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WWE No Way Out 2008 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is more shocking than Hogan's return to the WWE! Elimination Chamber matches hold the key to deciding what will take place at Wrestlemania, Smackdown's number one contender for the championship at Wrestlemania will be decided with a chamber match, Raw's number one contender will be decided through an elimination chamber match. Cena challengers Orton for the championship that he never lost, Mysterio vs Edge 2 and much much more! Let's Go!

(ECW World Championship Match) Chavo Guerrero (C) vs CM Punk

Punk vows for revenge on Chavo, Chavo stole Punk's championship with help from Edge. The match starts with a boot from Punk, reverse elbow. Chavo battles back, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Punk. Irish whip to the corner, Chavo boots Punk to the floor after Punk was elevated to the apron. Chavo wants the count-out win, elbows to the back of the head by Chavo, two for Chavo. Vicious kicks to the ribs of Punk, Punk screams out in pain. Right hands by Punk, kicks to the legs before a drop toehold and senton by Chavo.

Back suplex by Chavo, bodyscissors from the champion. Punk escapes with a catapult to the corner. Spinning sole butt, knee lift by Punk. Back drop, Irish whip to the corner. Chavo boots back but Punk counters with a powerslam for two. GTS attempt, Chavo counters with a headscissors. Tornado DDT for two, step-up enzuigiri by Punk for two. Punk mis-reads the vibe of the crowd and attempts the three amigos, high knee in the corner and bulldog by Punk for two as Chavo places his foot on the ropes.

Another GTS attempt, Punk dumps Chavo to the apron. Head-kick by Punk, Chavo is laying out on the floor. Punk picks up a dead-weight Chavo. Two for Punk, Punk places Chavo on the top rope, Punk is looking for a superplex. Chavo beats down Punk, Punk crotches Chavo on the top rope. Punk's hurricanrana is blocked with Punk crashing to the mat, Chavo nails The Frog Splash for the win.

Rather disappointing match, the crowd let down Punk and Chavo in this match, Punk was booed out of it while they weren't exactly reacting to Chavo either. The leg work was never really set up, Chavo went after the ribs, there was little story to the match and a clean win is the last thing I expected in this one and it went down like that, people did not really know what to make of all of it.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero over CM Punk via Frog Splash!

(Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match) Finlay vs The Great Khali vs Big Daddy V vs MVP vs Batista vs The Undertaker

Taker and Batista start, right hands by both men. Batista wins the war, to the corner we go. Shoulder thrusts by Batista, knee by Taker. Batista is tossed to the steel floor, Batista's face is raked off the chain wall. Batista right hands and boots Taker back into the ring, clothesline by Batista for two. Boot by Taker, right hands as Batista is being worn down. Choke from Taker, Batista begins to rally after a flurry from Taker. High elbow for two, both men boot one another down. It is Big Daddy V, Big Daddy V clubs both men. Massive chops, clotheslines to Taker and Batista. Scoop slam to Taker, Samoan Drop to Taker. Big Daddy V steps all over Taker, Batista takes more chopped.

Taker falls through the chamber door after a headbutt from Big Daddy V. Splash against the chain wall, Big Daddy V has Batista in the corner. Splash in the corner, Batista spinebusters Big Daddy V out of nowhere. Clothlesline to the floor, Taker DDTs Big Daddy V on the floor and we have our first elimination!

Big Daddy V Has Been Eliminated Via DDT!

Here comes The Great Khali, headbutts and chops from Khali. Taker pummels Khali, chokeslam attempt. Two-handed throat toss by Khali, Taker kicks out at two and a half. Khali applies The Vice Grip to Batista, Batista escapes and Spears Khali.Singh is booted by Taker, Taker applies Hell's Gate and Khali has been eliminated!

The Great Khali Has Been Eliminated Via Hell's Gate!

Down to two but not for long as Finlay comes into the match. Big boot by Taker, Finaly dodges a corner big boot, elbow to Batista. Batista is tossed to the steel floor, Celtic Cross on Taker for two. Batista catapults Finlay into the chain wall, Batista re-enters the ring and eats a clothesline from Taker. Taker is tossed to the floor by Finlay, Taker is rammed into the chain wall. Two for Finlay, Taker is hurled into the chamber pods over and over.

Batista sends Finlay into the ringpost shoulder first, muscle buster from Batista. MVP is out but Taker pummels the bejesus out of MVP. MVP nails Batista with a shining black, Player's Boot to Taker. Two for MVP, MVP chokes Finlay with a chain from around his neck; two for MVP. Taker has been opened after a chin shot from MVP, boot to Finlay. Taker is on his feet, the punches from MVP are not taking down Taker. MVP tries to run from Taker, MVP is on top of the chamber pod. Taker grabs MVP by the throat, super Chokeslam from The Deadman and Finlay pins MVP!

MVP Has Been Eliminated Via Super Chokeslam!

Taker misses a top rope elbow on Finlay, Batista seems to be the freshest of the bunch. Hornswoggle appears from under the ring, Finlay has a shillelagh. Shots to Batista and Taker, Batista looks for the powerbomb but Finlay waffles Batista with the shillelagh, two for Finlay. Finlay turns into Taker who Chokeslams Finlay onto the steel floor for the elimination!

Finlay Has Been Eliminated Via Chokeslam!

Down to two, the same two who started the match. Batista is bleeding, Taker is bleeding. Slugfest, Batista looks for The Batista Bomb. It connects, 1.......2........ Undertaker kicks out! Ten punches in the corner, Taker counters for The Last Ride. 1......2....... Batista kicks out! Tombstone is countered, Taker is sent to the floor. Lawn dart into the chain wall, Batista tries it again but Taker counters over the rope and into The Tombstone, it's over Taker is going to Wrestlemania.

Excellent chamber match from everyone involved, this was well-produced with the monsters Khali and Big Daddy V being allowed to dominate but being taken out early due to their limited skills. The rivalry of Taker and Batista, the feud that dominated Smackdown throughout 2007, they fought so many times, they both scored victories over one another but only one man could stand tall. They started the match, they finished the match. Great stuff from this match, Raw has a lot to live up to for their chamber match.

Winner: The Undertaker over Batista via Tombstone Piledriver!

Mr. Kennedy vs Ric Flair

Ric Flair's career will end the next time The Nature Boy loses a match, Kennedy will be Flair's opponent tonight. Lock-up, shoulder block by Kennedy who struts. Flair chops and struts, hiptoss from Flair. Kennedy is not happy, boot and forearms by Kennedy. Rights and chops by Flair, dropkick to the injured knee by Kennedy. Smart move from Kennedy, single leg Boston crab by Kennedy. Figure Four around the ringpost by Kennedy, Kennedy talks trash in Flair's face. Slap from Kennedy, two for Kennedy. More slaps from Kennedy, slap by Flair. Boot to the knee, Kennedy slaps on the figure four. Flair edges his way to the ropes, Kennedy holds onto the submission for as long as possible.

Chops by Flair, Green Bay Plunge from Kennedy for two. Flair counters the move the second time, massive chop blocks by Flair. Roll-up by Kennedy for two, Side headlock, Flair counters for a figure four. Small package for two, Kennedy runs into Flair though. Figure Four by Flair and Kennedy taps out!

It was a good match, it's hard to have a bad match against Flair. Flair always garners a reaction from the fans, Kennedy's heel work is also very good. Loved the slapping and trying to beat Flair with his own move but I can't help but think that Kennedy could have benefited so much from beating and retiring Flair but sadly, the company had lost faith in company since the year prior.

Winner: Ric Flair over Mr. Kennedy via Figure Four!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Edge (C) vs Rey Mysterio

Mysterio has his rematch, also of note is that Floyd Mayweather is at ringside. Edge is utterly confident as Mysterio has an injured bicep. Heavily taped, headscissors by Mysterio. Head-kick by Mysterio, ten punches to the champion. Big boot by Edge off a leapfrog by Mysterio, Mysterio regroups out on the floor. Baseball slide by Edge, Edge stomps Mysterio hard. Mysterio is thrown into the steel steps, Edge gleefully asks Mysterio if he will continue, hammerlock by Edge. On the top rope, Edge places Mysterio in the tree of woe, dropkick misses as Edge smacks groin first into the ringpost. Moonsault by Mysterio for two, diving tornado DDT for two as Edge places his foot on the bottom rope.

Sunset flip by Edge, Mysterio dodges and drop toeholds Edge. 619, Mysterio is in tremendous pain. Kick to the head, springboard crossbody goes wrong and Edge plants Mysterio with a spear.

Super short match but the injury has to be legit, unfortunate for Mysterio and the fans as we are robbed of that jaw-dropping Mysterio performance. The angle after the match is fantastic though as The Big Show returns to the WWE as seemingly a babyface. Show transitions in a fantastic fashion by turning on Mysterio and Floyd Mayweather breaks the nose of The Big Show. Money, Money, Money!

Winner: Edge over Rey Mysterio via Mid-Air Spear!

(WWE Championship Match) Randy Orton (C) vs John Cena

The Viper took out John Cena which led to Cena vacating his championship, in Cena's absence, Orton dominated every person in his path, nobody could touch Orton. Not HBK, not Triple H, nobody could measure up to Orton. Then, the unthinkable happened. Cena returned at the Royal Rumble and managed to win the damn thing. Orton had nowhere to run from the man who he could not beat for the championship.

We begin, small package by Cena for two. Takedown by Cena for two, boot to the stomach by Orton. Cena is clubbed down, right after right hand by the champion. Cena reverses an Irish whip to the corner, bulldog for two. Irish whip, high elbow by Cena. Elbow drop for two, Cena tries another Irish whip and Orton boots Cena in the head. Huge right floors Cena, Orton poses as Cena is down. Cena tries the schoolboy for two, lariat for two for Orton. Boot to the chest, Cena is being battered against the ropes, right by Orton. Dueling chants from the crowd, Cena hotshots Orton. Kobashi-style leg drop for two, Orton stops the corner clothesline. More rights from Orton, choke from the champion.

Cena attempts an FU, European uppercut stops Mr. Cena. Orton stomps the ankle, make that both ankles. Garvin-style stomps from Orton, Cena survives but misses a corner splash. Orton locks in a vicious looking sleeper to ground the challenger, Cena breaks free to nail massive shoulder blocks. Spinning side slam, Cena calls for the five knuckle shuffle. It connects, FU but Orton escapes to the floor. Cena pursues,Orton and Cena trade blows. Both men try to win by count-out which is a little weird for the challenger to do, they trade blows some more.

Orton backbreaker, Orton clutches his leg once more. Sliding to the cover, Orton gets two. Orton places Cena on the top rope, Cena shoves off Orton. Kobashi-style leg drop misses this time, Orton measures for The RKO. Cena blocks, back suplex and Cena applies The STFU. Orton screams and scrambles, Orton edges to the ropes but Orton cound tap, Orton reaches and Orton makes it to the ropes. Orton rolls to the floor; clutching his knee once more. Orton wants to be counted out, Cena is lured in. RKO on the floor, Cena makes it into the ring at nine. Cena is pissed, Cena wants a war and Orton bitch slaps the referee for the DQ.

That was good stuff in this match, Orton was thee ultimate chicken-shit heel in this match. Orton tried having Cena counted out, Orton wanted himself counted out to avoid losing the championship and just when Cena is all sick of Orton's tricks and it looks like it is time to die for Orton. Orton slaps the referee to cost Cena the championship that was firmly in the grasp of the challenger. The crowd was alive for this match and it worked so well, Orton is at his best here.

Winner: John Cena over Randy Orton via DQ!

(Raw Elimination Chamber Match) Shawn Michaels vs Triple H vs Chris Jericho vs JBL vs Umaga vs Jeff Hardy

The winner of this match will face Randy Orton at Wrestlemania, Jericho and Michaels start off this match. Lock-up; hammerlock by Jericho. Elbows by HBK, shoulder block by Michaels. Chop war between the two, Jericho leapfrogs Michaels. Crucfix into a sunset flip pin by HBK for two, series of pins by boht men before a northern lights suplex by Jericho for two. More pins before a clothesline by Jericho, slaps by Jericho. Flying forearm by Michaels, inverted atomic drop and clotheslines. Scoop slam, Jericho blocks the elbow drop with his knees. Bulldog, Lionsault is blocked by Michaels but Jericho blocks the knees and looks for The Walls of Jericho.

Small package by Jericho for two, both men bang heads in the middle of the ring. Umaga is the next man in the match. Umaga dominates both men with clotheslines and strikes, double Samoan drop by Umaga. Umaga hip drops on both Jericho and Michaels, Umaga drops everything on the back of HBK. Jericho comes back with chops, throat thrust floors Jericho. Umaga misses a middle rope headbutt, elbow drop by HBK. Jericho looks for the Walls of Jericho, Umaga is stuck in the hold. Michaels applies a crossface on the monster too, can Umaga hang on? JBL is the fourth man in the match, JBL goes after Jericho. Neckbreaker and short-arm clothesline, Michaels is thrown to the steel floor.

Jericho is stomped down, big boot to Jericho. Tornado DDT by Jericho, two for Jericho. Umaga rakes the face of Michaels off the chain wall. Umaga tortures Michaels in the ring, Triple H comes into the match. Triple H comes to the aid of Michaels, facebuster to JBL. Facebuster to Umaga, JBL and Umaga bang heads. Spinebuster to Jericho and Umaga, DDT to JBL for two. Umaga misses a splash and meets the chamber pod glass courtesy of The Game. Modified bulldog by Jericho on Triple H, Lionsault misses. Pedigree attempt, JBL Clotheslines Triple H but Jericho nails The Codebreaker on JBL and it's night night for JBL.

JBL Has Been Eliminated Via Codebreaker!

JBL grabs a chair and waffles Michaels, Umaga and Jericho. Everyone is down and the countdown for Hardy begins, forearms to Umaga. Corkscrew mule kick to Umaga, sit-out suplex to Jericho. Poetry in Motion on Umaga using Jericho, Triple H comes back with right hands. DX eat a Whisper In The Wind. Thrustkick by Umaga, spinning slam on Jericho. The Game is in the tree of woe, Umaga hurls Michaels into Triple H. Headbutt to Triple H, shot to the ribs of Jericho, Umaga is dominating this match. Umaga hip attacks Jericho through the chamber pod glass. Umaga eats a Sweet Chin Music, Codebreaker, Pedigree and Swanton Bomb to stop the monster! Sweet Chin Music and Jericho is gone, Hardy hits Twist of Fate while Triple H hits a Pedigreee on Michaels, HBK is gone.

Umaga Has Been Eliminated Via Swanton Bomb!

Jericho Has Been Eliminated Via Sweet Chin Music!

Michaels Has Been Eliminated Via Pedigree!

Hardy and Triple H battle it out, DDT on the floor by Hardy. Triple H is bleeding, Triple H is rammed off the chain wall. Hardy dives off the top, Pedigree counter but no Hardy back drops Triple H into the ring. Hardy misses his swanton, Triple H nails The Pedigree but Hardy kicks out at two! The Game has a chair, Pedigree on the chair. No it's blocked, low blow by Hardy. Twist of Fate does not connect, Triple H tosses Hardy onto the chair. Pedigree on the chair and Triple H is going to Wrestlemania.

This match was good but just did not have the charm of the Smackdown elimination chamber. The eliminations came quick and fast, not much pacing between them which is what hurt the match in my opinion. If there was time between Jericho being eliminated or Triple H coldly Pedigreeing Michaels to achieve his goal of becoming WWE Champion. Hardy kicking out of the Pedigree was a huge moment but they squandered the moment seconds later but I can understand why they did not want Hardy going down so easily. So, there were some cool spots, Umaga's elimination was a particular highlight but if the eliminations were given time to breathe, I thought it could have been much better!

Winner: Triple H over Jeff Hardy via Pedigree!

Well, that was WWE's No Way Out 2008, a very good pay per view from WWE. No real bad matches on this card, we have two very good chamber matches with the Smackdown chamber match being excellent. The WWE Championship had great heat to it with the crowd's energy being at a peak during this match, Big Show's return was a great way to get the fans to forget about Mysterio and Edge while Flair and Kennedy was good stuff too. So, I would recommend this pay per view, WWE was in full Wrestlemania mode and it delivers in bucketloads with exciting and dramatic chamber matches coupled with a great return and WWE championship match. Thanks for reading and remember: There's always another night!

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