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WCW Bash at The Beach 1996 Review

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Hello once again to all you jobbers, curtain jerkers and vanilla midgets of the internet wrestling community to another hard-hitting edition of the only wrestling review series that is your mother’s favourite: Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews. Yes, I am back and I thought to myself as I going through my Journey through The Attitude Era series, I should do the same with WCW but I should begin with when WCW exploded into uncharted territory as The NWO rocketed WCW the top of the wrestling world. So, here’s how I am going to do this, I will begin at the night it all began Bash at The Beach 1996 and I will cover every WCW pay per view from this pay per view until the final pay per view titled Greed in 2001. I will try to answer the questions like was the NWO revolutionary? Did WCW’s pay per views consist of quality mid-card matches and terrible main events? Did Hogan and other wrestlers with creative control destroy WCW? Was Bret Hart misused? Was Russo the death nail in WCW’s coffin? Was WCW during 2000 really that bad? I am sure there are other questions that fans usually ask out but you get what I am trying to say, I am going to knuckle down and go through these pay per views for reflection, nostalgic purposes and to answer the questions that I have posed myself. This is WCW from NWO to the End, beginning with 1996’s Bash at The Beach.

Opening Promo

It is all about The Outsiders and their mystery partner, WCW’s best Savage, Sting and Luger stand to top these invading superstars. Eric Bischoff along with the likes of Kevin Sullivan crafted the New World Order angle after seeing a similar angle in NJPW. Bischoff struck gold with Nash and Hall portraying Outsiders and invaders bent on taking over from the WWF. This night would be the cherry on the cake though as we eagerly await who is the third man of this group.

Psychosis vs Rey Mysterio Jr.

Two men who were introduced to the American audience in a little promotion down in Philly in a bingo hall. Anyways, Psychosis slaps Mysterio to begin the match, Rey arm drags Psychosis to the outside. Rey grabs the leg and applies a half crab on Psychosis, Psychosis counters but Rey counters into a cross-armbreaker. Psychosis grabs the arm and snapmares Rey, armscissors by Psychosis. The Professor Mike Tenay is a breath of fresh air with all his knowledge of Lucha Libre and the various manoeuvres. Rey and Psychosis trade reversals before Psychosis nails a spinning heel kick and lands a tope suicida to the floor.

 Psychosis slaps on a sleeper in the middle of the ring, scoop slam by the larger of the two. Psychosis nails his signature leg drop for a two count, Psychosis drops the leg across Rey’s neck which is draped across the bottom rope. Huge chop by Psychosis, clothesline by Psychosis. Cover and a two count, triangle headscissors by Psychosis who is simply wearing down Mysterio. Hotshot by Psychosis, Rey and Psychosis battle onto the apron before Psychosis is hurled into the ringpost and Mysterio nails a diving hurricanrana onto Psychosis. 

Rey nails The West Coast Pop for a two count, dropkick to the knee by Rey, Rey sweeps the leg and Rey works the leg of Psychosis. Rey slaps Psychosis and dropkicks the tied up Psychosis, Psychosis survives Rey’s onslaught for a two count. Psychosis counters Rey with a drop toe hold and Psychosis reapplies the triangle headscissors, Psychosis elevates Rey onto the top rope and drops Rey with a reverse DDT. Rey rolls to the floor but Psychosis follows Rey and drops Rey onto the guard rail, Psychosis jumps from the top rope to the floor with a senton and crushes Mysterio. 

Inside the ring, Psychosis clamps on the camel clutch while Rey hangs on by a thread. Kicks to the ribs by Psychosis, Rey counters a hammerlock with a snapmare like manoeuvre, cartwheel into a hurricanrana by Mysterio. Psychosis bails but eats a springboard dropkick from Mysterio. Mysterio dives from the top rope and nails Psychosis with a hurricanrana to the floor. 

Springboard moonsault by Rey for a two count, Psychosis attempts an Irish whip but Mysterio nails a standing dropkick and a springboard dropkick which sends Psychosis to the floor. Springboard asai moonsault from Mysterio, Psychosis rolls into the ring while Mysterio calls for his finish. Rey dives into the ring but Psychosis lands a powerbomb. Close two count, Psychosis picks up Mysterio in a dominator hold and rams Mysterio into the turnbuckle. Psychosis props Rey on the turnbuckle and looks for a sitout powerbomb from the top rope, Rey counters The Niagra Driver into a hurricanrana for the win. 

Great opening match to fire up the fans, the cruiserweights of WCW were really the perfect choice for every pay per view opening bout, the action is fast, smooth and crisp. Rey Mysterio after all the leg injuries was still pretty great so to see Rey years before his knees were worn out is a treat. Psychosis and Rey tore it up in Mexico and ECW before meeting in WCW so the chemistry was there, no botches everything was fluid and chaotic in a good way.

 Psychosis as the imposing bully was good, the senton to the floor was insane but Rey and his use of hurricanranas combined with the asai moonsault was ridiculous, I cannot heap enough praise on this match, it is almost unfair to continue through the other matches because this blew me away. Great stuff with a great finish.

Winner: Rey Mysterio over Psychosis via Hurricanrana!

Konnan Promo

Mean Gene Okerlund asks Konnan to describe the last match we just sawy which Konnan describes as blandly as possible. Okerlund tells Konnan that Ric Flair wants back his United States Championship while Konnan says Flair might want the title but what he wants and what he gets will be two different things as Konnan promises a victory!

Big Bubba W/ Jimmy Hart vs John Tenta (Sack of Dollars on a Pole Match)

We have John Tenta (Formerly Earthquake and Shark) vs Bubba Rogers (Formerly Big Bossman) in an item on the pole match. Tenta looks rough, Tenta goes after Bubba, choking Bubba and clotheslining the man. Bubba sticks a thumb in Tenta’s eye but Tenta cuts off Bubba with a well-placed fist to the face. Bubba and Tenta take turns climbing the pole with neither man claiming the sock full of dollars.

 Tenta yanks off Bubba and steps on Bubba, Tenta begins climbing and Bubba grabs the leg and nails a huge back suplex. Bubba is climbing and takes time to taunt, Tenta crotches Bubba and Tenta atomic drops Bubba onto the top turnbuckle which leaves Bubba in a precarious position as Tenta begins to charge in for the kill. Tenta tosses Bubba to the floor while Jimmy Hart tries to cheer on his client.

 Tenta decides it is time to climb the pole, Tenta stops climbing and decides to untie the pole, Bubba runs in and knees Tenta in his giant behind and begins choking Tenta with his leather belt. Bubba continues to choke Tenta and smacks Tenta with a vile right hand. Tenta slumps to the canvas, Bubba takes one look at Tenta and pulls out some tape. Bubba wraps up Tenta in the ropes with deadly athletic tape, Bubba wraps his fist with the belt, massive shots to the face of Tenta. Tenta tells Bubba to bring it  and Bubba happily obliges, choking and whipping Tenta like there is no tomorrow.

 Bubba is handed a pair of scissors from Jimmy Hart and Tenta releases the pressure by low blowing Bubba, stealing the scissors to cut himself free and begin cutting the pole. Bubba comes back to annoy Tenta and drills Tenta with a massive spinebuster. Bubba allows Jimmy Hart to climb to the tope, Hart scoots up the pole while Tenta drills Bubba with a giant powerslam. Hart has the sock but Hart does not see Tenta, Tenta steals the sock full of dollars and smacks Bubba in the face for the win.

 Well that was surprisingly entertaining from these two behemoths, it was slow and hard to watch in the early going but that ending with Tenta gaining a measure of revenge against Bubba had the crowd going wild. So yeah, the action may not have been spectacular but they told a good story with a good ending.

Winner: John Tenta over Bubba Rogers via sock full of cash to the face!

Sting/Savage/Luger Promo

Mean Gene asks Savage who is the third man and Savage says he does not care, the top WCW stars will take down Kevin Nash and Scott Hall and whoever there third partner is so dig it oh yeah! Luger cuts a promo and Sting cuts a promo too while Savage makes noises throughout their promo time, Savage is nuts and that’s all you need to know.

(Taped Fist Match) DDP vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Out comes Diamond Dallas Page in baby blue trunks and cigar looking like he thinks is the best thing since sliced bread while Duggan comes to ringside as it dawns on me just how many former WWF guys WCW has under employment. USA chants all over the arena, lock up and side headlock by DDP, Duggan pushes off DDP. Shoulder block by DDP ends badly as Duggan knocks back DDP. DDP spits on Duggan, DDP rakes the eyes and smashes Duggan into the top ring rope. DDP pulls down Duggan and DDP ties Duggan’s legs together against the ring ropes.

 DDP pummels Duggan while the referee unties Duggan for his predicament. Duggan fights back with huge rights, DDP is all tied up in the ropes as Duggan knocks DDP to the ground. DDP tries leaving the arena but Duggan prevents DDP’s escape and rams DDP into the guard rail. Duggan suplexes DDP into the ring from the apron, DDP holds onto the ropes to dodge another suplex and nails a Diamond Cutter to little fanfare. Page stomps Duggan’s ribs and chokes Duggan using the ropes. Duggan eats an elbow from Page, Duggan manages to crotch Page and slam Page into the ring mat.

 DDP is rammed repeatedly into the turnbuckles, Duggan clotheslines DDP to the floor. Duggan tries to re-enter the ring but DDP smacks the rope into Duggan’s face and DDP delivers The Diamond Cutter for the win. DDP wins the match but eats a taped fist shot from Duggan after the match. Decent match from these two, DDP can be a great worker with the right opponent and while I don’t believe that opponent to be Duggan, this match was not bad, the fans were into Duggan and DDP continues climbing the ranks of WCW.

Winner: DDP over Duggan via Diamond Cutter!

Kevin Sullivan/The Giant Promo

Sullivan and the WCW Champion The Giant will be battling The Four Horseman tonight and as I watch this, Show tries his best for a good promo which he nails. Remember when The Giant was billed as Andre’s son? Yeah weird times…

(Tag Team Dog Collar Match) The Public Enemy vs The Nasty Boys

Speaking of former WWF stars, we have Sags and Knobbs taking on former ECW top tag team The Public Enemy. The perks of being Hogan’s friend ladies and gentlemen all we need now is Zodiac coming out for a match. Two separate collars are used, Grunge is tied to Knobbs and Rocco Rock is tied to Sags. Tense stand-off with nobody making a move, Knobbs and Grunge pummel one another to the floor while Sags and Rock follow suite.

 Public Enemy begin whipping and beating The Nasty Boys before Knobbs lays out Grunge with a trash can. More weapon shots and punches from these brawling maniacs. Knobbs and Grunge battle up the stage, Knobbs beats up Grunge with an inflatable shark, I am not kidding. Sags tosses Rock into some surfboards and lawn chairs, Knobbs smacks Grunge with a chair. Grunge delivers a bulldog through a chair onto Knobbs, Rock climbs a lifeguard tower and sentons onto Sags.

 Sags tips Rock over the lifeguard stand falls onto Rock. Knobbs hurls Grunge into the fans while Sags grabs a table. Sags drills Rock with a piledriver on the floor, Grunge saves his partner from a certain pin. Grunge and Knobbs continue brawling by a table, Rock slams Sags though the table before splashing Sags through the table via a splash from the guard rail. Sags and Rock work their way to the ring as do Grunge and Knobbs, Sags places a table in the ring. Grunge sends Knobbs into the back of the table. Rock places Sags on the table, Grunge has Knobbs in the corner. 

Sags recovers to yank Rock onto the table but the table does not break. Knobbs whips Grunge with the chain while Sags places Rock on the table, Sags is preparing for an elbow through a table. Sags delivers the elbow drop but the table does not break, Knobbs is choking the life out of Grunge and Sags Irish whips Rocco Rock into the chain throat first and The Nasty Boys pick up the win, Rock and Grunge attack Knobbs and Sags after the match. Sags is put through the table courtesy of an elbow drop from Rock and The Public Enemy leave after getting their heat back. Not really a match, more of a brawl which was ok for the time given but I feel it was just there to fill time.

Winners: The Nasty Boys over Public Enemy via Chain Clothesline!

(WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match) Dean Malenko © vs Disco Inferno

The Iceman Dean Malenko will be taking on none other than Disco Inferno, everyone’s favourite dancing fool. Malenko slaps Inferno and throws the challenger to the floor. Malenko kicks the crap out of Inferno in the opening seconds, Inferno shoves off Malenko but Malenko comes back with a corner clothesline and a calf kick for a two count. 

Inferno is reeling badly, Inferno goes low but Malenko maintains control. Brainbuster by Malenko for a two count, Malenko slaps on a sleeper. Malenko transitions into a headscissors and Inferno writhes around in pain for reaching the ropes. Malenko stomps away on Inferno, back suplex plants Inferno. Single leg grapevine by Malenko, Malenko softens up the leg by dropping all his weight onto Inferno’s leg. Snapmare and dropkick to the bag of the head by Malenko for a two count, single leg crab into an STF. Inferno is slowly finding out that he is way out of his depth as he battles the ch

ampion Malenko. Malenko rams Inferno into the turnbuckle, cover by Malenko for a two count. Malenko drops an elbow on Inferno, forearms to the face by Malenko. Inferno begins firing back on Malenko, the crowd are stunned as Inferno drops Malenko with a right hand and a stungun.

 Falling forward Russian legsweep for a two count, Inferno pounds on Malenko in the corner before Malenko cuts off Inferno with a knee to the ribs and a hurling to the floor. Inferno’s head smacks off the guard rail, knee to the face by Malenko in the ring. Armscissors by Malenko, Inferno wills his way back into the match by placing his feet on the ropes. Malenko snapmares and drops a leg drop on Inferno for a two count, Inferno battles back to his feet.

 Repeated elbows to the head by Inferno, Inferno blocks a double axe handle from Malenko and nails a neckbreaker for a two count. Big back body drop for a two count, swining neckbreaker for a two count. Malenko drills Inferno with a springboard dropkick, Inferno counters The Texas Cloverleaf into an inside cradle, two count for Inferno. Malenko wipes out Inferno with a clothesline, Inferno blocks a dropkick, both men look for a backslide, Malenko drills Inferno with a tiger bomb into The Texas Cloverleaf.

 Good wrestling match from these two, the story told here is that Inferno is an incredible talent and if Inferno can focus, he could be a real threat to Malenko. Malenko’s overconfidence led to Inferno almost upsetting the champion and there is always something so believable about the underdog trying to upset the cocky favourite. Good match but I would have preferred a little more heart shown from Disco.

Winner: Malenko over Disco Inferno via Texas Cloverleaf!

Steve Mongo McMichael vs Joe Gomez

Mongo goes after Joe with huge chops, three-point stance clothesline and slaps by Mongo. Joe fires up on Mongo, big shoulder block does not knock down Mongo. Crossbody by Gomez for a two count, we restart with a lock up, Mongo overpowers Gomez and chops his opponent. Mongo rakes the eyes of Joe, Mongo low blows Gomez with the referee missing the illegal manoeuvre.

 Backbreaker by Mongo, Gomez is taking a pounding at the hands of Mango. Gomez tries roughing up Mongo but Mongo has the sleeper, Gomez counters with a jawbreaker. Gomez lowers the head off an Irish whip and Mongo scores with a neckbreaker. Mongo scoop slams Gomez but missing an elbow, Mongo looks for a piledriver but Gomez counters with a big back body drop, Gomez fires up with leaping chops to the shoulder blades, dropkicks from Gomez.

 Mongo Irish whips Gomez and this leads to the worst sunset flip I have ever seen, Gomez goes back into the ropes and Mongo drills Gomez with The Tombstone for the win. Mongo is not a very good wrestler and that’s me being generous, the match was slow and the sunset flip botch was hilarious and his selling was non-existent.

Winner: Mongo over Gomez via Tombstone!

Ric Flair Promo

Flair dances and screams maniacally while holding Woman and Miss Elizabeth in his hands, Flair manages to sell his match with Konnan in between his rambling, Woman is all over Okerlund trying to seduce poor Mean Gene while Flair smiles which is surprisingly super creepy.

(WCW United States Championship Match) Konnan © vs Ric Flair W/ Woman/Miss Elizabeth

Elizabeth by Flair’s side looks so unnatural but here she is in Flair’s corner. Flair extends his hand to Konnan before the match begins, Flair struts and Woos before anything even happens and the fans are loving the match. Lock up and a clean break from Flair, side headlock by Konnan. Flair pushes Konnan into the ropes and chops the champion.

 Konnan fires back to dropkick the challenger and slaps Flair right in the face. Flair looks on at Konnan with a look as if to say this bitch, time to die! Flair and Konnan trade holds with Flair pushing Konnan down with a top wristlock, Konnan wriggles free and locks in a side headlock. Flair kicks Konnan in the ribs, chops and cheap shots begin, Konnan reverses an Irish whip and plants Flair with a big back body drop. 

Inverted surfboard by Konnan on Flair, hammerlock by Konnan into a military press slam. Flair begs for mercy, Konnan chops Flair but Flair chops back, Konnan continues to take down Flair, another military press slam and two clotheslines send Flair to the floor. Woman is screaming frantically, Konnan dives from the apron with a clothesline onto Flair. Konnan planned to dive onto Flair but Woman shook the ropes and crotched  the champion. Knee drop by Flair, two count for the challenger. Slugfest before Flair rakes the eyes, referee is with Flair as Woman enters the ring and kicks Konnan in the crotch.

 Elizabeth distracts the referee while Woman bites Konnan. Flair suplexes Konnan from the apron into the ring, cover and it is a two for Flair. Reverse chinlock by Flair, Konnan and Flair trade holds in the corner, ten punches in the corner by Konnan. Flair begs for mercy but Konnan tosses Flair into the turnbuckle, Flair flip and Konnan scores with a triangle dropkick knocking Flair to the floor. Konnan smacks around Flair with right hands, Konnan went for a sunset flip but Flair counters with a right hand. Figure Four attempt goes wrong as Konnan applies an inside cradle for a two count. Konnan drops Flair and locks in The Figure Four on Flair! Flair reaches the ropes, Konnan scores with a suplex from the apron into the ring for a two count. 

Flair counters Konnan with an elbow out of the corner, Flair goes to the top rope and Konnan slams Flair to the floor. Modified bulldog for a two count, rolling clothesline by Konnan for a two count. Konnan slaps on an abdominal stretch, Woman has her shoe ready to nail Konnan, Flair drops Konnan with a backbreaker and Woman drills Konnan with her high heel.

 Flair makes the cover using the ropes and we have a new champion. Good match from Flair and Konnan, Flair did all his signature offence while bumping all around for Konnan. Woman seemed like such a great heel from her days in ECW to her days in WCW, she was entertaining and stood out from some of the other female valets of the time.

Winner: Flair over Konnan via Shenanigans!

The Four Horsemen (Chris Benoit & Arn Anderson) vs The Dungeon of Doom (The Giant & Kevin Sullivan)

Stipulation of this match is that if Anderson or Benoit can get a win over either Sullivan or Giant, they will receive a title shot. Anderson & Benoit double team Sullivan, Sullivan knocks down Anderson but Benoit goes right after Sullivan. The two heated rivals tie one another up before Benoit pushes Sullivan to his corner, Anderson is legal. 

Anderson hurls Sullivan to the floor and Benoit tries to work on Sullivan on the floor, Sullivan’s head meets the guard rail. Sullivan pulls out Anderson but in the ring, Anderson grabs a hold allowing Benoit to take the tag and slam Sullivan to the mat. Hard chops from Benoit in the corner, Anderson is legal. Sullivan fights off both Horsemen, Sullivan looks for the tag but Benoit is all over Sullivan. Hard Irish whip by Anderson, rake to the eyes by Anderson. The Giant clotheslines Anderson who wandered a little too close to the ropes, Sullivan dives on top of Anderson for the pin but Benoit breaks up the pin attempt.

 Anderson grabs the arm of Sullivan and makes the tag to Benoit, corner clothesline by Benoit. Benoit preps Sullivan for a top rope superplex, Giant saves Sullivan temporarily but Anderson regains control on Sullivan. Abdominal stretch by Anderson, Sullivan uses the ropes to shake off Anderson. Benoit takes the tag and mounts Sullivan, ripping and beating on Sullivan. Benoit drags Sullivan to the corner and Anderson mops up Sullivan, working the legs. Sullivan drops Anderson with a knee. Benoit receives the tag and chops Sullivan.

 Quick tag to Anderson, Anderson motions for a spike piledriver but Sullivan catapults Anderson into Benoit. The Giant receives the hot tag from Sullivan, Anderson is palmed by The Giant. Benoit drags Sullivan to the stage area as The Giant decimates Anderson. Chokeslam by The Giant on Anderson and it is all over. Dominating victory for Giant, this match was alright. 

Sullivan does not come off like a babyface at all which hurts the match because it feels like a heel vs heel match straight from the mind of Mr. Russo which is never a good thing. Anderson’s work was impressive as always, the way he would drag Sullivan by his arm or leg to the corner to allow Benoit to get the tag was great. Post-match Benoit destroys Sullivan which prompts Woman to beg Benoit to stop beating on Sullivan. Giant makes the save and carries Sullivan to the back.

Winners: Dungeon of Doom over Four Horsemen via Chokeslam!

The Outsiders/Third Man vs Sting/Luger/Randy Savage

The match billed as The Hostile Takeover. So, let’s recap shall we? Ok, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash formerly known as Razor Ramon and Diesel respectively left the WWF to join WCW. The angle played out in a way that portrayed both men as invaders from the WWF as they had no music and their names were not mentioned. They had terrorized WCW stars and had become quite the nuisance and it built to this match where The Outsiders would battle the best of WCW with their mystery partner.

 Oh, if they only knew what kind of history they were about to make. We have Michael Buffer doing his introductions in the way that he only can do, Buffer could make a recipe sound dramatic. Here come The Outsiders but there is only two men, where is third man? Mean Gene decides he wants to know who is the third man so Gene is asking the two Outsiders who is the third man. Scott Hall tells Gene that the third man is here and he is ready. Lex Luger, Sting and Randy Savage have their faces painted in a sign of solidarity.

 Hall shoves Luger and it looks like Luger is going to take on Scott Hall. Luger slaps Hall but Hall goes to work on Luger, Luger nails a forearm on Hall and cheap shots Nash. Savage jumps Hall and Sting splashes Nash but in the process, knocks Luger head first into the turnbuckle and it looks as if Luger is out of the match. Savage jumps Hall while Sting tends to Luger who is out cold, the match is down to 2 on 2 as Luger can no longer continue.

 Sting looks concerned for his friend as it is Sting’s fault that Luger was crushed. EMTS wheel out Luger on the stretcher, Hall gets some cheap shots in before Luger is out of the arena. Sting and Hall tie up before Hall smacks Sting. Takedown by Sting who stomps the life out of Hall, inverted atomic drop and a facebuster. Tag to Savage, Savage misses a double axe handle, Nash drop Savage with snake eyes, Savage clotheslines Hall. Tag to Nash and Savage stands his ground, Nash shoves away Savage, Savage tries punching up Nash but Nash drills Savage with huge blows.

 Nash drops Savage with an elbow, Savage makes it to Sting. Nash bullies Sting with big elbows in the corner, Nash chokes Sting with his massive boot across the throat. Sting tries a sunset flip on Nash but Nash picks up Sting and throws Sting to the mat, Hall stamps all over Sting. Hall and Nash put the boots to Sting, fallaway slam by Hall on Sting. Big boot by Nash on Sting, Savage is fit to explode but Nash continues to wind up Savage.

 Nash pokes Sting with his boot, right hands by Nash floor Sting. Sting dropkicks the knee of Nash, Hall gets the tag and cheap shots Savage. Sting applies an inside cradle but Hall kicks out at two, Hall slaps Sting. Abdominal stretch by Hall with an assist from Nash, Nash clubs Sting in the middle of the ring.

 Savage is trying so hard to rally the crowd, Sting rakes the eyes of Nash but Hall is there to cut off Sting. Clothesline by Hall for a two count, Hall applies a sleeper. Savage helps Sting but Hall and Nash have cut the ring in half, Sting is isolated. Nash is legal and drops Sting with a sidewalk slam. Two count for Nash, Nash rams Sting into the turnbuckles. Sting catches Nash with a right, rights and lefts by Sting, Sting tags Savage. Double noggin knocker by Savage, Savage pounds head of Nash before dropping an axe handle on Hall.

 Nash low blows Savage with the referee’s back turned. Hulk Hogan appears and in a moment that shook the wrestling world, Hulk Hogan leg drops Savage and we have your third man. Hogan lays out Savage with another leg drop, Hogan drops the referee and the match is a no-contest. The fans begin showering the ring with trash as Sting drags Savage out of the ring, the crowd is almost hushed in silence, shocked by what has taken place in the ring.

 Mean Gene comes down to the ring and Hogan delivers a great promo about how he feels about the fans and how this is the future of professional wrestling, this is The New World Order. Tremendous angle, the match itself was also a really good tag team match. Hall and Nash used so many heel tactics and Sting sold his ass off for the two new stars, Nash and Hall came across as absolute monsters in this match, Sting was so sympathetic as the face in peril and Savage as the wild man was great too.

 The ending angle was massive, you really have to take a step back and really think about it what this meant for the company.  Hulk Hogan was wrestling and wrestling would not be where it is today without Hogan so for Hogan, the ultimate babyface turns his back on The Hulkamaniacs, all the people who ever cheered for the man, said their prayers and took their vitamins. It was monumental and it turned into big business for WCW. The NWO was born and while it had positives and negatives for WCW, you cannot deny its importance in the company’s history.

No Contest!

So how did I feel about WCW’s Bash at The Beach 1996? Well I thought with the ending alone, it would be a positive pay per view but throughout the night, there were matches that were good. The two cruiserweight matches were great for their intensity and action, Flair delivered as he always does. The lower-card matches were fine too, not too long and did not overstay their welcomes. In conclusion, Bash at The Beach was a good show with an amazing ending that would lead WCW to unprecedented heights!

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