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WWF Summerslam 2001 Review

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Another day and another pay per view from the past! Welcome one and all to the only wrestling review series that’s more disappointing than Aron Rex in TNA: Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews! We are mid-way through our reviews of WWF in 2001, we have seen cowardly Austin, teased with badass Austin and now, we are stuck once again with cowardly Austin. You see at the Invasion when The Alliance aka WCW/ECW fought against the WWF, Stone Cold Steve Austin was the deciding factor, stabbing the WWF in the back and joining The Alliance. Hell Austin meant bad business, more heel Austin meant even worse business but there was a silver lining in all of this and it was The Rock was returning for Summerslam and was leading the charge for the WWF. So here we are Summerslam 2001, the second pay per view to feature WCW/ECW talent against WWF talent, the big matches of the night include Booker T vs The Rock for the WCW Championship, Austin vs Kurt Angle for the WWF Championship, a Ladder Match for The Hardcore Championship between RVD & Jeff Hardy and The Tag Team Championships of WCW & WWF are on the line as DDP & Kanyon will battle The Undertaker & Kane! The stage is set, it feels like a huge night so let’s get right into the action, this is WWF’s Summerslam 2001!

Opening Promo

We open with footage of live show matches between The Alliance and WWF while Bodies by Drowning Pool plays and I feel very old watching this and remembering this song. As far as opening promos goes, it does not give you much story about the matches taking place so I do find it a little odd especially when this is hyped as The Rock’s return match on ppv. So instead of boring with you with that, let me share with you a story. This pay per view was the first pay per view I stayed up all night to watch, I had school the next day but it was worth it to see The Rock back in the ring.

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Lance Storm © vs Edge

The rising star Edge is taking on Lance Storm in what should be a fun opening match. Lock up, Storm takes the back of Edge before Edge reveres Storm with a hammerlock. Shoulder block by Storm, flapjack by Edge and a huge dropkick. Clothesline by the challenger and Storm is on the floor. Storm eats the ring apron and the two men brawl on the floor, Edge Irish whips Storm in the corner, Storm elevates Edge and Edge lands on the apron. Huge crossbody by Edge for a two count, Storm blocks a suplex from Edge and drops the challenger on the top rope before knocking the challenger into the barricade. Storm tosses Edge into the ring, forearm to the face by Storm.

 Knee to the ribs by Storm, Storm is rolled up by Edge for two. Storm goes right back to the ribs with a knee and a front suplex for a two count. Storm talks trash and is visibly frustrated by Edge. Edge fights back and misses a dropkick, Storm looks for The Single Leg Boston Crab but Edge kicks off Storm and applies an inside cradle for a two count. Storm continues dictating the pace with another knee to the ribs of Edge, Storm has Edge in the corner and there are chops and head slaps on the menu for Edge. Edge was looking for a crucifix but Storm countered for a rolling firemen’s carry.

 Modified camel clutch by Storm, Edge fights out but Storm puts the brakes on Edge’s train. Running senton by Storm for another two count, Abdominal Stretch by Storm who continues working the back and ribs of Edge. Storm is on the apron and looking for a springboard clothesline but Edge turns it into a powerslam. Edge and Storm trade blows, big back body drop, spinning heel kick and it is a two count for Edge. Jawbreaker by Storm, Edge counters a suplex, Edge O Matic for another nearfall. 

Storm was looking for a hurricanrana but Edge counters with a powerbomb. Single Leg Boston Crab by Storm! Beautiful transition by Storm. Edge crawls and crawls, making it to the ropes and applies the hold to Storm. Christian comes running to ringside, Spear to Edge by mistake, Storm superkicks Christian. Storm pins Edge 1…2.. KICKOUT by Edge and the crowd is in a frenzy as they thought it was all over. Edge rallies to his feet, Storm dodges The Edgecution, Storm misses a clothesline and Edge nails The Edgecution for the win. Great opening match, I like Storm. 

Many people are not too keen on the guy and I can see their point of view and understand why they think he is bland but I enjoy his work. Edge continues rising the ranks in the WWF, it seems like only a matter of time before he could be a champion, the other story of this match was Christian was once again trying to help his brother Edge prevail but ended up getting in the way of things. I love the slow build to  the hell turn of Christian on Edge and cannot wait to see these two go at it for The Intercontinental Championship. Overall, great match both guys worked hard, good psychology and a fun match that made the crowd more rabid.

Winner: Edge over Storm via Edgecution!

The Dudley Boyz/Test vs APA/Spike Dudley

Test had defected to The Alliance and betrayed the WWF. Michael Cole looks for answers to Test’s betrayal, Test answers Cole by calling him a bitch. I am fine with this, Test is teaming with The Dudley Boyz who hate their little brother Spike (Some things never change). Spike has himself some good protection though as Spike is teaming with The APA. The backstory to this match is that The APA thought Test was the mole in the WWF and Test turned his back on the WWF feeling betrayed. Faarooq smacks Bubba Ray around before a blind tag to D-Von leaves Faarooq on the ground on the receiving end of a modified neckbreaker by The Dudley Boyz.

 D-Von knocks down Faarooq with a clothesline and reverse spinning elbow. Faarooq drops D-Von with a spinebuster, D-Von answers back with a jawbreaker. Test takes the tags, Faarooq tags in Bradshaw. Huge elbows by Bradshaw, Bubba saves Test from a powerbomb, The Alliance Team beat down Bradshaw in the corner. Bradshaw drops D-Von with a DDT, Spike is legal. Small package by Spike for two, schoolboy for a two. Bubba flapjacks Spike onto the top rope, Bubba kicks Spike right into the ribs.

 Bubba places Spike in the tree of woe and kicks Spike to the ground. Spike fires up on Test who plants Spike with a spinebuster. The Dudleys bring out the tables, Test looks to military press Spike through the table. Spike rakes the eyes and lands on Test’s chest. Test regains control and The Dudleys drill Spike with a double flapjack. Scoop slam by D-Von, D-Von climbs to the second rope and misses a headbutt. Bradshaw receives the hot tag, shoulder block to Test, corner clotheslines with a swinging neckbreaker.

 Double spinebuster to Bubba, Bradshaw catches Test for a Fallaway Slam, D-Von saves Test. Bradshaw has Test, Powerbomb on Test. Cover by Bradshaw and Bubba saves the match for his team. Spike was attempting The Dudley Dog on Test but Test elevated Spike to the floor. Clothesline from Hell by Bradshaw on Test but there is no referee as Nick Patrick is checking on Spike, Shane Mcmahon runs to ringside with a chair and cracks Bradshaw in the head.

 Test covers Bradshaw thanks to Shane Mcmahon. Fun six man match with Spike playing a great babyface in peril who is suffering at the hands of his bigger brothers. Last minute of the match was entertaining and I could watch Spike go up against tough bullies all of the time.

Winners: Test/The Dudley Boyz over APA/Spike via Shenanigans!

(WWF Light Heavyweight Championship/WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match) X-Pac © VS Tajiri ©

Two titles are on the line as both superstars are representing the WWF, X-Pac was probably at his lowest point in the WWF at this point where he has massive go-away heat (It would be known as X-Pac Heat) while Tajiri came to the WWF from ECW and is a little ball of energy and charisma. Both men begin by feeling one another out with Tajiri showing up the veteran.

 Tajiri wipes out X-Pac with a baseball slide and an asai moonsault. X-Pac turns the tide by dodging a Tajiri punch and slamming The Japanese Buzzsaw into the ringpost groin first. Huge spinning heel kick by X-Pac, surfboard by X-Pac, X-Pac clubs Tajiri across the back. Tajiri fights back before X-Pac nails a powerbomb. X-Pac misses the bronco buster and Tajiri nearly kills X-Pac with a dropkick to the face.

 Handspring elbow by Tajiri, Tarantula by Tajiri. Tajiri climbs to the top, crossbody with a roll through by X-Pac, X-Pac motions for a high risk manoeuvre. Tajiri crotches X-Pac, German suplex by Tajiri for a two count. X-Pac elevates Tajiri to the apron, side kick by X-Pac. X-Pac charges and scores with a tope con hilo, Tajiri kicks X-Pac in the head. Tajiri goes for The Handspring elbow but X-Pac counters into an X-Factor. Two count for X-Pac, Albert appears on the entrance way.

 Spinning heel kick by X-Pac, X-Pac was looking for a powerbomb, Tajiri countered and was set to decapitate X-Pac with a Buzzsaw Kick. Albert climbs the apron to save X-Pac, Red Mist by Tajiri on Albert but this allowed X-Pac to low blow Tajiri and nail The X-Factor for the win. Tajiri seems like such a lovable babyface, kudos to the WWF getting the man over so quickly into his run in the company. Tajiri ran through his series of signature spots, the crowd ate every second of the match up and the run in only made the fans want Tajiri to be victorious even more so hopefully, there was a rematch down the road.

Winner: X-Pac over Tajiri thanks to a low blow and an X-Factor!

Lots of Promos

As you can guess from this segment title, there was a lot of talking. We had Chris Jericho explaining to Lillian Garcia that there is a first time for everything and that Jericho will beat Rhyno at Summerslam while also taking the time to remind us that Stephanie is a whore. We move to none other than Shawn Stasiak who the WWF was booking like a moronic ass because Stasiak had opened his mouth about a possible angle at Wrestlemania 17 with WCW stars. Stasiak caused major heat for himself and the rest of the WCW stars as they only appeared in a skybox at Wrestlemania while Stasiak was constantly embarrassed on television. Stasiak interrupts Debra as he wants to speak to Mr. Austin, Debra tells Stasiak to impress Austin by beating some WWF wrestler up and Stasiak leaves in search of an opponent. We cut to Perry Saturn who is in WWF New York looking for Moppy, the object he chose over Terri. Saturn was infatuated with the mop, a gimmick which was punishment for dropping jobber Mike Bell on his head on an episode of Metal. Saturn believes Moppy has been kidnapped, Saturn needs the fans’ help to find Moppy. Saturn has a milk carton with a missing Moppy on it, that is just gold. Finally, we have Stephanie telling Rhyno he is a big deal and that Rhyno will decimate Chris Jericho.

Rhyno W/ Stephanie Mcmahon vs Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho had never been kind to Stephanie Mcmahon calling her every name under the sun, Rhyno had been on a tear in the WWF. To my knowledge, Rhyno has yet to taste defeat on WWF pay per view. The owner of ECW Stephanie Mcmahon accompanies the last ever ECW Heavyweight and TV Champion. Stephanie is obsessed with destroying Jericho to an extent where she looks like she would pleasure herself to the thought of Rhyno killing Jericho.

 I don’t know what is more crazy, the fact that it looks like that or that Vince is telling Jericho to call his daughter a whore every week on television. Lock up, both men begin by exchanging right hands, side headlock and shoulder block by Rhyno. Crossbody by Y2J, chops by Y2J. Rhyno tries to throw Jericho out of the ring, Jericho lands on the apron and nails a double axe handle. Spinning heel kick for a two count, Jericho was looking for The Walls of Jericho but Rhyno made it to the ropes. Jericho elevates Rhyno to the apron and scores with a dropkick.

 Stephanie briefly distracts Y2J who launches into the air, Rhyno Gores Jericho in mid-air. Rhyno rolls Y2J into the ring and gets a two count but the damage is done to the ribs. Rhyno drops Jericho onto the rope, stomps to the face by Rhyno. Stephanie slaps Jericho while Rhyno distracts the referee. Bodyscissors by Rhyno, Jericho escapes the hold and brings the fight to Rhyno.

 Rhyno drops Jericho with a TKO for a two and a half. Rhyno applies more pressure to the back and ribs of Jericho by driving his knee into Y2J. Chops by Y2J, roll-up for a two count. Rhyno plants Y2J with a suplex, Rhyno climbs to the top rope. Rhyno misses the big splash, double knockdown in the middle of the ring. Chop by Rhyno, backslide by Jericho for a two count. Jericho tees off on Rhyno, forearm and a shoulder block.

 Springboard moonsault by Y2J, looked a little sloppy but they made it work. Foot to the face by Y2J, missile dropkick and Stephanie is on the apron. Jericho notices Stephanie, Jericho kisses Stephanie and nails Rhyno with a bulldog. Lionsault is dodged, Jericho connects with a chop to the chest. Lionsault scores on the second attempt but Rhyno kicks out at the last second. Huge spinebuster out of nowhere by Rhyno, Rhyno applies a Walls of Jericho to Chris Jericho.

 Jericho makes it to the ropes and Rhyno drags Y2J into the middle of the ring. Massive enzuigiri by Jericho, belly to belly suplex by Rhyno. Rhyno measures for the Gore, Jericho dodges and rolls up Rhyno and transitions into The Walls of Jericho. Rhyno taps out as Stephanie can only look on in disgust as her Man Beast has been defeated by Chris Jericho. 

That was another good match on this card, I enjoy Rhyno working the ribs he really has impressed me in his transition from ECW to WWF. If Rhyno was this entertaining with all his power moves all the time, I might enjoy his ECW run when I get onto those pay per views. Jericho sells the effects of the match while walking to the back, Jericho made Rhyno look like a beast in that ring and it has been all good so far on this Summerslam!

Winner: Y2J over Rhyno via Walls of Jericho!

The Rock/William Regal Promo

Regal checks on The Rock’s health after a Rock Bottom through the announce table by Booker T just three days before the pay per view. Rock rambles off his catchphrases while Shawn Stasiak runs into a wall trying to nail The Rock. As I said before, Stasiak probably only has negative things to say about this company.

(WWF Hardcore Championship Ladder Match) Jeff Hardy © vs Rob Van Dam

These two stole the show at last month’s Invasion, I look forward to these doing so once more. The match starts out with some chain wrestling that gets a nice reaction from the crowd, RVD takes the arm and kicks Hardy in the chest. Hardy outsmarts RVD and drops a leg on Mr PPV’s babymakers. Van Dam is sent flying to the floor by Jeff Hardy as Hardy wipes out RVD with a springboard plancha. Jeff goes to the well one too many times as RVD dodges a plancha from Jeff, Jeff is laid across the barricade and Van Dam drops the leg on Hardy’s face.

 Van Dam grabs a ladder from the ramp, Jeff runs across the barricade and clotheslines Jeff out of nowhere. Hardy was pulling the ladder into the ring but RVD smacks the ladder into Hardy’s face in a see-saw motion. Jeff returns the favour by see-sawing the ladder into RVD’s ribs. Jeff lays RVD on the ladder and Jeff nails a springboard moonsault. Jeff Hardy folds up RVD by using a leg drop, Van Dam is in trouble. RVD traps Jeff in the tree of woe, shoulder thrusts by Van Dam. Van Dam preps the ladder across the bottom rope, Jeff is placed on the ladder and Van Dam scores with a rolling thunder.

 RVD drops Jeff with a spinning heel kick, RVD superkicks Jeff onto the ladder. RVD drops a leg drop across the throat of the champion. RVD attempts to pick up the ladder but Jeff Hardy baseball slides the ladder into the face of Van Dam. Jeff is climbing the ladder, Van Dam nails his signature diving kick from the top rope and knocks Jeff Hardy to the canvas. Van Dam places the ladder on Jeff and scores with a standing moonsault onto the ladder which crushes the champion. RVD is climbing the ladder when Jeff Hardy dropkicks the ladder and brings RVD crashing to the canvas. DDT by Hardy on RVD, Jeff misses a huge Swanton. Van Dam wastes no time in climbing to the top rope but RVD misses The Five Star Frog Splash. RVD and Hardy meet on top of a ladder, Van Dam suplexes Jeff Hardy to the mat in an incredible bump. Both men meet on top of a ladder, Jeff pummels RVD and nails a sunset flip powerbomb.

 Jeff Hardy looks to have won the championship, RVD moves the ladder and Jeff is hanging on with nowhere to go, RVD looks for a spinning kick that misses Jeff Hardy, Hardy tries to fall on RVD to save the spot but unfortunately, the spot does not go to plan. Van Dam shoves Jeff Hardy off the ladder into the ropes, Van Dam is climbing to the top and retrieves the belt to bring the match to an end. I think the Invasion match topped this match but take nothing away from this match because that comparison is unfair.

 These two are bat-shit insane which leads to a lot of unique and interesting spots, very spotty which is the norm for these type of matches and I think this would be the most high-profile the championship would ever be unless you consider Undertaker winning the championship as the high point of the title. Overall, great match that is overshadowed by their Invasion match.

Winner: RVD over Jeff Hardy by retrieval of the championship!

(WWF Championship/WCW Tag Team Championship Steel Cage Match) The Undertaker/Kane vs DDP/Kanyon

Oh man this is awkward, so DDP started off by stalking Sarah to get Undertaker’s attention but DDP’s idea has now grown into a full-blown obsession with the woman. Kanyon comes to the ring first with his United States Championship and tag team championship, DDP and Kanyon looks as if they are to shit themselves which leads to some of the best oh my I am fucked specials of all-time. Funny how Undertaker brings Sarah everywhere that DDP is, I mean is she has a stalker the best thing to do is obviously bring his wife to the one place that the stalker will definitely be, that being their workplace!

 However, if you think that logic is flawed, wait until you see how this match plays out. Undertaker symbolically closes the door and seals the fate of the two WCW Stars in the ring. DDP & Kanyon try to run out of the cage, Kane drags Kanyon into the cage. Undertaker big boots DDP while Kane chokes Kanyon. DDP tees off on Undertaker who proceeds to brutalize the master of The Diamond Cutter. DDP blocks the Chokeslam and slams Taker into the cage wall. Kane continues pummelling Kanyon, clothesline by DDP on Undertaker.

 Kane boots Kanyon & DDP. Kane Chokeslams Kanyon into oblivion, Undertaker rams DDP into the cage like a dart. Kane powerbombs Kanyon into the steel cage, Undertaker squishes DDP against the cage wall. Kanyon saves DDP with a clothesline, Kanyon fights off Kane and drives Kane into the mat. DDT by DDP on Undertaker, Kanyon climbs to the top of the cage while DDP climbs to the top of the cage also. Undertaker has DDP at his mercy while Kane toys with Kanyon. DDP lands on the top rope balls first, Undertaker allows Kanyon to escape. Kanyon escapes and leaves his partner DDP. Undertaker and Kane have DDP all alone in the ring, clotheslines galore in this match.

 Kane watches as Undertaker murders Page. Undertaker chokes DDP with a chain, Taker allows DDP to think he can leave the cage. Undertaker changes his mind and Chokeslams Page, Last Ride on Page and with that, the match comes to an end. So this was a mugging, we all know the stories of DDP and Taker not getting along and if you ever think that they were fake, watch this match. Kanyon abandons his partner because I get titles do not mean much to Kanyon but in all seriousness, this match was a tough watch with a story that did not make sense which leads me to believe the angle and the whole match was designed so that DDP can look insignificant to the WWF talent and that he knows his place in the company.

Winners: The Brothers of Destruction over DDP & Kanyon via Last Ride!

(WWF Championship Match) Kurt Angle vs Stone Cold Steve Austin ©

Stone Cold Steve Austin turned his back on the WWF at Invasion helping team Alliance defeat the WWF. Kurt Angle was a house of fire since King of the Ring that year, Austin was jealous of Angle’s success and being unappreciated. In the Invasion match, it was clear it was time to pull the trigger on Kurt Angle and this highlight package sums that up as it shows Angle destroying Alliance members. Austin had tried to break Angle’s ankle on Smackdown but you cannot keep a good man down and Kurt Angle was white hot.

 Nice little touch with both locker rooms watching the outcomes of the big matches, Angle has this look of intensity on his face and I am already being sucked into this match. I apologize and will try to remain unbiased in my review of this match. Austin’s music hits and it is that awful version of his theme, these two stare a whole into one another and Angle does not waste any time as these two start this brawl in the aisle way. Fistfight with Angle taking control, Austin rakes the eyes and chops Angle on the barricade. Austin beats down Austin, shoving the belt in his face saying you will never hold this championship. Angle shoots the double leg and beats down on Austin, Angle unleashes right hands on the champion.

 Austin shoves his thumb in Angle’s eye and unloads with great fury until Angle fires out with a clothesline. Crossbody by the challenger, two count for Angle. Angle is too eager though as Angle lowers the head and Austin clubs Angle across the back. Austin goes back to the leg that was targeted on Smackdown. Austin drops all his weight on Angle’s leg, Angle writhes around in pain as Austin smirks in a sinister fashion. Angle turns over Austin for an Ankle Lock. Austin reaches the ropes and powders to the floor, Angle is lured into a huge clothesline that almost decapitates The Olympic Hero.

 Angle blocks the champion’s right hands but Austin is back in control by elevating Angle to the floor. Suplex by Austin, make it two by The Rattlesnake. Austin slaps the head of Angle,  a third suplex finds the mark for The Rattlesnake. Kurt blocks the fourth for a German suplex, trifecta by Angle who says that is not enough. Austin elbows Angle but Angle nails five German suplexes. Six and seven by The Olympic Hero, Angle measures for The Angle Slam. Thumb to the eye by Austin and Angle is shoved into the second turnbuckle.

 Austin places Angle on the top rope, huge chops by Austin. Angle shoves Austin to the mat but Austin is back on Angle quickly. Austin nails a top rope superplex, Stunner by Austin and Angle kicks out of The Stunner. Austin is irate as not many people kick out of The Stunner, second Stunner by Austin as Angle falls to the floor. Austin hurls Angle into the ringpost, Angle tastes the ringpost a second time. Angle meets the ringpost three times, Austin grabs his championship but the referee takes the belt away from the champion. Four times Austin sends Angle into the ringpost, make it five. Angle is a bloody mess as Austin continues to open up The Olympic Hero.

 Austin drills Angle with right hands while Angle cannot even defend himself. Austin rolls Angle into the ring, cover and a two count as The Olympic Hero survives. Angle is thrown to the floor, looking lifeless and limp. Austin smacks Angle off the announce table, Angle slips out of a powerslam to shove Austin into the crowd. Austin measures for a suplex and scores as Angle looks like he does not have a clue which way is up. Angle is tossed ringside, Angle catches Austin as he is trying to climb over the barricade, Ankle Lock by The Olympic Hero. Angle drags Austin into the ring for a huge Ankle Lock.

 Austin makes it to the ropes and with that, Angle might have used the last of his strength. Belly to belly suplex on the floor by Angle, that looked nasty and I am surprised Austin is taking that kind of bump with his neck. Austin is dropped with a back suplex by Angle on the floor. Angle rolls Austin into the ring and nails his moonsault on Austin. Cover with one arm and Austin kicks out at two. Angle hammers away on Austin, million dollar dream by Austin, shades of his days as The Ringmaster.

 Austin drops to the mat with Angle fading before our very eyes. Angle fights back and kicks off into the pin, two count for Angle. Austin does not break the hold on The Olympic Hero. Angle fades once more, Austin cannot believe it as Angle reveres The Rattlesnake with Austin hitting the floor. Austin motions for The Stunner, Angle staggers into a Stunner. Third Stunner on Angle and Angle kicks out of a Third Stunner. Angle is pulling himself to his feet as Austin looks down at the bloody Angle. Austin slaps Angle and pays for it as Angle nails The Angle Slam. Angle has lost so much blood and taken such a beaten, he cannot capitalize. Kurt crawls into the cover but Austin kicks out at two.

 Angle is looking for The Ankle Lock, Austin is in the ropes and Austin nails referee Earl Hebnar on purpose as Austin is figuring out he cannot beat Angle so he is trying to get disqualified. Angle nails a DDT for a two and a half as Angle continues fighting despite the blood loss. Low blow in front of the referee but Austin Stunners the referee. Austin grabs the championship, Austin nails the referee with the championship, Angle Slam on Austin.

 Angle has the cover and the championship won, referee Nick Patrick runs down to ringside and disqualifies Austin for attacking multiple referees. Angle grabs Alliance referee Nick Patrick and breaks the Ankle of Nick Patrick. Oh you sons of bitches, you got me and you got me good WWF. What a match, that finish was so lame but I am going to look at the positives. Angle took one hell of a being, Angle sold his ass off as Angle looked like he was hanging on by a thread since the ringpost incident. 

Angle kicked out of so many Stunners and Austin knew that Angle has his number, Austin could not beat the man so what did he do? Austin intentionally got himself disqualified because Austin did not believe he could beat Angle one on one. I love the story, I love the imagery of Angle with the blood streaming down his face and Austin’s realization that Angle was the better man. I wish oh how I wish they called an audible and put the title on Angle but sadly, it did not happen but that was a great match with a sour ending.

Winner: Kurt Angle over Austin via DQ!

(WCW Championship Match) Booker T © W/ Shane Mcmahon vs The Rock

The Rock had come home, choosing the WWF over The Alliance. The Rock wanted Stone Cold Steve Austin but Austin had Angle to deal with so there was some jabroni named Booker T standing in The Rock’s way. Booker T challenged The Rock and The Rock accepted by smacking around Booker T and laying out Shane with a Rock Bottom. 

To be fair, these promo packages do a good job of hyping up Alliance members despite their poor booking on WWF’s behalf. Rock tees off on Booker, huge elbow to the face and The Rock goes after Shane Mcmahon. Rock runs into Booker T, Rock sends Booker into Shane. Samoan Drop for a two count, Rock whips Booker T, Booker reverses and nails a knee to the gut. Chop to the chest by Booker T, Rock reverses Booker in the corner with right hands. 

Clothesline by The Rock and more punches. La Magistral for a two count by The Rock, Booker stops Rock with a huge shot to the ribs. Leaping kick to the face for a two count, Rock sends Booker tumbling to the floor. Rock smashes Booker on the announce table and The Rock nails a huge low blow. Booker kicks Rock in the ribs repeatedly, Booker crotches Rock on the barricade. Booker T drops The Rock across guard rails and continues working the ribs of The People’s Champion. Booker T starts ripping apart the announce table before bouncing The Rock’s head off the ringpost.

 Behind the referee’s back, Shane loosens a top turnbuckle. Rock fires up on Booker who uses a spin kick to put The Rock down for a two count. Short arm clothesline by Booker T, huge knee by Booker T. Rock tries rallying once more but Booker nails a flying forearm. Booker grabs a sleeper, The Rock survives the sleeper from Booker T as Booker transitions into another submission manoeuvre. Rock blocks Booker’s kick for a sharpshooter, Shane distracts the referee. Shane is brought into the ring but Booker nails a beautiful kick to the face. 

Rock reverses Booker with a sharpshooter, catapult into the turnbuckle into a DDT for two. Shane grabs a chair from ringside and the championship belt. Booker crawls to the chair, Shane nails Rock with the WCW Championship while the referee was with Booker. The APA come to ringside and Bradshaw nails Shane with a Clothesline From Hell. Bookend by Booker T, cover with one arm and The Rock shoots his arm up at two. Rock lands a few huge rights, leaping clothesline, belly to belly overhead suplex. Two count for the challenger, Booker walks into a spinebuster. People’s Elbow by The Rock  and Shane Mcmahon pulls out the referee. Rock nails a Rock Bottom on Shane for good measure to keep Mcmahon out of the match.

 Booker T drills Rock with a spinebuster, Scissor Kick by the champion and Booker T delivers The Spinaroonie but The Rock kips-up and Rock Bottoms Booker T for the WCW Championship. I am not so high on this match, I don’t know if I was drained from the previous match but this match seemed a lot more flat in comparison. It felt slow and boring in parts with the crowd remaining quiet throughout. The finish was fun but to look back on it, Booker T was made look like quite the fool in comparison with The Rock and never appeared to be on par or a credible threat to the champion.

Winner: The Rock over Booker T via Rock Bottom!

Overall, Summerslam 2001 was a very enjoyable show with a lot of solid matches. The wrestling was solid, storylines were advanced and the psychology was good throughout the night apart from the cage match. I did not remember the show being this enjoyable but I must say this was good fun to review despite the fact that the only Alliance member to secure a win in a clean fashion was RVD. As regards to the main event, I will chalk up Rock’s ring rust to be a big factor as to why I saw the match as a step down from the previous match which pitted Angle vs Austin. Summerslam 2001 was fun which is a lot better than I can say for The Invasion storyline as a whole. That has been another review from Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews and I hope to see you next time !

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