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WWE Armageddon 2007 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wresting Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that remembers Just Joe! WWE’s Armageddon 2007, the last pay per view of the year. It’s been up and down for much of the year for WWE but this is a chance to start off 2008 with some serious momentum. For weeks, a mysterious promo played about the 2nd coming of a saviour. It was revealed to be Y2J, Chris Jericho returns after a two-year absence, his last pay per view match coming against John Cena at Summerslam 2005. Jericho challenges Orton for the WWE Championship, can The Viper withstand Chris Jericho? Meanwhile, on Smackdown, Edge has weaselled his way into the main event scene by screwing over Undertaker at Survivor Series. Batista, Edge and Undertaker will battle for the world heavyweight championship. Card looks solid while a Chris Jericho return should help the Raw roster so let’s get it on!

Opening Promo

A narrator with a sinister voice, the typical promo. Highlights of Orton destroying everyone, we have hope though. A light in the darkness, it is Y2J. Chris Jericho is here to Save Us, we next move onto a hype package for the triple threat. Good stuff, simple and builds hype for the main events. Amazing how WWE’s production was always lightyears ahead of the competition.

(WWE United States Championship Match) MVP © vs Rey Mysterio

With Finlay switching from heel to babyface, Mysterio moves onto his next feud with MVP, MVP’s takedown attempt fails. Lock-up, MVP tries another takedown but Mysterio is too fast. Kicks to the leg, headscissors by Mysterio. Small package for two, Mysterio continues to kick at MVP. Springboard arm-drag, MVP is on the floor. Referee blocks the dive, Mysterio dives over the referee. MVP stops an Irish whip to the corner, alley oop from MVP. Two for MVP, nasty forearms from MVP. Cravate lock by MVP, Mysterio battles out of the hold. Drop toehold by MVP, boot to the side of the head.

Two for MVP, forearm shots by MVP. Mysterio battles out of a hold, eye poke by MVP. Facebuster for two, MVP has keylock on Mysterio. Mysterio kicks his way out but Mysterio is yanked down by his mask, two for MVP. Military press by MVP fails, Mysterio lands on his feet and scores with a huge hurricanrana. Kicks and forearms shots, springboard crossbody for two. MVP shoves Mysterio onto the apron, springboard senton from Mysterio but Mysterio clutches his knee. Split-legged moonsault for two, Mysterio rebounds of the ropes into a massive lariat.

Both men battle onto the top turnbuckle, Mysterio is knocked to the apron. Mysterio is pulled up, the challenger fights off MVP. Top rope hurricanrana for two, big boot from MVP out of nowhere for two. Reverse brainbuster is countered by Mysterio for a falling reverse DDT, two for Mysterio. Mysterio knocks MVP onto the middle rope 619 misses and Mysterio gives chase. Hurricanrana off the apron, MVP opts not to break the count and retains his championship.

That was a fun opening match, I forgot how much I missed Mysterio in his absence, Mysterio is back to doing what he does best and that is take an ass-whipping before setting the world alight with his amazing agility and ability inside of the ring. The ending was a downer due to MVP doing the same thing he did when it came to Kane at Cyber Sunday, if you are building up MVP, you have to give him some big wins, not count-out losses to bigger stars.

Winner: Rey Mysterio over MVP via Count-Out!

CM Punk & Kane vs Big Daddy V & Mark Henry

Big Daddy V was ECW’s monster, poor Big Daddy V was then joined by two other monsters in Mark Henry and Kane. Anyways, Henry and Big Daddy V bullied Punk and Kane was Punk’s saviour. Punk and Henry start the match, Punk is shrugged off by Henry before the kicks begin, Henry is moved to Punk’s corner. In comes Kane, uppercuts galore. Clothesline from Henry stops an incoming Punk, clobbering blows to the back. Punk eats more punishment, tag to Big Daddy V. Punk chops back, Big Daddy V throws Punk to the floor. Striker gets in cheap shots, military press by Big Daddy V.

In comes Henry, Henry steps on Punk. Foot choke by Henry, throat choke by Henry. Henry misses a splash, in comes Kane. Corner clotheslines, boot to Henry. Diving clothesline by Kane, uppercut to Big Daddy V. Henry shoves Kane to the corner, tag to Big Daddy V. Chokeslam attempt, Big Daddy V baldo bombs Kane with Punk making the save. Short-arm clothesline, clubbing blows by Big Daddy V. Henry is the legal man now, bearhug from The World’s Strongest Man. Kane fires up, running DDT from The Big Red Machine. Hot-tag to Punk, high knees to Big Daddy V. Enzuigiri to Big Daddy V, Punk tries a springboard clothesline and Big Daddy V nails a massive Samoan Drop for the win.

That was solid, poor booking of the champion unless there will be an eventual title match between Big Daddy V and Punk but that already happened, and it was the shits. I do not think they are going back there, almost the story of Punk’s whole time on ECW though, Punk is being treated like garbage.

Winners: Big Daddy V & Mark Henry over CM Punk & Kane via Samoan Drop!

Mr. Kennedy vs Shawn Michaels

Kennedy is stepping up to the plate facing none other than The Heartbreak Kid, this should be some good stuff. Knee and clubbing blows from Kennedy, reverse elbow by Kennedy. Right hands and scoop slam by Kennedy, elbow drop and backbreaker. Michaels is in trouble, right hands in the corner by Kennedy. Michaels chops back, Irish whip to the corner and Michaels ends up countering the Green Bay Plunge with a chop block. Michaels cannot nail a suplex, HBK’s back is weak. Mic Check is blocked, single arm DDT by Michaels. Fujiwara armbar from HBK, Kennedy breaks free spearing Michaels to the floor.

Michaels sends Kennedy into the barricade, HBK continues to destroy Kennedy’s arm. Kennedy batters Michaels who holds onto the arm of Kennedy. The two brawl on the apron and Kennedy pushes Michaels back first into the ringpost. Kennedy shoves Michaels into the turnbuckle. Face wash from Kennedy, two for Kennedy. Backbreaker by Kennedy for two, Kennedy stretches Kennedy until HBK escapes. Scoop slam, Kennedy outsmarts Michaels and elbows HBK for a two-count.

Reverse chinlock by Kennedy, clubbing blows to the back. Michaels fires back with right hands. Kennedy is elevated over the top rope and to the floor, chops by Michaels. Flying forearm, kip-up. Inverted atomic drops, right hands and a scoop slam. Elbow drop by Michaels, superkick misses and Kennedy rolls-up Michaels for two. Green Bay Plunge is countered for a sunset flip, two for Michaels. Catapult onto the ringpost by Kennedy, Green Bay Plunge for two. Kennedy taunts Michaels, Mic Check is blocked as Michaels holds onto the ropes. Kennedy waffles Michaels with his left sore hand, HBK nails Sweet Chin Music for the win.

As always, Michaels brings the goods on pay per view. Michaels works the arm and it plays into the finish, a simple thing but you would be surprised at how often that simple trick is lost in a wrestling match. The replay and show how it was injured and how it cost Kennedy, the announcers tell the story but we did not need that, we were told the story with our eyes. Kennedy works the back of Michaels, Michaels make the most of it and I loved the shove into the ringpost, Michaels did something different again.

Winner: Shawn Michaels over Mr. Kennedy via Sweet Chin Music!

(No. 1 Contender Match For WWE Championship) Jeff Hardy vs Triple H

The winner of this match goes to Royal Rumble, Triple H tries to punk out Hardy. They lock-up, side headlock by Triple H. Shoulder block, Hardy escapes from a side headlock but another shoulder block from Triple H. Clothesine by The Game, Irish whip to the corner. Hardy nails a series of deep arm-drags, Triple H powders to the floor. The Game dodges the baseball slide, Hardy smacks Triple H off the barricade. Hardy misses his barricade clothesine, clothesline by The Game. Side headlock by Hardy in the ring, slap from Triple H. Triple H wants the best of Hardy, Hardy is fired up now.

Lock-up, Triple H misses a right hand. Stomps by Hardy, inverted atomic drop and low leg drop. Low dropkick for two, slap by Hardy. Stomp by Triple H, Hardy is tossed to the floor. Irish whip to the steel steps, Hardy is smacked back first into the barricade and ring apron. Elbow drops by The Game, Irish whip to the opposite corner by The Game. Hardy crumbles to the canvas in pain, elbow by Hardy. Triple H prevents whisper in the wind by pushing Hardy to the barricade. Hardy is re-entering the ring as Triple H drills Hardy with a middle rope elbow.

Hardy fires back with right hands, corkscrew mule kick is swatted away. Elbow by Triple H for two, abdominal stretch by Triple H. Hardy escapes a suplex for an enzuigiri, Irish whip by Hardy but The Game nails a facebuster and clothesline for two. Sleeper hold from Triple H, Hardy runs The Game head first into the turnbuckle, middle rope front dropkick. Swinging neckbreaker drop from Hardy, the two trade blows. Flying clothesline and forearms by Hardy, ten punches in the corner. Hardy misses his slingshot dropkick, two for Triple H.

Hardy clotheslines Triple H to the floor, plancha by The Charismatic Enigma. Hardy climbs to the top rope, crossbody for two. Whisper in The Wind from Hardy for two, Twist of Fate is avoided for a DDT, two for Triple H. Crucifix pin is countered by Triple H for a Samoan drop, two for Triple H as Hardy reverses into the pin for two. Right hands by Triple H, The Game stomps Hardy in the corner. Hardy leapfrogs Triple H, corkscrew mule kick and slingshot dropkick connects on Triple H. Swanton Bomb misses, Triple H covers for two. Pedigree is avoided Twist of Fate is avoided too. Spinebuster by Triple H, Triple H pulls Hardy up for The Pedigree, Hardy counters for a jacknife cover and Hardy steals the win.

I get what they were going for with this match, the way Triple H carried himself in the match and the story they were going for but in my eyes, they did not hit a home-run. Hardy never fired up after that slap, Hardy never proved that he could hang with Triple H. It was rather Triple H got too cocky and sure of himself and Hardy stole the win away from Triple H. That’s a fine story between a heel and a babyface but this was two babyfaces and if Hardy is to be elevated to a championship match with Orton at Royal Rumble, surely a clean win would have been better. Just the thoughts of a rambling mad man but I thought the intention was good but the execution left much to be desired.

Winner: Jeff Hardy over Triple H via Jacknife Cover!

The Great Khali vs Finlay

Finlay saved Hornswoggle, Finlay kicks at Khali. Khali tosses Finlay to the corner, stomps by Khali. Elbow in the corner by Khali, boot by Khali. Finlay is hurled to the floor as Khali poses, Khali comes to the outside. Finlay meets the barricade, chops by Khali. Headbutt by Khali, shoulder claw by Khali. Finlay breaks free before a spinkick from Khali takes down Finlay. Another shoulder claw, Finlay makes it to the ropes. Vice Grip by Khali, Khali spots Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle is swatted away by Khali, chop to Finlay. Scoop slam by Khali, Khali poses some more. The turnbuckle is exposed by Khali, Finlay has his shillelagh. Khali stops Finlay, the referee takes away a shillelagh but Hornswoggle has another shillelagh. Whack to the nuts of Khali, whack to the head of Khali and Finlay wins the match.

A short Khali match is a good Khali match, that makes me happy. Babyface Finlay does not make me happy but Finlay still cheating like a heel makes me super happy. This was good because of those two things!

Winner: Finlay over Great Khali via Shillelagh!

(WWE Championship Match) Randy Orton © vs Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho is back, Orton has destroyed everyone in his way but one man said no way. Y2J had been teasing a return for months with a code that was to be cracked, the code revealed save us Y2J and thus, Jericho made his WWE return after two years away. Jericho had his hair cut short which was a change we all had to get use to but it was babyface Jericho that we all loved. Jericho got under Orton’s skin which leads us to this match.

Lock-up, clean break from both men. Arm-drag by Y2J, Orton backs up Jericho. No clean break, cheap right hands by Orton. Hard Irish whip to the corner, Jericho dodges the oncoming Orton. Arm-drags and armbar from Jericho, forearm shots by Orton but Jericho answers by suplexing Orton onto the ropes. Stiff kick to the ribs, make it two. Elbows to the ribs by Y2J, knee by Orton. Orton avoids a back drop but eats a spinning heel kick, springboard dropkick is scouted by Orton. Orton did not expect a crossbody though, Orton is clobbered down by the challenger.

Jericho re-enters the ring but gets caught, rope-hung DDT takes too long though. Jericho tries for the walls, Orton kicks off Jericho. Big DDT by Orton, two for the champion. Orton applies a sleeper to the challenger, Jericho battles out but eats a massive dropkick. Two for Orton, rear-naked choke with a bodyscissors by Orton. Irish whip to the corner, Jericho puts on the brakes and both men bang heads. Both men trade rights, chops by Y2J. Flying forearm, shoulder blocks. Big clothesline for two, Jericho bounces Orton’s head off the turnbuckle. Missile dropkick for two, the challenger stomps the champion.

Powerslam by Orton off an Irish whip for two, Orton sends Jericho into the ringpost. RKO is countered for a backslide, two for Jericho. Orton boots Jericho and the challenger is flung into the ringpost shoulder first. Superplex by Orton, Jericho holds onto the ropes to avoid the dropkick. Walls of Jericho is countered with a small package for two, Orton eats an enzuigiri. Modified bulldog, Lionsault is blocked with the knees. Orton backbreaker, RKO is shrugged off, Lionsault for two. That one had the people, they thought it was Jericho’s time.

Jericho charges Orton in the corner, Orton places Jericho on the apron. Massive forearm by Orton, the two are on the floor. Orton tosses Jericho into JBL and Michael Cole, JBL looks disgusted by this action. Jericho goes after Orton, hotshot by Jericho. Flying forearm to the back of the head, Orton tosses off Jericho to avoid The Codebreaker. Orton is measuring Jericho for the punt, Jericho dodges, roll-up into The Walls of Jericho. Orton is scratching and clawing, Jericho drags back Orton to the middle of the ring. JBL boots Jericho right in the side of the head and the crowd erupts in a chorus of boos, Jericho wins by DQ.

I was not impressed by this match at all, I thought when Jericho looked like winning the place lit up and came alive but the rest of the match they seemed disinterested and I do not know if I can play them, the action was not great. What did impress me was how that was such a great way to reintroduce JBL as an active wrestler to the WWE. JBL would be arrogant and pompous enough to cost someone the championship just because they fell on their lap, I also miss the character of JBL away from the championship because JBL was a terrific character while on the blue brand but this match was rather flat for Jericho’s return.

Winner: Chris Jericho over Randy Orton via DQ!

(WWE Women’s Championship Match) Beth Phoenix © vs Mickie James

Fuck yes, no bullshit tag match. It’s the best two workers in the division hooking it up, Beth tosses Mickie across the ring to begin. Massive shoulder block by Beth, Beth takes kicks to the thigh and leg. Mickie cannot Irish whip The Glamazon, corner headscissors does not work for Mickie as Beth nails a powerbomb. Two for Beth, Beth chokes Mickie using the middle rope. Dragon sleeper from Beth, Mickie knees her way out only for Beth to slap her down. Running powerslam to the corner, Mickie avoids a spear. Roll-up for two, kick to the mid-section.

Irish whip reversal, Mickie tries a bulldog but Beth has her chicken-wing hold on the challenger. Kick to the face from Mickie, reverse brainbuster is countered. Corner headscissors by Mickie, Thesz press by Mickie. Big kick, another Thesz press as Mickie lays into Beth. Low dropkick for two, neckbreaker by Mickie. Mickie climbs to the top rope, missile dropkick by Mickie for two. MickieDT is blocked, Beth knees Mickie and nails her Fisherman Buster for the win.

While the crowd may be silent during the women’s matches, these two can go and given a few more minutes I know they could tell a good story inside of the ring. Mickie gets in more offense than any other Diva at the time as your top babyface should but Beth is too strong and drills Mickie, proving that nobody can stop The Glamazon for the moment.

Winner: Beth Phoenix over Mickie James via Fisherman Buster!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Edge vs Batista © vs The Undertaker

Edge had come back with a bang, Edge never lost his championship due to injury and when Edge returned, it was revealed that Edge had entered a relationship with The Smackdown General Manager Vickie Guerrero. This triple threat has a tonne of story which is surely missed in today’s WWE. Undertaker and Batista fought tooth and nail for the championship with Batista finally beating Taker only two months prior while Edge had screwed Taker out of the championship twice but also had beaten Batista on a number of occasions defending his championship.

Batista and Taker grab Edge, Edge is in trouble before Taker and Batista turn on one another. Taker sends Batista back first into the barricade, Edge stomps Taker as Taker enters the ring. Edge slides out of the ring off an Irish whip, Batista is back on Taker. Batista clotheslines Taker to the floor, Batista baseball slides Edge. Taker slams Batista off the steel steps, apron leg drop by Taker. Batista escapes a powerslam to send Taker into the ringpost, Edge sends Batista into the ringpost. Two for Edge, Batista nails Edge with a spinning side slam for two.

Shoulder thrusts in the corner by Batista, Irish whip to the opposite corner. Edge dropkicks Batista down, Edge wants the spear. Batista blocks with a boot, running powerslam for two as Taker pulls out The Animal. Edge is on the apron, Batista clotheslines Taker to the floor. Edge eats a massive spinebuster, Batista Bomb is avoided with a low blow. Edgecution, Taker pulls out the referee. Edge recoils in horror, rights and lefts by Taker. Irish whip to the corner, corner clothesline. Snake eyes, big boot. Two for Taker, Old School connects on Edge. Last Ride is stopped as Batista Spears Edge, Edge is tossed to the floor.

Taker catches Batista in the triangle choke, Edge rings the bell to distract Taker. Genius tactics from Edge, Spear on Taker for two. Edge is shocked, Spear to Batista but the champion kicks out two. Edge grabs two chairs, conchairto is on the mind of Edge. Batista is laid on the chair, Edge gets the chair kicked into his face. Taker clotheslines Edge to the floor, clothesline by Batista to Undertaker. Taker crotches Batista who had climbed to the top rope, superplex by The Deadman. Two for Taker, Old School is countered for a spinebuster.

Spear to Edge by Batista, Taker drives Batista to the corner. Wait a minute, that’s not Edge! Chokeslam to Batista, Taker calls for the tombstone. Taker Chokeslams an Edge clone, Batista looks for a powerbomb. Taker Irish whips Batista, snake eyes but Batista counters with a clothesline. Running powerslam is countered for a Tombstone, Edge waffles Taker with the chair twice. Edge covers Batista and Edge becomes the champion.

Well, that was fun and it was fun due to Edge being a chickenshit heel. Loved ringing the bell to make Taker believe he had won the match, Edge as a coward throughout, knowing that there was no way he could measure up to The Deadman or The Animal. Edge’s facials and actions throughout the match fitted his character to a tee, the edition of The Edgeheads is awesome for the fact that they do look a lot like Edge and I just loved when a heel builds a stable around him that is going to bump like mad for the heel’s opponents and believe me, Hawkins and Ryder are going to take a lot of ass whippings and I cannot wait to see it.

Winner: Edge over Everyone Else via Spear!

That was WWE’s Armageddon of 2007, a mostly positive pay per view with some matches not quite hitting that sweet spot. Shawn Michaels and Kennedy was great stuff, the finish played into the narrative of the match, it worked well and Shawn Michaels may be the greatest in-ring performer of all-time. The main event worked well too for the same reasons but whereas Michaels’ arm work told the story of the Kennedy match, Edge’s character stole the show and told the story of this match with Edge finding a way to escape with the gold living up to his Ultimate Opportunist moniker that has been crafted since his first Money in The Bank cash-in almost two years prior. The disappointments were the story of Triple H and Jeff Hardy being let down by the ring work where Hardy looks like a fluke and not the shining rising star that the man should be heading into the biggest match of his career up to that point. Jericho and Orton was great for reintroducing JBL as a wrestler to the roster and starting his feud with Jericho but the match was flat as was MVP walking out on another opponent who was seen as the bigger star. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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