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WWF No Mercy 2001 Review

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Good evening fatheads and lady fatheads to another edition of a wrestling review series that not even Dixie Carter would invest in: Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews! As my birthday edges closer, I thought I would continue to torture myself with The Invasion storyline that gripped the WWF in mid-2001. Thankfully, this angle is almost at an end with only two more pay per views to go after I cover today’s topic which is No Mercy 2001. If you missed it last time, I gushed over Kurt Angle and how I think he was the best thing since sliced bread during this time-period. Unfortunately, the company did not share my views as Austin had his WWF Championship back around his waist the night after Unforgiven. No Mercy is built around two matches, the first being the battle between Kurt Angle and Stone Cold Steve Austin with the added unpredictable factor of the most popular Alliance member RVD to create tension and excitement within the feud and the rivalry between The Rock & Chris Jericho. A clash of personalities or egos depending on your perspective has led these two WWF stars down their own path where they are at one another’s throats so they must have a match at this pay per view to decide who is the better man. Other matches of note on this card is the continuation of the feud between Edge and his brother Christian in a ladder match. The card has potential so let’s sit back and enjoy WWF’s No Mercy 2001!

Opening Promo

An old man with a great voice describes the circumstances of the main event, Austin is depicted as a mad man, Angle is looking for redemption while Van Dam is the man with nothing to lose in this battle. Simple yet effective, it really is hard to imagine a bad promo package from the WWF. Saliva plays over the arena and JR welcomes us to the action. Stage design is very basic which is rare because they are so many set designs I remember vividly during this time.

(WCW Tag Team Championship Match) The Hardy Boyz © W/ Lita vs The Hurricane & Lance Storm W/ Ivory & Mighty Molly

The straight man Storm and the comedic superhero Hurricane might be the best miss match pairing I have ever seen, they are joined by the beautiful Ivory and Molly. Lock up between Jeff and Hurricane. Shoulder block by Helms, Jeff drops Helms with a hiptoss. Matt tags in and The Hardys plant Hurricane with a wheelbarrow suplex. Storm blind tags in and The Alliance team drill Matt with a samoan drop neckbreker combination. Storm tags in Hurricane with a fist bump (Love it). Matt nails a double clothesline and in comes Jeff. Jawbreaker to Storm, Ivory grabs the leg of Jeff Hardy and Storm attacks Jeff Hardy.

 Matt clotheslines Helms and baseball slides into Storm. Hurricane Helms recovers to fly onto everyone while wearing his cape. Hurricane and Storm combine to dropkick Jeff right in the face, Storm rams Jeff into the top turnbuckle. Quick tag to Helms, assisted suplex for a two count by Hurricane. Backbreaker by Hurricane for a two count, Storm is legal and drives his knees into the ribs of Jeff. Storm Irish whips Jeff into the corner but Jeff wipes out Storm with a Whisper in the Wind. Jeff kicks off Hurricane to make the tag to Matt. Matt nails a neckbreaker on both Storm and Hurricane.

 Poetry in Motion on Storm, Hurricane dodges Jeff. Matt scoop slams Hurricane, leg drop by Matt. Cover and a two count for Matt Hardy, Matt eats a double superkick from Storm & Hurricane. Jeff Hardy saves his brother, Lita spears an interfering Mighty Molly. Ivory saves Molly but Jeff leg drops Ivory’s ovaries. Storm grabs Jeff in a Single Leg Boston Crab, Lita drops Storm with a hurricanrana. Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb on Hurricane and The Hardy Boyz have retained. Solid opener with an exciting ending as Team Extreme whooped all kinds of ass in the ring. Ring work was good and the fans were into the match, that is all I can say.

Winners: The Hardy Boyz over Storm & Hurricane via Swanton Bomb!

Vince/RVD Promo

William Regal of The Alliance questions as to why RVD Frog Splashed Alliance Leader Stone Cold Steve Austin, RVD laughs it off and walks away as Regal looks on bemused. Vince arrives at Michael Cole and claims that everyone will know Vince’s intentions by the end of the night.

Kane vs Test

Test had defected to the Alliance after being suspected as a mole, WWF was in the middle of a renewed push for Test so Kane’s odds aren’t good even though Kane is well Kane. Kane comes in and clotheslines Test, proceeding to beat Test like a naughty stepchild. Kane powerslams Test for a two count, Test tries to get Kane off his game but Kane military press slams Test to the floor (Ridiculous strength by Kane). Kane right hands Test on the floor, Alliance referee Nick Patrick distracts Kane and does not disqualify Test for a ringbell shot to Kane’s head. Elbows in the corner by Test complete with foot choke ala Heel work 101. Vertical suplex by Test to Kane, Test gets a two count.

 Kane battles back but Test uses a knee to slow The Big Red Machine, Kane drops Test with a short arm clothesline. Kane attempts an elbow but Test dodges and nails a reverse elbow from the second turnbuckle. Test pummels Kane in the corner, fist fights with Kane go as well as you think, Kane hammers back Test but Test reverses an Irish whip and sidewalk slams Kane. Test misses his diving top rope elbow drop as Kane delivers a neckbreaker. Kane smacks around Test, big boot by Kane. Corner clothesline and a back suplex by The Big Red Machine. Two count for Kane, Test knees Kane in the ribs and was looking for a pump handle slam but Kane blocks with an elbow and plants Test with a sidewalk slam.

 Kane knocks Test to the floor, Test shoves Kane into the ringpost before booting Kane’s head into row Z! Cover and Kane survives The Big Boot, Test misses a second Big Boot attempt and Kane drills Test with a Chokeslam. Kane crawls into the cover and gets a two count! Slugfest between the two behemoths, powerslam by Kane. Kane flies from the top and Test dodges, Pumphandle Slam by Test. Test gets a two count as Test is in utter shock. Diving elbow by Test, two and a half for Test. Test grabs a chair out of frustration, Kane dropkicks the chair into Test’s face. Kane has the chair, Patrick saves Test.

 Kane goes to Chokeslam Test but Test goes low and Big Boots Kane for the win. Big win for Test who was receiving another push for no reason. Apart from the nearfalls, the fans were not into the match, the two men worked hard with both looking better at the end. Kane survived all of Test’s signature offence and a ringbell shot while Test kicked out of a Chokeslam. Seems like a good night for both men. After the match, Kane Chokeslams and Powerbombs crooked referee Nick Patrick.

Winner: Test over Kane thanks to a Big Boot!

Stone Cold Promo

Debra answers for Steve Austin who does not want to talk to Coach. Austin runs down Angle, RVD and Vince Mcmahon while Debra repeats everything Austin says. Pretty funny interview, Stacy is walking down the hall for a match against Torrie, Matt checks out Stacy’s lingerie for her lingerie match while Lita walks in on Matt. Yeah Matt looks like a sleazebag but come on, it was funny.

(Lingerie Match) Torrie Wilson vs Stacy Keblier

This match has a promo package, man  I don’t know what to tell you. These are two beautiful women and Tajiri was dating Torrie so Stacy and Torrie are at war. Stacy had joined The Dudleys as The Duchess of Dudleyville which was a great gimmick for her career. So Torrie had been driven through a table by The Dudleys and Torrie has a chance for revenge in this lingerie match. What I remember most about this match is I believe it snuck its way onto The Best of 2001 video release (Obviously for the tremendous wrestling on display…..What? 

Ok you know why it made its way on there). Torrie is in red while Stacy is in black and the more I watch, the more I cannot believe women would agreed to this type of match. Torrie kicks and slaps Stacy to begin the match, Stacy cartwheels out of two Irish whips. Stacy poses and Torrie nails a clothesline. Stacy boots Torrie in the corner, Stacy strips to her lingerie and slaps Torrie in the face. Stacy has a whip and she spanks Torrie and the referee. Torrie takes down Stacy and they roll around the ring while also rolling over referee Jack Doan (Fun Fact: Doan refereed the most women’s matches in his tenor in the WWF… Lucky Bastard).

 Stacy chokes Torrie with her foot in the corner before the women enter a pinning sequence that is filled with camera shots that make me feel a little dirtier as I review the match. Stacy chokes Torrie with her legs while dancing on the top rope. Torrie snapmares Stacy from the top rope for a two count. Torrie nails Stacy with Tajiri’s Handspring Elbow before pinning Stacy and spanking her in the process. You want me to talk about this match? It was not as cringy as I thought it would be, it was fine.

Angle Promo

Angle does not give a damn about Vince Mcmahon’s return to action as Angle is focused on RVD and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Vince interrupts Angle and wishes Kurt good luck while Kurt says he does not need luck. Kurt is going to win the WWF Championship, it’s true oh it’s damn true!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Edge vs Christian ©

Christian had turned on Edge because everyone believed in Edge and thought Edge was the true star of the duo while Christian was destined to be The Janetty of the team. Christian stole the championship from Edge at Unforgiven but now, this was a ladder match, a match that these two helped make famous with their TLC matches. Could Christian prove that he was Edge’s equal or even better, could he prove to be Edge’s superior in a fair contest? Well that is what we are here to find out as these two will get it on!

 These two meet on the ramp and start walloping one another. Edge wins the exchange and smashes Christian onto the steel steps and barricade. In the ring, Christian stomps on his brother, Christian cannot sustain the advantage as Edge back body drops Christian. Christian powders and stunguns Edge, Edge recovers to basbeball slide the ladder into Christian’s face. Edge and Christian brawl into the crowd with Edge tossing Christian into various barricades. Edge places Christian on the ladder before hair pulling his brother into the floor and then catapulting Christian into the ladder.

 Christian counters his brother Edge by dropping the challenger on a ladder laced in between a barricade and steel steps. Christian and Edge stand on the ladder bridge before Edge drops Christian groin first onto the ladder. In the ring, Edge throws rights which knock Christian before Christian runs with a full head of steam towards a ladder Edge is shoving into the ring and sentons onto the ladder, sending the ladder into Edge’s mush. Christian drags the ladder into the ring and begins climbing for victory. Edge shoves off Christian but Christian lands on his feet and knocks down Edge with a clothesline.

 Christian rams a ladder into Edge’s gut and grabs a chair from the outside of the ring. Christian climbs above Edge to smack his brother with the chair but Edge blocks and snapmares Christian on the ladder. Edge electric chair drops Christian into the ladder! Edge tries Irish whipping Christian but Christian reverses Edge who crashes rib first into a ladder wedged in the ropes. Christian stomps Edge with the hopes that Edge will stay down. Christian catapults Edge’s face into the ladder and pulls another ladder into the ring. Two ladders have been set up side by side with both men climbing the ladder.

 Edge delivers an Edge O Matic to Christian from the ladder. Edge pulls himself slowly towards the top of the ladder, Christian prevents Edge winning and drops Edge with a reverse DDT. Christian grabs two chairs from under the ring to deliver a sickening conchairto and put away Edge for good. Edge smacks one chair into Christian’s face and the match is set to continue. Edge props a third ladder between two chairs and Edge climbs to the top rope, the fans start to buzz as they know what is coming, Edge splashes Christian into oblivion.

 Edge is pulling himself up but Christian pokes Edge off the ladder with another ladder like a pesky fly. Christian starts climbing the ladder but did you really think this match would not have a spear from Edge off the ladder? Ha shame on you fool as Edge spears Christian to the canvas. Both men exchange fists on top of a ladder that teeters and then tips with both men falling to the floor below which looks like absolutely no fun whatsoever. Christian slowly climbs the ladder with no sign of Edge, Christian is suffering with the effects of the match, this gives Edge a chance to slip into the ring. Chair shot to the groin by Edge in a call-back to their match at Unforgiven. Christian is laid out across the top of the ladder, Edge grabs two chairs and in the ultimate fitting piece of revenge, Edge conchairtos Christian which kills Christian and Edge reclaims the championship.

 This was a very entertaining ladder match, I liked the beginning of the match where both men collided on the stage because this is meant to be a hate-filled rivalry where both men would not piss on one another if the other was on fire. What hurts the match in my opinion is the last two pay per views have featured matches involving ladders and various ladder spots (RVD vs Jeff Hardy at Summerslam was a ladder match and Jericho vs RVD at Unforgiven included ladder spots).

 I would not say I am bored of the ladder match but it does not feel as fresh. Both men sold their injuries well throughout and the finish was just perfect, Edge was able to get one over on Christian with the chair shot to the groin like Christian did to win the title and the cherry on top of the cake was Edge defeating Christian with a one man conchairto like Christian had done to Edge. The feud is tied at one a piece so I am looking forward to the conclusion of this rivalry.

Winner: Edge over Christian via retrieval of the belt!

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) Tajiri & The Big Show vs The Dudley Boyz ©

Before this match, we are treated to Spike Dudley in WWF New York downing shots and getting over his break-up with Mighty Molly aka Molly Holly. Big Show replaced his little partner with another little partner in Tajiri. The Big Show before 2002 and his run with Brock Lesnar fascinates me because Show seems so poor and irrelevant despite his huge stature which was an obvious hit with Vince. Bubba goes to work on the smaller Tajiri with huge chest chops, Tajiri dodges a punch and kicks Bubba’s ribs multiple times.

 Bubba cuts off Tajiri with a knee to the ribs and D-Von is now the legal man. D-Von uses his right hand to rough up Tajiri before Tajiri decides to kick D-Von’s head off. Tag to Show who clubs D-Von across the back, Show backs up into D-Von in the corner. Show shakes his ass as he drives it into the ribs of D-Von. D-Von rakes the eyes and Bubba tries to help his half brother but Show scoop slams both Dudleys who powder to the floor. Tajiri crushes The Dudleys with a tope con hilo, sidewalk slam by Show on D-Von for a two count. Tag to Tajiri who misses a blind tag to Bubba, Bubba Bomb on Tajiri. Tag to D-Von who tees off on the smaller Tajiri, quick tag to Bubba and Tajiri eats a double flapjack.

 Elbow drop by Bubba Ray, cover and a two count for the champions. D-Von snapmares Tajiri and locks in a sleeper, D-Von continues to punch Tajiri in the face. D-Von gets too cocky by climbing to the middle rope, a double axe handle goes wrong for D-Von as Tajiri catches D-Von with a devastating kick. Bubba calls over the referee who misses Tajiri’s tag to Show, diving headbutt to Tajiri’s balls. Bubba was looking for a powerbomb but Tajiri counters with a DDT. Hot tag to Show, clotheslines galore by The Show.

 Boot to D-Von, corner clothesline to Bubba. Show looks for the Chokeslam on Bubba, D-Von chop blocks Show and Show is tossed to the floor. Tajiri made the blind tag before Show’s abrupt departure, Tarantula on D-Von. Bubba saves his brother, double Handspring Elbow on The Dudley Boyz. Tajiri uses his mist on the referee by accident, D-Von and Tajiri are on the floor. 

Show nails The Chokeslam on Bubba Ray but there is no referee, Rhyno runs down and Gores Big Show. Tajiri is all alone against D-Von, enzuigiri and Buzzsaw Kick to D-Von. Referee recovers and Tajiri gets a two count, Tajiri battles but succumbs to a 3D seconds later and The Dudleys Boyz retain their championships. That was a decent tag team match, The Dudleys were always great heels and bullies as they toss around Tajiri and want no piece of The Big Show. Nothing memorable from the match but it was fine in my book.

Winners: The Dudley Boyz over Tajiri & Big Show via 3D!

Booker T vs The Undertaker

Booker T & Test had struck up an alliance (Ha see what I did there? Yeah I know I have no life) and had targeted Undertaker & Kane. Test had beaten Kane earlier in the night thanks to some shady refereeing from Nick Patrick but the question is can Booker T take down The Undertaker? Booker T jumps Undertaker as Big Evil steps off his motorcycle which makes me think why didn’t more people not jump Undertaker as he sat defenceless on his bike? Booker T brings the fight to Undertaker which results in Undertaker firing up and clotheslining the five time WCW champion.

 Taker nails a big boot in the middle of the ring for a two count. Booker knees Undertaker in the ribs and nails a flying forearm for a two count. Booker T continues the punishment with shoulder thrusts in the corner. Booker T runs shoulder first into the ringpost which allows Undertaker to work the arm of Booker T. Undertaker hoists Booker into the air and clamps the arm for a short arm scissors. Undertaker still has the arm of poor Booker when Taker nails Old School. 

Booker T powders, Undertaker is suckered in and sent into the steel steps. Booker T grabs a ringbell and WWF referee takes away the ringbell which allows Taker to pummel Booker T into the crowd. Booker T suckers in Undertaker for a second time as Taker’s head meets the ringpost. Booker T reels back the years with his missile dropkick. Two count for Booker T, Taker fires back before eating a heel kick from the five time WCW champion. Sidewalk slam by Booker T, Booker T nails his leg drop and decides against the spinaroonie. Taker fights back, Booker counters snake eyes for a neckbreaker. Booker was looking for his knee drop off the second rope but Undertaker blocks with a boot. Another boot from Taker for a two count, Booker counters an Irish whip for a spinning heel kick. Booker T lowers his head off an Irish whip and Undertaker scores with a DDT. Body shots in the corner by The Deadman, corner clotheslines and a stiff knock down followed by a leg drop for a two count.

 Taker misses a corner clothesline when Booker T nails a flapjack onto a top turnbuckle. Booker T lands The Spinaroonie and a Scissor Kick but Undertaker puts his foot on the bottom rope. Booker T misses a clothesline, Undertaker was thinking Chokeslam but Booker scores with a low blow. Booker hammers Undertaker in the corner and taunts which Taker counters into The Last Ride and Undertaker picks up the win.

 This match should have been the bridge between the two championship matches, the crowd was certainly a notch down for this match. JR tries to put over Booker T as a massive threat to Undertaker but with a finish like that, Booker T looks like a total joke just like he did at Summerslam.

 (WCW Championship Match) Chris Jericho vs The Rock ©

Two WWF superstars who are going to war, Jericho had accidently nailed The Rock with a chair which allowed RVD & Shane to win a tag match against Jericho & The Rock. Chris Jericho defeated RVD for this title opportunity and the other story behind this match is that Jericho has never won the big one, that’s right Y2J had never been world champion (His reign in 2000 for an hour was overturned and scratched from the record books).

 So this match is a big deal with a lot on the line for both men. Is Jericho going to choke? Has The Rock underestimated Jericho? Rock locks eyes with Jericho and you can feel the intensity between these two superstars. Both men circle one another before locking up, side headlock by The Rock into a hammerlock, Jericho counters with a side headlock of his own. Shoulder block by Y2J, arm drag by The Rock, Rock grabs another side headlock and nails a shoulder block. Series of arm drags by Jericho who drives knees onto Rock’s arm.

 All of a sudden, both men slap one another with Jericho knocking down The Rock and laying into the champion. Chops by Y2J, but Rock mounts Jericho and scores with the right hands. Rock and Jericho trade finisher counters with Rock grabbing the ropes to escape The Walls of Jericho. Jericho sees Rock on the apron and promptly dropkicks The Rock to the floor. Jericho stomps The Rock on the floor, Rock is dropped onto the barricade by the challenger. Jericho climbs to the top rope and nails a reverse elbow for a two count. 

Jericho kicks the ribs of Rock before Rock starts firing up but Jericho is quick to cut off The Rock with a flying forearm. Huge chops in the corner by Y2J, Rock chops Jericho in return but Jericho cuts off Rock with a spinning heel kick. Backbreaker and a senton by Y2J, Jericho kicks Rock in the head before dragging the champion to his feet. Rock fires up with a leaping clothesline but once more Jericho has a counter for The Rock.

 Rock crotches Y2J on the top rope, right hands by the champion. Rock climbs the top rope and nails a superplex. Rock nails Y2J with lots of rights, overhead belly to belly suplex, samoan drop for a two count. Jericho blocks and Irish whip with a clothesline but Rock kips-up and fires back on Jericho. Both men are now by the announce table, Rock rams Jericho’s head into the table. Jericho fires back on Rock, clothesline by The Rock. Suplex by The Rock for a two count, Jericho fires up but Rock sidesteps Jericho who lands on the floor. Match continues in the ring, snapmare and sleeper hold by the champion. 

Jericho fades at first but fires back on The Rock, Rock blocks a dropkick and catapults Jericho into a turnbuckle before knocking Jericho with a clothesline. Rock props Jericho on the top rope for a superplex, Jericho shoves off Rock and scores with the missile dropkick. Jericho tees off on Rock, elbow to the face and a shoulder block. Swinging neckbreaker and a hurricanrana for a two count. Jericho smacks the head of Rock with his knee and chops, Rock goes for a back suplex, Jericho counters for The Rock Bottom. Jericho nails The Lionsault, cover and it is two for Jericho. Jericho lands a modified bulldog and Jericho stands over Rock for a People’s Elbow. Rock dodges his own move, dragon screw by The Rock and Rock locks in the sharpshooter.

 Jericho makes it to the ropes, Rock eyes up the Spanish announce table and starts ripping up the table preparing for The Rock Bottom on Y2J. Rock drills Jericho through the announce table, Rock looks down on a broken Y2J. Rock measures and smacks Jericho in the face, Rock motions for The Rock Bottom. Jericho blocks The Rock Bottom but eats a spinebuster. You know what is next but Jericho grabs the leg of The Rock and locks in The Walls of Jericho. Jericho drags back The Rock to the middle of the ring when all of a sudden Stephanie is down by the ring.

 DDT by The Rock on Jericho, Stephanie is on the apron and The Rock grabs Stephanie and Rock Bottoms Stephanie. Jericho capitalizes with a Breakdown (Skull Crushing Finale) on the chair and Jericho pins The Rock. That was a good match, babyface vs babyface is difficult to pull off, you do not want to have one wrestler come off as too dominant because the crowd will boo that superstar. So both men had portions where one was in control, Jericho controlled the first part of the match, Rock controlled the second part of the match.

 Tremendous work from both men, the counter from The People’s Elbow into The Walls of Jericho was great, the crowd were into Jericho and wanted to see Y2J have his moment. It really is a nice moment to watch unfold and it is made better by the fact they had a great match. After the match, Rock hands Jericho the steel chair while giving Y2J the limelight.

Winner: Jericho over The Rock via Breakdown!

(WWF Championship Match) Rob Van Dam vs Kurt Angle vs Stone Cold Steve Austin ©

Austin is a paranoid son of a gun, Austin regained the WWF Championship from Kurt Angle thanks to William Regal and while Austin was not champion, RVD seemed like a second in command and the new commissioner Mick Foley added RVD to the WWF Championship match at No Mercy. RVD showed his loyalty to Austin by frog splashing Kurt Angle but Vince Mcmahon returned to the WWF and RVD might be in Vince’s pocket. Austin’s paranoia let to Austin attacking RVD which did not end well for the champion as RVD Frog Splashed Austin on Smackdown.

 It is certainly an interesting build up, much of what is said about Austin’s heel run is negative which I do agree with but the making of Kurt Angle as a top babyface and Austin’s paranoia are two highlights for me. Austin tries to talk strategy with RVD before the bell rings, Angle jumps Austin with a German suplex, German suplex on RVD. German on Austin and belly to belly on RVD. Austin & RVD team up to take down Angle, Austin wants a piece of RVD. Just before the two face off, Angle nails RVD with a side Russian legsweep. Austin runs over Angle and Van Dam, Austin stomps both men.

 Angle locks in The Ankle Lock on Austin after a misplaced boot but RVD makes the save with a dropkick. RVD floors Austin with a spinning heel kick and a thrust kick. Angle jumps RVD, RVD nails a thrust kick and a rolling thunder on Angle. Cover and Austin makes the save, Angle is down on the floor, RVD goes after Austin. Spinebuster by Austin on RVD, right hand to Angle. Austin goes after the leg of RVD, knees to the hamstring and thigh of Van Dam. Austin knocks down Angle once more while chop blocking RVD. Single leg Boston crab on RVD by Austin but it is Angle who breaks up the move. 

Angle is elevated to the floor by Austin who tries a STF on RVD. Angle saves Van Dam and battles Austin on the floor. Austin catapults Angle into the ringpost and smashes the leg of Van Dam into the ringpost. Angle will not die as he jumps Austin and hurls the champion into the crowd. RVD dives off the top rope onto Austin and Angle with a cannonball. Angle drops RVD in the ring and nails RVD with the moonsault, Austin tries to steal the pin but Angle breaks up the pin. Angle grabs a sleeper on Austin, Angle and Austin trade Stunner counters with RVD being on the top rope. Both men are in place for a Frog Splash, RVD dives for both men and misses both, Angle nails a German suplex on RVD, Austin breaks it up while Austin nails Angle with a Stunner.

 Save by Van Dam, split legged moonsault on Austin by RVD and Angle makes the save. Angle scores with an Angle Slam on RVD but Austin makes the save. Austin knocks Angle to the floor and chops The Olympic Hero, Angle fires back and Austin cuts off Angle with knees and chops. Austin tares apart the announce table looking for a piledriver, Angle blocks the piledriver and back drops Austin onto the table. RVD wipes out Angle with a suicide dive, all three men are down and now Vince Mcmahon schmoozes his way down to the ringside area.

 Angle tees off on RVD, RVD nails Angle with a spinning heel kick. RVD was looking for The Frog Splash but Angle came out of nowhere and leaped into the air for a belly to belly suplex from the top rope. Austin crawls into the ring, Stunner on Angle which sends Angle tumbling to the floor. Austin was measuring RVD for The Stunner but Vince just nailed Austin with a chair. RVD nails The Frog Splash on Austin, Vince cheers on Angle who makes the save. German suplex on RVD, make it four and an Angle Slam. Shane Mcmahon rushes to the ring to rough up Angle who surely had the match won.

 Angle is rammed into the ringpost and The Mcmahons spill over the announce table. Austin is a bloody mess but RVD is helpless and Stunner by Austin and Austin retains the championship by the skin of his teeth. That was very fast paced which helped the chaotic nature of the match, from Angle to being awesome with his suplex variations to Austin trying to beat down everything that moves to RVD nailing the flashy moves and dives, I liked this match. 

It has that over-booked novelty that plagued WWF events with Vince and Shane getting involved and everyone else looking secondary to The Mcmahons because they were always centre stage but the nearfalls and the drama were really exciting so I cannot be too harsh on this match. It was good and entertaining to watch!

Winner: Austin over Everyone Else via Stunner!

So what did I think of WWF’s No Mercy 2001? Well it was an interesting show to say the least, the highs outweighed the lows on this pay per view. You had a great finish to a ladder match between Edge & Christian which adds to the match, you had Jericho’s first world title win and you had an exciting main event with three very over superstars. The other matches were fine, the two tags were fun and did not overstay their welcome, the lingerie match was mindless T&A and the singles matches featuring Kane & Undertaker were fine albeit I may not have liked the way Booker was portrayed in his finish but then again if Triple H is willing to do the finish at Wrestlemania for Taker like that, I am sure I can accept Booker taking the exact finish. So yeah, it was fun and it is onwards and upwards from here so join me next time as I take a look at WWF’s Rebellion of 2001!

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