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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event January 4th, 1986 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that will always walk with Elias! Saturday Night’s Main Event, here we go again. The easiest way to fill in the gaps from WWF pay per views at the time, Hogan vs Terry Funk for the WWF Championship. Also, Randy Macho Man Savage takes on George The Animal Steele, Volkoff vs Kirchner and Ricky Steamboat teams with The Junkyard Dog to battle Mr. Fuji and Magnificent Muraco. Sounds like a fun night, let’s get it on!

Opening Promo

Down by the pool, we have Hogan preparing for his match with Terry Funk while Piper and The Body look down on Uncle Elmer and Hillbilly Jim. Vince welcomes us all to the show, there is a huge peace match between Volkoff and Kirchner.

Uncle Elmer/Cousin Luke/Hillbilly Jim vs Roddy Piper/Jesse Ventura/Cowboy Bob Orton

Piper and Ventura had taken the piss out of Uncle Elmer when Elmer was getting married on Saturday Night’s Main Event. Hillbilly Jim and Elmer did not take too kindly to their words, we have this match as a result. Ventura eye rakes Elmer, Elmer is back with right hands. Throat toss from Elmer, Ventura meets Hillbilly Jim’s boot. Side headlock by Hillbilly Jim, knee from Ventura. Tag to Piper, right hands by Hot Rod. Cousin Luke is in, Piper wants a handshake. Luke kicks Piper, clubbing blows from Luke. Piper fights back and tags Orton, double clothesline to Luke. Massive fists from Orton, stomps from Orton. Tag to Piper, throat thrust from Piper. Huge knee lift from Piper, Piper spits at Hillbilly Jim. Tag to Orton, Luke begins to fight back with headbutts.

Tag to Ventura, snapmare and Ventura steps on Luke’s throat. Tag to Piper who slaps Luke, eye poke from Piper. Tag to Orton, double axe handle. Tag to Piper, Luke tags Hillbilly Jim but Orton distracted the referee. Tag to Orton, scoop slam and tag to Piper. Luke tags Elmer, Piper backs off. Bearhug from Elmer, Piper rakes the eyes. Everyone is brawling, Piper is left with Hillbilly Jim. Headbutts have no effect on Hillbilly Jim, Piper slaps Jim. Hillbilly Jim is back into the heel corner, cheap shots from Orton. Tag to Ventura, tag to Orton. Elbow and tag to Piper, Hillbilly Jim tags Luke. Luke hammers everyone, Piper has The Sleeper on Luke. Elmer attacks Ventura, Orton nails Luke with his cast. Piper has The Sleeper and Team Ventura steal the win.

If anything, that over-delivered! Piper and Ventura had talked so much trash and you had Hillbilly Jim and Elmer just whooping ass when it came down to the match. Piper was great as was Ventura getting their asses handed to them, Orton using his cast once more for the heels to steal the win, good stuff worth the wait.

Winners: Team Piper over Team Elmer via Sleeper!

(WWF World Heavyweight Championship Match) Hulk Hogan © W/ Junkyard Dog vs Terry Funk W/ Jimmy Hart

Funk came in like a house of fire branding and attacking anyone in his way, JYD felt the wrath of Funk at the last Saturday Night Main Event. Hogan was even a victim of the branding iron as Hogan was laid out by Funk. Corner clothesline by Hogan to begin the match, Funk flops to the floor. Hogan knocks Funk out of the ring again with a huge clothesline, side headlock from Hogan. Hogan steps on Funk’s back and kicks Funk to the floor. Lock-up, Funk backs in Hogan. Massive slaps, Hogan punches back at Funk. Funk flip to the apron, snapmare back in the ring. Back suplex, two for Hogan. Atomic back drop from Hogan, headbutt by Hogan. Axe Bomber and elbow drop, Jimmy Hart grabs the foot of Hogan off an Irish whip.

Jimmy Hart crawls under the ring, Funk has a chain. Funk chokes the life out of Hogan, Funk applies a sleeper for extra pressure. Piledriver by Funk, Hogan barely kicks out! Funk stomps away at Hogan, Hogan begins to Hulk Up! Right hands by Hogan, elbow to the face. Big boot, Funk is on the apron. Hogan tries a suplex, Funk lands on top of Hogan as Hogan is nailed with a branding iron, two for Funk. Funk argues with the referee and Hogan manages to nail a clothesline for the win!

Good stuff from Funk and Hogan, Funk is a bumping machine for his opponents. Funk goes out there and does his best to make his opponent look like a huge star, the gimmick is a big plus too. The cheesy cowboy type who brands his opponent, love it. Funk drags away Jimmy Hart at the end of the match, beautiful.

Winner: Hulk Hogan over Terry Funk over Clothesline!

Randy Macho Man Savage W/ Miss Elizabeth vs George The Animal Steele W/ Lou Albano

Elizabeth is being treated poorly by the egotistical Macho Man, a vignette before the match shows Savage pushing Elizabeth off a high rock to learn how to swim when Elizabeth has never swam in her life. The simplistic Steele has treated Elizabeth well showing a quality like King Kong caring for the young woman. Steel scares Savage to the floor, lock-up with Steele hurling Savage to the floor. Steele chases Savage before spotting Elizabeth, Savage protects Elizabeth. Steel re-enters the ring with Savage jumping Steele, Steele battles back with Savage hiding behind Elizabeth. Steele slams Savage in the ring, Steele rips off the turnbuckle. Savage eats a turnbuckle to the face, Steele is distracted by Elizabeth. Double Axe Handle by Savage for the win!

Tremendous character work in this match, it is nice to see the wild man Steele show affections for the beautiful Elizabeth who is being mistreated by the awful Savage. The match was nothing much at all but the interactions between Elizabeth and Steele made up for the lack of action, this is heading somewhere but where will it head?

Winner: Randy Savage over George The Animal Steele via Double Axe Handle!

Nikolai Volkoff W/ Freddie Blassie/Iron Sheik vs Corporal Kirchner

Lock-up, clean break from Volkoff. Lock-up, another clean break. Volkoff takes the back, Kirchner shakes off Volkoff. Side headlock takedown by Kirchner, top wristlock from Volkoff. More clean breaks, takedown from Volkoff. Clean break,, Kirchner has the O Connor roll for two. Side headlock by Kirchner, cartwheel and shoulder block by Volkoff. Hammerlock from Kirchner, small package for two. Knee and hotshot by Volkoff before a massive knee drop for the win.

Again, not much on the action side of things but they had a story they wanted to tell and they told it well. Everyone thought it would be a nice clean and technical match before Volkoff saw his opening. Volkoff took the opening and managed to win the match.

Winner: Nikolai Volkoff over Corporal Kirchner via Knee Drop!

Ricky The Dragon Steamboat & Junkyard Dog vs Mr. Fuji & Magnificent Muraco

Muraco and Fuji had put the boots to Steamboat, choking out The Dragon using a leather belt, Steamboat looks for revenge with JYD as his partner. Muraco and Fuji jump JYD and Steambot, Muraco has Junkyard Dog in the ring. Knee lift by Muraco, JYD back drops Muraco. Snapmare but JYD misses a headbutt, tag to Fuji. Chops and strikes from Fuji, JYD comes back with a scoop slam. Fuji begs for mercy, Fuji nails more chops before tagging Muraco.

Scoop slam and arm drag from Junkyard Dog, Steamboat nails Muraco from the apron. Right hands by JYD, headbutt to Muraco. Tag to Fuji, chops to the chest and throat of JYD. Tag to Muraco, Muraco tries for a piledriver but JYD back drops Muraco. Fuji gets the tag, right hand and headbutt to JYD’s lower regions. Tag to Muraco, Muraco whips JYD to the corner but misses the spear. Tag to Steamboat, chops to the chest and head of Muraco. Shot to Fuji, enzuigiri to Muraco. Steamboat catapults Muraco into Fuji, Crossbody from Steamboat. Fuji stomps Steamboat in the back, tag to Fuji. Steamboat escapes the back suplex, tag to JYD who headbutts Fuji for the win.

More fun stuff with the match centred around when Steamboat was going to get his revenge, would have liked a bit more of a struggle for the hot tag but it was well worth the wait as Steamboat had the crowd in a frenzy, The Dragon was popular with all in attendance. Fuji taking the pin-fall was predictable but this was a fun way to close the show with the babyfaces standing tall.

Winners: Team Steamboat over Team Muraco via Headbutt!

Another Saturday Night’s Main Event review finished, these shows are such a breeze to sit through and the themes to each main event have me laughing every time whether it is Halloween or the superstars down by a water park, the interviews and segments manage to make me laugh every time. The action is good too, regular championship defences from Hogan, the continued growth of the likes of Savage and Steamboat while Piper is still the biggest asshole on the planet, love it all and give me some more! Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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