses Runt into the crowd. Runt dives onto Abyss with a crossbody, Runt has steel chairs. Abyss wedges a chair into the turnbuckle, Abyss hurls Runt into the chair. Abyss corner splashes Runt, Abyss and Runt brawl on the top rope. Chain shot by Runt, double foot stomp for two. Low blow by Runt, Acid Drop for two. Referee gets squished, Shock Treatment. Abyss spreads the tacks, Runt has his head stomped into the tacks. Runt fires up, headbutts. Press slam on the tacks, Black Hole Slam for the win.

Well it was a match, Raven controlling Runt and Abyss destorys Runt. Tacks are no longer shocking to me, Abyss uses them all the time. It had some cool moments, the chair shot and the stomping into the tacks. But it was fine.

Winner: Abyss over Runt via Black Hole Slam!

Rhino vs Samoa Joe vs Monty Brown

What a waste of Joe, I am not happy. Brown takes control clotheslining everyone. Brown is out on the floor, plancha by Rhino. Suicide dive by Joe, Brown smacks Joe with a trash can. Joe kicks the can into his face, Rhino and Joe brawl. Lots of crowd brawling, pieces of walls are used. This continues for a long time, we get back to the ring eventually with Joe in control. Inverted atomic drop, big boot and senton on Brown. Rhino spinebusters Joe on the chair for two, Joe sunset flip powerbombs Rhino for two.

Joe and Brown battle up the ramp, right hands by Joe. Brown knees Joe, neckbreaker on the ramp. Rhino clocks both with a trash can lid, Rhino grabs a table. Rhino misses a gore and craches off the ramp, Samoa Joe  uranages Brown off the ramp through the table for the win.

Why is Joe in this feud? Joe should be in the main event being the champion. Why do a hardcore brawl after you already did a hardcore brawl in the last match? Why so much crowd brawling? How does Joe winning settle or continue the feud between Rhino and Brown?

Winner: Samoa Joe over Everyone Else via Uranage!

Gail Kim vs Sirelda

Oh fuck me, these two are wrestling? Shoulder block and clothesline by Sirelda, military press slam. Elbow for two, chokeslam is blocked. Gail hotshots Sirelda. Mounted punches by Gail, Tarantula by Gail. Middle rope leg drop, Gail misses a crossbody. Sirelda makes the comeback, falling front slam for two. Gail rakes the eyes, Sirelda tries a powerslam but Gail nails a blockbuster for the win. Gail tried hard, Sirelda is awful. DUD!

Winner: Gail Kim over Sirelda via Blockbuster!

(X Division Championship Match) Senshi (C) vs Jay Lethal vs Petey Williams

All three men attack one another, Williams nails his slingshot hurricanrana. Senshi nails a Sasuke special on Lethal and Williams, Senshi kicks Lethal around the ring. Reverse elbox by Senshi, Williams comes into the match. Lethal eats a suplex, Senshi kicks Williams in the chest hard. Lethal eats boots from Senshi, Williams boots Lethal. Senshi and Williams work together against Lethal. Senshi turns on Williams, big kicks by Senshi.

Senshi is clubbed by Williams, Lethal dropkicks Williams and Senshi. Lethal hiptosses Senshi, slam to Williams. Double dropkick, diving leg lariat by Lethal. Lethal Combination on Senshi for two, Williams legsweeps Lethal. German suplex by Lethal on Williams for two, series of pins by every man for two. Williams has Lethal, sharpshooter. Kick to the back of the head by Senshi, Lethal Dragon Suplexes Senshi. Williams makes the save, Lethal misses Diving Dynamite. Canadian Destroyer on Lethal, Senshi kicks away Williams and steals the win.

Very good match, it will take time to get the level of Styles, Daniels and Joe but Senshi certainly has a presence about him and is more than enough to carry the division but we need built up challengers, we cannot have Williams and Sabin over and over.

Winner: Senshi over Everyone Else Via Stealing The Pin!

(NWA/TNA Tag Team Championship Match) LAX W/ Konnan vs AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels (C)

Daniels and Hernandez start, Daniels uses his quickness. Right hands, shoulder block by Hernandez. Scoop slam, Daniels escapes a leg drop. Low dropkick, headscissors and leaping leg lariat. Styles and Homicide brawl, Styles clears the ring. Daniels tags in, stomps by Daniels. Tag to Styles, double powerbomb and knee drop. Two for Styles, LAX take control. Corner splash by Hernandez for two, tag to Homicide. Reverse chinlock, Styles is thrown to the apron. Hernandez stops the springboard, Homicide nails Styles with a huge cannonball through the ropes.

Konnan gets in some cheap shots, Hernandez stretches Styles. Styles stops Homicide's suplex and hangs Homicide on the top rope. Styles tags Daniels, clotheslines and forearms. Bulldog and enzuigiri on LAX, split-legged moonsault. Two for Daniels, Hernandez dives onto Daniels after knocking him to the floor. Styles nails a springboard shooting star press onto everyone, suplex and crossbody combination for two. Daniels eats a Steiner Bulldog, Styles saves Daniels.

Homicide's DDT is blocked, tower of doom spot. Hernandez throws Daniels with ease, Styles drills Hernandez with an enzuigiri. Springboard reverse DDT, Blue Thunder Bomb by Daniels on Homicide. Pele and high knee on Hernandez, Homicide eats a uranage. Konnan shoves Styles off the top rope, Hernandez slams Daniels. Border Toss and Gringo Killer fails, Homicide is thrown into Hernandez and a huge high and low combination ends this match, the champions retain.

This was a lot of fun, Styles and Daniels continue to be the most entertaining team in the tag team division withe their chemistry, they are always in the right place, they seem to do everything perfectly. LAX are blossoming into an awesome heel team, they have the mouthpiece and Hernandez is much better than Machete, this was the best match so far.

Winners: Styles & Daniels over LAX via High and Low!

(NWA/TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match) Jeff Jarrett (C) W/ Scott Steiner vs Sting W/ Christian Cage

Jarrett cheated his way to the gold, Sting earned the right to challenge for the championship by winning a fatal four way. Shoulder block from Sting, Jarrett is running like a mad man. Slap by Jarrett, Sting looks for the deathlock. Jarrett powders, they crowd brawl for the next few minutes.

 Steiner waffles Sting with a chair behind the referee's back, Steiner suplexes Christian on the floor. Jarrett works the knee, kicking it and dropping his weight on the knee. Figure Four, Sting reverses the hodl and escapes. Stinger splash misses, stroke is countered for Scorpion Death Drop. Referee is pulled out, Christian and Steiner brawl. Steiner passes Jarrett the championship, Jarrett misses. Sting nails Jarrett with the championship, no referee. Jarrett places his foot on the ropes, Steiner whacks Sting with a chair. Sting falls on Jarrett's area, Christian and Steiner brawl. Christian cracks Jarrett with the chair, the referee sends Christian out of the arena.

Steiner is gone too, Sting misses a dropkick. Jarrett looks for the deathlock, Jarrett applies the sharpshooter. Sting reverses the hold, Jarrett reaches the ropes. Sting splashes the referee as Jarrett pulls hm in the way. Stroke by Jarrett, Steiner hands Jarrett the guitar. Christian stops Steiner and Jarrett, Sting looks to dive on Jarrett. Christian cracks Sting with the guitar, Jarrett covers Sting for the win.

Damn You Jarrett and your fetish for insane main event booking, we have people ejected, we have referee's knocked down. And a big old heel turn to end it, you have had like three angles in one match, calm it down man. Also, I do not understand this in the slightest. If Sting is your guy to beat Jarrett and you need to get to Bound For Glory for the title change, why do you have the title match two months prior? It would leave space for Joe to murder Jarrett and Sting to go after Christian but you are not going there are you TNA?

Winner: Jeff Jarrett over Sting via Guitar!

That was TNA's Hard Justice 2006, a bad show in the books for TNA. It gets off to a horrible start and never really recovers for me, the tag team match is good as is Sabin vs Shelley and Senshi's dominance but there is so much nothing on this card. Two hardcore matches back to back, Sirelda flopping around the ring. Young vs Devine being ruined by smoke and a main event that makes no sense with a heel turn on a super hot babyface because there is only room for Sting at the top baby. Thanks for reading and remember: There's always another night!

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