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WWE Wrestlemania 24 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that makes less sense than Roman Reigns vs Bobby Lashley again! It's WWE's Wrestlemania 24, the grand-daddy of them all. Nothing bigger, nothing sweeter. Tonight's feature matches include the always fun Money In The Bank match, a multi-man ladder match where the winner will earn a briefcase that entitles them to a championship match at a time of their choosing. We also have Floyd Mayweather vs The Big Show, the best boxer in the world vs the biggest athlete in sports entertainment. Could Orton's days as champion be numbered with him defending against Triple H and John Cena in a triple threat match and what of Edge who stares down The Undertaker, the man he twice screwed over on his way to holding the championship. It's Wrestlemania and it's on!

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What does Wrestlemania mean to you? Our entire careers? Steal the show? Nothing more high-profile, becoming immortal at Wrestlemania. A lot can happen in a year, twists and turns. Epic stuff, not going to lie this was brilliant. Quite possibly the best I have seen in a while.

(Belfast Brawl Match) Finlay W/ Hornswoggle vs JBL

JBL took out Hornswoggle in a cage while Finlay watched on, JBL is one of the best bullies in WWE history and JBL rammed up the dickhead factor in this feud. It starts on the floor, JBL meets the steel steps. Finlay has kendo sticks and a trash can, JBL cracks Finlay in the head with a trash can. Lid to the head, steel plate to the head of Finlay. Short- arm clothesline, JBL has half of the steel steps. Piledriver on the steel steps is blocked as Finlay back drops JBL. Boot to the head, steel tray to the head by Finlay. Two for Finlay, boot by JBL. JBL stomps on the fingers, right hands by JBL. Hornswoggle enters the ring, kendo stick to the back of JBL. Shillelagh to the head by Finlay, JBL tumbles to the floor.

Finlay stomps a trash can into the head of JBL, Finlay brings out the table. Both men tease smacking into the table, lariat from Finlay. Finlay grabs the steel steps, JBL powders. JBL slaps down Hornswoggle, Finlay comes to whip JBL's ass. Finlay checks on Hornswoggle, JBL rolls out again. Suicide dive goes awry for Finlay who gets cracked in the head with a trash can lid. Two for JBL, JBL grabs a trash can and waffles Hornswooggle with the trash can. Finlay is cracked with the trash can too, Finlay stops the clothesline with a trash can shot, lid to the head multiple times. Rolling firemen's carry by Finlay, JBL is tossed through the table.

Finlay covers for two, Finlay grabs the steel steps while JBL uses the kendo stick. Finlay is whacked hard in the knee with the kendo stick, Finlay falls into the steel steps. JBL seiwes the opportunity with a massive Clothesline From Hell and it's all over for Finlay as JBL picks up the win at Wrestlemania.

Good stuff in this street fight, they made the most of the time they had inside of the ring. Some goood spots in there, they had the crowd going but I wonder if the reaction from the fans and the feud itself warranted a longer and more bloody match between the two. I mean the angle started off as comedy but Finlay was fighting against Mcmahon's handpicked guys, Finlay was fighting against The Evil Vince Mcmahon so I thought it could have been something more but a hardcore brawl is usually a good way to start the show.

Winner: JBL over Finlay via Clothesline From Hell!

(Money In The Bank Ladder Match) John Morrison vs Shelton Benjamin vs Carlito vs Chris Jericho vs MVP vs CM Punk vs Mr Kennedy

Seven men? How odd why not six or eight? Anyways, the ring empties except for MVP who controls the ring until Jericho brings his own ladder. The two duel with Jericho winning that battle, Morrison and Jericho stand-off. Morrison knocks down Jericho and Morrison grabs a ladder and moonsaults onto everyone using the ladder. Kennedy climbs for the briefcase, Jericho stops Kennedy. Walls of Jericho attempt, Kennedy is catapulted onto the ladder. Jericho pursues, Kennedy is so close. Morrison scales the ladder, the two trade blows. Benjamin joins the battle, Benjamin powerbombs Kennedy who suplexes Morrison. Holy hell, that was awesome! Carlito tries to tip Benjamin, does not work as Carlito eats a ladder to the face. Punk is trying to win, Kennedy stops Punk.

Punk nails Benjamin with a GTS, Kennedy stops Punk again. Green Bay Plunge on the ladder, Carlito is climbing towards the briefcase. MVP knocks down Carlito, Carlito sends a ladder into MVP's leg. Dragon Whip by Benjamin on Carlito, Benjamin is climbing for the gold. Kennedy and Carlito tip over Benjamin who front flips onto a bridged ladder and smacks the ladder in half. Jericho, Kennedy and Carlito are all down as a result of MVP tipping the ladder. Morrison destroys MVP, Morrison is close. Jericho battles with Morrison, Walls of Jericho on top of the ladder. Kennedy sees his opportunity and sets up a ladder next to the two of them, Jericho smacks Kennedy. Punk and Carlito springboard onot the ladder, Mic Check on Punk off the ladder. Carlito Backstabbers Jericho off the ladder.

MVP looks around and sees his chance, MVP climbs towards the briefcase but wait a minute, here's Matt Hardy. Twist Of Fate off the ladder, Matt Hardy is back and has screwed over MVP. Jericho has a ladder, stabbing everyone with the ladder. Using a springboard, Morrison almost steals the briefcase before being floored, Jericho begins climbing towards the briefcase. Carlito spits in Jericho's face, Kennedy shoves off Carlito. Kennedy gets taken down by Punk with a ladder, Codebreaker using the ladder by Jericho on Punk. Jericho is close to the briefcase, Punk meets Jericho. Punk and Jericho fight for the briefcase, Jericho waffles Punk with the briefcase and Jericho is pulled through the ladder rungs, Punk steals the briefcase from Jericho.

What a match, these are always spectacular matches. Again, Benjamin is an absolute star and athletic freak when all is said and done, Benjamin takes the highlight reel moment and makes the most of his Wrestlemania moment. They all had their moments though, the Matt Hardy appearance was great too, Punk winning was a shock due to his treatment in his feud with Chavo and the fact that Punk was an ECW guy, that's the last brand expected to have a winner in this match.

Winner: CM Punk via Retrieval Of The Briefcase!

(Brand Warfare Match)

Batista and Umaga battle representing their respective brands at Wrestlemania, a low-key match for Batista considering how high profile his 2007 was with The Animal carrying Smackdown in Undertaker's and Edge's absence. We start off fast, Batista shoulder blocks Umaga to the floor, right hands by Umaga. Boot by Batista, spinning wheel kick by Umaga. Batista is booted to the floor, strong Irish whip by Umaga. Throat thrust and nerve hold from Umaga, Batista is in agony. Umaga misses a middle rope headbutt, Batista could not nail the powerslam though due to the back work from Umaga. Samoan drop by Umaga, two for Umaga.

Batista stops the Irish whip, right hands by Batista. Knee to the ribs, Batista blocks the corner splash. Samoan Spike is blocked, headbutt by Umaga. Umaga hits the ringpost hard, spinebuster by Batista. Batista Bomb and this match is over!

Rather simple match bu that's not always a bad thing. Two big monsters going at it, Umaga targets the back and Batista powers through and the botched powerbomb at the end actually helps the narrative of Batista's back being greatly weakened, really good stuff there. Enjoyed this match when all was over.

Winner: Batista over Umaga via Batista Bomb!

(ECW Championship Match) Chavo Guerrero (C) vs Kane

Kane won a battle royal earlier on the show to earn this opportunity, Chavo must face Kane. Kane is behind Chavo, Chavo freaks out and attacks Kane head on, Chokeslam and this match is over.

Well, Chavo looks like a joke, Punk looks like a joke for losing to Chavo and the brand as a whole seems weak when their champion was utterly destroyed by a Smackdown Superstar but no point in ranting and raving, ECW never had any respect from the WWE. DUD!

Winner: Kane over Chavo Guerrero via Chokeslam!

Ric Flair vs Shawn Michaels

Ric Flair will retire once he loses a match, Vince Mcmahon gave Flair this ultimatum months back, Flair survived veterans and newcomers but Michaels stepped up to the plate. Flair angered Michaels and now the two will give one another everything in this match.

Shoulder block by Michaels, hammerlock by Mr. Wrestlemania. Michaels is dropped down, hammerlock from HBK. Hiptoss by Flair who struts, lock-up. Clean break from Flair, they talk trash and Michaels slaps Flair hard. Flair is bleeding from the mouth, swollen lip and all. Flair goes to work chopping, they trade blows. Michaels chops Flair over and over, Flair turns the tide. No backdrop out of the corner; boot by Flair. Elbow by Flair, knee drop to the head. Elbow by HBK, Michaels is yanked off the top rope. Flair climbs high, crossbody for two. Shin breaker by Flair, figure four attempt. Michaels shoves Flair to the floor, baseball slide and beautiful Asai moonsault but Flair dodges and Michaels breaks a rib off the announce table.

Michaels re-enters the ring at eight, back suplex by Flair for two. Double underhook suplex by Flair, suplex by Flair. Two for Flair, neckbreaker from Michaels. Flair is back dropped to the floor, Michaels nails a moonsault from the top rope. The two men trade chops, flying forearm by Michaels. Kip-up, inverted atomic drops. Scoop slam, elbow drop into the heart of Flair. Michaels measures for Sweet Chin Music, Michaels hesistates so Flair takes control with The Figure Four. HBK reverses the figure four, Flair breaks the hold. Chops by both men, side headlock takedown and they trade pins. Shin breaker is countered for a victory roll, two for Michaels.

Michaels flips out of the corner, running chop block by Flair. Small package out of the figure four for two, enzuigiri is ducked and Flair clamps on The Figure Four! Flair pulls back Michaels from the ropes, Michaels cannot reverse the hold. Flair has Michaels but HBK reaches the ropes last second. Michaels is in the ropes, Flair stomps all over Michaels. The referee pulls back Flair, Flair is strutting and walks into a massive Sweet Chin Music. Michaels crwals into the cover, 1.....2.... Flair kicks out! Michaels calls for Sweet Chin Music again, Michaels screams at Flair. Low blow by Flair with the referee distracted, cover by Flair for two.

Flair gets trapped in an inverted figure four from Micahels. Flair pulls off a bottom turnbuckle, the referee is distracted again. Thumb to the eye, Michaels gets rolled-up for two. Both men chop one another on their knees, they are standing. Chops by Flair, Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere. Michaels hesistates about finishing Flair, Flair calls for Michaels to finish it. I'm sorry I love you mouths Michaels as Flair eats Sweet Chin Music and it is over.

Emotional? Hell yes, the fans were invested and not one person could not feel the anguish of Shawn Michaels having to put down Ric Flair, a man he idolized inside of that ring. Flair wanting to fight, everything they had was put on display in that match. The match just toys with your emotions throughout as Flair reaches deep down inside his trick book to overcome Michaels but Michaels is simply too strong and it is game over for The Nature Boy. It would have been one of the best returements of all-time had Flair not gone to wrestle in TNA but if you blank out that trash, it is a beautiful moment with a quite good match.

Winner: Shawn Michaels over Ric Flair via Sweet Chin Music!

(Playboy LumberJill Tag Team Match) Ashley & Maria vs Melina & Beth Phoenix

Beth and Ashley start, Ashley nails a forearm and hurricanrana, Beth eats a double hiptoss from Maria. Melina tags in, Melina is thrown to the floor. Stomping from the lumberjills, corner splash. Bronco buster from Maria, two off a yank out of the corner. Tag to Ashley, headscissors and clothesline by Ashley. Facebuster out of the corner, Melina and Beth double team Ashley. Ashley is stomped, bearhug by Beth. Tag to Melina, assisted moonsault for two. Maria tags into the match, kicks by Maria. Headscissors, handstand kick by Maria. Middle rope crossbody for two, Glam Slam is countered for a bulldog. Melina saves the match for her team, Maria is distracted. Beth spears Melina by mistake, Ashley dives onto the lumberjills. Maria bulldogs Beth, Santino pulls off Maria. Lawler waffles Santino, Fisherman Buster and Beth wins. Trash, lights go out and it is mostly screaming. DUD!

Winners: Beth Phoenix & Melina over Maria & Ashley via Facebuster!

(WWE Championship Match) Randy Orton (C) vs Triple H vs John Cena

Triple H won the elimination chamber match at No Way Out to earn this opportunity while Cena was screwed out of the championship by Orton at No Wya out when Orton intentionally got disqualified to prevent Cena from winning the championship. Orton faces his two biggest challengers on this night, can Orton escape unscathed this match?

Orton waffles Triple H with the championship to begin the match, Cena goes to work on Orton. Modified bulldog, fisherman suplex by Cena. Right hands, Triple H throws Cena to the floor. Orton is tossed to the floor, The Game batters Orton on the table. Sleeper by The Game, Cena attempts a double FU. Low blow by Triple H, Orton nails his unique backbreaker, Orton stomps both men. Knee drop on Cena, knee drop on The Game. Two for Orton each time, they battle to the turnbuckle. Assisted crossbody by Orton, Cena rolls through for an FU attempt. Triple H takes down Cena with a clothesline, Orton clotheslines Triple H.

Orton nails Triple H and Cena with his rope-hung DDT, two both times. Cena blocks the rko throwing Orton onto Triple H. Knee and throw back by Cena, Kobashi-style leg drop by Cena. Orton slides away from the stfu, Cena is hurled into the ringpost. Triple H punishes Orton in the ring, knees to the thigh muscle of Orton. Orton nails The RKO on Triple H who falls to the floor, drop toehold by Cena who applies The STFU. Triple H helps Orton reach the ropes, Cena meets the steel steps. Indian Deathlock from Triple H, Cena breaks it up with an elbow. Triple H flips out to the floor off an Irish whip, STFU on Orton in the middle of the ring.

Triple H breaks up the submission, crossface by Triple H. Cena makes it to the ropes, Cena and Triple H trade blows in the middle of the ring. Shoulder block by Cena, massive clothesline. Spinning side slam, five knuckle suffle connects on The Game. FU is countered, Pedigree is countered. STFU is countered, facebuster by Triple H and huge clothesline. Spinebuster, Triple H chop blocks Orton's knee. FU is countered again, Pedigree by The Game. 1.....2..... Orton Punt Kicks Triple H and steals the win!

I do not know what it was about this match but it did not click for me, I thought it was a rather quick match which was short on stand-out moments which is a crazy thing to say considering the names in the match. But I did not feel the desperation, the struggle in this match and it is a WWE championship match for God's sake! It felt like it was just there, filling up the card which is a bizarre spot for a WWE Championship match but that's just the way I saw things!

Winner: Randy Orton over Everyone via Punt Kick!

Floyd Mayweather vs The Big Show

Mayweather is good friends with Rey Mysterio, Mysterio was about to be brutalized by a returning Big Show before Mayweather made the save for his friend. Show mocked the boxing champion and Show's nose was broken in return for his mocking. Mayweather ducks Show at first, rights and lefts that Show cannot catch. Show is getting pissed off, Mayweather jabs Show in the face. Show takes out some of Mayweather's crew for mocking Show. Mayweather has went from cocky to scared real fast. Show catches Mayweather, Show tries stomping on the hand of Mayweather but Mayweather avoids the stomp.

Show places Mayweather on the top rope, big rights stagger Show. Sleeper, Show breaks free. Stomp on the hand, Mayweather is in trouble. Massive chest slap by Show, Show steps all over Mayweather. Boots by Mayweather, sidewalk slam by Show. Leg drop on the arm of Mayweather, Show steps all over Mayweather. Rights and lefts do not work, headbutt by Show. Elbow drop by Show, the entourage save Mayweather. Show beats down the entourage, Mayweather is dragged back to the ring. More entourage members are down, chair to the back by entourage man. Chokeslam to entourage man, Mayweather has the chair.

Show stops the chair shots, low blow by Mayweather. Massive chair shot to the head, make it two. Make it three, Mayweather robs brass knuckles off the neck of his entourage. Show has been knocked out by the brass knuckles, the referee begins counting and Show has lost the match to Mayweather.

I remember this being far more entertaining, it was fun in parts but I thought a bit boring towards the end. Mayweather's screams are fantastic and his manager is great, I would love to see him around ringside. Overall, it was fun but it was dull for me at times, still far more entertaining than anything they have done with celebrities in years.

Winner: Floyd Mayweather over Big Show via Knock-Out!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Edge (C) vs The Undertaker

Edge cost Undertaker eveyrthing twice, Edge stole the championship from Undertaker not once but twice. Edge had Batista's number and also has had Undertaker's number. No tricks ths time though, it is all or nothing as Undertaker says it is time for Edge's death. Edge unloads on Taker, clothesline by Taker. Clothesline to the floor, Edge is down. Edge stomps on Taker, hotshot by the challenger. Taker re-enters the ring, elbows to Taker. Irish whip to the corner, boot by Edge. Leaping clothesline by Taker for two, shoulder thrusts by Undertaker. Old School is countered but Taker transitions to an arm-drag, Taker chokes Edge in the corner.

High knee in the corner by Taker who spills to the floor, Edge wants the count-out win. Baseball slide connects, Taker is rammed into the apron. Edge controls the ring while Taker grimaces in pain, headbutts to the ribs by Edge. Corner spear by Edge, forearms to the back. Taker battles back, scoop slam does not work due to rib work from Edge. Dropkick by Edge, Edge climbs to the top rope. Taker pushes Edge to the floor, suicide dive from Undertaker. Edge is laid across the apron, apron leg drop from The Deadman. Two for Taker, Taker tried for The Last Ride but his back gave out, Edge plants The Deadman with a boot.

Taker is backdropped onto the barricade, falling into the crowd. Two for Edge, single leg Boston crab. Taker manages to escape, Edge sinks in the hold once more. Edge pummels Taker before The Deadman turns the tide. Knees by Taker, right hands. Slugfest, Edge loses the war, headbutt by The Deadman. Irish whip to the corner, corner clotheslines. Snake eyes, Edge counters the boot with a dropkick for two. Edge tries an axe handle, chokeslam attempt. Edge escapes and plants Taker with an Edgecution for two. Spear is blocked with a knee to the face, Chokeslam by Taker and it's two!

Old School is stopped, Edge crotches Taker. Top rope superplex, two for Edge. Edge ten punches Taker in the corner, Taker counters for Last Ride but no, Edge counters with a neckbreaker. Two for Edge, Taker manages to connect with The Last Ride for two. Tombstone is avoided for an Edge O Matic, two for Edge. Big boot by Taker, Old School finally connects. Edge avoids a boot which takes out the referee, falling reverse DDT by Edge. Edge talks trash in Taker's face, low blow by Edge to avoid a chokeslam. Edge steals a camera, wham to the head of Taker. Taker sits up, Edge is going to go crazy. Tombstone attempt by Edge, Taker counters for The Tombstone Piledriver.

No referee, Taker has the pin. Out comes Charles Robinson sprinting down the massive ramp, Edge manages to save enough energy to kick out of The Tombstone. Taker is even shocked, here comes The Edgeheads, Ryder is Chokeslammed onto Hawkins. Edge Spears Taker for two, another Spear from Edge but Undertaker has Hell's Gate, Edge has fallen into the trap of The Deadman. Edge taps out, Undertaker is your champion.

Great match, fantastic match, say what you want about it, it is all good. Edge had The Undertaker scouted, every move Edge had an answer before, you did not see this a lot in Taker matches. Usually, Taker's opponents try to go toe to toe or avoid Taker, they rarely combine the two and NEVER have an answer for everything. There is a call back to Survivor Series and Armageddon with The Edgeheads and the camera shot, Edge used everything and just when Edge believed he had achieved a feat nobody else could achieve, Taker brings out a move that Edge never saw coming and that was it, Undertaker had been screwed over by Edge throughout the year but now, The Deadman has had his redemption.

Winner: The Undertaker over Edge via Hell's Gate!

That was WWE's Wrestlemania 24, a very good Wrestlemania in my books! Things start off hot with the likes of The Belfast Brawl and The Money In The Bank providing huge memories on top of a new star in CM Punk. The shortcomings for me came in the Playboy tag garbage, just a filler way to get everyone on their card, nothing of note there while that triple threat for the WWE championship was just disappointing, I do not know what made it so boring because these were some of the biggest starts the company had but everything just seemed quiet. Flair vs Michaels was super emotional, it might not have been the best match on the night but nobody could not feel in that match as two of the very best killed one another. The main event was fantastic, could not have done it better it was the finest match of Edge's career and another great Wrestlemania match in Undertaker's belt. Thanks for reading and remember: There's always another night!

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