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TNA Destination X 2006 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that continues to let you down like an episode of Raw! It's TNA Destination X 2006, it has been long enough since I have featured TNA on the channel and with Wrestlemania 24 out of the way, I might aswell start with TNA so I have little memory of the card but I am sure you will figure it out as we go along so this is TNA's Destination X 2006!

Alex Shelley vs Jay Lethal

Huge Lethal chants to begin, two ROH guys who are rising the ranks of TNA. Shellley takes down Lethal, Lethal kicks off Shelley. Test of strenght, takedown from Shelley into a tequila sunrise, Lethal escapes with a headlock takedown. The two trade holds with Shelley raking the nose of Lethal they are slapping one another in a bizarre hold. Front chancery from Lethal, arm-drag. Arm-drag by Shelley, they sweep one another and we have a stand-off. Shelley wants a handshake, right hands from Lethal. Arm-drags into an armbar by Lethal, springboard crossbody and slingshot hurricanrana by Lethal.

Suicide dive by Lethal, back suplex by Lethal. Reverse chinlock from Lethal, German suplex is stopped by Shelley with a foot stomp. Dropkick by Shelley, boot to the head. Submission hold from Shelley, cover fot two.  Jawbreaker by Lethal, enzuigiri by Shelley. Reverse chinlock fromb Shelley, elbows to escape by Lethal but Lethal eats a massive lariat for two. Springboard moonsault miss from Shelley, clotheslines from Lethal. Hiptoss and dropkick, jawbreaker counter by Shelley. Lethal nails a neckbreaker and front chancery suplex for two.

Dropkick to the knee by Shelley, cradle goes wrong as Lethal counters for a close two. Corner clothesline, Shelley bits Lethal. Super inverted atomic drop, Shelley misses a clothesline and Lethal lands a German suplex for two and a half. Suplex by Lethal, Lethal climbs to the top rope. Shelley crotches Lethal, slap to the face. Lethal shoves down Shelley, diving headbutt for two. Dragon suplex is blocked, boot to the ribs and a shiranui for the win.

Good way to kick off tyhe show, Lethal is made out to look great countering Shelley at each corner, coming close on a number of occasions but in the end, Shelley is more craftier and has the experience to put away Lethal. Good showing for both, crowd loved the match.

Winner: Alex Shelley over Jay Lethal Via Shiranui!

Matt Bentley W/ Traci vs Lance Hoyt

Bentley turned heel and took out Hoyt with a chair, busting Hoyt open. Hoyt vows for revenge in this match, Bentley hammers Hoyt. Hard Irish whip by Hoyt, military press is avoided but not the back drop. Clothesline by Hoyt, Traci tries teasing Hoyt but Hoyt clotheslines Bentley hard. Big boot misses, chokeslam is stopped but powerslam connects for two. Sidewalk slam by Hoyt for two,  Bentley is placed on the top rope. Low blow by Bentley, Traci distracted the referee. Top rope neckbreaker by Bentley, neckbreaker for two.

Elbows by Bentley, choke using the middle rope. Snapmare into a front chancery, Hoyt powers out and nails a one-armed flapjack. Right hands and a clothesline by Hoyt, corner clothesline. Bentley is placed horizontally on the top rope, Hoyt kicks Bentley hard. Pumphandle slam by Hoyt for two, Hoyt misses his moonsault. Superkick is stopped, complete shot by Bentley. Young and Shelley are looking for Sting in the rafters to find Sting, funny stuff. Traci is showing the poster to Bentley, Bentley is distracted. Massive boot and Hoyt wins.

Well, I felt it was a nothing match. I mean they were working hard but the story did not really come through and to top it off, they cut away from the match to show Young and Shelley looking for Sting. The ultimate fuck you when we take away the audience from watching wrestlers in the ring and why would Traci be so stupid to distract Bentley with the flyer? I do not ever remember her being stupid, this sucked!

Winner: Lance Hoyt over Matt Bentley via Big Boot!

Team Canada W/ Scott D'Amore & A1 vs The Naturals

Poor old Team Canada, they have well and truly run their course and what could really bring me down is when they work with The Naturals who are bland babyfaces and heels. Roode jumps Stevens to start, elbows and stomps from Roode. Side headlock by Roode, shoulder block too. Stevens trips Roode, side headlock. Dropkick by Stevens, shot to the ribs. Russian legsweep for two, Stevens tags Douglas. Roode tags in Young, Douglas nails arm-drags into an armbar. Tag to Stevens, double necktie neckbreaker for two, tag to Douglas. Douglas is tripped by Roode off an Irish whip, Young takes control.

Backbreaker for two, Roode pummels Douglas. Back suplex by Roode, Douglas is placed on the top rope. Douglas nails a huge diving rock bottom, tag to Stevens. Atomic drops, Young misses a Stinger Splash. Young is crotched on the top rope, dropkick to the floor. Stevens misses a dive and Young takes control, reverse elbow by Young. Two for Young, Roode is legal. Elbows to the back of the head, neckbreaker for two. Scoop slam, middle rope knee drop. Tag to Young, boot to the ribs.

Young chokes Stevens with the middle rope, Roode pulls the neck of Stevens behind the referee's back. Tag to Roode, elbow drop for two. Choke by Roode, Young is legal. Stevens crotches Young who eats an ebnzuigiri and drops to the floor from it. Roode is legal, Roode clotheslines Douglas off the apron. Sleeper on Stevens, Roode pulls down Stevens by the hair, Stevens crawls through Roode's legs.

Tag to Douglas, clotheslines and back drops. DDT for two, Young gets caught in a German suplex and elbow combiantion. Douglas nails a double arm DDT on Roode for two, Young saves Roode from a powerbomb. Tower of Doom spot, D'Amore distracts Douglas. Young nails Douglas with a hockey stick for the win.

Bleh was my feeling towards this match, the cards that TNA produce usually have no place on pay per view, they are at home on Impact. This is a perfect example, no real reason for this match other than oh hey Team Canada are popular let's put them in another tag match and I am just fed up of it, time to move on as we have seen everything we could ever see.

Winners: Team Canada over The Naturals via Hockey Stick!

The James Gang & Bullet Bob Armstrong vs LAX

Machete obviously screwed up somewhere because I only remember Homicide and Hernandez. Anyways, LAX took out Bullet Bob Armstrong so The James Gang are out for blood.

The James Gang take out LAX, BG and Machete to start. Boot by BG, punches. BG has Homicide, Machete smacks BG in the back. Spinning heel kick by Homicide, snapmare and dropkick. Tag to Machete, triple team on BG.  More triple teaming, punches by BG. Machete nails a low blow, boot to the side of the head, more triple teaming from LAX. Neckbreaker for two, front chancery from Homicide. Homicide is thrown off the top rope; no DDT. Both men bang heads, could it be hot-tag time?

Yes! Kip is in, rights and Stinger splashes. A brawl ensues, Konnan and Bullet Bob remain. Slapjack misses, Bob pummels Konnan. Machete and BG are in the ring, Bullet Bob saves BG from a chair shot. Homicide is tossed to the floor, Machete is surrounded. Triple team right hands into The One and Only for the win.

Another fine match, this has a tastier storyline than the previous matches and that's what gave it an edge. They kept Konnan and Bullet Bob away from one another until the end, Kip James' frustration was a welcome sight.

Winners: The James Gang over LAX Via One & Only!

(International X Match) Petey Williams W/ A1 vs Puma vs Sonjay Dutt vs Chris Sabin

I feel I should call this The Other X Division Guys Match because they are all here. The focus was usually around Styles and Daniels along with their opponent of the month which left a number of guys competing in meaningless multi-man match. This is that match as Puma and Dutt start, beautiful transitions and holds. Stand-off, Williams and Puma are legal. Sabin and Williams are in, arm-drags and handstands/leapfrogs. Williams eats a springboard dropkick for two, Williams asks for a tim!e-out. Eye rake by Williams, roll-up for two. Everyone trades roll-ups, tornado DDT by Sabin for two.

Puma and Sabin are in, kicks by Puma. Butterfly lock, Williams tags in and kicks Puma. Scoop slam, leg drop for two. Low dropkick by Williams, Dutt tags into the match. Moonsault, Sabin tags into the match. Kick to the head of Dutt for two, Sabin and Dutt trade holds before Dutt throws Sabin to the corner. Corner elbow by Dutt, Puma is legal. Snapmare, two for Puma. Kicks and slaps exchange, Williams tags into the match. O Canada from Williams, straight-jacket submission from Williams.

Slingshot hurricanrana by Williams onto Sabin, Puma dives onto everyone. Puma cuts off Dutt with a clothesline, Sabin dives onto Williams. Dutt dropkicks Puma to the floor, Dutt moonsaults onto everyone. Puma avoids cradle shock and enzuigiri, kick to Sabin. Everyone kicks one another down, brainbuster by Puma on Williams. Middle rope hurricanrana by Dutt on Sabin, suplex by Williams on Dutt. Sharpshooter by Williams on Puma, Dutt dropkicks Williams. Tornado DDT by Williams, the destroyer is blocked for a jig and tonic. Sabin stops that, powerbomb by Sabin on Dutt with Puma saving the match. Double underhook supex by Puma for two, Dutt saves the match. Williams flapjacks Dutt, Canadian Destroyer on Dutt. Puma spikes Williams with a blockbuster, Cradle Shock by Sabin on Puma for the win.

Fast-paced exciting match up right there, similar to the first match. It is all balls to the walls, an exhibition to whoever is in the match, everyone looks fantastic coming out of it and it was what TNA was the best at during this timeframe due to their poor booking of the main event, do not worry I will get there soon enough! But matches like this made people fans of TNA and those fuckers cut away immediately not even giving the wrestlers that standing ovation moment when clearly the crowd wanted to do it.

Winner: Chirs Sabin over Everyone Via Cradle Shock!

Jeff Jarrett/AMW/Abyss vs Team 3D/Rhino/Ron Killings

Everyone in this match has issues, we start with a brawl. Abyss and Rhino pair off, Team 3D and AMW pair off. Killings and Jarrett are on the ramp, the others are in the crowd. Rhino wants to gore Abyss off the rafters again, Abyss boots Rhino Down. They continue to brawl around the arena, this goes on for a solid five minutes. We finally have ring action, Rhino batters down Storm. Tag to D-Von, spinning elbow. Storm elbows D-Von, ten punches by Storm. Brother Ray eats a massive Chokeslam, Storm tags Jarrett. Jarrett nails a middle rope knee to the back, tag to Abyss.

Devon smashes Abyss but Abyss shrugs it off, tag to Storm. Clothesline by Devon, tag to Brother Ray. Back drop, sidewalk slam and fallaway slam. Chest slap to Harris, tag to Rhino. Corner Gore into AMW, spinebuster for two. Jarrett saves his team, Rhino military press slams Jarrett. Belly to belly suplex, Gail Kim saves Jarrett. Slap from Gail, Abyss saves Gail from a piledriver. Rhino is swatted down by Abyss, corner clothesline for two. Jarrett tags in, dropkick by Jarrett. Two for Double J, Storm is the legal man.

Powerslam by Storm for two, double elbow by AMW. Sleeper by Harris, Jarrett and Storm put the boots to Rhino. Here comes Abyss, right hands by Abyss. Boot rocks Rhino, middle rope splash. Two as Brother Ray saves Rhino, Jarrett and Rhino clothesline one another down. AMW fail to double team Rhino, Rhino tags Killings. Right hands and kicks to everyone, complete shot to Jarrett. Lie Detector to Harris, Abyss splashes Storm by mistake. Osaka Street Cutter for two, Jarrett has his guitar.

Killings uses the splits to avoid the guitar, Rhino Gores Jarrett. Black Hole Slam by Abyss on Rhino, Killings clotheslines Abyss to the floor. Gail Kim is taken down by Brother Ray. Double diving headbutt by Devon and Killings, Abyss clotheslines Team 3D. Abyss eats a low blow, 3D! Harris and Storm come in, Superkick and full-nelson slam on Team 3D. Death Sentence on Devon, Killings is handcuffed to the corner but no Harris is in the cuffs. Scissors Kick on Storm, referee is pulled out by Jarrett.

Jarrett and Killings in the ring, back drop by Jarrett. Stroke is blocked, Harris pulls the leg of Killings and The Stroke connects in the middle of the ring, Team Jarrett take the win.

Five minutes of crowd brawling to begin is not a good start in my book, its just punching for five minutes, it stinks of laziness. No Sting whatsoever despite all the teases, the match goes for a long time without the flurries of excitement of an X Division match while the finish is as flat as a pancake.

Winners: Team Jarrett over Team Killings via Stroke!

(TNA X-Division Ultimate X Championship Match) Samoa Joe (C) vs Christopher Daniels vs AJ Styles

Three of the best battle it out in this match with Joe being at a disadvantage due to his size, Daniels & Styles try to climb the structure but Joe dominates on the ground. Dropkick by Styles, Styles & Daniels climb to the cables. Both men kick one another down, flying knee by Joe. Styles & Joe battle in the ring, forearms by Styles. Phenomenal Forearm, Joe elevates Styles onto Daniels, diving tornillo from Joe.

Joe begins to climb to the championship, Joe falls from the structures. Daniels nails Joe with a cross-armed powerbomb, leg lariat to Styles. Enzuigiri to Joe, high knee too. Daniels climbs the cables, Styles stops Daniels. Snapmare and kick to the spine by Styles, Styles and Daniels are on the top rope. Sunset flip powerbomb by Styles, Styles is closing in on the championship. Joe pulls down Styles, inverted atomic drop. Boot to the face, senton and face wash to Daniels. Daniels and Joe brawl to the floor, Styles saves Daniels from a running boot with a leaping forearm.

 Uranage from Joe, Joe has a chair. Daniels stops the muscle buster, Joe slaps back but Daniels comes back with a spear. Shotei misses, Coquina Clutch from Joe. Styles nails an enzuigiri on Joe, Joe is perched on that top rope. Double Muscle Buster by Styles and Daniels, Joe is down. Pele kick by Styles, Styles is on the cables. Joe wallops Styles with a chair, Dnaniels dropkicks the chair into the face of Joe. Daniels climbs the cables and grabs the championship, simple as that.

Well, that was out of the blue. The match was getting to a good point, some really nice stuff mixed in there and on Daniels' first attempt at properly trying to grab the championship, Daniels gets in like a piece of cake. No struggle, no triumph over Joe. Daniels just got the championship, I thought that was rather tame to be honest with you, rather underwhelming.

Winner: Christopher Daniels over Everyone Via Retrieval Of The Championship!

(NWA/TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match) Christian Cage (C) vs Monty Brown

Cage took the championship from Jarrett (Thank You Jesus!) and now faces one of Jarrett's henchmen in Monty Brown. To be honest, Brown's momentum had been stalled almost to a standstill after his initial dominance in the company, Brown was turned heel and has been just kind of there. Christian has taped ribs due to Brown's attacks, Christian takes the back to begin the match.

Clean break from Brown, hammerlock into a side headlock by Christian. Shots to the ribs and a shoulder block by Brown, test of strength. Irish whip by Brown, chops by Christian. Brown tosses Christian to the floor, shots to the ribs by Brown. Christian is tossed into the crowd, the two begin brawling in the crowd. We get back to the ring, top rope axe handle is a bad idea for Christian as Brown smashes the ribs. Chops by Christian, Brown military presses Christian to the floor.

Onto the guardrail, Christian's ribs are the target. More shots to the ribs, Christian is suplexed rib first onto the top rope. Ribs first again, Christian is sent into the ringpost. Right hands to the head, abdominal stretch by Brown. Christian battles back but eats a knee to the ribs, knees to the ribs some more. Christian is Irish whipped, elbow from the corner. Tornado DDT is countered again, two for Brown. Rights by Christian, massive DDT out of desperation.

Clothesline by Christian, make it two. Rib shots by Brown, leaping leg lariat by the champion for two. Ten punches by Christian, Brown shoves off the champion twice. Knees and facebuster by Christian, frog splash misses. Bodyscissors by Brown, Christian escapes and nails a top rope senton for two. Unprettier is countered for a powerbomb, two for Brown. Unprettier is blocked twice, F-5 for two. Pounce is blocked, Alpha Bomb is countered for an Unprettier, Christian Wins!

Solid main event match, Christain and Brown tell the story of Brown decimating the ribs of Christian with raw power throughout the match. Christian weathers the storm to survive and plants Brownwith One Unprettier to end it all! Brown looked good in this match, Christian was able to much of the heavy lifting and it did not go too long.

Jarrett comes out and wants a rematch for the championship. Christianand Jarrett just brawl instead. Fair enough so, more people spill out, babyfaces and heels before Sting or Steve Borden comes out which leads to the debut of Scott Steiner. Steiner Recliner!

Winner: Christian Cage over Monty Brown via Unprettier!

That was TNA's Destination X 2006, a good pay per view but not a great pay per view. It has the usual TNA charm of exciting X-Division matches  but beyond that, some things could have been better. Matches that mean nothing, Hoyt vs Bentley? The Naturals vs Team Canada? It's notr only been done but there's nothing to these matches. Similar with the four way, it was fun but is it any different to anything I have seen or will see as I cover TNA pay per views? Probably not and more importantly, is there any growth in terms of any wrestler in this match? No they will be doing in the next pay per view so the question becomes why should I care? Joe vs Daniels vs Styles was disappointing, it ended without much drama at all. For a feud built up and it ending in TNA's signature match, you would think this would be special. Nope, Daniels wins with ease it was just weird. Good in parts, same old shit in others. Thanks for reading and remember: There's always another night!

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