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WWE Unforgiven 2006 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomanaic Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that comes up short more times than Goto! What an event this should be as the Raw brand seemingly throws everything into its big feuds on the brand as we get to sink our teeth into a handicap hell in a cell match as DX battle The Mcmahons & Big Show while Edge defends his WWE Championship against John Cena in a match that Edge never seems to lose that being a TLC match. Promising show for the Raw brand but shall it deliver? Let’s find out!

Opening Promo

Good stuff showing that The Mcmahons reached their breaking point in their feud with DX so they have brought in the big guns in Big Show. Also, focus is given to the main event where Edge has abused Cena but can Edge survive the onslaught of Cena? Good stuff for both matches!

(WWE Intercontinental Championship Match) Jeff Hardy vs Johnny Nitro © W/ Melina

Jeff Hardy is back after his stint in TNA, Jeff Hardy was arguably one of the most promising and popular superstars in the WWE before his departure. It is a shame for Nitro and Carlito as I looked forward to Carlito’s chase for the championship but when Jeff Hardy is in the mix, you have your perfect babyface to chase the championship. Nitro is being outwrestled to begin the match, armdrags and shoulder block by Hardy. Another armdrag, Nitro gets up and sends Hardy to the corner but we have another armdrag by Hardy. Nitro clubs down Hardy, kicks to the mid-section. Oklahoma roll by Hardy for two, another deep armdrag.

Uppercut by Nitro, make it two. Backslide by Hardy for two, leg drop to the groin. Nitro rolls out, Nitro recovers and clubs down Hardy. Hard Irish whip to the corner, right hands by the champion. Dropkick by Hardy, ten punches by Hardy. Rope assisted sitting dropkick by Hardy, Nitro rolls out before a swanton. Hardy nails a baseball slide, Hardy runs up the barricade and clotheslines Nitro. Hardy is on the top rope but is too slow, dropkick by Nitro stops Hardy in his tracks. Nitro goes for the legs of Hardy, Hardy battles back with right hands. Enzuigiri misses as Nitro works the leg, slamming Hardy’s leg into the mat for two. Kick to the side of the leg, make it two.

Elbows to the legs by Nitro, slingshot axe handle to the legs of Hardy. Right hands by Nitro, choke hold from the champion. Indian deathlock from Nitro, Hardy escapes so Nitro switches to an ankle hold on Hardy. Hardy escapes but a chop block stops that, Nitro misses a corkscrew moonsault. Hardy trips up Nitro for a pin, two for Hardy. Forearms by Hardy, Nitro eats a Whisper in The Wind for two. Eye rake by Nitro, Nitro backs Hardy into the corner. Nitro places Hardy on the top rope, Nitro’s top rope hurricanrana does not pay off. Swanton Bomb by Hardy, Nitro places his foot on the ropes.

Melina is so happy with her man, Hardy is limping as Nitro goes for the leg. Shin breaker is countered for a roll-up, Nitro rolls through for an ankle hold. Hardy reaches the ropes, corkscrew mule kick from Hardy to escape. Nitro blocks the twist of fate for a single leg heel hold. Hardy reaches the ropes, Hardy kicks Nitro into Melina. Roll-up for two, Nitro is on the top rope. Diving hurricanrana is countered for a powerbomb, Melina nails Hardy with her boot and Nitro steals the win.

Not the worst match, that is a good bit of praise considering Nitro was still developing as a singles star and Hardy was back from months of inactivity after being fired from TNA. It is hard to have a dead crowd with Hardy in the ring, the crowd love the guy but Nitro definitely had a few growing pains to go through as a singles wrestler. The leg work meant nothing in the grand scheme of things, I am not a fan of these type of things where a body part is worked on for absolutely no reason.

Winner: Johnny Nitro over Jeff Hardy via Melina’s Boot!

Team Extreme Reunion

Oh how I wish this was under happy circumstances, Lita mocks the losers that are Matt and Jeff Hardy because they have no gold around their waist. Lita walks off smugly confident of her victory and Edge’s victory in the main event.

Umaga W/ Armando Alejandro Estrada vs Kane

I love Estrada, Estrada seems like great craic as his heel shtick is simply not working as everyone loves the way he says his name. A missed opportunity but they did not keep him around, Kane vs Umaga because Umaga needed a real opponent and both men are monsters. Kane hammers away on Umaga, Umaga has been rocked. Chop by Umaga, we have a fistfight between both. Headbutt by Umaga, boot by Kane. Spinning heel kick by Umaga, Kane sits up from the attack. Clothesline to the floor, Kane uppercuts Umaga before Estrada distracts Kane which leads to a complete shot from Umaga. Diving headbutt by Umaga, Umaga beats down Kane in the corner.

Running hip splash by Umaga, Kane blocks the Samoan spike. Uppercuts and right hands by Kane, Umaga clubs down Kane but Kane continues to keep fighting. Corner blows by Umaga, Kane kicks away Umaga. Rights and lefts by Kane, corner clothesline. Another clothesline which leads to a Samoan drop by Umaga, Umaga misses a top rope headbutt. Kane is on the top rope, Diving clothesline by Kane. Umaga avoids a chokeslam, headbutts and rights by Kane. Kane belly to belly suplexes Umaga to the floor, Umaga and Kane brawl into the crowd and we have a double count-out.

From getting your head kicked in by Keiji Mutoh in All Japan to an undefeated streak in WWE, things were going well for Umaga even if this match ended as a draw between the two. Umaga looked unstoppable and never close to going down to The Chokeslam, Umaga will have his win over The Big Red Machine in due course. I enjoyed big man battles, this delivered and I have no problem with Kane doing the JOB for Umaga further down the line.

Double Count-Out!

The Mcmahons

Vince believes there is no way that The Mcmahons can lose this match, The Mcmahons gloat and laugh at their own greatness, Vince is such an awesome heel.

(WWE World Tag Team Championship Match) The Spirit Squad © vs The Highlanders

Looks like this is our pay per view introduction to The Highlanders, had no clue that The Spirit Squad were still around. Those championships are suffering just like they were when it seemed that the only people in the division were La Resistance. Sunset flip by Rory on Mikey, Mikey elbows Rory in the corner. Mikey misses a splash, Rory sends Mikey into Robbie’s head. Armbar by Rory, tag to Robbie. Headbutt by Robbie, make it three. Tag to Rory, quick armbar before a tag to Robbie. Mikey knees Robbie in the ribs, Kenny is in the match. Back drop and scoop slam by Robbie, tag to Rory.

Battering ram move by the duo, knees to the ribs by Robbie. Tag to Rory, knees to the ribs for two. Kenny tags out, Mikey eats a double drop toehold. Robbie is backed into the corner, Kenny tags into the match. Robbie dropkicks Kenny to the floor, Robbie misses a suicide dive. Beatdown by The Spirit Squad, Mikey kicks Robbie on the apron for two. Tag to Kenny, assisted moonsault for two. Clothesline by Kenny, tag to Mikey. Leapfrog forearm, front chancery from Mikey. Robbie avoids a splash from Mikey, Kenny stops Rory receiving the tag from Robbie.

Hart Attack by the champions for two, Rory saves his partner Robbie. Mikey applies a reverse chinlock, Robbie shakes off Mikey but Kenny receives the tag, swinging neckbreaker. Rory is knocked off the apron, Kenny misses his leg drop. Rory gets the hot-tag, Polish hammers all around. Flapjack, clothesline to other Spirit Squad goons. Kenny is sent tumbling onto the goons, double slingshot reverse suplex but Kenny saves the match. Facebuster by Mikey on Rory after a kick from Johnny and The Spirit Squad pick up the win.

The Spirit Squad had no business being champions after DX making a mockery of them week after week. Cannot believe that they retained in this match, a beard facebuster for the finish? The fuck is that trash? And are The Highlanders not the new tag team in town? Take the belts off these goons and start over with The Highlanders. This match sucked, could have been easily skipped over.

Winners: The Spirit Squad over The Highlanders via Beard Drop!

(Hell in a Cell Handicap Match) The Big Show & The Mcmahons vs D-Generation X

I do like the fact that Vince and Shane got serious for this rematch, DX were battered and bloodied by The Mcmahons. It left for a great visual and gave us a reason to se the feud continue. This will be a spectacle, Show is kicked hard in the balls as DX attack the weaker Mcmahons. Vince is choked and Shane is sent to the floor, DX low blow Show for a second time. Shane meets the ringpost while Triple H roughs up Vince beside the steel steps. Shane is sent hurdling into the cell wall, Shane is bleeding already.

Vince meets the cell wall, Shane is raked off the cage wall. Vince is bleeding everywhere, Triple H drives a screwdriver into Vince’s head. Scoop slam for Vince, Show is on his feet. Triple H is clubbed down, Michaels is slammed hard. Triple H hammers Show, Show overpowers Triple H and sends The Game to the floor. Show is pushed into the cell wall via double team by DX. Show meets the steel steps, knee drop for Vince. Show is back, clotheslines for both members of DX. Shane clotheslines Michaels to the floor, Show headbutts Triple H. Shane kicks Triple H, Show Chokeslams The Game. Show goes after HBK, Show flings HBK into the cell wall. Michaels is lawn darted into the cell wall by Show, blood is everywhere. Shane and Vince put the boots to Triple H, headbutt by Show.

Coast to Coast by Shane, Vince punches the ear of Triple H. Triple H is clotheslined on the outside of the ring, Shane catapults Triple H into the cell wall. Show throws around Michaels, Show middle rope splashes Michaels. Two for Vince as Vince pulls up Michaels, cobra clutch backbreaker by Show. Vince pulls up Michaels for a second time, Show is lowbridged by Triple H. Shane is taken down with a clothesline, knee facebuster for Vince. Shane nails a massive neckbreaker to save Vince, everyone is down. Enzuigiri by Michaels on Shane, Vince clotheslines Michaels. Vince wants Michaels to kiss his ass, Triple H waffles Vince. Show takes out Triple H, Michaels eats another slam. Show splashes Vince by mistake as Michaels pulls Vince in the way.

DX trip Show and send Show groin first into the ringpost, Shane is hammered around by DX. Flying forearm by Michaels kip-up by HBK. Spinebuster by The Game, Shane has a chair around his neck. Elbow drop onto Shane’s neck, Show is still fighting as Michaels is pulled out of the ring. Triple H eats a punch to the head, Show brings the steel steps into the ring.

Show picks up the steel steps, Triple H wallops Show with a chair to the ribs and then to the head. Show is bleeding, Sweet Chin Music on Show who is laying across the top rope. Vince is standing defiant against DX, Show’s ass is exposed. Vince realizes what is coming, Vince is down on his knees begging. Vince is shoved head first into Big Show’s ass. Vince screams in agony, Triple H has a sledgehammer. Sweet Chin Music into a sledgehammer shot to the back of the head. The match is mercifully over.

Well, it had all the blood needed for a hell in a cell match, the violence was there in bucketloads and you might just have the most definitive end to a feud you will ever see inside of a WWE ring. Vince will forever be my favourite performer inside of a ring due to his willingness to be the greatest cartoon villain to be miscast as a wrestler. Vince’s facials and body language are phenomenal, Vince’s smugness at the beginning of the match to his realization that he will be shoved into Show’s ass. Vince was on another level in terms of performing inside of that ring, Vince would always do his best to give us something memorable.

Winners: D-Generation X over The Mcmahons & Big Show via Sledgehammer!

(WWE Women’s Championship Match) Trish Stratus vs Lita ©

Trish’s last match and do not dare say that you did not care about it! Trish was the women’s division on Raw, Trish carried that division on her shoulders after the days of Sable doing nothing as champion and Chyna destroying Ivory at Wrestlelemania XVII. How fitting that the greatest rivalry in the women’s division closes out Trish’s career and to top it off, we are in Canada.

Lock-up, clean break against the ropes. Clothesline out of the corner from Trish for two, Trish nails a spinning headscissors on Lita. Lita rolls to the floor, apron Thesz press by Trish to pound Lita. Headscissors by Trish onto Lita who lands hard on the floor, Lita is clutching onto the ropes, Trish is suckered in and Lita begins to hammer away at Trish. Lita chokes Trish using the ropes and applies a sleeper, Trish rallies but Lita pulls at Trish’s hair to remain in control. Right hands and stomps in the corner by Lita, Trish stomps back at Lita and delivers a foot choke. Chop by Trish, make it two. Corner splash by Trish, elbow by Lita but Trish tries for a handstand headscissors.

Lita pulls Trish and they slap one another on the top rope, both women tumble to the floor. Lita and Trish battle on the top rope, Lita yanks Trish off the top rope and into the ring. Lita climbs high, Trish dodges the moonsault. Trish covers for two, Trish tries Stratusfaction but Lita dumps Trish to the floor. Mounted punches by Lita, snap suplex by Lita for two. Kick to the ribs by Lita, Trish is choked on the bottom rope. Trish fights back with huge punches and forearms, Lita nails a Russian legsweep with a flurry of punches. Reverse chinlock by the champion, neckbreaker by Trish.

The two exchange forearms, Trish wins the war. Lita is on the middle rope, handstand headscissors connects this time. Trish measures, Chick Kick connects. Trish covers but it is only two, Trish looks on in shock. Lita rakes the eyes, Lita’s DDT is blocked. Stratusfaction is blocked, sunset flip by Trish for two, Trish lets go to apply a Sharpshooter in Canada. Lita is in the middle of the ring, she has nowhere to go and Trish wins her final Women’s championship.

A lovely moment in company history as two of the finest women wrestlers that the company ever had give us a great match and a great moment in Trish retiring and winning the championship. If anybody deserved to go out on top, it was Trish who worked her ass off for that championship to mean something. Congrats to Trish who deserved every part of her success, the perfect send-off.

Winner: Trish Stratus over Lita via Sharpshooter!

Carlito vs Randy Orton

Carlito may be out of the Intercontinental championship picture but wrestling Randy Orton is not a bad spot to be in, Carlito spits in Orton’s face and beats the piss out of Orton who rolls to the floor. Dropkick by Carlito, two for Carlito. Springboard hilo and moonsault by Carlito for two, Orton is bleeding from the mouth. Right hand and foot choke by Carlito, Orton elevates Carlito to the apron. Hotshot by Orton and Orton dropkicks Carlito to the floor, two for Orton. Orton stomps every part of Carlito’s body, knee drop by Orton for two. Reverse chinlock by Orton, Carlito battles out with a knee but Orton nails a powerslam for two. Reverse chinlock by Orton, Carlito escapes.

Springboard elbow by Carlito, high knee and a clothesline, make it two. Two for Carlito, Orton walks into a complete shot for two. Orton nails his backbreaker out of nothing, Carlito counters The RKO for a Backstabber. Orton hangs in on the ropes, Carlito is whipped to the turnbuckle. Carlito is on the middle rope but Carlito springboards right into a beautiful RKO.

Good match, Carlito looked quite good inside that ring with Orton, there was some great manoeuvres thrown in there with some fire shown during his comeback. With a finish like that, the match would have been a talking point the next day. Orton being busted open helped too, a good match for both men.

Winner: Randy Orton over Carlito via RKO!

(WWE Championship TLC Match) John Cena vs Edge ©

Edge being super confident that he is the better man between Cena and himself, has challenged his foe to a TLC match. The very match that Edge has never lost except for that one time on Smackdown, Cena has one last chance to win the championship but the deck is stacked against Cena. It is Edge’s hometown in Edge’s match.

Lock-up, shoulder block by Cena. Side headlock by Cena, another shoulder block. Slap by Edge, Cena spears down Edge. Cena brawls with Edge, neckbreaker by Edge. Cena avoids a chair to the face, fisherman buster suplex. Edge sidesteps Cena, Edgecution from Edge. Edge wants a suplex on two chairs, Cena eats a reverse DDT onto the two chairs. Edge tries climbing the ladder, Cena pushes over the ladder but Edge hops down and clothesline Cena. Cena is smacked in the face with the ladder, Edge dropkicks the ladder into Cena’s face. Cena right hands Edge, Irish whip. Hiptoss onto the ladder, Edge avoids an FU but is stuck on the apron.

Cena pummels Edge, Edge forearms Cena down. Edge is crotched on the top turnbuckle, Cena has a table in the ring. Edge counters Cena’s superplex attempt, sunset flip powerbomb misses the table. The two improvise, Edge powerslams Cena through the table. Edge crossbodies off a ladder to the floor onto Cena, Edge has the chair. Edge wallops Cena across the back, Cena trips Edge to escape the conchairto. Throwback onto the chair by Cena, Edge is placed between the ladder. STFU using the ladder to break Edge’s back, Cena rams Edge with the top of the ladder.

Cena FUs the ladder onto Edge, spinning side suplex into a super Five Knuckle Shuffle off the ladder. Cena grabs a table, Edge has a chair. Cena is whacked in the head, Edge strolls around triumphantly. Cena is laid on the table, Edge places a table on top of the other table with Cena laying in the middle of the two. Cena escapes and shoves Edge to the floor, Cena climbs one ladder while Edge climbs a ladder in the corner. Cena reaches for the gold and wham! Edge nails a massive diving Spear, Edge climbs the ladder. Edge sees Cena coming, Edge dives into Cena’s arms and Cena delivers a huge powerbomb into the corner ladder.

Cena waffles Edge with a chair, Cena has his hands on the championship and here comes Lita. Cena is pushed to the floor by Lita, Cena crashes through a table at ringside. Lita wills Edge to get up and climb, Edge is climbing. Cena is on his feet and Lita cracks Cena with a chair but this backfires as Cena tips over the ladder and Edge falls from the ladder through tables at ringside. FU on Lita, Cena and Edge battle atop the ladder, both men reaching for the championship. Cena FUs Edge through two tables and pulls down the championship.

Edge was super confident, Edge had the crowd on his side. Edge had Lita to come out and aid him, Edge had his lucky match and even with all those things in his favour, the underdog Cena had too much heart for the evil Edge. Cena walked into the lion’s den and came out smelling like roses, this was a great match and a great feud which I wish we had more of but the WWE train had to keep on rolling. This was an awesome match, Cena was maturing into the champion that the WWE wanted him to be, it was a shaky start with Cena being carried by the likes of Angle, Jericho and Michaels. However, Cena was finding his own feet thanks to this feud with Edge, I would still refer to Edge as Cena’s greatest rival, the two were wonderful together and this ending of Cena beating Edge at his own game was tremendous.

Winner: John Cena over Edge via Retrieval Of The Championship!

That was WWE’s Unforgiven 2006, a great B-Level pay per view once we hit The Hell in a Cell match, it was all guns blazing after that with a lot of great matches coming thick and fast. A solid return for Jeff Hardy with a blossoming Johnny Nitro to open the show, Umaga and Kane was solid with a pay-off in sight further down the line. The Spirit Squad match was the real slight on the show, they should not be the tag team champions due to the way they have been booked recently. They had no value and the magic had long since worn off.

The Hell in a Cell was a fitting end to the DX vs The Mcmahons feud, it had violence and Vince being just amazing in his role as the smartass getting his ass handed to him for all his evil deeds. Trish’s retirement match was fitting and emotional, those two women paved the way for so many, the sharpshooter was perfect for Canada. Carlito continues to grow his stock with a match against Orton, impressive stuff from Carlito there and a main event that was loaded with drama and excitement. Cena and Edge steal the show for a second time in a row, Cena has grown leaps and bounds by feuding with Edge and the Raw brand is looking very strong for the near future. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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