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WWF Unforgiven 2001 Review

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Welcome wrestling fans of the internet to another hard-hitting edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews where there are plenty of terrible puns and references to tv shows you have never watched. Where were we? Ah yes we were in the midst of The Invasion angle where ECW & WCW joined forces together to destroy the WWF. Stephanie and Shane Mcmahon were at the helm of The Alliance battling their father Vince. Each side had tasted victory and defeat but the war was far from over. The Alliance had struck the first blow by winning the inaugural brawl and stealing Stone Cold Steve Austin but the WWF had fired back with The Rock returning and winning the WCW Championship. This was the third pay per view where both companies would go ahead and the question I pose to you and hope to answer is: Was Unforgiven 2001 a memorable pay per view? The main matches on Unforgiven’s card were Stone Cold Steve Austin defending his WWF Championship against Kurt Angle, The Rock defending his WCW Championship against Booker T & Shane Mcmahon in a handicap match and RVD battling Chris Jericho. I won’t waste anymore of your time so let’s rock!

Opening Promo

The pay per view opens with Jennifer Holiday singing America The Beautiful, the reason for this was that tragedy had struck the country roughly two weeks before the pay per view as The September 11th attacks took place which kill almost 3000 people and injured 6000. May they all rest in peace and the event serve as a reminder of the terrors of war. As far as covers go, this was pretty powerful and what a way to lift the spirits of those in the arena. The promo package focuses on the two championship matches in a fairly average package which is mostly still images. Disappointing from the usually spot-on WWF. However, it informs me of the big matches on this night so it has that over Summerslam. The stage design is this creepy three faces of Austin thing that to its credit, immediately grabs your attention. JR and Paul Heyman welcome us to the action that is live from Pittsburgh aka Kurt Angleville.

(WWF Tag Team Championship  Elimination Match) The Hardy Boyz vs The Hurricane & Lance Storm vs Big Show & Spike Dudley vs The Dudley Boyz ©

Show jumps both Dudleys while Matt Hardy goes to work on D-Von in the ring, D-Von tags in The Hurricane who is the reigning European Champion. Hurricane continues to outsmart Matt who pokes fun at Hurricane by mocking the superposes of Helms. Tag to Jeff who nails a combination splash with his brother Matt. Bubba pulls down Jeff which allows Hurricane to recover. Jeff rolls-up Hurricane for a two, Spike tags into the match. Storm goes after Spike, scoop slam on Spike. Hurricane misses an elbow, Spike nails an inverted atomic drop and a clothesline. Spike unloads on Hurricane before Storm blind tags in and drops Spike with a samoan drop.

 Storm gets in Show’s face which allows Spike to try a roll-up. Two count for Spike, dropkick by Storm. Bubba and D-Von makes quick tags to flapjack Spike into oblivion. Hurricane is legal and Helms applies his cape to fly. Helms scores and celebrates instead of going for the pin, gutbuster for two. Storm kicks Spike like a dog, Spike fires up only to eat a jawbreaker, Dudley Dog out of nowhere on Storm. Show wants the tag, Show clotheslines Storm and Hurricane and The Dudleys. The match breaks down as The Hardys dive onto The Alliance teams, Show lifts Spike onto his shoulders and Spike dives onto everyone. Show points to the corner and the crowd is going nuts for Big Show?

 I am at a loss for words, Show ruins Show’s big dive, double clothesline on The Alliance Team. Hurricane tries to clothesline Show, bad idea and Show shrugs Hurricane off. Show catches Storm for a Chokeslam and Hurricane and Storm are eliminated.

Matt and Spike are the legal men, victory roll by Spike for two. Spike counters the Twist of Fate for a neckbreaker. Spike tries The Dudley Dog but Matt counters for a Twist of Fate and we are down to two as Spike & Show are eliminated. The Dudleys gain control of Jeff by pulling on the rainbow haired warrior luscious locks. The beat down of Jeff begins with a big back body drop while Matt eats a cheap shot. Matt has the referee while D-Von nails his diving headbutt to Jeff’s nether regions.

 Sleeper by D-Von, Jeff battles bravely but takes a powerslam from D-Von. Matt tastes another cheap shot while Jeff is rammed into the steel steps. Bubba drills Jeff with right hands and chops, Jeff cuts off Bubba with a Whisper in the Wind. Matt gets the tag, neckbreaker to D-Von, DDT to D-Von. Bubba is thrown to the floor, back body drop to D-Von. Moonsault by Matt onto The Dudley Boyz, D-Von is tossed into the ring. Matt nails his leg drop, Bubba drags out Matt to save the titles. Matt does not nail The Twist of Fate as D-Von shoves Matt off for The 3D.

 Dudleys appear to have the match won but Jeff squashes D-Von with a Swanton. Matt drapes the arm over D-Von, referee has his back turned. Bubba drops Matt with The Bubba Bomb, D-Von covers Matt and The Dudleys retain their titles. A crowd can make an average match seem great and that’s exactly what happened in this match. The crowd ate up all the big dives, they loved The WWF guys and hated The Alliance members. Bubba and D-Von were great bullies in this match, they seem such natural fits for heels and their best work is done as big, brutish heels. Ending was a bit strange with Jeff nailing The Swanton only for Bubba to come in and drill Matt with a Bubba Bomb.

 If the plane was for The Dudleys to always go over, why not have The 3D be the finish which happened moments beforehand? The finish does not really hurt the match but just seemed strange and unnecessary.

Winners: The Dudleys over Everyone Else via Bubba Bomb!

RVD Promo/Michael Cole interviews Kurt Angel’s Family

Stephanie’s sexual conquests continues as she wants to be RVD’s manager so that she can live out her fetish of Chris Jericho being destroyed. RVD declines Stephanie’s offer because RVD is the man and RVD shall put away Chris Jericho. Michael Cole interviews Angle’s family and they believe Angle will wipe the floor with Austin.

Perry Saturn vs Raven W/ Terri

Perry Saturn was looking for Moppy when Terri showed up on the titantron with Moppy between her legs (Relax you perverted losers!). Raven fed Moppy to a wood chipper and now Saturn wants to kill Raven. The match starts with Saturn beating up Raven with right hands and a springboard dropkick. Raven bails but Saturn is not in a forgiving mood, Terri grabs Saturn’s foot to allow Raven to take control with a Russian legsweep into the barricade. Raven hammers Saturn with rights and lefts before nailing a clothesline and bulldog combination. Saturn kicks out at two, cobra clutch by Raven.

 Saturn shakes off Raven but Raven scores with a knee lift knocking Saturn to the floor. Saturn goes for a sunset flip, Raven uses the rope for leverage. Two count for Raven, Saturn nails a superkick and an exploder suplex. Belly to belly suplex, springboard elbow for a two count. Saturn school boys Raven for a two count, Saturn spears Raven into the corner. Raven drops Saturn with a clothesline, sunset flip by Raven for  a two count. Saturn has Raven down, catapult into the turnbuckle and Saturn nails The Moss Covered Three Handled Family Credenza (And yes I do love typing the name of that move).

 For a match that meant nothing to the fans, I enjoyed it. I am a fan of both men’s work, this has nothing on their matches in WCW but Saturn can be entertaining when given the time and Raven is no slouch either in the ring. So yeah it was a lower-card match but I liked it. Camera immediately cuts to the back so we don’t get to celebrate with Saturn as he has gotten his revenge.

Winner: Saturn over Raven via Moss Covered Three Handled Family Credenza!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Edge © vs Christian

This match has perked my interest as this feud had been simmering for several months. Christian has seemed secondary to Edge who had won the Intercontinental Championship while his stock continued to rise. There were hinting at dissension but we thought it would not happen until Christian snapped on Raw and laid out his brother with a conchairto. Christian has his awesome opera sounding intro theme and Christian enters the ring looking like the biggest asshole in the history of the world.

 Edge enters to his Rob Zombie theme and well, these two seem to always have awesome themes. Nice start to the match with Edge staring a whole through Christian before confronting his brother, Edge is hammering Christian with flapjacks and punches. Edge looks to drill Christian with The Edgecution, Christian slides out and powders. Edge pummels Christian on the stage, catapult into the stage by Edge. Edge drags Christian by the hair into the ring, Christian is introduced to the turnbuckle by Edge multiple times. Christian begs for mercy, Edge takes the bait and Edge is introduced to the ringpost. Christian sends Edge flying into the barricade and the steel steps.

 Christian stomps on Edge’s face while Christian screams in Edge’s face. Christian plants Edge with a backbreaker, stiff kick to the spine. Powerslam by Christian for a two count, Christian unloads with closed fists and a blatant choke. Christian pie faces Edge and chops the champion. Edge fires back with chops, side Russian legsweep by the champion. Christian crotches Edge on the top rope looking for a suplex, Edge shoves off Christian and nails a German Suplex for a two count. Edge misses a Spear and Christian scores with a dropkick. More closed fists by Christian who continues talking trash. 

Edge uses his leg to knock back Christian, both men collide with a crossbody in the middle of the ring. Edge’s eye is almost shut as blood is squirting out of a cut just below the eye. Edge clotheslines Christian, building momentum with a back body drop. Edge pulls Christian hair like Christian had done to Edge, Christian looks for the reverse DDT, Edge counters into an Edge O Matic.

 Two count for Edge, Christian side steps and hurls Edge to the floor, Edge crawls under the ring fooling Christian. Edge climbs to the top rope and crossbodies Christian. Two count for Edge, Christian nails Egde with a Spear for two. Christian pounds the match in frustration, Christian rolls to the floor grabbing two chairs for the conchairto.

 Christian looks for the conchairto but Edge sweeps Christian’s leg. Edge motions for the conchairto, the referee grabs the chair from Edge which allows Christian to low blow Edge with the chair and steal the championship. Both men worked hard in this match, Christian’s trash talk and frustration was great.

 You could feel the jealousy and the story was easy to follow which helped me get sucked into the story. Christian steals the title which is a good finish to continue the feud and also help sell the narrative that Edge is the superior brother to Christian because Christian could not beat Edge in a fair fight.

Winner: Christian over Edge via low blow!

(WCW Tag Team Championship Match) Kronik W/ Steven Richards vs The Brothers of Destruction ©

Steven Richards was mad at Undertaker for disbanding RTC, Richards called out Undertaker and introduced his new tag team the former WCW tag team champions Kronik who promptly destroyed The American Badass. Kronik cost Kane & Taker the WWF tag team titles on Raw so it is ass kicking time. Kronik rush to fight Kane & Taker and it does not go to plan as Taker boots Adams in the ring. Leg drop by Big Evil on Adams, right hands by Taker.

 Taker tags Kane who kicks the ribs of Adams, JR notes Kane’s arm is not at 100%. Kane drills Adams with a corner clothesline, elbow drop by Kane for a two count. Adams drops Kane with a back breaker, right hand by Adams who tags in Clark. Tonnes of kicks by Brian Clark who drops Kane. Kane nails a neckbreaker to cut off Clark, Clark eats a shoulderbreaker from Undertaker. 

Tag to Undertaker, Old School by The Deadman before applying a cross armbreaker. Adams stomps on Taker which allows Clark to stomp away at The Undertaker. Adams and Clark double team Undertaker before Adams pummels Undertaker in the corner. Dropkick by Adams, Taker and Adams have a spot that goes wrong with both men looking at one another awkwardly. Adams clotheslines Undertaker to the floor, Taker lands on his feet. Clark dives onto Undertaker and Kronik send Kane into the ring apron back first. 

Clark and Adams double team Undertaker, shoulder block for a two count. Adams applies the sleeper in the middle of the ring, Taker battles out before taking a scoop slam from Adams. Clark Irish Whips Undertaker but lowers his head which results in a DDT. Kane receives the hot tag, clotheslines to Kronik, big boot to Kronik. Sidewalk slam to Clark, Adams and Clark are caught by the throat, Kronik survive The Chokeslam attempt but Kane knocks them both down with a clothesline. Undertaker and Kane are double teaming Kronik with corner clotheslines, big boot to Clark. Adams is dropped to the floor, Richards saves Clark from a Chokeslam. Adams nails a jawbreaker on Undertaker, Kane drills Adam with a clothesline from the top rope.

 Undertaker pins Clark with a Chokeslam. Richards has a chair for Undertaker, Kane catches Richard and Chokeslam for Richards. That match might be the weakest of the night, four big men beating one another is always a tough sell especially when one member of a team has to look like they are in danger. This match did not have that sense of danger and excitement and I am guessing the WWF felt the same way as Clark and Adams would not make any other pay per view appearances.

Winners: Brothers of Destruction over Kronik via Chokeslam!

(WWF Hardcore Championship Match) RVD © vs Chris Jericho

Stephanie is backstage looking for RVD, Coach tells Stephanie that he is in locker room number five. Stephanie asks RVD to humiliate Jericho and Stephanie talks up RVD while making it sound super sexual at the same time. Jericho is standing behind Stephanie and makes fun of Stephanie for being a whore and having big boobs. Stephanie looks at Jericho with such disgust but also a hint of “I would love to be fucked by this man”.

 What? Go back and watch it, it looks like she is turned on by Jericho’s insults. Jericho is a former Hardcore champion, an accomplishment that Jericho is surely proud of to this day. They lock up with Jericho taking RVD’s arm. Van Dam rolls through and takes down the challenger. These two kick us off with some nice wrestling like the match between RVD and Jeff Hardy. Jericho grabs a side headlock, RVD bridges up for a backslide. 

Two count for the champion, huge chops by Jericho. Jericho trips RVD and we have another series of pins. Fans are chanting for RVD which RVD tells Jericho to his face. Jericho slaps Van Dam and the two men start brawling in the ring. Flying forearm by Y2J, enzuigiri by Y2J that takes down the champion. RVD catches Jericho with a boot and a thrust kick. Leg scissors take down by RVD for a two count, Jericho plants RVD with a flapjack.

 Jericho was looking for a springboard plancha but Van Dam saw it coming. Van Dam nails his plancha for a two count on the floor, Jericho is sent crashing into the ringpost before being laid on the barricade. Van Dam was looking for his signature leg drop but Jericho had it well scouted, Jericho grabs a ladder and smacks Van Dam right into the face. Van Dam nails Jericho with two shoulder thrusts but Jericho dodges the third. RVD is holding his left arm as Jericho places the ladder in the ring. Jericho suplexes RVD on the ladder, RVD blocks the second suplex and drops Jericho onto the ladder.

 Fist fight with Jericho catching RVD’s feet for The Walls of Jericho, RVD shakes off Jericho. Kick to the face and a variation of The Rolling Thunder for two. Split-legged moonsault is countered by Y2J with his knees, modified bulldog by Jericho. Van Dam dodges The Lionsault and scores with a spinning heel kick. Van Dam goes for The Five Star Frog Splash and dodges, La Magistral by Jericho for a close two count.

 Jericho grabs the ladder but Van Dam drop toe holds Y2J onto the ladder. RVD shoves a chair into Y2J’s ribs before scoop slamming Jericho onto the chair. Van Dam begins climbing the ladder but Jericho rises to his feet and rattles Van Dam’s brains. Jericho locks in The Walls of Jericho on top of the ladder. Jericho pushes off the champion who falls to the floor. Jericho dives from the ladder to the floor but RVD avoids the splash and Jericho crashes and burns against the barricade. RVD kicks Jericho to the floor, RVD was looking for a suicide dive but Jericho uses the chair to block Van Dam who greets the chair with his face. Jericho rams RVD into the ringpost and kicks RVD’s injured shoulder. 

Van Dam takes down Jericho with his feet but Jericho was playing possum and applies The Fujiwara armbar. RVD crawls out of the ring to escape the hold, RVD is rammed into the steel steps. Jericho has a chair, Y2J drives the chair into the shoulder of the champion. Stephanie runs in to stop Jericho’s beat down. Jericho swings for Stephanie but Stephanie dodges and Van Dam scores with The Van Damanator and a Five Star Frog Splash for the win.

 Enjoyable match from these two hard workers, wrestling was nice in the beginning as Van Dam is so fresh and excited in comparison with a lot of the talents that the WWF had acquired, I also like the psychology which is certainly a rarity for this type of match with Jericho trying to work the arm. Stephanie’s interference continues the angle between her and Jericho, shame though as it cannot lead to a match between the two. Not the most spotty hardcore match but an enjoyable match at the end of the day.

Winner: RVD over Jericho via Shenanigans!

(WCW Championship Match) The Rock © vs Booker T & Shane Mcmahon

The Rock had returned at Summerslam to defeat Booker T and capture The WCW Championship. The odds are against The Rock as he now enters a handicap match against the former champion and the owner of WCW. Hopefully, this contest tops their battle at Summerslam. Rock blocks the hand of Booker T and clotheslines Booker T. Rock nails a swinging neckbreaker, Shane quickly interrupts to save Booker.

 Booker stomps away at Rock, Rock drops Booker with a back suplex and Shane saves Booker a second time. Shane steps into the ring and Rock is on his feet, Shane runs around the ring and takes a few rights from the champion. Booker nails Rock from the apron and Shane clotheslines the champion. Booker T takes the tag and kicks the champion in the ribs, sidewalk slam by The Five Time WCW Champion. Tag to Shane who kicks and punches The Rock’s ribs. 

Belly to belly overhead suplex by The Rock, Rock knocks down Booker but Shane is right there to attack The Rock. Shane grows in confidence and shuffles while punching Rock. The last punch misses and Rock has the sharpshooter on Shane but Booker interrupts The Rock. Booker whips Rock into the ropes and Shane lowbridges the champion. Shane clotheslines Rock while Booker T distracts the referee. In the ring, Booker T lays into The Rock, Shane pulls Rock groin first into the ringpost. Booker T drops Rock with a snapmare, Rock sidesteps Booker T but Shane Mcmahon knocks Rock to the floor.

 Booker attacks Rock on the floor, Booker has the chair but The Rock dodges the chair shot. Booker catapults The Rock into the ringpost. Snapmare by Booker T who drops a beautiful knee drop and we have The Spinaroonie. Rock rolls-up Booker a two count, Booker throws The Rock to the floor. Booker T is planning for Shane to elbow The Rock through the table. However, Rock fights off Shane and Booker before Booker scores with a side kick to the face of the champion. Samoan drop by the champion, all three men are down before Shane Mcmahon grabs the championship from ringside, Shane nails Booker T and then nails The Rock with the championship in front of the referee.

 Booker T drapes an arm over and The Rock powers out of the pin attempt. Tag to Shane, Shane misses his huge elbow drop. Shane tags Booker, Rock blocks the punches of Booker and smacks around both challengers. Leaping double clothesline by The Rock, DDT onto Booker. Booker kicks out at two and Shane clotheslines The Rock. Shane kips-up and attempts The People’s Elbow. Rock kips-up and plants Shane with The Rock Bottom. Spinebuster on Booker T but Test Big Boots The Rock on the outside, Bradshaw has a lead pipe and chases Test out of the arena. Crooked referee Nick Patrick is dragging The Rock into the ring for Booker T to take the pin yet here comes Mike Chioda.

 Shane covers Rock and Chioda pulls out Shane. Patrick knocks down Chioda but Chioda spears Patrick. Booker knocks out Chioda and Booker measures for The Bookend, Rock counters and nails The Rock Bottom. Earl Hebnar runs down and counts the pinfall. Well the first half of the match was entertaining with The Rock being unable to gain an advantage due to the odds always being 2 on 1. The second half of the match with the Test run-in and referee nonsense was less to my liking, it was not necessary and the result was still Rock pinning Booker T clean. Poor Booker he was an afterthought in the grand scheme of things.

Winner: The Rock over Booker & Shane via Rock Bottom!

Stacy/Tajiri Promo

Tajiri begs William Regal to allow Torrie Wilson to be ringside for The United States Championship Match. Regal notes that the two really like one another so allows Torrie to be ringside. Tajiri is banged up due to attacks from Rhyno, Booker T and Austin. Stacy is in WWF New York showing off her cleanly shaven legs.

(WCW United States Heavyweight Championship Match) Tajiri © vs Rhyno

Tajiri’s ribs are taped up, Rhyno looks to exploit. Tajiri lands a baseball slide and asai moonsault. Tajiri gets caught by the powerhouse Rhyno who slams the champion. Tajiri plays possum for a victory roll but Rhyno kicks out and nails a belly to belly suplex. Chinlock from Rhyno, Tajiri fires back and scores with a hurricanrana and a spinning heel kick. Handspring elbow by Tajiri for a two count, Buzzsaw Rush by Tajiri but Rhyno withstands the pain and drills the champion with a spinebuster.

 Rhyno batters the ribs of Tajiri with his huge thick thighs. Rhyno chases Torrie around ringside, Torrie trips and Rhyno sets up for The Gore. Tajiri saves Torrie by kicking Rhyno square in the face. Tajiri kicks Rhyno in the ribs, Tajiri locks in an octopus hold before applying The Tarantula.

 Tajiri misses his Buzzsaw Kick, Exploder suplex by Rhyno. Gore and just like that, we have a new champion. Short match to keep the fans simmering for the main event, story was told well. I thought Tajiri would have taken The Gore for Torrie, it could have garnered more sympathy for the plucky underdog but they chose a different route. In conclusion, a fun match that knew its place on the crowd.

Winner: Rhyno over Tajiri via Gore, Gore, Gore!

(WWF Championship Match) Kurt Angle vs Stone Cold Steve Austin ©

In the match of the night at Summerslam, Kurt Angle cemented himself further in my eyes as the man who was white hot and should have been the face of the company. Austin got himself disqualified at Summerslam so these do will do battle tonight for the championship one more time. 

Austin took Angle’s medals and tried to break Angle’s neck. Austin comes off as a psychotic son of a gun with his obsession about holding the championship. Angle comes out to a huge pop as Angle should, dressed in red, white and blue this is Kurt Angle’s night. Family at ringside, hometown advantage and a look of intensity that cannot be matched. We start on the ramp again with Angle outboxing The Rattlesnake.

 Angle wants blood and Austin eats the steel steps, stomps to the ribs of The Bionic Redneck. More stomps to the ribs of Austin, Angle eats a boot from Austin but Kurt nails Austin with a Lou Thesz Press. Clothesline from Angle, interesting to note that Austin attempts The Stunner but is reluctant due to Angle countering the move into an Ankle Lock (Keep that in mind it is important). Angle chops Austin all over the place, more right hands by the challenger. 

Austin cannot even get out of the starting blocks as Angle drops Austin with a middle rope superplex. Angle holds his neck after the suplex, JR notes that Angle might have reinjured the neck of the challenger. Sleeper by Austin, Angle counters with a jawbreaker. Clothesline by Kurt Angle which sends Austin to the floor, Austin is trying to leave the arena. Angle gives chase and flattens the cowardly Austin. Angle hurls The Rattlesnake off the side of the stage which is a reference to what Austin did to Angle two weeks prior to this match. Angle salutes Austin with the fingers and beats the living crap out of Austin.

 Angle picks up Austin on his shoulders like a hunter with its prey and tosses Austin into the ring. Angle smashes Austin into the ringpost which is another call back to their Summerslam encounter. Angle begins ripping up the floor mats to expose the concrete so he can plant Austin on the concrete like Austin had done previously. Austin sees Angle go to work and attacks Kurt Angle. Shots to the ribs by Austin, Austin looks for the piledriver but Angle counters the piledriver this time. Austin is bleeding from his eye as Angle continues to rough up the champion. Angle signals for the piledriver on the exposed floor but this time Austin counters Kurt. 

Chop by Austin, kicks by Angle. Angle was looking for a suplex on the floor but Austin blocks and drops Angle on the announce table. Kurt blocks Austin’s right but Austin uses the thumb to the eye before dropping Angle on the announce table one more time. Austin drags Angle into the ring, slugfest with Austin leaving his knee in the ribs of the challenger. Austin starts dropping knees on Angle’s injured neck. Austin clubs the back of The Olympic Hero, Austin chokes Angle on the bottom rope. Austin gives Karen Angle the finger, brilliant foreshadowing by Austin. Austin drops a double axe handle on the challenger, cover and a two count for Austin. Snapmare and sleeper by Austin, Angle counters a knee to the ribs for a school boy for two. Austin goes back to clubbing the neck of Angle, Angle reverses Austin and clubs Austin’s back.

 Angle grabs the German suplex, make it three but Kurt is feeling the effects of the suplexes. Angle goes to the top rope, Austin was playing possum and crotches the challenger. Austin was going for a back suplex but Angle floatovers on top for a two count. Spinebuster by Austin, shot to the groin. Austin chops the challenger before pummelling Angle in the corner. Angle goes low on Austin as Austin manhandled the referee. DDT by Angle, Austin rolls to the floor. Angle nails Austin with The Stunner, 1…2.. Kickout by Austin.

 Angle pulls down the straps, Angle Slam is countered by Austin who nails his own Angle Slam for a two count. Austin looks for the piledriver to break Angle’s neck, Angle blocks by holding onto the knee of the champion. Austin hammers and hammers Kurt to get him off his leg, Austin gets up Kurt and nails the piledriver. 1…2.. Angle is up! Austin mounts Kurt and smacks the neck of the challenger. Austin measures….. Angle grabs the leg of The Ankle Lock. Austin taps out to The Ankle Lock….Kurt Angle has done it!!! Angle and his family have done it!!!

 Angle’s family lift up the champion in what is a genuinely touching and loving moment! The locker room floods out and it is like Bret at Wrestlemania 10. I loved this match, the story was perfect. Angle had been robbed of his moment at Summerslam, Austin knew he could not beat Angle so Austin took the low road. Cheap shots, assaults and attempted injury, you name it and Austin tried to do it to Angle.

 However, Angle never wavered, Angle was ready and took the fight to Austin. Angle dominated the early going with call-backs to their previous encounters with Angle dominating Austin this time round. Kurt went for the piledriver to break Austin’s neck and Angle paid for his eagerness for blood. Austin battered the neck of Angle, knees, punches and the big move to finish off Angle was the piledriver. If Angle somehow kicked out, Austin had his Stunner ready to end the match. Austin had tried the Stunner earlier in the match but Angle had quickly swiped away Austin’s leg, Austin was nervous of being caught. 

However, after the piledriver and the targeting of Angle’s neck, Austin was oozing confidence and was sure his Stunner would connect this time. Austin went for the kick but Austin was over confident which led to his downfall as Angle despite all the damage, sucked it up grabbed The Ankle Lock and defeated The Rattlesnake. It may have been a month later than I wanted it to be but Kurt Angle had his ultimate babyface moment.  Great story, great psychology and great match.

Winner: Kurt Angle over Stone Cold Steve Austin via Ankle Lock!

In conclusion, WWF’s Unforgiven 2001 while a downgrade from the previous month’s Summerslam was an entertaining pay per view. The only match that felt too long on this card was the Kronik vs Taker & Kane match, I thought Rock vs Booker T & Shane was a little ridiculous in its execution but the rest of the card was enjoyable. The opening match was fun, matches like Saturn vs Raven & Tajiri vs Rhyno were short and did not overstay their welcome. RVD was a highlight on the show as it has been since his pay per view debut and the main event was just great stuff. I am sad Angle lost the title back to Austin the next night and that the title change was not even going to happen had it not been for the September 11Th attacks but I am sure glad Angle was able to have his moment. This has been another review, thanks for taking the time to read these and join me next time for WWF’s No Mercy 2001!

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