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TNA Hard Justice 2005 Review

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Hello hello and hello! Welcome back nitwits and knuckleheads to another edition of the only wrestling review series that wishes Baron Corbin was still on Team Smackdown for Survivor Series, Seanomaniac Reviews! With me Sean, yeah you probably don’t care, I understand. You aren’t here for me to babble on, you want reviews, interesting pieces/articles and sweet reviews of wrestling pay per views. Well, I am all too happy to oblige and so I am back and back with a bang (Please don’t sue me DDP, I use your yoga DVDs!). Anyways, tonight’s entry is TNA’s Hard Justice 2005. If you are a fan of this series, you will be able to find my past reviews of TNA ppvs beginning with Victory Road 2004. So the main story of this evening’s event is that Jeff Jarrett’s title reign could finally be coming to an end (Thank the Gods!) as TNA Goldenboy AJ Styles is challenging the champion after defeating Abyss at Lockdown. After watching Jarrett rule for every pay per view, I pray and hope that this is Styles’ night. It is time to get this show on the road so sit back and enjoy Hard Justice 2005!

Opening Promo

We open on a sad note as there is a ten bell salute for Chris Candido who tragically passed away after injuring his leg at last month’s Lockdown. Candido would pass away as a result of a blood clot due to surgery complications. Passion is the key to tonight as we are driven by our passion, our future and pasts, our dreams and our nightmares. Man this is heavy like Stanley Kubrick level of deep but you get the message, tonight is huge and you have to see it!

Team Canada W/ Scott D’Amore vs Sonny Siaki & Apollo

Alright so Team Canada are the only heel team on AMW’s level but they are not feuding with AMW and that makes me sad. Petey and Young jump Siaki and Apollo but the two babyfaces overpower the two Canadians. Petey comically bumps off the huge Apollo who chops Williams like he is a naughty step-child. Tag to Siaki, double Japanese armdrag to Williams. Williams grabs a handful of hair and knees Siaki, drop toehold and in comes Young.

 Siaki dropkicks and neckbreakers Young. Big chops to Young, Siaki and Apollo back body drop Young into the lights. Williams legdrops Apollo to help Young, elbow to the back of the head by Young. Williams is legal and wastes no time clubbing the big man, illegal choke by Williams. Williams provokes Siaki as D’Amore cheap shots Apollo. Scoop slam by Young on Apollo, Apollo is fighting back, Young beats the bigger man down. Young keeps control with an eye rake, Apollo creates space with a massive superkick out of nowhere.

 Tag to Siaki, Siaki smashes Young and Williams with big powerslams. Young saves Williams from being pinned, Siaki goes after Williams on the apron, D’Amore trips up Siaki. Williams almost steals the win, Siaki and Apollo have Williams all alone, Williams blocks a superplex. Siaki is on the floor, Apollo eats a frankensteiner. Siaki counters the Canadian Destroyer, Siaki nails a nasty looking move, A1 of Team Canada interferes while D’Amore has the referee distracted.

 Jackhammer from A1 and Williams covers Siaki. Valiant effort by all four men for a good opening match, Siaki look good with all his powerful moves on the smaller Team Canada wrestlers and Team Canada stay in the title picture with their win. Have to say they are the right call to win this match but they need fresh over faces to work with or this could be a long long year.

Winners: Team Canada over Siaki & Apollo via Jackhammer!

Mixed Tag Team Match Trinity & Matt Bentley vs Traci & Chris Sabin

So he backstory to this match is Traci and Trinity have been feuding on and off as the two secretaries of Dusty Rhodes. There is more to this match though as Traci is the former valet of Matt Bentley. Trinity and Traci kick us off, huge slap from Trinity who bails, Matt Bentley confronts Traci and in comes Sabin. Springboard back elbow by Sabin, forearm in the corner, frankensteiner for a two count. Bentley bails after his beating, Traci grabs Trinity. Small package series by the two woman, monkey flip by Traci.

 Sprinbaord crossbody by Trinity but Traci rolls on top for two, Trinity misses a moonsault and eats a slap. Bentley is in, missile dropkick by Sabin. Cradle Shock and Superkick are blocked, Trinity helps crotch Sabin as Bentley nails a superplex. Bentley leg drops Sabin, Trinity chokes Sabin on the apron. Trinity holds Sabin, Bentley almost smashes Trinity. Sabin rolls up Bentley for two before Trinity trips up Sabin, what a dastardly woman. Sleeper by Bentley, Sabin fight out before Bentley pulls the hair. Reverse chinlock by Bentley, Sabin fires up. With a knee, Bentley takes control, elbow from Sabin.

 Massive Enzuigiri by Sabin! Traci and Trinity receive tags, chops and clothesline by Traci. Second rope facebuster for a two count, Traci attempts the move from the top but Trinity shoves Traci to the floor. Trinity chops Traci on the ramp, head first into the ramp goes Traci. Scoop slam on the ramp by Trinity, she runs into Sabin, Sabin murders Bentley with a clothesline. Traci no-sells the scoop slam and both woman roll around on the floor. Sabin springboards onto Bentley, Trinity nails Sabin with a hurricanrana from the top rope.

 Bentley & Trinity double team Sabin until Traci low blows Sabin. Bentley superkicks Trinity and Superkick to Sabin for the win. Traci never turned on Bentley, it was all a clever ruse! Bets part of the match is Tenay screaming “What A Swerve!”. Really made my day that line but ah yes the match well it was fine, Trinity looked eager to kill herself and in the process, did a lot in this match and came off looking good. Traci held her own, I have not seen much of Bentley outside of his work with Kazarian so based off that, he seems decent while Sabin deserves better that this match but what can you do?

Winners: Bentley & Trinity over Traci & Sabin via Superkick!

Dusty Rhodes & Tito Ortiz Promo

So Tito Ortiz is the special referee for tonight’s main event and Rhodes tells Tito to call the match down the middle and enforce his authority by any means necessary. Could be fun later for Jarrett!

(Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match) Raven vs Sean Waltman

So Jeff Hardy no-showed the event (Not the only time) so there is a replacement in Sean Waltman AKA X-Pac. Waltman came in and attacked Jarrett and helped DDP win Lethal Lockdown last month but I have no idea if he is full-time with TNA. Waltman outsmarts Raven and chops him all over and sends him into the cage. Raven is already bloody, Raven blocks the bronco buster with a trash can.

 So this match has a tonne of weapons strapped to two cage walls. Raven grabs a can and nails Waltman, Raven scrapes Waltman across the cage. Waltman is a bloody mess, Raven has trash cans. Waltman is smashed like an instrument while Raven conducts his symphony. Pretty sure Raven would make a poor musician, Raven eats a trash can courtesy of Waltman, Waltman cannot gain control as Raven applies an Ankle Lock, Waltman kicks off Raven. 

Raven has his chair, Waltman blocks the drop toe hold, spin kicks a plenty for Raven, bronco buster by Waltman who as a result of the blood looks like he has had his period. X-Factor by Waltman! Waltman continues kicking Raven, Waltman has Raven on  a table on the ramp, Waltman nails a Houston Hangover like manoeuvre through the table from atop the cage wall. Out of nowhere, Raven drills The Even Flow DDT. Two count for Raven, Raven tosses Waltman off the ramp through a table. Waltman kicks out at two and a half, Raen searches for a weapon. And Raven emerges with handcuffs, Waltman is against the ring post. Raven has a kendo stick and Raven punishes Waltman.

 Raven grabs a microphone asking Waltman to give up but Waltman calls Raven “ A Pussy”. Dusty Rhodes saves Waltman by unlocking the cuffs, Waltman wallops Raven with a chair and trash cans. Waltman whips Raven with a kendo stick before grabbing the stable gun, two right into Raven’s head. Raven back body drops Waltman’s into the cage wall which collapses along with Waltman’s hopes of winning as Raven covers for the win. 

That was bloody, I love the character work of Raven as the sick and twisted individual. While his matches may be all hardcore and not much on story but his character work was great. Waltman did well for someone who was called last moment for the match, the match was a bit sloppy at parts but it was entertaining at the end of the day.

Winner: Raven over Waltman following super back body drop into cage wall!

DDP & BG James vs Monty Brown & Kip James

So BG James (Road Dogg) does not like that Kip James (Billy Gunn) is now in TNA, the two former tag champions are on the verge of collapse yet they never come to blows. Monty Brown has problems with DDP as DDP was screwed out of the championship by Brown who turned heel and my hopes for his world title run have diminished greatly. BG James is nowhere to be seen for this match so Ron the Truth volunteers to be DDP’s partner as Konnan was destroyed by Kip James. Brown and DDP to start, Brown shoves off DDP as Brown is clearly the powerhouse of this match.

 Armdrag by DDP and DDP mocks Brown, Brown is not a fan of impressions as he tells Page exactly what he thinks of him. Despite the strength advantage of Brown, DDP is in the head of Brown who takes a shortcut to gain control. Massibe knees by Brown to DDP’s ribs, Page fires back to neckbreaker Brown. Brown tags James and Page tags Truth, lock up and James overpowers Truth. Truth uses his speed to smack down Kip James. Headscissors by Truth, James calls for a time-out. Tilt a whirl side slam by James, Brown cheap shots Truth while referee is with DDP. 

Knee to the back of Truth, knees to the ribs of Truth. James punches Truth square in the face for a two count, reverse chinlock by James. James runs into a boot by Truth, FameAsser is countered into a beautiful leg lariat by Truth. DDP receives the hot tag, punches to James and Brown, discuss clothesline on both men, Spiral Bomb on Brown. James makes the save, elbow to James. Big boot to Brown who powders to the floor, Phi Delta Slam beat down DDP.

 What the hell is this? DDP beats down the two big sons of bitches, DDP nails James with a Diamond Cutter but Brown pounces DDP for the win. Is this match a no DQ match? Because I am sorry but two fat fucks ran across my screen and beat up DDP IN FRONT of the referee with absolutely NO REPRECUSSIONS? No stupid sorry not talking about this match, ending was a joke.

Winners: Brown & James over Truth & DDP via Pounce!

(NWA Tag Team Championship Match) The Naturals © vs AMW

AMW lost the tag team titles and The Naturals are the team who defeated my favourite TNA tag team? The Naturals are paying tribute to Candido and dedicating this match to Candido. A lovely gesture but since when were these guys babyfaces? How are they a threat to AMW? How did they beat AMW? Stevens chows off some nice wrestling to begin this match, Storm and Stevens go out it with the crowd showing their appreciation.

 Harris is legal, Stevens takes the arm and tags in Douglas. Storm and Harris drop Stevens with a double powerbomb for a two count, right hand by Storm on Douglas. Neckbreaker by Douglas for a two count, Stevens receives the tag and knees Storm in the face. Storm misses a sunset flip but catches Stevens with a kick to the face. Bulldog by Harris and Douglas makes the save. Douglas prevents the stalling suplex, Storm clotheslines Douglas to the floor.

 Harris and Stevens are on the floor too, brawling on the floor. Every member tastes the guard rail with little fanfare. Douglas and Harris are brawling up the stage, Storm drills Stevens with a suplex on the floor. Storm and Stevens mess up an Irish whip spot as the match is starting to feel like its dragging on, they have been on the floor for a couple of minutes.

 Stevens is whipped into a chair by a fan like it is ECW. Douglas uses a chair on Harris, are there disqualifications in this match? Douglas and Harris are in the ring, Harris nails an inverted atomic drop and clothesline. Stevens nails Harris with a forearm, Storm nails The Eye of The Storm on Stevens. Douglas and Storm wipe one another out, Stevens knees Storm. Harris climbs the top rope with Stevens, Douglas and Storm get involved and we have a tower of doom spot. All four men slug it out, Harris drills Stevens. Storm nails Douglas with a variation of The Diamond Dust for a two count.

 Leaping leg lariat by Stevens on Storm, Harris counters The Death Valley Driver, Stevens counters The Catatonic and drills Harris with The Death Valley Driver. Storm looks for The Superkick, Stevens blocks and The Naturals set up for Natural Disaster. Harris spears Douglas preventing the move from happening and Storm plants Stevens with The Superkick! Douglas knocks off Harris for The Death Sentence and Stevens rolls up Storm with his feet on the ropes with Storm not selling it at all.

 That match was weird, I swear they piped in cheers for The Naturals and Chris Candido, they brawled on the outside for way too long. The match is weirdly laid out with The Naturals being positioned as faces yet they are the heels. It was not an enjoyable watch, the last minute or two was fun but yeah that was a weird match.

Winners: The Naturals over AMW via roll-up!

(X Division Championship Match) Christopher Daniels © vs Shocker

Shocker is the challenger, Shocker is a big deal with Mexico and CMLL so he is no joke ladies and gentlemen while Daniels had stolen the title from the grasp of AJ Styles and claimed to be the real Mr. TNA. Daniels shoves Shocker in the face and the referee distracts Shocker as Daniels cheap shots Shocker. Dropkick and arm drags by Shocker, Daniels and Shocker are on the apron when Shocker uses a headscissors takedown on the apron.

 Suicide Dive by Shocker after Daniels missed his trademark moonsault. In the ring, Shocker is smashed into the ropes by Daniels. Knee across the throat by Daniels, back suplex for a two count by Daniels. Shocker fights out of a reverse chinlock, big rights by Shocker. Daniels drills Shocker with a STO after a failed suplex from Shockr. Koji Clutch by Daniels who makes his best angry face at the hard camera. Daniels rips at Shocker’s face like he wants to have his eyeballs and squish them in his hand. 

Daniels works the neck of Shocker. Shocker cuts off Daniels by countering a hurricanrana into a powerbomb. Chop war and Shocker wins the exchange with a huge knockdown. Huge big boot on Daniels, the challenger ascends to the top rope and scores with The Frog Splash for a two. Daniels suckers Shocker in by playing limp and plants Shocker with a complete shot, Daniels botches The BME by overshooting so Daniels like a pro, nails Shocker with another moonsault for good measure. Small package by Shocker gets a two count, Danieks was looking for Angel’s Wings, Shocker reverses Daniels.

 Dropkick by Shocker, Shocker is motioning for a tornado DDT, Daniels says no sir not today and looks for a superplex. Shocker counters with a front suplex from the middle rope, Shocker applies an STF. Daniels bites Shocker to get him off, Shocker says screw you Daniels and applies a Camel Clutch. Shocker gives up the hold and places Daniels on the top rope, Daniels fights out as both men sit atop the turnbuckle. Daniels nails The Angel’s Wings from the top rope and it is all over as Daniels retains the championship.

 That was a good match, finisher came out of nowhere for me but the ring work was great with Daniels doing all he can to withstand Shocker with Shocker looking as smooth as fuck in the ring. Daniels look great too beating the best light heavyweight in Mexico.

Winner: Daniels over Shocker via top rope Angel’s Wings!

(Gauntlet for The Gold) Twenty Man Battle Royal

The winner of this match will be the number one contender to the heavyweight championship, Robert Roode is your number one entrant and number two is none other than Zach Gowen from WWE. Roode grabs Zach’s prosthetic leg and spits on the leg. Gowen outwrestles Roode and delivers a moonsault. Eric Young is your number three entrant into this match, Gowen is beaten by the two Team Canada members. Cassidy Riley, the protégé of Dustin Rhodes is your number four entrant. Young and Riley go out it in the corner while Gowen and Roode square off in another corner.

 The somehow popular Elix Skipper is in the match at number five, Skipper nails a few high-flying moves before choking Roode in the corner. Sharkboy is your number six, Sharkboy takes out both Team Canada members before Gowen is eliminated by Sharkboy biting his ass…….. A1 is number seven and this guy kills all the tiny X Division wrestlers because he is a big man if you could not tell by Tenay and West salivating over the guy.

 Number eight is Chris Sabin, Sabin drills Roode with a DDT while kicking every man in the head druing the move. Nice little spot there from Sabin, number nine is Petey Williams and all of Team Canada are in the ring. A1 eliminates Sharkboy, Eric Young eliminates Cassidy Riley with a headscissors. Sonny Siaki is number ten who goes after the men who cost him his match earlier tonight A1. Roode tries to push Skipper over the top rope and I shit you not, Skipper botches and misses falling to the floor. 

Roode picks up Skipper and clotheslines Skipper over. Lance Hoyt comes in at eleven and military press slams Young to the floor, Matt Bentley is in at twelve. Sabin and Bentley fall to the floor after a clothesline by Sabin, Team Canada push Siaki to the floor. Jerelle Clark is number thirteen, Team Canada go after Clark and Hoyt. Williams nails Clark with a Canadian Destroyer that sends Clark to the floor. Mikey Batts is in at fourteen, Hoyt and Batts team up to battle Team Canada. Number fifteen is Kip James, James murders Batts with a One & Only! Number Sixteen is Trytan, Team Canada and James are decimated.

 Batts has been eliminated by James before Trytan entered, seventeen is Ron Killings. Truth batters everyone before Trytan decides he doesn’t like Truth too much so we see a massive powerslam. Trytan poses before Team Canada bundle over Trytan, Apollo is number eighteen. Apollo Superkicks everyone and chops James in the corner, James eliminates Apollo with a lowbridge. Number nineteen is BG James. Hoyt boots Roode over the top rope, Roode illegally grabs Hoyt and A1 eliminates Hoyt. BG and Kip James look as if they are teaming up as they throw over Team Canada. Abyss is number twenty and he tosses BG and Kip over the top rope and we are down to two men, it is Truth vs Abyss and the match is now pinfall or submission.

 The referee takes away the chair from Abyss as Truth bravely fights against the unstoppable Abyss. Abyss pummels Truth in the ring with his boots to the face. Truth almost rolls-up Abyss but very quickly, Abyss puts Truth in his place. Abyss has his chain, the referee stops Abyss for the second time. Abyss grabs the chair but Truth blocks and smashes Abyss twice with the chair as the referee is putting away Abyss’ chain. Abyss squashes the referee in the corner by accident, Truth nails a Scissors Kick from the middle rope. 

Truth has the pin over Abyss but the referee is knocked out. Abyss staggers to his feet, Chokeslam on the chair. Truth kicks out at two and a half! Abyss places a chair on Truth for a running butt splash, Truth does not use the chair the first time and Abyss repeats the spot with the desired outcome. Truth dives into The Black Hole Slam and Abyss is your winner. Battle Royals are always fun and the match between Truth & Abyss was fun too. Interesting turn of events as Abyss could have a crack at Jarrett or another match with Styles based on the outcome of the main event.

Winner: Abyss over Everyone Else via Survival!

(NWA/TNA Heavyweight Championship Match) Jeff Jarrett © vs AJ Styles

Ok so let me give you my version of events leading to this match, Jeff Jarrett had always dominated TNA but this particular title reign is most frustrating as TNA’s main event scene has been completely overbooked and disappointing as I have reviewed several by this stage. Jarrett has beaten future stars and past stars with guitar shots, belt shots and the over booking equivalent of a nuclear bomb being dropped. However, this time could be different as AJ Styles is your challenger. TNA’s Goldenboy who was earmarked for success since day one against the man everyone is sick of as champion by this time. 

The promo package is all Styles, Mike Tenay, Jimmy Hart and Jerry Lynn all talk up Styles as the man in TNA. Tito Ortiz enters first as the announcers speak of Styles and how this can be Styles’ moment. JB introduces both competitors. Styles has his gameface on and you can feel that this match feels huge. Both men stand toe to toe with Ortiz laying down the law, Jarrett hands the belt to Ortiz and we are ready to get underway for our main event. Lock up with Jarrett shoving AJ into the corner, clean break from Jarrett.

 Ortiz shows he is judge, jury and executioner as Ortiz breaks up Jarrett’s attempt to cheap shot Styles. Styles takes the back with Jarrett taking down the challenger, Styles counters out of the hold and works the arm. Shoulder block and we have a staredown, Styles kicks the leg of Jarrett and shoulder blocks the champion. Chops and forearms by the challenger, Jarrett slides to the floor dodging Styles’ signature dropkick. Jarrett takes a breather, knee to the ribs by Jarrett and a series of right hands. Styles slides through Jarrett’s leg and nails his dropkick, knee across the throat.

 Styles lands some forearms in the corner and a corner clothesline to knock down Jarrett. Chops by Styles and Styles runs towards the ropes but Jarrett sees it coming and nails a gutbuster. Shin breaker and Jarrett comes down on the leg of Styles, Jarrett sweeps the leg of AJ. Jarrett grabs Styles for a shin breaker and smashes the challenger into the top turnbuckle.

 Styles kicks Jarrett before Jarrett catches a leg, trips Styles and applies The Figure Four leg lock. Jarrett has his patented hold in the centre of the ring, Styles is screaming in pain. Jarrett talks trash and pays for it as Styles reverses the hold, Jarrett is back up while Styles is on his knees. Styles punches Jarrett, tornado DDT by the challenger. Styles drills Jarrett with a discuss clothesline which sends Jarrett to the floor. Styles falls to the mat holding his leg, Jarrett dodges Styles and sweeps the leg on the apron. Baseball slide by Jarrett, Jarrett tries taking the low road and Ortiz grabs Jarrett by the throat.

 Styles takes advantage by pulling out the champion, right hands by Styles but Jarrett turns the tide by dodging a punch from Styles. Styles hits the ringpost, Jarrett grabs the guitar and Ortiz prevents Jarrett using the guitar. Styles smashes the guitar on the ground and it looks like Jarrett is in trouble as his world is collapsing around him. Styles nails The Phenomenal Forearm and a spinning heel kick, springboard reverse DDT by Styles for a two count. Styles motions for The Styles Clash, Jarrett avoids The Clash. Powerbomb by Jarrett with a jacknife cover for a two count. Stroke is countered, Styles trips up Jarrett, powerslam by the champion for a two count.

 Backslide by Styles, small package for two, Jarrett kicks Styles and Styles fires back with a Pele Kick. Stroke is countered by Styles, sunset flip by Jarrett, Styles tries to bridge out but Jarrett nails Styles with a Styles Clash. Two count for the champion, Jarrett looks for a suplex, Styles counters and nails The Stroke. Cover and a two count, Styles is climbing to the top rope, 450 Splash but Styles rolls through. Styles Clash attempt but Monty Brown is here, Pounce misses AJ and nails Jarrett. Styles has the pin on Jarrett, another referee runs in but Ortiz pulls out the new referee because he is the referee. 

Styles is pissed understandably so and walks into a low blow from Jarrett. Jarrett places Styles on the top rope, Jarrett shoves Ortiz, Ortiz drills Jarrett with a right hand. Styles is on the top rope, spiral tap by Styles. Cover and Styles is your new TNA champion! Huge celebration with pyro for Styles, Brown cradles poor Jarrett. I thought this match was ok, perhaps my opinion is biased after sitting through so many awful main event with Jarrett but this was TNA’s simplest main event involving Jarrett that I have seen on pay per view. 

Jarrett played his part well being scared to death of Ortiz and selling the threat of Styles, Styles felt like an afterthought in this match though. Do not get me wrong, I thought he was great but his big moment felt overshadowed by the story of Jarrett pushing Ortiz too far and eventually Ortiz will kill him. The biggest fault I feel the match had was the ending, for Ortiz to knock out Jarrett to set up Styles winning was the wrong call. We all know Ortiz was going to kill Jarrett so just do it after the match, don’t have your number 1 babyface beat your top heel after the heel has already been knocked out.

 Did Stone Cold Steve Austin beat Shawn Michaels with a punch from Mike Tyson? No Austin went over Michaels clean and then Tyson killed Michaels. That is how it is supposed to be done, the special referee is there to prevent interference and kill heels who try to get involved. I understand that Ortiz was provoked but come on, this is Styles, your guy, the guy you will build the company around and you are telling me Ortiz needed to knockout Jarrett during the match so Styles could get the big win and not after the match?

Winner: Styles over Jarrett following knockout punch from Ortiz and Spiral Tap!

TNA’s Hard Justice 2005 was an average pay per view for me, I thought nothing of real note happened on this pay per view apart from Styles’ World Championship win, the matches were fine but it did not feel like there was a whole lot happening during this pay per view, I think the battle royal and the tag matches would have felt right at home on Impact. The hardcore match and the gauntlet were fun to watch and the main event was good as it meant Jarrett’s reign of terror was over for now but this pay per view was not a great effort from TNA. So what did you think of Hard Justice 2005? Thanks for joining me for another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews and I will see you next time!

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