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WWF Wrestlemania 2 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that continues to stumble along more than Impact Wrestling! It's time for Wrestlemania 2 headlined by Hulk Hogan vs King Kong Bundy for the WWF World Championship, the card also features the likes of Roddy Piper vs Mr. T in a boxing match, Hercules vs Ricky Steamboat and George The Animal Steele challenging Macho Man Randy Savage for the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Wrestlemania was history in the making but beyond the main event and the importance of the event, there was not much reason to watch the show. Will Wrestlemania 2 be the show to cement Wrestlemania's legacy? Let's find out!

Magnificent Muraco W/ Mr. Fuji vs Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff

Orndorff had been a babyface for almost a year following Piper's criticism of his tag partner in the main event of Wrestlemania 1. Muraco and Orndroff lock-up, clean break between the two. Side headlock from Orndorff, scoop slam from Muraco. Orndorff kicks off Muraco, scoop slam from Orndorff. Muraco sends Orndorff to the corner, a few cheap shots follow from Muraco. Muraco tries an Irish whip, Orndorff reverses the whip. Massive back body drop and an armbar from Orndorff. Muraco tries an Irish whip, Orndorff continues to hold on and wrench the arm. Samoan drop from Muraco, right hand to the face. Orndorff meets the turnbuckle, Orndorff fires back at Muraco. Muraco and Orndorff spill to the floor, the two begin brawling.

No contest to begin the show? Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. What a crock, that's no way to begin a show. The crowd begin chanting bullshit, I love it. Could not sum up my feelings any better, terrible beginning to Wrestlemania.

No Contest!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Randy Macho Man Savage (C) W/ Miss Elizabeth vs George The Animal Steele

The feud continues between Savage and Steele, Steele turned babyface early in 1985, Steele is affectionate towards Miss Elizabeth who is treated like dirt by the champion Savage. Savage is weary of Steele to begin the contest, Steele's unorthodox style in the ring terrifies The Macho Man. Talk about stalling, Savage runs from Steele over and over. Steele catches Savage by the leg, Steele bites Savage. Savage is limping, Savage comes in with a knee. Steele chokes and throat tosses Savage. Steele distracts himself with Elizabeth, Steele gets caught in the ropes. Crossbody by Savage for two, Steele pummels Savage.

Savage crawls under the ring, Steele is lost. Savage knees Steele, Steele bites Savage. Eye rake from Savage, Savage has flowers. Steele is whacked with the flowers, more biting and Savage eats the flowers to the face. Steele rips open the turnbuckle, the two chase around the ring. Steele is distracted by Elizabeth, double axe handle from Savage from the top rope. Scoop Slam and Elbow Drop from Savage, two for Savage. Steele grabs the nose of Savage, Savage is in the corner. Roll-up from Savage with the feet on the ropes for the win.

Great angle, matches leave much to be desired. Steele's antics can make matches fun but Savage is not that type of comedy wrestler who can make these type of matches super fun. Savage plays the jerk and coward very well but this seemed like a night off for Savage when all was said and done. Disappointing start so far, I need more from Wrestlemania.

Winner: Randy Savage over George Steele via Roll-Up!

Jake The Snake Roberts vs George Wells

George Wells is a dead man as the new star in town is Jake The Snake Roberts. Roberts had lit up in WCCW and later Mid-South Wrestling. Jake comes in and slaps Wells, Wells fires up with right hands and a back drop. Roberts eats a right hand on the floor, Roberts grabs a side headlock but eats a shoulder block. Flying headscissors from Wells, Roberts asks for a time-out. Scoop slam from Wells, powerslam from Wells for two. Eye rake from Roberts, knee lift from Roberts. DDT from Roberts and this match is over. Roberts uses the snake on Wells, nice squash still waiting for something big. DUD!

Winner: Jake Roberts over George Wells via DDT!

(Boxing Match) Mr. T vs Roddy Piper

This is too much for me, T had knocked out Orton in a boxing match at Saturday Night's Main Event, this is a step forward as Piper battles the man he continues to mock and antagonize week after week. They begin by feeling one another out, jabbing. Some hooks are thrown, they clinch before we get a break. Cheap shots from Piper, the two continue brawling before Piper scores a knockdown on T. Piper boots T, Piper gets knocked down in round three. Both men are gasping for air, we make it to round four. Both men begin firing live rounds into one another. Piper shoves the referee and slams T, we have the DQ.

If they had T knock out Piper, would they have not gotten huge publicity? I mean what was the problem with T knocking out Piper? Hurting Piper's credibility? Would have anyone have seen it like that? I do not think so, Piper would be a babyface by the time of the next Wrestlemania so why not go for the knockout of Piper with T stanidn tall? I do not get it, boring match though. DUD!

Winner: Mr. T over Roddy Piper via Knockout!

(WWF Women's Championship Match) The Fabulous Moolah (C) vs Velvet Mcintyre

Wendi Richter is nowhere to be seen, why? Richter had not signed back with the promotion which led Vince to the orginal screwjob where Moolah as the masked spider lady pinned Richter's shoulders forcibly to the mat. This match begins with Moolah snapmaring Velvet, Velvet comes back with a dropkick before a crossbody goes wrong and Moolah pins Velvet for the win. DUD, this show is killing me people, it truly is!

Winner: Fabulous Moolah over Velvet Mcintyre via Cover!

(Flag Match) Nikolai Volkoff W/ Classy Freddy Blassie vs Corporal Kirchner

Spin kick and knee lift from Volkoff, Kirchner is dumped onto the floor. Kirchner meets the ringpost, Volkoff bites Kirchner. Kirchner meets the ringpost again, Kirchner fires back with right hands. Kirchner is bleeding, the referee is down. More right hands, Kirchner intercepts Blassie's cane and Kirchner decimates Volkoff with the cane, Kirchner is the winner.

Jesus Christ, does this show have any matches worth a damn? I look away and the match is over, it's so fast. I hope Kirchner was busted open hard way because I would not blade for a match this long, it's a damn joke. Every match so far has been nothing short of diasppointing.

Winner: Coporal Kirchner over Nikolai Volkoff via Cane Shot!

(20-Man Battle Royal Match)

Elimination occurs over the top rope, some of the NFL's biggest stars and the WWF's inside of the ring. Jimbo Covert, Pedro Morales, Tony Atlas,Ted Arcidi, Harvey Martin, Danny Spivey, Hillbilly Jim, King Tonga, The Iron Sheik, Ernie Holmes, B Brian Blair, Jumpin Jim Brunzell, Big John Studd, Bill Frallic, Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart, Russ Francis, Bruno Sammartino, William Perry, Andre The Giant. These are the participants, never been a huge fan of American Football but its clear they are some big names inside of that ring.

The match begins, it will be hard to recap all of this action. As the match edges closer to the end, the WWF wrestlers begin to dominate the ring with Perry and Francis being all that remain of the NFL stars. Sammartino is thrown out by Studd, Perry has a faceoff with Studd. Studd eats a huge tackle, Studd catches Perry and dumps out Perry. Great way to get heat on Studd, Perry asks for a handshake and pulls out Studd. The Hart Foundation and Francis see Andre and decide to team up. Double dropkick to Andre, Andre is caught in the ropes. The Hart Foundation catch Francis and Francis is throan out, the arena comes alive for Andre. Bret eats a boot, noggin knocker from Andre. Neidhart is booted to the floor and Andre press slams Bret onto Neidhart, Andre is your winner.

Best match so far, they could have done so much with Perry in that match, the crowd were rampant for their hometown hero. The spot with Studd was excellent though, if Perry threw out Studd, the reaction would have been monstrous. It seems that this is the Wrestlemania of wasted opportunity, we could have had so much more but best of the card so far and it took an hour and a half.

Winner: Andre The Giant over Everyone Else via Survival!

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) The British Bulldogs W/ Captain Lou Albano & Ozzy Osbourne vs The Dream Team (C) W/ Luscious Johnny Valiant

This match stole the show at the last Saturday Night's Main Event, Bulldogs were hugely over with the WWF audience. The crowd wanted a championship change, the fans could smell it was coming but Wrestlemania is the place for the championship change. Valentine and Davey Boy begin the match, Davey Boy shoves down Valentine. Elbows by both men, Davey Boy wins the war. Takedown by Valentine, Davey Boy escapes and wrenches the arm. Hiptoss by Valentine, Valentine misses an elbow. Tag to Dynamite Kid, Valentine meets the turnbuckle for a one-count. Shoulder block from Dynamite, snap suplex from Dynamite.

Davey Boy suplexes Valentine hard for two, Valentine begs for mercy. Valentine powders, Davey Boy eats an elbow to the back of the head. Low headbutt from Valentine, tag to Beefcake. Davey Boy military press slams Beefcake, tag to Dynamite. Clothesline and knife edge chop for two, small package for two. Tag to Davey Boy, fisherman suplex for two. Beefcake tags Valentine, double axe handle to Davey Boy. Suplex for two, elbow from Valentine. Dynamite tags in, right hands and shoulder thrusts to Valentine. Two for Dynamite, tag to Davey Boy. Tag to Dynamite, double shoulder block. Beefcake enters illegally, Dynamite gets two on a sunset flip, backbreaker from Dynamite. Beefcake saves Valentine, forearm shot to Dynamite. Piledriver from Valentine for two, Valentines gets caught by Dynamite. Dynamite tosses Valentine from the top rope.

Valentine rolls to the floor, Dynamite is double teamed before Davey Boy gets a tag. Running Powerslam, Beefcake makes the save. Snap suplex by Davey Boy for two, Davey Boy is whipped shoulder first into the ringpost. Stomps to the arm by Valentine, Beefcake axe handles the arm. Hammerlock atomic drop by Beefcake, Davey Boy meets the turnbuckle shoulder first. Tag to Valentine, double axe handle to Davey Boy. Shoulderbreaker for two, Valentine did not want to win so easily. Davey Boy whips Valentine into Dynamite who is on the second turnbuckle, they bang heads and Davey Boy pins Valentine for the win.

Fantastic match, The Bulldogs and Savage I would put in a separate league to everyone else in terms of workstyles in the WWF. They work fast with tonnes of crisp bumps and drama all over the place. They stole the show before, it is not the first time. They continue to entertain, Valentine is a fantastic heel. Enjoying his work a lot, Beefcake is coming along but Valentine was tremendous. Loved the drama, loved everything about this match. Worthy of being a Wrestlemania match, both finishes have been so bizarre for their tag team championships but I just love the fact that a headbutt would knock someone out.

Winners: The British Bulldogs over The Dream Team via Headbutt!

Ricky The Dragon Steamboat vs Hercules Hernandez

Hercules jumps Steamboat to begin the match, Hercules is super vicious in the beginning. Steamboat slides through the legs, massive chop. Armdrags from Steamboat, superkick from Steamboat. Hercules tries an Irish whip, leapfrogs and a massive chop from Steamboat. Suplex from Steamboat, Hercules shoves Steamboat into the turnbuckle, vicious clothesline and stomps from Hercules. Stungun from Hercules, massive chops from Steamboat, Steamboat tries a scoop slam but Hercules is too big for Steamboat. Elbow and elbow drops by Hercules, two for Hercules. Massive chops from Steamboat, Hercules answers with a clothesline for two. Military press slam, gorilla press slam. Steamboat blocks a splash with his knees, Steamboat goes high. Crossbody and Steamboat wins the match!

Good match, the show is picking up quite a bit, thankfully. Hercules started rough, jumping Steamboat it's a little thing but I really enjoyed the intensity shown by Hercules and the frustration on Hercules' face as Steamboat would not be beaten inside the ring. Steamboat was classy as always, great selling and bumping around the ring. So smooth and the crossbody is quite possibly the prettiest finisher at the time.

Winner: Ricky The Dragon Steamboat over Hercules Hernandez via Crossbody!

Adorable Adrian Adonis W/ Jimmy Hart vs Uncle Elmer

The fabulous Adonis is ramping up the sissy and gay factor times a thousand, Adonis looks like an old granny, Elmer chases off the two to begin the match. Adonis does the Flair flip, fantastic. Elmer knocks Adonis to the floor, massive right from Elmer. Elmer rips at Adonis, Adonis gains control through a series of lefts, rights by Elmer. Corner splash by Elmer, Elmer misses a leg drop. Adonis delivers a splash for the win.

Yeah, that went as well as it could have gone, Adonis surprised me with his agility in this match. Adonis might have something if Adonis has an opponent that can work a good match. However, when you are stuck with Elmer, things are not going to be anything beyond midly entertaining.

Winner: Adrian Adonis over Uncle Elmer via Splash!

The Funk Brothers W/ Jimmy Hart vs Tito Santana & Junkyard Dog

Terry Funk had been annoying every single person the man came into contact with, this leads us to a pissed off Junkyard Dog and Tito Santana looking to kick some serious ass. Terry is teaming with Dory Jr., the two being a decorated tag team in Giant Baba's All Japan Pro Wrestling Promotion, The Funks were special due to being babyfaces in Japan despite their Gaijin status. JYD and Dory start us off, the babyfaces clear the ring before JYD tags Santana. Terry and Santana are in, chops by Terry. Clothesline to the floor by Santana, Dory eats multiple dropkicks from Santana. JYD vs Terry, jabs by Terry. Dog rocks Terry, Terry meets the turnbuckle.

Terry meets the turnbuckle at least twenty times, headbutt for two. Terry is sent flying to the floor, Dory tags into the match. JYD tags Santana, side headlock by Santana. Elbows and uppercuts from Dory, Flying Forearm by Santana. Terry breaks up the pin, Criss-Cross, Terry knees Santana in the back. Dory is in control now, tag to Terry. Santana is tossed to the floor, Jimmy Hart kicks Santana. Suplex by Terry for two, Santana suplexes Terry. Terry and Santana bang heads, Dory tags into the match. Double underhook suplex, Santana battles back at Dory.

Dory uppercuts Santana, double clothesline by The Funks. Leg drop by Terry for two, Santana dodges a leg drop. Santana fires back, Terry headbutts Santana. Santana tags JYD after dodging Terry, noggin knocker. Clothesline to Terry, Dory is dropped. Terry eats a headbutt, Terry is back dropped to the floor. Headbutt to Dory, Terry is slammed onto a table. Santana brawls with Dory, Terry is kicked by JYD. JYD has Jimmy Hart, huge slap to Jimmy Hart. Small package by JYD, Figure Four on Dory by Santana. Terry is thrown the megaphone by Jimmy Hart, JYD is knocked out and The Funk Brothers win the match.

A tonne of fun inside of the ring, Terry Funk is my favourite bumper at this moment and time, Terry is hilarious bouncing around the ring being punch-drunk, nothing is more entertaining than watching Terry going around the ring. JYD and Santana held their own in that ring, all four were great to watch and you have a cheap finish putting the heat on Terry Funk. I hope they dont waste Terry Funk at this stage, Funk has been a constant source of entertainment.

Winners: The Funk Brothers over JYD & Tito Santana via Megaphone!

(WWF World Heavyweight Championship Match) Hulk Hogan (C) vs King Kong Bundy W/ Bobby Heenan

The main event what we have all been waiting for, the cage grudge match between King Kong Bundy vs Hulk Hogan. Hogan had beaten the likes of Terry Funk, Bob Orton and had DQ wins over Roddy Piper which were certain victories for The Hulkster had it not been interference from Piper's lackeys. Hogan was riding high before Bundy called out the champion, Bundy chose his moment to attack. Bundy assaulted Hogan during Hogan's match with Magnificent Muraco. Repeated splashes crushed the ribs of Hogan, Hogan is not 100%, the ribs have been taped. The odds are in Bundy's favour, Hogan and Bundy begin brawling. Bundy eats chops and a corner clothesline, stomps from Hogan. Axe bomber but Bundy does not fall, Bundy goes for the ribs.

Bundy elbows Hogan, scoop slam and Hogan is screaming out in pain. Bundy steps on Hogan's head, Bundy is going for the door. Hogan desperately grabs the leg of Bundy, Bundy stomps on Hogan. Slam into the cage wall, Bundy goes for the door again but Hogan holds onto Bundy. Bundy rips away the protective tape, Bundy chokes Hogan with the tape. Bundy ties Hogan to the ropes, Bundy tries to escape but Hogan is on his feet. Hogan hammers away at Bundy, corner elbow. Big right hands, Bundy meets the cage head first, Bundy blades for Hogan. Right hands to the cut of Bundy, eye rake from Hogan. Bundy meets the cage twice, Hogan begins climbing the cage. Hogan's scoop slam goes wrong, Hogan has his tape and Hogan chokes Bundy. Avalanche and Splash from Bundy,Hogan begins to Hulk Up. Avalanche has no effect, slam by Hogan. Atomic Leg Drop from Hogan, Hogan begins climbing to the top. Bundy is giving chase, Bundy is kicked off by Hogan. Bundy is going for the door, Heenan is brawling with Hogan. Heenan is in the cage but Hogan's feet have longed hit the floor. Hogan throws around Heenan to end the show.

The atmosphere is tremendous for this match, this feels like a Wrestlemania match and a Wrestlemania moment. As for the match, I would have expected a lot more rib work and struggle from Hogan due to how much they make out of Hogan's injury. That was not the case though, Hogan no-sells the avalanche and the splash, there was no real drama or sense of danger for Hogan. It always seemed like Hogan was going to prevail. That being said, the crowd were electric for this match and the main event sent everyone home happy.

Winner: Hulk Hogan over King Kong Bundy via Escape!

That was WWF's Wrestlemania 2, not the greatest show on Earth like I had hoped for the second Wrestlemania. The first Wrestlemania was going to have some growing pains, this is a year later and the WWF attempted something even crazier with three cards taking place at three different arenas. It did not work with many matches lacking the quality or excitement of a big match card. The boxing match which was hyped up fell very flat for me, the beginning of the show to start with a count-out was ridiculous. Large parts of the show dragged and it was not very entertaining.

Things picked up with the battle royal, I felt it could have been handled better just like the boxing match but it was a lot of fun, the tag team title match was tremendous, The Bulldogs were on fire and Valentine was showing off a great heel side, The Funks and Steamboat were able to craft solid and entertaining matches while the main event was exciting and interesting due to crowd interest even if I feel that Hogan could have sold more and ramped up the drama factor. So, it was alright, better than the first Wrestlemania but not by much, thanks ofr reading and remember: There's always another night!

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