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WWE Summerslam 2006 Review

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Hello and welcome to another heart-warming edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that has taken a Shibata headbutt and lived to tell the tale! WWE’s Summerslam 2006, one of the big four, a lot of big matches planned for this show. You have Edge vs Cena for the WWE Championship after RVD’s drug bust, you have King Booker up against Batista for The World Heavyweight Championship, The Mcmahons vs DX in a feud that been building since before Wrestlemania and Hulk Hogan is in the ring with Randy Orton, The Legend Killer. The card is stacked but will all this starpower lead to great matches all night long? There is only one way to find out so let’s do this!

Opening Promo

Great hype packages for all the big matches, Batista looks like a monster while King Booker comes off as an arrogant fool. DX vs The Mcmahons looks like a great match while Cena and Edge are fantastic, the fire from Cena is tremendous. I am looking forward to this show, it is hard to not be pumped up for a show that is so populated by big matches. Surprised that Hogan allowed himself not to be prominently featured in that package.

Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrero

What a meaty pay per view, this is an emotionally charged match. Mysterio was the world champion with Chavo supporting Mysterio, Chavo grew jealous of Mysterio being recognised as the man carrying the spirit of Eddie Guerrero. Chavo would cost Mysterio dearly at The Great American Bash when Chavo allowed Booker to defeat Mysterio for the world championship. Mysterio comes out hot to attack Chavo, Chavo trips Mysterio and uppercuts Mysterio. Stomps by Chavo, Mysterio battles back with a springboard moonsault but Chavo catches Mysterio.

Mysterio reverses Chavo with an armdrag, baseball slide by Mysterio. Chavo dodges a plancha and nails Mysterio with his own plancha. Chavo stomps away on Mysterio, foot choke from Chavo. Mysterio fights back, kicks to the knees of Chavo. Chavo counters a hurricanrana for an alley oop into the turnbuckle, back suplex by Chavo. Chavo says that Eddie is in Chavo’s corner, Chavo has Eddie’s blood in his veins. Chavo whips Mysterio to the corner, Mysterio is elevated to the apron which leads to Chavo bouncing Mysterio off the turnbuckle. Chavo wants a powerbomb, Mysterio counters with both men slamming one another’s faces into the mat. Mysterio dropkicks Chavo’s knee, springboard crossbody for two. Chavo clotheslines Mysterio down, Irish whip which Mysterio reverses Chavo.

Huge kick by Mysterio for two, Mysterio is on the top rope. Hurricanrana which leaves Chavo in the ropes, 619 by Mysterio. Chavo ducks the west coast pop, Mysterio hurricanranas Chavo to the floor. Chavo regains control as Vicky comes down to the ring, Vicky slaps Chavo in the mouth. Tope suicida by Mysterio, Chavo suplexes Mysterio into the ring from the apron. Three Amigos by Chavo, Mysterio nails a hurricanrana. Three Amigos by Mysterio, Mysterio climbs to the top rope. Vicky knocks Mysterio down accidently, Chavo nails a Brainbuster. Frog Splash by Chavo and Chavo picks up the win.

It was a fine match from a wrestling standpoint, Chavo is perfect for Mysterio’s offense, Mysterio will always be able to look good when Chavo is bumping around like crazy. In terms of psychology, the match was a letdown. We had all the makings of a blood feud, two men with the most emotional fight on the whole card, the only match that may be more personal than this would be Flair vs Foley. You get the point though, this should have been some violent war but we did not get that, we got more Guerrero drama with more focus on Vicky than the two battling over the honour of fighting for Eddie.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero over Rey Mysterio via Frog Splash!

King Booker Promo

Booker and Sharmell cut a promo proclaiming that they shall defeat Batista inside of the ring tonight. Edge and Lita interrupt as the two had an argument over who is the most powerful couple in the WWE. Nice bit of filler boys.

(ECW World Championship Match) Big Show © vs Sabu (Extreme Rules Match)

RVD dropped the championship to Big Show, Sabu was also busted with RVD in the car by the police which might explain why there was not a lot going on for Sabu following this match. Anyways, Show interfered in the ladder match to decide the number one contender but Sabu still managed to rip down the contract which leads us to this match. Sabu waffles Show with a chair to begin, Arabian Facebuster by Sabu. Show trips Sabu who was attempting a triple jump moonsault. Show breaks Sabu’s chair, huge chest slap by Show. Headbutt by Show, massive scoop slam. Sabu escapes a bearhug by biting, Sabu tries a crossbody but Show catches Sabu and hurls Sabu across the ring with a fallaway slam.

Sabu throws a chair at Show, Sabu climbs to the top rope and dropkicks the chair into Show’s face. One for Sabu, Sabu has a table. Eye poke by Sabu, Sabu bulldogs Show into the mat. Sabu drives Show through the table with a bulldog. Show is bleeding, Show wants a splash and it connects. Show brings in a table and the steel steps, Sabu manages to DDT Show through the table bridge that Show built. Sabu grabs another table, Show catches Sabu and nails a Chokeslam through the table for the win.

That was bad, like quite bad. I expected more somehow, I thought Sabu would have had more fun with chairs and Show toying with Sabu throwing him around but that never really came. The finishing sequence was quite shite too, the botch slowed everything down, Show looks like a mighty idiot for watching Sabu fix the table and DDT him through it. The Chokeslam was not much better, I mean why could Sabu have possible done from that position? Really bad showing from ECW.

Winner: Big Show over Sabu via Chokeslam!

Layla Wins Diva Search

Layla is initiated by The Divas, they shone her and take her into the shower while spanking her and getting her all wet. This would be harassment would it not? Waste of time!

Hulk Hogan vs Randy Orton

Hulk wanted another comeback, Orton needed a big match for his starpower to continue rising. Orton had wrestled Taker and Angle over the past year, there is not much higher than facing Hogan. Orton challenged Hogan and then assaulted like a punk because Orton is a punk. Lock-up with Hogan shoving down Orton, more posing from The Hulkster. Side headlock by Orton, shoulder block by Hogan. Another side headlock, Hogan escapes from the lock. Orton has been thrown off his game, Orton uses the referee to get an advantage on Hogan. Right hands and stomps, Hogan blocks being rammed into the turnbuckle. Orton meets the turnbuckle, right hands by Hogan. Ten punches and biting from Hogan, eye poke by Hogan.

Right hand and an axe bomber, eye rake and choke by Hogan. More right hands by Hogan, back rake by Hogan. Mounted punches by Hogan, Orton holds onto the ropes from an Irish whip and powders. Orton attacks the legs of Hogan, leg work from Orton. Stomps to the leg, Hogan writhes around in pain. Chop block by Orton, Orton misses a big dive which leads to right hands from Hogan. Orton dodges the boot, dropkick by Orton. RKO by Orton but Hogan has his foot on the ropes, Orton gets the visual pinfall but the referee announces that the match will continue. Hogan Hulks up, right hands, big boot and a Leg Drop for the win.

Yeah, this card for all its stacked potential is not living up to the hype in the slightest. Hogan does all his usual shtick with Orton looking like a chump in comparison, we get a minute or two of leg work from Orton. Nowhere near the amount needed for a proper heat segment, Orton gets a visual pin-fall but that doesn’t matter because nobody would remember the match by the next day. Orton does not get his heat back at the end of the match, Hogan has obliterated the challenge of Orton. The crowd ate up the action, there is no denying that as the fans wanted to see Hogan do his shtick but as a competitive match, this was an easy pay cheque for Orton.

Winner: Hulk Hogan over Randy Orton via Leg Drop!

(I Quit Match) Ric Flair vs Mick Foley

The heel run of Mick Foley continues and so does this feud, Flair and Foley had a real life altercation with comments made by both man angering the other. The feud had the realism to it and you have Foley who busts his balls to steal the show while Flair has never had a match that has not been entertaining. Their match at Vengeance was not the classic I had hoped for, the pacing was not exactly great while the action left much to be desired. Hopefully, this match can rectify that problem and we get the bloodbath that the match should be when all is said and done.

The match begins with right hands and a knee to Flair’s face, Foley smacks a trash can into Flair’s head. Mr. Socko from Foley, Foley has barbed wire on his hand. Testicular claw from Flair, right hands by The Nature Boy. Low blow, Flair has Socko wrapped in barbed wire. Chops to the face of Foley, Foley is sent tumbling over the steel steps. Foley has a barbed wire board, Flair takes it to the face and Flair is bleeding everywhere. Right hands by Foley, Foley’s chest has been busted open by Flair’s chops with barbed wire.

Foley is sending barbed wire into Flair’s face, Flair is walloped with the barbed wire board. Foley drops an elbow using the board, Flair does not say I quit so Foley grabs thumbtacks. Foley slams Flair into the thumbtacks, Foley has a barbed wire bat. Flair is raked across the eyes, low blow by Flair. Flair batters Foley with the baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, huge right hands by Flair. Flair knocks Foley off the apron with the baseball bat, Foley crashes to the floor with a thud. The referee is calling for the medics, Melina is ringside to assist Foley. Flair does not accept the doctor’s decision to end the match and goes after Foley. Foley rolls through the tacks, barbed wire bat to the head by Flair. Melina throws the towel in for Foley and the match comes to an end as Foley quits to save Melina.

That was a great spectacle as these two went to absolute war on one another. This was everything that Mysterio and Chavo should have been, it was intense, it played on your emotions and you had some tremendous action at the end of the day. Flair could brawl, Flair could do hardcore if it was required, Foley was absolutely brutal in his attack of Flair with barbed wire bats, boards and thumbtacks, it was good and you were waiting for the rally from Flair. When it came, it was glorious, this card is living up to the hype now. I loved the imagery of this match.

Winner: Ric Flair over Mick Foley via I Quit!

The Mcmahons & Estrada

Vince talks about Umaga interfering in their match with DX, Estrada confirms that The Mcmahons can count on Umaga in their match.

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) King Booker © W/ Sharmell vs Batista

Booker has his crowning moment in the WWE at The Great American Bash, Booker captured the championship that eluded him on the Raw brand, the championship that seemed to be so close in 2003 at Wrestlemania XIX. Booker holds the championship and it looks like it could be curtains early as Booker’s first opponent is The Animal Batista. The same Batista who never lost his championship, the same Batista who walked over Mr. Kennedy on his way to this championship match. Lock-up, we have a clean break. Booker is taken down with a shove by Batista, kicks and chops by Booker. Side headlock by Booker, shoulder block does not move Batista. Batista blocks a spinning heel kick for a powerslam, two for The Animal.

Batista throws Booker into the ring, shuffle kick and chops by Booker. Spinebuster by Batista, Booker sees the powerbomb coming and slides to the floor. Hotshot by Booker, stungun by Booker. Snapmare into a reverse chinlock, knees by Booker. Batista stops Booker with a belly to belly suplex, Booker cracks Batista with a sceptre. Booker covers and gets two, rest hold by Booker. Batista wriggles free, Booker kicks Batista but lands groin first when Batista ducks a Harlem sidekick. Batista crotches Booker on the top rope, sidewalk slam for two.

Booker rolls to the floor, Sharmell is going nuts at ringside. Sharmell is in Batista’s face, Booker takes control by sending Batista into the steel steps, missile dropkick by Booker for two. Book-End for two, Booker calls for the end. Scissors Kick misses, Batista nails a jackhammer for two. Shoulder charges, corner clothesline. Booker ducks a clothesline and nails a neckbreaker for two, Batista drills Booker with a full-nelson slam. Batista wants a Batista Bomb, Sharmell attacks Batista and we have a disqualification.

Well, that was not that fun either. It was quite short which did not allow me to get into the story of the match, the match could have had a better finish too. Sharmell attacks Batista for the finish? That’s lame it should have been the sceptre shot to the head. Disappointing first defence for Booker, thought things were looking up on the Smackdown brand.

Winner: Batista over Booker via DQ!

The Mcmahons vs D-Generation X

The feud that has been going since Shawn Michaels pissed off Vince Mcmahon before the royal rumble. At that time, Michaels was alone in his battle against The Mcmahons, the sides were evened up when Triple H was saved by Michaels on Raw which led to the reunion of the two and DX gracing our screen once more. DX destroyed The Spirit Squad which leaves us with The Mcmahons fighting against DX. The Spirit Squad try to attack DX but it ends painfully and in defeat for The Spirit Squad. The Mcmahons bring out Smackdown superstars too with Regal, Finlay and Kennedy joining the fight. Finlay leads the way attacking Michaels, Triple H manages to clear out everyone though.

Here comes Show, the Smackdown superstars beat down Triple H while Show crushes Michaels. Show demolishes Michaels with a leg drop across the chest, Show drills Triple H into the ringpost. Show Chokeslams Triple H through the ECW announce table, Vince and Shane watch on in joy. The Mcmahons call back the superstars, they thank the superstars for their work. Vince scoop slams Michaels, tag to Shane. Left jabs by Shane, clothesline by Vince. Shane chokes Michaels behind the referee’s back, Shane elbows Michaels and attacks Triple H with kicks. Backbreaker by Shane, tag to Vince. Double suplex and elbow drop, Shane nails Triple H with a baseball slide.

Elbow drop/backbreaker combination, Hart Attack by The Mcmahons. Doomsday Device by The Mcmahons for two, Michaels is rallying with rights and chops. Vince rushes Michaels, Michaels nails a double clothesline. HBK tags Triple H, right hands and a high knee to Shane. Neckbreaker for Shane, Vince is pummelled in the corner. Knee facebuster by The Game, spinebuster to Shane. Vince eats an elbow drop from Michaels, Umaga is here! Michaels eats a kick, Samoan Spike to Triple H. Kane saves the day, Kane hammer aways at Umaga as they brawl to the back.

Vince crawls onto Triple H, 1….2… Triple H kicks out! Vince punches out the referee, Shane places Triple H in the corner for a Coast to Coast. Vince taunts, assured of victory in his mind. Shane takes flight and eats a Sweet Chin Music from Michaels. Trash can to the head of Vince, Sweet Chin Music into a Pedigree. DX win the match!

Entertaining to say the least, it did not resemble a match for most of it but it was a hell of a lot of fun, DX took one big ass kicking from hired guns, they survived the onslaught while Vince and Shane gloated, Vince was is one of the greatest characters in wrestling for the way he is so cartoony that it is amazing to watch his plan crumble before his very eyes.

Winners: DX over The Mcmahons via Pedigree!

(WWE Championship Match) John Cena vs Edge © W/ Lita

With RVD dropping the championship to Edge, we get to see a feud that was cut short for Wrestlemania season. Edge attacked Cena’s father to add a bit of meat to this feud but the rivalry was already there when it came to this feud. They were two of the rising stars in WWE, they had been world champions but they needed this match to solidify their position at the top of the card, the two men had to put on a great match. There is an added stipulation that if Edge is disqualified, Edge will lose the WWE Championship.

Lock-up with clean break from Cena, Cena hammers away with right hands on Edge. Belly to belly suplex by Cena for two, Cena’s hot start comes to an end as Edge dodges a corner spear which leads to Cena wiping out and smashing his shoulder onto the ringpost. Cena makes it in at eight, Edge stomps the shit out of Cena. Elbow to the head by Edge, forearms to the face. Standing dropkick by Edge, Cena is bumped off the apron into the barricade. Cena fights back before a spinning heel kick from Edge, two for Edge.

Cena scores with right hands and a fisherman buster suplex. Edge sidesteps Cena who crashes to the floor, right hands by Edge. Cena fights back, shoulder block misses for Cena. Clothesline by Edge, two for Edge. Reverse chinlock, Cena escapes only to eat a massive big boot. Edge is on the top rope, Cena batters Edge to crotch the champion. Cena wants a superplex, Edge knocks Cena off the turnbuckle. Edge nails a diving clothesline for two, Edge applies a camel clutch but Cena powers out. Throwback by Cena, Lita throws a chair in the ring which leads to Edge throwing out the chair. Clotheslines, shoulder blocks and a side suplex. Five Knuckle Shuffle by Cena, FU is countered for an Edgecution.

Two for Edge, Edge is on the top rope. Cena springs up for an FU but Edge escapes, Cena applies a victory roll for two. Edge dives into the arms of Cena who rolls through with his power, Lita is on the apron. Lita does not touch Cena, Edge runs into Lita. Roll-up by Cena for two, double knockdown in the ring. Edge O Matic by Edge, two for Edge. Cena avoids the spear for an STFU, Lita is in Edge’s face with the championship. Edge makes it to the ropes, Lita places brass knuckles on Edge’s hand. FU on Lita but Edge nails Cena in the back of the head and we have a winner.

I liked this match a lot, I like the struggle for Lita and Edge to try and defeat Cena who was clearly the better man when it came to it in the ring. So many times, Lita wanted the easy way out for her man Edge but the stipulation put a stop to that until we had a moment of genius from the women’s champion as she sacrificed herself in order to help Edge use the brass knuckles without being caught for the victory. I loved it, it was a simple story to follow and I am eager to see what Cena will do to get his hands on Edge and make things a fair fight. Liked it a lot and this was one of the better Cena matches since his rise to the top of the card.

Winner: Edge over John Cena via Brass Knuckles!

That was WWE’s Summerslam of 2006, an absolutely stacked card that did not deliver in my eyes, I thought the first hour of the show was weak. I was not impressed with the way Mysterio and Chavo had their match, I thought it was good technically but this was a big heated feud, it needed violence and an intensity to it, they pushed it as Chavo coming out of retirement to battle Mysterio. Did not feel like a big deal while Show vs Sabu was laughable towards the end, juts not a good showing for the brand of extreme. Orton felt like an afterthought in his match with Hogan, it had such little impression on me that I forgot about it momentarily when finishing up the review.

The show did pick up in the latter half, Flair vs Foley was brutal and a fitting end to their war, I did enjoy the shenanigans of The Mcmahons in their match with DX. It was goofy and insane at times but that is what you get with Shane and Vince, you get entertainment so no real complaints there. Batista and Booker was a let down but the WWE Championship match was a great piece of story-telling furthering the feud between Edge and Cena. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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