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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event November 29th, 1986 Edition

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that continues to be more scripted than UFC at the moment! Another edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event with Koko B Ware taking on Nikolai Volkoff, Jake The Snake Roberts vs Randy Savage and Roddy Piper vs Bob Orton. This should be fun we also have The Hart Foundation appearing for the first time on Saturday Night’s Main Event! Let’s sink our teeth into some WWF goodness!

(WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship Match) Randy Macho Man Savage © W/ Miss Elizabeth vs Jake The Snake Roberts

The Crowd erupts in chants for a DDT, these two awesome wrestlers are about to clash. Savage wants no part of The Snake, wristlock from Roberts. Savage yanks Roberts down by the hair, Roberts returns the favour. Arm-drag by Roberts, Savage backs off from the snake bag. Side headlock takedown by Roberts, Roberts almost applies the DDT which causes Savage to leave the ring. Boot by Roberts, DDT is blocked again. Rights by Savage, Roberts eat a massive boot to the face. Two for Savage, snapmare and knee drop by Savage for two. Roberts fires back at Savage, elbow by Savage cuts off Roberts for two.

Top rope choke by Savage, Savage locks Roberts in the ropes. Savage goes to the snake bag, Savage throws the snake bag under the ring. Roberts breaks free and Savage has no clue, knee lift to the head. Roberts finds Damien, low gut shot from Savage. Roberts nails his short-arm clothesline for two. Front suplex from Roberts, two for Roberts. Savage continues to place his feet on the ropes, left jabs and a massive right by Roberts. Another DDT attempt, Savage hooks himself in the ropes. On the floor, Roberts chases Savage.

Savage hides behind Elizabeth, Roberts goes for Damien. Savage smacks Roberts into the ringpost, axe handle from the top rope onto Roberts. Top rope axe handle for two, Savage climbs high again. Roberts nails a right hand to the jaw to stop the axe handle, Savage knees Roberts in the ribs. Both men brawl on the floor, Savage stomps Roberts in the ring. Savage throws down the referee, Roberts pushes the referee too. We have a DQ motherfuckers as these men cannot control themselves, Roberts places Damien on Savage and that’s a wrap.

Amazing how Roberts could go from despicable to lovable in the space of two months, the match itself was hot. The crowd hated Savage and loved The Snake, match had a simple story of Roberts wishing to nail Savage with the DDT, Savage ducks and dives throughout before cheating his way into dominant positions, the DQ is a disappointment but I would love to see these two mix it up in the ring again.

No Contest!

(WWF Heavyweight Championship Match) Hulk Hogan © vs Hercules Hernandez W/ Bobby Heenan

The Weasel Bobby Heenan purchased the contract of Hercules which leads us to this match, Hogan comes out to a monstrous reaction as per usual. The two lock-up, Hercules has control when it comes to power. Hogan rallies, headbutt from Hercules and the challenger spears Hogan into the corner. Right hands and elbows by Hercules, Hogan nails a high knee and chases after Heenan. Big boot to Hercules, scoop slam but an elbow misses. Hercules poses at his handy work, Hercules drives his knees into the back of The Hulkster. Hard Irish whip to the turnbuckle, repeated knees to the back.

Bearhug from Hercules, a massive ribbreaker from Hercules. Hercules jaw-jacks with fans before going back to Hogan, Hercules Backbreaker on Hogan. Hogan did not tap, Hercules breaks the hold for no reason. Hercules mocks Hogan, two for Hercules and guess what mr challenger? Hogan is Hulking Up! Right hands, axe bomber. Hogan rams Hercules off the turnbuckle over and over, big boot and an Atomic Leg Drop for the win.

Ventura and Mcmahon during a Hogan match is just magical, Ventura is blowing his lid over anything that Hogan does while Mcmahon defends and justifies Hogan’s actions, it is a tonne of fun. Good showing from Hercules, plenty of offense in there for the challenger, a waste of Heenan at ringside though. A very subdued performance from Heenan while Hogan does what he does best and sends the fans into a frenzy!

Winner: Hulk Hogan over Hercules Hernandez via Atomic Leg Drop!

Cowboy Bob Orton W/ Jimmy Hart vs Rowdy Roddy Piper

The two former allies come to blows, Piper is a full-blown babyface while being absolutely cooler than everyone else, Piper is lightyears ahead of everyone. Piper spits at Muraco who is at ringside, Piper swings at Muraco and poor Muraco has been ejected from ringside. Orton looks like he has seen a ghost, Piper and Orton trade blows with Piper winning the war. Bulldog by Piper, Orton is begging for mercy. Piper bites Orton on the head, Orton flips in the corner off an Irish whip. Eye poke by Piper, uppercuts from Piper with Orton being rocked around the ring.

Huge knee lift from The Hot Rod, two for Piper. Orton gets in a massive right off an Irish whip, elbow to the back of the head. Stomp to the groin, gutbuster from Orton. Orton misses an elbow and almost clotheslines Orton, Piper bumps Orton into Jimmy Hart which leads to a roll-up from Piper for the win.

Hardly a long match but Piper is over like rover, Orton is a great seller too, Orton took every bump in that match in a tremendous way. But yeah, Piper and Orton made the most out of nothing!

Winner: Roddy Piper over Cowboy Bob Orton via Roll-Up!

The Hart Foundation W/ Jimmy Hart vs The Killer Bees

Bret and Brunzell start, lock-up. Knee by Bret, Brunzell ducks a clothesline and nails a high knee. Blair gets the tag, middle rope axe handle. Wristlock from Blair, Bret rolls-up Blair for two. Tag to Neidhart, Neidhart eats a double elbow. Wristlock by Brunzell, Bret knees Brunzell from the apron. The heels take control, backbreaker and elbow drop combination from The Harts. Dropkick from Neidhart, reverse chinlock from Neidhart. Tag to Bret, headbutt to Brunzell.

Uppercut by Bret, tag to Neidhart. Neidhart drops Brunzell across the top rope, Bret chokes Brunzell from the apron. Tag to Bret, backbreaker from Bret. Bret misses an elbow, Brunzell is tossed to the floor. Tag to Neidhart, Brunzell fights back from his knees. Neidhart clubs down Brunzell, front chancery from Neidhart. Tag to Bret, Brunzell counters an uppercut for a backslide, two for Brunzell. Irish whip reversal from Brunzell who nails a dropkick, Bret tags Neidhart. Bret distracts the referee so the referee misses Brunzell tagging Blair. The Killer Bees apply their masks, Blair is the fresh man. Right hands, hip attacks.

Bret is knocked around by The Killer Bees, Neidhart is shoved into Bret. Sleeper from Blair, Neidhart is fading fast. Bret nails a double axe handle off the top rope, The Killer Bees switch places behind the referee’s back. Bret walks over into a small package from nowhere for the win.

Good stuff, solid tag team wrestling. Bret and Neidhart gel together so well and The Killer Bees have a fun gimmick that you can play around with and get creative with in terms of finishes, this match is another example of that with The Hart Foundation ending up with egg on their face for their constant cheating throughout the match.

Winners: The Killer Bees over The Hart Foundation via Samll Package!

Koko B Ware vs Nikolai Volkoff W/ Slick

Slick distracts Koko, Volkoff goes in for the kill. Big right hands, Koko is pummelled in the corner. Irish whip to the corner, Koko leapfrogs Volkoff. Rights and lefts to Volkoff, Koko monkey flips Volkoff. Dropkick, make it two. Volkoff kicks out at two, spinkick from Volkoff. Koko is dropped across the top rope, scoop slam. Knee drop misses for Volkoff, missile dropkick by Koko for two. Military press into a rib-breaker by Volkoff, scoop slam. Slick and Volkoff discuss strategy which leads to a roll-up victory for Koko. Super short match but the fans were happy!

Winner: Koko B Ware over Nikolai Volkoff via Roll-Up!

Rebel Dick Slater vs Magnificent Muraco W/ Mr. Fuji

The match starts with Muraco hammering Slater, big rights and lefts from Muraco. Slater uses an O Connor roll for two, big right hand from Slater. Reverse elbow from Slater, elbow off the top rope with Fuji saving Muraco. Fuji sweeps the leg of Slater, Muraco misses an elbow drop. Clothesline by Muraco who uses the ropes for leverage and the win! DUD!

Winner: Magnificent Muraco over Dick Slater via Clothesline!

While it was a quiet end to the show, this show did have two championship matches of good quality along with a good tag team match between The Killer Bees and The Hart Foundation. The larger than life personalities of the likes of Piper, Hogan, Savage and Roberts lift these shows to crazy levels as the crowds go bananas when anything happens, this might not have been an important edition but it sure was a fun watch! Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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