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WWE No Mercy 2006 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is in the WWE’s bad books second only to Rich Swann! WWE’s No Mercy of 2006, a pay per view that hopes to deliver in bucketloads for the blue brand. New talent in the main event scene as we have Finlay, Lashley and King Booker along with the main man on Smackdown Batista colliding for the world championship. We also have Mr. Kennedy taking on The Undertaker, the odds of victory for Kennedy are not high but working with The Deadman is bound to be a good thing on any man’s CV. Finally, we have the debut of MVP which is sure to add more depth to a roster that is looking quite healthy compared to years gone by, I am looking forward to it so let’s review it!

Opening Promo

King Booker calls the ring his kingdom and plans to rule for a very long time to come, Theodore Long made it a fatal four way match for No Mercy. Things are not looking good for The King, solid promo although no follow up for Mysterio vs Chavo? Nothing for Undertaker vs Mr. Kennedy? Hmm I don’t like that..

Matt Hardy vs Gregory Helms

What would you do if you were Matt Hardy? Your brother has returned to the company, your brother is more over than you and you know there is money to be made in reuniting as a tag team. However, you are feuding with Helms, a champion of a division that is basically dead by this point. Helms won at Great American Bash, can Hardy bounce back in this match?

Shoulder block from Hardy, we have a stalemate as both men test one another. Helms shoots for the arm, we have a clean break. Helms clubs down Hardy, Hardy is bounced off the turnbuckles and stomped by Helms. Hardy pummels Helms who gave Hardy an opening, shoulder block and leg drop for two. Hardy clotheslines Helms to the floor, plancha by Hardy. Helms is yanked out of the corner by Hardy for two, right hands by Hardy. Helms stunguns Hardy on the top turnbuckle, neckbreaker by Helms for two. Hardy elbows away Helms, Hardy climbs to the top rope but Helms recovers for a middle rope Russian legsweep.

Two for Helms, foot choke from Helms. Helms slaps Hardy, Hardy fires up before a double facebreaker with the knees by Helms. Armdrag takedown from Helms, Helms tries a fireman’s carry but Hardy reverses for a reverse DDT. Right hands by Hardy, Helms is floored. Clotheslines, reverse DDT and Hardy nails his middle rope leg drop for two. Hardy calls for the end, twist of fate is reversed for a neckbreaker, two for Helms. Another neckbreaker from Helms for two, three neckbreakers by Helms. Helms is on the top rope, Helms misses the axe handle. Side Effect for two, make it two with Helms kicking out again! Hardy has a moonsault blocked, shining wizard misses with Hardy rolling up Helms for two. Helms nails the Shining Wizard after a back drop. Two for Helms, Helms brings Hardy to the corner.

Helms looks for a superplex, Hardy is not going to get caught that easy. Massive headbutt floors Helms, Helms yanks Hardy onto the top rope. Helms climbs up to the top rope, Hardy is straddling the top rope. Massive Shining Wizard by Helms for two as Hardy places his foot on the ropes. Helms tries a low blow but Hardy nails The Twist of Fate for the win.

Liked this match a lot, these two men came into the match and wanted to have a great finish to their feud. It was very entertaining, it was nice to see Helms get some time to shine as a performer after so many multi-man matches in the Cruiserweight Division. They had a tonne of chemistry in there with one another and the finish played on previous finishes from the two, that’s great I love that Helms tried to cheat one last time and Hardy saw it coming, great storytelling.

Winner: Matt Hardy over Gregory Helms via Twist of Fate!

Booker & Regal

King Booker is terrified of facing Batista, Lashley and Finlay. Regal lends his assistance to his King, Regal wants to help Booker in any way, shape or form. Regal must try to convince Finlay not to attack his King, Regal accepts the task.

(WWE Tag Team Championship Match) Paul London & Brian Kendrick © W/ Ashley vs Idol Stevens & KC James W/ Michelle McCool

Hey look it’s Damien Sandow, this is a weird team. McCool is a heel with her personal team, this is the state of the division on Smackdown when you have Idols and Stevens from developmental taking on the champions. Stevens starts hot on London, punches and stomps. London out-quicks Stevens, hurricanrana. Tag to Kendrick, double hiptoss and kicks for two. Diving foot stomp by London, forearm in the corner and we have a rocket launcher with the crossbody by Kendrick. Stevens nails a right hand, James comes into the match. Kendrick tags London, dropkick for two. James grabs a side headlock, tag to Stevens, Stevens tries a double axe handle but eats a massive kick to the ribs. Double dropkicks and the champions nails tope con hilos, snap suplex by Kendrick. London is on the top rope, James shoves London to the floor.

Two for Stevens, London splatted hard on the floor. Stevens and James put the boots to London, knees to the spine by James for two. Reverse chinlock by James, Stevens comes in and drives a knee into London’s back. Stevens has a front chancery, London battles back as Stevens keeps London from the corner. James receives the tag, elbow for two. James misses a corner splash, Stevens pulls Kendrick off the apron. James and Stevens are in the ring, London escapes their clutches and tags Kendrick. Forearms everywhere, leaping calf kicks from Kendrick.

Stevens prevents Sliced Bread, London nails Stevens with a massive suicide dive. James has Kendrick for a superplex, London saves Kendrick. Stevens and London brawl on the floor, Kendrick stacks Stevens and James in the corner. Swinging DDT with McCool saving her team, Ashley is complaining. Massive backbreaker by Stevens, James crawls for the pin, two for James. McCool grabs Kendrick, Ashley wipes out McCool. Stevens and James eat a dropkick from Kendrick, Sliced Bread on James and London nails a standing shooting star splash and the champions retain.

That was so much fun! London and Kendrick continue to be the most entertaining part of the mid-card on Smackdown, they have tonnes of energy and great tag team manoeuvres. All they need is solid teams to work with, Idol and Stevens did a fine job for guys down in OVW. It was super enjoyable, good not have had a better showing for the tag team division. Good stuff, the pay per view is off to a great start.

Winners: London & Kendrick over Idols & Stevens via Sliced Bread!

Comedy With Regal

Regal runs into Vito who disgusts Regal as he does not know how to skip rope and is wearing a thong, Regal then slams into an employee who is brining food to catering. Regal ends up covered in mustard and ketchup, great segment as Regal is the man of facials.

Long and Miz’s Birthday

The Miz is so lovingly cringe, Miz is freaking out as Layla is coming out to see Miz. Layla is wearing lingerie and Layla’s uncomfortable initiation into the WWE continues. Layla has already been spanked and been shown basically naked. Now, Layla gives Miz a lapdance. Layla had been hit on by Miz, Layla gets the ultimate revenge as Layla unveils Big Dick Johnson. Miz freaks out and is horrified by the sight that he sees, that was another funny segment. Also A plus for seeing Layla’s fine ass!

MVP vs Marty Garner

JBL, the heel commentator is heeling on the heel debuting wrestler MVP. Hmm, this is not right. Anyways, MVP is a big deal, that is what we are supposed to believe. I like the idea of MVP hyping up his debut to fight a scrub, MVP slaps and outwrestles Garner. Snapmare and two for MVP, Garner fights back before being slammed into the corner. Lariat by MVP, mounted punches. And MVP wins the match with The Overdrive. It was a squash, MVP would be tested further down the line.

Winner: MVP over Marty Garner via Playmaker!

The Undertaker vs Mr. Kennedy

Kennedy debuted over a year ago, Kennedy had buckets of charisma but an injury slowed down the progress of the young Mr. Kennedy. Kennedy came back, matches against Batista have followed and now Undertaker. The thing about all this is sometimes, Kennedy has to pull off the win in one of these matches. I must talk about the promo before the match, Kennedy in a dark room sitting on a chair cutting the promo of his life.

Kennedy gets trapped early, right hands by Kennedy to slow down Taker. Big boot by Taker, shoulder blocks by Taker. Kennedy is sent into the turnbuckle shoulder first, Kennedy avoids old school and rolls to the floor. Kennedy’s arm is worked as Taker slams it into the steel steps, more arm work from Taker. Kennedy is hugging the ropes, Kennedy elbows Taker but Taker boots the arm of Kennedy. Kennedy arm drags Taker off the top rope, avoiding old school. Kennedy stays on Taker, right hands by Kennedy. Stomps in the corner, Taker kicks the arm. Arm wrench from Taker, Old School from The Deadman. Complete shot by Taker for two, Kennedy exposes a top turnbuckle. Hard Irish whip and clothesline by Taker for two.

Corner choke by Taker, Kennedy gets a breather by sending Taker to the floor. Kennedy stomps all over Taker, Kennedy tries an apron double axe handle but is sent crashing into the ringpost. Taker pins Kennedy in the ring for two, Kennedy pulls Taker to the floor. Taker recuperates, Kennedy DDTs Taker as The Deadman enters the ring for two. Kennedy chokes Taker with the middle rope, leg across the back. Kennedy boots Taker in the head, two for Kennedy. Elbow by Kennedy, fists to the chest for two. Taker rallies from his knees, Kennedy is reeling. Kennedy is sent tumbling to the floor, elbow to the nose by Taker. Followed by an apron leg drop by Taker, Kennedy piledrivers Taker in the middle of the ring for two.

Taker sits up, seated cobra clutch from Kennedy. Taker back suplexes out of the hold, leaping clothesline and corner clotheslines, snake eyes and massive boot followed by a leg drop for two. Kennedy blocks a chokeslam by grabbing the referee, neckbreaker on Taker for two. Kennedy misses a huge kick, Chokeslam by Taker. Taker wants Last Ride, Kennedy battles out. Kennedy sends Taker into the exposed turnbuckle, clothesline by Kennedy. Kenton Bomb for two, Taker sits up. Kennedy has his championship, Taker smacks the championship out of Kennedy’s hand. Kennedy is cracked in the head for the DQ. Referee and Kennedy eat Tombstones as Taker leaves.

I thought it was a tonne of fun from these two, I love when Taker goes in there with someone who can give him something fun to do, it is much better than watching Khali and Taker lumber around. Taker and Kennedy brought the action to this match, only knock on it would be the DQ finish. I understand prolonging the feud but what did Kennedy do to trigger Taker using the championship? Kennedy did not spit on Taker, Kennedy did not embarrass or humiliate Taker, it was irrational from Taker. Taker laying out Kennedy does nothing to keep the feud going, Taker was supposed to be attacking Kennedy because Kennedy had beaten everyone on the roster, now he has beaten Taker. Taker allowed the one thing he was trying to prevent happen, happen.

Winner: Mr. Kennedy over Undertaker via DQ!

(Falls Count Anywhere Match) Chavo Guerrero W/ Vickie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio

Chavo had taken away Mysterio’s championship, Vickie Guerrero turned her back on Mysterio which leads us to this moment as the two do battle in a falls count anywhere match. This was the hottest and most emotional feud coming into Summerslam but that match while technically something great was not the bloody, war that I wanted to see when these two had their grudge match. This match has much more potential as the stipulation gives a hint of what way these two will do battle.

Chavo lays in the punches, Mysterio kicks away at Chavo. Back elbow by Chavo, dropkick by Mysterio. Chavo holds onto the ropes to avoid a dropkick but Mysterio rolls through a sunset flip, right hands from Mysterio. Mysterio climbs to the top, Chavo stops Mysterio. The two battle on the turnbuckle, Chavo wants a powerbomb into the crowd. Mysterio blocks, both men punch one another and tumble to the floor. Low dropkick by Mysterio, Chavo gains control with an Irish whip to the barricade. Chavo pummels Mysterio, Chavo has Mysterio by the stage. Mysterio grabs the stage and kicks Chavo in the face, hurricanrana from a metal bar by Mysterio. Two for Mysterio, kick by Mysterio. Chavo is introduce to the crowd by Mysterio, Chavo fights back once more.

Gory Bomb by Chavo onto the barricade, Mysterio sends Chavo into a guard rail. Mysterio leg drops from a barricade onto the guard rail for two, headscissors by Mysterio. Mysterio tries his wheelbarrow into his bulldog but Chavo counters and smashes Mysterio into the barricade. Chavo and Mysterio battle into the bleachers, Chavo clotheslines Mysterio and begins working Mysterio’s arms. Mysterio dropkicks Chavo away, 619 using the railings of a walkway. Mysterio nails a crossbody from the railings for the win.

That’s it? The blood and the violence? Where was it? What kind of intensity is that? That finish was weak, the match was weak. It was timid brawling in the crowd, it never built. It just was there, I do not believe it. I was banking on that match winning my heart and stealing the show, this was not the match I was expecting and this disappointed me in all sorts of ways.

Winner: Rey Mysterio over Chavo Guerrero via Crossbody!

Chris Benoit vs William Regal

Benoit you have been missed, the two lock-up with Benoit backing Regal into the corner. Clean break, armwringer from Regal. Benoit escapes but Regal blocks the chop, another lock-up. Side headlock takedown by Regal, Benoit knees Regal in the back of the head. Benoit knocks down Regal, Regal is on the defensive. Regal shoots for the leg, Benoit blocks with ease. Side headlock by Regal, Benoit escapes for a top wristlock. Regal trips Benoit and covers for two, Regal holds down Benoit using his knees. Benoit and Regal continue to wrestle in quite beautiful fashion, Regal stomps on Benoit’s face. Chop from Benoit, make it two. Forearms by Regal, massive shots from both, Benoit shoots for the German suplexes.

Benoit nails one, several headbutts from Benoit and a second German suplex. Regal is bleeding, Benoit is bleeding too. Diving Headbutt for two, Regal rolls to the apron and catches Benoit. Benoit blocks the suplex to the floor, knees from Benoit. Benoit wants the suplex to the floor, Regal counters and DDTs Benoit on the apron. Regal knees Benoit and scores with a big left, knee across the face. Chops by Benoit, Benoit attempts a sharpshooter but Regal shrugs off Benoit. Knee trembler by Regal for two, stretch plum from Regal.

Benoit backs Regal into the corner, chops by Benoit. Regal nails two exploder suplexes, twisting knee splash for two. Regal wants the regal stretch, Benoit is countering the hold which leads to Regal grabbing the ropes. Boot by Regal for two, Regal wants a surfboard. Regal lands it, transition into a dragon sleeper. Benoit escapes with forearms to the face, Regal is back in control. Full-nelson by Regal, Benoit counters for a Dragon suplex. Benoit wants a crossface, Regal struggles but Benoit fights through the pain for the win.

So different and so awesome, did you see those headbutts? These two gave us a throwback old style match, the two wrestled and not one second of it was boring. I loved the struggles, I loved the way Regal worked various parts of Benoit’s body and of course, the struggle for the crossface. Benoit could have easily slapped it on but I loved Regal trying his hardest to escape the hold. Great stuff, enjoyed this match a lot, might be my match of the night.

Winner: Chris Benoit over William Regal via Crippler Crossface!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) King Booker © vs Finlay vs Batista vs Bobby Lashley

King Booker had ticked off the wrong general manager, Booker has scraped past Batista thanks to his wife Sharmell attacking The Animal. Booker celebrated as if The King had slain The Animal without assistance. Long noticed and made this fatal four way for his championship. To make matters worse, Booker lost his bodyguard in Finlay who was now after his championship just like Lashley and Batista. How would King Booker wriggle his way out of this one?

Batista and Lashley pummel Booker while Finlay stays out on the floor, double shoulder block. Knees by Batista and Lashley, in comes Finlay who throws out Lashley. Finlay clubs Batista, short-arm clothesline on The Animal. Booker and Finlay team up on Lashley, Lashley is tossed to the floor. Finlay and Booker stomp Batista, Lashley rushes in and throws out Finlay. Side headlock by Lashley on Booker, Booker shakes off Lashley. Spinebuster by Lashley for two, Sharmell is freaking out by ringside.

 Finlay saves Booker from a slam, the two double team Lashley. Harlem Sidekick to Batista, mounted punches by the champion. Batista is chopped in the corner by the two, Finlay nails a massive clothesline. Finlay turns on Booker with a clothesline, elbow to the head of the champion. Finlay rams Booker’s head off the apron, Lashley is kept out of the ring with a baseball slide. Finlay splashes Booker with Batista making the save, Finlay takes down Batista for a Fujiwara armbar. Booker nails Finlay with a massive thrust kick after Finlay had taken down Lashley. Batista comes back to his feet, choking the champion. Harlem Sidekick by Booker after avoiding a clothesline, two for Booker.

Sidewalk slam by Batista, two for Batista. Lashley clotheslines Booker to the floor, Batista is elevated to the floor. Finlay runs in with a chair, boot by Lashley. Back elbow and clothesline, gut buster by Lashley. Hornswoggle comes in and low blows Lashley, shillelagh to the head of Lashley. Finlay covers but Booker makes the save, chops and right hands by Booker. Batista is on his feet, corner clothesline to Finlay. Clothesline to Booker, jackhammer to Booker. Clothesline for Finlay, Batista and Lashley lock eyes. Spear by Batista on Lashley for two, shoulder thrusts in the corner by Batista. Lashley evades a powerslam for a spinebuster, Batista is bleeding everywhere.

 Corner clothesline by Lashley, belly to belly suplex by Lashley. Clothesline to the floor, Finlay is also sent tumbling by Lashley. Book-End for just two, Booker cannot believe his luck. Lashley rolls through a suplex for an inside cradle, two for Lashley. Flying forearm by Booker for two, Finlay prevents a scissors kick with a clothesline. Finlay misses a corner spear on Lashley, Finlay smashes into the ringpost. Batista spinebusters everything in sight, Batista has the crowd going nuts. Batista Bomb on Finlay, Lashley Spears Batista and Booker crawls towards Finlay and makes the cover.

Not too sure how to feel about this match, it was chaotic and fun but it felt lacking at points. I thought Finlay did a great job as a constant threat, the man who had to play it cool if he was going to win the match, Finlay worked it like someone who had to pick his spots and it was very entertaining. Did not feel Booker did an awful lot in there, thought there was a lot of laying around time too. So, on one hand I did enjoy the match but I thought the execution could have been better? Nonetheless, a good match.

Winner: King Booker over Everyone Else via Batista Bomb!

That was WWE’s No Mercy 2006, a very good show from the Smackdown brand. Rarely do I get to say that Smackdown has impressed me due to its lesser starpower and segments/matches that take place as a result of said lesser star-power. However, on this night I was very happy with the majority of the card. I thought Hardy and Helms capped off their feud in an exciting fashion, I loved the fast-paced nature of the tag team match, it was perfect in length as to not exposed the less than ppv ready challengers. I enjoyed Taker vs Kennedy albeit the finish happening in the wrong fashion, a Kennedy DQ would have worked better in my opinion.

Benoit and Regal was so different and intriguing in a way, I could not take my eyes off that physical style match, there was so much I enjoyed about that match. The one big knock on the night was Mysterio vs Guerrero, I had hoped for blood, intensity and violence in the falls count anywhere match. I did not receive the war I had been waiting for since Summerslam, this match made the feud pointless for me now, they cannot rescue it in my eyes. Finally, the main event was solid, I just wished it packed more of a punch to it and was more engaging and exciting throughout instead of for thirty seconds at the end of the match. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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