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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event, May 3rd 1986 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is more surprising than Daniel Bryan's return to the ring! Saturday Night's Main Event featuring the likes of Hogan and JYD against The Funks, Ricky Steamboat taking on Jake The Snake Roberts and King Kong Bundy takes on Uncle Elmer. Let's get this show on the road!

Hulk Hogan & Junkyard Dog W/ The Haiti Kid vs The Funk Brothers W/ Jimmy Hart

Terry and Dory Funk have been continuing to meddle in JYD's business, JYD has back up in the form of The Hulkster. JYD starts by slamming both Funks, Hogan does JYD's headbutts. The Haiti Kid has Jimmy Hart, the crowd is already in a frenzy. Dory and JYD begin the match officially, scoop slam by Dog. Terry tags into the match, lock-up. Terry backs in JYD, rights and lefts by Terry. Terry misses a corner spear, Terry hits the ringpost hard. JYD nails a massive clothesline, Terry tags Dory. JYD tags Hogan, Hogan boots Terry and clotheslines Dory. Scoop slam and elbow by Hogan for two, tag to Dog. Dory weasels away to tag Terry, Terry chops Dog.

Tag to Dory, double teaming before Hogan is taken away by the referee. Left jabs by Funk, JYD answers with a huge right. Tag to Dory, Dory misses a leg lariat in the corner. Both Funks are on their asses on the floor, Jimmy Hart waffles Haiti Kid with the branding iron. Hart escapes, JYD brings The Haiti Kid to the back. Hogan must battle by himself, JYD has returned. Dory uppercuts Hogan in the corner, Hogan blocks the suplex and nails a suplex of his own. Terry headbutts Hogan, Dory sends Hogan to the floor. Branding Iron to the ribs of Hogan, Terry stomps all over Hogan. Hogan is sent into the guard rail, JYD comes in and slams Terry. Terry is back dropped on the concrete floor, Jimmy Hart wakes up Terry.

Dory eats a massive boot, tag to Dog. Headbutt by JYD, Irish whip to the corner. Dory blocks the oncoming Dog, massive uppercuts. Haiti Kid is back covered in tape, Terry is the legal man. JYD is shaking off Terry's right hand, double knockdown. Terry misses a splash from the top, tag to Hogan. Axe bomber into an Atomic Leg Drop, Hogan and Junkyard Dog walk away with the win. Jimmy Hart attacks The Haiti Kid, Hogan saves The Haiti Kid from a branding.

That was a lot of fun, The Funk Brothers entertain which is the norm for me by this point, the crowd eats up everything that Hogan and JYD do, nice little tag match. I would like to see The Funks mix it up with the tag team champions, that would be a good place to go with The Funks if you have no big plans for Terry.

Winner: Hulk Hogan & Junkyard Dog over The Funks via Atomic Leg Drop!

(Battle of The Big Boys) King Kong Bundy W/ Bobby Heenan vs Uncle Elmer

Bundy is fresh off losing to Hogan at Wrestlemania, Bundy needs to get back on track. Bundy is in the ring with the massive Elmer, Bundy cannot move Elmer. Shoulder blocks do not work, eye rake by Bundy. Choke hold from Bundy, Elmer hammers away at Bundy. Big Butt attacks from Elmer, massive corner splash. Elmer misses a splash and eats a massive elbow drop from Bundy. Passable but nothing really there, Elmer is a big comedy wrestler despite his size. DUD!

Winner: King Kong Bundy over Uncle Elmer via Elbow Drop!

Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff vs Adorable Adrian Adonis W/ Jimmy Hart

Adonis believes Orndorff to be the perfect man, the body, the hair, Adonis wants to be with Orndorff. Orndorff is having none of Adonis and his antics, Orndorff slams and armdrags Adonis around the ring. Adonis powders, Orndorff stomps all over Adonis. Flair flip from Adonis, abdominal stretch from Orndorff. Adonis makes it to the ropes, Orndorff gets lured in by Adonis. Elbows and a huge toss from Adonis. Adonis tries a clothesline but Orndorff back drops Adonis over the top rope. Orndorff slams Jimmy Hart onto Adonis, airplane spin from Orndorff. Adonis is on the floor, Adonis pulls out Orndorff but Adonis is shoved into the ringpost. Jimmy Hart distracts Orndorff, Adonis uses the megaphone on Orndorff. Elbows from Adonis, massive knee to the gut.

Middle rope elbow from Adonis, Adonis looks for the suplex. Adonis connects, Orndorff is in trouble. Two for Adonis, Adonis climbs to the top rope. Orndorff blocks the top rope splash, Adonis is down. Knee lift and Adonis is stuck in the ropes. Orndorff decks Jimmy Hart, dropkick by Orndorff. Adonis is stripped by Orndorff, Orndorff chokes Adonis in the ropes with his dress. Orndorff shoves the referee and we have a DQ!

I was enjoying the match, Adonis has latched onto this gimmick and committed to the rĂ´le 100%. The pre-match promos were good, the way Adonis moves around the ring is great for his gimmick, Orndorff has this mad man persona which works for wild brawls with Piper and would work great with Terry Funk but Dqs in most of his matches really hurt Orndorff's charcater for me, I am not groaning when I see Mr. Wonderful but I am beginning to be less excited for Orndorff. Good match up until the finish!

Winner: Adrian Adonis over Paul Orndorff via DQ!

Ricky The Dragon Steamboat vs Jake The Snake Roberts

Before the match can begin, Steamboat is knocked down by Roberts with two short-arm clotheslines. DDT on the concrete floor from Roberts, Steamboat is out-cold. Roberts reaches for Damien, the snake is placed on the body of Steamboat. Good angle as this was not a match at all but everyone wanted to see Steamboat beat the piss out of Roberts after this disgusting attack from Roberts. The DDT on the floor was legit too, Roberts expressed concern for Steamboat taking the move, Steamboat believed that he could protect himself but this move would give Steamboat quite the concussion. Great angle though, Roberts is completely unlikable and the heat is massive for this angle.

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) The British Bulldogs (C) W/ Captain Lou Albano vs Nikolai Volkoff & The Iron Sheik W/ Classy Freddy Blassie (Two Out Of Three Falls Match)

The new champions will be defending their titles against Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff, Volkoff and Davey Boy begin the match. Headbutts by both champions, small package for two. Shoulder block by Davey Boy, Volkoff flapjacks Davey Boy onto the top rope. Tag to Sheik, back suplex and Camel Clutch by Sheik, we have the first fall over already as Davey Boy taps out to The Camel Clutch.

Sheik back drops Davey Boy, Sheik spits on Davey Boy. Clothesline from Sheik, abdominal stretch from Sheik. Hiptoss escape but Sheik stops Davey Boy, tag to Volkoff. Clothesline, sunset flip from Davey Boy. Sheik distracts the referee, Davey Boy had a pinfall but no dice, Sheik roars at the crowd. Volkoff and Sheik double team Davey Boy, Blassie holds onto Davey Boy. Knee across the back by Sheik, tag to Volkoff. Scoop slam for two, Davey Boy O Connor rolls Volkoff to make this match a draw by this point!

One fall left, Volkoff nails a body block. Kick to the ribs, knee by Sheik. Boston crab from Sheik, Davey Boy reaches the ropes. Tag to Volkoff, backbreaker from Volkoff. Bearhug from Volkoff, Running Powerslam on Sheik. Volkoff saves Sheik, Dynamite tags into the match. Boot by Sheik, bearhug from Volkoff. Sheik has The Camel Clutch on Dynamite, Davey Boy and Volkoff come into the ring. Davey Boy swaps places with Sheik, small package and the champions retain their titles.

Fun match from the tag team champions, great stuff from Davey Boy in the match. The Bulldogs had been the best part of the last few shows that I have seen from this era. They shone at Wrestlemania 2 and it's disheartening to hear that Dynamite has a legitimate injury and it could be the end of The Bulldogs in the WWF, they might not have this much time left in the company.

Winners: The British Bulldogs over Sheik & Volkoff via Small Package!

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