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WWE Survivor Series 2006 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series that fails on a weekly basis to draw a crowd on par with Impact Wrestling! It is 2006’s last big four pay per view, WWE’s Survivor Series 2006. Batista vs King Booker as Batista’s pursuit of the world heavyweight championship comes to a close. We also have the traditional Survivor Series matches which include Team DX vs Team Rated RKO. Surprisingly, we have Team Cena vs Team Show, this is most interesting to me as I thought it was bizarre for John Cena not have a title program going into Survivor Series. Anyways, elimination matches are usually fun and King Booker as champion has been fun, let’s see what they can tonight!

Opening Promo

Highlight package hyping up Batista vs King Booker and all the various elimination matches that we will have tonight, good stuff really with no complaints from me.

(Elimination Survivor Series Style Match) Ric Flair/Dusty Rhodes/Sgt. Slaughter/Ron Simmons/Arn Anderson vs The Spirit Squad

Oh my God, they are still around? How could this stretch this group out any longer? Why must this feud continue? Mikey and Simmons start, shoulder block by Simmons. Side headlock by Mikey, back suplex by Simmons. Eye poke by Mikey, powerslam by Simmons. Clotheslines for everyone else, Mitch trips Simmons. Simmons chases Mitch. Anderson takes out Mitch. Simmons was counted out in the meantime and it looks like Mitch is taken out too? Was he ever legal? Spinebuster for Mitch, that was bizarre.

Ron Simmons Has Been Eliminated!

Anderson is taken out of here too, Slaughter and Nicky start. Scoop slam by Slaughter, make it three. Arm-wringer and tag to Dusty, Bionic Elbow to Nicky. Arm-wringer, tag to Flair. Chops, tag to Slaughter. Short-arm clothesline, Cobra Clutch on Nicky. Kenny and Dusty brawl but Johnny nails Slaughter withba kick to the head for the elimination.

Sgt. Slaughter Has Been Eliminated!

Nicky Has Been Eliminated!

Dusty comes in and eliminates Nicky with a Bionic Elbow, that was a meaningful contribution. Dusty is beaten in the corner of The Spirit Squad, Dusty comes back with elbows on Kenny. Dusty misses an elbow and is rolled-up by Kenny.

Dusty Rhodes Has Been Eliminated!

Flair is all alone, Mikey pummels Flair. Inverted atomic drop by Flair on Mikey, Flair rolls-up Mikey using the ropes for leverage. Kenny jumps Flair immediately, Flair inside cradles Kenny. Finally, we have Johnny vs Flair, Flair chops Johnny. Shin breaker, chop block and a Figure Four raps up this match.

Not a fan of this match at all, Flair might have as well ran the gauntlet with the way this match played out, legends looked their age and had no business inside of that ring. Flair came in and the match ended within seconds, Spirit Squad should not be inside of that ring, their spotlight moment ended months ago when they were brushed aside like children by DX. Please God let it end!

Winners: Team Flair over Spirit Squad via Figure Four!

(WWE United States Championship Match) Chris Benoit © vs Chavo Guerrero W/ Vickie Guerrero

Wow, WWE using logic when it comes to booking an angle? Yes, I cannot believe it either. Chavo ended his feud with Mysterio in great fashion by beating Mysterio in an I Quit match by injuring Mysterio with chair shots to his knee. Benoit returned to the WWE, won the united states championship and questioned Chavo over his change of heart. Benoit comes in full speed, scoop slam, elbow drop and shoulderbreaker by Benoit. Chops, knees in the corner. Snap suplex for two, scoop slam for two. Chavo eye pokes Benoit and lays in uppercuts, headbutt by Benoit. Clothesline by Benoit for two, knees and chops to the chest of Chavo.

Chavo turns the tide and beats down Benoit, Benoit attempts a crossface. Vickie grabs Chavo’s leg and saves her man, back suplex by Benoit. Chavo sends Benoit shoulder first into the ringpost, foot choke from Chavo. Reverse chinlock from Chavo, Benoit escapes using a Samoan drop. Benoit runs into a dropkick, two for Chavo. Uppercut and trash-talk from Chavo, Chavo misses a right hand. German suplexes by Benoit, Vickie grabs the foot of Benoit distracting the champion. Chavo dodges, clubbing blows to the neck of Benoit. Suplex by Chavo, Frog Splash for two. Benoit attempts a sharpshooter, Chavo shoves Benoit into Vickie. Roll-up by Chavo for two but Benoit counters for a Crippler Crossface. Benoit wins the match and retains the championship.

Solid but nothing memorable from this match. Again, I feel Chavo had a meaty feud that he could sink his teeth into but the match did not live up to what it could be at the end of the day. On top of that, if they wished to do anything with Chavo, they should have allowed Chavo to get some wins in these big matches. However, if you want something solid in that ring, Benoit is your man. So, it was fine.

Winner: Chris Benoit over Chavo Guerrero via Crippler Crossface!

(WWE Women’s Championship Match) Lita © vs Mickie James

Question: How do you cripple a division? Answer: Lose your two biggest stars in the division without finding their replacements, Lita and Trish were gone in a matter of months in the WWE. Melina was not the finished product inside of the ring, Mickie was not the most over babyface on the roster. You had girls like Ashley, Maria Torrie and Candice who were more bikini girls than wrestlers, it was an all-around bad time for women in WWE. Murky waters could be ahead, this is billed as Lita’s retirement match.

Mickie takes it to Lita, kicks and punches, Lita sends Mickie into the corner. Monkey flip into mounted punches, axe handle to the back. Mickie fights out of the corner but Lita tosses her across the ring. Clothesline by Mickie, forearm to the face. Lita slams Mickie to the mat when a headscissors is blocked, Mickie is bounced off the mat. Knee to the face by Lita, middle rope choke by Lita. Knee to the ribs by Lita, side Russian legsweep for two. Headbutt to the groin by Lita for two, Mickie fights back from her knees.

Snap suplex by Lita for two, Lita taunts Mickie. Sleeper by Lita, Mickie reaches the ropes. Lita climbs to the top rope, Lita misses a crossbody. Mickie climbs to the top but Lita back suplexes Mickie, they slug it out though. Mickie nails a clothesline and a back elbow, two for Mickie. Kicks by Mickie for two, fisherman suplex for two. Lita blocks the Mickie DDT, Lita smashes Mickie face first into the mat. Moonsault by Lita for two, Mickie blocks a DDT as Lita whiplashes off the mat. Inside cradle by Lita for two, Mickie O Connor rolls Lita for two. Reversal by Lita for two, Mickie nails her DDT for the win. Afterwards, Cryme Tyme make fun of Lita by showing all her clothes off to the fans including personal items, I will leave that to you.

Yeah, it was not magic like the Unforgiven match with Trish, they gave Lita all sorts of disrespectful chants throughout the match. I cannot blame the crowd too much to be honest, Mickie was not lighting the world on fire in that ring.  Also, when you have sex with another co-worker when you are already dating a co-worker, it looks bad when you are caught cheating especially when nobody will ever let you forget what you done. What’s done is done though, it was all in the past but this match was not something to hang your hat on for poor Lita.

Winner: Mickie James over Lita via MickieDT!

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match) Triple H/Shawn Michaels/CM Punk/Matt Hardy/Jeff Hardy vs Edge/Randy Orton/Jonny Nitro/Gregory Helms/Mike Knox

The feud of DX vs Rated RKO continues, Michaels nails Knox with Sweet Chin Music as Triple H hit on Kelly Kelly. Goodbye Mr. Knox? Yep, that’s it!

Mike Knox Has Been Eliminated!

Michaels and Nitro, Michaels slides out and poses with Melina. Two comedy spots seconds into the match, tag to Jeff Hardy. Jeff nails Nitro with a neckbreaker, tag to Matt. Omega combination from The Hardys, Matt is dragged into the corner. Helms tags in, right hands to Matt. Matt is yanked off the middle rope by Helms, tag to Edge. Edge stomps on Matt, tag to Helms. Suplex by Helms, tag to Orton. A few stomps before a tag to Nitro, mounted punches from Nitro. Foot to the face, Matt begins to fight back and nails a Side Effect.

CM Punk in, kicks to Nitro. Clothesline and forearms, knees by Punk. High knee and bulldog, Nitro avoids the anaconda vice. Hotshot by Jeff, Punk applies the anaconda vice and Nitro has been eliminated from the match.

Nitro has been eliminated!

Orton hotshots Punk to allow Edge to take control, tag to Orton. Dropkick for two, Helms is in the match. Gator roll from Helms, knees to the head of Punk. Knees to the face by Helms, tag to Orton. Right hands by Punk, RKO from Orton. Orton covers and Michaels saves Punk, Edge tags into the match. Edge wants a spear, Punk dodges and Edge bounces his own head off the turnbuckle. Triple H is in, right hands to Helms. High knee, high knee to Orton too. Knee facebuster to Helms, Edge attacks Triple H with an Edge O Matic. Jeff and HBK plancha onto Rated RKO. Spinebuster on Helms, tag to Matt. Twist of Fate, Swanton Bomb and Helms is gone.

Gregory Helms has been eliminated!

Orton and Edge try running away, The Hardys have none of that. DX bounce around Rated RKO, Poetry in Motion on Edge. Sweet Chin Music on Edge and Edge has been eliminated with only Orton remaining. Orton realizes that he is screwed, Orton runs into the crowd but Punk and The Hardys stop Orton. Sweet Chin Music into a Pedigree and it’s over.

So much for Rated RKO looking like a threat, it is always the problem with me when it comes to DX, it is comedy so much of the time when it should be serious. Nice reaction for Punk back in ROH territory but you could have left this match off the pay per view, a Hardys’ reunion could have been a big deal as could have Punk in Philly. However, a shut-out helps nobody really and I thought Cyber Sunday was going to be the joke match of the feud.

Winners: Team DX over Team Rated RKO via Pedigree!

(First Blood Match) The Undertaker vs Mr. Kennedy

As I stated before, I thought this feud got off on the wrong feud as Undertaker got disqualified in their first encounter, using a weapon for no real reason apart from him being pissed off with Kennedy which would be out of character for Taker. Anyways, we have this rematch because Kennedy achieved what he wanted, beating everyone on the roster but because of stupid booking we have to have Undertaker get revenge even though he cost himself the first match.

Kennedy jumps Taker, right hands have no effect. Right hands by Taker, Kennedy is sent to the floor. Kennedy is smacked off the announce table, Kennedy is smashed off the steel steps. More big rights from Taker, Kennedy is knocked into the crowd. Headbutt by Taker, Kennedy sends Taker into the steel steps. More work by the announce table, kicks and punches. Kennedy dives into Taker’s arms, Kennedy is sent into the ringpost. Rib punches by Taker, superplex by Taker. Low blow by Kennedy, right hands by Kennedy. Taker nails more ribs shots, Kennedy is bleeding internally. Kennedy bleeds from the mouth, MVP comes out and wipes up the blood.

MVP throws Kennedy back into the ring, Kennedy is bounced off an exposed turnbuckle. More rib shots, ten punches by Taker. Kennedy stunguns Taker into the exposed turnbuckle, right hands by Kennedy. MVP is not happy with Kennedy’s progress, MVP smacks Taker with the chair by mistake. Kennedy gets the win as Taker waffles Kennedy with a chair and lays him out with a tombstone.

So, Taker worked the ribs because Taker wants to be a fancy prick who wants to win by Kennedy coughing up blood over just nailing him in the head? Sounds stupid doesn’t it? But Cole sells it as Taker should have won the match, MVP made Taker bleed by accident? You could not give our rising star on Smackdown the win? Wouldn’t it help Kennedy to have a mean streak to his character by busting open The Deadman by himself? MVP really?

Winner: Mr. Kennedy over The Undertaker via First Blood!

(Traditional Survivor Series Match) Big Show/Umaga/Test/Finlay/MVP vs John Cena/Rob Van Dam/Sabu/Bobby Lashley/Kane

Continuation of Cena and Show’s feud from Cyber Sunday, Umaga and Cena begin the match. Cena clotheslines Umaga to the floor, Finlay is dragged into the ring by Cena. Tag to RVD, scoop slam and corkscrew leg drop. Umaga grabs a TV monitor and lays out RVD, Sabu and John Cena. Umaga is out of here, can’t say we did not see that coming.

Umaga has been eliminated!

Finlay rams RVD into the ring apron, senton by Finlay. Tag to Test, elbows by Test. RVD springboards into a backbreaker, tag to Finlay. Finlay stomps all over RVD, headbutt from Finlay. Tag to MVP, roll-up by RVD for two. Spinning heel kick by RVD, enzuigiri by RVD. Superkick to an oncoming Test, step-through spinning heel kick on Finlay. Show is dropkicked off the apron, kick to the head of MVP. Test trips RVD, RVD is out on the floor. Kane enters the ring illegally and Chokeslams MVP, RVD nails his Five Star Frog Splash. RVD stands up and eats a Big Boot from Test.

MVP has been eliminated!

RVD has been eliminated!

Test eats a Spear on the floor from Bobby Lashley, Sabu nails a slingshot leg drop on Test before a nice springboard tornado DDT from Test for the elimination. Sabu runs into Show who nails a massive Chokeslam for the elimination. Big Show and Kane face off before Finlay nails Kane with a shillelagh, Chokeslam and Kane is gone.

Test/Kane/Sabu have been eliminated!

Powerslam by Show on Cena, in comes Finlay. Finlay roughs up Cena before Show tags in, headbutt by Show. Tag to Finlay, corner spear by Finlay. Finlay tries a splash, Cena blocks and tags Lashley. Back elbow to Finlay, discuss right hand. Finlay escapes a powerslam but eats the exploder suplex, Show saves Finlay. Cena and Lashley batter Show, Show nails a double clothesline. Hornswoggle is tossed at Cena, Lashley Spears Finlay for the elimination.

Finlay has been eliminated!

Double shoulder block to Show, Show kicks out at two. Show munches on a drop toehold into the turnbuckle, tag to Cena. Double DDT on Show for two, double suplex on Show. Five Knuckle Shuffle, Show is up but Lashley Spears Show and Cena delivers an FU for the win.

Enjoyable but far too short with the amount of eliminations going on one after the other, nobody came off looking amazing at the end of this one. Although, they do their best with Lashley who has had such an awkward push in the WWE, I swear some days it is like we want Lashley to be a big deal and then he will get pinned by some scrub on Smackdown. Anyways, enjoyable like the DX match but more of the same in terms of no real story-telling.

Winners: Team Cena over Team Show via FU!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Batista vs King Booker © W/ Queen Sharmell

Almost a full year since Batista relinquished his championship which led to Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio and now King Booker holding that very championship. It has been a long road to redemption, Batista had Booker beat at Summerslam but Sharmell saved her man, it was more of the same at No Mercy where Batista had victory assured but Lashley would get in Batista’s way which would lead to King Booker sneaking in for the win. This is Batista’s last shot, King Booker’s back is against the wall. Batista starts the match on the ramp, Booker is pummelled by the irate challenger. Booker chops Batista in the corner, Batista battles back with right hands.

Suplex by Batista, Booker rolls to the floor. Batista hotshots Booker on the apron, backbreaker for two. Clotheslines by Batista for two, Batista argues with the referee before eating a stungun. Booker stomps Batista, catapult by Booker. Right hands and chops by Booker, Batista begins battling back but Booker eye pokes the challenger. Irish whip by Batista to the corner, sidewalk slam for two. Jackhammer by Batista for two, spinning sidewalk slam for two. Batista ends up on the apron, Sharmell grabs Batista’s foot and Booker takes control with a superkick to the face. Clubbing blows by Booker, Batista battles back to a vertical base. Harlem Sidekick by Booker for two, seated cobra clutch from Booker.

Batista breaks free, right hands and kicks. Whip to the corner, elbow by Booker. Belly to belly suplex by Batista, right hands and clothesline by Batista. Corner clothesline and boot, Booker falls to the ringside area. Booker meets the steel steps, diving shoulder attack by Batista for two. Spinebuster by Batista for two, Book-End by Booker for two. Batista Bomb as Booker gets caught, Booker grabs onto the ropes at the last second. Sharmell slides Booker the championship, Sharmell distracts the referee. Batista wants to powerbomb Sharmell, Booker misses the belt shot. Batista uses the championship and beats Booker.

Batista uses the championship to defeat Booker? The babyface used the weapon and cheated to win? Why? It does not matter this might have been one of the worst encounters that I saw as a main event. Absolutely no flow, no real direction. Just two guys going through their spots until we have a finish that makes Batista look like a great warrior right? Nonsense!

Winner: Batista over Booker via Belt to The Face!

That was WWE’s Survivor Series 2006, a less than memorable pay per view. Thank God the WWE cannot count as this would have been the 19th anniversary of Survivor Series not 20th as they labelled it. I would be very disappointed if this was the 20th anniversary. There were enjoyable matches like the elimination matches and Benoit vs Chavo but there were wastes of times and dead matches like the women’s championship match, Flair’s match and the main event. The god does not outweigh the bad on this pay per view for me so I would say avoid it and definitely avoid what comes next as I look at ECW’s December to Dismember! Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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